Tinubu: Jonathan plotting to block me from emerging Buhari’s running mate

Bola Tinubu

A national leader of the All Progressives Congress [APC], Bola Tinubu, has accused President Goodluck Jonathan of mounting a campaign to block him from picking the vice presidential ticket of the party.

He said the president and his party, the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP], were afraid that the combination of a former Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari, and himself as the APC presidential and vice presidential candidates, could wreck them in the February 14 election.

He was responding to an article published in a popular online medium, Sahara Reporters titled, “How Jonathan Blackmailed Bola Tinubu before 2011 Presidential Election: Season of Wrong knives.”

The former Lagos governor is accusing the President of being behind the report even though Sahara Reporters  is not known to be a fan or mouth piece of Mr. Jonathan.

Mr. Tinubu, is angling to run on the same ticket in the presidential election with Mr. Buhari, who was elected the APC candidate last Thursday.

However, it is believed that some of the party’s leaders are not comfortable with the combination because both are Muslims.

The statement by the Tinubu Media Office, on Tuesday, said the unfolding “smear campaign” against the former governor did not come as a surprise.

It said the campaign against Mr. Tinubu had been in the works for years since the Jonathan-led government realized that the APC leader commanded a powerful political followership.

“The successful merger and birth of the APC posed the most potent threat to the PDP and Tinubu, an architect of the merger, has become a marked man,” the statement said.

“The thought of a Buhari-Tinubu ticket confounds the PDP hierarchy and their crisis-battered president. That Tinubu might be nominated as General Buhari’s running mate also incenses the small element within the APC who joined the party not for its progressive vision but to exploit its platform to press forward their vision of themselves.

“Having failed at halting General Buhari’s bid, the PDP disinformation machine has thrown itself into overdrive trying to stymie the selection of Tinubu. Sadly, some elements within the APC – elevating their personal ambition over party and national interests — have lent themselves to this endeavour.”

The statement recalled that during the Nazi takeover of Germany, “madman” Adolf Hitler became jealous of those within his own party who showed independent thought and who would not allow themselves to be bent just so he could satisfy his megalomania.

Outraged by the situation, Mr. Hitler engineered a purge executing the lot of them., a bloody scheme that became known as the “night of the long knives.”

It said Nigerians had entered the “season of the wrong knives.”

Reeling out some of the allegations made in the campaign against Mr. Tinubu, the statement said the one on the academic qualification of the APC leader was not new.

“What is new is how desperate they have become to stir up a new controversy using an old lie,” it said.

“In the past these allegations were successfully rebutted. Recent attempt to present them as fresh allegations will not go unchallenged.”

It said the online report also claimed that Mr. Tinubu withdrew his support for the ACN in the 2011 election due to blackmail by the president.

It however noted that it was rather odd that the report coloured the former governor as the villain.

The statement argued, “If the report were true, he would be a victim. President Jonathan and his administration would be guilty of the high crime of extortion.

“This tiny consideration seemed not to dawn on the authors of this scurrilous piece; so fixated on stabbing Tinubu, they implicate their own boss in wrongdoing. So eager to please their master, Jonathan’s mindless men further ensnare him.

“If Tinubu had been scared off in 2011, it would make no sense for him to spearhead the formation of the APC against the same president.

“If the president had such control over TInubu why didn’t the president use that leverage earlier to scuttle the APC before it gained a strong position in the political space?  The story makes no logical sense.”

The statement said while the authors of the article claimed the former governor did not attend Chicago State University, they cited as their evidence, a letter from the US Consulate.

It however said a closer look at the letter suggested that Mr. Tinubu’s name was misspelt.

It said the authors likely misspelt the last name so that the name search would reveal nothing.

“This is clever but immoral; it is a wrong knife,” it said.

“Meanwhile, Tinubu has genuine documents and pictures showing him as an award-winning student at the school. Nigeria should be proud that one of its own graduated an honor student from an American university over thirty years ago when that was more of a rarity than it is today.

“Instead, his detractors want to pretend he never set foot on campus.”

The statement recounted that as late as August 2012, Mr. Tinubu visited the university and was given a special reception and a tour by the school’s president.

It argued that this would not have been done for a stranger but for a distinguished alumnus.

It said after graduation, the former governor landed jobs with two well established international companies, one the accounting firm Deloitte and Touche and the other, ExxonMobil.

It also stated that such companies investigate applicants’ academic backgrounds and that if he had not attended the school, these companies would not have hired him.

On the allegation of drug running levelled against Mr. Tinubu, the statement said it was the lowest form of calumny.

“He has never been arrested, charged or indicted for any drug-related crime,” the statement said.

