Sudan repatriates 26 Nigerians over Ebola fears

Omar Al-Bashir, Sudan President

The Sudanese authorities have denied 26 Nigerians entry into their country over suspicion that they were possibly infected by the dreaded Ebola Virus Disease, one of those repatriated has told PREMIUM TIMES.

Hauwa’u Ibrahim Bakori, a second year student of Pharmacy at Al Ahfad University for Women, Omdurman, said she and 25 others were denied entry after arriving Khartoum Airport on Wednesday.

They were detained, and then deported to Nigeria on Thursday, Ms. Bakori said.

Ms Bakori is in her second year at the Sudanese university and had travelled to Nigeria on holidays.

The Nigerians had travelled to Khartoum via an Ethiopian Airline flight ET 910 from Abuja on Wednesday, travelling via Addis Ababa.

But on arrival in Khartoum, authorities seized their passports, and arranged boarding passes for them to return to Nigeria.

They were sent back to the Nigerian capital via the same Ethiopian Airline on Thursday.

They were not tested for Ebola, Ms. Bakori said.

The Sudanese government took the measure even though the World Health Organisation declared Nigeria free of Ebola since October 20.

The Sudanese authorities and the Nigerian foreign ministry could not be reached to comment for this story at this time.

In declaring Nigeria Ebola-free, the global health body had said Nigeria completed an extended 42 –day observation period and called the country’s ability to contain a deadly virus a “spectacular success”.

“The lines on the tabular situation reports, sent to WHO each day by its country office in Nigeria, have now been full of zeros for 42 days,” WHO said in a statement October 20.

“This is a spectacular success story that shows that Ebola can be contained. The story of how Nigeria ended what many believed to be potentially the most explosive Ebola outbreak imaginable is worth telling in detail.”

Ebola was imported to Nigeria by a Liberian-American man, Patrick Sawyer, July 20.

Mr. Sawyer arrived in Lagos and infected medical staff who attended to him after he fell ill at the airport.

Nigeria recorded 19 cases of the virus, out of which seven died, among them doctors and nurses.

Nigeria has not recorded a new case since October 2, and it is not clear why Sudan acted the way it did.


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  • Datti

    Why would anybody go to Sudan? To do what? This is a 4th world country bugged down with racism.

    • amazing2012

      Racism is all over including your home, Nigeria. Go to Enugu if you are Ausa you will know racism exist. Tendency of xenophobia is all over Nigeria and is worst to be hate in your country.

      • Chris1408

        So true

        • Otile

          True what? Have you been to the Hill City

      • Otile

        I have been to beautiful Enugu, there is no discrimination at all. Perhaps what you saw was an incident of a Hausa man overpowering an Igbo there.

        Mind that people do not like their oppressors.

    • Otile

      Islam, comrade, Islam.

  • Maria

    Studying in Sudan? Why not go to Afghanistan instead?

    • Chris1408

      Hahaha, studying pharmacy in Sudan, of all places. What a joke.

      • amazing2012

        Of course blame Jona, not the students. Nigerians went all sort of inhuman places to seek for education, security or what does not exist.

      • amazing2012

        Many Nigerians travel to worst places including Europe to become slaves !

    • Joe

      Maria, the present emir of Kano and form CBN boss studied in sudan.

      • Chris1408

        He didn’t study banking and finance in Sudan. He studied Koran in Sudan. Get it right

        • Onike24

          Thank you!

          • Otile

            He stated the obvious, what are you thanking him for? So that he can love you?

    • Otile

      That’s a good question. So, Maria, you and I are now speaking the same language.

      • Maria

        As far as Jonadaft is concerned, we can never speak the same language.

  • alhajizakka

    Despite UN clearance that we are free?????

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Nigerians to go and study in Sudan? Whatever for? Ebola they said? This should tell Nigerians that Sudan is only a rogue nation that hardly knows what happens in the Free World and you go there to study? Shame! But that country admitted a Nigerian terrorist without thinking of Ebola. Just do the analysis and you’d come to something interesting.

    • Joe

      Sanusi lamido Sanusi, former CBN governor and present emir of Kano schooled in Sudan, and by then Jonathan was not the president of Nigeria. @chris1408, I hope if your had miscarriage you will not put the blame on Jonathan. Hate cannot solve the problem of Nigeria. Our problem started long time ago, right from IBB time.

