INTERVIEW: Why We Overthrew Buhari — Babangida

Former Military President, Ibrahim Babangida

Former Military President, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida may go down in the history of Nigeria as the most loved yet most hated leader to ever rule Africa’s most populous nation. Such paradox marks him out as an intriguing personality, who remains a reference point in the political circle more than two decades after he ‘stepped aside’ from Aso Rock in controversial circumstances.

In this rare encounter with a team from Zero Tolerance (ZT), a quarterly magazine published by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission,  at his Hill Top mansion in Minna, Niger State,  the former leader offers rare reminisces on his leadership of the country and attempts a prognosis on the myriad challenges facing Nigeria. He spoke about why he led a coup that toppled the regime of Muhammadu Buhari and why he approved the killing of his bosom friend, Mamman Vatsa.

The interview was conducted by the ZT team of WILSON UWUJAREN, TONY ORILADE, WILLIAMS OSEGHALE, AISHA MOHAMMED and FRANKLYN OGUNLEYE. We have the magazine’s permission to republish the interview here.


Let us congratulate you on your 73rd birthday

Thank you for reminding me that I am an old man

At 73, do you feel accomplished?

First of all, I need to thank God for having attained this age, at remarkably good health still talking and moving. I remain grateful to God, brothers, friends, colleagues and Nigerians generally for all the goodwill.

Any regrets?

So far, the emphatic answer is, no!

Looking back in the last 73 years, what will you say has been your greatest achievement and contribution to this country?

Seriously speaking, my generation came at a time when Nigeria was just trying to be on its feet. I went into the military service in 1962, Nigeria was just about two years old and it had the problems of a developing nation, what they need to go through and so on. So, we were witnesses to this development and I think, one should be able to quantify his contributions based on that period, what we had been doing. I think it was very fulfilling and rewarding.  

Why did you choose to go into the military at that time?

There was a drive to get students or people from this part of the country so as to balance the officer corps of the armed forces; so there was a deliberate drive to recruit officers from this part of the country and I was fortunate that the minister for the army happened to be from this part of the country. So one of his first recruitment drives was to come to our school; he talked to us and gave reasons why we should join the military. Then, we saw some demonstration by General Yakubu Gowon; he was a captain at that time, a lot of us got excited. We applied and were recruited.

If not the military, where else would you have been?

My original thought was to be a civil engineer but when this military thing came, I jettisoned that and went in for the military.

EFCC is eleven years old now, what is your assessment of the Commission?

Well, I think EFCC has done remarkably well because it came at a time when this country needed an organization that should check the scourge of corruption and the rest of it. I think it came at the right time. I took quite an interest to know how the Commission operates, especially under the present leadership. I believe they are achieving good result. I was reading in the media some of the prosecutions and convictions recorded and I think I am impressed as they have been doing everything in accordance with the law.

Like everything new, the Commission experienced some teething problems. First of all, the public needed to understand what it was trying to do but I understand what the Commission is doing now. It is very civil, you don’t condemn people, you investigate, you establish facts and so on. This is what is happening now and I think the fact that anybody is innocent until proven guilty is what you are doing now. I think this is good for this country.

Despite all the efforts, Nigeria continues to be ranked as one of the most corrupt countries, what will you say is responsible for the high level of corruption in this country?

The fact that the corruption index says Nigeria is highly corrupt is quite subjective. A lot of us have had lots of experience in other countries; generally every country has the problem of corruption in various forms. I think what we need to do is to do the little we did when we were in office, try to find out the source of corruption and then block it.

Back in 1986, Cooperative Boards as we knew them then was an institution bedeviled by corrupt practices. An ordinary farmer brings his products, the board is there to assess it as either grade one ,two or three. A lot of things went wrong, so what we did was to encourage the farmer to go to the end users, negotiate. The end user will also inspect what you have. So the farmer is talking to you directly, no middle man or anything because the corruption starts where the middle man is.

Once you have identified areas that are prone to corruption, the next thing is to eliminate them  and get the people educated. In the case of foreign exchange for example, you needed to go to the Central Bank or to the banks before you could get foreign currencies but by establishing the bureau de change, you could walk in there, exchange the money and put it in your pocket, go on with your business and you are not robbing anybody.

One of the things to avoid, especially in government institutions, is too much control, where there is a lot of control corruption easily manifest itself. So you look at where there is a lot of control, try to do away with it and then things will work for the people.

The military regimes before you, Murtala Mohammed/Olusegun Obasanjo and General MuhammaduBuhari/Tunde Idiagbon had programmes that frontally tackled corruption. Will you say your government fought corruption?

Well, we had different approaches; I think my government was able to identify corruption prone areas and checked them. If you remember in this country, there were things they call essential commodities. These are also sources of corruption; you go and buy omo or food or whatever it is and we got government to take its hands off such activitie. Let people use their own brains, hands and labour, nobody has to do it for them. So we did but I am proud to say that was much more effective.

I don’t have the facts but if what I read in the papers is currently what is happening then I think we were angels.

I asked that question against the background that during the Buhari administration, there was War Against Indiscipline, you didn’t have a programme like that. You came in and the programme died as it were. Why didn’t you put up something similar to deal with corruption, knowing that corruption was very prevalent?

Because I was learning from the mistake of those before me. If you take for example the War Against Indiscipline, they were teaching you how to queue, to say sorry when you march somebody! It hasn’t solved anything. It was trying to make you to be civil in your approach to things. Ok I accepted I am going to queue before I get into a car but I might have bribed somebody before I got a ticket to go into the vehicle. We tried not to fall into the same trap, by tackling the source and making corrections in those places.

You described yourself as an angel when you ruled this country. Sadly people tend to remember your regime as institutionalizing corruption in Nigeria.

Yeah, I know. Maybe I have to accept that but anybody with a sense of fairness has no option but to call us saints. I give you example, in a year I was making less than seven billion dollars in oil revenue, In the same period there are governments that are making 200 to 300 billion dollars. With seven billion, I did the little I could achieve; with 200 billion there is still a lot to be achieved.

You are not looking at the benchmark, what was the value of naira to the dollar then and what is it today?

When I left office, it was 22 naira to the dollar Now it is 162 and is not my making, I left it at 22, official rate.

When you came into office, the naira and the dollar were almost at par, so what happened that triggered the massive devaluation of the naira under your watch?

The world is changing economically and if you want to compete with the industries around the world, you have to moderate your currency and what we did was in accordance with the development in the world at that time. The first time when it became one dollar to four naira, we almost went crazy, all of us in the military but then we were learning. Our economy should not be oblivious of what is happening in the outside world and we wanted to compete effectively with other countries.

All the same, we were able to keep it down to 22. When I left, it went up to 85. Abacha was good; he kept it between 85 and 90.

In terms of accounting for resource earnings, we can remember that during your regime, there was also this gulf war and Nigeria earned a lot of money. What happened to the gulf war oil windfall?

First of all, that war lasted 3 months, about ninety something days; it didn’t last up to a year. So get that fact straight. Secondly, the oil price at that time was below 18 dollars per barrel, so there is no way you could make 12.4 billion in 3 months. We couldn’t have made that amount of money but Pius Okigbo knew what he was doing. He had brains and he said between 1986 or 1988 to 1994, monies that accrued to the federal government at that time was about that money you are calling, windfall. He said so. It is there in his book. Then the other thing he said, the monies could have gone into generative investment, I am not an economist but I have an understanding of what this is. Our argument then was if you have the money why keep it and be looking at it when you have a lot of things that will benefit the ordinary man. So that money was not stolen.

Where is it?

It is what you see now in the country, Thank God most of the infrastructures we put in place are what you are using today and proudly so.

What are these infrastructures you are talking about?

