Presidency replies Obasanjo, says Jonathan is best Nigerian President ever

President Goodluck Jonathan (left), ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo

The Nigerian presidency has slammed former President Olusegun Obasanjo, describing his rating of President Goodluck Jonathan’s performance as below average as untrue and misleading.

The former president had spoken last weekend in Abeokuta while addressing book writers as part of activities marking the Ake Arts and Book Festival.

“I rate this current administration below average,” Mr. Obasanjo said in response to a question about Mr. Jonathan’s performance.

The former president also said he deserved credit for helping an individual from a minority tribe become Nigeria’s President.

“Rather than take blame for bringing Jonathan to power, I should be taking credit,” he added.

However, in a statement Sunday,  the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Doyin Okupe, said Mr. Obasanjo’s rating was at variance “with the facts on the ground”.

Mr. Okupe said President Jonathan had performed so well that “in terms of performance and achievements, no administration since 1960 when Nigeria gained independence from Britain, has done as much as that of President Jonathan”.

Read Mr. Okupe’s full statement below.

“Our attention has been drawn to comments made by a former President of this country, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, regarding the performance of the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan. We aver that Chief Obasanjo’s comments are untrue, misleading and clearly do not tally with the facts on the ground.

“We, therefore, wish to assert without equivocation that in terms of performance and achievements, no administration since 1960 when Nigeria gained independence from Britain, has done as much as that of President Jonathan. Every discerning and unbiased Nigerian will definitely attest to this fact as the evidence stare all of us in the face.

“Contrary to Chief Obasanjo’s position, the Federal Government under President Jonathan has performed excellently given the prevailing circumstances and resources available. An assessment of key sectors of national life under the Jonathan administration will definitely controvert Chief Obasanjo’s argument that President Jonathan has not performed well.

“While it is true that Nigeria has been faced with incidents of insurgency and terrorism especially in the last few years, it is also true the Jonathan administration has successfully contained the initial wide-spread and limitless activities of the insurgents which were prevalent in 12 states of the North including the Federal Capital, Abuja.

“While it is true that the present activities of the terrorists in the three North Eastern states have become more deadly in mindless killings, kidnappings and supposed territorial seizures, government has made giant diplomatic strides with our neighbouring countries in order to checkmate the criss-crossing of the insurgents.

“The military and other security agents which have engaged the insurgents since inception have done a great job in spite of recent challenges. The truth of the matter, which we must know and accept, is that we have an internal enemy supported by internal and external resources waging a major warfare against our nation. We want to state that the government is doing everything possible in every area of engagement of this war and will certainly, sooner than later, Nigeria will overcome and win this war.

“In spite of this war, however, and in view of the other giant strides and achievements recorded in other sectors, it beats the imagination that anyone would say that President Jonathan has performed below average in office. On the contrary, he has provided quality leadership and exemplary vision in transforming the Nigerian nation and giving hope to Africa’s most populous nation.

“We assert that for a fact a lot has been done. We may not have reached the desired destination yet, but surely we are on the path to getting there. There is no doubt that by the time the Jonathan administration runs its full course, Nigeria would have moved further in its quest to join other world giants and the quality of life of Nigerians would have improved greatly. We will all have cause to continually give glory to God for bringing the Jonathan administration on board.”

“Before President Jonathan came on board as President of this country in 2010, Nigeria faced serious challenges with generation, distribution and transmission of power. Nigeria had challenges with both generation of power and the installed capacity to ensure effective power supply. As a matter of fact, the total amount of power generated nationwide stood at 2550 megawatts; today it is over 4,000 megawatts.

“In terms of installed capacity, there has been remarkable improvement. In 2011, our installed capacity to generate electricity stood at 5,900 MW. By December 2013 it had increased to 6,953 MW. This impressive achievement was due to the completion of all the National Integrated Power Project (NIPP) plants, which for reasons only he can explain, Chief Obasanjo had abandoned during his tenure.