“Had any such suspicion existed, the American government would not have granted him political asylum during the Abacha era. Under American law, asylum cannot attach to anyone who has broken or offended that same law.

“Moreover, Tinubu travels frequently to the states. This means he has a visa. American law prohibits visa issuance to anyone reasonably suspected of drug dealing, let along being convicted of the same.”

“If I were Tinubu, I would place a wager with the PDP. He should offer to fly to America if the PDP would also send Mr. Kashamu. Both can fly to Chicago. Then he should bet the PDP who would return to Nigeria first. We all know the answer.”

The statement said the vicious campaign against the APC leader was being run from the PDP’s basement.

It said, “They fear him. They cannot assail his competence and experience. He has been an able senator and governor. They cannot assail his commitment to democracy. He has personally sacrificed more for democracy than all the PDP hierarchy combined.

“They fear his ability to campaign, to get out the vote and to protect that vote, especially in the southwest because they know that is the pivotal region where the election will likely be won or lost.”

The statement said the authors, who it described as “assailants” were desperately trying to scuttle Mr. Tinubu’s potential candidacy.

“In that the truth offers them no solace, they resort to lies. They seek to ambush the man under cover of innuendo and untruth. But their aim is off and their knives are wrong. In the end, what they use to injure him will turn to point against them. Such is the outcome when one engages in malice.

“Thus, they seek to prevent a person who may be controversial yet he is perhaps Nigeria’s most able and versatile politician, strategist and policy maker. For perhaps the most gifted politician of his time not to seek national office is a luxury a nation in this dire circumstance can ill afford.

“In the end, governance has little to do with religion, region or rumour. It has to do with vision and competence. The wrong knives will never be able to cut that truth.”


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  • Concerned Citizen

    If, and i mean if the APC or Buhari want to field a muslim/muslim ticket then they should look no further than Fashola as VP. Tinubu would be a hard sell to Nigerians on a muslim ticket with Buhari already in it. They are both already controlversial right now. Pick Fashola if ur bent on a muslim ticket. Those that can look past religion will be more inclined to vote Fashola than Tinubu.

    • Bayo

      I agree with you.

    • Bidemi Lukman

      If Tinubu were a Christain, he would never match Buhari as VP. Nigerians are voting Buhari for his intergrity and hope we have in him not because of APC. Tinubu is as corrupt as GEJ

      • danmumini

        I have no option but to agree with this beautiful comment of yours.

      • Smith Scott

        Tinubu will poison Buhari and automatically become the president. He is both a kill*r and looter

  • Ayelala

    Tinubu should forget about the VP ticket if he is angling for it. His ordained role is to be behind the scenes. Do not become a spare tyre for nothing.

  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    “If I were Tinubu, I would place a wager with the PDP. He should offer to
    fly to America if the PDP would also send Mr. Kashamu. Both can fly to
    Chicago. Then he should bet the PDP who would return to Nigeria
    first. We all know the answer.”
    I like this portion above. Now PDP back to you to offer Kashamu to go with Tinubu to Chicago.

    • Giganto


    • King Carlos

      I dey laugh o

      • Tayelolu

        Kashamu tabi kaṣamu tabi kasamu ka(sh)amu!!! Ewo ni? Which one?

  • REVbola

    God help

  • REVbola

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  • warry

    We are in political times. Be careful with what you read and don’t be quick to make conclusions. How did Tinibu know that it was from the pres? That means such documents truly exist. I rest my case.

  • Santa Claus

    “From the Abundance of the Heart, the Mouth Speaketh”!
    Tinubu himself knows a Muslim-muslim APC ticket is doomed!
    So why moot the idea??
    Means he and Jona are in league..and the Czar of Bourdillon is about to sell the APC e-zombies another monumental dummy!

    A-fee-C! Changeeeee!


  • Baba Messi


  • Aliyu Muhammad

    Tinibu you are the national leader you’re too big for VP slot let it go to your most favorite out of your christian allies,with the agreement to hand over power to you in the subsequent election, pls, pls!! Pls!!! Our leader Tinibu save this party let it go.

    • cute babie

      i dont want to bliv he actually wants to be the vice president, may be its just a publicity stunt

  • King Carlos

    As much as I admire Asiwaju Tinubu’s political sagacity, being a VP to Buhari is not something ge should be thinking of. Except he wants to destroy what he has laboured to build. He has earned a reputation for being a strategist and a leader in the APC, retiring into that role will be probably be the best option for him.

    • Cute babie

      exactly my thoughts too

    • tundemash

      seconded …. he should continue to be the big masquerade in APC scaring the PDP dimwits!

      • Oweja

        Please, let us reflect well on this. It is impossible to be a big masquerade once you are not in power.