Abuja for example, I built Abuja. Today we have a brand new capital, we used that money. I gave you a Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos, you cannot build it now for all the money Nigeria is making. And what did it cost me? 500. 600, 700 million naira. For the first time, a dual carriage way was seen in the northern part of the country between Kaduna and Kano and then linked it up from Abuja. You cannot afford to do it now, you cannot even afford to touch it because there are a lot of competing needs. You have to put money in education, armed forces infrastructural development, you have to put money in transportation; there are a lot of competing demands.

You talked about Abuja being a brand new city, surprisingly the city is perhaps the only modern capital without a rail transport system. How come you never thought of building a rail system or was it not part of the master plan?

You have got good roads. But the advantages of the rail over road is quite obvious as it is cheaper and can move more people per time. The first standard gauge railway was established during our regime. If you ever travel, just go to a place called Itakpe, there is a rail track linking it to Delta. It is a standard gauge railway. So we put these things where we thought the country will benefit from it.

If as you said,  you did so well, why then is the perception that your government and your person are the most corrupt in Nigeria?

Well, you gladly use the word perception, and it is said that perception is not reality.

Why the perception?

I should ask you, because it is the perception of the media.

Are you worried?

No, and you know why? Because now a lot of people can reflect; you believed quite wrongly that we are all crooks and I bear no grudge whatsoever against anybody but I know time will come when they will say after all, they did something and this is what is happening. Now, even our fiercest critics give us credit for certain things we did.

You are regarded as one of the wealthiest Nigerians living, how did you make your money?

Well, that is if you believe I have the money.

This is not a perception

If you give me some facts, throw it and say this is it then I have cause to explain. But I know who I am and what I represent, I know what values I stand for. A lot of us will not make such stupid mistakes.

What are the investments of IBB?

Let me tell you something, maybe you have a hand in it, I have been the most investigated president Nigeria has ever had. By now somebody should have come forward to say here it is. Every government that came after me investigated me because of that perception. Because they wanted to retrieve the billions I stole. Unless you can tell me that you haven’t been very efficient in your investigation, that’s your problem and not mine.

We interviewed General Olusegun Obasanjo and asked him how he makes his money and he told us that he is a big time farmer. In your case, what do you do, how do you earn your money?

My pension (Laughs…)

What is your worth?

It is difficult, worth in terms of? Naira and Kobo

I wish I could have shown you my bank account, My account officer just left. I would be ashamed to say it so I won’t say it.

What are your investments, what do you do?Are you into telecoms?

No. The issue that I have stake in a telecom company has been laid to rest for a long time.  Globacom issued a statement, nothing of that nature. Agreed they are good and doing well. I am proud that they came up during our time but I am fairly an arrogant man, I don’t plead. If you are good and it is good for us, we say go ahead and do it. So, no Globacom, no petroleum industry and I am not a farmer because I can’t farm.

You have Heritage Press

Yeah, it hasn’t been working very well yet.

Are we to assume that outside government you are not productive? Then how do you get by?

(Laughs), it doesn’t mean that I am not making money. Of course I have investments, no doubt about that.

What are these investments?

I would assure you using my head, I came to one conclusion that the best investment for someone like me is banking, that’s all

You have shares in banks?


How many banks

No, in one bank.

A major shareholder? 


Which bank are we talking of …

(cuts in) ..Again investigate…laughs

We have observed a trend, most Nigeria leaders come into office not comfortable financially but by the time they are leaving, they become billionaires. Why is it so?

Now you said most, let me tell you on my own. When I got into office August of 1985 I made a declaration and it is there on record what I had, what I possessed, everything and when I left not much have changed.  Before I became president I was living in this environment, nobody seems to remember that. I tried farming before I became president. I failed. That’s why I said am not going into that field anymore. So it depends, I am not also sure that every president has left office rich. I know they are not.

Apart from Generals Yakubu Gowon, Mohammadu Buhari and may be Shehu Shagari, some people say every other president left  richer

No. This is perception. Everyone went there, served and left. I wouldn’t say they left there richer than they were when they came in.

We really wouldn’t want to talk about the dead but is Abacha among the leaders you claim did not make money

(cuts in)…ok talk about the living, talk about me.

The circumstances surrounding your emergence as military president in 1985, some people believe that it was more of self-preservation than national interest. Can you tell us what happened?

First of all, we planned a coup towards the end of 1983 that truncated the democratically elected government and the military government came in January 1984. Then that government also suffered the same fate as the democratic government when the military staged one of the finest coup in this country, because there was no blood, nothing was lost, smooth and everybody was treated with the most civility and our administration came. When we came in August of 1985 there was a plan to kick us out in December 1985, it didn’t work, they went into operation again in 1990. I think the country was going through a phase at that time, it’s a developing country and we always had one reason or the other for doing what we did at that time.

But the talk at that time was that there was a rift between you and Buhari and he wanted to dismiss you from the Army.

No, let me give you a lesson today. A coup or change comes about if there is frustration in the society. Just get that right. There was frustration in the society between 1984 to 1985. The ground was fertile for a coup. It wasn’t fertile, thanks be to God, in December, 1985 when the first attempt on me was made. Neither was it fertile in April 1990 when the second attempt was made and we had the support of all of you sitting down here. You write, you analyze, you talk, and you demonstrated. It was not unusual then to hear, in the case of the democratically elected government in1983, a common phase was ‘the worst military regime is better than this government’. So you were giving us the impetus to stage a coup. We are not dummies. If we didn’t have the support of all of you, we wouldn’t venture into it.

We cannot end this interview without talking about June 12…

Yes, it is a day in the history of Nigeria and the day the most credible election was held, so what is your question.

Why was it annulled?

We gave you a lot of reasons but I understood the passion, at that time everybody was fed up. The sentiment was, ‘just pack your things and go’. Our thought process is very limited. First of all, on June 23, 1993, I was on the air, and I told Nigerians why we had to do what we did. But I was sensible enough to know that whatever I said nobody was interested.  So the important thing is ‘get out’. I hate to say it but when we annulled June 12, the same Nigerians supported the intervention of the Military. True or false?

True because you saw it, you are old enough. All those who fought for June 12 ended up serving the Military Government they didn’t like and that perpetuated a longer stay of the military in government.

When you were leaving government you used the phrase ‘stepping aside.’ Why did you choose to use that phase?

Every one of you thought that I was not keeping pace with the Nigerian dream. We have a tradition in the military, if you are marching in a column, when they say left, you should obey the command. If you right foot, somebody will shout at you because you are affecting the column, you should step aside so that the column will continue. That was what I did.

What’s your philosophy in life?

To be at peace with myself and other human beings.

And your values …

Oh that one is a lot. I told you earlier when we were talking about  the stupendous wealth, I told you I know who I am , I know what I represent , I know my background so there are things I wouldn’t do.

What are these things?

(Laughs), I wouldn’t steal and I don’t have business to fight you even if you are abusing me. This is still part of what I believe in.  I will always forgive you because if we offend God he forgives, so why should I hold anything against anybody

Why then was it difficult to forgive your bosom friend, late General Mamman Vatsa?

Because others before him faced the same law, the only change in that law was introduced by us to give room for appeal. If i was involved in that coup and it flopped, I would have been shot too. So it is the application of the law but then it is painful. We made the law others suffered the consequences.

As military president, you had the power to commute the death sentence to jail term

But all those that were shot dead, were shot under a military regime.

You have a beautiful mansion here; anybody would like to live in this kind of house. We understand that it is a souvenir from a contractor

Whoever that contractor is, I think he should have gone to jail, to give this as a souvenir. I told you I was living in this environment before I became the president. I built a house here when I was Chief of Army Staff. If I open the window for you, you will see a very beautiful house just behind us, that is where I started and then kept on moving up to this place.

But you got this place after you left office?

I started building it in 1991, took 2 to 3years so that by the time I finished I would have a house to sleep in.

What is the value of the property?

Now, or then?


I cannot estimate because it has appreciated.


