Lagos PDP Governorship Primaries: Obanikoro rejects result, demands cancellation

Musiliu Obanikoro (left) Jimi Agbaje (middle)

Musiliu Obanikoro, an aspirant at the Lagos PDP gubernatorial primaries, has described the election as a “complete sham.”

Mr. Obanikoro polled 343 votes to emerge runners up in the ill-tempered primaries in which Jimi Agbaje won with 432 votes.

The former Minister of State said that the “electoral fraud” was condemnable and he would fight the result of the polls.

Trouble started at the venue of the primaries after Seidu Kumo, a former Senator and chairman of the electoral committee, announced 863 as the total votes cast.

Before delegates began voting, the committee had announced 806 as the number of accredited delegates.

“I still can’t comprehend how accredited delegates of 806 rose to 867,” Mr. Obanikoro told journalists inside his campaign office in Lagos, midnight Tuesday.

“With the benefit of hindsight now, you could tell it was a predetermined situation.”

Earlier, after the result was announced at the venue of the primaries, Mr. Agbaje expressed his satisfaction and called on other aspirants for their support.

Violence had erupted outside the venue of the primaries hours before voting began.

Bode George, a party chieftain and key supporter of Mr. Agbaje, blamed Mr. Obanikoro for using his thugs to  unleash mayhem and intimidate delegates.

But Mr. Obanikoro denied the claim, insisting that Mr. George’s loyalists were to blame.

“Bode George brought some people to come and create that situation but police arrested it, but it was definitely Bode George,” Mr. Obanikoro said.

“Did you see me there the time that the crisis was on? It was his man, Agbalaya and others.

“As far as we are concerned, there is no election result and the election should be cancelled.

“The process is completely tainted and going forward with that will lead to an outcome that will not be beneficial to the party.”

Earlier, as counting of votes was going on, one of the aspirants, Babatunde Gbadamosi, kept shouting “fraud, fraud, shameless fraud”.

 There was a fierce war of words inside the venue of the primaries. Earlier, it was announced that a total of 806 delegates would vote. But at the end of sorting of votes, the figure rose to 863.

Mr. Gbadamosi said that the election was “concluded” before it even started.

“From start to finish, there was intimidation, tear gassing of delegates.”

The head of the election committee however said: “We have to count the votes first. Then after we discuss this issue.

“Election has taken place. So counting must take place. You can’t stop the counting. We can sort it out later.”


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  • Dankasa

    Mr. Defence Minister, where are your soldiers, masked SSS, Police, Areaboys, BH and Militants you always brag of? You don’t know PDP man! The Party Dumping People, P-D-P men! Obanikorooooooooo! Please say ikaro to former Ikiti Governor who PDP used you and your Masked tugs abi SSS, Soldiers, Areaboys, BH or Militants to edged out of Government House. PDPPPPPPPPPPPPP,Powerrrrrrrrrr!

  • Yemi

    Whatever goes round always comes round. Obaníkòró take heart. That is PDP strategy in the national election where the vote cast triple the registered voters. Sorry my brother!


    You werent blind b3fore joining this useless party…….expect more harm… as much u r in this party….lastly you deserve it….apc….all the way…welll apc dont need people like you…

  • favourtalk

    He’s even the agent that caused the rotten in the nigeria political system. We need a better government and people like obanikoro is not an option for the betterment of the nation. We are in a country that need sanity. Nigeria will be better and nothing can PDP thugs and tout do. We need a change

  • Igweee!!!

    Shameless coward and hypocrite! Suddenly, you are worried that 806 was transformed into 863. Is your party not the same political party and Presidency which told Nigerians that candidate who polled 16 votes was the winner in an election in which his opponent polled 19 votes?

    Are you not the same Minister of Defence that took soldiers into Ekiti State to deny Amechi his right to freedom of movement and you you said the conduct was lawful?

    Is your party not the same political party that attacked opposition members for threatening that they would not accept a rigged election in 2015.

    Now, that you are the victim of crooked electoral arithmetics, you have suddenly realised that electoral fraud is injustice.

    You shameless hypocrites; just go home; lick your wounds and make a commitment to entrench TRUE JUSTICE and FAIRNESS across the entire country no matter who the beneficiary of injustice is. That is how to prevent making yourself a victim of the injustice you spread and support in the country when other people are the victimis.