“The moribund state-run power corporation was successfully privatised by the Jonathan administration in a process highly rated and commended by the World Bank and other multilateral agencies for its high level of transparency and professionalism.

“This was a very critical programme in solving our power problems which other administrations could not achieve for decades. Today, Nigeria is a recipient of billion-dollar foreign investment in the power sector which is the much needed elixir for a stable, sufficient and efficient power system. This feat cannot be an evidence of a below-average performance as painted by Chief Obasanjo.”

“Since President Goodluck Jonathan launched his transformation agenda in the agricultural sector, this most important sector which provides employment for over 70 per cent of the population has recorded unprecedented growth resulting from a number of reforms and innovations. The revolution the Jonathan administration has engineered has not only empowered millions of farmers in the country but has equally saved Nigeria billions of naira and dollars, which in times past had been lost to fertilizer racketeers and food importation.

“Nigeria’s food production has expanded by 21 million metric tons; three million farm jobs have been created and more importantly, our import of food has declined by 38 per cent from N1.1 Trillion to N635 billion in 2013.”

“Before the Jonathan administration came on board, major agricultural produce like cotton, sorghum and groundnut, which were the bedrock of the economy of northern Nigeria, were practically extinct. Considering the fact that Nigeria imported N500 billion worth of rice in 2011, no one was in doubt that a radical approach to the problem was needed. And this is exactly what has been happening.

“In 2013 with the Federal Government providing leadership and direction, 14 new rice mills with capacity to process 240 metric tons of rice were set up by the private sector while in addition, a sum of 1.2 billion dollars was secured by the Federal Government to install 100 large scale rice processing mills to produce 2.1 million metric tons of rice annually.

“Today, Nigeria has reached an unprecedented 60 per cent sufficiency in rice production, a feat, which the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) recently described as capable of raising world rice output to a record high in the next 12 next months. Nigeria is already on its way to self-sufficiency in rice production as sizeable chunk of its 167 million populations are currently feeding on rice grown and processed locally.

“This and other initiatives of the Federal Government have resulted in the creation of about two million new jobs among rural dwellers. The Federal Government has also implemented a Young Graduates Commercial Farmers Scheme, with the capacity to absorb 780,000 graduates in its first phase and provide an estimated four million jobs in the agricultural sector in the first year.

“In the same vein, the Jonathan administration has restructured and recapitalized the Nigeria Agricultural Bank to provide loans to peasant farmers at single digit interest rates. This represented the most remarkable fund injection initiative ever undertaken by any government to empower rural peasant farmers and create wealth for rural dwellers.

‘’Export of dried cassava chips began in July 2012 and this represented the first time that Nigeria would achieve commercial scale export of dried chips, which will earn $136 million annually in foreign exchange. Also, improved cotton seedlings, which have been provided free of charge to farmers especially in the Northwest and Northeast geo-political zones, will result in the resuscitation of the upstream and downstream cotton/textile subsector.

“Other impressive achievements by the Jonathan administration in the agricultural sector include:

“Ending 40 years of corruption in the fertilizer sector. The Old System of Government Direct Procurement and Distribution of Fertilizer was manifestly corrupt and led to annual incidence of “fertilizer scam” where less than 11 per cent of farmers received these fertilizers. Over N776 billion ($4.8 billion) was estimated to have been lost to corruption or an average of N26 billion ($162.5million) annually. The system displaced the private sector and Nigerian farmers lost dignity. Today, things are different.

‘’The administration has built a national database of 10.5 million farmers and increased participation in farming in every state of the federation; the launching of the Growth Enhancement Scheme (GES) programme, which has increased farmers’ getting fertilizers from 11 per cent before the programme to 92 per cent; delivering 1.3 million metric tons of fertilizer to farmers; making available 55,000 metric tons of improved seeds to farmers; making Nigeria the first country in Africa to deliver inputs to farmers at scale through e-wallet; reaching 2.5 million women farmers through e-Wallet by 2014 up 287 per cent from 2012; making Nigeria the biggest producer of cassava in the world; Rice Paddy Production has witnessed rapid increase; number of states growing rice in dry season rose from 10 in 2012 to 24 in 2013; six million farmers reached with improved varieties and two million hectares of additional rice cultivated; and we have reduced our wheat importation and increased export of cassava chips.”