I know what my friends spent

Your friends built it for you?

No, my friends contributed.

You have good friends..

Yes I have

Were they your friends before you went into government?

They were friends before we came into government and friends while I was in government.


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      Now situate it with the above caption!!! Shame!!!

      • BlackieUmukoro

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    • Wähala

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          I met him two months to his 73rd. birth day, how would you know what he asked of me?
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  • IBB sir, you claimed that supporters of June 12 later turned around to serve military governments, that proves that military governments are self-serving and not serving the people of Nigeria. The death of Dele Giwa was attributed to the fact that coup mongers were to be retired by General Buhari for drug trafficking and that is why Buhari was overthrown. Again self-serving. Please address these facts. Thanks.

    • Wähala

      He was talking about turncoats like Prof. Wole Soyinka, late Tai Solarin, Tom Ikimi, etc. But, how does that prove the military are self-serving? Which Naija Govt. has ever served with the interest of Nigeria at heart? Buhari was shooting drug lords like today’s Buruji not retiring them… and, Dele Giwa was murdered for trying to blackmail the GON. That’s the truth behind Giwa’s death, if truth be told… Shikena!

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    • Elysium79

      I am not sure if one should expect a better quality of engagement from a publication anachronistically called Zero Tolerance. As for IBB, I wonder if he actually thinks anyone reading this interview would be impressed by his sly prevarications. The joke is actually on him and the successive Nigerian governments that have amply failed to prosecute him.

      • Wähala

        The joke is on the journalists if you ask me. Successive Govts. have the duty to investigate and prosecute him for any wrong doings but like he said, they’ve got no beef on him. Is he Amadioha… why is everyone scared silly of IBB? No! he’s not, but he damn sure has his clout and respects himself as an ex-leader.

    • orkar

      MUMU–questionnaires for such interviews are sent–to people like IBB–weeks if not months–ahead of time—-so that it would just be like a dress rehearsal—–when the interview finally takes place——–the most interesting aspect of the interview as alluded to by IBB -was the general disenchantment against that APC presidential monster-by the general public–when he was head of state–over 30 yrs ago—And which according to IBB- was what led to the coup–sadly those who watched d rule of Buhari with disdain—-are now doing all within their reach to hide his soul depressing certificate less criminal —past–in d army–Happily for us Ibb has via this interview–warned 9jas once again to be beware of the dragon—in buhari–and Tinubu

      • Wähala

        I said, “followed-up rather poorly” with their questions. The ‘Gideon’ is missing from your name, are they gagging your ass for misconduct? Generally speaking, you don’t ask people personal questions like ‘how much are you worth?’ and ‘how old are you?’…and how he survives or his investments are none of those journalists’ business. So, they deservedly took a foot in the ahnus for spreading their legs too wide. Kapisch?

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    The Retired General is too proud and somehow a clown.I wish am alive someday to see for myself all the atrocities the old man in question was tried for and get convictions therefrom (without malice) under possibly,a civil court.Tafidan Dogon Daji.







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      C’mon shut-up dia!
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        The future is more important than the past !!
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    • Wähala

      He doesn’t think it, he is damn smart. Do you know what it means to be DMI in any country’s intelligence outfit? Go thru the interview and if you’re smarter than him you will see he acquitted himself rather well… better than any ex-Nigerian leader’s interview I’ve ever read. Wallahi!


        IBB was not an intelligence officer,he was an armoured corps officer trained in India .How then can he be “DMI” (Directorate of Military Intelligence) ?

        Has Buhari tendered his certificates before INEC ?

        I understand that like the vast majority of Nigeria you are fed up with those Affidavits !!

        • Wähala

          Stop writing as Gideon Orkar, Tawandah Tout, etc…
          Has your mama tendered her marriage certificate to prove you’re a legitimate child? Aschloch.


            Hate comment directed at an innocent citizen !!……the intolerance of the APC,their Almajeris,their cyber fascists and supremacists spells doom for a democratically emancipated Nigerian people !!

          • Wähala

            Answer my question and stop beating about the bush…

      • orkar


        • Wähala

          Yes, he was!


      He got away with it because he knew what the reporters were going to ask. Most of what they asked were based on rumours and sentiments. The fact that he was given short answers means they failed to get him to explain anything. They should have asked him questions about current situations in the country. He alluded to the state of the country but the interviewers did not ask him follow ups. I would like to interview him one day.

  • petersen

    But the talk at that time was that there was a rift between you and Buhari and he wanted to dismiss you from the Army.

    No, let me give you a lesson today. A coup or change comes about if there is frustration in the society. Just get that right. There was frustration in the society between 1984 to 1985. The ground was fertile for a coup ….IBB. MR PERFECT Buhari was in charge and this was same reasons Bahari gave for distroying our democracy dec 31 1983.

    • Emeka

      And your point is? If IBB run against GEJ, do you think gej stands a chance?

      • petersen

        wait till feb 14

      • petersen

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  • Sunny Omoragbon

    IBB Is as crafty as ever, dishing out platitudes and half truths to cover the monumental failure of his regime.

  • Emeka

    I like IBB. he is intelligent. Maybe when I do a deeper analysis about him, I will see why people hate him so much. I also like Atiku as well. These are smart politicians. Maybe corrupt, I don’t know.

    • Be Brave. Cowardice is Evil

      This is why you lost Ilorin for life. The same reason a General would kneel down crying his eyes out like a desolate frog all bcos you are afraid of bullet.

      In July 1976, an Air France pilot refused to abandon his Israeli passengers even when the hijackers at Entebee set him and his crew free. Captain was only a pilot who was not afraid to die. In the face of looming death, he chose the path of honour, he told the terrorist hijackers, “I will stay with the Israelis till the end”. Seeing his bravery, the other 6 crew members chose to stay. But in Nigeria army General cry…and now you hide under a false tribe and name to post nonsense. It has no other name, it is called cowardice

  • orkar

    By Femi Aribisala

    ON Friday, 23rd August, 1985, the military government of Major-General Mohammadu Buhari decided to place me under arrest. My crime was that I wrote, among others, an article entitled: “Counter-trading Nigeria’s Future” in the National Concord, exposing the government’s scam of diverting public funds into private coffers through barter-trade with Brazil. A man by the name of Benson Norman was sent from the State Security Services (SSS) to my office to get me. Not finding me, he left a note that I must present myself unfailingly at the SSS office at 15 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi Lagos the next Monday morning.

    However, on Sunday, 25th August, 1985, Lateef Aminu came first thing in the morning to my house to inform me that the government of Buhari/Idiagbon had been overthrown. For this reason, I am fond of telling people that God brought about a change of government in Nigeria just because of me.

    • Ndidi

      Femi was not alone. There were also Journalists Nduka Irabor, and one Mr Olakunle etc. ..There was also a musician called Fela. He was beaten in the nude and hand cuffed at arrest. He was shown live on NTA…and when he was sent to jail. The lawyers (including one Barister Dosunmu) later confessed to Fela that they were acting on orders from ‘above’ and pleaded for mercy. As usual, Fela later sang about all of these.

      The problem with over 95% of people who make comments here is that they are children or young adults who were either unborn or too young to remember the atrocities of Buhari. It was he who even started organized kidnapping at international level when he sent people to London to kidnap Umaru Dikko for alledged fraud…and when they were caught, they attempted to negotiate with money. From that time, Nigerians lost respect at all international entry points. This is how kidnapping started

      • Wähala

        Shut-up biko… you’re not the only person old enough to remember Buhari’s days.
        If Dumbo escapes to the UK, he damn sure deserves to be crated back to Nigeria to face his crimes against humanity of murdering 30,000 innocent Souls. How many wanted Nigerians who embezzled our money in the past has the British Govt. repatriated to face trails? If you son’t know, the UK is one big beneficiary of money-laundering of Nigeria’s stolen common wealth and that has been going on since Lord Lugard opened his first bottle of Schnapps Whisky in Eleme… Go-siddon!

