I will govern Nigeria in accordance with Constitution – Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari

A former Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari, the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate in the Feb. 14, 2015 presidential election, on Thursday promised to govern the country in accordance with the Nigerian constitution if elected.

Mr. Buhari made the promise at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere, in his acceptance speech after being declared winner of the party’s presidential primary.

The Chairman of the APC National Convention Committee, Kayode Fayemi, who declared the results of the primary, said Mr. Buhari polled a total of 3,430 votes to defeat former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, who got 954votes.

Mr. Fayemi said Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso of Kano State scored 974 votes, Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo 624 votes while Mr. Sam Nda-Isaiah, the Publisher of Leadership Newspapers, polled 10 votes.

Mr. Buhari, after being declared winner, said: “I understand there are challenges ahead. I promise that my administration will govern Nigeria in accordance with the constitution.’’

He promised to put in place a government that would realise a new Nigeria and put the country on a level where it would be respected more in the international community.

The APC presidential candidate promised to give priority to agriculture, healthcare and creation of wealth as well as enhance the power of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to tackle corruption.

Mr. Buhari, who described his victory as a great triumph of democracy, called for the support of all Nigerians.

“I need your support, I need your help to become the President of Nigeria in next year’s presidential election.

“I see this as an opportunity to rescue the nation from joblessness, poverty and to tackle all its challenges,” he said.

He commended the convention committee and leadership of the party for conducting a hitch-free programme, saying that the outcome of the primary was a testimony that “democracy is at work”.

Mr. Buhari also thanked other aspirants for accepting the outcome of the election and promised to work with them during electioneering.

Read full speech below.

Time To Rebuild Nigeria

Acceptance speech by General Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR Presidential Candidate of the All Progressives Congress

The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress

National leaders of the APC

Members of the National Executive Council of the APC

Your Excellencies, State Governors

Distinguished Senators

Honourable Members of the House of Representatives and Assemblies

The Chairman and Members of the Convention Committee

State and Local Government Chairmen of the APC

Distinguished Delegates

Members of the Press

Invited Guests

Ladies and Gentlemen


First of all, I wish to express my gratitude to the Chairman and members of the Convention Committee for planning and conducting a hitch-free convention. The same appreciation goes to the chairmen of National and State Executive Councils of our party. Thank you very much for doing an excellent job.

I would like to pay tribute to Chief Bisi Akande the first chairman of APC and his National Executive for managing the party in its early stages.

I also wish to commend Lagos State Government and state party for hosting this convention. Time was when people feared to come to Lagos. Today, Lagos is the cleanest and dare I say safest city in Nigeria. This achievement is due to the leadership and strength of purpose of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and Chief Babatunde Fashola the two Governors since 1999 and their team of professionals for this wonderful transformation Nigeria greets you!

The outcome of the presidential primaries of the All Progressives Congress is a demonstration of democracy at work. It is testimony to the fact that democracy as a concept is greater than the interests of individuals in a free and functional political system. What has just happened is not about winning or losing but about the triumph of liberty, freedom of choice and association, which are hallmarks of democracy.

To my fellow contestants; Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, Owelle Rochas Okorocha and Mr. Sam Nda Isaiah, I wish to thank you for putting up a good fight. The keenly contested primaries we just had will help to strengthen our party and democracy, and ultimately send our message to Nigerian voters in the impending elections.

To you all, I pay my absolute compliments and congratulate you on the success of your respective campaigns. I extend my gratitude to you all for accepting the outcome of this convention and agreeing to support my candidature as we move forward. I shall meet with you all in the coming days to fashion out how we shall confront the challenge ahead.

My dear fellow countrymen and women, it is with a deep sense of humility that I stand before you today to accept the nomination of my party, the All Progressives Congress to be its candidate and flag-bearer in 2015 presidential elections.

My nomination is not because I am better than any of the other contestants. I see it as a tribute and mark of confidence to carry the torch as we all join hands to rescue our dear country Nigeria, from those who have led us into the current state of insecurity, poverty, sectarian divide and hopelessness among our people.