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  • favourtalk

    Doyin will never sees to amaze nigerians whenever he’s under the influence of burukutu and otapiapia, he needs to visit so many areas before he can come to that conclusion and I will advise him to start from his Oga hometown, bayelsa states, he should moved from yanagoa to nembe and all other towns in bayelsa, then he will know that his OGA at the top only added issues and problems to this nation not helping us at all. We need a power shift from all this liars and money hungers. We need a change

    • Mosaku 147

      Change we will get.they like it or not.

      • GEJ is ahead of the APC navigator who also doubles as the ape of ota.This ape will continue to live with his frustration until after 2019 when GEJ would av completed his tenure

        • Bunduma Mohammed

          You drink Burukutu with Doyin Okupe, no wonder you speak like him.

          • Kamal Kamoru

            Why do you core northerners only talk of burukutu?


        • segun

          Ayobami, or what do you call yourself. You are scared that the Ijaw president -Goodluck Jonathan is gone! Abi? Since they have given you a “Yoruba” name you can go to Otuoke with Goodluck Jonathan after 2015 elections. he has a lot of oil money. He will give you some!

          • ayobami

            can you pray to have an ape as your father?an ape that sleeps with his daughter inlaw

          • bikky

            He slept with your sister, wife or child? Any reasonable evidence?you can never trust those children in an attempt to get anything they want from their parents,they can go any length , I believe its just a political gains.

          • a man who can’t rule his house is seen as a hero by tribal men in this forum,the ape is just playing hard,he knows within his heart that he has lived a worthless life,read iyabo,gbenga and iyabo’s mother allegations against him,no one can know OBJ better than his children,the ape is author of confusion and i’m sure he will sooner than later commit suicide,what a wasteful years on earth

          • Frank Edward

            T.K.O…Technical knockout!

        • TRUTH MASTER

          None of your progenitors has matched that ‘ape’ in anything good. That’s why you ll call someone’s father an ape. If you had respect for your own father or even your own family, you will never call another person’s father an ape. What prevents you from criticizing OBJ without abusing him?

          • Jafaru Isa

            Yet most of you APC zombies turn a blind eye when GEJ is called all sorts of names.
            Yeye dey smell

          • TRUTH MASTER

            I don’t believe in anyone firing personal insults at the President, but he deserves what he is getting from Nigerians for presiding over the most corrupt and most impunity-prove administration ever in the country’s history. You don’t demand respect, you command it

          • Peter

            You talk as if that comment from Abayomi really touched you up to your marrow. Maybe you are one of the good breed but have you read the comments from fools like wahala and co. who refer to the president of their country as ‘Dr Dumbo’. You all clap for them in this forum for insulting the president of their country. Unless you are an alien, you should accept the insult as well because you are governed by a dumbo. If El-Rufai becomes the president of Nigeria today, we should accord him the respect that is due to him notwithstanding his stature. It will be abusive to address him all of the time as a midget. You must correct your friends, particularly all those APC e-thugs. They should be cautioned to be a little bit more decent when addressing their opponents,particularly the president of Nigeria because respect begets respect.

          • Leslie

            Exactly. Respect begets respect.You should tell that to GEJ.The minute he begins to respect himself,Nigerians will respect and love him.As long as he continues on his current course, then he remains DUMBO!

