APC Campaign expresses worries over alleged plans to scuttle Buhari’s victory

Buhari stares at his tablet pc

“The All Progressive Congress’ Presidential Campaign Organization has asked the general public to ponder on a statement posted on Facebook by an official of the Presidency saying their government will rather hand over power to the military rather than to General Muhammadu Buhari in the event that the APC candidate wins the election.

“The Blackberry Messenger (BBM) statement by Deji Adeyanju, an official in the Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Doyin Okupe, said “Buhari can never be President of Nigeria. Quote me any day any time. Instead of Buhari to become President of Nigeria, Nigeria would rather break. A military coup will even be allowed than for Buhari to become the president of a democratic Nigeria quote me any day, any time.”

“This statement is still to be denied or retracted by the official who handles Dr Doyin Okupe’s Twitter handle.

“Unless it is convincingly rebutted, the statement above, by the ruling party appears to clearly be uninterested in free, fair and conclusive elections, but rather to engender crisis and chaos if it happens that the APC candidate, General Buhari wins the elections.

“This revelation in a public statement via the BBM would appear to support the PDP’s avowed determination to rule for 60 years, a boast echoed repeatedly by some former national chairmen of the party. The boast however did not reckon with the emergence of the All Progressives Congress and the determination with which the party mobilized and stuck together to confront the PDP that over time had prided itself with invisibility.

“We of the APC hereby call on all Nigerians to be vigilant and ensure that no one is allowed to truncate the 2015 elections. It is also important that all Nigerians allow peace to reign and insist on free and fair polls to assist the process of peaceful and democratic transition.

“Similarly, our party, the APC is confident that the men and women of our patriotic Armed Forces and the Police, including other security agencies would discharge their obligations without fear or favour and ensure that the 2015 polls is not only free and fair but also credible leading to the installation of a popular-elected government that will improve the well-being of Nigerians.”


Garba Shehu

Directorate of Media & Publicity

APC Presidential Campaign Organisation


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  • Salihu Yahaya

    Thank you very much Mr. Garba Shehu, for re-echoing the message for the whole world to take not.

    • Dan Onisha

      Also, Mallam Garba Shehu, the unanswered questions from Obasanjo to Jonathan are very crucial. Educate the public on those kind of things.

  • TrueNja

    The drowning clueless president’s men know he can’t win legitimately and it will be tough for them to rig this election. They all jittery b’cos they know once mai gaskiya Buhari is swear in they will be exposed.

    • VOTEoutGEJ!

      Deji Adeyanju, like Fasoye, Omisore is a murderer!! Nothing good can ever come of his big rotten mouth!!

  • Otile

    There should be no speculation of Buhari victory, Haba. Nigeria has not sunk so low as to elect an old illiterate islamist in the day and age. Islamic APC may try to rig or resort to intimidation and violence but they will fail.

    • endingNaija

      ole, deal with the issue. Why did you people issue that kind of statement under YOUR HANDLE in the Jonathan presidency? If you say someone else USED YOUR HANDLE in the Jonathan presidency, question is :how did that happen? You have to explain. That is the issue ole.

    • Lemmuel Odjay

      Well the YOUNG, literate alpha super-male president I helped vote into office during the last elections has failed woefully and has not kept the promises he made to me. I am gutted and feel short-changed as a result. That is the reason I am heading to the polls this time around, to vote in the “old, illiterate Islamist.” He might make the difference between this and that. Do not be scared to vote for positive change. Your long awaited opportunity has come, my friend. THINK…

      • Otile

        Don’t cut your nose to spite your face.

  • Ikechi Ngwube

    This is a wicked Nd sinister plot by the failed and dying Jobadaft presidency and Nigerians must take this very serious. The thief Okupe is running from justice after several criminal cases of stealing linked to him before he was exhumed to ve the attack dog of a rotten Jonathan government. But I bet such threats are easier said than done cos suc plot will not only be frustrated but the thieving officials of this corrupt regime must be brought to boom with the election of Presudent Byhari next month.