        • TrueNja

          @ Wahala – why your comments are always incoherent? You sound like someone with brain disorder. Are you hallucinating? Biko, ask a psychiatrist to exam your brain syndrome.

        • Kay

          I concur with you jare!

        • MC

          This fool wahala, see as you got here and killed the joy I have been enjoying from reading intellectual submissions. You carried this vice over from Saharareporters where you Deri, Nagodi, et el engage yourselves in name-calling on behalf politicians. It seems you lot had an abused childhood and/or grew up in the face-me-i-face-you houses of Lagos and other cities’ slums where children, at very tender age, become so adept in name-calling and insubordination. Go on! Hurl mine at me..

      • Good observation

        True. Very true. Most of d comments here are from children who may not remember. They shud first ask their older uncles or parents b4 coming here to share their opinion.

      • Kay

        Ndidi you are very ignorant. German war criminals from world war 2 were kidnapped from South America and brought back to answer for their crimes. Every government steps on toes, and that is that. Your problem is that your think Jonathan is your brother so you forget that the problem of the entire country is that we don’t have an honest leadership which can only be provided by someone like General Mohammadu Buhari.

    • taewo

      Femi, after that change of government and seeing how subsequent governments destroyed this country, I regret taking part, as a university student, in any form of demonstration or action that led to the exit of Buhari/Idiagbon. If you study how nations such as Singapore became what they are today, you will understand why leaders and citizens need to be disciplined. This is what is missing in this country and why we have become the laughing stock of the world. Now, my eyes are wide opened (as our people would say)!

      • orkar

        what we have in the countries u mentioned is what we refer to as continuity—-Buhari had no clear vision like Ibb said–how do u sack a government then begin to teach the citizens how to queue in post offices—and motor parks———————————-smuggle 53 suitcases–into the country release fulanis who lost thousands of dollars and pound sterling from jail –let him go show us his certs–biko

    • tundemash

      I wish they had shot the id10t !

  • Truth_Is_Bitter

    Just imagine what this crook will tell us he did in the 8yrs he was in power!

    Que: What are these infrastructures you are talking about? …
    Ans: “Abuja for example, I built Abuja. Today we have a brand new capital, we used that money. I gave you a Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos, ..”

    Oh!!! Nigeria! and the $12.7b is in his pocket…where did he get money to build houses in Abuja, Minna, Kaduna etc and now a University? How many Generals can afford to build a University is the US, France, Germany, Israel or Norway? Well, you don’t blame him and his senseless answers. When an aspirant has refused to present evidence of qualification to contest a presidential election and some Nigerians with eyes open, decide to support such mischief and quackery, why then will people like IBB not feel untouchable? Lord Luggard made a very grave error in 1914.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    So, EFCC offered its Magazine to someone they should be investigating, for image laundering purposes?? Nigeria is finished!!!

    • True Nigerian

      No, Nigeria is not finished yet. The finishing of Nigeria will be more dramatic and more eventful than the lies of the most impudent corrupter of the Nigerian society – IBB – and the laughable inanities of a so-called anti-corruption agency, EFCC, which celebrates its success by admiring the house of offenders and giving the offenders an opportunity to whitewash their image with more offensive lies.

      Nigeria is not finished because Jonathan is truly fighting corruption. The evidence is everywhere; he has withdrawn all the charges pending against Mohammed Abacha and even attempted to make Mohammed Abacha the governor of Kano after a well publicised meeting with the offender at Aso Rock; On Presidential fiat, Stella Oduah has been rewarded with a Senatorial ticket for her theft of $2m and certificate forgery that should make any country feel embarrassed around the world; the witnesses against Femi Fani-Kayode were intimidated and told to stop coming to court; and it happened few weeks after Femi had a closed-door meeting with the President.

      Overall, Nigeria’s Presidential Villa is now a regular rendezvous for closed door meetings between the hallowed institution of the Presidency and several criminals. And it occurs regularly.

      $20b is stolen, and the President feels it is okay to hide the audit report on such mindless heist; 200,000 barrels of oil stolen on daily basis by persons who are known to government, and nothing happens; army chiefs are openly converting the funds and materials budgeted for our endangered poor and humble soldiers, and the President cannot raise as little as an investigation, despite the fact that the country is clearly sinking fast as a result of mindless corruption in the echelon of the army command; the oil minister has at least 5 official indictments; the reaction of the president was to defend her publicly on national television, and he did it on the day after the Chibok girls abduction and Nyanya bombing. He was given air time to address the country on those two horrors, but he spent the time on bullying the whole country with his determination to ensure that his undoubtedly corrupt oil minister would never be probed.

      Yet, right in that milieu and the stench of it, there are “educated” citizens like you who say “I did not go to school to vote for an illiterate army general”. For you, an army general with a degree-level equivalent of professional military trainings in the US, UK and India is also the equivalent of an illiterate. And yet, this is in the same country where Howard graduates are stealing billions with impudence just as some Harvard graduates are hideously hiding the report of an audit on a crime which they said did not happen.

      My point is: Nigeria is not finished because EFCC is reflecting the decay of the Nigerian leadership by interviewing one of the people it should be investigating. Instead, Nigeria will be finished by the fact that it has many educated citizens whose education has assumed a toxic value in the national conversation as they indulge in a self-defeating denial of the obvious – that is, that no country can make progress or even remain in relative peace if it sustains the horrendous culture of leadership that has prevailed in this country for the last 16 years (the worst of which is the last 6 years).

      EFCC has a boss – the Presidency. EFCC and its boss, cannot afford to be rotten if they didn’t have the confidence of knowing that they have many supportive citizens who manufacture excuses for them or indulge in the contradictions of condemning EFCC whilst also supporting the culture of leadership that sustains the horrific performance of the EFCC. We will have the country we deserve!

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        Here’s something for you to chew on:
        Buhari’s inability to produce even a Primary School Leaving
        Certificate questions his claim (and that of his illiterate supporters) to
        other superior credentials. It further
        questions how and with what qualifications he was recruited into the Nigerian Army. Academic qualification is a cardinal issue
        that cannot be waived for any individual when extant laws so stipulate. Section 131(d) of our Constitution
        unequivocally states: A person shall be qualified for election to the office of
        President if he has been educated up to at least School Cert level or its
        equivalent. Has Buhari supplied proof
        that he has been educated up to the constitutionally-stipulated level? No. If
        the Constitution did not require proof, it would not specify a minimum. To buttress this point, the Electoral Act
        directs that such proof must be sworn to by each candidate at a Court of law
        under Section 31(2)-(5). A sworn
        affidavit to the effect that all of Buhari’s academic certificates are with the
        Military Board (itself a fallacy) did not fulfill the requirements of the
        Constitution and the Electoral Act. The
        tragedy is that illiterate Buhari is so powerful that the law has to be ignored
        in order to accommodate him. Nigerians
        can rest assured, though, that I, Prince Adekunle Orafidiya will ensure that
        this travesty is not allowed to stand.
        Buhari is not qualified to contest the Feb. 14 election and a push will
        be made for his disqualification and prosecution. The APC mob can shout all it likes but our
        Constitution – no matter how defective – will not be allowed to be rubbished by
        one man who feels the Presidency of this country is his birthright or personal

        • True Nigerian

          Quoting the law isn’t as important as construing it appropriately. You have just perfectly quoted a provision of the Constitution and the Electoral Act. Trouble is, your interpretation and understanding of what the provision makes mockery of the provision.

          In your comments above, you have rightly admitted that the level of his Military qualification is higher than the qualification (first school leaving certificate) which the constitution requires as a minimum! Yet, strangely, your conclusions went ahead of your premises to assert that he is not qualified, even when you have already argued earlier that he has something higher than what the law makes a minimum. It is a joke. I don’t like arguments that are bereft of logic. Logic is the basis of all argument. And by the law of excluded middle, if it is true that Buhari has more than what is required by law, then it cannot also be true that he doesn’t have what is required by law. That is a senseless argument to make. And I don’t waste my precious time on such conversations.