        • bikky

          If it is Baba Obasanjo you are referring to as your Ota ape I wonder what you will call your Dad. Obasanjo name will continue to pomp up everyday in the history of Nigeria and Africa,I don’t know how you will think this old man of Eighty -something years of age is an ape,I am not sure you come from a discipline home,anyway Obasanjo is an hero Nigeria will ever race either you take it or not though has a man he is likely to have is own error one way or the other but he deserve a total respect from every angles in Nigeria.

          • Jafaru Isa

            Yet most of you APC zombies turn a blind eye when GEJ is called all sorts of names.
            Yeye dey smell.
            U don sh*t for pant !

          • Chima

            If your country has been around for 100/54 yrs, why do you heap so much blame on a 5yr bleep in this period.

            Where was your country’s development index, corruption index(not contrived), industrial capacity utilization, power generation,transmission and distribution, agriculture,transportation(road/rail/airport) in 1984, 1993,1999,2007, 2010 and today. If you have these stats it will be well to make your rating.

            My submission is what we require to rule Nigeria going forward are not people who have been fed from primary to retirement and continue to be paid pension even in retirement who cannot point to a single business they created by themselves but people who have shown entrepreneurship in different areas.

            This is because if they did not build business who do they expect to employ the teeming youth population since government cannot do that.

          • my brother i am sure you will not be happy to have a man like d APC navigator as your father,forget the opportunistic offices he had occupied.Go ask iyabo,gbenga,their mother and other sibblings if they come again into this world if they would like the ape to be their father,i’m sure it will be a resounding no.

        • Wähala

          Better wipe that fantasy from your ogogoro-damaged aborigine mind, hia? Dumbo will not last one year even if he rigged himself back into office… better advise Clark to take his Chimp back to the zoo he escaped from before Satan removes him like he removed Abacha. Stupiid phool.

      • emmanuel

        or Onike24?

        Change from Jonathan to Jonathan. I am sure you may not have this your PT job after 2015 swearing in, because Sanusi nor dey again, Tinubu would have been retired by his boys, Lagos would have been taken over. Osun alone cannot fund your gangs.

        I forgot to mention Ogun, forgone alternative

  • Sangbafo

    Doyin Okupe said “a former president of this country, Chief Obasanjo…” Sangba ti fo!!! I think the oily money Goodluck Jonathan pays you Doyin Okupe has gone into your head. The Ijaw man, the Ijaw president Goodluck Jonathan, best president ever? Oh my foot!!! Sangba fo! O pari! E don finis, Nigeria don finis be dat!

  • Sunday Nwafor

    Pot calling kettle black, pot have no shame had been that he has shame he would’t have open mouth


      The fact that both are black does not prevent one from seeing the other as ‘blacker’.

  • True Nigerian

    For anyone who’s been wondering why Nigeria is increasingly in danger under Jonathan, there goes your answer!
    Delusion – grand delusion! The delusion is incredible, the conceit is breath-taking; the blindspots are almost as much as total blindness, the self-effusion is so loud that it renders genuine public outcries inaudible. I’m sure you can no longer wonder why the President would blame the Nigerian media for the perceptions on boko haram; all in the same week that boko haram killed 50 fishermen, massacred 46 people in Mafa, whilst the INEC says it needs warplanes, warships and the infantry in order to hold elections in many parts of the country.

    We have a government whose sense of reality has relocated to a place that is several countries away from Nigeria. The presence of mind is simply non-existent. It’s usually what you will find when you are surrounded by the Okupes, Anenihs and Reno’s Omokris of this world and the Akpabio’s who once compared Jonathan to Jesus, but was never condemned by my Christian brothers who called for El-Rufai’s on a similar charge.

    Yet, people are going to support this breath-taking delusion. But how does a government under whose watch a few thieves stole more than N2trillion in less than 2 years genuinely refer to itself as the best government in the history of the country: That is in addition to the fact that more number of Nigerians have died under the same government than at any other time in this country. As I’ve often said, we’ll get the country that the contradictions in our values deserve. Anything better than that is, in itself, injustice; or, in the least, undeserved.


