Jonathan not anti-Muslim, says Presidency

The Presidency on Monday said President Goodluck Jonathan was not using his office to pursue anti-Muslim agenda as being alleged in some quarters.

Reuben Abati, the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, said this on Monday in Abuja while speaking with State House correspondents.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Mr. Abati was reacting to a number of allegations made by the Muslims Rights Concern (MURIC) through its Director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola against the president.

“Our attention has been drawn to a press statement issued by the Muslims Rights Concern and signed by its Director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola which made a number of allegations against President Jonathan.

“I find Akintola’s allegations rather curious and they can be dealt with as follows: first, he needs to be told that President Jonathan is not anti-Muslim as he alleges.

“Jonathan is the President of all Nigerians, whatever may be their beliefs’’.

“It is not true that the president is using the highest office in the country to promote Zion nation.’’

According to him, I think that is a most unfortunate statement coming from Akintola of MURIC and for which they owe President Jonathan an apology.

Mr. Abati also faulted allegation by the group that Muslims were marginalised in the recent national conference, describing it as a very unfortunate thing to say.

He noted that the national conference had been praised and adjudged one of the best of such conferences ever organised in the country.

“It was a purposeful conference, a conference in which a lot of maturity was displayed. Religion did not become a big issue in that conference.

“Rather, the conference became a platform for addressing many issues of general concern to various groups, ethnic or religious.

“MURIC cannot claim not to know that was a very successful conference,” he added.

Mr. Abati described as a blatant lie allegation by the group that the security system in the Presidential Villa was saturated with Israeli security operatives.

He emphasised that there were no Israeli security operatives saturating the security system in Aso Rock.

The president’s aide invited Mr. Akintola to visit the Presidential Villa to see whether it was Israelis that were in charge of security.

According to him, the security operatives in the Villa are not foreigners, they are Nigerians and there is no connection with Israel whatsoever.

Mr. Abati added that Mr. Akintola’s  “vituperation” on the proposed centenary N100 banknote was wrong and misinformed.

“The symbol his statement is referring to is the Star of David. There is nowhere on that note as indicated in the specimen that has been widely publicised where there is any Jewish or Zionist symbol or the Star of David.

“The Star of David is a hexagram which is two triangles of equal lines superimposed on each other. The hexagram is a very popular symbol but it is not on that naira note.

“The symbol that he is referring to is not a Jewish symbol. It is what they call spark security feature.’’

He said, “It is an optical magnetic feature which enables the public to authenticate a currency note whether it is genuine or counterfeit. That is the function of that particular design.

“That design is not a hexagram and it is not in any way associated with Israel or Jewish or Zionism.

“It is two squares merged into one with a Manila briquette, which is a symbol of the cowry money used during the colonial era.

“It is an attempt on the part of MURIC to cause disaffection, because on the design of that note, the value of that note is written out in the three major languages in Nigeria, recognised in the constitution: Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa.’’

According to him, no attempt has been made to use this proposed naira note to discriminate against anybody, and the attack on President Jonathan is undeserved, unwarranted and totally unkind.

“I believe that MURIC will see the need to quickly apologise for misleading the public and for issuing that kind of statement that can cause disaffection against the president,’’ he said.



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  • Ahmad

    Thank you MURIC for telling the president the home truth. Abati is simply doing his job.

  • Sanusi Hammari

    This is pure star of David we can’t be deceive, Reuben tell the president a wayout and stop this anti-Muslim agenda THANK YOU MURIC