  • the truth

    This would come out to be another fabrication by saboteurs.this innocent man will come out to say he never pasted that and that was a fake account,this is not the first,second,third,fourth or fifth time where these elements prefer to use lies,blackmail and propaganda for their sinister motives

    • endingNaija

      Mr. “the falsehood” can yu please DIRECTLY deny this on behalf of the presidency of Jonathan for whom you work? Was it the handle of one of you or not? if No, how did someone else use the handle of one of you people at the Jonathan presidency? Mr. “the falsehood” this is the age of science and tech. Handles are PUBLIC things. And that handle BELONGS to one of you in the presidency. So how did someone else use YOUR handle in the presidency? the “truth” alias the falsehood, now redeem the real truth.

    • Yusuf

      how many hours should it take PDP to deny such an allegation?

  • Night Crawler

    Doyin Okupe keep saying thrash, he keeps issueing threat messages, Nigerians are not scared and PDP will be voted out, and GEJ will surely hand over to GMB soon

  • Thepeople

    No one can stop the determined will of the Nigerians to effect change by ballot box. Whoever this less informed official might be would eat his words. PDP now equate themselves to God.

  • Akeem

    Who says Buhari is not computer literate? At least he is tablet literate…..LOL That should suffice for the elective post being sought.

  • Edom Udoh

    The PDP statement is in perfect order
    The statement is perfectly in order and there is nothing to ponder about. When Buhari issued threats of spilling blood should he lose, did APC ask us to ponder over the threats? It is wishful dream to assume that only a certain people or region has/have the monopoly of threats or whatever. When APC threatened a parallel govt should they lose, did APC ask Nigerians to ponder over the statement? Did APC refute these threats? Of course not. So, why are they getting excited or if you like jittery?

    This 2015 will be very interesting…but the truth is: Great Jona goes nowhere bcos there is no vacancy in Aso rock. Pure & Simple.

    Buhari’s APC says it will form a parallel Govt should he lose, and this invariably means exactly the same thing that PDP has said. The only seeming difference is that PDP is the party in power. PDP has just only technically repeated exactly what APC said many weeks ago. It is not surprising that APC members are unable to read between the lines…after all, their certificatelss flag bearer could not complete Primary school. Just look at the way he is looking at a Tablet with weird amazement and apparently bemused by its novelty.

    • endingNaija

      So? The Jonathan presidency ISSUED the statement. Then why are you denying through your other names like “the truth” and otile? Why? Just come forward like you have just done here that “Yes, we in the Jonathan Presidency issued this statement and Goodluck Jonathan SIGNED it…” That will be all and we all will face the election squarely.

    • Abdul

      Oh its in order abe? We shall meet after the election, Jonathan will realize that Nigerians cannot be taken for a ride if he losses and refuse to hand over. WE WILL ASK HIM WHETHER PRESIDENCY NA IM PAPA PROPERTY.

    • Lemmuel Odjay

      Now look who is afraid of free and fair elections. Why are u guys suddenly on edge over such a simple exercise as elections? I exercised my right to vote during the last presidential elections. I then proceeded to cast my vote for Jonathan. I never received a “well done, thank you” from PDP or Jonathan, neither did I expect any commendation. There were no war drums rolled out as a result of my action at the time. This time around, I plan to exercise my right to vote again. But I plan to vote against Jonathan for not delivering to me on promises he made after those many years in office. Now my dear brother, please explain to me something I find hard to understand here: why must there be war over my decision to vote against Jonathan? Why was there no war when I voted for him the last time? Now he appears bent on forcing his will down my throat, thus confirming that he is not a democrat after all. Why do you continue digging, when in a hole?

  • Sanusi Hammari

    mumu PDP fear don catch them huhhhjjj

  • tambaya Kafinsoli

    In 2011 buhari said there would be trouble if PDP rig elections and now Apc said if it win election and denied then there will be parallel govt. So this are all conditional statements. But this one just dey talk say they no go hand over to buhari even if he wins, then mothers go de born other pikins. Try it.

  • Bobby Afeola

    Judging by this Facebook posting of Mr Adeyanju and also statement attributed to Mr Edwin Clark, claiming INEC Chairman Prof JEGA has planned to rig election in favour of the North is a clear indication that Jonathan and his ruinous gang are beginning to decipher the writing on the wall more clearly.

