INTERVIEW: Buhari is not a perfect presidential candidate – Kayode Ogundamisi

Kayode Ogundamisi

Kayode Ogundamisi needs no introduction. He is a pro-democracy leader and a civil rights activist. On Twitter, over 75,000 followers follow his views. His TV show ‘Politricks with KO’ is one of the few programmes on television that deal with issues that concern Nigerians in Nigeria and the diaspora. He took some time to talk to our Tundun Adeyemo.

Many people look up to you as leader, but could you have gotten it wrong on your choice of presidential candidate for the 2015 election? Are you not saddened at the way the Vice Presidential candidate of the party you are backing was selected?

The vice presidential slot of the APC to the best of my understanding was achieved after careful deliberation and it was actually a pretty competitive process resulting in a first class candidate in the person of Prof. Yemi Osinbajo. In advance democracies, it is the prerogative of the Presidential candidate to choose his running mate, however in a coalition of political parties, and the realities on the ground in Nigeria, it is expected that the choice of Buhari’s vice President would not come easy. I personally wanted Fashola to run with Buhari but I am not a card-carrying member of APC, I can only advice.

They have found in Osinbajo a brilliant choice; no matter the VP candidate APC picked, it would still be controversial. In Osinbajo, you have a man who reached the top of his career as a lawyer, being Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN). He is a top class teacher, who is an internationally acclaimed professor in law.  A top class General Buhari, who will secure the life of Nigerians and deliver on his campaign promises, and a top class lawyer and teacher, who will ensure that every action of the Buhari government, will pass the basic principle of respect for the laws of the land and the Nigerian constitution.

Could your activism be propelled by the future offer of political appointment in a Buhari Presidency?

I have supported and worked with different candidates at different levels with no expectations beyond their subsequent performance. I have always felt free to withdraw my support as well. Nigeria remains my sole motivation.

Would you ask the 12 million Nigerians who voted for Buhari and the CPC in 2011 if they were propelled by an offer of political appointment? In any case am I not more than qualified to serve Nigeria in any capacity if I deem it necessary?

My support for Buhari is based on my conviction that he’s a better candidate than Goodluck Jonathan and until a better candidate other than Buhari emerges, I am going to support his candidacy.

You are leaving for Nigeria in a couple of weeks. Have you been paid to campaign for Buhari?

It is obvious that 14 years of PDP and 6 years of Jonathan Presidency have reduced your perception of political participation to a cash and carry affair. Nigeria is not for sale. No, I have never been paid to campaign for, support or mobilize for Buhari. In 2011, I got a loan of £5000 from Barclays Bank, the records are available, I bought my plane ticket for £600 and donated what was left to the CPC and Buhari campaign team.

I recalled Nasir El-Rufai asking me how I would survive for the entire period of the campaign. I did survive and we are in 2014. I have purchased my ticket again. I am going to Nigeria because I believe you have to walk the talk. I could have taken the easy way out and got involved in Jonathan’s conference like some of my diaspora colleagues did. They got over 46Million naira just for recycling the same documents passed on by Babangida and Abacha’s conferences.

I am not the only one, we have a number of Nigerians in diaspora who are contributing to the Buhari campaign. I don’t have permissions to share names but someone is donating his family home for the period of my stay in Abuja and he’s just one Nigerian tired of the level of cluelessness of the Jonathan administration. In 2011, we lived on bread, sardine and water as we travelled across Nigeria with Buhari and the CPC. My joy is that today, Nigerians are donating every little amount to help in the campaign for change.

What is the vision of Nigeria you like to see in your lifetime?

A just nation where every citizen, regardless of circumstance, religion, location or tribe, is afforded every opportunity to live anywhere they choose to with decency and dignity. A nation that will not be shy to discuss its differences; that will allow a resolve by citizens to peacefully negotiate the mistakes made by the colonial masters and our founding fathers.

Is this ideal achievable?

Yes it is very much achievable. The alternative is not looking good.

In 2010, you campaigned for GEJ to be made acting President and look at how that has turned out. What guarantees do you have that Buhari is the right candidate for Nigeria?

