Buhari writes APC delegates, “I don’t have dollars to give you but I will give my all to Nigeria”

Buhari campaigning
President Muhammadu Buhari campaigning at the last presidential election

My Dear Delegates,

As you gather for our convention, please remember that history, change and the hopes of Nigeria are there with you. They are there to ask you to perform according to your best judgment and patriotic conscience. I also ask you to do the same.

We seek a new Nigeria. It starts with us. It starts today. I have placed myself before you seeking your help to nominate me as your standard bearer for our progressive party, APC.

Personal ambition does not drive me in this regard. I seek to be the next president of our beloved nation because I believe I have something to offer Nigeria at this time of multiple crises. Insecurity, corruption, and economic collapse have brought the nation low. Time is past due that we work together to lift Nigeria up. I am ready to lead Nigeria to its rightful future.

I have always served Nigeria to the best of my ability.  I have always tried to give more to the nation than it has given me.  This is the principle of service that has guided my public life. Thus, I am not a rich person.  I can’t give you a pocketful of dollars or naira to purchase your support. Even if I could, I would not do so.  The fate of this nation is not up for sale.

What I will give you, and this nation is all of my strength, commitment, sweat and toil in the service of the people.  What I can give you is my all.

I do not intend to rule Nigeria. I want to democratically govern it with your help. I seek a Nigeria where Christians and Muslims may practise their faiths in peace and security; a Nigeria that is just and where corruption no longer trespasses into our institutions and national behavior and a Nigeria where our diversity could be used for our national prosperity.

Nigeria is our home. Let us now turn it into the great nation we know it can and should be.

I thank you all

Muhammadu Buhari (RTD) GCFR



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    Solemn speech! But you are in the wrong Party. Great visions but wrong platform. Wish you well GMB!

    • ahara ndu kpaa aku

      Na PDP be d right party abi


        The corruption he intends to fight should start from APC. There are more corrupt people in APC than PDP. APC is majorly members who were not favoured in the continued stealing from the treasury that found solace in APC. So, GMB may not be able to check corruption as he crusades it up and down. All round him is guilty of the same thing. So, can he fight people that saw him through election? Of course not!

        • Dr, Henry

          This is laughable sir, your write up came more as campaign than issues based. Hoe can U say there are more corrupt people in APC? APC stole $20B from our treasury right? Abi its APC that was caught trying to corner $15M to South Africa in the name of arms? Maybe its APC that granted amnesty to Bode George and Alamasigha, U said people in APC are people who wee not favored to continue stealing of treasury? Can U read your words? PEOPLE WHO were NOT FAVORED, that statement says it all that people steals from our treasury, so, APC is the central government that is in charge or our treasury? Elder, u are getting too old, u need refresher class sir


            Thanks for the unsolicited refresher course. But it is needless as I have more facts as you if not more. In every government, there’s what is called Trade-off. Shagari traded off Ojukwu in 1982 to win 2nd term votes from the Ibos, not minding the carnage Ojukwu caused the Easterners nay Ibos.

            Obasanjo traded off Salisu Buhari, the first speaker in 1999 and Abacha’s son by granting them state pardon. By this, he won 2nd term. Yet again, the fight for Abacha’s loots abated.

            In politics, it’s what you are bringing in. GEJ is not using EFCC to persecute perceived Government oppositions like Obj did in his 8years of reign. GMB as military Head of State, persecuted perceived oppositions. Innocent Nigerians still seek vengeance over the death of their loved ones as a result of his draconic laws

            Besides, according to Transparency International report released last week, Nigeria recorded major improvement in her drive to fight corruption by earning some positive points.

            Let the best candidate emerge. Sell yourself to Nigerian electorate. All GMB keep saying is corruption in the day, corruption in the night, he wakes up, it corruption. Is that all he chooses to do or achieve in government? Where are his manifestos? What are his economic blueprint to revamp Nigeria’s dwindling economy?

          • glo

            GMB, at his worst is better than GEJ. Anyone is better than GEJ and his expired bag of rice called wife!

          • Otile

            Can’t you for once make a reasonable comment devoid of insolence?

          • Mr SHO

            yes @glo cant you for once make a simple sentence without an abusive word….talk right

          • justice

            Ojukwu caused carnage to the Igbos? Are you for real? Is this another attempt to stand history on its head? You may need to revisit the events of that gory period before you trout out such blasphemy. Ndigbo will forever be grateful for his gallant leadership irrespective of the outcome. It shows a man with the balls of steel and a people who would rather die than live in perpetual slavery out of cowardice. May I also remind you sir, that no matter how encompassing your manifesto may be it will not achieve much or anything if you do not arrest corruption. Its a hydra-headed evil that will negate the best if intentions. Buhari is right to make it the crux of mission and Nigeria will be a much better place its the only thing he achieved in office.

        • PureNigerian

          No wonder they say GEJ is clueless. Why has your messiah GEJ prosecuted them. The kind of people you have in that country Nigeria baffles me.

          • PureNigerian

            I mean hasn’t

  • ovieimoni

    The fear of Atiku is the beginning of wisdom

  • just kennie


  • Sword of Damocles

    Sai Mai Gaskiya!!!!!! All the way to Aso Rock, show us the way. Imagine that: the People’s General in the People’s House in Abuja. Has a ring to it, doesnt it?

  • Igweee!!!

    The words of a Patriot! You know a patriot when you see and hear him or her. Buhari is definitely a patriot. He doesn’t have to be perfect. He just needs to be who and what he already is – a patriot with a burning passion, simplicity, sincerity of heart, responsibility, dream, commitment, consistency, character, and an unbroken love for the downtrodden masses of this country. That is who Buhari is. It doesn’t take individual perfection in order to change the life of a nation. The above qualities will be more than enough to positively change the history, character and fortunes of a country!

