Nigerian military kills “large number” of Boko Haram terrorists, recovers  arms

Hilux van captured by the Nigerian military from Boko Haram terrorists

A large number of terrorists were on Friday killed by troops of the Nigerian military in Borno State, the defence headquarters has said in a statement.

The troops laid ambush for the terrorists between Maiduguri and Damboa during a mop up operation in the area, killing several of them and recovering weapons and other equipment from them.

The terrorists were in the process of attacking electricity engineers working to restore power in some parts of Borno, the statement said.

The exact number of casualty could however not be ascertained, the defence headquarters said on its website.

It said  the ongoing mop up operation would determine the number of terrorists felled in the encounter.

Nigerian Troops  Registering targets with Artillery Guns
Nigerian Troops Registering targets with Artillery Guns

Items recovered include a repainted Hilux vehicle stolen by the terrorists from the Borno State Ministry of Education (the vehicle was mounted with an ant-aircraft gun), rocket propelled grenades and rifles.

The military also destroyed a Hilux truck laden with Improvised Explosive Devices.

Two soldiers however died in the operation.

In another encounter, military engineers  clearing terrorists IEDs and effecting repairs on some destroyed bridges, repelled an attack on Husara, also in Borno state.

Many terrorists, the military said, died during the encounter while four General Purpose Machine Guns, three rifles and two Rocket Propelled Grenade Launchers were captured.

One soldier died in this incident  while three others suffered various kinds of injury.

Read full statement by the defence headquarters below:

An ongoing mopping operation will determine the number of terrorists who died in the encounter with troops on patrol between Maiduguri and Damboa on Friday.  The clash followed the troops’ move to stop the terrorists who were in the process of attacking the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) Engineers who were working to restore power to parts of Borno State.

A large number of the terrorists died in the process while their IED laden Hilux vehicle was destroyed.  The troops also captured a Hilux vehicle earlier stolen by the terrorists from the Borno State Ministry of Education which they have repainted and mounted with an Ant-Aircraft Gun.  Other weapons recovered by troops include Rocket Propelled Grenades and rifles.  Two soldiers died in the encounter.

In a similar development, Military Engineer troops who have been clearing terrorists IEDs and effecting repairs on bridges repelled an attack while working on a bridge around Husara.  Several terrorists also died in the encounter.  A total 4 General Purpose Machine Guns, 3 rifles and 2 Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher were captured from the terrorists during the encounter.  One soldier however died while 3 other were wounded in the encounter.

In Adamawa State, troops are conducting land patrol of towns including Mubi, Uba, Garkida, Muva and others as the advance by coordinated air and land operations continues in areas where the counter terrorists campaign is ongoing to clear the terrorists operating anywhere in the state.


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  • amazing2012

    Good work !

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      When there is a more competent government in place, this is the kind of stories we will read daily until they are totally defeated, not a once in a while story.

      • emmanuel

        Jonathan drove the animals from most Northern States and that is a great competence.

        Boko Haram cleaning up is now a bit difficult because all past Nigeria leaders refused to have proper boudary with neighbouring nations, which BH has used to their advantage.

        Jonathan has kept Nigeria together inspite of the fact that many countroes want Nigeria gone on account of her size, including Niger, Chad Mali and Cameroun.

        I would have capitalised on BH insurgency to let Nigeria end this 100 year anniversary without blinking if I were ij Jonathan’s shoes

        Jonathan is indeed a statesman!

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Emmanuel, please don’t give up your daytime job.

          You won’t survive as a comedian.

          • emmanuel

            Kay Soyemi.

            My mind is made up about Nigeria, Jonathan is not your problem, your problem is inborn ethnic biase laced with hatred for all other ethnic group except for the Foolanis you must be subservient to.

            That is why a Berom, Zangon Kataf, Jukun, gwari, Nupe, Ebira, idoma, all from the North cannot produce a President except your masters.

            Nigeria is not worth it, let it go!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Mr. Emmanuel, you are the one who is obviously enslaved and entrapped by ethnic and tribal slave mentality.

            You can keep your hatred; as for me, I see only competent or incompetent people and Jonothing falls on one hand and GMB on the former.

          • emmanuel

            Competent – Obasanjo, Buhari and IBB. Why not you? Are your mates not presidents of igger and wealthier countries.