      • Chris1408

        Just because our problems started a long time ago doesn’t mean successive governments shouldn’t solve it. They’ve all failed. That’s why we are in this predicament. We keep embracing failures. Nigeria is endowed with natural and bright human resources. Let’s harvest and harness it. We shouldn’t be celebrating mediocrity

        • Joe

          Critics have never made any change in history. Tai solarin, Gani fawehmi, kuti, etc died without making any change in the system. If you want to make changes, enter the kitchen. I have said it before, that oshio Adam of Edo state is my hero. He entered the kitchen and made the changes he wanted to make, and Edo state is better for it. Chris1408, I chellenge you to enter the kitchen and test your popularity instead of criticizing people that determines your future. If you think you can do better than Jona, the wise think to do is enter the boat if you can survive it.

          • Chris1408

            Change is virtually impossible with people like you that prefer the status quo. If you think GEJ is the answer. May you life continue to be what GEJ has turned Nigeria to. As information, Nigerian politicians doesn’t determine my future or fortune. God did that already. It’s night time in Nigeria, turn on your candles or lantern. Can your hear from the noise emanating from your neighbor generator?

          • Joe

            You do not seem to understand me. I do not like Jonathan’s leadership style, but I hate people castigating Jonathan as if he is the sole cause of the problems of Nigeria. When IBB was destroying Nigeria, I was one of the students that protested and some of my schoolmates lost their lives on campus. It’s easy to destroy than to build. I told my school room mate many years ago, who is now a deputy director in one of the federal ministriies that IBB was dangerous for Nigeria and that we are going nowhere. In 1993/94, my school room mate wrote me that if there was anybody that understood IBB, I was the one. Look, ALL Nigerian leaders, from the beginning to the end, have never believed in Nigeria, and that was why when they have the opportunity, they carry our money abroad. Its only a useless father that will carry food from his children and give to his neigbors that are even living better than him, while his family are dying of hunger and starvation.Whether Jonathan continued or Buhari takes over, it won’t change nothing, except maybe an advanced crisis in different dimension. Don’t be deceived, the people that doled out billions to sponsor Buhari are not fools. Be smart, they must make sure Buhari is checkmated from Aso rock to NASS. A visionary military dictator can transform a country like Nigeria in less than 6 years, but not a visionary democratic civilian, because of hurdles of acceptance.

          • Chris1408

            You’re absolutely right. I’m sorry, I misunderstood you. I was wondering this morning while driving to work why our rulers steal our money abroad. I’m not supporting Buhari either. He’s a failed ruler just like GEJ. We need young vibrant people to move the country forward. That’s not going to happen with the current political climate. Nigeria politics has been hijacked by thugs and worthless politicians

          • FortB

            You totally miss the point. All he is saying is that merely turning ourselves into arm chair critic will change nothing. Good people must take up the gauntlet and join the political fray to change the system for good from within because you cannot really change the system from outside. As for me, I am looking towards doing exactly that once I retire from my current profession

          • Joe

            Do not wait to retire. If the thought comes to you to join the politics, pls do. Maybe God wanted to use you to make the difference in your community or state or the country. As I said, am waiting to see men and women like Oshio Adam of Edo state at federal level. Oshio is bold and no one can intimidate him. Oshio is like a honey badger that even lion must think twice to confront him.

      • John

        So why is the mumu still there and desperately trying to remain in power? If he knows he can’t solve Nigeria’s age old problem, why is still desperate to cling to power? Let him get the hell out and let Nigeria start addressing its problems!

        • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

          it hurts when fulani call a southern mumu

        • agu

          Who’s the mumu? Educated southerner or illiterate, uncivilised, good for nothing notherner?

  • Chris1408

    This is what GEJ has turned Nigeria to. Imagine Sudan repatriating Nigerians. Nigerians going to Sudan to study. May the likes of GEJ never be born again in Nigeria

    • amazing2012

      I have to thank you for your insightful comment. Nigerians are helpless under this regime. We wondered all over the world in search of what our country can not afford. Nigerians went to Ghana, Malaysia , Niger, Italy, Comoros island etc to study not because they wish but because we have a bad system that seem not to be working. I think the students are not to be blame but government who cannot make our education good. Now Nigerians travel abroad for many reasons such as insecurity, lack of infrastructure, education, medical and unknown seeking for asylum in where they are made to be slaves. Even at home we are slaves by our leaders using ethnicity, religion and region to spread hate among us !