    • Okey

      Deceive not yourself. Not when Governor Rotten Abunchi flew cartons of moneys to Lagos boasting, “For Buhari, I will match Atiku Pounds for-Pounds, Dollar-for-Dollar and Naira-for-Naira.

      • glo

        I guess that’s you idiots new talking point. The foolery is over!

        • Otile

          Why not counter him with reasonable argument instead of a heap of insults? Insults and abuses belong to certain group of people. Are proud of your abusive language?

          • blueeyedkitten

            shooow! as if you’ve ever counter any argument on this forum with reason.

      • martins

        Pls. Spell the name correctly.

      • blueeyedkitten

        okey, you stupidity is just ok. please don’t let it go overboard.

  • Otile

    Why is Imam Buhari talking about dollars? Does the government pay him his huge benefits/pension in dollars? As far as we know the Federal Government pays him every month using Naira from the proceeds of oil and gas from SE SS. Among other things, he gets, heavy security services, heavy health funds, heavy pension for succeeding in overthrowing an elected government, heady maintenance allowance, heavy pension from PTF and as a former governor, above all heavy money under the table from multiple sources.

    To say that he has no money to give means he is reckless in spending his money. May be he is like his colleague, Col Benjamin Adekule who looted Nigeria silly yet died in penury. Haba mallam.

    • glo



        You will swallow your words when you realise how unelectable Jihadi Buhari is !!

        • Igweee!!!

          Gadafi of Libya would have said exactly the same thing, just as Mubarak, Idi Amin, Franco, and Hitler did.

          You see, one incredible and amazing power of change is that, often, those who have frustrated it often don’t see the possibility of its occurrence. It often hits them like a thunder bolt!

          No empire or kingdom of the human system ever lasts forever. Therein lies the power of God and the vulnerabilities of man.

          The dreams of those of you who would support any person including satan himself if he comes from your ethnic group will live to see a new stable Nigeria under an opposition party.

          • blueeyedkitten

            wow! your last two paragraphs were epic.

          • tundemash

            RESPECT !!! I doff my hat for you.

      • Otile

        They kicked you out of SR now you have come to spit your abusive language on people here at PT. Is there no way you APC members can write a comment without insulting people?

        Sometimes try to address points and ideas and leave out abusive languages. Do you think calling someone moron, retard, imbelice, e-rat makes the person what you call him?

        Read your comment above again and see for yourself what kind of person you present yourself to be. Do you like what you see?

    • Bobby

      Soon SS SE will be drinking your crude oil

    • blueeyedkitten

      you really need to get serious with your life.

  • Konkolo

    What a Patriot? I hope you win the APC primary. I am not a registered or card carrying member of any party, however, I tend to lean towards any party that will remove the current ruling party of ROGUES from Nigeria. When you Buhari do become the next President of Nigeria, please make sure to empower the current EFCC to carry out forensic investigation of all those that have made our great country a laughing stock as a result of their acute mismanagement/acute corruption.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God bless you Buhari and God bless Nigeria.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Okey

      Deceive not youself. Not when Governor Rotten Abunchi flew cartons of moneys to Lagos boasting, “For Buhari, I will match Atiku Pounds for-Pounds, Dollar-for-Dollar and Naira-for-Naira.

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    This is the beginning of a new dawn in Nigeria…the right antidote to the nation’s ills – General Buhari. Congratulations!

  • This is a novelty in Nigerian politics.

  • elhaaj

    Otile, The lips of the righteous teaches many, But fools die for want of wisdom. Is high time for you awake from your sleep and slumber and listen to the words of wisdom from the man of wisdom. Though I do not expect a wild goose to lay a tame eggs.

    • Otile

      Explain what you mean.

  • Owoseni Tajudeen-SALABUA


  • mr deco

    My People of Nigeria, is not possible for buhari, atiku, defeat Jonathan in PDP election in 2015. Jonathan must rule again whether good or bad.

    Thank you!
    Mr. deco

    • Josephs Uche

      u slimmy ignorant twat ..if you have nothing sensible to say. please be quite

    • Charles

      What do u mean good or bad? If he’s a bad president, he should continue regardless?

  • mr deco

    Nigeria are talking about election,know votes card. In imo state like Emekuku ward II, know votes card. People has been coming to correct there votes card know card. So why are we talking about election. People that is in charge, should put eye on it.

    Thank you

  • Abdulkadir

    Today the APC, and indeed, Nigeria at large are making history. Never before, since the return of democracy, has anyone commandeered so much respect in the minds of the grass root people like we see in the personality of the general, but as people in power will never want the interest of the people be served, the will of the people has never before decides who occupies the highest office in the land. Today we see a Nigeria that is at the brink of implosion because we always allow the predators to get away with their selfish actions at the detriment of the progress of the land. We are all in this and collectively we all share the blame and then, the pain. This is a one time opportunity to put things right and make sure the right persons gets into the Aso-Rock and the change we all clamored for becomes a reality. To do this we must first divorce the idea of tribalism and religious intolerance and seek to elect people based on their competence and not based on their affiliations.

    If some one were to insinuate that elections can be organized in so a transparent manner as the APC clearly did, many others will have said its an impossibility. But today we are all witnesses to that fact and that leads us to believe that the rainy day is closer to us all and we cannot afford to alter the time by our collective exuberance. APC all the way; and to spice the atmosphere more, BUHARI all the way. His words have given me hope in this country more than ever before.