Actually you got it wrong. Yes, I stood on the side of truth and justice against the Yar’Adua cabal who held on to power rather than hand over to Goodluck Jonathan, the legitimate Vice President. It was not about Jonathan. It was about justice, equity and forthrightness. I disagreed with those who felt Goodluck Jonathan shouldn’t be President because of some warped arrangement within the PDP.

I was the toast of the Goodluck Jonathan gang then but I was very clear that it was not about their principal (GEJ) but about Nigeria. An injustice to Jonathan was, in my opinion, an injustice to Nigeria. But as soon as Jonathan became the Acting President, it became clear the man with a so-called PHD had no clue about governance. He set out on an agenda to divide Nigeria just for his selfish interests; he promoted bigotry and left Boko Haram to go on the rampage. In four years of Jonathan’s cluelessness, over 17 thousand Nigerians, by his own count, are dead, killed and maimed by terrorists. Rather than go after terrorists, the commander in chief spent money and propaganda blaming opponents without one shred of evidence.

I had no lofty expectations from GEJ so I am not disappointed but only vindicated. His track record from deputy governor to accidental governor, from vice president to accidental acting president was resoundingly uninspiring but Nigerians chose to ignore Olusegun Obasanjo’s rape on democracy when he handpicked two candidates, who had no intention of running, on the night of his party’s presidential primaries.

Obasanjo picked a sick Yar’adua and a clueless Goodluck Jonathan. Look, I was very close to the Ijaw struggle; I was party to and active in the movement that led to the Kiama Declaration. Even amongst the first 20 Ijaw comrades I know, Jonathan cannot make the top 19 in terms of understanding the dynamics of Nigeria and ability to serve.

People will be shocked in 2015. A number of people in the Niger Delta will look at their environment and notice that things are not better under their son and that the oil companies still go about destroying the environment, the militants are the new oppressors. The loyalty of the militants is now to one man Goodluck Jonathan and not the working class people and the poor in the Niger Delta.

General Buhari is not a perfect candidate, no Nigerian is perfect for Nigeria but with the choice we have today, comparing Buhari to Jonathan is like comparing light to darkness.

With Buhari what you see is what you get. His commitment to his country has never been in doubt, his records as military head of state creates fear in the minds of the corrupt, the drug barons and those who enslave Nigeria but it brings hope to those who want the best for Nigeria.

I do not share Buhari’s dream of a one indivisible Nigeria but I share in his dream of a Nigeria where justice will be made available for all.  I share in his dream that as long as we remain one united country, terrorists should not hold Nigerians to ransom, a minority one per cent should not take the wealth of all, that our schools should be a safe place for our children, that we should be respected internationally as a result of our progress.

I share in his dream that Nigerians should be able to get the basic needs of life without having to bribe their way up or ladies sleep with men for favours, I share in his dream that our women should have a place of pride.

So I can hold on to my long-term disagreement with Buhari on the national question to achieve those short-term goals. That I want a confederation in Nigeria does not mean a massacre should go on in any part of Nigeria.

Nigerians in the UK suffer very harsh immigration laws and cost of living crises, could your energies not be better utilized in working with minority groups in the UK who are underrepresented and in many cases without a voice?

Nigerians in the UK are of course affected by what happens in Nigeria. Diaspora remittances alone are the budget of small countries. Money aside, the anguish one goes through just knowing a relative is ill and at the mercy of a broken system is bad enough. If the situation at home is improved, I dare say 90 per cent of their woes here would vanish. How many are here because they love it?

I pick my battles and I am sure we have more than enough groups campaigning for the rights of Nigerians in the UK and above all, we have strong institutions here where you can challenge the system and injustice. My ultimate goal is that we should make Nigeria better so we don’t have to be in the diaspora permanently.

Can’t you run for office in the United Kingdom?

I can but I am not interested.

Would you not say that this is the best time for Africans living in the UK to have a stronger and unified voice? Could they not benefit from such leadership from you?

I run a programme,  Politricks with KO, on Ben television and have done so for two years with 100 per cent volunteers’ effort. This show gives the diaspora a platform to speak and be informed. The TV show survives on the magnanimity of the Chief Executive of Ben TV, Alistair Soyode, who donated airtime to my platform. All the crewmembers are volunteers who are not paid a dime, including me.

Every week, we provide a platform for Nigerians. If that is not leadership then I don’t get the definition of leadership. For me service and personal sacrifice to the people is what leadership is all about.