    But let there be no doubt, there is no individual that is bigger than Nigeria. This election is a make or break election for the marginalised people of Nigeria. This election is one between evil and good, this election is between those who want to maintain the status quo that would make Nigeria motionless in the next 100 years and those that want the country to move forward, this election is between those who have lost every milk of human compassion and hell bent on looting the country dead and those who want to regenerate, re-calibrate and re-engineer the broken society that is Nigeria. AND WE SHALL RESIST A MILITARY TAKEOVER. Should the military step in as insinuated by Adeyanju’s Facebook postings, they (Military) may have a lot of explanation to give for not overthrowing Jonathan’s government when Nigerians were in sorrow.

    No doubt many Nigerians voted for Jonathan in 2011, but available facts showed the final election results were skewed in favour of Jonathan in a manner to make the election outcome indubitable. This time Prof Jega is refusing to play ball.

    Every Nigerian crave for a change, and we believe Buhari/Osinbajo and APC represents the CHANGE. Lets give this CHANGE a CHANCE of a lifetime, and in four years they are going to prove that building the economy and required infrastructure isn’t rocket science. It all entails proper utilisation of allocated resources, and not disappearance of allocated resources as its the norm with Jonathan government.


    We are ALL HYPOCRITES!!! When Gen. IBB MADE SURE at the time of Prof. Wosu that ALL THOSE WHO had played any part in the LEADERSHIP of this country SHOULDN’T PERTAKE in any election, therefore, barred by the CONSTITUTION, we were NOT COMFORTABLE BUT LACKED THE FORESIGHT and REMOVED IT!!!!

    • Abdul

      You igbos are jokers, you want to use Jonathan to destroy Nigeria right? shocker await you people.


        Keep quiet,if you start the tribal jibe like a tropical monkey,that will be your business but if any Igbo suffers because of it you will have blood on your hands and you will not get away with it this time around !!

    • Sams

      You are right. We have a young person ruling the country right now, that is why things are going great…

  • Yusuf

    Once beaten twice shy; June 12 can never be repeated just like civil war shall never come to our memories again. All the disaster will end on Deji and his family by the special grace of God. The army shall not risk taking this option bcus it will definitely break their own ranks and plunge the poor country of 170m people into a civil war that can never be reversed

  • The commander-in-chief of Boko Haram, Badluck Jonathan has just committed crimes against Nigeria that warrants his immediate removal from office. Nigeria is not is property and he must not attempt to hang on to power – not one second past his sorry tenure in office. If only we had a working and independent judiciary, National Assembly, and Executive, everyone that had a hand in authoring this message would be rounded up immediately for treason. And that includes Badluck Jonathan!

  • Tufiakwa

    Why all the heck about an election which has been decided already many weeks ago by Bokohari and APC who filed a nomination form without a copy of school certificate (WASC) as claimed by the presidential candidate, thereby making his nomination paper and candidacy invalid. Note key word “attach” evidence of qualification, not “send” INEC or a wild goose chase at the Defence HQ. Why is Bokohari and APC wasting everyone’s time and energy?

  • Abdul

    How can PDP who have benefited so much from this country be nursing such plan? to destroy Nigeria for Jonathan sake? I will advice PDP and Jonathan not to try this nonsense o or else …………..

  • Sword of Damocles

    I am actually sold on the reformation conducted by Baba on the Armed Forces while he was President from 1999 to 2007. Baba’s primary emphasis was to remove the ability of the Armed Forces/ Security apparatus to conduct a successful coup d’etat in Nigeria. I think the serpent was adequately defanged. Additionally, I am convinced any attempt by the Military to intervene would very likely lead to an internecine kinetic conflict within the Military itself. I said it a week ago, the Looters & Betrayers are faced with the question of whether they should light the match that “envelops” Nigeria. I dont know many things, but I know this:Should they light that match, THEY & THEIR children will be eviscerated in the conflict, whether their children are in DIASPORA or not. We all dey watch , them sey, them go rape our Fatherland, and we go like am…we shall see

    • Onike24

      Well said. Their kids are not in Nigeria.