          I believe that people can disagree. But my own minimum in respectfully engaging someone that has a dissenting view is that he or she must be sincere in his/her arguments, so that when the facts show otherwise, he or she can have the humility and honesty to shift from the previous position of his argument. Any other standard is a waste of my time.

          And as for your litigation plans and threats to stop Buhari, I wish you the Jonathan kind of Goodluck! You really amused me wth your threats of stopping Buhari with all your princely powers and alacrity. I hope you succeed!

          • Gbofia Lunar

            Thank you for your brilliant analysis of this certificate issue. Was beginning to doubt my understanding of what “minimum requirements or its equivalent” means. In Gen Buhari’s case his qualifications far surpasses the minimum required. In the UK I know a mature student above 26years is not even required to posses GCSEs for higher learning, as long as you have work experience and can confirm such by providing written references from your employers. Recently my 16year old son didn’t quite make the grades for A levels and opted for the BTEC level 3 instead as a route to uni and I remember a lecturer during the interview telling him to work harder in his new course as future work opportunities would be determined by his higher learning qualifications than his GCSEs. So Gen Buhari higher qualifications in my opinion makes him more than qualified to be president of Nigeria. 9ja problem na too many over sabi noise makers with lack of any analytical reasoning.

    • Yusuf

      by creating a paradox that he is the most loved nigerian, they insulted the sensibilities of all Nigerians. I wonder who will love this man other than jonathan

  • victo amadi

    From the beginning you seem to tell all mental thinking you are useless you have no regrets then are you what? Jonathan too? Even Jonathan has regrets. Useless you are the unfortunate thing that ever happened to Nigerians.

  • Mazi

    How I wish Orkar’s coup succeeded!

  • taewo

    IBB does not have a university degree but he appears far more intelligent than PhD Jonathan,yet both of them have one thing in common: institutionalization of corruption.

    • Tunsj

      BRAVO!! You made my day with your comment.

    • PROF

      IBB is a piss of shItttt!!!!!1

  • Kokori

    But lets be serious for once. Where is the certiPicate?



      • TrueNja

        Are you gay?


          NO !….AND WHAT IF I AM ?

  • Aparicion

    What level of corruption is going on in this country that IBB has the cohones to call himself a saint?

    • G4

      That is the real question

  • SAM .A

    “”You are not looking at the benchmark, what was the value of naira to the dollar then and what is it today?
    When I left office, it was 22 naira to the dollar Now it is 162 and is not my making, I left it at 22, official rate.””
    This is a kindergarten journalist , I do not care his age , he is indeed a very lazy one . Naira stated having problem with the economy been dug out of the hole when this cunning Wayo man was remote controlled by Western powers to take over.
    Naira was stronger than Dollar before he took over, 1N to 1.5$ you could spend it outside Nigeria then . American felt threatened by the power of Naira , they ask this MUMU to take over and devalue Naira through SAP .
    A good journalist would have dug this out and ask him the miracle he performed to torpedo a powerful currency .
    The day before his devaluation , my friend brought out his 500 Naira , we bought a giant fridge , a color TV , a Stereo set and few other items , he still had change . The following day after devaluation that money will not buy one item . Such is the Devil that is calling himself a saint. What about political manipulation he did ? Where is the gulf oil fall,12.8 $billiion that he stole/ spent simultaneously with the budget. Professor Pius Okigbo ,a re known economist investigated him and confirmed that you stole money our bad leaders have been preventing the result from been released . Imagine Obasanjo saying the report is missing . This is not and interview at all . A kindergarten baby interviewing his teacher.


      Those certificates are vital to the democratic process…….they must be produced,Buhari cannot keep dribbling a whole country !!

      • TrueNja

        Are gay or not?


          If I were to be gay,I would be openly gay and very proud…….. and you cannot do jackshit about it !

  • Chris1408

    Just poor journalism, no follow-up to unanswered questions. Looks more like another GEJ campaign trick. Why’s the EFCC interviewing a corrupt dictator that should have been behind bars. True, he developed Abuja, because Lagos was unsafe for him after orkar attempt. Both IBB and GEJ made corruption a badge of honor in Nigeria. Also both are father of devaluation of the Naira

    • Wähala

      Thanks jare. They went there to admire his mansion and make a mess of journalism. That’s the level of education in Nigeria today compared with our golden years… go read a letter by one “Abuja Lawyer” who recently defected to APC from the PDP, or an article by one #Tunji Aboyomi, a supposed “doctor” in whatever yeye field he flaunts their certificate. IBB tore those fools apart and came out looking pretty and squeaky clean.

      • Chris1408

        Can you imagine, they should have handcuffed the unrepentant treasury looter to jail even for one week, would’ve made a better headline.

    • Yusuf

      we are talking about Nigeria and he is talking about building abuja, that he used 8yrs to build abuja and third mainland bridge. Just imagine how useless this old man is

  • Hamisu Ubah Yakasai

    Maradona!! so smart

  • Joe

    It seems Homosexuals have taken over this website with useless comments.


      Why the hate,why the intolerance ? I assure you that most gay people are peaceful and they always produce their certificates when the law demands…….unlike our old dictator !!

      • TrueNja

        So you are gay.


          Are you better than gay people ?

          • Polity

            No but am better than a retard like you.

          • victor

            please do not comment on this site again you gay. go to where your gay friends are.

          • victor

            dirty thing

      • Yusuf

        keep trying, frustration will follow u to your grave

      • victor

        gays are worse than animals. even an animal knows and has feelings for the opposite sex (which is the natural order of life). gays should never be tolerated, this is why we need discipline in our society. we have not finished dealing with corruption you are bringing homosexuality. A GAY IS LESS THAN AN ANIMAL get that into your head if your mother did not teach you.


          Whatever sexual preference two consenting adults chose is their business as far as I am concerned. I am a heterosexual male who believes firmly that Gay people should not be criminalised for sake of their sexual orientation.
          Having made my point I also believe that marriage must be between man and woman !!

          • victor

            you better change your outlook about gay people before it is too late. they are a disaster to man kind. and know something; the same punishment that befalls gay people are the same punishment that will befall those who support them or see nothing wrong in what they do. maybe one day, your son would become gay and then you can say what you are saying now.


            Honestly,I would prefer that my children remain heterosexual but if they indeed decide otherwise,I will still love them very much !

  • orkar

    (No, let me give you a lesson today. A coup or change comes about if there is frustration in the society. Just get that right. There was frustration in the society between 1984 to 1985) when buhari was in power–is that the type of certificate less person u will to- entrust your destiny to again? I begi

    • solozo

      And it is IBB we need to tell us that? What did you expect him to say? That he just hungry for power or that he just felt like planning a coup? Or are you saying we should expect a coup now? Because I think there is serious frustration in this society now or the frustration no reach your side?

      • victor

        tell him more

    • victor

      oboy you are senseless period.

  • bib

    One would have expected follow question when he admitted ownership of heritage press for him explain how he financed its skyscraper head office built when he was still in gov’t.
    Another follow up question would have been for him to explain where he got the capital to be major shareholder of a bank when Generals Gowon and Buhari cannot find money to be a minor shareholder in any business.Etc.



  • tboi4lov


  • Kokori

    No distraction pls! Buhari, where is the certPicate?

    • jude L/A USA

      you a clown Period

    • victor

      are you living in the stone age? have you not seen it? please your your info the army released it some days back check it up.