        • tundemash

          I disagree on that. It depends on how you play your game and Tinubu is a perfect example of that; Tinubu has been out of power since 2007 and yet he’s been the big masquerade, atleast in South West and he built APC to what it is today, from 5 govs to 14 govs and a formidable oppposition party and yet he hasn’t been in power. Even PDP knows this isn’t 2011 hence they have been jittery. In 2011, Buhari’s CPC was oly noticeable in the north, would you compare that with APC’s spread now ?
          We appreciate Tinubu’s efforst at disloging the marauders in power but he doesn’t have to be V.P. to be influential when APC is in govt in 2015.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Many thanks, bruv.

      I was contacted by another Nigerian wishing to see change yesterday and wants to donate to the GMB / APC coffers, but I advised him to hold onto his money until the VP candidate emerges.

      I am also holding onto the next tranch of donation I had planned.

      BAT got it wrong when he felt there were others against him in APC who were either agents of Jonathan or people in the party for their own interests. Well, that fellow, self and several others I know are not are not even contesting or card carrying members of the APC and we want to support the party with our money and votes.

      Talkless, the others I do not know.

      If BAT emerges on that ticket, APC can kiss the whole thing goodbye because I would never vote for that combination. It would turn the APC into a bad clone of the PDP.

      Change has to be real and BAT cannot be the face of that change we desire.

      • Oweja

        It is painfully unfortunate I am hearing this from my beloved Kay! I do not think BAT is greater than Nigeria, at the same time, baseless smear campaign must not be allowed by honest hearted masses to triumph in scuttling the inalienable ambition of any true patriot. Tinubu has paid his dues. Yes, he is not an angel but we shall all be extremely unthankful to ask him to move back into oblivion after working so hard to midwife the democratic dispensation we are currently enjoying. I will not lose my sleep if GMB decides not to choose him but just as Bola Ige was schemed out in favour of an irrelevant Falae who’d never administered a local government before and the Southwest people paid dearly for it for many years hence, APC may win the next election without him as the VP, yet APC’s joy will not last. This is because the highly ambitious and selfish entrants from PDP cannot stay calm in any environment. After now you need a Tinubu with all his powers intact to guard jealously the continued survival of the union.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Oweja, I appreciate the point you make, but for me, I would rather he nominates Fash and be done with it. A lot of people like me tolerate BAT because he has empowered the likes of Fash, Fayemi, Ogbeni Rauf, Ajimobi and a whole host of others who have delivered reasonably and are still doing so.

          As King Carlos stated, he has paid his dues and is definitely entitled to contest for any post in the country as he is not Constitutionally barred, but the reality is, like Atiku, both are deemed as “damaged goods”. Like Atiku did recently, he can also start to rewrite his own history i.e. in terms of public perception of him and how history would remember him.

          Atiku would no doubt have made a GREAT President, but for negative perceptions and his most recent political actions ala concession speech to GMB has sky-rocketed his positive ratings, at least for me, as someone who would do the needful to move Nigeria forward and as a team player.

          BAT has made a lot of sacrifice to get things this far. He now needs to weigh his options carefully. It is either Nigeria or his personal ambition first i.e. a percentage of something worthy or 100 percent of nothing.

          • taiwo

            Kay, I wish I had time to contribute to this issue today. Maybe d opportunity will show up one of these days to do just that.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            By the grace of God, Taiwo.

            Stay blessed and healthy.

      • Uzoma

        “BAT cannot be the face of that change we desire”: Unfortunately, he already is. And it is immaterial whether he emerges as Buhari’s running mate. So long as everyone, including Buhari, thinks they owe him a debt of gratitude for everything, then he is in charge, he is the face of APC.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Uzoma, it is more than you appear to fathom.

          Shall we leave it at that?

          The attraction of APC for me is that it can be influenced to do good unlike the PDP, which can only influence you to do badly.

        • Wähala

          Stop thinking!
          You make a mess of it. How does deference translate to worship? Tinubu played his role and deserves to be rewarded, the APC is unlike your dictatorial PDP where no one was allowed to challenge Dumbo regardless your rank. Where their Party’s Chairman was suspended without due process. Look inwards and count how many appeals, portests & court cases resulted from your primaries and make comparative studies… before marketing your stupid*ty in a public forum. Bola Tinubu will not be on the ticket, but he deserves a right to pick a VP bcos of what he brought to the table. Mumu, it’s called… give-n-take politics! ASCHLOCH!!!

          • taiwo

            It should be ‘stop trying to think’ for him. He has not even started d process of thinking.

      • King Carlos

        Yea. . You right, I know Tinubu has d right to contest , as a matter of fact, he is qualified to be a President. But perception matters in our politics, a Buhari / Tinubu ticket will be an easy prey for PDP apologists. I just hope APC will not miss this golden opportunity to dislodge Pdpigs.