  • Abdul

    JONATHAN AND PDP, You have Nigerians to contend with if you are defeated and you refuse to leave. The millions that voted Buhari will see to your downfall and God help the sycophants around you.

  • abbadd

    we want GEJ out by all means wether Military coup or not let GEJ leave the presidency enough is enough he has done enough damage already.

  • Hassan Garba Yaradua

    Haba! Garba Shehu, am suprised you have such precious time to reply trash BBM threats from PDP on behalh of APC.
    With jus under a month to Presidential Election, APC should at all levels stop wasting its time and focus on issue-based campaign so that it continues to win over the electorates. Period!

    • Mr. Abdin

      Garba is absolutely right there is the need to let the world no what is happening so that if they try to stop Buhari by using the Military it will be resisted by Nigerians who want change.

  • Mr. Abdin

    PDP will like to use every means to frustrate the victory of the APC in the upcoming elections and it will not work that is why Nigerians will resist any move to stop the emergence of Buhari, well said Garba Shehu.

  • Bloodless

    I won’t be bothered with this story because I know this Adeyanjudej9 as a suspected murderer, who was involved in the murder of their business associate in a beer parlour in Saron garin Kano, but because his accomplices are from wealthy parents the case was thrown away after they spent like 7 years in prison.

  • Wähala

    “Buhari can never be President of Nigeria. Quote me any day any time. Instead of Buhari to become President of Nigeria, Nigeria would rather break. A military coup will even be allowed than for Buhari to become the president of a democratic Nigeria quote me any day, any time.” – Deji Adeyanju

    Effectively put, the PDP are plotting a military coup rather than relinquish power to a democratically elected government. The above twitter boast by the crass Adeyanju is a treasonable offence. Worldwide, civilians who help/encourage armed forces to overthrow legitimate Governments are as guilty as the bootlegs who actually pull the triggers. What is troubling is Mr. Adeyanju said to quote him anytime. This is beyond politics, a bloody military engineered by the PDP will not only be unfortunate at this trying times with insurgency, it could trigger a revolution that may end in bloody street battles. Gov. Shema told his supporters to kill the cockroaches; Gov. Yero threatens to burn E-Rufai alive… and their Party threatening a military coup rather than concede defeat. I hope the international community is taking note, these are serious candidates for prosecution for crimes against humanity should innocent lives be lost due to one man’s blind ambition. Now, does anybody still doubt that Dumbo is a very sick psychopath? An evil man with a mean appetite for blood-letting. He’s planning to hand over reigns of government to Fat Alex Badeh who is as corrupt as sin and will guarantee protection for PDP looters and their cronies… Nigerians will resist and defeat them even if it means push-to-shove knuckle throwing. Animals!


      “A statement posted on Facebook by an official of the Presidency”…..What a nincompoop you must be to blab over unsubstantiated rubbish as the above !!

      • Wähala

        What a dirty azshole you must be not to know that Facebook is enough “substantiating” to land that clown in gulag in civilized clime. Why not use your Facebook account to threaten a terrorist attack on America or any Western country let’s see how long you last… use your account to even preach terrorism like this pfool and see what happens to osu people without common sense. You simply display amazing stup*dity all the time… tufiakwa gi. Osu Anam!


          To authenticate a statement,it must be emphatically traced to a source,Facebook and twitter pages are hacked into and messages falsely posted . You are such a brainless moron !!

          • Zaharadeen Muhammad Hamdana

            Yet people have been fired from there jobs due to their posts on social media.


            Just point at the source. That was a job of mischief from APC desperadoes !

          • Isa

            I think it’s about time you started commenting sensibly. Talking of mischief makers, aren’t you the kingpin?

          • Wähala

            It’s about time we told Premium Times to ban him or lose sensible contributors…


            Coward !!

          • Wähala

            Don’t mind the idyiot… ask him to threaten even Dumbo online and see what happens to his ahsshole. He thinks we’re safe behind the net. But the annoying thing is he knows you’re right but wants to post because his crumbs depend on how many comment per day he writes… regardless how stup*d.

