Another twin blast rocks Maiduguri market; dozens feared killed

File Photo: Scene of an explosion in Maiduguri on November 25, 2014

Many persons are feared killed in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital, Monday, after two explosions went off at the Maiduguri main market, where two suicide bombers last week detonated deadly explosives, killing themselves and several other people.

The explosions sounded almost one after the other at about 11:20 am.

A witness, Abba Ibrahim, who works as a security guard at a government hospital near the market, told journalists that the thunderous blasts caused several traders to scamper to safety.

“As it is now, people are running for dear lives, so one cannot confirm to you the extent of damage, but the two blasts we just heard were too loud that it could cause more damage than the ones of last week,” he said.

A trader, Dauda Bala, who spoke with journalists on phone said, “The security and other aid workers are trying to evacuate the dead and injured persons from the scene of the explosion…I can’t say how many were killed or injured but I have seen very many victims dripping with blood, others with parts of their bodies dismembered by the blasts”.

Another witness at the market, who gave his name as Mallam Bashir, said the explosions were caused by two suspected female suicide bombers.

“The explosions occurred at the area where fowls are being sold inside the market, very close to the First Bank branch. Those close enough to the place said it was two girls who came into the market with the bombs,” said Mr. Bashir, a used cloth vendor.

The spokesperson of the Borno State Command of the Nigeria Police, Gideon Jubrin, confirmed the incident but said details were still sketchy.

“Of course we heard the explosions somewhere in town but it will be too early now to say what actually happened and what damage was caused by the explosion until much later,” he said.


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  • Onike24

    This is really too much…..

    • mao

      My brother, its overwhelming. Haba!!! What do they want sef? Its time to start asking serious questions. What do these people want? They kill children, women, the most vulnerable amongst us. Human lives are just wasting for nothing. This is madness.

      • True Nigerian

        Believe it or not, corruption and armed robbers have killed more people than boko haram. The only thing is that this country has not been counting and keeping records, just in the same way that many boko haram attacks are not being reported even now.

        Overall, this country was in coma before boko haram and Jonathan’s ethnocentric incompetent knee-jerk presidency came to kill it off. Long before Jonathan and boko haram started their own damage, corruption and visionless leadership already had this country on its knees. But Nigerians have been far from being attentive; they were and still are too inattentive to notice.

        If we don’t start paying intelligent and issue-based attention immediately, we will soon wake up in a Nigerianistan or Somalia-like Nigeria.

        People already hate each other so much that they don’t even have time to see who the real enemies are – mindless corruption, reckless leadership and unintelligent citizenry! The first two are surviving on the last one.

        • mao

          Agreed with your points. Lets talk solutions. How do we sort this issue?

          • Otile

            By breaking the country.

          • Lala

            You are playing with fire. I hope you have where to hide when the trouble you are formenting bears fruits?! Remember Somalia, remember Rwanda. But let me assure you and your paymasters of one thing – their only hiding place will be in the creeks. If they go anyway abroad we citizens of the failed state of Nigeria will hunt them until they pay for their crimes. Take the message to them!

          • Otile

            Don’t count on that. Abroad you cannot take the law into your own hands and harass Biafrans, and citizens of SS Republic. Right now omo Odua try to oppress Igbo people they come into contact with overseas but they end up landing themselves into trouble. So be warned.

    • Otile

      Are you saying that the self-destruction is too much? This is but the beginning. Utangirma Allah.

  • growthengine

    This is horrible. what do these guys want, please give them what they want.

    • Peter Perceival

      What they want is that we throw away the Nigerian Constitution and adopt their version of Islam as the constitution. Then their leader becomes your president. You want to give them that?

      • growthengine

        No but maybe we can talk. Someone should reach out to them and lets talk.

      • Ralia Ahmad

        ignaramus, odey, wawa

        • Otile

          Hajiya, are you saying ignaramus again? I thought you were a beautiful Fulani Musulima, but when you said ode I took a second look at your picture and saw you are a beautiful sister from Ondo state.

          Omolewa, O ga o.


            You think it was a mistake ? hell NO !!
            Quota system graduates mutilate the English language !!

      • Ha

        Where are you looking for their leader? Don’t you know him? He is already your leader, your C-in-C in that matter.

    • Ha

      What do these guys want or what does this guy want?He wants $1m and state of emergency, give them to him, period.

    • Otile

      If you give them what they want, Caliphate, they lose our oil and perish. That’s not good.

  • George

    Somebody should please beg BUHARI this is getting too much.

    • PROF

      And Ibb

    • Ralia Ahmad


      • Otile

        Hajiya, the word is ignoramus not ignaramus.


          Quota-system education is catastrophic !!

    • FDEE

      Azazi, former NSA, said that elements in PDP were behind the insurgency. Why can’t this government prosecute at least one high profile BH backer? Stop lying against Buhari. You reap what you sow. If you slander people, you will be slandered in your life too.

  • Obinna Achu


    “For these evil people, we have only one message: you will never seize central power
    by making Nigeria ungovernable through senseless insurgency. Rather, if
    anything, you will only succeed in confirming Jonathan as the last president of
    one united Nigeria.”

    “Now that evidence has confirmed through ongoing military court- martial
    that disgruntled senior army officers – recently retired from the army – in
    cahoots with a large pool of political leaders of a particular section of the
    country are the ones directing and influencing certain serving senior,
    medium-level and even junior army officers to subvert, undermine and bring down
    the government by feeding Boko Haram with intelligence, what more does anybody
    need to see that this is clearly a religious and political war for the very
    soul of Nigeria?”

