Fuel scarcity looms as oil workers threaten strike from Monday

Fuel scarcity spreads nationwide
Fuel scarcity used to illustrate the story.

Fuel scarcity may spread across Nigeria from Monday as oil workers  brace for showdown with the Federal Government over various unresolved labour issues.

Authoritative sources told PREMIUM TIMES on Sunday that the oil workers, under the aegis of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association [PENGASSAN] and their counterparts in the National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers [NUPENG], are set to commence nationwide strike Monday.

The decision to strike is sequel to  the expiration of the notice to government for the resolution of some labour issues affecting their members as well as other national issues affecting the operation of the petroleum industry.

A national official of PENGASSAN, who asked not to be named because he was not authorised to speak on the matter, told PREMIUM TIMES that some of the contentious issues include the decision of the management of Total Nigeria to sack the PENGASSAN zonal Secretary in Port Harcourt and the lack of promotion for workers of the Petroleum Trust Development Fund (PTDF).

According to the official, the workers’ unions are concerned that the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) sent to the National Assembly for consideration and approval more than two years ago is yet to be passed.

“We (the oil workers) have sufficient reasons, based on information available to us, to believe that the law makers are not prepared to pass the law, even as the state of the country’s petroleum industry has continued to deteriorate as a result of the absence of a regulatory and legal framework for the industry,” the official said.

Part of the information available to the oil workers, he said,  have to do with a plot by the Senate to move a motion on resumption this week to demand the setting aside of further considerations and deliberations on the PIB till the next legislative session.

The PIB was one of the key draft laws handed over by the previous legislative assembly for deliberation and approval by the incumbent legislators.

“This does not augur well for the future of the country’s oil industry, as new investments would continue to elude the country, to the benefit of other oil producing nations around the continent, if the law is not passed. This is not acceptable,” the official said.

Besides, the oil workers said they have uncovered plans by the government to go ahead with the sale of the country’s four refineries, which has always met stiff resistance by Nigerians in recent past.

For some time now, the oil workers said crude oil allocation to the refineries for local petroleum products refining have consistently reduced from 60 to 30 per cent  and then to zero.

The plan by government, the unions said, is to make the refineries appear unviable and their rehabilitation impossible as a way of making their eventual sale attractive to Nigerians.

The unions are also protesting against alleged poor funding to the Petroleum Training Institute [PTI], which was established as the technology training institution for the country’s petroleum industry.


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  • amazing2012

    And some idiots will ask us I vote for these sicks !

    • Oleku

      We are not bother about who you vote for, vote who you want and I vote for mind but be reminded that it’s GEJ till 2019 or we split-period

      • amazing2012

        So even if he is not performing ? Tell me what did this government achieve ? As an Igbo I can tell you a story of war and pray never do a human witness war ! May be is the genesis of reducing the number of your type in the country. You cannot win a war with a nation and those who are willing to die while you are willing to live. You know your mind is control by alcohol so you believe war is a computer game. And because you believed to have weapons and foreign nations promising to support you to mill yourself. Antichrist you are, and animal you are who wishes bloodshed on innocents while the rich will fly and leave you behind to kill yourself.

      • mike

        Mr Oleku, don’t ever think that SS and the SE are together. We the SS people rejected Biafra. We still do not trust you guys from the SE. So don’t delude yourself. Ijaws do not trust the igbos. The ibibios do not trust the ibos, the ogonis do not trust the ibos, Edo people do trust the ibos. In fact every other minority tribe in the SS is scared of the igbo man. So when you are gearing up for your war, just know that you’re alone.

  • Mazi

    No light, and now No fuel to power Generator and the weather is hell HOT.
    How do we get into this mess?
    Is somebody with right conscience really in charge of this country?
    For how long are we going to continue like this?

  • Oleku

    The janjaweeds progressives have again succeeded in inciting petroleum workers all in an attempt to portray Great Jona in bad light, just as the election draws near and bombings have taken a new dimension the janjaweeds now want to punish naiijas especially the Igbos who are majorly travelling for Xmas to stuck in their various base due to fuel scarcity–how far can these Islamists sharia advocates go to wrestle power? It’s evident that the SE&SS will be history if the Mohammedans get a shot at aso villa, they kill us in the north and call us all kinds of unprintable names, deport us from the west and close our places of business in the guise of sanitation–what we yearn for is self determination, not to be govern by sharia ideas from Mali–let my people go Biko-animals

  • Concerned Citizen

    Nigeria. So many problems. Smh… We seem to be on the brink or about to fall of the edge of a cliff. The only solution at this point is change. To Vote the right person and government in february or watch the country descend futher into chaos.

    • Oleku

      Who is the right person? Is it Jihadist Buhari who called for the entrenchment of sharia law across the country openly in 2001–who toppled a legitimate government, and now want to benefit from same democracy he derailed, who unleashed his Tuaregs from Mali to kill our youth corpers serving their fatherland and promise to make the country ungovernable for bro Jona–how about 53 suit cases? The Mohammedans are deceiving themselves if they think they can get to power via their military wing boko haram–we say no to Islamic janjaweeds APC-shikena.