On a lighter mode, I was told BEN-TV was under pressure from the Nigerian government to take the programme off air. But we are still on and that is thanks to the resilience of the Chief Executive. If they come under pressure, anyway we still have Sahara Reporters to fall back on.

Most Nigerians are disillusioned about the state of Nigeria’s political and economic mess, should we promise a hope in APC, a party we cannot rely on?

I am not a card-carrying member of APC or any Nigerian political party but we are hopeful that the APC will be different. If we don’t notice anything tangible in one year, we will unleash the people might on them.

Why do you hate the PDP so much?

Look around you. The country is the most divided it has ever been since the civil war. Our leadership beats its chest on achievements, buys more private jets and eats billions in yearly food budget while Boko Haram has driven one million citizens out of their homes. Many abandoned people have run to Niger Republic, Chad and Cameroon, our neighbours. If you are not angry with the party that’s been in control at the Federal level for 16 years then you are either a beneficiary of the system or simply living in la la land.

Nigerians are tenacious people- most Nigerians are doing well by themselves, would your efforts be best channelled in economically supporting people?

Tell that to the 1.5 million displaced. We cannot dance around the fact that Government must work and not exploit the people for the advantage of a few.

The cynicism against politicians and government in general is one you encounter every day especially on your TV show. How do you deal with that?

I let people talk. There is nothing to deal with. It’s the peoples’ show. I hope the politicians and their handlers listen. PolitrickswithKO is unique in one sense. I declare my interest to the viewers. I don’t pretend to be unbiased. I let people challenge me and I am very glad that we get calls from all over Europe on the programme.

I don’t know how we have survived the last two years but we managed to keep a live show without a dime. I take criticism on the show on board. I don’t just dismiss them, when I get home I think about what even those who oppose my view say and I improve on my point of view.

What would you like to be remembered for? What is the one thought that gets you out of bed every day?

I have three lovely daughters and it is what my children would think about me when I leave this world that bothers me more than what the world would think about me. I am extremely satisfied with my little service to my community both in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Each time I wake up, I want to do better than when I went to bed the previous night. I want to contribute to the change movement in Nigeria. My first love is my service to the community. If you knew where I am coming from – growing up in Mushin and Agege in Lagos – you will understand why service is key to me. I was brought up to understand that change won’t come without a struggle.

Why should the electorate follow you and vote for Buhari?

The electorate should look at Nigeria under Goodluck Jonathan. If they think they have a better life they can vote Jonathan but they should also look at Buhari – his honesty, his vision and his passion for Nigeria – if that gives them a reason to vote Buhari they can join me. 2015 election is not do or die to me.

One, I don’t live in ground zero (Nigeria) so I am not directly affected by the misrule in Nigeria but I can also not turn my back on my country. If Nigerians chose Jonathan again in 2015, it won’t be the end of the world. Of course, we would wish him the best as President and pray he gets it and delivers on his electoral promises. Those of us who oppose the PDP and Jonathan’s government would then go back and continue to try and convince Nigerians for change. You cannot force a people to follow your ideals, you have to keep trying and hope they are convinced that your ideals are right for them. That to me is what democracy is all about.


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  • amazing2012

    …..then who is a perfect leader ? Someone from your tribe, religion or region ?

    • Aminu

      Dont be annoyed with all his opinion as it is true only God appointed leaders like Prophets mentioned in our holy books are perfect while others humanbeings have combination of good and evil dwelling on them and which ever is more it then manifest physically.I believed the caption of the story was wrongly chosen by the editor and we can forgive him for that as looking at the content of the interview it did not really matched with its caption.

    • Harry

      Mumu no human being is perfect except God.

    • I Hate Sycophant Truly

      Try and read the piece and not only the heading, the man was just try to tell us there’s no perfect being but still prefer Buhari to Jonathan, if you truly read through.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Bruv, KO’s position accurately reflects mine.

      What he stated are the undiluted truths. It is not an indictment on GMB, but Nigeria itself.

    • Frank

      See what yur bigotry has earned you??
      SERIOUS rebuke from your co-APC minions!
      It is evident you didn’t even read the write-up..or maybe u culdnt understand it.
      That was why Gumi said anyone who criticizes Buhari instantly receives threats to his life!
      Why are you so intolerant of others views?? The guy was even in full support of Buhari.
      Shame on you mallam!