          • D1

            Gaffes upon gaffes by PDP goons! Have we not heard or seen enough? If you guys are so sure of the economic revolutions/transformations by GEJ, you should be dancing in the sun, rather than trying very hard to convince voters!
            Your bosses said it should be issue-based campaign, all we are getting is character assassinations, threats to either derail or confine somebody, blame game, use of the Military/DSS/police to achieve your aim, lies upon lies! This is sickening!
            Is this all PDP/GEJ has to offer after 16yrs in power? This is desperation if I must say!

          • Mique3

            After a first tenure in Edo,with a purported golden era first tenure, Adams OShiomhole embarked on the most expensive, intensive and agressive campaign to secure a second tenure. He visited virtually every single ward in the State just to ensure he returned as governor. he wasn’t dancing in the sun…he was campaigning viciously. So, what’s the hue and cry about PDP’s campaign and strategems, if so be that that’s what they’re doing. APC…double standards

          • Wähala

            “Unless it is convincingly rebutted”
            Your stup*dity is clearly evidenced by your, “to authenticate a statement, it must emphatically be traced to a source” bullsh*t. The man has not denied posting what PT reported, the ruling Party is not denying making such plans… yet, an e-rat like you comes here to make an ahss of yourself and disgrace Ndigbo on daily basis for a piece of crumbs. What’s wrong with you is that you’re under the influence of evil water spirits (Osu) and shameless. Even on occasions where career aborigines have backed off, Anambra money-chaser like you will be allover the net spewing gibberish. How I wish I can just wrap my hands around your neck right now… fcuking baztard!

          • PROF

            Please ignore that animal called wahala , he blows so much hot air. After the election he will be provided with a suicide vest so he can do us a favour .

      • King Carlos

        Wendell Simlin. . . You better dust your American passport and return to California. It’s over.

        • Wähala

          If I catch him in Cupertino or anywhere near the Bay Area, I will personally toss his ass over the Bay Bridge. As a matter of fact, I will look up his SSN and wait for him to show up anywhere in Califa… the oloshi.

  • Gideon Orkar

    Buhari is like *what is this thing? Can I collect my certipicate with it? Kai sege bature ai wanna magic ne!

    • Isa

      Your principal @ Etomi had better provide you guys with a new script else you risk talking yourselves to sleep without achieving the desired goal of befuddling the electorate with smutty innuendos.

      Holy Wahala looks to be surging ahead with a far superior argument to yours….a food for thought really…

      • Gideon Orkar

        Kai certipicate, health certipicate, exam certipicate. Ka ba mu certipicate

        • endingNaija

          Dull, uncreative, lacking in originality, un-intelligent, lacking in talent, unable, empty of innovation, zero ingenuity, look my friend Reno OmORKAR I, we expect the members of the Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Team to have dug into Buhari’s history and create another dumb and false negative campaign. Are you guys so lazy such that you cannot find something else to run your negative campaign on? Is your Campaign-Goodluck Jonathan Campaign team so lacking in TALENT? Have you run out of “ideas”-though you never had any? Bring up a new one, so that we beat you again on it-. As FeBuhari approaches, this is the time to separate the Men from the boys, and the ladies from the girls!!! Small boys jumping around the internet after some little oil money from the 21 billion Naira Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Chop! Gideon Orkar na Reno Wendel Omokri!

          • Gideon Orkar

            Lol I have already sworn for you and you keep sealing it with your lies. You will bury all your children with your own hands.

            Certipicate, certipicate, certipicate .

            Certipicate #Failbuhari will fail again!

          • paul eneke

            God bless you my dear.

    • endingNaija

      When will you change this broken record? Lacking in innovation, and ingenuity, you Goodlukc Jonathan Campaigners are so dull and uncreative, you cannot even find another negative campaign to run against Buhari the resilient and triumphant opponent of your FAILED and CORRUPT candidate-Goodluck Jonathan!!! All you have is cerptificate, cerptificate, cerptificate!!! Small boy, be innovative and create another negative campaign. This one is dead as a door nail! Next? Me? I just dey enjoy una! Just chuckle cynically small like dat!

    • DESTINY,

      LOL, you have said it all. In 2011 we were having a PHD,holder president.
      without shoe. now it is a former military general without sertipicate and total collapsed of good condition of health.

      • D1

        You seem disappointed in your shoeless(Big lie), PhD holder(another lie) President, just saying!

