Russia disowns Chad-bound arms-laden plane arrested in Nigeria

Grounded Chad-bound plane.... Photo Credit: Madquest ‏@Mansur295 via twitter

The Russian government has denied that the aircraft, filled with military hardware, arrested in Nigeria Saturday has any link with Russia.

The Eastern European country said through its embassy in Nigeria that the plane wasn’t Russian and had no link with Russia.

“According to the information of the Embassy, the detained in Kano plane, allegedly carrying military hardware on board, is not Russian,” the Russia Embassy in Nigeria, tweeted via its handle   late Saturday.

Media reports had suggested Saturday that the aircraft, now being detained at the Aminu Kano Airport in Kano, originated from Russia.

The plane, loaded with arms, bullet proof vests and a chopper, is believed to be on its way to neighbouring Chad, when it was intercepted by Nigerian authorities.

Although it confirmed the aircraft was being held and investigated, the military did not say where it originated from and where it was headed.

“An Antonov Cargo aircraft carrying some military hardware was arrested at the Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport in the early hours of Saturday 6th Dec. 2014,” the military tweeted via its handle [@DefenceInfoNG].

“Investigation is ongoing to determine the content and origin of the aircraft. Further details will be made as soon as the investigation is completed.”

Security operatives at the Kano Airport had seized the plane when it landed at the facility at about 2a.m. Saturday as a result of technical problems.

Crew members of the airplane were immediately detained while investigations continued, officials said.

“Security has since been beefed up at the airport in order to ensure proper investigation,” the officials added.

The General Manager, Communications, Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, Yakubu Datti, confirmed the seizure of the plane.

He said the pilot sought permission to land at the airport after the plane developed problems.

“The plane had a technical problem and the pilot sought (for) permission to land at the airport’’, he said.

Mr. Datti said security agencies had since commenced investigation into the matter.

Security sources told PREMIUM TIMES the plane was travelling to N’djamena, the capital of Chad.

PR Nigeria, an agency known for distributing press statements on behalf of the Nigerian military, later circulated a statement saying the aircraft contained “a chopper tucked in it”.

“… Intense investigation is ongoing including using diplomatic means to unravel the mission of the aircraft, its origin and destination,” the statement said.

This is the third time since 2009 that planes loaded with arms would be arrested in Kano, our correspondent says.

The detained planes were later released after investigations.

The destination of the latest aircraft has however raised concerns amid increasing worries in Nigeria over Chad’s alleged role in the Boko Haram insurgency plaguing Nigeria’s northeast.


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  • Frank Bassey

    This is not the first time arms-carrying aircraft will be impounded in Kano. This airport must be a transit route; and it is not surprising.

    • kammykazee

      Of course not surprising, especially with the part ‘The detained planes were later released after investigations’ we all know who got the power to release those planes. Where are Reuben Àpatì and Doyin Òkúùgbẹ́ when you need them? I guess they are preparing their response, belated as usual.

    • Alcindo Satori

      Kano is the headquarters of boko haram, and their governor is one of the leaders!!

      • Jika

        Yeah right!!!!!The airport is not a federal facility,the Nigerian airspace is manned by employees of Kano state,the security forces who impounded and later released the previous aircrafts are special advisers to Kano Governor.The airport officials that reportedly took Modu Sheriff on tour of the impounded aircraft are Kwankwaso boys etc.Give me a break!

  • Otono

    Our clueless President looks on while the whole laugh at Nigeria. South Africa exposed Nigeria to the world for ridicule over the arms deal. They stood their ground in the face threat but Nigeria government will agree for diplomatic “settlement” as usual. Three Iranians imported arms to Nigeria and went away with the crime. Several other planes impounded in the pars escaped the usual way. Why are they law at passing through Nigeria? May be they know they can get away with anything in Naija after officials are settled. Some people are taking Nigeria for a ride. Chadian President and government should by tried in Hague for genocide. The chibok girls are safe in Chad. They will buy time and “settle” this one too. There is God……….. God eh ……….God eh God eeeeeeeeeeeeeh.

  • Gideon Orkar

    Xmas has come early for Naija. Free arms!

    • The Nationalst

      Yes our army should manage these arms till USA is ready to resume selling us arms

  • Wähala

    Since the Russian Govt. has officially disowned the plane, and Nigerian officials have not issued any official statements regarding the mysterious aircraft, it’s safe to assume the cargo was meant for Boko Haram via Chad. It’s no secret Ali Modu Sheriff and Idriss Deby of Chad are coordinating the BH mayhem for Dumbo who recently visited N’djamena for unclear reasons. The investigation should be turned over to the ICC or an International outfit since the Nigerian Army is compromised and arms proliferation treaties/controls are international laws Nigeria is signatory to. The source should be easy to trace since all weapons have serial numbers and mfg. dates. Whoever ordered that large cache of weapons is the brains, political and economic sponsor of Boko Haram terrorism… and responsible for murdering 30,000 innocent Nigerians while displacing 2,5million others into refugees camps in Nigeria & neighboring countries. Na Dumbo… Ende!