      • tundemash

        This is the difference between us and the e-rats ….. we have got a mind of ours and we tell it to them as we see it but the e-rats would always chorus whatever their master looters say/do because their stove and rice comes from their master looters !

      • taiwo

        Kay: I think d wily fox is just testing d waters, gauging d mood & also angling for a better bargaining for d S/west with his Plan B which is Oshibajo. Pls send me the campaign fund acct. I am not sure d one I have is correct. I don’t intend to fall victim to any 419.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Many thanks, @Taiwo.

          Below is what I got for the Buhari organisation. Once you make the step, please do not forget to send an email (showing copy of the paying slip to donation@buharisupport.org).

          “Here is our Bank Account Detail:
          Bank Name: First Bank, Plc
          Account Name: Buhari Support Oraganisations (BSO)
          Account Number: Two Zero Two Six Seven Two Double-Four Zero Five
          Sort Code: Zero Triple-One Five Double-Zero Double-Zero ”

          A BIG THANK YOU for your support for Muhammadu Buhari Campaign-
          Its a titanic battle between the MASSES and CABALS

          • Bigzy

            Does he not have enough from the Midland Bank loot? Or is this a double your money offer for the poor?

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            @Bigzy, I rate you higher than this childish rant.

    • dudu

      Tell them, Tinubu’s ambition should not hurt the party’s chances in 2015, having come this far, Tinubu should be really careful, the party must field a christian V.P, that the Muslim-Muslim ticket flew in 1993 does not mean it will do so in 2015 because the electorates have grown more sophisticated, both faiths must be respected, anybody trying to ignore the place of religion in our politics today is only trying to be clever by half, and is deceiving himself. I suggest Prof. Osibajo as V.P, let Tinubu be contented, after all his wife would be in the Senate.

  • Smith Scott

    After using Ameachi, you can now tell him he is in APC to forward his personal ambition. However Tinubu who is most corrupt is here to forward Nigeria.

  • Smith Scott

    APC about to scatter!!!….God put an ambush in the camp of the enemy of christians.

  • Oleku

    Buhari-Tinubu for president-shikena

  • Smith Scott

    I just read that Tinubu knows about Buhari terminal disease. This is his lure for renew energy for VP. He is hoping to become the president of Nigeria when Buhari leave this would in 2015 to join Yaradua. So many people in his camp are saying because of this cake or golden opportunity to rule Nigeria via VP is what is making him not to listen to anyone.

    • Oleku

      See them PDP apologist with their half truths–but even if Buhari is dying soon how does it matter–Tinubu is equally competent to run the affairs of Naija as Buhari–or are you PDP paid agents ati Reno Omokri afraid of Tinubu to emerge president same as your Otuoke shoeless man when Yar’adua died? Keep off our progressives party biko

    • tundemash

      And what is that terminal disease ?

    • glo

      Your father and you have terminal disease.

  • Oleku

    Wähala ati tundemash ati Maria ati endingNaija ati Guguru should stop plotting against the emergence of Tinubu in our great party the APC–these PDP online insurgents disguising as though they work for our progressives party should stay off what happens in APC and the process to which a VP is selected–Tinubu as we all know is incorrupt and a genuine certificate holder of Chicago university–I challenge the PDP online insurgents to prove their claim of Tinubu being a drug dealer–whether they like it or not our great leader Tinubu must emerge as the VP of our party–there’s nothing wrong with a Mohammedan-Mohammedan ticket–GEJ should keep off our party affairs.

    Make I go drink beer!

    • glo


    • THINK2WIC£…

      Nice one!
      But when u join ‘Amalgamation of Plunderers of Crude’ nah????
      Nawao! This 2015 dey complicated o! Nobody knows who is doing what again!
      Tinubu says Sahara are working for PDP!
      PDP fans say Buhari is working for ISIS!
      Oleku says he is working for A-fee-C!
      APC e-zombies say Tinubu is a PDP fifth-columnist!
      Oleku says wahala, tundemash, Kay, glo,kay soyemi are PDP moles!

      The tin don tire me o!!!!

      • Oleku

        Think2wic£ my brother the thing tire me–imagine Tinubu saying SR is working for Jona–true true mesef dey confuse, 2015 go be interesting

      • gboromiro

        This confusion is confusing ni!

        • THINK2WIC£…

          I dey LaffooooO!