            Slave mentality

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            If I want to rule or lead and I look behind me to see dolts like you behind, Mr. Emmanuel, I would have a serious re-think.

            Don’t want to lead a gutter-bound asinine band.

          • Kabiru Shehu

            Mr kay, can you please quit playing politics with serious issues like terrorism. It is becoming nauseating read you turn every report into an Avenue for politics. My brother, for once please think of the families of those fighting this BH menace. Does it take so much for you to praise the gallant soldiers fighting to protect a country not worth fighting for??
            Even your bigoted friend Amazing2012 had to praise the NA. It would’ve been nice seeing you drop your political sarcasm for a change instead of the rubbish u wrote in reply to amazing2012.
            My brother, show some patriotism even for the sake of the soldiers. Why are you so petty and heartless?? Why oga??

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Kabiru, I have already responded to a similar point made by Frank above.

            It is not about politics, where our military is concerned.

            It is about ensuring that every one of them comes back alive.

            I cannot understand why you guys fail to see what is so obvious. Our soldiers cannot protest about their own conditions and how they are treated by their political leaders in case they get court martialled and sentenced to death.


            Wake up, brothers. This is not about politics. If we don’t make noises on their behalf they get killed by boko haram because the money that should be spent safeguarding their lives are spent on concubines; and if they or their wives do, they get sentenced to death. When they are all dead, would you take up arms against boko haram yourself?

      • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

        Govt govt govt. Expired.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Ifebuche, my online dog!

          How are you this morning or would you rather bark an answer?

          Woof, woof!!

      • Frank

        Spare a thought for these people fighting and getting killed to keep your country one. Why reduce everything to politics? Not even a word of commendation Mr soyemi??

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          I have two brothers serving; not friends, not even some family member, but siblings.

          Do you think I do not worry about them?

          If any of the 12 and 54 soldiers are your family, you would feel where I am coming from.

          Their position – “we asked for weapons and more bullets, they give us the death sentence instead”

          What I want to hear everyday is our military routing the boko haram, not fits and starts that are forced upon them by an uncaring political master.

  • ceweeco projects

    By going and coming a bird weaves its nest, the military must be supported in this mission. If we knew the meaning to everything that is happening to us, then there would be no meaning. Wisdom is like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it. These are trying time, fathers have adjudicated their responsibilities, they are helpless/refuses to bring their children home or even care whether they are home for the night.

    They find it more appropriate to know if all the cows, sheep’s, goats etc. came back safely. A father will take his live stocks to graze and bring them back home safely. He children inaruwa-ka! What the family talks about in the evening, the child will talk about in the morning in those good old days of our time. That was the good old days family value matters, no matter how acrobatic a masquerade may be, he trails behind the monkey. Nobody is also interested to hammer it into the mothers head that their legs should either be close or use family planning religion or not. When you choose to give your 3,4,5,6,7,8 9 10 years old kids plate as the only gift and upbringing, what else do we expect. The old woman looks after the child to grow its teeth and the young one in turn looks after the old woman when she loses her teeth what happened to this values? Is it religion? The eye crosses the river before the body, we must do the needful so that our soldiers will have a hitch-free in the remaining days ahead. Brothers love each other when they are equally rich. We in the rich states should either reach out through scholarships to kid in school in the troubled areas please.

    If our mothers, sisters, wives, mother-in-laws in the troubled areas does not know how to sit properly, we in the not troubled area should know how to watch and advice properly.If we stand tall it is because we stand on the backs of those who came before us like my fathers! If we close our eyes to facts, we will learn through accidents like now.

    We’re a sentimental people. We like a few kind words better than millions of dollars given in a humiliating way. Encouragement is what our soldiers needs and a little thank you, help from us all irrespective of all our party affiliation to the people of these areas of conflicts will do the magic. The people from these areas should also know that it is the child that died in the middle of the night that causes mammoth crowd. Stop the blame game. A family is like a forest, when you are outside it is dense, when you are inside you see that each tree has its place. Do not tell the man who is carrying you that he stinks

  • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

    You won’t see a lot of comments here.
    However the few of us still proud of our military and their sacrifices will not fail to keep expressing our appreciation for their efforts at keeping us safe even when it appears it is not yielding the desperately desired results.

    More power to your elbow. And bless the gallant fallen. We owe you our lives. Because of your deaths we are able to think of safety no matter how limited.