      • Concerned Citizen

        It is your choice, that’s why we are in a democracy. Yet, there are over twenty political parties and thus lots of presidential candidates to choose from. No one is forcing you. There is nothing bad about trying out another government. we have had the same party for 16years.

  • Oleku

    Who is the right person? Is it Jihadist Buhari who called for the entrenchment of sharia law across the country openly in 2001–who toppled a legitimate government, and now want to benefit from same democracy he derailed, who unleashed his Tuaregs from Mali to kill our youth corpers serving their fatherland and promise to make the country ungovernable for bro Jona–how about 53 suit cases? The Mohammedans are deceiving themselves if they think they can get to power via their military wing boko haram–we say no to Islamic janjaweeds APC-shikena

    • Medjor

      The right one…the one who jailed journalists for writing truth. The one who sent his Boko haram boys to beat up a Musician for singing truth…he is the one they refer to. That same one who was a Petroleum development fund officer when not a single oil spill was cleaned…one who was part of the Govt that killed Saro Wiwa and other eight Niger Delta environmental activists.

      • Wähala

        You’re one-n-same clown replying to your posts… Go-siddon! Everyone knows your antics now, try other tricks. @Warry, Medjor, Oleku, Otile abi na Proudly Niger Deltan, it’s same insane clown responsible for the hatred Dumbo has garnered among Nigerians for una regional presidency ideology. It’s too late, only a miracle or death will stop Buhari this time, therewith, an end to Amnesty Program… so start saving for rainy days ahead. Oloti buruku, ode.

      • Oleku

        Thank you my brother, we’re waiting for the jihadist to kick off his campaign let the nyansh opening begin–we are to tell the world the truth whether PT ati SR the janjaweeds media censor comments or not–they should do what they preach

  • warry

    The demands cut across all facets. The same workers in the oil sector that most Nigerians say is corrupt are also going on strike. As a people we should endeavor to tell ourselves the truth. This lying and scheming for the free oil money will do nobody any good

  • Chris1408

    Change can’t come soon enough before this administration completely damage our economy and totally ruin the country.

    • Wähala

      …and Buhari having served as Petroleum Minister and PTF Administrator is the right man to address their cause. The reason those workers should come out and endorse change we can believe in. Under Dumbo, they can strike forever, a drunk doesn’t give a damn.

      • Warri Boy

        Na management of my oil una dey discuss so? …I hope you have ‘BP’ vests?

        • Wähala

          @Otile, Oleku, Akpos1…
          I’ve told you and TAWANDA tief, I’m not in the business of addressing every pfool so they can collect crumbs voucher on the account of replying to my every post. I’m enforcing “austerity measures” as the price of crude has depreciated the value of the Naira… kapisch?

  • Wähala

    Oil workers under any aegis are clowns looking for Christmas bonus. The PIB as-is, cannot be passed into law because it accords too much power to the Petroleum Minister, Diezani-Madueke, a very corrupt character recommended for sack by four (4) different NASS panels who investigated various graft-related crimes under her watch. I’ve been explaining the PIB for 5yrs. to investors and it’s a tough sale given the monumental powers that accrue to one person, that’s why foreign invesors are looking at Mozambique and Angola for natural gas deals, besides their coastal advantage over Nigeria. PENGASSAN abi na PTDF unionists are laborers who do not know that Diezani has been pocketing proceeds from the 300,000bpd set aside for “local refining” in our non-functional refineries, if they strike because pump prices in Nigeria have not declined to correspond with falling crude prices, it makes sense… but, if na the reasons in this report, they’re only adding to the sufferings of Nigerians as Xmas present. There are 120 Bills waiting for Dumbo’s signature, let him sign those into laws before Lawmakers are blackmailed into blindly passing more laws. Afterall, a poor man no get motor…
    Na footwagon!

  • Victor Anene

    Editor Premium Times,

    President Jonathan and ethnic pandering at PTDF

    Yet again, another nepotic aide of President Jonathan (Femi Ajayi) destroys
    communal peace. Femi Ajayi, an Ijaw man, whom President Jonathan appointed
    as the (Petroleum Trust Development Fund) has no reputation for administrative
    competence – none. But as far as Jonathan is concerned tribalism must trump
    competence. In less than six months, Femi Ajayi’s incompetence has rankled so
    badly that his blunders are now cited as reason why Nigerian oil workers decide
    Nigeria must be grounded in protest. For five years running President Jonathan
    has moved Femi Ajayi around top government positions for nepotist reasons, to
    hold jobs above his mental competence, in pandering to base ethnic sentiments.
    Now this is the baleful result for the rest of Nigerians.

    • Dalemo

      Femi Ajayi indeed makes a mess of PTDF as Chief executive. He is as clueless as Jonathan.

      • Freeman

        “When Mr. Goodluck Jonathan said he did not ‘give a damn’ about declaring his assets,
        some people pretended not to understand the implications. The truth is that a man who
        does not give a damn about leading by character or accountability cannot inspire success
        or productivity. As a result, Jonathan leads a system where his key people are free to pursue
        their own conquests; a system where merit does not count and evil is not punished”.