  • aabello

    It seems you have not read the interview fully.

  • PROF

    Hahaha ,buhari is not the man for the job. The truth is coming out from apc.

    • I Hate Sycophant Truly

      Do you really read the piece or just the caption? Please try and read well and digest. It was just trying to tell us that Buhari is not a perfect being but he’ll prefer him to Jonathan. The writer just gave a captivating heading to lure people to read or buy which is allowed.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Bruv, this “Prof” aptly demonstrates the need to hide things in books from the “blackman”!

        • tundemash

          another carrier of Port harcourt Degree (PhD) syndrome

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


      • PROF

        Hahaha ,the writer is indirectly telling you that buhari is not good enough. Mind you it’s coming from an apc person. Maybe he is dead honest

        • denrele abiola

          Are you this dull not to understand the context of a newspaper caption?

        • Wale

          Your mumu no get brake pad, cheiii!!! A true reflection of WAEC and NECO results. I thought I was a dullard until I came in contact with you. Seems there is still hope for this great nation then.

          • tundemash

            And you think this kind of fish-brain has the mental capacity to vote rightly ?

          • Ramon

            I opined that he was only trying to be sarcastic in his analogy.

        • tundemash

          a monkey will be so proud he can reason better than you ! Read the interview when the effect of the drugs dies down !

    • Damilola

      Are you daft ? Or you can’t just comprehend simple sentences ?

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Both, actually!

    • pastorakinleye

      Maybe you did not comprehend the grammar, here’s the quote for you: ”
      General Buhari is not a perfect candidate, no Nigerian is perfect for Nigeria but with the choice we have today, comparing Buhari to Jonathan is like comparing light to darkness. With Buhari what you see is what you get”.

    • Eniolataiwo

      U sure say u go school?

    • tundemash

      wow !
      Cl0wn did you read this interview at all or you just rushed to copy and paste what Reno gave you based on the headline ?

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Bruv, he didn’t read!

        Reading would have placed what little there is, of his brain, under massive stress.

  • Funso Ogunsanya


  • warry

    Activism without reality is a folly. Check the resources available to a Govt. and the improvements recorded. Gej has not solved all problems and nobody can, but improvements can be seen in many sectors.

  • Nigerian Boy( Banjo )

    This is a well articulated interview,Kay I just hope you would follow up on your words in the still remain my man anyway

    • PROF

      I like how the guy says buhari is not the first choice of apc which means if they had the choice,they would have not picked the general.

  • Ismail Ibrahim Bakori

    Let Buhari and his supporters desist from all forms of incitement and intimidation against people that are sympathetic to other contestants. Violence, acts of brigandage and resorting to self help is not the way forward. They should stop the campaign of calumny going on in the north tagging people mobilizing support for other candidates as infidels.

  • GrantUK

    “I pick my battles ….”-Kayode Ogundamisi (KO). Sahara Reporters (SR), Premium Times (PT) and KO have picked the battle of fighting GEJ. First, who is KO in the UK that SR and PT is making us believe they are an entity to reckon with? Pls folks don’t mind all these haggard hungry night marauders that are agents of darkness whose bread are buttered only in division.

    • GrantUK

      If I don’t know KO in the UK then he is a nobody, probably he is a kpeke and an asylum seeker. Such people are dangerous with propensity to propagate hatred and bitterness. Elections are never won by violence and hatred. Let KO and his co-workers continue to follow their blind master. It is not by force. This is democracy and not ‘decreecracy’

      • Dr. Kay

        Lunacy don dabaru your ogogoro fucked brain , you now answer yourself abi? Engage the man on the issues he highlighted above, wether he is somebody or nobody is neither here nor there, to me his persona and passion for Nigeria far outweigh the Dumbos crowd by far, so Biko, don’t be jealous , try and copy his activism and all out putting his actions where his mouth his, he is but just one man but I’m sure there are millions like him ready to do their damnedest and sack this clueless olodo at the helm of Naija affairs, no more reactionary leadership , we want proactive leadership as embodied by one and only GMB

        • tundemash

          He’s a nonentity so excited he’s finally been recruited to copy and paste ! What self-respecting human being attaches UK to his name ? To achieve what purpose other than seeking attention he ordinarily wouldn’t get !