I stand before you today to ask that you join me in a common cause. My call to you is not to realise the personal fulfilment of one man. This Common Cause is nothing less than the love for our nation and concern for its present condition. And a resolve to make things better for Nigeria.

What I say today is for all Nigerians: Christian and Muslim, Southern and Northern, rich and poor, young and old, man and woman. We are all citizens of Nigeria. There is no dividing line among us that I care to honour. Either we advance as one or fail altogether.

My choice and my colleagues choice and wish is that we progress together. Preserving the nation’s future is a scared obligation to all of us in this party. Leaders should be wholly committed to fulfilling this obligation otherwise they have no business being leaders.

Sadly, the current administration does not believe in this obligation. By their actions they are leading us to calamity.

At International Conferences, the Nigerian delegation is usually among the largest but at the same time the least effective. Our president should have the status and the voice of Africa’s largest nation. But in political influence we are among the weakest.

Shall we at home continue to live in a condition where the Power Holding Company and its successors seem only to have the power to hold us in darkness?

Shall we continue in a situation where 250 of our daughters have been abducted and the government has been unable to rescue them or provide credible information about what steps they are taking?

Shall we live in a nation where several people were trampled to death in search of jobs in a stadium and yet no one has taken responsibility for the tragedy?

Shall we live in a nation where the ranks of the poor swell and their poverty increase while the consorts of the powerful enjoy unprecedented wealth? The lives of the poor are bled dry while those of the powerful soak in excessive abundance.

My answers to these questions are “No, No, No, No!”

It is time to close this demeaning chapter in our nation’s history.

I ask that you join this effort, not for me, but to establish a better land for all of us.

I understand and accept the hard challenge ahead. When all is said and done, let it be written that Muhammadu Buhari gave his all for this nation.

As such, I make these five pledges regarding the government if we are elected next February;

We will govern Nigeria honestly, in accordance with the constitution.

We will strive to secure the country and efficiently manage the economy.

We will strive to attack poverty through broadly-shared economic growth and attacking corruption through impartial application of the law.

We will tolerate no religious, regional, ethnic or gender bias in our government.

We will return Nigeria to a position of international respect through patriotic foreign policy.

We will choose the best Nigerians for the right jobs.

Our government will be committed to the cause of the common man. Whether you are a Christian from Bayelsa State or a Muslim from Katsina State, you are first and foremost a Nigerian in my eyes. I shall treat you equally as my people, my national family, my brothers and sisters. There can be no genuine love of our country without loving all its people in our diversity.

Just as APC stands as a new party for a new Nigeria, our government will institute new policies to realise the new Nigeria.

We shall institute just policies that afford people the dignity of work and pay them a living wage for their sweat and toil. We intend to do this by instituting a national industrial policy, coupled with a national employment directive, that together shall revive and expand our manufacturing sector, creating jobs for our urban population and decreasing our reliance on expensive foreign imports.

We shall implement a national infrastructure master plan that will provide construction and related jobs across the land. Furthermore, by improving our transportation infrastructure through road, rail and port construction we expand the outer bounds of economic growth as no economy can grow beyond the capacity of its infrastructure.

Agriculture remains the backbone of the economy. Our government, when elected, will establish an agricultural policy that provides farmers a dignified living through improved inputs, improved extension services, access to credit and price support mechanisms.

On corruption, the government will enhance EFCC’s powers to investigate independently. Moreover, we intend to plug the holes in NNPC accounting. There will no longer be two sets of books, one for public consumption and another for insiders who profit from this slick fraud. In an APC government, the public will know how much NNPC makes and where all the money goes.

No longer shall illegal flows of massive sums leave these shores to finance other economies. While our people languish in poverty, we effectively give financial aid to nations that is not justified. I am sick of this. It must stop. The money saved will finance jobs, health care and the provision of social safety net for the needy, weak and vulnerable of our land.