  • nija pikin

    Liar is this a story or nollywood movie both will not sell

  • Otitokoro

    Reuben Abati, please keep your information to yourself. President Jonathan and his South South, Ijaw Niger Delta handlers and campaigners have already divided Nigeria. Without mincing words they have told us that President Jonathan is the “Christian” candidate and that your party-PDP-is the “Christian” party. The damage is done Reuben, no amount of turunci-English-can change the truth or repair the damage President Jonathan and his people brought on all of us. For example, please recall what President Jonathan and his people went to do in Yorubaland. Yorubaland and polity is a space that ought to be a pride of inclusive politics and co-existence to all of us-one space and social practice -the Yoruba space and social practice- we can actually say is a gift of the Black person to the Global World about inclusive politics where no one cares about who or what anybody is -whether christian, muslim or not. Cosmopolitan and inclusive, you just do your thing in Yorubaland-nobody cares who you are. But what did you people President Jonathan and his team do? You-President Jonathan and his handlers and campaign team created the disease, the political diarrhea, political ebola and death the dubious and historically FLAWED and ALIEN dichotomy in Yoruba culturally space criminally called “Yoruba Christian/Muslim”. That phrase is so alien and flawed it is NOT in our language , I have never heard it before until your party-PDP- and President Jonathan’s people coined it and introduced. We Yorubas proudly trace our more contemporary and recent political heritage to Awolowo. So? Go and check the Awolowo ethics of governance in Yorubaland-you will not find the dubious phrase PDP created in the language of politics in Awolowo era and until now that the pDP and Jonathan people started it just for Jonathan’s re-election. You caused a huge damage to us in yorubaland and we have noted that and we will wait. For example, you gave the other so-called “Pastor” Bosun Emmanuel OIL MONEY to create the garbage he hawked at the ground of the Redeem Christian Church damaging other Nigerians who are not christians (that is NOT the Yoruba way) on behalf of PDP and President Jonathan. All of these were targetted at getting the votes of your so-called fiction called “Yoruba Christian” vote. I am Yoruba to the core, to my veins. And I am christian. I am old enough and beyond party politics but knowledgeable enough to know Nigeria and my Yoruba culture deeply. It has never occurred to me to see my fellow Yoruba as “Christian” or “Muslim”. Desperate for votes your party-PDP and President Jonathan people input this disease, and we Yoruba middle class who are embedded in our people are just shocked at the audacity and desperation of President Jonathan and his handlers. We ask: You want to manipulate and distort our Yoruba Culture right on our face just because of your 2015 re-election? We thought Jonathan crossed the line-especially when he is not doing the same among his own people Ijaw and NIger Delta. The terrorist Asari Dokubo is a muslim yet he said he will spill Nigerian blood for Jonathan if Jonathan loses in 2015. So? Thinking that all you need to do is to capture “a section” of the votes in 2015 and prevent those you perceive as opposition from going near the “captured Christian” votes you people(Goodluck Jonathan and his people) started image making – dubiously selling and and marketing him -President Jonathan-as the annointed “Christian” candidate while others are not. Reuben Abati, Please keep your garbage to yourself and the presidency of your principal in Aso Rock. Your mistake is that you underestimate the capacity of the Nigerian middle class to pick a news, interpret it and document it for the future. President Goodluck Jonathan has damaged the Nigerian bridge. I am not sure your garbage can repair it. Why ? Otitokoro. Truth is Bitter.

    • Reminisce6

      The ignoble roles Femi Aribisala and Femi Fani-Kayode played in the attempted decimation of the Yorubas along religion`s line shall not be forgotten,the infiltration through Churches is also noted for future reference.The good news is regular people on the streets of the SW states does not give a hoot to the braying of religious demagogues and traducers except a few under the spell of “foreign pastors” who has never enjoyed the sacred privilege of blood relationship with someone of the other faith.Our position would be validated at the ballot boxes come next year.

  • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

    The President went to see for himself and condole the family of those who lost their love ones when a church collapsed in Lagos that killed about a hundred people but never care to either visit or send delegates to condole thousands of people killed in the predominantly Muslims Northeast area. And, he personally attest to the fact that majority of those killed are Muslims. The defence of the presidency in the accusations labeled as him does not hold any water. In fact he is.

    • G4

      He is a bad president for us all, he is overwhelmed. building collapse is the easy visit for someone like him

    • Buhari_is_Boko

      when muslims decide to kill themselves, who cares. How I wish to see a world without terrorists.

      • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

        Then you need to tell CAN President to stop smuggling arms and USA (CIA) to stop creating, equipping and financing group like the Al-Qaeda, and Co. Just before I forget, did you hear the news of some Christians arrested with arms in Nsuka and they confessed supplying arms to Boko Haram? Please ask your Nigerian Police where is the story now.

        • Buhari_is_Boko

          You can manufacture all the lies you care to manufacture but none holds water.

          Boko Haram is Islam, Islam is Boko Haram

    • nija pikin

      Abdullahi that is the work of ogogoro mixed with aligator pepper oga was very high at the time that’s why,the man has given you his best if his best is not good enough vote him out and vote in a better person among the 160 million nigerians in 2015 kowai abi, so that he can retire to etuoke with baby frog eye

  • favourtalk

    Time will tell. They will surely come out in feb to cry with you, those that supported your agenda in 2011 based on sentiments will still cry with you come 2015 because nigerians doesn’t want you again, let us forget religion sentiments self, nigerians are tired of the reign of the administration ni not more than that….we need change

    • Buhari_is_Boko

      are you a nigerian? imported boko haram. How is sambisa forest-too hot?

  • MJ

    The President is anti Muslim and anti north. No one needs to be told.

    • Buhari_is_Boko

      if it is anti born to rule hausa – fulani bigots I totally agree.

  • Shehu Monguno

    If President Johnathan is anti Muslim and Anti North what will Nigerians then say about a General Buhari who as a Head of State surrounded himself with Northerners and Muslim. Professor Ishaq Akintola please stop playing politics

    • endingNaija

      Reno Omokri, I guess you waited for so long to see how to respond and distort as usual on behalf of President Jonathan. And as usual with your posts thru fictitious names, the way out for you all the time is to LIE on behalf of your “Christian” candidate-President Jonathan. All I know as a christian is that our faith LIES in saying the truth, our christian faith does not LIE on LIES. So stop LYING. Anyway , why did President Jonathan claim to have built Gidan- a massive House which the Kano govt is using for their university in Kano, when President Jonathan did not build this building, for it was completed by Kwankwaso? Why must the “christian” candidate-President Jonathan- LIE this shamelessly on what he did not do in Kano?

      • Shehu Monguno

        EndingNaija, let us face the issue been discussed that is “if the President is discriminating against Muslims and Northerners”. This is the issue been discussed and not who built what and who is claiming to build what he did not build. Stop beating around the bush. The allegation of discriminating against Northerns had been raised long ago and it was Ahmed Gulak who brought out a comprehensive list of all Federal appointments since 2010. The list showed that Muslims and Northerners enjoying about 60% of all Federal appointment. No one till date have been able to fault Alhaji Ahmed Gulak’s list. On the flip side Christians make up between 35% and 40% of the population of Borno state. Please can you name one christain that have been appointed Commissioner, Head of Service, Secretary to the State Government in the last 30 years? Please who is Reno Omokri?

        • Otile

          See, he will now play dead to the real issues, but will come up with deranged chattering to poo poo the issue discussed. He can never finish his deranged chattering without reciting some names like: reno omokri, wendel, and many others he sees on the blog. He can recite 5 pages full of names without any mention of Abubakar tundemash, Wähala, and other APC hooligans. That is him, that is the nature of the beast.

        • Lala

          So u know the issue at stake. Then why bring Buhari into the matter? Was GMB mentioned anywhere in the report? All you Gejitoes have succeeded in doing is to reduce the stature of GEJ from a pan-Nigerian stateman to a divisive, parochial and sectional leader. Well done, ride on and goodluck!

          • Otile

            So you support the trash your deranged homeboy writes.

  • Maria

    Jonathan, I agree, is not anti-moslem but he is anti-integrity, anti-decency, anti-honesty and anti-probity.He is anti-people.

    • Can’t agree more.