  • Mosaku 147

    What goes around must come around. Shameless Koro,when he used his ‘powers’ to upturn and steal the wish of the people of ekiti,he forgot a day like yesterday would ever come. So does Koro mean PDP is fraudulent? I wish someone was bold enough to issue him one hot and correct slap when he was making these allegation against “our” great party phi dee phi.
    Omo ale oshi!

  • Ado Masoyi

    We dey laugh

  • Babandum

    Anything that is unjust to itself shall definitely implode. Obanikoro, now that you have tasted the PDP pudding, could you please start the process of party division so that we would have two PDPs in Lagos? That will make you famous! Also add some bit of thuggery to your political waterloo, the not-so-great Bode George. Shameless PDPite.

  • Wähala

    Ministers-to-Minions… The Omen!
    Obanikoro… Banished in Lagos
    Orubebe… Demolished in Edo
    Olubolade… Floored in Ekiti
    Nkechi Nwogu… Trashed in Abia
    Chukwu… Missing-in-Action in Ebonyi
    Lebaran Maku… Beaten by unknown new comer in Nasarawa
    Nyesom Wike… Won in Pitakwa (15 others boycotted the primaries)
    So, Obanikoro aka, Koro, should take his fellow fallen ministers to the nearest gulping hole and do odeku…
    Nigerians have one more logical vote and statement to make to the PDP by dumping Dr. Dumbo into the toilet and down the soakaway where he belongs. Obanikoro should accept the PDP magic of numbers and swallow his APC tablet to get rid of the headache. Bode George simply outflanked him in their dirty game. Now that he has no Ninja DSS ati military at his beck-n-call, it’s down to Area Boys and may the bigger thug win… Hahaha chai!

    • taiwo

      Amen. Is Pitakwa a corruption Port Harcourt?

      • Wähala

        No, no, no!
        It’s, Pita. akwa… which in Ibo means, to find the egg. Coined from the age-old Easter tradition of children finding eggs in the garden. Introduced to Nigeria by early oyel explorers from the British Empire, bad grammar reduced it to ‘Pitakwa in Poracot’ aka, Garden City. So, yes! In a way, it is a corrupt spelling of Port Harcourt to ridicule Lord Lugar for importing Aborigines to pristine Nigeria.

        • taiwo

          Thanks. Just learnt something new today. Some say you are a comedian. I don’t think so. But then, whats wrong being a very intelligent & perceptive comedian? On another note, I always think you must have had some not-so-great experiences with some Niger Deltans and thus hit them so hard because of these. Anyways, just my observation!

    • Goodluck_Nigeria

      Nyesom Wike survived because he is the need-of-the-hour that will ensure the end of Rotimi Amaechi in Rivers State. You can go to the Bank with the fact that Rotimi Amaechi is truly finished with the emergence of Nyesom Wike as the PDP Governorship candidate for Rivers State.

      However, you are very right about the others …….. they are completely junk and useless …… in fact, some of them like Maku, Orubebe, Olubolade are so useless that they nearly destroyed the Presidency of Dr Goodluck Jonathan GCFR, GCON, BNER, …… founder of true democracy in Nigeria and the World’s greatest leader of all times.

      GEJ forever !

      GEJ forever !

      GEJ forever !

      • Maria

        Wike’s victory is symbolic because it is going to put a 6 inch nail on the coffin of PDP in Rivers… mark my words.

        • Wähala

          It is shambolic not symbolic…
          The scam will coe back to hunt Dumbo in the general elections where it matters…
          No need to mark your words, I swallow them with odeku on daily basis. Thanks o’jare!

          • Plan and How

            @Wahala, The comedian-in-Chief at his usual best.

        • Plan and How

          @Maria, Are you hustling or you are serious? When was the last time you visited RS? Are you aware that it is less than 1% of the eventual voters are found at rallies. The riverine area of RS is in the minority in the present RS. Only Obio-Apor LGA is bigger than almost all the riverine votes combined.The realty now is different from when there was no Bayelsa State. Then after voting we will be waiting for the legendary Yenegoa and Sagbama result that always tilt the election to the Riverine man. Also are you aware that Chibuike is not on the ballot but his surrogate. Chibuike is not at all as popular as WIke in the Upland area especially among his Ikwerre kinsmen. Finaly ask yourself how popular is Peterside Dakuku even in Opobo-Nkoro-Bonny to the Kalabari areas. As you are aware the Ogu-Okirika axis is anti-Chibuike. It was a miscalculation not jump over Abe, because Abe would have attracted a reasonable %age of the Ogoni votes. Kalabaris consider themselves Ijaw so an Igbani man cannot count on their votes no matter the noise Chibuike makes about Soku Oil and Gas fields. In the final analysis WIke nomination is really founded on strong grounds more than you may think.