  • Yusuf

    We are not at peace with ourselves, we are not at peace with each other, not even at peace with our own God, all this bcus of your misrule; how can u be at peace with yourself? I remember my life as a kid but our children do not know anything happiness no matter how rich their home. Your reasons will never be justifiable and although you are not the first to attempt destroying Nigeria but everything seems to fall back in track when u came in and since then; we are nothing more than savages

  • True Nigerian

    Liar, arrogant liar! That is IBB. And people call him smart, because he has never been interviewed by a smart, prepared and patriotic interviewer. They say he is smart and slippery, but he fought tooth and nail to avoid a cross-examination by Chief Gani (of blessed memory). He paid tens of millions to to the best lawyesr in this country in order to prevent being questioned publicly by Gani in relation to Dele Giwa and Vatsa.

    Just give me an hour to interview this fellow or debate with him on live television, and he will hide his shameless face forever.

    On Maman Vatsa, he claims that Vatsa had to be killed because the same law that was applied to others also had to apply to Vatsa. Laughable! Well, did that same law also require that Mamman Vatsa’s body should be dissolved in acid inside a pit? You unimitigated disaster and shameless disgusting lying son of evil.

    If Maman Vatsa was killed in order to make sure that rule of law was observed, then under what law was Dele Giwa murdered and his body mutilated by your bomb which was delievered by the filthy fellows on whom President Jonathan recently conferred national honours; which is why I have sworn that I will never accept any national honour from this rotten cesspit called Nigeria.

    He (IBB) praises himself to high heavens for the bridge and the roads he built, but carefully avoids the fact that he needlessly borrowed an IMF loan that Nigeria didn’t need if only he hadn’t stolen so much and mismanaged so much.

    He tells you that he needed to devalue the currency in order to make us competitive. China is extremely competitive without a devalued currency. Nigeria was the bride of every investor and the home of expatriate industries and manufacturers in the 70s and early 80s without the naira being devalued. But he would not mention that.

    IBB was leaking the aanus of a greedy West that wanted to rope Nigeria into its vicious cycle of economic chains and re-colonisation/neo-colonialism. What makes it offensive was that IBB was happy and willing to destroy the life of his own country and the lives of its citizens in order to impress foreigners.

    IBB says he fights corruption; but he is also the president who ochestrated the swindling of Gadafi by some Nigerians who swindled the Libyan dictator to the tune of billions.

    IBB was the Nigerian President who shared rolls-royce to visiting African Heads of State at the same time that his government was starving the people of his own country over SAP that was imposed on Nigeria because of the money he borrowed after stealing and wasting so much.

    He claimed that Buhari was overthrown because people were not happy. Hahahahaha! Buhari was overthrown because the West goaded you to do it, knowing that you were corrupt enough to kow-tow to their demands and whims. You and your family were big-time illicit drug dealers and the West had a stockpile of evidence on you. You overthrew buhari because when you saw the execution of the three drug barons that were caught, you knew that Buhari’s government would not hesitate to come after you since your own vested interests in the illicit trade was already coming close to exposure.

    Those are the reasons why the liar overthrew Buhari!

    If IBB built that house before he became the President, how much was his salary as an army officer?

    And talking about June 12, he has clearly run out of ideas on what to say.

    Horrendous liar; but then, he even admits quite boastfully that he is an arrogant fellow!

    Just pray that nobody who loves my country as much as I do will ever emerge as a leader of this country.

    May you, IBB, reap your true recompense in your life time. And may your children feel the pain of Mamman Vatsa’s children. I know you think it is impossible, but then this place is known as the earth – it goes round and round and round, giving way to even the unimagined things. And therein lies the power of divinity and the limitations of man. Who would have convinced you that you would never succeed in ruling Nigeria again after Obasanjo? Who would have convinced you that Obasanjo would not pass the ball back to you after you passed it to him in 1999 with an agreement that you would be the next? In the same way, you will not be able to control the eventuality of justice for your heinous crimes against the people of this country.

  • Buharam Sharia

    IBB is a good Muslim. This is my first time seeing a moderate Muslim. Unlike Buhari, a Jihadist.

    • True Nigerian

      IBB is the first moderate muslim you’ve ever known? The President Yaradua who killed more than 300 boko haram militants and captured their leader all in one day was a Christian, not a Muslim. Isn’t it?

      Perhaps, you were not yet born when Yaradua was the President; and that was just 5 years ago or that you didn’t know he was a Muslim or you didn’t “see” him at all let alone wondering whether he was a muslim or not.

      The Buhari that refused to register Nigeria into OIC and also led the biggest and most successful onslaught against the Nigerian Islamic insurgency known as the Maitatsine sect is now suddenly a jihadist whilst the IBB that forcefully registered Nigeria into the OIC is the best pro-Christian Muslim you have ever seen.

      Contradictions, lies, and yet more contradictions, all simply because you desperately want Jonathan to continue his horrendous leadership of this country.

      Nation of hypocritical liars. No wonder you always get horrific liars as your national and regional leaders.

      • emmanuel

        Buhari is an excellent muslim who want Sharia in every corner of Nigeria

        • True Nigerian

          Well, I knew when he was still in power. He was a maximum ruler, and if Sharia was really his priority, Nigeria would be under Sharia law at that time. A man who would not even register Nigeria into the OIC cannot seriously foist Sharia law on Nigeria. That is the number one point.

          Secondly, I think it takes a lot of insincerity to believe that anybody, including Kim Jong ill, can attempt to Islamise the whole of Nigeria as the President of the country. Nigeria is too big and too diverse for that. Nigeria has outgrown that.

        • victor

          sharia law is different from discipline. as Nigerians we should learn how to be discipline despite our religious believes.

    • emmanuel

      If a thief is a good muslim, then define who a muslim is?

      • True Nigerian

        You say IBB is a thief? Well, Jonathan referred to the thief as his “father”. Hahahahahahaha!

        Jona is a nightmare for his campaigners; he won’t stop embarrassing them!

    • victor

      Ibb, moderate indeed. did Buhari say he is a jihadIST. dont jump into such conclusions. Ibb is a dying thief. he should just pray Buhari does not get in there or else he would spend the rest of his remaining life in kirikiri prison.

  • Momoh G

    IBB as a head of state said 419 is not a crime.Which corruption is worse than 419.

  • emmanuel

    Baba jibiti has spoken!

    If they saw what he has in his account, they would be ashamed, yet he almost own a bank, aoil blocks held by Southers for him in which he does not scratch the ground yet earn so much.

    The crook own more than twenty percent of the Oil blocks in Nigeria.

    • True Nigerian

      Jonathan referred to him as his “Father”. Here is an incumbent President referring to one of the most hated figures in Nigeria; and the very worst destroyer of the country.

  • Sina Ajiboye

    He is simply jealous of Buhari, having seen the handwriting that he Buhari will win. I am sure he would have wished he is the one that has the kind of support Buhari is enjoying. Let’s just ignore him. He has nothing to offer

    • favourtalk

      Very jealous of him. His days are past in nigeria, elders that still care alone about thier pocket, he will fail like GEJ in febuary by God grace

  • Spoken word

    Blah blah blah.IBB your days are over.your worst nightmare is coming true.

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    and his APC image launders have continued to present themselves to Nigerians as
    people who are going to fight corruption when voted into power,

    Is this Buhari different from the one who as Obasanjo’s Oil minister got
    himself involved in N2.8B missing scandal in 1978?

    Is this ‘holy’Buhari not the Head of State whose ADC,Major Ojokolo escorted 53
    suitcases into this country in 1984 even when he Buhari had ordered the closure
    of the borders?

    How will Buhari fight corruption with the likes of Ahmed Tinubu,Amaechi,Okorocha
    etc around him?,

    • victor

      final words to you, ask your mama (if you have one) about Ibb and Buhari she should be able to tell you the truth

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    IBB is never angel, but any objective objective study will bring BUHARI in a bad light than IBB. What did Buhari did for Nigeria as a military dictator and head of state? It is quite unfortunate that Buhari has got fellowers like TINUBU, MEND and BOKOHARAM as campaign thug mobilizers.