  • Jide

    Another June 12 in the making?

  • Richard

    I believe Sambo is listening. This is nothing but an incitement or rather a treasonable speech. If the military is the body they want to handover to then why are they conducting election. This election is not an affirmation, it is about that CHANGE that is inevitable.

    • DESTINY,

      and Jonathan is the only change we need not buhari.

      • Onike24

        How can a man who has Done the job unsuccessfully for six years be change? We know that Jonathan cannot count but at least we thought he understood English?

  • olawale

    The APC can never be intimidated..they built for this shit..Victory is clear…SAI BUHARI

  • Harry

    PDP are confused pigs, they must surely hand over to Buhari, majority Nigerians are already there for Buhari, so every other minority does not count.

    • DESTINY,

      you said majority of Nigerians? you must be a very big joker,empirically even it will take Jonathan one vote to win the next election he will do it.

    • Olatunde Arowolo


  • evi

    Apc propaganda machinery in action! But those who know still know and those who remember still remember.

  • ceweeco projects

    A fascist other name is called APC, is one whose lust for money or power is combined with such an intensity of intolerance toward those of other races, parties, classes, religions, cultures, regions or nations as to make him ruthless in his use of deceit or violence to attain his ends. There comes a time when deceit and defiance must be seen for what they are. At that point, a gathering danger must be directly confronted. At that point, we must show that beyond our resolutions is actual resolve. An old twerp their presidential candidate na wao! Buhari, a man is known by the company he keeps. Ambition is a good servant but a bad master it begets vexations and destroys its possessor

  • Original_Raskal

    well i don’t need to be told that buhari will never rule naija! in fact, he is wasting his time!

    • endingNaija

      Then Reno OmoRASKAL Omokri,why did you people at the Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Team issue the statement? This is just a question Original_Raskal na Reno Wendel Omokri. Answer, abegi!

      • Original_Raskal

        not what you think! It is about the stability of naija! The mistake you are making is not to think! We are very greedy as south west and we don’t want to accept the truth!

        For what I can see, it is the GEJ camp and Northerners that want one nigeria but their approach is different. Northerners want one naija they can rule and control, while GEJ camp wants one naija they can have equal rights to leadership! We only want presidency through the back door! We had our 8 yrs not long ago, so why do we want another presidency though the back door without considering the danger it posed to naija as a whole? Take for example, if buhari wins and died next year, then Osinbajo becomes president and what do you think will be the reaction of the north? How do you, Tinubu and Osinbajo plan to tackle the advanced boko haram of 2016? Remember then it might even be several versions of boko haram and brutal killings everywhere! Have you thought of want you are wishing naija?

        • paul eneke

          Your thought is dry,unintelligent,incoherent and empty.That is the major problem with most of pro-Jonathan handlers,you are just too unconvincing about anything you put forth.Please dont feel bruised,that’s not the purpose,am just thinking aloud.

        • Supo

          Bolekaja analysis. You’re not making any sense.

        • tamedu 777

          Its about our future…our economy needs to be protected from corruption. The depletion saddens me…even now that crude ain’t what it was, we will be taxed to mark up for budget deficit which was squandered. I feel we should get d change for Nigeria and our future. Its a case of people who rested their hope on a person and were disappointed. I gave gej my vote 2011 after all he said…looking back today…I am regretful. Is it d increased tariffs on power, fuel and car importation? Or d total depletion of our reserves, d falling naira which has made importation a nightmare? I can’t keep talking brada

          • Original_Raskal

            keep lying to yourself…you voted GMB in 2011, and here is your comment: “One man mopol….we don’t know say u go vote gej.try park well make others discuss something reasonable pls.”

            So why lying? You voted BB ticket in 2011 and it was a failure and you change your voice. I know after February, you change to say you voted GEJ again. What a fraud you are!

    • MathewBabs

      Buari will win and nothin will happen

      • Original_Raskal

        hahaha! We will see!

    • Supo

      You’re the one that is delusional.

      • Original_Raskal

        really, we shall see! let’s see who will laugh after the elections!

      • Original_Raskal

        second degree illiterate!