    “If Nigeria is not restructured along the lines of six regions as federating units,
    with each unit maintaining its powers as democratically provided under the
    1963 Constitution, the (recent) national conference would have served
    no useful purpose in the struggle to save Nigeria.”

    ……………Igbo Leaders of Thought

    (June 4th, 2014)

    • Imamaliy

      U are just igbo leaders but u do not have any brain to call yourself leaders of thought, so far we have not seen the govt at center being affected by this crimes in any way. It is only people and govt of those states that are suffering and crying. Your state where there is no insurgency tell us what the govt at the center has done! it is jonathan that is making northan nigeria ungovernable and life unbearable, just that the igbos never had a brain to think of anything good. God is ahead of u in your evil agenda

      • glo

        well said!

        • Otile

          Well said because the animal is insulting Igbo?

    • Ralia Ahmad


    • Jesus satan

      These are biafra left overs untreated. Get ready for your treatment by Nigerians. Criminals


        This time around,you will find us in your kitchens and bedrooms !! No white guy will sell you planes or get enticed by the control of oil and gas in another man’s backyard. No white guy will take sides with Jihadist regions infested with terrorists………be careful what you pray for !!

  • Chris1408

    With all these attacks, it’s sad to see Nigerian military personnel roaming the streets, instead of fighting and defending Nigerians and the territory. The military generals should resign, because they’ve shown they are not capable and are total disgrace to the uniform they wear.

  • anonymous

    when u want to request for SOE extension u will increase ur terror and bombings so as to get it. You did the same thing during the 1billion dollars loan request. Jonathan…remember you will also die one day wether u like it or not and u will also be judged

    • Chris1408

      Nigerian Military is Boko Haram. This is what greed and corruption has turned Nigeria to

    • Are u alright?u better see ur doctor d 1st thing 2moro mornin.

      • paul eneke

        Go and sit down my friend,i think you need some pain-killer. its obvious the government has hands in this series of mayhem. God will catch them soon.Amen IJN.

        • warawara


      • PROF

        the doctor needs to the animal

  • Joe

    What is happening is not one year or ten years planning. These guys in the north have being planning for many years before now. Remember, these are non educated amajiris that were sent to mali, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Afghanistan, egypt, etc, under the cover that they are going to school abroad, fully sponsored by state money. And I was made to understand that kwankwaso, the governor of kano have sent so many of them to Egypt to learn how to fly aeroplane, and by the time they come back home, expect attacks from the sky. May God save and protect His children. Amen!.

    • blueeyedkitten

      arrant nonsense! just listen to yourself.

    • zani

      the September 11 bombers were all trained in the United States and Canada.none of them went to school in Egypt or Saudi Arabia.leave Kwankwaso alone if you cant see any thing wrong with the Niger Delta Militants being train in South Africa and America as pilots too.

      • Joe

        You are wrong. Niger Delta militants are fighting for economic power. Niger Delta militants do not harm the poor civilian masses that are struggling for their daily meals. BH’s struggle is evil because they want you to believe what they believe, and if otherwise you do not deserve to live. Most of the people killed, maimed and chased out of their homes by BH are poor Nigerians. If BH’s struggle was like the one in Niger Delta, I would have been among the first to join them, because northern Nigeria have been sapped by the northern elites and they used the money which they do not deserved in the first place, to destroy us in north. Watchout!, Kwankwaso’s pilots will the same as those sent to Libya, Somalia, saudi Arabia etc., you cannot change an evil ideology!.


        Jihadi Kwakwanso ,the Sharia fanatic sent 100 Kano men to Jordan to learn military aviation…what is he preparing for ?
        Those are the kind of zealots infesting the APC with extremist Islamic ideology and deceiving some naive regions that they are “progressives”……….PROGRESSIVES MY FOOT !!

  • King Carlos

    SSS is busy taking innocent people to court in Lagos while terrorists are attacking the homeland. What makes me believe Jonathan knows about this boko haram bombing is that, he has never queried or sack any security officials for this bombings. People should lose their jobs as a result constant bombings. He doesn’t even care if military and intelligent officers are compromised. He just siddon dey look.


      Shut your trap !! When the Fulani and their associates where putting pressure to dominate the security services,the President was accused of sectionalism so….
      Minister of Defence….Fulani
      IG of Police………………Fulani
      Attorney General……….Fulani
      Supreme court chief Justice…..Fulani
      They claimed that they know security of the north more than Azazi and other southerners,you also saw the Pressure to remove Ihejirika who almost decimated the BH.

  • Olla Kellany

    Here we go again with President Jonathan Ebele desperately using the boko haram member he confessed on national TV (NTA) are in his personal government to force the National Assembly to grant the continuation of state of emergency so that he can continue enriching himself with the federal allocation to the states bedevilled with the insurgence. I wonder who this dunce thinks he’s fooling


      May Amadioha strike you soonest for wicked lies against an innocent man . Only a perverted mind would make that kind of accusation.
      Meanwhile the APC is busy playing politics as the north is getting bombed into the stone age. The world is yet to witness such a wicked and extremist political organisation who are so desperate for power that they are ready to sacrifice whole populations for a selfish political end !!


    The Book Haram should stop killing innocent people (Nigerians) please. My advice for the BH is that, they should find their ways to Aso Rock and not to places like markets.


      Why don’t you just direct them to your father’s compound ? I personally think that would be a better target !