    Obasanjo was being charitable in his rating of the performance of President Jonathan as ”below average”. The truth is that this Administration has failed woefully. There is no better way to say it. Just mention the critical areas of human endeavour and I will say the President has scored an ‘F’. Security of lives and property? Infrastructure? Education? Health? Electricity? Corruption? Never Again!

  • G4

    Out of all the business men, intellectuals and relatively upright public officers at the time from the south south Obasanjo is saying he should be praised for bypassing all those people to choose the red eyed with dark faced(he has washed his face now) uncharasmatic unexposed village man can you just imagine that.

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    This is not a time for us to engage Nigeria’s most useless man: Obasanjo.

    This is a time for us to reflect and ask ourselves very hard but vital questions about Nigeria viz:

    What is it that gives the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani the boldness to always trample on the Nigerian constitution without looking back ?

    Presently, the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani are again trampling on the Nigerian Constitution by insisting that a man who is no longer a member of the House of Representatives and no longer a member of the National Assembly should post the effrontery of presiding over the House of Representatives as Speaker.

    Going by very clear and unambiguous provisions of Section 68(1)g of the Nigerian constitution A-minus Tambuwaal
    is no longer a member of the House of Representatives and no longer a member of the National Assembly.

    Nigerians must thank GOD for the IG and the Nigerian Police who acted promptly to avert what would have been the biggest disgrace and the most spiteful violation of the Nigerian Constitution since independence in 1960.

    If the Nigerian Police had not acted promptly we would have had a situation where someone who is not member of the House of Representatives would have gone ahead to even preside over the House of Representative as Speaker … God forbid.

    I also wish to recall just a few instances among so many in the recent where the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani persistently and boldly trample on Nigerian Constitution without looking back.

    1. Recall, how they trampled on the Nigerian Constitution and went ahead to implement Sharia in their States.

    2. Recall how they trampled on the Nigerian Constitution and went ahead to register APC as a political party despite matters in Court and despite clear violations of the Nigerian Constitution by APC with respect to balance in the appointment of members of the interim National Executive.

    In fact, the Hausa-Fulani chap who was the Secretary of INEC was bold enough to stay on his desk at the INEC (despite the fact that he was long overdue for retirement) until the gross violations were accomplished and APC was unconstitutionally registered.

    It was only after that ……. that he retired and a puppet Southern woman was appointed INEC Secretary to replace him.

    3. Recall how they trampled the Nigerian Constitution and went ahead to stop the Miss World Pageant brought to Nigeria by Silverbird.

    There is nothing in the Nigerian Constitution that prohibits Siverbird from staging the Miss World Beauty Pageant in Nigeria. Ben Bruce and Silverbird pay taxes to the Nigeria government unlike the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani who do not pay any taxes to the Government …… they don’t even pay NEPA bills yet they had the boldness to act unconstitutionally and stop the beauty pageant from taking place in Nigeria.

    4. Concerning the fight against Boko Haram ……. the Sultan, the ACF, NEF and who is who among the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani openly declare their support for Boko Haram in clear violation of the Nigerian Constitution.

    I can go, on and on ……… without stop.

    • endingNaija

      So the “Northern” politicians imported three thugs to come and vote in Ekiti assembly. So the “Northern” politicians control the police that supervised the voting by three thugs in Ekiti assembly. So the ‘Northern politicians control the police that supervised the impeachment of the Ekiti speaker by seven members of the house of assembly and three thugs. Since the Ekiti rape of Nigeria was done by the PDP (led by the Ijaw president-Goodlcuk Jonathan) in collusion with Goodlcuk Jonathan and in support of his re-election campaign in 2015, so the “Northern” politicians asked Goodluck Jonathan’s party PDP to rape Nigerian laws in Ekiti state? The “Northern” politician also asked the Nigerian police to invade the house of representatives. I can see how the Ijaw President-Goodluck Jonathan thinks. Poor thinking.