          • Wähala

            The Obio-Apor population you’re hinging your hopes on is made up of foreigners who will return to their various states to vote on D-Day therewith, leveling the playing fields. Gaskiya, Jo Dumbo and Lady Hippo fcuked-up big time by imposing Wike against the will & wishes of the people of Rivers. Chump, there’s something called, “protest votes” which will swing in favour of Amaechi and the APC. Riverine voters will unite and vote for Dakuku than an Ikwerre man, remember the ol’ Arab proverb? Simply put it means, even Asari Dokubo will vote against Wike while remaining a staunch supporter of the Otuoke Clown Prince… kapisch?

          • Plan and How

            @Wahala, you are just a bloody comedian. No need to respond to you.

      • Wähala

        Even you have said a Wike victory means catastrophe for the cabal in Pitakwa. Do you truly believe riverine dwellers will flood to vote for Nyesom Wike against Dakuku? Again, Gov. Amaechi has proven he’s a more savvy politician than the illiterate couple from Otuoke. Rivers is APC forever! HAHAHA CHAI…!!!

      • zacchaeus Akinleye

        Stop using Nzeogu’s picture. The photo has more honor than your postulations. Heard what Dr. Christopher Kolade said about Jonathan’s leadership? Please limit your warped reasonings to Otuokesphere.

  • Maria

    A dey laugh oooooo!

    • taiwo

      Me too o! .

  • Maria

    PDP implosions continue unabated…the God of heaven… the Almighty Jehovah… has rejected PDP the same way Saul was rejected.

  • taiwo

    PDPin! Power! Everyone run, run! Yeah! Everything Scatter, Scatter! Democracy Inaction.

  • Public Records

    “We will never pick Musliu Obanikoro; we will never return to Babylon.”
    We will do what the electorate want. We will never, never, never pick him”.

    “We will not vote for him, never. The PDP leadership has agreed that it
    would not subject the people of Lagos State to that kind of impunity again”.

    ………Senator Adeseye Ogunlewe

    [Tribune newspaper, December 8th, 2014]

    • R.S.K

      Alhaji Musilu Obanikoro did his best but should now take his rest.
      It is difficult to fight the leadership of any political party and prevail.
      The PDP leadership in Lagos state made clear Obanikoro is unwanted.
      Obanikoro should have taken the hint he was going to be muzzled out.

  • Chiotu Nnamdi

    Obanikoro ex ambassador,ex minister,ex senator,is he the only person from Lagos.

  • Eheli

    Obanikoro pease accept the reult with good faith beause this is hat you told Fayemi when he lost to Fayose.

  • Titi Doherty

    Jimi Agbaje looks like a more popular choice and one better-placed to displace the APC monarchy of Bola Ahmed Tinubu.
    Many Lagosians want a decent and polished PDP man to overthrow Bola Tinubu. They may be better off with Jimi Agbaje.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Titi, if Mr. Agabaje was so popular, why did he need ghosts to come and vote for him to win just the party primary?

      Or is he so popular that the ancestral bodies have to come down and exercise their universal suffrage too?

      • Plan and How

        @kaysoyemiesq:disqus You can only be teasing and joking. These are primary contests within the party. I want to point out two things to you. 1. With all the noise about Fashola, how come his preferred candidate cannot muster upto 2% of the votes in his own party? 2. Are you unaware of Jimi AGbaje in 2007 running on an unknown platform(DPN) his performance. Finally are you aware that there is a very serious chance that your Buhari may not secure the majority delegates votes tomorrow? Also I am sure that after watching Buhari on Sunday on Channels may have started thinking towards about your support. Popular primary election candidate does not really translate to general election best candidate.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          @Plan and How, i was not joking about primary rigging. It is not the same as general rigging (pardon my pun!).

          There can be only one winner, and Ambode is the APC winner. He, and Fash, have since closed the gap. This was made easy by the fact that ghosts did not vote in the APC primary and the Press were allowed in to televise it; unlike the PDP rigmarole.

          i enjoyed the GMB interview with GMB; and yes, I am slightly worried that GMB may not carry the APC ticket, but guess what? The APC has neutralised the power of money by the ‘secret balloting’ it adopted here and it is going to be televised live. That gives me the reassurance that whoever emerges at the end of the process would truly reflect the wishes of the delegates – as long as there are no ghosts involved in the voting – that is good enough for me.