    • PROF

      They are alot of boko sympathisers who think they are smart.

  • Okey

    These are stories that disconcert me. The killings of these youths is an attack against the North; why can’t the Federal Govt compensate them the way the Niger Delta youths were compensated ? This is definitely an attack against the North !

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Very funny not!

      • Kamal Kamaru

        Tell that to your Hero buhari..he said as much about BH!

    • Michael

      Compensate them for rejecting western education and terrorism. You must be out of your mind

      • blackdove

        He is being sarcastic!

        • Otile

          He is not sarcastic, he is hurting. Boko boys are the ones being pursued and they are his relatives, how do you think he feels?

    • anointedstev

      I see how ignorant and blind you are in this matter. BH’s ideology isn’t banked on compensation; it is not resource struggle. The minerals in the north are illegally mined by big guns in the north.They frustrate govt’s efforts to invest in mining or get mining royalties. When Niger-delta guys were tired, they willfully negotiated with govt and sent representatives. How many times has the govt called for BH to come to the negotiating table? What we got was more attacks after the last fake negotiation. What else do you want the govt to do? From 1960 to date, go and check the record of how many northerners ruled this country. Northerner can’t blame the current govt for its poverty state. They should blame their rulers and Emirs. BH ideology is devilish religious terrorism. They are not rebels. They want to lay claim of cities and establish their own govt. They want to oppress, dominate and force people to accept their strange beliefs. How do you negotiate with multinational terrorists? For example, who should negotiate with ISIS, is it Iraq or Syria or other countries where ISIS operates?

      • Okey

        But you are struggling now to make me President of Nigeria ? How can you take me and leave my words, that are my essence ?

      • Kenny

        He is being sarcastic. Read his comment below. He is referring to Buhari!
        I dry LaffooooO!
        Nice one @Okey!

    • duru calistus o

      Sir,, Boko haram has no face and their objective is to disintergrate nig

    • Otile

      We know it, we know that each time the terrorists are dislodged Muslims and Yorubas will blame the government for attacking the North.

  • oidele

    Kudos to the Military for putting their lives on the line to protect this country and guarantee our way of life.

    • Otile

      We don’t want our young soldiers to die there in the name of keeping Nigeria one. These people should be left alone to kill themselves if that is what their Holy Qur-an calls for. I blame the Christians there who did not protest enough to prevent sharia from replacing the law of the land.

  • duru calistus o

    Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!! herros of our time

  • blackdove

    God bless you guys.

    • Otile

      Than you guy.
      God bless Biafra
      God Bless South South

  • emmanuel

    The APC, ACF, the Foolanis BalaR, Mosaku, Onike, Comfortkay, Wahala, endingNigeria, ade, Kolawole Awosan, kay, Soyemi, Shehu Sani, stephen Davies, Obasanjo etc are usually not happy at such news, because it would not help actualise their dreams – take back the Presidency and continue looting from where they ended with Turai the snake!

    I am only saddened by the death of our soldiers majority of whom are Southerners who are most times setup by their Northern counterperts and Generals.

    One thing is sure BH will end in Nigeria, with Nigeria or carried along into their new Country when the time comes

    • Yusuf

      This comment of yours clearly indicates that you’re completely ignorant of what has been happening in the troubled states. And please do note that the Nigerian Army is NOT an Association of Village Traders.

      It is far better for us to live in PEACE in the so-called “new Country” than live in a country where lives of innocent people are being wasted on daily basis.

      • emmanuel

        It is an association of illitrates like me.

        But I nor enter University with two credits and 50 marks for JAMB

  • abc

    The Nigerian Military is bragging when they recover one helix and 3 rifles. In this week alone the Boko boys attack Damagum town in Yobe state and all the military men take to their hills, only god knows the weapons that Change hands from the military and Police to BH. Right now that am writing this I read in news that the boys attack Geidam and are doing what they like as all the security operatives run away. And tomorrow you will hear the govt. and some brain dead Nigerians asking who is sponsoring them who is giving them weapons. Nonsense. If govt. want to fight this terrorist it must take offensive war to the heart of their sambisa camp.

    • Kamal Kamoru

      Haba amazing2012, ba turenci ne?????
      ‘the military men take to their HILLS’?????

      Kai aboki, diaris God oooo!

      • FortB