We will be a compassionate government, for out of compassion arises the truest forms of wealth and progress a society can attain.

We shall open the door to tertiary education to excellent students who otherwise could not afford it. Pregnant and poor women and children shall be entitled to basic health care.

This is a Nigeria that I envisage but it is a far cry from the Nigeria that is now. Change is imperative if we are to avoid the impending national failure. Poor leadership placed us in the ditch. Continuation of poor leadership will only dig a deeper trench for all of us to fall in.

Let us join hands in progressive union to pull each other and the nation from the abyss.

I pledge to do my utmost to make this happen but cannot do it alone. I need your support. I need your help to become President of Nigeria so that government may come to serve you, so that it may bring relief to the broken and weary among us and so that it may usher in a new Nigeria meant for us all, a Nigeria that is the birthright of everyone but the exclusive possession of no one.

God bless you.

God bless our fatherland – Nigeria

Thank you. 

General Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR

December 11, 2014


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  • sylvia

    We are finished……God have mercy on us all….I am getting out of this country ASAP! What could he possibly do different than what he did when he was in charge! …..NIGERIAN DO NOT NEED THIS CONSTANT FAILURES.

    • Wähala

      You must be a crook. He said looters will leave the country if he’s elected President… the guilty are afraid. Thief!

    • GMB 2015

      Those who win are those who really think they can…………The only thing that remains constant in failure is the enslaved mind of those who are satisfied in a nation where the ranks of the poor swell and their poverty
      increase while the consorts of the powerful enjoy unprecedented wealth.
      The lives of the poor are bled dry while those of the powerful soak in
      excessive abundance.

    • tundemash

      Creek monkey, no one will miss you. Nigeria will be rid of crooks and miscreants from 2015.

  • mao

    I believe everything you have said GMB. Myself and my entire family will support you.

    • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

      “I believe everything you have said GMB”
      That’s dangerous.

  • John

    The rantings of a frail old man.

    • Wähala

      Clark wasn’t frail when he misled your creek moron with his ranting ba? Bigoted liar!

    • tundemash

      Cl0wn …. age is now the issue since your ethnic and religious propaganda has failed.

  • Sharia_Haram

    No! He will govern in accordance with Sharia constitution. Sharia law had be smuggled into our constitution by Northern-Muslims.

    Non-Muslims should seek help from Western World.

    The genocide of non-Muslims in Nigeria is in the making. Whether Buhari wins or loses, either case is a dead sentence for non-Muslims.

    He ordered the killing of non-Muslims when he lost the 2011 election. Same will happen this time. If he win, then of course non-Muslims will be eliminated systematically with Sharia rule.

    Therefore, the nomination of Buhari is an imminent threat to the lives of non-Muslims.

    Buhari said…” Allah willing, we will NOT stop the agitation for the total implementation of the Sharia in the country.”

    Sharia as it is, is the killing of non-Muslims as being witnessed with Boko-Haram, who are Buhari’s brothers in Islam.

    According to Buhari, It is a legal responsibility which Allah has given Boko-Haram, within the context of one Nigeria,to continue to uphold the practice of Sharia killing of non-Muslims wholeheartedly.

    Non-Muslims should start planning their funerals should Buhari emerge the winner of 2015 election.

    • Folahan

      Pls and Pls, just go and bury yourself somewhere for the sake of all Nigerians, this Religious Divisive tactic that you paid jonathan supporters are trying to use would not work again. Nigerians can see beyond all the lies and deceit that you guys have been spewing out just to protect the continuous means of stealing Nigeria Dry. But i say no more for you thieves.

    • Wähala

      Old line, try something new. No Muslim past leader supervised the senseless slaughter of Nigerians of both faiths than this Christian juju drunk you Aborigines are marketing as human. His days are numbered and Nigerians will dance to escort him to the airport on his way to The Hague. Stup*d baztard like you posting with different handles. Think we don’t know you. ba? Let him lead by Sharia Law since there is no law in Nigeria at the moment under your dumb drunkard from the creeks. Wetbacks!