          Now, as were saying…how did the ghosts that voted in the Lagos PDP get their accreditation?

          • Olusegun Olawonyi

            I like your response, Kay Soyemi. You have almost converted me.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Lol, Mr. Olawonyi.

            Thanks for the ‘near-compliment’!

            I am a later day convert to GMB – after about 30 years of grudge against him for using a retroactive law against those 3 drug couriers – but I am over that now because of his other more positive qualities. MNR was my candidate in 2011, but that gate is now foreclosed due to a lack of consistency in character of the later.

            Back to…

            I am hoping GMB gets the APC ticket, but his choice of running mate would be a great decider for me. This is because I personally would like to see him paired with BRF, but the religious bigots appear to be dictating the political direction in Nigeria today.

            I had suggested, if I was GMB, that I would select a number of possible running mates and get the public to chose for me since APC do not appear short of sterling candidates.

            Be as it may, I am resolutely sticking by ANY candidate (fingers x’d it’s not Atiku) fielded by APC because I am convinced that the party would exert a greater positive influence on that candidate, as opposed to a Jonothing that is almost undoubtedly held hostage to power by criminal forces within and around the PDP cabals.

          • craig


    • craig

      Talk for yourself and stop using the word ‘Many Lagosians”. Many lagosians do not need a political prostitute. He is in no class to Ambode. His political career will end finally in 2015.

  • Olutola

    Even if you void the 57 extra votes does that hand in victory to KORO?
    If PDP wants Lagos, Agbaje is the man to beat. There are so many of us;
    non-partisan voters who voted Fashola just to stop KORO at all cost
    though we were fans of Agbaje. We are also more pleased with him that he
    decided not to run against Fashola since our decision was to listen to
    the side “B” of Fashola cassette. Now his time has now fully come.

    • Seemeseetrouble


      Lagos state government has earned $40 billion in revenues between
      1999 and now. The money – less salary and running expenses – was partly shared
      between Bola Tinubu, and Raji Fashola under corporate guise in the worst scam
      ever in modern Yoruba history.

      Lagos state last year floated a loan bond of about 80
      billion Naira and got public investors to subscribe for repayment with interest
      but once the bond was fully subscribed, Raji Fashola took 40% of that money –
      about 35 billion Naira or so – and handed it over in cash to Bola Tinubu, via a
      bogus corporate front.

      This patently corrupt deal was ostensibly to buy back Lagos state
      ‘concession rights’ on the Lekki tolled Expressway, according to Raji Fashola.
      But what the corrupt and clever by half Raji Fashola did not say is that the
      land at issue belongs to Lagos state and was never sold to Bola Tinubu’s
      company in the first place. Or did Bola Tinubu’s company invest 35 billion
      Naira developing the road.

      • Seemeseetrouble


        In other words, by sheer fraud, Raji Fashola paid Bola Tinubu 25 years profit upfront,
        without any further work. A lien was then imposed on Lagos state allocation
        of federal revenue for the next three [3] years to pay for this 80 billion Naira debt,
        by all Lagos residents. This transaction must count as the worst fraud ever
        in Yoruba history, since Nigeria became independent on October 1, 1960.

        In fact, On May 21st, 2014, the Lagos State Commissioner for Finance, Ayodeji Gbeleyi,
        confirmed that Lagos state debts, as at May 2014, stood at N435 billion – including N275 billion
        in bonds – equivalent to 2.7 billion United States dollars.

        Now, discounting monthly interest rates on the commercial portion of this debt, the gross Lagos’
        debt is now equal to all of the expected revenue allocation to Lagos in the next two and half years,
        currently standing at $3.7 billion, without equivalent benefits on the ground;
        to show for it – dollar for dollar.

        • No Comment

          “Although the total cost of the
          completed section of the Lekki-Epe express road concession remain shrouded in
          secrecy, information from various media sources suggest that about N35 billion
          in total may have been expended to construct the completed 15km of it, which
          represents N2.3 billion per km in construction costs.”

          “In other words, about 70% of the
          estimated total costs of the project, five years ago, have been expended to
          construct only 30% of the project. If the project continues in this manner,
          with the new demand from LCC, it would not be long before it becomes clear that
          the project has become a fraud and negates the interests of Lagos tax payers.”