      • Otile

        As a devout Muslim you cannot judge our Christian President right. Don’t agree with those who slander our President on religious basis. Dr Jonathan reaches out to all Nigerians irrespective of their faith. Imam Buhari had no tolerance for Christians and the godless for that matter. He preserved then Muslims with utmost care. When he overthrew the democratically elected government he clamped Alex Ekwueme and other Christians into Kirikiri prison, and escorted Shagari and other Muslims home. How many Christians or pagans could one see in his cabinet?

    • Otile

      President Jonathan is a good Christian man. No amount of blackmail from Islamic APC will prevent him from crushing Imam Buhari again at the poles, and you know it.

      • segun

        Otile you meant Candidate “Pastor” Goodluck Jonathan who has “Pastors” TB Joshua the criminal and “Pastor” Oritsejafor the money launderer as his advisers for the re-election campaign?

        • Buhari_is_Boko

          yorubas and insanity, no wonder all they know is how to rape women

      • nija pikin

        A good Christian? And always drunk until he pass out, and steal public fund which was suppose to be safe under his care, protect corrupt officials, divide the people he is suppose to be protecting along religious and ethnic lines indirectly finance and unleash terror groups on one section of the country he is suppose to be the president of showing no care except eye service to the anguish and destruction of lives and property and turn to blame the same victims of the terror he and his agents unleashed dictatorial behaviours and contempt for the rule of law, and the constitution of Nigeria a good Christian indeed.

        • Otile

          Tell us something concerning the 2 nyrinya suicide bombers who acted in
          Maidugiri today. Can you help us to abolish hijab? Shame on Islamic
          APC. Whose religion does suicide bombing, Jonathan’s or Imam Buhari’s?

          • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

            Otile, you are always not being objective on issues relating to national issue. One thing must be said to you regarding the present security issues is, suppliers of arms to Boko Haram are mostly Christians. Igos were arrested at Nsuka with arms enroute to Boko Haram and recently your CAN President plane is involved in smuggling of arms. The commander in chief friends are labeled as sponsors of Boko Haram and by extension he is also one.

          • Otile

            Not so Abdullahi. If those people were speaking English well people would think they are Igbo. Don’t you see that well educated intelligent Yorubas now assume Igbo identities to do things? No Igbo can arm boko haram to kill people. For what? Allay ya Sariki.

          • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

            Otile, I am speaking to you from authenticated security document besides it was aired on VOA. You should not fail to know that in every tribe there are good and bad ones. My worries about the ongoing terrorism is government itself is not serious with the issue.

    • nija pikin

      Wow my sister may God bless thank you so much and may God protect us all from hunger so that we don’t have to lie in order to eat like the boko harm point man above


    President Jonathan’s supporters here daily abuse Muslims. They must have taken a cue from somewhere. I am sure they don’t expect the Muslims they pillory daily to vote for their hero.

    • Maria

      Even me a Pentecostal, Jonathan cannot get my vote and those of my family and friends… was deceived in 2010-2011…never again!

      • Otile

        It takes a good Christian to recognize a good Christian man. You are not Pentecostal. You sound irreligious to me.

        • Troublesome

          Why do you always speak out of point. Please go straight to point and stop accusing the lady for saying her mind and her proposed action come 2015. She is entitled to her opinion man!

          • Otile

            Drop your sympathy. I hate intolerant people, people with wacko opinions. Imagine people who hate the President because the President is Ijaw. I can understand Muslims hating him not people calling themselves Christians.

            Quaran commands Muslims to hate and attack non-Muslims, the Holy Bible did not teach us that. So why must I say nothing when I see people attack the President because of his ethnicity?

          • shaka

            You do not know d qur’an so pls dnt make dis kind of baseless accusation on d qur’an,just look at youself. Have u ever heard any Muslim insulting d real bible?

          • Otile

            Have you truly read the Qua-ran?

        • Ette

          But GEJ is a member of the council of witches and wizards who have openly said so when they came in full support of their member. So he is not a Christian as a christian cannot say that stealing is not corruption. For Christians stealing is a sin against God and all thieves must face God’s judgment.