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Grant, those of us who care passionately about Nigeria get to see him when and where the roll call is made and it matters.

        If your trajectory revolves around Ilderton Road or other Owambe circuses, you wouldn’t know him

        KO is putting his time, money and efforts where his mouth is; and that is a laudable commitment in my book.

        You may not know him, but he is relevant to the rest of us who care.

        • Dr. Kay

          Kay we are on same wave length, don’t mind the oniranu

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Many thanks, Dr. Kay.

            I don’t know why @Grant felt that because he doesn’t know someone in the UK, the person has to be a nobody.

            In this “city of levellers”!

          • Dr. Kay

            I wonder oh, where even two Nigerians sitting side by side in the tube will be eyeing each other suspiciously thinking what’s wrong with this jamo guy looking at me. Lol

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Lol, Dr. Kay.

            God knows I have seen enough of those “Jamo-looking” Babas turn around to greet each other in Yoruba!

          • Dr. Kay

            Lol please have a lovely festive season ,you and your family . May all our aspirations be answered next year IJN , amen.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Amen, @Dr. Kay.

            Please also accept my well wishes for you and your loved ones during this Yuletide and the coming New Year.

          • GrantUK

            Yes! He is no body in the UK. Just like you believe elections in Nigeria is credible only when it favoured APC. According to you the election in Ekiti was rigged because PDP won whilst the one in OSUN was free and fair because APC won. Now you can only deceive the gullible and not all. You cannot win the election with your campaign of hate. Go follow your blind leader.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Grant, I am saddened at your response, not because I do not feel you are entitled to your own opinions; as I am, but because you have unilaterally created an opinion and ascribed it to my person so as to justify your source of hatred.

            I expect that if you live in the UK, some modicum of ethics should have attached itself to you, as opposed to what you portrayed here.

            If there is going to be any hope for Nigeria, those who are expected to know better, should do better.


            By the way, I did not feel the Ekiti election was rigged because I do not have information or evidence to that effect; I was only astounded by the choice of the people. Do you understand and appreciate the difference?

          • GrantUK

            You can change your line of thought as it suits you. It’s no longer the election itself but now the candidate that is the issue with Ekiti election according to Kay. Just as your blind and chameleon leader is now on business suite. Hahahaha. Nigerians cannot be deceived. Hatred cannot triumph

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Grant, stop playing the role of the village id iot.

            All you need to do is pull up and paste a copy of my opinion on the Ekiti elections onto this thread.

            I shall leave you to your delusions now since you obviously lack the refinement I expected of you.

            So long.

          • GrantUK

            Off course darkness and falsehood cannot respectively stand light and truth.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Indeed, you are “off course”.

            Thanks for confirming it.

          • Triple 7

            Kay you have to understand something, that in this world we live in there are people with whom you simply cannot reason. Their perception; their understanding of the world; their attitudes towards anything; indeed, their entire lives are moulded by their mindsets – the concept of reason, rationality is totally lost on such people. You can usually tell such people by their response to issues brought before them – they either get violent, insulting or in most cases, their response usually has absolutely nothing to do with the issue at hand.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Many thanks, Tripple7.

            I shall take away that lesson indeed.

          • Benny

            Same manner you will be astounded after February 14, 2015. All these shenanigans and gang-ups cannot win the presidential election for Mr. My-Certificates-are-with-the-Military-Secretary. As if the Military Secretary is the custodian of ex-soldiers credentials!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            @Benny, I wish you and Nigeria all the best for 2015.

            February is just around the corner.

          • Tunsj

            Benny, you know that your hero, Jonathan, is going to be defeated.

          • Funso Ogunsanya

            And what exactly is your problem about this??? Why are you having to worry your head over is popularity. We know him and we know what he stands for. Can you now park well? Irritant!!!

          • petersen

            he is just an assylum seeker looking for opportunity in case buhari wins. because this present govt did not favour him.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Pesky irritant, indeed!

          • tundemash

            U can see why the idi0t felt he needed to attach UK to his name ….. he obviously suffers from self-esteem.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Perhaps, bruv, he was trying to let us know that the UK “Granted” him asylum!