  • Peter

    You see why it is wrong to lay a foundation of deceit. APC was formed with the clear objective of returning the presidency to the north. That is why all the presidential aspirants are all northerners. The inclusion at the last minute of Rochas Okorocha was to give their stories some national coloration. If they were genuine and if their ambition was not malicious against a president from the south south, why did they not narrow their search on Rochas. Why must it be Tinubu and not anyone else from the South South. APC is a bundle of liars and deceit. They need a dose of APC or Aspirin for a cure. He that the god must kill he first makes him mad. The allegations of certificate forgeries and imprisonment for drug and related charges in America notwithstanding leveled against, coupled with his over-ambition to become Vice President even when it is obvious that Buhari is a dead wood have destroyed the party’s chances at the polls come February 2015.

    • Oleku

      Why should we the progressives APC vote for a south south or South east candidate when the incumbent is from there–is South the only part of Naija–the North is the most populated country of continent Nigeria and should be the ones to decide who becomes the president–GEJ your mentor was a shoeless man, a minority and I hear he drinks ogogoro–we want him out of power for these reasons–you PDP have failed–Tinubu must be our VP-period

      • onenigerian2014

        Mugu, land mass does not translate to population. Ask Canadians and the US of A

  • tundemash

    Tinubu …. you can’t ve V.P. Even though you are eminently qualified to be one, unfortunately the mood doesn’t not permit. The situation is is abad as anything will be good except the rogues who have been looting for 16 yrs and still counting for now .Let us continue the good work and flush out the rogues in power.

    And I hope drug-lord Kashamu and PDP will take that your US trip offer !

    • Oleku

      Buhari-Tinubu for president

    • pheliciti

      Perfectly put. Tinubu would make a great party chairman to stabilise a Buhari presidency. PDP, over to you on kashamu. ….

  • Atom Ant

    Eni ma a te kii gbebe. GMB should go ahead and choose a credible vp without Tinubu. The west is not only populated by the Yorubas and even at that Yorubas are highly independent-minded and Tinubu cannot boast of having majority of Yoruba voters in his pockets. The reality on ground today in Lagos is that in a free and fair election, APC may lose.

    • Oweja

      Iro Nla!!!!

    • Omo Owu

      We are not taking about free and fair here, because that will not happen. Tinubu will deliver SW and that is what we need for GMB to win. As this point we have to forget Tinubu`s bad, and let him be the VP. The number matter in nigerian elections

  • Ken

    Amaechi has been deceived, used and dropped. That is good for him. He is a prodigal son who does not know his base. He was thinking Tinubu will watch him and Buhari destroy his dynasty. Whoever Apc chooses, there is wahala for them. Some side will feel betrayed. We are watching

    • favourtalk

      Think well, those in APC ate not hungry politician like PDP who wants a power at all cost

  • Oleku

    Election campaign will be fun–I am earnestly waiting and praying for Tinubu to emerge as the VP–I am waiting to see what path the Mohammedan-Mohammedan ticket will lead–the Christians are waiting–what a smooth victory for GEJ

    • Kev


  • favourtalk

    Nigeria can never move forward I’d all the GEJ administration can do is to blackmail the nation into getting the power stable in thier hands. Nigeria knows better today that GEJ has failed them and nothing will come out of the race unless he stepped down because the APC is going to defeat him hands down for a better future for our country… we need that change now

  • MushinSpeaks

    Jonathan is desperate and will not stop at running anybody down to achieve his aim. The emergence of Buhari is now a burden on him as this is the only solution to Nigeria’s problem.

    Come Feb 2015, the people of Nigeria will elect Buhari as their next candidate.

    • Kev

      HAHAHAHA…Candidate abi?

      • eduetok

        Yeah,he will always remain a candidate! Can never proceed further than that, hahahahahaha!

  • Great Nigeria

    Tinubu is very insensitive to the plight of the nation Nigeria.
    Don’t you think that for fairness another REGION should present the VP slot?
    Don’t you think that the Ibos, Edos, etc should be presented?
    Don’t you think that the Christians in Nigeria should be presented?
    What Buhari represents I don’t think you are the right man for the VP slot, or any of your boys, or anyone from the South West or Northern Nigeria.
    You can be the secretary to the government of the federation when Buhari wins.
    Adams Oshiomole is widely know across Nigeria, he was an NLC champion in Lagos and across Nigeria before he became governor of Edo State.
    Rochas Okorocha is widely known in the North, the Ibos has never archieved even a VP slot.
    APC has the South West as it’s stronghold, whether a Yoruba is presented or not most Yoruba will not vote PDP.
    Buhari also needs a VP he can control, can have people oriented opinions and programs, and not a money minded or selfish business man who only wants to take advantage of opportunity.
    Remember voters have conscience, if they feel they cannot be properly represented then they will not have any hope in Buhari’s candidacy. There are millions of Nigerians who are not affinated to any political party and are looking for a change from the kind of government Jonathan represents.
    Buhari should be careful with HIS VP choice and should stand up for what is true and should understand that his candidacy is a representation of the wish of ALL Nigerians.
    I was having hope in the emergence of Buhari but hearing that Tinubu is his running mate will make me not to vote all all.

    • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

      Muslim/Muslim theory by Fani Kayode was true
      i thought he was on drug
      Chineke ekwele ihe ojuo…

    • Kev

      VOTE GEJ

  • djay

    I don’t think there is anything wrong if Tinubu get the VP slot he has worked hard for the liberation of our democracy and has a large following in South West. Why should the VP slot go to South South or South East do they deserve it or fought for it like the South West had done? SS/SE will vote for Gej anyway and besides it’s not wise for the SW to cede the VP slot to SS/SE after all the insults they have hurled to the Yoruba people and nation for working with the north.

    • Kev

      You should focus on music Mr djay

      • djay

        which one, Jazz, hip hop, r’n’b,soul or country

    • emmanuel

      Na the people wen dey talk say ethnicity and religion is not important dey talk South West for here.

      Pretensions do not go unnoticed. If the level of work for a party determines who lead, then we do not need democracy. You Are also saying both regions do not hat competent fellows to run Nigeria except the Fulanis and Yorubas

      It is in your blood, Nigeria politics is not for the SS and SE.

      I sorry for you.

  • Thepeople

    Any true democrat would and should support any combination or permutations that would remove a failed, weak, corrupt, incompetent President. It is vital for true democracy and it is interest for our country.

  • UYI111

    If this aim of the this advertoria is to convince Nigerians that Tinubu is an intelectual and at the same time a man of honour they have failed already as some will always want to see the copies of his cert”s/diplomas /degrees etc in black/white and some past pictures just like Dimeji Bakonle and the NYSC did on the dailys fo a start and let the doubters confirm them.
    He is not telling all the truth and for clarity it”s not a crime if tinubu did not step foot on campus to attain his degrees also but he should’t lie about it in order to have undeserve prestige too .

  • UYI111

    I will want tinubu to run with buhari in order to spend some of his loot on Nigerians to reduce amaechi’s and River state burden

  • emmanuel

    Assume all the man said is true, how about doing cracks which almost all Nigerians know?

    Na wa o, so Tinubu is the trutj in Nigeria politics.

    Meanwhile, his statement has shed light on what Amaechi’s inordinate ambition is costing Tinubu. Yet they all enjoy his insults on Jonathan.

    The man blood don scatter them already!

  • Sunny

    For the fact that I will never support any blackmail toward my fellow human being because of any political office, I will never support Tinubu becoming running mate to Buhari. Is it that Tinubu and his caucus are not taking feedback from their agents in town in order for them to know that Nigerians will never support Muslim/Muslim ticket at this time. This is not 1993 general election when SDP Muslim/Muslim ticket scaled through. Things have really changed in our country and Tinubu can hold all of us to ransom because of his selfish interest. Agreed that he worked hard to see the success of the merger, which every right thinking Nigerian continue to appreciate him for, but he must not tarnish this glory because of the VP slot. Tinubu should just seat back now and let the capable hands run the affair of this country for the needed change everybody is clamoring for.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    I am really disappointed in the way Tinubu is handling this issue. His handlers said the accusations weren’t new, so why are they now bellyaching that the accusations came up again? Jonathan is not in the APC; so the accusation that Jonathan wants to block Tinubu’s VP bid is just baseless. Rather, Tinubu should caution himself for wanting to derail the fortune of the APC. Tinubu was not asleep when it became a consensus that a Muslim/Muslim ticket was not the best for the APC? So why is he trying to force himself into the presidential ticket against the agreement of his party? Does this not show inordinate and brazen ambition that defies any reason?

    As regards the plethora of criminality levelled against Tinubu, commonsense demanded that Tinubu would have cleared his name long ago, if he had had the intention of being in politics. The fact that he has not done so means that he does not know or understand what he is doing. And such a person does not even qualify for a VP post. As long as these accusations remain; and as long as Tinubu does not clear himself, if he thinks the accusations are false, these accusations will continue to stand like a blocking Albatross before him; it would be his own political Nemesis.

  • Kev

    So basically, the president has power to control the APC and its decisions?

  • cadian

    APC needs to be very careful.
    It’s normal for the opposition to use strategic plans to influence their choice of running mate.