    • kammykazee

      My broda, like i said it is going to be a belated response from the presidency as usual, Doyin and Reuben already preparing their response, they just waiting for oppositions to react to this new development before Abati and co travellers defend the indefensible as usual, that is this govt modus operandi.

    • Fulani Nomad

      Don’t expect any intelligent respond from the government. All this scam about BOKO HARAM involve a small section of our legitimate security officials. Only dumbo and selected few from Army, Airforce, Navy, DSS, and knows how they operate.

    • Digma Zubairu

      Please tell them let them hear properly. And repeat! Is a nice submission.

    • Digma Zubairu


    • DESTINY,

      What gain dose Jonathan dérivés from sponsorings bokoharam,

      • Wähala

        What gain did he derive from bombing Nigeria on Independence Day and absolving MEND of the crime?
        Na “political dividend” pfool. He destabilized the North West to cancel elections there (hear Jega & INEC) citing insecurity. That’s why he allowed the insurgency to fester. Dumbo is a very mean psychopath with a deceitful meek smile. He’s a cold killer who went from the scene of bloodbath in Nyanya Park to drink red wine in a Kano party scene… Dumbo is not a normal human being, neither are kalakas normal beings. Kapisch?

        • PROF

          I see the mental home has given you a day off .

          • Tonnero

            He needs the day off to relax after spending weeks taking care of you and your fellow inmates at the mental home.

        • Beskpoke

          Just be careful the way you mention MEND in your demented comments from your leprous mouth. Such a noble civil liberty organization should not be referred to by anyone sane or insane. You are warned!

          • Wähala

            MEND is a terrorist outfit unlike any other murderous dysfunctional killers, hear me so? There is absolutely no difference between them and other misguided elements using violence to advance demented views. You are a wetback and ignorant pfool high on whatever they give you urchins at Amnesty Camps. Go warn your papa and not me, a thousand near-naked Aborigines with brains floating on ogogoro are not enough to silence me. Ediot, do you I’m Dumbo who’s scared to visit your slimy riverine enclaves because a thug threatened to pop a balloon if he showed up? Mordafcuker!

          • Bespoke

            You go everywhere confidently? Ok! Why not go to Ilorin confidently’ and reclaim the Oba’s throne?


      Only a moron who is heavily driven by unrestrained hate would:

      1. Believe and propagate the theory that an infidel Christian is actively directing Muslim terrorists to kill their fellow Muslims.

      2. relegate the intelligence of Muslims(even the terrorists amongst them) to sub-moronic levels .

      3. Cynically propagate and insinuate that a C-IN-C is actively supplying weapons to terrorists engaged in armed conflict with his own troops.

      4. Insult the men and women of the Nigerian military by spreading the falsehood that their C-IN-C is BH

      @Wahala….in the days of this same Dictator Buhari whom you support,you would be publicly executed and your family exterminated !

  • George

    This is for Boko Haram. Please confiscate the plane and its contents.

  • Scalywag

    Was it recently alleged by fleeing security officials that Boko Haram were attacking them with aircraft? Was it not recently revealed by eyewitnesses that helicopters were running sorties into sambisa? Are these related to current happenings? Is the SAS-GAS in the mix?

  • favourtalk

    Thank God for intercepting such bad weapons which would have been used again to scatter some part in Nigeria. Kudos to the unrelenting effort from the nigeria military, how we wish some people didn’t vote base on pity with GEJ, we would have this problem or it won’t even excalate to this level. We are on our way for change IJN

  • henry

    You guys should wake up from your slumber now..this weapon supply is just a stratagem. Since US would not supply Nigeria weapons which we desperately need to fight Boko Haram, Russia has done so with a decoy of making it look like it was being supplied to Chad but making sure the plane touch down in Nigeria so that our security operatives can impound it and make use of it. And also there after debunking it the supply. Whats important now is that we have got some nice weapons with us now, 4get whom it was meant for. Ask your selves the question that (1) “What type of War is Chad fighting that it needs such large weapons?” ” If Chad had been supplying Boko Haram weapons to fight us, obviously they wont attempt to take such weapons through NIgeria… After all BH guys av been getting weapons without any of it passing through Nigeria…I believe with all the guns and fighter jets that we have in our custody now…we should muster the force to wipe out the BH in one fell swoop…hopefully though…Cos it can be more complex than we know…May God help Nigeria

    • The Nationalst

      You sound like a boko haram sponsor

    • DESTINY,

      what a bad conclusion from You.

  • amazing2012

    Over to Jonathan !

  • clairvoyance

    The Russian government as since responded through it’s embassy that they know nothing about the plane, Gej government what are u waiting for to tell us who ordered for those weapons since nor of the security agencies as claimed they did, it safe to assume the weapons were been transported to Boko haram via Chad. Another fallout of Gej’s meeting with the Chadian president, so Nigerians those who sponsors this terrorist are in government, with Jonathan as the head.