        …..Sonala Olumhense

        (April 20th, 2014)

        • Dogood

          Was it this same Femi Ajayi who falsely arrested Baba Suwe for ingesting 16 wraps of cocaine?

          • Ola

            He was the one O. He is the type who appeals to President Jonathan.
            May God save us from these infesting mediocres Jonathan has let loose.

  • adebayo1

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  • Olumide

    “If what happened in 2011 should again happen in 2015, the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood…Revolution is inevitable in 2015 if I lose.” – M.BUHARI

    “The next election is likely to be violent and many people are likely going to die…”- Nasiru El-RUFIA

    “I am putting Jonathan on notice that he must leave office come 2015.”- Mr Ango ABDULAHI

    “If Jonathan insists on running, there will be bloodshed…His running will amount to taking northerners for a ride. So, there will be bloodshed.” – Junaid MUHAMMED

    “You ‘rig & roast’…” – Malam Bola TINUBU

    “If APC loses the elections we shall not accept defeat but set up a parralel govt and install our own president”— Liar M’hmed

    • Wähala

      You’re the same oluku Oleku spreading cheap propaganda. Wehter you write as TAWANDA or Deri or any other borrowed handle, you still stink like soaked stock fish. Get off it, only death can prevent Buhari from sending your corrupt moron to the gulag, and the bug-eyed thief will produce our $20bn from her dirty bra. Slimy baztards!

      • Oleku

        Why are you so cunning? Your claim of an Igbo is highly suspicious given your antecedent over the years which has given you away as an unrepentant liar–on many occasions you have been caught out parading different monikers and in your deceitful soul you think everyone else is as you. Again, I put it you and other clowns that I, Oleku has no other handle on any other media platform. Stop spreading falsehood and propaganda as though it’s fact. I pity those who are taking any of your words seriously in Naija as I presume you have a dual nationality and will dump Nigeria when your mentor Buhari implements sharia across the country. Personally, as a Nigerian-British I would renounce my Nigerian citizenship in any eventuality. This I suppose you will gladly too, but what will be the fate of the Nigerians you are deceiving when sharia sweeps across the country. Where would you run to as Nigeria is on the brink to becoming a history? I do hope is not to Biafra. Check your conscience and ask yourself if the course you are championing is a just course. What will you tell your kids that was the reason you sold their fundamental human rights to Islamists extremist? Wähälä repent

    • tundemash

      insanity … is this the subject of discussion ?

    • Alcindo Satori

      …and they’re preaching change in Nigeria. I dey laugh oooohhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yusuf

      Kai buffoon your stories no get reference

  • olotito

    We cant watch our great nation sink….we need radical leaders like Buhari fot the effective CHANGE.SAI Buhari

  • Oleku

    This is a remarkable quote by all mighty Buhari

    • Guguru

      Yes, Jonathanians are now creating statements that never were. They did it to Buhari before and they will do it again. It is part of the dirty politics played by Jonathan and his criminal gang. Below is sample of the lies told by Jonathan about Buhari. This is the sort of thing Jonathan lives for—lies and deception. Buhari does not have an adopted son.

      Operatives of the Economic and FinancialCrimes Commission have arrested Mr. Mohammed Buhari, an adopted son of a former Head of State, Gen. Mohammadu Buhari, for an alleged N20m scam.

      A source at the EFCC said that the young Buhari obtained the said N20m from one Mrs. Nwokocha Florence to invest in an oil and gas business with a promise to make mouthwatering returns to the lady.”

      Nigerian Punch, EFCC arrests Buhari’s son for N20m scam, May 2014.

    • Titi

      looooooooll…Nija de burn, Oleku I beg this news paper no get name? e no get heading? talkless of date and reference. It is only Jona that will believe this kind newspaper

    • tundemash

      Oleku has learnt the act of “Nazi” style propaganda from Reno Omokri a.k.a. Mr. Wendell Smith. Desperate times for desperate crooks. Like @Titi rightly observed, newspaper no get name, date and page.
      We have seen this before …… Change has come, no amount of “Nazi” type propaganda will stop it.


    Note 1: The pretense of not being able to buy arms from America should quickly be discarded because there are loads of alternative ways to purchases needed arms. Boko Haram after all gets arms! The Government friend, Tompolo, a private individual is being funded by the very government to purchase armed massive battle ships and he does so with ease, to the disappointment of Norwegian lawmakers, so, so much for our very dangerous Jonathan’s crap load of tales.BNV

  • Wise Head

    I smell politics in this.

  • T.Sagoe

    A workers’ strike plus fastly declining oil income will terminate Jonathan faster than an election.

  • favourtalk

    Is that not all what PDP can offer the country? Suffering upon wicked act and injustice to the people he sworn to protect and to put their interest fairs. What a mistake and shame that some people voted for him based on pity in 2011 and they have all seen the result of such now……..we must put a competent hand comes 2015



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