PHOTO NEWS: Inside the arms-laden, Chad-bound aircraft detained in Nigeria

The Russian airplane intercepted by Nigerian authorities Saturday on its way to neighbouring Chad, was transporting a large cache of AK47s and bullet proof vests, and even a helicopter, images of the contents of the aircraft obtained by PREMIUM TIMES, have shown.

The Russian jet, labelled AH-124-100, is a heavy military transport aircraft. Air cargo experts describe it as one of the biggest serial and strategic heavy lifters in the world. It is intended for the transportation of heavy and oversized cargo and various special-purpose vehicles.

There is a helicopter inside the aircraft grounded in Kano. It also contains various military hardwares Nigerian officials suspect to be arms, ammunitions and special equipment.

See photos below.


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  • the truth

    Nigerian government should never allow this flight to take off until this boko haram bashing is concluded. This military hard wares were meant for boko haram to continue resisting the military. Some northern elders are preview to this because they’re the ones financing the purchase of this weapons in collaboration with the government of Chad. Thank God there are still some loyal security men over there if not, some of those weapons would have been discharged in Kano. By now, they would have reached thecamp of boko haram.

    • justice

      Perverted thinking as usual.

    • SOSA

      sad thing is, for every 1 dey catch..5/6 sail through unnoticed. & soon dey will say that it is unemployment that is causing insurgency. meanwhile ppl are actively contributing money and raising funds to fund destruction.#diaris God o!

    • kammykazee

      Gej Apologist!, you have changed your tune, were you not the one talking gibberish yersterday saying the plane belongs to Russian, that it was planned to disguise the true origing of the arms filled aircraft? by their fruit we shall know them. The fickle one, aka ‘the thruth’.

    • tundemash

      D@ft as usual. Guess who has been to Chad severally in the last few months ?

  • Olu Ade

    I hope the religious and South South bigots learn from this story that it is legitimate and normal to query the intention of whoever owns a plane used for any legal or illegal transactions, just as Russia’s name has been circulating with this story. Russia is not crying foul or calling people names (or saying crucify the opposition), they only explain their side of the story. Compare this with Mr. Oritsejafor and his supporters calling people anti Christianity for calling them to explain why Mr. Oritsejafor plane was involved in breaking the laws of South Africa in the foiled arms deal.

    With Russian denial, where is Marilyn Oga’s DSS to provide intelligence report…they are busy chasing shadows, running after the opposition. May God expose all these evil people causing problems in Nigeria.

    • Alcindo Satori

      Define pea brain — when a supposedly sane human equates ferrying of cash to ferrying of military hardware. But then I look closely and ahaa…Olu Ade! A Yoruba man. Sigh, why waste my precious time

      • Olu Ade

        I don’t expect bigots like you to understand my comments because you always see things from ethnic and religious perspectives. Call it by whatever name you wish, illegality has no other name other than breaking a law. So, you think ferrying of huge cash for the purpose of buying arms illegally is better or less illegal than actual ferrying of military hardware, give me a break Mr. Satori.

        If I want to go your way and start classifying illegality, I would say a plane meant for Chad but that was forced to Land in Nigeria due to technical problem and which the pilot sought approval for emergency landing did not intentionally break our law ( though God might have used the so called technical problem to expose them if this was a sinister plan). Compare this to your Oritsejafor arms deal: ferried illegal cash out of Nigeria (1st illegality), enter another country, South Africa with illegal cash (2nd illegality), failed to declare the cash in South Africa (3rd illegality), sought to buy arms illegally in a sovereign country without the country knowing (4th illegality), forging documents 2days after they were caught (5th illegality) and a private jet used as commercial and for illegal purpose (6th illegality) etc.

        In summary, all I can say is that you should do me favour by logging out of this forum and don’t come back until you talk to the little people in your head. After your head is fixed and you get checked, you can come back and we can then have a reasonable discussion.

      • Papamayor

        Your type is taking this country backward. The bigotry in your comment is pretty obvious and it is a shame. You cannot put forward an intelligent argument, and as a diversion, you went insulting a tribe. It is a shame.

      • Gaskiya

        How about you??? It is regrettable that you are not using your brain objectively. You full of bias.

  • Sword of Damocles

    Someone correct me if I am wrong but doesnt that appear to be a russian flag on the plane’s tail fin?

    • umolu

      Yes, Russian national colors are white, red and blue.



  • umolu

    Knowing what we know now, that while the cargo plane belonged to Russia, the contents belong to France. This suggests further that France is heavily involved in terrorism in Africa. The plane was as it is stated headed for Chad-a French property country en route to another French Occupied Country-Congo.This is why a strong and credible Nigeria government will have to take on France just like we did during the apartheid regime in South Africa. The situation in West Africa French ‘owned’ Countries is akin to what obtained in South Africa then.All that France does is put a stooge in a country like Cameron, Chad, Gabon etc and loot their resources.Even after these lame ducks die, France simply force their sons on these helpless Africans; thereby making it impossible for them to elect their own leaders. That is why one Eyadima, will leave and another comes, like in Gabon and Congo.Why is this conversation necessary? Nigeria is all surrounded by French Occupied countries. You cannot be at rest and try to grow with France controlled countries like these.So we can see a Russian plane with France cargo of weapons on Nigeria soil not headed for France but to an African country! The European Union knows what France Does in Africa but they care less What a Shame! Nigeria is in a position to call off this bluff from France. Send them warning shots, severe diplomacy with France, nationalize their properties and tell them to leave Africa alone. Other so called Colonial masters have left, why are they still behind? Right now they are digging our oil in the Chad basin which belongs to Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameron. France cannot survive without loot from West Africa. What a pity!

  • Zubairu Usman

    The Nigerian intelligence authorities must do a thorough investigation in line with the UN set objectives, regardless of how long it takes, in view of the facts that the contents in the Cargo plane are weapons of mass destruction in African Continent.

  • anon

    Plane is russian but it’s rent-a-mover kind of plane.
    The content are obviously french. It’s sodding written on the crates ARMEE DE L’AIR ESTEREL (3/60 transport squadron), but I guess it’s too much to ask for a journalist to learn how to read.