      • Plan and How

        Here comes the comedian-in-Chief again.

    • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

      Sharia Haram, which western world are you talking about? The same western world that crafted, engineered, equiped and funded Al-Qaeda? Just of recent a western world plane was arrested in Kano with arms enroute to Boko Haram perhaps and forefront Boko Haram alleged sponsors was sent to ensure its release but you didn’t say anything.

  • Don Messi

    Interesting. Very interesting! He will govern according to which constitution? The same constitution he subverted with his illegal coup?? What will the country be like if everyone wake up and decide not to obey the constitution??
    Same guy who presided over the monumentally corrupt PTF Consultants-Afri Projects Consortium, headed by his in-law Salhijo Ahmed who died suddenly when he heard of the obasanjo probe??
    Same ‘anti corruption crusader’ who said Abacha never stole a dime..even when monies were being forfeited left right and centre??
    Abegi, this Ex-Coupist is just a BIG BUNDLE OF CONTRADICTIONS!

    • tundemash

      Mr. D@ft …………..
      Rawlings was a coupist and ended up a democrat.
      Robert Mugabe started as a democrat and he’s become a monster !

      Deal with that !

  • sammyctu ode

    General Buhari, this time around majority of Nigerians will give you victory and we are confident that you will dig Nigeria and Nigerians from all the evil vices the present clueless, corrupt, inept and evil administration have created for us in the last 16 years of pdp misrule.

  • aabello

    The air of change has started blowing, the corrupts have started to panic… welcome General for the rescue mission of our country from looters !

    • emmanuel

      A man who served Abacha in an agency that had the nations purse then and did not have issues with Abacha, that man must have a very profound spirit of helping a boss steal and steal for himself too.

      It was well known that anyone who argued or castigated Abacha for wrong doing either died or went to jail. But Alhaji Buhari was beloved of Abacha. Like friend, like friend!

      • tundemash

        Dora Akinyuli served in same PTF and didn’t have a problem serving Abacha .

  • tundemash

    General Buhari….. count me in body and soul. I can guarantee you the votes of 99.9% of my extended family if not 100%. I am ready to contribute financially towards your campaign and election.
    We have crossed the first huddle, the next one will be to meet force for force, naira for naira with the killers and looters in power. When you fight corruption, it fights back violently so expect more propaganda in the next weeks. The only weapon they have is to use ethnic and religious division and Nigerians are tired of this. We have seen that Boko Haram bombs churches and mosques. Boko Haram does not separate muslim from christians before bombing Nyanya. We have seen that both xtians and muslims suffer from the economic woes of the last 16yrs. We have seen that the ogonis have not fared better even though a South-South man has been in power for 6 yrs. We have seen the police is a tool of oppression in the hands of any lunatic in power irrespective of his religion or ethnicity. We have seen the Xtian President use the Muslim IG of police for illegality; it is all about their interests.

    My advice to Dumbo’s online insurgents; remind Dumbo to turn up for the Presidential debate. We would not accept him debating Dbanj instead of his co-contestants like he did in 2011.

    • Don Messi

      Bros, abeg don’t forget to get an interpreter for Buhari.

      • Big Jay 2015

        @ Don Messi Im sure you are referring to Mr. Dumbo “that is not kworet”

      • tundemash

        i will get same interpreter he used yesterday. …… do your part by reminding Dumbo to show up for the debate please. Debating Dbanj won’t be accepted this time around.

    • Jag

      Tundemash (aka wahala), your stupidity knows no bounds. Why debate a man who has long past his sale by date? GMB will never be president – be it by hook or crook. Get over it, chump!!

      • Alcindo Satori

        You’re right! His stupidity is the reason for Nigeria’s problems!!