  • Wähala

    Tinubu is as shrewd as he is skewed, a savvy politician but a better strategist. He should cultivate his role as a ‘Kingmaker’ than destroy what he toiled for so long to build. Nigerians stand the best chance at flushing away the PDP after 16 tortuous years and the man to lead us in that battle has secured his seat in the cockpit, Tinubu has sensed success is in our flight path and wants to hijack the jet even before take-off… but god no go gree! Bola Tinubu is everything Muhammadu Buhari is not, like Day-n-Nite, goodness and evil do not and cannot meet… just river Niger rejects Benue at Lokoja, Nigerians reject the ill-advised pairing of Tinubu with Buhari because it will hand the Presidency back to the PDP on a golden platter. Bola Tinubu comes with a lot of dirty excess luggage and should not be on any Party’s ticket, in fact, he should be in a drug rehab or Aro… for dreaming out loud. Nonsense!

    • emmanuel

      Tundemash see wetin Wahala dey call your oga – Buhari day, Tinubu Night. O ma se ooo!
      Fulani arrogance and greed unleashed by Wahala. Afterall dem don use Yoruba achieve their aim, so Tinubu na mad person now

      • Wähala

        I’m not even a fan of Buhari, he jailed my father… but not me. Politics is about expediency not sycophancy, I’m not on crumbs payroll and take no prisoners in my range of fire. Go research Sahara Reporters from 7yrs ago and see how we demolished Tinubu there, it’s a habit because the man is a rabbit… and all that was before Reno gave birth to you. Chump!

        • emmanuel

          I never knew you in Sahara Reporter long ago.

          We made Sahara Reporter popular and did pull out with so many followers when they became willing tool in the hand of paymasters.

          I will not be surprised you have changed identity severally because of your low self esteem.

          I am sure you will praise Tinubu again, now that the rumor mills say Osibanjo (Aregbesola’s campaign manager in the Church end) has been handed the APC VP slot.

          Bakare was a better Christian and more of a Godly man, yet Christians did not give hime vote because of Buhari in 2011.

          Watch out, the die is cast!

          • Wähala

            Shut up and go back to smoking your crack…
            My name is synonymous with Sahara Reporters and for certain, nothing like an imbecile in your mold was allowed in then. Monkey! Can’t even write your name properly yet, you want to associate your crass ass with Big Boys… Deal with the here and now as this is not SR. Chump!

          • emmanuel

            Big Boy pele o. Na SR comment make you get that status? My emmanuel is a unique identity and that has nothing to do with what I know.

            Why should a thorough bred live like a scrunger abroad?

            I make clean money here in Nigeria, stand the hostilities in the Business environment, pay Taxes, Pension for my staff, Workman I surance compensation through NSITF – by implocation I contribute to the growth of this country and you dey dey call your self Big Boy.

            My most senior employee will not take sweeping of road abroad as an option.


          • Wähala

            Get somebody to express your thoughts in words, your English is terrible. Amnesty Camp clown claiming he’s employed… much less employer. Truly, clowns come in different colors. Drunkard!

        • emmanuel

          Unfortunately we will not allow him jail you after your dad, so we will vote against him so that we can still have your nuisance value here.

          E beta make you dey show your German Swag here than make Buhari throw you for jail when Immigration take you over upon deportation from Germany

        • mac2001

          Brilliant comment cum analysis, but do not be drawn into the use of any fowl language’ Mumu’. After all ,it does not add any value to your comment in what ever shape or size. Do not forget that DISQUS is read globally.

    • taiwo

      Wahala! I think I have an idea who your father is/which family u belong to now! Though I favor a Muslim/Christian ticket for APC but I believe that even withTinibu as running mate to GMB, they would still defeat this rudderless Jonathan/PDP. He has d biggest name recognition of any South West Politician in Nigeria bar the Ebora of Owu.

      • Wähala

        My family background is not the thema now. Tinubu cannot and will not be on the ticket. As a matter of fact, I believe someone urgently needs to rush over to Burdilon and slap him to death for his loud dream. He is garbage to the rest of Nigeria if you folks worship him out West… which by the way, he doesn’t even control. Go-siddon!


          Stop denying your biological father,he is still alive,go and make peace with your future. Birnin-Kebbi is a short trip from Kano,stop being shy !
          You are an Aboki………as simple as that !!

    • longben

      Du bist nicht nür blöd, du bist auch DUMM oben drauf!!! An deine stelle, wird ich meine maul halten. DUMMKOPF!!!

      • ModyHH

        Das heisst:
        … an deine Stelle wurde ich mein Maul halten.

        • longben



    Just a matter of time . They will be flushed out .Change Is a must.APC all the way

  • Gideon Orkar

    APC e-rats weeping and gnashing their teeth. May God allow Tinubu to run after all he is a Godfather of APC. You guys have been enjoying his money and now want to treat him as a leper. Na lie una must accept am.

    Buhari and Tinubu ticket all the way!!!!!