          ………………….Vanguard newspaper

          [November 26, 2013]

  • Truthometer

    Obanikoro, a taste of your own pill, is not a bad idea. Remember what you did in Ekiti together with Adesiyan? Dumbo used you and dumped you. What goes around, comes around. So, deal with it! Or you want to talk to APC for any possible opening? Tinubu can help; just give him a call. I dey laugh o!

  • Lanre

    It is quite sad that Jimi Agbaje will be in a party like the PDP. What ambition does to men. Ambode might be a Tinubu man but he is far better than anyone associated with Bode George. Lagos don’t waste your votes on Jaykay Agbaje.

    • craig

      Never will we. Jimi Agbaje political career will finally end in 2015.

      • AA

        Jimi Agbaje is a likeable man, no doubt, but he would live to regret his alliance with Bode George. I also don’t trust him that he can take Lagos to the next level. My questions is: beyond the media hype, what has this man achieved in concrete terms in his professional career? Can we afford to entrust the destiny of a strategic state like Lagos to an untested hand like Agbaje? Just asking.

  • Maria

    “I still can’t comprehend how accredited delegates of 806 rose to 867,”…really? Did you ever comprehend how 16 was declared winner over 19? Dont feign ignorance of the fraud called PDP. Koro rigged the elections in Ekiti, using his position as minister of defense. Now… he’s been paid back in his own coins… I am loving this!

    • GEJmustgo!

      They have shown us their true color in a broad day light. PDP is nothing but fraud and 419! That’s what they are trained to do and that’s what they do and where they belong yo nationwide!

  • felix

    mr obanikoro cut ur loses and go home remember u are d hatchet man in ekiti few months back rigging and harrassin members of d oppostion party, ur party has a funny way of dealin with numbers, 4 an example 16 is more dan 19 , 7 is more dan 19 and u are down with it why now are u complainin, mr jega meanin jonathan ebele goodluck azikiwe has no problem with numbers hes also down with it, ley me put u on notice dat come 2015 our GOD will deliver our country from d hands of ur party d pdp and those dat agree with me pls say a big AMEN IN CAPITAL LETTERS, 4 jimi agbaje dinin with a convicted criminal has disqualified u already

  • Watchtower

    Editor Premium Times,

    Musiliu Obanikoro and Supo Shasore: Compare and Contrast

    This result shows that Musliu Obanikro is a force to reckon with inside PDP.
    The forces arraigned against him were too strong and yet he scored 39.7%.
    Compared to Supo Shasore who was funded and backed by an incumbent
    governor (Raji Fashola) but scored only 2% of the total votes cast in rival APC,
    Musiliu Obanikoro on his own efforts had a great outing with 39.7% of total votes.

    • Dada P. Eshubi

      Very true! This was a good day for Obanikoro. He lost gallantly.

      • N.. Ojora

        @ Watchtower,

        Bode George; in alliance with the PDP Lagos state Chairman, and, Senator Adeseye Ogunlewe,
        is too strong a force to array against a single aspirant. You are right. Obanikoro had no chance.
        That un-usual alliance was quickly put together just to stop Musiliu Obanikoro. That means PDP

        knows that without such a strong coalition of Lagos state PDP executives, Musiliu Obanikoro

        might have won this election hands-down.

      • Ojora

        @ Watchtower,

        Bode George; in alliance with the PDP Lagos state Chairman, and, Senator Adeseye Ogunlewe,
        is too strong a force to array against a single aspirant. You are right. Obanikoro had no chance.
        That un-usual alliance was quickly put together just to stop Musiliu Obanikoro. That means PDP
        knows that without such a strong coalition of Lagos state PDP executives, Musiliu Obanikoro
        might have won this election hands-down.

        • Valentine

          Are you guys blind or what? You guys are not even asking the right question.
          Was this election free and fair when ballots exceeded accredited delegates?
          Without resolving that first question how do you know who won or lost the poll?

          • Sholoko

            The votes cast at PDP prmiray pass number of voters? Ha, ha, ha, deris God O!

  • Maria

    Thief Bode George… and 419 Adeseye Ogunlewe have shown Koro that he is still a learner in the business of rigging.