    • Titi

      ask your mama about IBB n Buhari, she should be old enough to know about nigeria then and now

    • victor

      oboy any MAD student not any object student. my friend it is clear that you do not know anything and that you reason from your anus. check the facts they are there if you biother to read them. you can never compare Buhari and Ibb.

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        i pity u, u are ignorant of fact

        • victor

          i think it is you that is more ignorant and bias

  • Game

    Yes Boss.. I want to be Like IBB when i grow up.
    If Jonathan doesn’t win this 2015..
    Nigeria will divide.
    Believe that ..

    • Shuaibu Bola Victor

      Sure GEJ’s credibility has already distinguished him and he is poised to win in a free and fair manner in the forthcoming elections.

      • favourtalk

        Game Over for GEJ, we are not voting on pity or sentiment again, we only need our light, electricity, water, good roads and our girls back

    • Titi

      your house will divide and your world will collapse but our Nija will remain Gidaba

    • victor

      na you go divide Nigeria shay?

  • favourtalk

    Enough of all the old paid story, when last did this man talk about nigeria issues but only open his mouth after GEJ paid him billions last week to talk again and promise him that he won’t go to jail also. All the man that has hands in the looting of the country will go there. We need a Nigerian for all not just a section or religion. Let us embrace change since GEJ failed nigerians

    • Shuaibu Bola Victor

      it is quite a pity. just as you name appears, u can always write to favour your pay-master, Buhari. IBB is more patriotic and more subjective in the general analysis of Nigeria economy unlike Buhari who is only islamic fundamentalist. At 72, Buhari dabbles his mediocrity in politics. GEJ remains the best for Nigeria till 2019 when we will find another young Nigerian to take over from him for continuity.

      • favourtalk

        And your pay master told you to keep on a figuring blindly even when we all know that GEJ failed, what is age when Nigerians are suffering and what is religion when we are all nigerians. Get a life, we can’t just sit down and pretend something is good when people are crying on the street. All the thieves he is walking with will fail him, ibori, alamasheshia and Peter odilli

        • Yusuf

          why u bother yourself about this small boy probably born of 4th republic

        • Shuaibu Bola Victor

          it is quite a pity again that you are playing cards with democracy. GEJ is there again.

        • moses

          Buhari is a sharia maggots from Katsina.a Fulani headsmen who only deal in kidnapping young girls at the age of 3 to 4 years.Buhari is not as hemmed of himself by saying that any attack on Bokoaram is attack on Nor than Muslims.Bhari is using Northan allmajery from Muslims cowards as terrorists for him to get power bet no way let him go and rule his people in the Desert and not we the good people of Nigeria

          • Bala

            How old are u boy? Better leave this site, do your school home work and go to bed. The headmaster or principal will punish you for going late to school.

      • tobi adekola

        is your brain in repeat all mr you have said this over and over i am sure you are a politician and your polical party is pdp why wouldnt you say gej is the best president when under his regime you have been able to steal. campaign about one tangible thing Gej has done like giving 2million jobs in a year boring joke let him go and rest his timid mind he is a wimp

        • Shuaibu Bola Victor

          I hold GEJ and PDP at high esteem because the elections campaigns all along are issue based unlike GMB and APC who are only concerned with the manifestoe of voting PDP out. The APC manifestoe is shoddy and shallow and cannot lead Nigeria into a developed economy in the next 100years.
          UP GEJ!

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    IBB is more patriotic and more subjective in the general analysis of
    Nigeria economy unlike Buhari who is only islamic fundamentalist. At 72,
    Buhari dabbles his mediocrity in politics. GEJ remains the best for
    Nigeria till 2019 when we will find another young Nigerian to take over
    from him for continuity.

    • Yusuf

      u are a small boy and very poor in history

    • victor

      Babangida is a serious thief, he knows that he would die in jail when Buhari becomes president.

      he should start praying now or run out of the country before it is too late.

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    Shagari govt was the worst of Buhari sins.The worst civilian govt is better
    than any military junta.Has corruption abetted since then?.Is Buhari free from
    corruptive tendencies?.N2.8B missing in 1978 when he was the oil minister,53
    suit cases that entered Nigeria in 1984 even when he closed the borders

  • umolu

    This crook never answered any of the many questions put to him. He only paddled by and those asking seemed like jokers. What a waste of time and space!The one thing that continues to baffle observers of the happenings in Nigeria is how one person is able to corner to himself and family what belongs to almost 200 million other Nigerians and nothing happens. Nigerians need to figure out how to make it impossible for one person or a collection in government to loot the treasury dry in the billions of dollars. I doubt if there is anywhere else in the world where that is possible. To make matters worst ,some of such looters are still alive today like this guy, Babangida. What a place!

  • kkanu

    If IBB is 73, how come Buhari claim to 72 years old? Believe you me.. Buhari is much older than IBB!

    • Etomi

      72, is most reliably the official age…
      Everything about Buhari is either shrouded in mystery and darkness or downright baloney…
      No papers, no proofs..only adept in swearing affidavits…
      From his age to his educational qualification to his true net-worth, etc, everything is trap in a vortex of the mystical!!!!!

      • victor

        lets not be mistaken here, Buhari looks much much younger than Goodluck. check and see for your self.

        • Etomi

          Jonathan has his birth certificate and his educational certificates (not affidavits) for anybody’s perusal…
          Buhari has none, only sworn affidavits…
          Please somebody should dig into Buhari pursuant to charging him for perjury….
          My guy, victor, if you have a brain at all, it is right in your rectum!!!!

    • orkar

      That is to tell u the type of 419 person Buhari is-there is no truth in him–Buhari is very thrifty—-stingy to a fault–He may end of not even being a Nigerian–when examined against the background of his certificates-scandal—he may have sneaked into Nigeria from Cameroon or Chad to enlist into the Nigerian army with his affidavit. That is why they have over the years refused to develop the country when given the chance-This is the only time that we have a real Nigerian—to administer the affairs off the country—-via Jonathan—-Nobody knows the state tinubu hails from in Nigeria–all this rubbish must stop——Nigerian journalists and media houses must be encouraged to do a proper background check on some of these ex generals and their counterparts operating in other areas of the nations economy—-remember the case of Shugaba–who was deported to Chad by Shagari–there are many shugabas in our midst today–in the senate–house of rep—tambuwal could even be one of them.

      • checkmate

        Boy, it’s too late for you to be exhibiting your ignorance and bigotry. Fire on! The D-Day is coming.

        • orkah

          Until buhari shows us his certificates just forget his presidential ambition–we canot continuen to have untouchables control our lives like that again—we mut all be treated equal b4 the laws of the land—-tell buhari to show us his certs–u think victory at the polls is based on the web abi

          • Bunduma Mohammed

            This is over certificate of Buhari cannot replace performance of PDP. We are tired and change is a must period. PDP time is up.

      • victor

        Oga are you a Nigerian yourself? because you talk like someone from Congo (very ignorant and timid minded).

        • orkah

          Old boy can a timid person ask buhari to show us his certificates–or ask him to tell us where he hails from—in Chad–?–have u ever come across his uncles– nieces–brothers –sisters—great-grand fathers home—-the family treee of buhari–where is it—not to talk of his certificates———–why is he concealing them from the eyes of the public— ?

          • victor

            but yet he ruled Nigeria before. are you wiser than the Nigerian Army? Buhari was a General in the Army. are you not ashamed (if as you claimed he is from another country) that he became the military head of state in Nigeria? where was your father then?

    • checkmate

      And how old are you? Boy, you sound childish.

      • Etomi

        You are the one more infantile than a 6mins old baby…

        • checkmate

          Hahaha! You still don’t make sense. Childish!!!

    • victor

      you’r not making sense. please elaborate further (WHAT DO YOU MEAN)

    • Neutral

      Corrected Version.