        • Supo

          You better wake up form your deep slumber. GMB is your next President. You can kill yourself as soon as that happens. You will not be missed…

    • Olatunde Arowolo

      All agents of darkness in whatever configurations against Nigerian progress will all perish very soon,by God’s grace.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Political parties must stop all these nasty propaganda! The type of propaganda being bandied in this publication is just like a “preemptive propaganda strategy”, where somebody thinks up a particular nasty or vexatious scenario about what his opponent would do and then drums it up to convince himself it is the absolute truth and then disseminates it. An official in the Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs is not even the Senior Special Assistant himself. Does this hireling who manages the Senior Special Assistant’s Twitter handle have authority to speak for government, bypassing his boss and other much senior officials? Was this person not making his own personal views as most of us do on these various media sites? A better analysis should have been done before conferring on this hireling a power he definitely does not possess.

    • endingNaija

      Why did the Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Team allow the statement to go public? That is the simple question my friend. So answer. Why did the Jonathan Campaign Team release the statement?

      • tsunami1earthquake

        My dear, I did not see where it was said “Jonathan Campaign Team” released the statement. You may have to point it out to me on the story. The only things that still confine the statement to Mr. Adeyanju were the following words and phrases: “….statement posted on Facebook by an official of the Presidency saying their government will…”; “The Blackberry Messenger (BBM) statement by Deji Adeyanju, an official in the Office of…”. And the writer said in an obvious boast: “…Quote me any day any time…” So we are still quoting him and not government.

        So you can see clearly the originator of this statement. That he handles Doyin Okupe’s Twitter handle did not translate to mean Doyin made the statement. Should we say a hireling of such an inferior level would speak for government? Even if government should have authorized such a statement, Doyin, as we known him, would not have shied away from making it; but there is still no evidence to directly link him to it. I agree that if Jonathan’s Campaign Team had said that it would have been something that would have been objectively construed as government statement.

  • Ette

    The corrupt are having sleepless nights because the game is up and the people are taking back their power. Money and threats of violence cannot stop the change revolution. The military cannot venture into any coup as that will fail woefully as seen in Bokina Faso. No military government can survive in present global community. Wicked PDP and less than kindergarten GEJ thought NIGERIANS will be bought by their stolen money as usual. This election will not be business as usual. Every sensible government uses first term to make statement on performance but GEJ and his sycophants were busy stealing our resources with wicked intent of buying us to return them, and he shamelessly said in the open that they have been buying votes since 1960 when he was about two years old. No money, no threats, no coup can stop this people revolution whose time has come. God bless Nigeria.

    • Sword of Damocles


  • Okey

    APC has an immediate and urgent obligation to inform the world how they accessed the content of the man’s Blackberry telephone handset. Otherwise, this information is a positive proof of the information by the Department of State Security (DSS) that APC has an internet hackers squad that hacks the telephone and wireless networks and gadgets of institutions and individuals in Nigeria.It should be worrisome that a political party seeking to take control of government has started conducting espionage activities on citizens of Nigeria.

    • tamedu 777

      U need to understand that even within this paraphernalia of securities, there are those who opposes the way d present govt is being run and will stop at nothing to inform the opposition

      • Okey

        SSS has already informed the nation that APC engage the services of professional hackers.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Buhari’s “victory” is a product of APC’s delusional impulses. He will be disqualified in a matter of days, having failed to attach any proof of his academic qualifications to his Nomination Form.

    • tamedu 777

      Dream on buddy….work your mathematics and see what d result will look like. As per academic qualification… Leave that to d court of law.

    • Supo

      Keep dreaming.