  • Lala

    I am not surprised. What do you expect of PDP magicians!? With magical arithmetic like 16> 19, 7> 26, importation of thugs to make up numbers in a house of assembly anything can happen. Phee Dee Pigs! Power! Make unu carry go, nothing do una!

  • MushinSpeaks

    He was hated in 2011, destroyed in 2014! Lagosians do not want him.
    CHANGE we need!

  • Chris1408

    Used and dumped. He took Nigerian soldiers to Ekiti, but area boys to Lagos. From grace to grass.

  • Ahmad

    Obanikoro, So before your korokoro eyes dem com rig you out? Chai! Chai!! Chai!!! Deiris God oh.


      How can Obanikoro condemn rigging when he was the architect of PDP electoral shenanigans in Ekiti and Osun? Who deployed troops to intimidate and arrest the opposition in both cases? Who used troops to stop Gov. Amaechi from getting to Ado Ekiti from Akure? What goes around comes around. Obanikoro, I dey laugh oooo

      • Ahmad

        The man forgot that there is a word called NEMESIS. Laughter wan kill me sef. Na tumble I de tumble since.

  • SAM .A

    Watchtower &Ojora , since both of u are graduates of Pee dee pee college of Mathematics, add koro’s 343+60 =403which is not =432.
    The passan wey u use beat iyale ,is on the roof for iyawo !!!! When koro was dangling his thuggish head over Ondo, Ekiti & Osun. Election with massive fraud at Ife , he was enjoying it, now pay back time .
    Ex convict Bode George and Ogunlewe has just reached out to the same passan and whoop Koro’s a”h.
    Koro must remember Amuda omo pupa in Mushin and Elewe eran in Ibadan , karma never forger it’s route and time. Meanwhile koro should enjoy this as he goes into political oblivion .

    • Dele

      Mr. Sam:

      I beg, don’t mind both of them. They sound objective but i suspect they are Koro fanatics!

  • Maria

    The number of votes cast at the Lagos PDP primary was more than the number of voters…Certainly some invisible ghosts also cast votes! GEJ invented the Ghosts, which PDP used against Mr Koro. It is so sad that while Mr Koro was seated in his majesty expecting that he would be declared winner, some ghosts sneaked into the arena… and cast votes… Mr Koro does not have the spiritual eyes to see the ghosts! Indeed, there is God ooooo!

  • Truthometer

    Obanikoro should be able to comprehend what is going on with the result. It’s the same PDP’s formula that made 16 to be greater than 19, during the governors’ forum election and 7 PDP legislators in Ekiti, forming majority against 19 legislators. It’s all PDP Magic. Remember you are all rogues, including the ex-convict, Bode George, your current oppressor. What you did in Ekiti with soldiers, unfortunately can’t be re-enacted with area boys in Lagos. What goes around, comes around. Deal with it!

    • Akiika

      …i think am, you type am! it’s all good.
      Imagine!, daddy thug (Bode George) outrig uncle thug (Koro-fo), we no go hear word again. It’s a PDP style.

    • McAlfred Uta

      Koro had used the army effectively in Ekiti gubernatorial election and even Osun and also during a senatorial bye election in Ondo south. The chickens are coming home to be roasted If the difference between 863 and 806 is 57 lets remove it from Agbaje’s 432. That leaves Koro with 343 and Agbaje with 375 and Koro 343. Now who is still the winner in the murky internal family politics of PDP. My advise to Koro; What goes around comes around. Please retire for the sake of your son who is gunning for parliamentary seat.


    And these are the clowns who want to rule Lagos? Common!

    • Records


      “Bola Tinubu is a political leopard that cannot change its skin.
      The man is not a democrat, has never been a democrat and will never be a
      democrat. The truth of the matter is that democracy does not suit Tinubu’s the
      political agenda. In a moment of Nebuchadnezzar exuberance before the Ekiti
      poll, Tinubu declared: “Nobody, no one under the sun, under the United Nations
      Human Rights Charter, can stop Bola Tinubu’s ambition.”

      “Come February 2015, Lagos voters must send Tinubu into early retirement,
      recognising that a vote for APC again is a vote for political slavery to the whims
      and caprices of one insatiable godfather. After what we witnessed at the APC primaries
      for the prospective governor of Lagos, it is clear that the onus is now on the
      Lagos electorate to put a stop to Tinubu pomposity in Lagos.”

      …………..Femi Aribisala

      (December 9th, 2014)

      • Durosanmi Peters

        But Lagosians are voluntary slaves of one man. Voluntary slaves have no human rights.
        Bola Tinubu has no responsibility or liability for taking due advantage of retarded people.