      • Goodluck_Nigeria

        The Yorubas are merely following the bad examples of the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani ……. are you not aware of Bola Tinubu’s unconstitutional statement of “rig and roast”; where did you think he learnt that from ?

        • endingNaija

          Oh you will roast and be fried in your OILY creek if you try any magomago rigging of elections in Yorubaland. We are not retreating deri.

          • Goodluck_Nigeria

            Which one is Yoruba land …… is it the one Afonja cowardly ceded to the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani or the one that Alhaji Yekini Amoda Ogunlere of Iragbiji, Osun State (alias Bola Tinubu) have sniffed away to the Hausa-Fulani in exchange for regular supply of that stuff ….. hope you know what I am talking about.

            But, by the way, why did the Yorubas not roast those who butchered MKO Abiola after he won the Presidency in a free and fair election ?

            May be because they had not started sniffing cocaine back then !!!

          • endingNaija

            Oh! You are afraid to go and leave in your OLIY creeks? Okay let me educate you. The Yoruba terrirory is the one that does not include YOUR SWEET (OYELE) OIL IN YA BACKYARD!!!! Me I dey laaaafu oooo! I go laaafu taya!!!

        • Mao

          We will rename the President Goodbye Jonathan in 2015 and we will identify who you are and deal with you appropriately.

          • Goodluck_Nigeria

            Yes ….. it shall be goodbye indeed to the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani in line with the declarations of National Hero Major Gideon Gwaza Orkar.

      • Wähala

        Don’t waste your time with Deri Redeem, everyone has learnd to ignore him and his mental health case…

        • Peter

          Hey, this wahala man. Someone, perhaps a sworn enemy of Dr Goodluck Jonathan must have engaged you and paying you pretty well for you to be so much after his government. I know it is APC that is using you like this. But if I must ask, have you thought about what your fate will be if this group does not make at the polls, as naturally they must fail. Unless you are merely doing this for the crumbs of it, may I warn you to take it easy so that you don’t commit suicide or have a heart attack at the end of February 2015.

  • _Proudly iger Deltan

    So APC’s members whothemselves were the rigging machines while in PDP have been planning to massivelyrig the next election. Eheeeeeennnnn! OK!

    So, why you plan to rig, you come to the media to issue threatsthat you must not lose. Very good!… at least now we know…and it will be fire
    for fire, blow for blow …bcos no one has a monopoly of violence in whatever form.

    God is with Great Jona. First it was the $9.3m jet scandal that absolved Jonathan and exposed the stupidity of the irresponsible miscreants
    and gate jumping APC members, and now the DSS’s timely discovery of Tinubu & Fashola’s own brand of democracy and while they have always won in Lagos. So, in a spate of 24hrs breeze don blow and Fowl yansh don opwn waaaaaaaa…..and and SHIT don show!

    We shall see how it will be possible for aliens to ever have control over our Niger Delta resources. God bless the Niger Delta

  • Maria

    Jonathan worst is the president to govern any nation on earth. The funny thing about this government is the way it rates itself as the best government… it is very funny…a government full of corrupt, inept, looting, stealing, callous, and hard-hearted individuals, how can it be the best government?

    • bikky

      I align with you for the first time ever,I travels all around the state I see abject poverty on people faces,happiness has gone,just a means of survival is the business of the day either legal or illegal people need to survive. I cry for my father’s land,O Nigeria. Here is the Time Nigerian Vote wisely ,Religion and ethnicity apart. God Bless my Country.

      • the truth

        u must be daft, y not ask your state governors for the dividends of democracy, if the inner city roads you plight are bad, it has nothing to do with fg, if your state governor with all the resources at his disposal can’t provide jobs for the teaming youths, blame him and not the fg. for god sake we have three tiers of government. The federal govt, the state govt and the local government, why are you blaming just the fg while snubbing the state and local govt

    • Peter

      Maria, you are mad and may your generation never see anything good throughout the whole of President Jonathan’s tenure, Amen.