  • Wise Head

    Breaking NEWS! Prof Osibanjo is Buhari’s running mate! After all the Rivers money that Amaechi reportedly squandered for Buhari, he was used and dumped. And he has learnt nothing. He will be used further and still dumped. Question: Will any man from the core Muslim Hausa/Fulani do to his people what Amaechi is doing to the Niger Delta to take power from his zone and hand attempt to hand it over to the Muslim/Hausa/Fulani North? Didn’t you see how Tambuwal quietly returned to Sokoto to become governor when it was reported someone from the South-West was sponsoring him against Buhari? Well, Amaechi is a big-time loser. I am sure he is already packing his bags to head to exile.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Source please?

      • Wise Head

        Sahara Reporters. you must thank me for this favour

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


          Now on PT too.

          Much appreciated.

    • taiwo

      What about all those northerners supporting Jonathan/PDP since Yar A Dias death. I think you can do better than this in your thinking.

    • mac2001

      Brilliant piece….

  • taiwo

    The wily fox just testing d waters, just using this to bargain very hard for a Yoruba Christian VP.

  • Okey

    After wasting Rivers State resources for “I will match Atiku pounds for pounds, dollar for dollar and Naira for Naira” where is that autistic braggart’s gain ? Perhaps, his only gains is: “My enemy’s enemy is my friend.” Which brings to question, where lies the bargain and gain of the New PDP (Wamako, Kwankwaso, Abdufatah and Amaechi) ? They lost in APC chairmanship, lost in its flag-bearer and lost in its vice flag-bearer. Now, a smart alec will come by way of giving us that nebulous reason: “their gain lies in “chasing out Jonathan and rebuilding Nigeria.” Good talk !

    Beyond all that, the owners of APC have proved me right that they are in a tribal race to gain power and control the dispensation of the national treasury. But above that, they are not serious about taking the power for over-all national good. Were they, there wouldn’t have been any reason why they should omit Madam Obiageli Ezekwesili as Buhari’s vice presidential candidate. Oby Ezekwesili would have given them an honest, sensible, national outlook, given that woman’s education, character, national and international experience. . But these do not count. What counts is their their agenda, which have opened our eyes to their definition of “national interest” as “Hausa-Yoruba interest only”.

  • ModyHH

    Congratulations to Jonathan and PDP. They have clearly won this round. Who said GEJ is Dumbo?
    1) Tinubu has been weakened and neutralised in respect of SW votes.
    2) Fashola has been neutralised
    3) Amechi has been weakened and neutralised in respect of SS votes
    4) Way free to share SW votes because Prof Osibanjo is a no name.
    5) Mistrust within the ranks of APC leaders exposed.
    The next round can begin.

    • mac2001

      This is certainly a very brilliant analysis. Tinubu has also
      by his claims unwittingly given President Good luck recognition as been very powerful
      political tactician. Claiming that Good luck was working hard behind the scene to
      outwit him, from securing the VP ticket, amounts to an acceptance that he Good
      luck, has the capacity to turn the table, within the APC by whatever political
      strategy, and from the outside.

      As it has turned out to be true, the strategic team of the President
      that may have executed the job may now go further and fuel the in-fighting
      within the opposition camp. After all a house divided against each other cannot

      As the game unfolds, we shall keep our fingers crossed.

      Chuks Mbata[London]

  • Ernesto

    Just so unhappy Amechi didnt get anything out of the River state money he has spent on this race and bullet received along with Magnus Abe

  • Adeyemi Michael

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  • Uncle Garry


    Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu talks nonsense for the most part; he blurts and spurts like a water hose.
    He does not think, and likely does not know how to think, so as overcompensation, he talks drivel.
    By attributing his failure (to gain the confidence of his APC colleagues) to an outsider in PDP is daft.
    He belittles or disgraces the executives of APC thereby as zombies under the external influence of PDP.

  • Ray Effiom

    Mr Tinubu do you ever listen to yourself?. Is it because you are a politician that you cannot reason and weigh what comes out of your mouth? Jonathan now controls APC and Buhari. Even Buhari has come to realise that you could cause him few votes and decided to dump you

  • Frank Bassey

    You are not serious!


    Tinubu’s ignoble past keeps hunting him down….there are certain situations stolen money and looted assets cannot just undo !!

  • akpofure

    Tinubu wants Buhari to die so that he can pick his kitchen boy Osibajo
    and command Nigeria. I am happy that APC has been finally exposed as
    what they have in mind all along is to kill Buhari and let power return
    to the west. They have failed and they will be chased out of this
    country by 2015, as investigation on alfabeta and all other ill gotten
    wealth by tinubu and his drug rings by lai balogun will be published and
    investigated. Tinubu has always been a slying cheat all along, and he
    will be dealt with thoroughly. He is a big thief and will be sent to
    jail in Bauchi 2015.