      • Chris1408

        Well said, they’ve turned the guys to thugs and gals to their sex toys. They’ve totally ruined the country. We used to have a sound educational system in Nigeria. Nigeria was full of promise, ahead of countries like south Korea and Taiwan. Look at us today. We are totally disrespected by the international community. Many thanks to our worthless and visionless rulers

    • agu

      Why are you blaming jonathan for that dummy

  • chuku

    sudan is better than Nigeria bcs no strike no poor infrustructure, no bad and bias lecturers.and more so no curruption in sudan like nigeria.

    • FortB

      Hhahahahha, I am sure you have never stepped foot in Sudan for a second, if not you won’t glorify them with those words. Nigeria is light years ahead of Sudan in terms of development please. At least I have been opportune do to visited over 5 major towns in Sudan this year including their capital. A country that only boast of anything called development in the capital? Haba. You no try o. Don’t even attempt to compare. We have problems, but don’t insult us by making Sudan look better. They are not.

    • agu

      Do you really know what you are saying?
      You can only compare sudan with sierra Leone not nigeria.
      nigeria is 50 years ahead in everything.

  • Icheku Cheremba

    That’s the joke Nigeria has become. One morning it cooked up the spurious report that it is now the largest economy in Africa with no food, no job, no light, no hospitals, no school, no security , etc. today, the citizens of the phantom largest economy in Africa are rejected in war torn countries. What a sick joke! E no go better for PDP and its members and supporters.

  • FortB

    At times like this I miss Ojo Madueke for his reciprocal diplomacy. By now the next group of Sudanese entering Nigeria would have been repatriated as well in reciprocity. Then Sudan would have come to terms with their action and apologized. Ask South Africa when they tried it during Ojo Maduekes time. Nonsense. Sudan fah taking us for granted. No be una fault, an Nigerians who cannot pass JAMB that flock to these backwater universities

    • Jesuslover101

      And how about our universities- are the reports of lecturers sleeping with our girls to pass them not true? Does that make our universities better

  • dave

    Nigerians in Sudan,ohhh what a tragedy?

    • Jesuslover101

      Nigerians also go to Thailand. Is it for prostitution or drugs?

  • Thenjiwe Obong

    my blood is boiling with anger over this incident, in fact I am so angry that smoke is coming out of my ears. what a disrespect to us all. I recently traveled to the U.S. nobody even questioned me about Ebola, now our own supposed to be brothers are discriminating against us because of Ebola? this is the result of our lame duck government. I bet there will be no repercussion to Sudan for this. Aso Rock is probably saying that’s none of their business. I believe we should recall our ambassador over this incident and tell theirs to take a hike. is this how low we Nigerians have become in the eyes of Africa. I lament the days of Murtala Muhammed. anybody remember when Malabo gave all Nigerians a quit order in the 70’s. Murtala told them to keep their stinking town and dispatched planes and ships to go bring back our citizens. let’s see what Jonathan will do in this matter. it is election time too, he better act quick.

    • agu

      Maybe that’s their own way of supporting their brother buhari to islamize nigeria if possible.

      • Thenjiwe Obong

        how is that? enquiring mind wants to know.

        • Jesuslover101


    • umolu

      He is clueless. Maybe Nigerians can start by cleaning the society as a whole; a mini revolution. Anywhere you see a supposed law maker say a Senator or an army general shout ‘ thief, Jaguda, barawa’.Let us all try this and see what happens. We must take our country back ASAP.

  • Trendy

    Sudan acted right.. just that they used Ebola as decoy. Its a way to tell the Islamic terrorist who go to Sudan for terrorism act to desist from it.

    • Jesuslover101

      How do you know that…do you have knowledge of everything

  • Nija

    Good for them, Intelligent person will never think to go and study in a country that is worse than Nigeria.

  • adebayo1

    God help dis nation

  • wad london

    all west Africa unfortunately effect with EBOLA the right for sudanese authority make sense for prevent their country frm any disease miss Nija no country in world worse than Nigeria sudan like USA if campre in your country mass of immigration frm west africa to sudan more than 2million nigerian Housa live in sudan we ana deport to back home

  • wad london

    no body like us we depart frm anywhere in the world ask me why << coz we are so bad as will our country have u seen any north AFRICAN NATION came to Nigeria or visit we nothing don't ple capture and lie

  • Damilola

    Hahahahaha is this person whining us?? This must be a sincere joke…