      • Maria

        Cool down… you got your blood boiling for nothing…All the curses you put up here are on your head and those of your children’s children and generations to come in Jesus Name. I knew I stabbed you in the eye with the truth!

      • Warri Boy

        He is a cowardly Conger, and an irredeemable simpleton. You know say craze man wey naked no dey notice him own nakedness, instead him go feel say na other people wey wear cloth get problem. He is no other person, but the one with the ubiquitous handle @Wahala…a paid supporter of APC and its terrorist candidate – The Robert Mugabe of Nigeria otherwise know as the presidential candidate emeritus.

    • Leslie

      Count your curses name them 1 by 1.
      Count your curses see what Jona has done.
      Count your curses,name them 1 by 1.
      And it will surprise you what Jona has done.

  • The GEJ Presidency appears to be living in a dreamland to be comparing himself with Obasanjo.During the OBJ era, many Nigerians in diaspora were eager to come home. Obj brought Nigeria GSM, Anti-Corruption that caught GEJ and his Wife,Paid Nigerian Debts, International recognition and reputation after the killing of Saro Wiwa,relative economic prosperity in both the money and capital markets, massive employment in OIL,TELECOMMUNICATIONS & GAS sectors, leadership devoid of tribalism, economic liberation,Igbo empowerment, increasing foreign reserves of over $62billion despite paying debts. Obj only supported GEJ in 2010 to make a point.GEJ thrives on lies.Where is the $20billion and the fake forensic accountants?

    • Jay

      true talk

    • Uzoma

      I can see you are writing from the UK. Obasanjo is truly lucky he is dealing with a gentleman like GEJ. Otherwise, by now he should have been told some home truths.

      • What home truths? GEJ knows his limits.Rather than riding comfortably on the goodwill he got when OBJ supported his candidature against the Northern cabal, he decided to sacrifice it at the alter of Diezani. GEJ’s naivety despite his PH.d has made him an enemy of the South west, Northwest, Northeast with some pockets in the Niger Delta against him. I have so much pity for GEJ because he abused virtually all the opportunity he had to form a robust coalition against the cabals.


    Obasanjo was just humouring this clown and his band of merrymakers with an average rating. GEJ’s only achievement is that he was just occupying an office so that Nigeria can be said to have a president. But there is a truth that the imbecilic Okupe failed to recognize. The last paragraph of his statement betrayed the extent of his deceit. Yes, Nigeria is currently the largest producer of cassava in the world with an annual output of over 34 million metric tonnes a year. But this feat did not come from any of the initiatives promoted by GEJ. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, cassava production in Nigeria has been increasing for the past 20 or more years. In 2002, Obasanjo launched an initiative to make cassava a foreign revenue earner. Nigeria is highest producer but Thailand is highest exporter. Presently, cassava is primarily produced for food with little or no use in the agribusiness sector as an industrial raw material. But the crop can be processed into several secondary products of industrial market value. That was Obasanjo’s dream and it required diversifying the use of cassava in industries, curtailing the threat of the virulent cassava diseases and entrenching national policies that will leverage cassava development in the country. But from Okupe we have learnt that cassava production is not oriented towards commercialisation but instead farmers still produce and process cassava as a subsistence crop; no supply chain structures exist for the commercialisation of secondary cassava products as primary source of raw materials for agro industries and production costs for cassava are still high relative to other countries. In Okupe’s mind, still lulling in pre-1999 is an achievement.

  • _Proudly Niger Deltan


    I am an evil genius. This is why nobody can still explain how I stole $12.7b between 1990-1992 from the oil sales windfall necessitated by the Gulf war. Now I am sick & no hospital can treat me in Nigeria bcos I stole the money that woul have built hospitals. What is my name?
    (a) Imam Kwankawamaso (b) Imam Buhari (c) Imam Atiku (d) Pastor Jona (e) Imam Babangida

    I am a governor and a thief. In fact, I and my fellow Govs will continue to steal until continent Nigerians have the courage to stone us to death. What is my name?