      • Buhari_is_Boko

        which pentecostal, one that hates Jews? sorry you are a plain almajiri boko haram muslim using a christian name.

        • Maria

          Hahahahahahahaha! Tell me any Jewish person that believes in Jesus as the Messiah… As a Pentecostal, I believe Jesus Christ not only as my Messiah but also my Saviour… He died to wipe away my sin. Jews believe Jesus is not their Messiah and that he was killed because of his crime. Mind you, I dont hate Jews. I love Israel as a nation but I dont agree with Jewish doctrines. From your comment… I can understand your idiocy and lunacy. It is the same way Catholics and Deeper life or Jehovah Witness dont agree on doctrines.

          • Buhari_is_Boko

            by their fruits we shall know them, every Jew hater is not a Christian. And point of correction, Jehovah’s witnesses are Cultists not Christians.

            Point of correction again, Deeper Life is a pentecostal ministry. Every Christian group has Christ as their message, unfortunately most pentecostal denominations have man and money as the center of their message

          • Maria

            You are not to tell me whether Deeper life is Pentecostal or not. I spent 15 years of my life as a worker in deeper life.

          • Buhari_is_Boko

            Why are you cloning and claiming what you know nothing about.

          • Maria

            It is not about cloning… you dont know Ayobo and Gbagada as I do… I got converted in deeper life during success camp used to organise for secondary school students at government secondary school Ipaja, Agege. I know what I am talking about It is you who should define your relationship with Christianity. Ask any deeper life member they will tell you about success camp, fake christian. My five years in the university I spent as a deeper life campus fellowship member and as a worker leading a Koinonia house fellowship. You dont know nothing… it is not about cloning to be a christian it is about telling this yeye government that it is a corrupt government that God Almighty has rejected.

          • Buhari_is_Boko

            Its all about deception in Christianity then? Or maybe backsliders who need to repent and ammend their ways. Heaven is real and the rapture is imminent.

          • Maria

            Hahahahahahahaha…. you are talking about backslider? When has leaving a church for another made you a backslider? If you are a christian, why are you here calling me all kinds of names and telling falsehood about me. You even call me almajiri..suddenly I am now a backslider…hahahahahahahahaha! What do you know about backsliding ? You that you are a child of the devil you have no relationship whatsoever with God.

          • Buhari_is_Boko

            recognizing a cult group as a christian group means you are even worse than a back-slider you are anti-christ

          • Maria

            Which group is a cult group? You initially called me almajiri , then I became a backslider and now I am worse than a backslider… you are sick…your confusion is that of sinking man.

          • Buhari_is_Boko

            you continue exposing your state gradually

          • Maria

            What exposing? Idiocy is worrying you… you people go around using ethnic and religious cards to wash off those who criticise this yeye government… I dont worry about what religion you think I practice, religion is no longer what defines me… no more. I am free from the shackles of religion… so, whatever you think about me is worthless.

          • Buhari_is_Boko

            repent or you perish.

          • Maria

            Jehovah witnesses are not cultists, they are believers… see your idiocy… what do you know about Jehovah witnesses whose teachings and doctrines are similar to those of the jews?

          • Buhari_is_Boko

            You know nothing about christianity, there are those we call Christian cults, JW, Mormons, Christian science are part of them. They deny Christ and whoever denies the deity of Christ is anti-christ.

            I bet you are one of them, many so called pentecostals even elevate man to christ

          • Maria

            I know nothing about christians ? Yet you claim they are not christians… you still tag their names with “Christian cults”. Are you sane at all? But you claim I am an almajiri… now I am what? You are nothing but the pharisees… those who killed Jesus thinking getting rid of him will destroy his mission. They call me Lord, Lord yet I will tell them I know them not!

          • Buhari_is_Boko

            All Isreal will be saved – that is the Bible.

          • Otile

            Long live Biafra
            Long live Israel
            Maria say Amen
            Ecoutez moi?