  • Nsima

    Gen.Muhammadu Buhari. Sir, let us examine your service records. I consider your generation a very privileged one, indeed. In 1975 at the age of 33, you were appointed the Military Governor of the North-Eastern State, present day Borno & Yobe states. In 1976 at the age of 34 you became the Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources. In 1978 at the age of 36 you became the Chairman of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). Today the reverse is the case. Most Nigerians at age of 35 are still unemployed and still living with parents. Many are still not married. During your time you were already Governor at this age. One major reason for this unfortunate turn of events is that many elders like you have refused to voluntarily handover the baton to the next generation. Life should be a relay race where one runs his race and hands over to the next. In Nigeria many elders like you have run their races and are still holding on tenaciously to the baton. But Sir, I have an important question here for you. The question is simple, MUST YOU SERVE NIGERIA AS A PRESIDENT ONLY? IS THERE NO OTHER CAPACITY YOU CAN SERVE US EXCEPT THE PRESIDENCY?
    It is very erroneous to imagine that you can only serve Nigeria only in one capacity. During the regime of late General Sani Abacha, you accepted the appointment to serve as the Chairman of the then Petroleum Trust Fund PTF. The general opinion was that you served faithfully in this capacity. Well done Sir! But you never asked Abacha to vacate office for you as your former subordinate in the army. Never! In fact that would have been a dangerous move, if not suicidal. Rather you served faithfully under your former junior in the army. Sir, imagine if you take on another job like the Chairman of EFCC or ICPC or NDLEA. Nigerians actually need you to serve in one of these capacities much more than they need you in the Presidency. Mere mentioning your name as Chairman of EFCC would drive many corrupt men underground. But you wouldn’t .

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Nsima, the clown who now heads the EFCC was quite effective as a subordinate under MNR.

      What happened to him after the head of the fish got rotten?

      Honest answer please.

    • Jag

      A big kudos for the forensic analysis of the old curmudgeon. The forest may change but the monkeys of old are very same and you’ll never know a change. That is the tragedy of continent Nigeria.
      Shagari once said in one of those moments of insanity that: “a country is just like a farm where everyone has his functions. Allah has willed it that someone must hold the cow by the horns while another does the milking.”
      I refuse to back GMB for the very fact that the Northern hegemony and scions believe power is their birthright and as such should be lodged within their enclave – in perpetuity that is.

    • tundemash

      Nsima …… looks like the ethnic and religious propaganda isn’t doing the trick any more, it is now about age. It is an election, let Nigerians decide whom to ent

      If Dumbo had perfomed in the last 6 yrs, would we be clamouring for Buhari?
      mandel was President at 78.
      What was the achievement of Dieji bankole, a youth, as number 4 citizen ?
      James Ibori, Alamseghia, Gbenga Daniel, Alao Akala, Fayose are younger than Buhari… what have they achieved ?

  • Uturu Mgbagbu

    Former military dictator, General Buhari, “promised to govern the country in accordance with the Nigerian constitution if elected.” Should that be in dispute? This “promise” should actually be a source of worry for all. It only means he has considered ruling by decrees. Does a leopard change its colour? Once a dictator, always a dictator. Evidence: Obasanjo.

    • tundemash

      F00l …… learn from history.

      Rawlings started as a dictator and ended up a democrat.

      Robert Mugabe started as a democrat and he’s still an ongoing dictator.

      General Buhari ruled as a military officer for 20mnths with decree as norms in military dictatorship so what is your problem ?

      Prof . Wole Soyinka was quoted as saying :

      Only 4 sets of people can vote for the PDP:

      (1) those who are intellectually blind.
      (2) those who are blinded by ethnicity
      (3) those who are blinded by corruption and therefore afraid of the unknown, should power change hands; and finally
      (4) those who are suffering from a combination of the above terminal sicknesses” ,

      You should know which category you belong !

      • Alcindo Satori

        you again… APC swine! monkey see, monkey do. Only Mugabe and Rawlings you’re able to come up with. What about hitler, stalin, mao tse-tung, saddam Hussein, idi amin, Mussolini, ataturk, lenin etc… I could go on and on. I mean, see how much of a thick skull you have?!

        • tundemash

          I take it you are a still suffering from the tragedy that befell you and your household yesterday.