      • Olad

        Is it a crime for someone like Tinubu to take up leadership role in politics. Why not just say clearly you want PDP in Lagos. Lagosians know what they want and APC brought development, does it matter who exercises the leadership role. Could PDP have done better in Lagos


        You have just quoted a man who is a hack. His comments on Tinubu are not worth the paper on which they are written! Any comment driven by unbridled hatred is better thrashed!

  • Akiika

    Koro-fo…abi na Jagaban do this one too?

  • Zippo


    “Bode George has been the problem as far as this party (PDP) is concerned
    and there is no doubt in my mind that he supervised this electoral malpractice.
    How do you expect the panel chairman arriving Lagos at 10 am on
    Monday and not starting the election until 5pm in the evening”.

    “You can judge by some of the pronouncements made by Bode George,
    Ogunlewe and a host of others. One of the reasons why this party has
    failed is because it is being led by the likes of Bode George and Ogunlewe”.

    “We submitted ourselves to a process that we felt will be free and fair,
    but unfortunately, they decided to play religious politics, manipulation of electoral process,
    particularly on Election Day. This to me is unacceptable, we will contest it in every sense of it,
    and until the needed necessary corrections are made, we will not rest.”

    • Dave

      If PDP is tied up with litigation over this Lagos primary the rival APC will win the 2015 election.
      Seems better for PDP to resolve the appeal submitted by Musiliu Obanikoro quickly and fairly.

      • Deacon

        Misled by naïve pastors, Nigerian Christians are
        told from the pulpit to close their eyes and wait for Elijah’s chariot of fire
        to take them to heaven. Muslims meantime dominate the country and take control
        of the public treasury by thinking as a group.

        Even as they are being targeted and killed like
        flies, in thousands, each Christian only selfishly thinks of his own personal
        salvation in heaven. For so long as this selfish mentality persists in Nigerian
        Christendom it is a matter of time before the north and the west of Nigeria are
        overwhelmed to become an Islamic state.

        • Holy Warrior

          @ Deacon:

          All by themselves the Lagos Christians voluntarily aided and
          abetted an Islamic state of Lagos. The rest of the world hissed and ignored the
          on-going killings of Christians because with their own hands, without being a
          minority in Yorubaland, the Christians enthroned Islamic state upon themselves
          out of a deadly combination of foolishness and mis-teachings by their Pastors
          that Holy Spirit can pay school fees; and, put food on the table.

          • Asuquo Etinan

            Are you people alright at all? Ha, ha! We are talking of how 806 people voted with one ballot paper each, but when the votes were counted, the ballot papers found in the ballot box were 863 in number.

            That is the trouble here. What has Prophet Elijah got to do with that? Are ‘miracles’ supposed to happen inside ballot box nowadays? I beg una, go away with your holy spirit talk. We don’t need any chariot of fire to know that this one is a case of mag-mago.

          • Public Records

            “We are fighting a religious war. We are fighting against Christians in Nigeria.
            We are fighting against the Christian President – Goodluck Jonathan – and all his
            Christian brethren. We are not fighting an ethnic war.”

            “Those saying we are fighting an ethnic war are telling lies to the public.”

            “They try to brainwash the people. We are fighting a religious war. We are fighting
            against the Christians. We are fighting against the Christian President, Jonathan,
            and his Christian brethren.”

            .………..Abubakar Shekau

            (Leader of Boko Haram)

            [December 28, 2013]

          • Ray

            Me i agree with you. Heaven helps those who help themselves!

          • Shehu

            What do you agree with? Be specific, don’t just type.

      • Obinna D. Achu

        Mr. Dave,

        See now! Koro is the one shouting that religion was put into this PDP election. Nobody else is saying so.
        Now, when you put Islam and Christianity into election, katakata will start. No court can solve religious crisis.
        Me i don’t like what is happening. It is very dangerous. Election is becoming warfare in Nigeria. Even one of the candidates came to polling booth with bullet proof dress. What is all this? Why put religion into voting?

  • Malam Hausafulani

    Sorry o Koro. E be like say Dumbo don shege you finish ! May be by now you for don learn say Jagaban sabi magic from wheresoever and that shoe get size o. sorry, you hear.

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    • Kitunde

      Really? You people are full of jokes….You are either really witty or just plain mad!