    • cookie

      damn… you are really smart… you sound like a first class bigot.

      • Alcindo Satori

        No, he exposes Nigeria’s biggest problem… ignorance!! No solution to ignorance at all

      • Tonnero

        My friend, stop using words you do not understand. You need to check the meaning of bigot in the dictionary.

  • Ilesanmi

    The reports said there were two previous seizures of planes laden with arms. What happened to the planes and the cargoes?
    What stops this case from ending like the previous ones?

  • Olu Ade

    I hope the religious and South South bigots learn from this story that it is legitimate and normal to query the intention of whoever owns a plane used for any legal or illegal transactions, just as Russia’s name has been circulating with this story. Russia is not crying foul or calling people names (or saying crucify the opposition), they only explain their side of the story. Compare this with Mr. Oritsejafor and his supporters calling people anti Christianity for calling them to explain why Mr. Oritsejafor plane was involved in breaking the laws of South Africa in the foiled arms deal.

    With Russian denial, where is Marilyn Oga’s DSS to provide intelligence report…they are busy chasing shadows, running after the opposition.May a God expose all these evil people causing problems in Nigeria.

    • sani

      Amen My BRother

  • Okodoro

    This story is clear that Modu Sheriff is involved

    • Jika


  • Sani

    the best thing for both xtians and muslims is just prayers, and believe it will all come to past. Insha Allah, all u need to do is vote wisely.

    • NaijaMindOfChange

      A prayer that pdp should vacate the Aso rock for APC

  • T

    This Kano and Military cargo interception thing, its getting too much, whats really happening. The politics is getting too much. Why should legal military hardware pass through our air space without official clearance? we have turnned into a ganstar federal republic. Tomorrow we will here that they have settled through diplomacy

  • shine your eyes

    Weapons supplied by Esterel – France.

  • NaijaMindOfChange

    Jonathan administration has turn nigeria a dumping ground where nigerians life re not save and protected..we need change

  • Nwa _ Africa

    There is no problem as our military should use them and kill the Boko Haram.

  • Proudly Niger Deltan

    When some of us told you that Kwankanmanso is an arms dealer, many of you disagreed. But breeze has blown and fowl yansh do open waaaaa…a plane from which they hoped to get arms and restock their arms bunkers scattered all over Kano has been impounded…and they tell you the destination was Chad…Chad indeed!…who does not know the smuggling tactics of these desperate politicians? This is how all the arms are smuggled into the North, via their airports manned by their own people. Thank God, the man on ground at the airport wasn’t a Fulani Jihadist…otherwise, as usual, the arms will be delivered safely to boko haram.

    …But it is Oritsejafor’s Jet that APC will make noise about. No statement from APC till date…No statement from Arewa Congress …I haven’t heard of Liar Mohammed’s press statement on this Jet laden arms either…or is he seeking ways to delay time so as not to hurriedly make ay statement that might backfire…well, anyhow they try, Great Jona MUST complete his term…and all oil blocks & licenses MUST be returned to the owners. Period.

    This is the 4h time since 2009 that a Jet will be impounded in Kano for carrying arms…and in Kano, we found arms bunkers…any link? …and Kwankanmanso is a presidential candidate in arms…No be small thing oh…This quest for Aso Rock na wao…What of the Jets that never get impounded? What of the Private Jets these guys fly? What of the Cargo planes the “Business men” of the North use to “ferry their goods”?

    • tbt

      just on the point, the fact is that this our brothers southerners doesn’t know about this OIL LICENSE that are due for renewal 2015, yet they are supporting this 75yrs old man for president. Boko haram formation and APC where simply formed to address Northern agenda, OIL BLOCK LICENSE 2015. and nothing more.

  • Sword of Damocles

    Greedy/Amoral Russia. As usual no qualms about who they sell their weaponry to (as long as they get PAID). they better pray that those weapons “somehow” was meant for the Nigerian military(for if they were not?its not good). The Russian Bear is scrambling to dissemble, so as to not appear to have been selling arms in an internecine conflict. Still want to know who’s country’s flag do I see on the tail fin of that plane, sure looks like Russia’s to me..just sayin………

    • JonathanPHOBIC

      The Flag is the colours of the Aggrieved People’s Congress or if you like, the Associated Parasitic Congress. Guess your curiosity satisfied?

      • Sword of Damocles

        Actually NO! it has increased, now i am also fixated by your nom de guerre, which at face value suggests an a adversary of the Clown Prince. But no, let me guess, probably a seasoned acolyte, buttlicker extraordinaire of the “PHD” President who does not comprehend the import of their name. Well done, carry on…….

  • tbt

    My people this OIL BLOCK LICENSE THAT IS DUE FOR RENEWAL IN 2015 will take over 2million Nigerians life before the Northerners will know that OIL BLOCKS ARE FOR ALL NIGERIANS and not Northerners only.

  • NaijaMindOfChange


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