          Go check the comments on the page for people’s General’s acceptance speech (over 100) and compare it with the page of your Dumbo’s acceptance speech (38).
          Go check the page of the APC primaries live update (over 800) and compare with the page for PDP primaries live update (over 100). Reality is gradually overtaking your fantasy …….CHANGE HAS COME. Jail awaits the looters and their supporters; you have every reason to fear !!!

          • Alcindo Satori

            The only change that will come is getting some knowledge into your thick skull — pig! As I said yesterday, your entire generation is 18 generations removed from early Pleistocene. You’d look at yourself in the mirror continuously to fully comprehend that last statement — if you’re sane enough that is.

          • Sword of Damocles

            Question? how did you empirically discern that a particular human’s generation is 18 generations removed from a geological event or epoch? Sounds interesting, can you give us the particulars, Mr “Igneous Rocks”? P.s. repeat after me: Sai Mai Gaskiya!

          • GMB 2015

            You have said it all. This show how cristal clear your brain is…. KUDOS to you

          • Plan and How

            @tundenash, have u looked at it that may be APC have got more e-rats than PDP. And as you well know that doesn’t translate to votes at the polls proper.

      • sharp shape

        Swine ! Revisionist historian !

        • tundemash

          creek monkey clearly couldn’t fault that ! Concentrate on your perewinkle business instead of dabbling to issues far too complex for your ogogoro brain !

          • sharp shape

            Iyalaya e olori ibu omo ale

          • tundemash

            oro na dun , o fe ke … go lick your wound .. creek monkey !

  • emmanuel

    Does the constitution sanction utilising funds generated from Oil in the South to execute PTF projects domiciled only in the North?

    Buyers beware ooooo!

    Those who make a nation ungovernable for another man, in a bid to take advantage of the resultant effect to get into office are not to be trusted.

  • JonathanPHOBIC



    “If what happened in 2011 should again happen in 2015, the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood…Revolution is inevitable in 2015 if I lose.” – M.BUHARI

    “The next election is likely to be violent and many people are likely going to die…”- Nasiru El-RUFIA

    “I am putting Jonathan on notice that he must leave office come 2015.”- Mr Ango ABDULAHI

    “If Jonathan insists on running, there will be bloodshed…His running will amount to taking northerners for a ride. So, there will be bloodshed.” – Junaid MUHAMMED

    “You ‘rig & roast’…” – Malam Bola TINUBU

  • ICC Hague

    Our new president come 2015, we are solidly behind you all our votes are for you. we are confident that you will make Nigeria great again, liberate us from the grip of looters and criminals. All those who are against you are doing so not because of your quality. But because of their ethno religious sentiment and corruption. You are tested and trusted, with zero tolerance on corruption and indiscipline while some people are tested and found exhibiting stealing is not corruption, reward and upgrading criminals, and show insensitivity to the plight of the poor. May God help you in your aspiration of better Nigeria.

  • Olumide Wiwa

    1. Public beating & Imprisonment of citizens. Victims include: Fela Kuti (see youtube), Nduka Irabor etc
    2. Jailing politicians erroneously leading to their death e.g Prof Ambrose Ali of Bendel who did not have a single house or investment anywhere on earth
    3. Working with despot Abacha in the murder of South South environmental activists

    “We must not allow ourselves to be bombed into submission.Now who is the man called Buhari?He was a Governor of N/E Nigeria.What was his vision and service delivery there?the same region that is the home of radical islam in Nigeria.He was a former petroleum minister.now what was his innovations there?….They say there was and is corruption there.He was a former Head of State and that he fought corruption the main selling point of those who convinced him to return to politics because power must return to a section of the country now. How did he perform on this score?people where bundled into jail for as long 250years and after a year or two,must of them were released…..On hindsight we know that most of them were not as corrupt as painted then by the press and opposition politicians which was the basis for his coup.The military regimes that followed were worse in corruption and derailed the progress of Nigeria.”