          • Otile

            Antisemitism is alive and well. War starts from the minds of men. May Israel decimate Jewish haters as it is done in Islamic Palestine. Maria say Amen.

          • Maria

            Amen… However, may I ask if you are a jew or a christian? Jews dont like christians… and if you want to know how jews loath Christianity, go to youtube. Plenty of videos for you to watch. For me, I loath no one. I believe very strongly that everyone is entitled to his or her religious belief as long as you dont trample on my rights. I have changed from been an extreme christian religious fundamentalist(a deeper life member who would even consider wearing new clothes or shoes as worldliness) to a much more liberal person who hates no one for whatever they choose to worship be it stone, river or God.

          • Otile

            I do not like those who insult President Jonathan based on his ethnicity. If Jonathan was Yoruba or Fulani all of you would waive any weakness he may have and support him. Don’t say that I have not lived in a civilized society, you don’t know that. I am humble man, a Christian. I don’t brag like those people you love. My own help comes from God who made heaven and earth. I don’t dwell in the jungle either. With the mercy of God I am comfortable where I am, with decent amenities available to other people in decent societies. All I need now is to get me a good young beautiful lady, then I would have started my own paradise here on earth. I thank God for everything. My life is not what you think it is. I am not complaining, God is in charge.

          • Otile

            Please, don’t talk about what you don’t know. Have you in your life attended a service on a sabbath in a synagogue? If you have the opportunity please do so. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I worshiped with a congregation of Mishkan Torah in a beautiful suburb in the good US of A. The people are welcoming, willing to help. I was particularly impressed by the homily of the good rabbi. After that day I discarded all the stereotypes I heard about Jewish people.

            In reality there is not much difference between them and the Catholic Church. It depends on the congregation you meet. You can see the orthodox Jews, conservative Jews, liberal Jews, Jews for Jesus, and outright irreligious Jews. So don’t preach Judaism to anybody, you got no personal experience with Judaism. Maria this is true.

      • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

        vote or not vote
        he must stay in power till 2019

    • peter

      Is it buhari who is a Muslim that will get my vote? God forbid. If Muslims are thinking that Christians will vote for a Muslim den dey Shuld wake up from dat dream


        I am Christian and I will vote for any good candidate, Muslim, Christian or Babalawo!

        I will NOT vote for a clueless candidate simply because he is a Christian!

        • PROF

          You are a joke . you this Taliban.

          • TRUTH MASTER

            May the Good Lord forgive you!

  • Alhassan KUTIGI

    Sultan as a soldier should command the GUTS to tell CAN president to instruct GEJ to develope POLITICAL WILL to quell the insurgents.
    Sultan even if he receives FAVORS from Presidency should ask CAN president to TELL NIGERIANS THE WHOLE TRUTH about an adventure his Air plane was involved in in South Africa.

  • shamsuddeen

    may the Almighty God pay him back for diving the nation along ethnic and religious lines. Thank God as someone said earlier the yoruba’s are highly enlightened and too big for this cheap campaign.

  • djay

    Gej is not only anti Muslim but also anti Christ. A president who only specializes in dividing the country along religious lines, supporting terrorism against his people he swore to protect, A president that steals the common wealth of his people thru mind blowing corruption, A president that is a professional in lying to his fellow country people is not only evil and dangerous but a Devil. No God fearing Nigerian will entrust the future of their children in his hands.

  • abbadd

    All of GEJs policies are ANTI-ISLAM we the Muslim community know that. GEJ wants to turn us into slaves like Israel has turned Palestinians into slaves and dominate us for life. we know his intentions and agenda and God willing he will never succeed before him so many of his ancestors tried but they all failed God will look after his religion.

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    I am not a GEJ fan, but there is no way you can pin this tag of “anti-Muslim” on him.

    Prof. wetin call is just a man with an addled brain seeking attention.

    Mr. Abati and the Presidency should not have dignified his vitriol with a response. They simply gave oxygen to an insignificant flame by doing so.

    You should simply have unleashed Pastor Reno’s online attack dogs on Prof. wetin call.