      IBB was born on 17 August 1941
      Buhari was born on 17 December 1942.

      Despite being younger Maj.Gen Buhari was militarily senior to Brig. Gen Babangida and hence he was chosen become Head of state earlier.

      Age is not the only factor that determines the sequence/ order of events in life. Its only an advantage!
      It is only one who has traveled (safari tourism) who sees an elephant not because one is old! An elephant may not come your way unless you travel to the park to view it or if it does then its an astray elephant!

    • Neutral

      Re-posted corrected Version!

      IBB was born on 17 August 1941
      Buhari was born on 17 December 1942.

      Despite being younger Maj.Gen Buhari was militarily senior to Brig. Gen Babangida and hence he was chosen to become Head of state earlier.

      Age is not the only factor that determines the sequence/ order of events in life. Its only an advantage!
      It is only one who has traveled on safari tourism who sees an elephant not because one is old! An elephant may not always come your way unless you travel to the park to view it or if it does then its an stray & dangerous elephant!

  • Etomi

    Buhari did not get richer?!
    Please, please, spear our sensibilities and knowledge of the facts that hogwash!!!
    How disingenuous to suggest that Buhari remained poor, despite being a MILAD, PETROLEUM MINISTER, HEAD OF STATE, PTF CHAIRMAN, etc?!?!?!?!
    For starters, what happened to all his fat emoluments and remunerations, all the estacodes, the security votes that he earned for decades as a privileged, high-ranking Nigerian public official, etc?
    What happened to the missing $2.8billion from the NNPC, which took place under his watch as MD of the Corporation/Petroleum Minister?
    What about Obasanjo’s indictment of him for corruption in respect of his mismanagement of PTF?
    All this parade of Buhari as poor is indeed a case of rape on my intelligence!!!!!

    • victor

      you seem to know very much about Buhari. so please tell us more. maybe you can tell us where he has his mansion in Abuja or in ikoyi or in banana island or in paris, london or califonia or how many private jets he has, or how many tank farms and oil blocks he owns. please tell us, because i dont see any.

      • Etomi

        So what did he do with all this wealth????
        I am very positive that he is using his wealth to sponsor Boko Haram!!!!!
        What is banana Island to Buhari, compared to a day spent in Aso Rock as Nigeria’s president!!!!

      • Otile

        Are you kidding? The politicians will not give him oil blocks as they gave to Ibrahim Danjuma, Alhaja Alakija, Alhaji Dangote etc. because he is not one of them. This is why he is desperate to force himself to Aso Rock to grab his own before he dies.

      • Bimseee

        Etomi!……..kindly go and read your history and stop accusing an honest man. The so called religious extremism that’s bandied about him are so untrue……………….Google facts about Buhari and read for yourself and stop reacting over hearsay ok.

  • Adebayo Moses

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  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    IBB is more patriotic and more subjective in the general analysis of
    Nigeria economy unlike Buhari who is only islamic fundamentalist. At 72,
    Buhari dabbles his mediocrity in politics. GEJ remains the best for
    Nigeria till 2019 when we will find another young Nigerian to take over
    from him for continuity.

    • sam funso

      Are you serious or you are making jest? Read your self over again. Or could I ask How old were you when this IBB was around?

    • ITK

      Nigeria has become more unsafe under Goodluck Jonathan than it ever has been.

    • Bimseee

      Please shut your mouth if you have nothing better to say pls.

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        you cannot argue with facts, pity you.


          What Fact?
          -Promising AND FAILED to fix Power in 4 years?

          -ASUU Strike?

          -Health workers Strike?

          – Clueless tact to deal with insurgency? etc, if all you need is fancy PHD welding president whose wife cannot speak English, then I wonder who is disgracing Nigeria.

          get your facts right, brandishing certificates has killed this nation… What matters is what you can do. show me your work and I will show your worth, GEJ lack guts! Buhari has nothing to loose at his age so he will go after the cabals as a general he is!

  • Dodon Doya

    Still as unrepentant as ever. To borrow from Dame Patience – There is God oh!

  • Sani Ibrahim

    i told you guys, no one does better like IBB,

  • sam funso

    Thanks you Editor for bringing IBB, he is an the embodiment of Corruption. He has nothing to point to but his annulment of June12 election and spates of daily stealing..You find out he was avoiding the truth of his stewardship. Very dark period in the history of Nigeria. His records in the history of Nigeria is indelible. He devalued the Naira and the rot he started then the ripples are still on today. The Naira is now nearly 300 Naira to a pound and 200 naira to a US Dollar. He came to government at a us dollar at par to Naira. The papers published his billions wind fall from oil which made him his billions. People like him was wasteful and corrupt. He has a friend presently at Aso Rock. His name is Jonathan.

  • LankyTheBeliever

    Nigerians are a perplexing bunch. We cry foul about corruption, yet we celebrate the wealth of villains involved in graft and 419 with good humour. We complain about our government and do not move a muscle to voice our discontent. We aspire to unity, and couldn’t care less about events in other parts of our country. We accuse IBB of the most heinous forms of graft yet he walks as a free man, as do the Abachas, Obasanjos, Maduekes, Abubakars and very soon, the Jonathans.

    There’s no end to our polarisation.

    Take for example our ‘know-it-all’ postings in this space. Squabbling as though we were children, while 2,000 of our citizens have been murdered by BH this week alone. A bomb has exploded today killing several more. BH is a living threat to all of us. They are coming to our towns because while our government steals, and we the citizens squabble, the only people in the country with a results driven game plan, seem to be the terrorists.

    Shame on all of us for failing to fight for four vital issues that will reverse the steady and rapid decline of our people and our country:

    1. Good Governance
    2. Accountability
    3. Unity
    4. Justice

    So far Without these four in equal and abundant measure, we can expect nothing but worse than what we have now.

    This government’s inept capacity to deal with BH is a microcosm of their inept capacity to deal with other important issues in the country such as transport, health, education, employment, and the woefully one dimensional and overly dependent (on oil and gas) Nigerian economy.

    My point is that while 300 young educated Nigerian women (and many more that our shameful press will not report) are forgotten, we have all the evidence we need about what to expect in the future. We too will be forgotten.

    I don’t get it. We fiddle while our country burns. Look at us!

    • Olatunde Arowolo

      hummmmmmmmmmm,Nigeria and the Nigerians have a very long way to go.

  • Bunduma Mohammed

    IBB, the criminal institutionalized curruption and destroyed all national icons through his mischievous actions. Now we saw you meeting with Jona to stop GMB, This would not work because we know you.


    IBB is full of himself

  • tom

    IBB– International Born Bastard

  • abass jelili

    IBB can talk now. If you are accusing a thief of stealing a fowl, he would feel nothing when you compare him with somebody that stole a cow. Babaginda is a saint now when you compare him with GEJ. There is a big difference between $2,billion dollars and $20.billion dollars that GEJ could not account for. Shame

  • Emma Lagos

    IBB regime is still far better than what we are seeing today. His is a saint #believe-that.

  • Ali Falalu

    IBB, The Maradona, remains the thief philosopher…he ventured and invested heavily in lies and deceit…yet his regime is relatively far better that GEJ’s state of anarchy

  • OmoLasgidi

    What a shallow character! To think this was the type of leader Nigeria once had? So sad for Nigeria!

  • Abdullah Musa

    Nigeria’s civil service is a victim of Nigeria’s demographic composition.
    When people write about nepotism, incompetence, they are alluding that to other tribes not theirs.
    It has come to be that Ministers are not willing to work with Directors who are not from their tribe.
    A ministerial posting turns an otherwise federal institution into a tribal enclave.
    In the end civil service becomes a hunting ground for different tribes.
    In the absence of national cohesion there cannot be functional national institutions.

  • Truth Sayer

    PT, what happened to all the comments here?