          • Tunsj

            Spot on! GrantUK does not know KO in the U.K because he is in U.K illegally and hiding in places.

        • ODOFIN, Lagos

          Thank you sir. If check it out, you will find out that GrantUK is one of the satanic agents of gej online

        • tundemash

          Only a nonentity seeking attention attaches UK to his name!!!! He’s an idi0t surviving in his one-room apartment at Elephant&Caste on the largese on the PDP rogues. Ask him when last he saw Ibori? That is his weekly job; to pay Ibori visits at prison!

      • GrantUK

        Nigerians have to be told that KO is a no body in the UK. We don’t know him. He feeds on divide and rule syndrome.

        • GrantUK

          If KO is a somebody in the UK he cannot come to Nija from the UK to soak garri, bread and sardine and then squat in peoples home. A month salary in the UK should be more than enough talk-less of two months salaries for KO’s stay in Nija. Like I said before KO is a no body other than a night marauder and a kpeke (toilet porter).

          • TRUTH MASTER

            GrantUK, you have elevated banality to an art! You zeroed in on the personality of KO to the detriment of what he said. You turned yourself to an omnipotent who knows it all, including every important Nigerian in the UK. It is sad how you have skewed a serious issue on the altar of annoying partisanship, yet you are supposed to be more exposed than many. This is not going to advance the cause for a better Nigerian!

          • GrantUK

            If the battle you have picked together with KO, SR and PR is to unseat GEJ then you are all have failed, F9! You lot better look for another battle

          • TRUTH MASTER

            Your response now is even worse than your original intervention. Apparently you are a nut case. GEJ is a goner as far as the presidency is concerned in 2015, and wishful thinking will not change that!

          • Eniolataiwo

            Guy, are u on weed. Why u dey reply urself

          • GrantUK

            Go away if you don’t have self believe.

          • Benny

            The guy (KO) is even too ugly to be known in the UK! He should take care of his haggardly looking dry face before picking battles. What pedigree does his Saint Buhari have than being a petty coup plotter that IBB overthrew with mere words.

          • Onike24

            A somebody? Is that the English you speak in your Uk?

          • GrantUK

            Nigeria cannot be a good case study in the UK.

    • denrele abiola

      Don’t think everybody is like you, we all live here in the UK and we know who he is. It is people like you who benefit from the status quo that would feign ignorance and if you are genuinely ignorant of this guy, then that’s your cup of tea. Don’t badmouth others who are trying to better the lots of nigerians by disseminating genuine information.

      • GrantUK

        He is a no body like you!

        • denrele abiola

          i’m sure you’ll be glad to be a nobody like me if you knew me.

          • GrantUK

            No! Thank you! Being you will you means falling from first to second class.

          • Triple 7

            Best comment yet

        • tundemash

          YOU ARE THE NOBODY !!!!! We al know Kay in the UK Cl0wn !!!
          He just told you he runs a programme on Ben TV, what do you do ?

    • Omo Akin

      You certainly do not live in UK. Following the trend of your posts, you are one of those e-rats in Abati’s and Omokiri’s office. Your argument against the person of the writer is in sync with what those e-rats shun out all the time. They always attack the person rather than address the issue. All that glitters is no gold. A lot of people were full of hope that a Ph.D holder will be Nigerian president; little did they realize it will be a case of empty cloud without rain.
      KO does not have to be celebrity or political office holder to make valid arguments. If you understood the interview, he was part of the Kiama Declaration even though his name does not sound like that of someone from the Niger Delta. It means that he had been working with Niger Delta people for justice and fairness before there was a President Jonathan. Reasonable people will applaud such a person for being their brothers’ keeper.

      • GrantUK

        Neither do I need your interpretation nor your lecture. KO picked his battle and I have also picked my battle; you can as well pick yours. Empty noise maker. “You certainly do not live in UK.” Omo Akin now holds the door keys in UK. Hypocrites. Shut up

        • saj

          Very stupid,always want to go on attacking anybody who speak the truth,as you pick up your battle,every Nigerian pick his own battle. If you want say something useful come up with something tangible for the readers to read,but don’t come attacking someone who come up with a sensible argument with your senseless issue. JARE!!!!!!