    • clairvoyance

      Doh ur job nor easy chai, this lie nor sell try another one.

    • sharp shape

      Thanks my brother !

  • MushinSpeaks

    The man of the moment is here; its time we elect that CHANGE we truly deserve to govern this country!

    CHANGE we need; CHANGE must come.

    • Uturu Mgbagbu.

      Wrong. Man of the past is back with his baggage. An extremist who swore to make Nigeria ungovernable cannot hope to govern Nigeria again.

      • clairvoyance

        Sorry that one nor sell yarn another lie.

    • petersen

      u believe changing back to 1983 is change nigeria need? APC should ve gone for young minds not an animal in human skin ..(Fela)

  • isaac

    Another failure, seeking to become president, our own Abraham Lincoln, if only we were in the US, where parties are ideologies are voted and not necessarily the personality. So you need Ameachi, Tinubu and others to be able to win. Well we know you can’t get it, may be this time you might come close but to get ASO rock you won’t get it…

  • isaac

    Imagine someone who depends on others to get the office of President, can he really tackle Corruption? we are really blind Nigerians, we cannot change Nigerian Corruption if the existent political structures are maintained, I don’t believe in any of them, BUhari, OBJ, GEJ etc, I only believe in Nigeria, and when she wakes from her slumber, then we can talk. Mind you, GEJ will win this election again.

    • endingNaija

      It seems to me that you are the Chairperson of President Jonathan’s online campaign team. Please come out into the open and stop playing games. You know the other name called the “truth”? This is how he played game, over played it until he exposed himself as an e-rat of President Jonathan infusing falsehood while pretending to be “neutral”. Isaac, please come out into the open. That is more honorable than hiding.

  • adebayo1

    Let buhari com in a inprison all of dem

  • the truth

    We are watching. You want to change Nigeria with corrupt minds like amaechi, tinubu, kwankwaso, timipri sylva as lieutenants.If elected i hope he should clear out the rot. Buhari i wish you and every nigerian goodluck and patience as we head into the polls. I wish you that umbrella of unity, continuity, transformation, stewardship, love, corrupt fighting and vision. And i hope that all conquering umbrella engulfs your campaign come 2015. Amen

    • tundemash

      “And i hope that all conquering umbrella engulfs your campaign come 2015.”

      PDP man !!!!! Atlast the veil is removed ……… all conquering umbrella indeed !

      • the truth

        it has gotten to the point where you suspect every good intentions. Here you see me wishing buhari unity, continuity, transformation, stewardship, love, corrupt fighting and vision and u still have a way of twisting things. Bro u need help

        • Alcindo Satori

          No! He doesn’t need help. tundemash is a nincompoop! …and I’m very glad he is APC.

        • tundemash

          Your problem is you are such a traitor even to those who pay you to be here to publicly identify with them.
          Buhari and APC do not need your fake “good intention” of “goodluck and patience” and some torn “umbrella”. BE BOLD TO IDENTIFY WITH PDP, THRE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT.

    • sharp shape

      Don’t mind the old brainless cow !

  • Screw-em

    As a phoenix the peoples General has risen once again riding with the aura of a dignified Knight trudging along atop his golden horse, a sword in his right hand and a scale of justice in his left hand. As thieves and the corrupt quiver and scamper afraid of the inevitable. We welcome you with our unsoiled votes…..BUHARI, even if you choose a greased mouse in stolen clothes as your running mate, your VICTORY is assured and already an indelible marker for all in awe to witness come February 15th, 2015. Naija and the WORLD awaits your second coming with open arms….Gods Speed!!!!

    • Sword of Damocles

      Strength & Honor always, my brother! Sai Mai Gaskiya!!

  • Frank Bassey

    That is easy to say. When he wins, he remembers Koran.



  • sharp shape

    Shameless old man ! Allah will expose you !


    The only constitution Buhari understands is SHARIA. He is a staunch Sharia practitioner,he constitutes a threat to the secular nature of the Nigerian state !

  • sammyctu ode