  • Hembe Hembe


    “The man (BUHARI) has done a lot of things to this coun­try
    when he was head of state to make Nigerians know that if they vote him to
    power, they are vot­ing tyranny back into power. They are voting back into
    power a man who doesn’t believe in democ­racy. Apart from the fact that he sent
    many of us in the Second Republic to jail when he seized power on December 31,
    1983, he came on a vengeance mission. Laws were backdated to punish innocent
    Nigerians. This was particularly the case of three young men-Batholomew Owo, Barab
    Ogedegbe and Ojulope, who were arrested at the airport for travelling with
    cocaine. In order to punish the boys, Buhari’s regime backdated a law to the
    very day the boys were arrested and got them executed. Even advanced countries
    of the world don’t execute people on frivolous things like that. Even examina­tion
    malpractices were made to carry death penalty. Not only that, he pounced on two
    Guardian jour­nalists, Nduka Irabor and Tunde Thompson, and sent them to jail
    on frivolous charges that they were going to publish something in the foreign
    pages of the Guardian. Many politicians were sent to jail and died there. He
    sent one of the commissioners under Bola Ige, Alarape Jolaoso, to prison and he
    became blind when he left the prison. Till today, Jolaoso is a blind man. What
    about Shagari? Shagari appealed to them to take him to prison, but they locked
    him up somewhere in Ikoyi. By the time Shagari left de­tention, he himself
    wrote that he nearly went blind. Buhari was talking then as if there will never
    be a return of democracy in Nigeria. Yet, it is this same man that is saying he
    wants to rule Nigeria. It could have been a different ballgame if APC had
    picked either Rabiu Kwankwaso or Atiku. Then, we will know we have a challenge.
    But with Buhari, we are not in any way challenged.”—Babatope ( SUNDAY SUN,

    • tamedu 777

      This is democracy..he doesn’t have such power. What we are asking for is a govt that will fight corruption…simple

    • Reno 62

      For your information tunde Thompson has just declared that he will vote for buhari! Chikena! Enuff said

      • Mique3

        He is entitled to his opinion sir. Doesn’t remove the fact that a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria suffered a jail sentence based on a retroactive decree. It is not a private pardon and vote of confidence, it is the reality of what Buhari did sir.

  • Martins Oluma Ajiake

    I have already said it. The election ll be rigged. They bastard have reduced Nigeria to square one. Now they want to bring us back to military rule

  • Brandon Landry

    The problem of Nigeria is not regionalism, ethnic separatism or religious separatism. The problem of Nigeria is elitism! The problem of Nigeria is the problem of class war. The ruling elites in the North, South, East and West of Nigeria are only interested in the perpetuation of the class status quo that oppresses and plunders the common man in the North, South, East and West of Nigeria. This is why new states creation, a microcosm of regionalism and Nigeria’s attempt at catering to ethnic self determination has not solved Nigeria’s problems. It has only exacerbated it by creating new classes of plundering, looting oppressive elites in those states. Same failures with carved out Local Governments which are supposed to bring national resources and government even closer to the grassroots to cater to the common man’s social development needs. New elites have merely emerged within all those localized government structures to plunder and oppress the common man even the more. So, breaking up Nigeria into South-South, South-East and so forth will not address the fundamental question plaguing the Nigerian entity. The common man wants the wealth of Nigeria to be evenly distributed among all Nigerians. The elites of Nigeria want the wealth of Nigeria to be exclusively shared only among the elites. Get rid of the elites. Stamp out corruption and misappropriation of public resources. Then deploy the wealth of Nigeria towards the betterment of the ordinary Nigerian. Nigeria’s problem will be solved! Nigerians every where in the North, South, East and West are loving, peaceful, hardworking people. Solve their common problems of poverty, unemployment, infrastructure development, power and water supply, good roads, housing, healthcare, security, education and civil rights and there will no longer be need to resort to regional or ethnic agitations. Once the common problems common to all common Nigerians are solved, Nigeria’s problem is solved. Nigeria will thrive. Nigeria is better together and stronger together as a unified entity. Our collective strength is better than our fractured strength. Thus this should be the collective message of ordinary Nigerians to the ruling cabal……”Listen you parasitic elites, you constitute only 1% of the total population. But you have held us 169 million Nigerians in bondage and servitude for too long. Your time is up. Be wise while you have the chance and exit the corridors of power quietly to go enjoy the stupendous wealth you have stolen from us the oppressed common Nigerians. Nigeria and we Nigerians can and will heal from the horrific wounds you have inflicted on us if you exit and a champion of the common Nigerian takes office. He will stamp out corruption. The elections must not be aborted nor cancelled. The elections must hold and the will of the common Nigerian must prevail. But you elites must exit or be consumed by the wrath of the masses. A word is enough for the wise”