          • GrantUK

            Just shut up and go for unfolding of your brain if you had nothing to contribute to the polity.

        • tundemash

          I am certain you are a nonentity hence the need to attach UK to your name . If you don’t know Kayode as a Nigerian living in the UK, as you claim, conversant with what is going on back home, you don’t exist and I challenge you on that !!!!!!

    • tundemash

      I am certain you are a nonentity hence the need to attach UK to your name . If you don’t know Kayode as a Nigerian conversant with what is going on back home, you don’t exist and I challenge you on that !!!!!!

    • Triple 7

      HABA! Is that really the best response you have for everything he has to say? Common!

  • Concerned Citizen

    Kayode you took the words right out of my mouth.

  • karl marx

    Whatever, Diasporas don’t need to tell us who leads us…. GMB is the only aspirant who can bring change to Nigeria Please as it stand now. Much, much better than the so call PhD holders in ‘zoology’ that people thought can bring positive changes to the country, but instead they have brought more darkness in the country than light, sorrow than happiness, mourning than laughter. Please Jonathan should go back to the village where he originated from before he kills every body with his syndrome.
    In 2015, GMB and prof. OSINBAJO are the best people to lead us. But notwithstanding, we have few people [ agents of darkness] who still want us to continue with the status quo because of their sentiments but 14th feb, 2015 will shut them up!!!!!!!!

  • New Nation

    Thanks KO. Millions are waiting for you at home to come join the CHANGE train. We will not allow looters to hold our nation down. Its going to be battle between light(Nigerians of good conscience) and darkness(PDP and co). JonaTAN is obviously not in control. He lacks capacity. Everybody and anybody around him takes advantage of his glaring weaknesses. We must take our Nation back!

  • Ebubedike

    Here comes another one living in cuckoo land. Mr Freedom fighter is borrowing money again to buy flight ticket to go from UK to Nigeria to fight Jonathan. If you’re the smart man you claim to be, I bet you should not be living in poverty in the UK. Why don’t you do the decent thing: go home to your village in Nigeria and farm, fish, sell sweets … anything that is more honourable than living a life of whitewashed misery in the UK. Anyway, this is another borrowed money going to down the drain.

    • tundemash

      you are a cl0wn bereft of any ideals …… Kayode Ogundamisi has told us his contribution to liberating the coward Dumbo Jo from the clutches of Turai, what was your role ?

    • Tunsj

      Did you read all what he said? You are so blind to see the truth. Your comment does not make any sense at all and it seems to me that you are jealous of him. You know quite well that PDP ideas are antiquated and the country needs new leadership.

      • glo

        Ebubedike, is sadly one of my Igbo brothers, blinded by bitterness and resentment.

      • Ibro

        Please take a good look at this guy .absolutely malnourished .why wouldn’t he come back home ? i pray on his way back UK police will not arrest him for being a terrorist . I wish him the best in his new job

    • glo

      Poor Ebubedike, disadvantaged by his closed-up mind.

  • bikky

    KO you are talking,we need to change our thinking and think of what we want to be and how we are going to get it done. Nigerians think positive ,think change ,vote wisely. APC,PDP? NO, personality of individual is paramount Buhari is far better than JEG. GOD BLESS NIGERIA ,VOTE WISELY,

    • Nigerians Against Bokohari

      You sound like someone who should be an educated person, but I fill a little concern about the lack of objectivity in your analysis. What parameters did you use to draw your conclusion? Have you referred to international documents about the government concerning the person and governments of the two? Evidence abound that Nigeria experienced the highest level of human rights abuse during Buhari’s tyrannical reign.

  • Basir Musawa

    It is ONLY GOD that is perfect.

  • Naija4life

    Kayode, I am a bit disappointed that you have always thought that Nigeria would have a perfect presidential aspirant.

  • McAlfred Uta

    KO I quite agree with your idea of confederation as it will ensure independence of regions, zones or state whichever constitutes the confederating units. I am hoverer skeptical that GMB is the right candidate to pursue this agenda.

    • glo

      Buhari might not do a perfect job pursuing this agenda, but he is/will, most definitely do better than Jonathan.

      • Ado Na Allah

        What measure did you used in evaluating him ?