    (a) Imam Kwankawamaso (b) Judas Iscariot of Port Harcourt (c) Saint Fayemi (d) Pastor Uduagham

    I am an ex governor and a thief. In fact, I and my wife sleep on a bed that cost N50m while I reduced the salary of Teachers in the state in order to save cost. What is my name?
    (a) Imam Kwankawamaso (b) Judas Iscariot of Port Harcourt (c) Saint Fayemi (d) Pastor Uduagham

    I am an ex governor and a Pension thief. In fact, as it is now, I have cornered billions as pensions and monthly maintenance in millions. Many yrs ago, my personal account was home to some drug dealer’s money…and not long ago I threatened (as is usual of my Party) to ‘roast’ some Nigerians if they don’t vote my party. What is my name?

    (a) Imam Kwankawamaso (b) Judas Iscariot of Port Harcourt (c) Saint Fayemi (d) Imam Tinubu (e) Pastor Uduagham

    I am a Presidential candidate and a former civil servant. Honestly I do not even know how I made my money. But all I know is that once I left public office I became a billionaire…yet my monthly salary was officially less than N100,000…besides I own a University and I am so patriotic like Nnamdi, so I named my University after a foreign country. What is my name?
    (a) Imam Kwankawamaso (b) Judas Iscariot of Port Harcourt (c) Saint Fayemi (d) Pastor Uduagham (e) Imam Atiku

    • the truth

      we need more of this trivia questions, it is clear for everyone to see who are the real enemies.

  • Wähala

    Dumbo destroyed our source of happiness… Nigerian football, by imposing a dead & buried Keshi as Eagles Coach
    Dumbo’s Govt. destroyed our religious unity with terms like, “Yoruba Christians & Yourba Muslims”. “Janjaweed Party”
    Dumbo has destroyed our peace of mind by the high level of terrorism-related murders and general insecurity in Nigeria.
    Dumbo has demolished our Education with 90% failing their NBA exams, 55% failures in Math & English at WAEC, etc
    Under Dumbo, Ebola came calling despite ample warnings from affected countries, infant/childbirth mortality rate highest
    Infrastructure: East-West Road still a dream, 2nd. Niger Bridge, a pipe dream

    • Chima

      @Wahala, Comedian-in-Chief PT, I hope you will leave our President in waiting Atiku Abubakar alone when he takes your man GMB to the cleaners in the delegate election coming up soon. It is not on social media it is by real substance(policy plans through great intellectual team).

      • Wähala

        Better to worry about me leaving your mama alone because if you end up my step-son, I will instill the father figure presence that’s obviously lacking in your life… with koboko! We’re discussing Nigeria under Dumbo, why not go ride your tricycle with other kids and I will holler you when dinner is ready. Didinrin!

        • Chima

          Comedian-in-Chief Onuku Odeku

          • Wähala

            I’m pouring some in-between her knees right now, to sanitize the tracks you stained… onye oshi!

          • Chima

            @Wahala you don’t seem to be doing better than a comic swine. But go ahead that is the only thing you know how to do. You are just a comedian. I am happy that the size of the gang that was taking you serious has diminished to only you.

          • Dr. Kay

            You must still be drunk if you think he is a comedian. He had just 4cked you up with word , innuendos and sarcasms and this is all you can offer in reply ? Your own brain missed the cranium straight for under your feet , your shoeless years like Dumbo must have tragically dabaru your medulla oblongata, now all you see is comedy abi? Anyway sha at least you go they in permanent state of ogogoro induced happiness and stupor, ode oniranu, oloshi.


            Unrestrained savagery coupled with ancient mob mentality !

          • Wähala

            Never heard of “wetie” for Ojuelegba Roundabout abi? Ancient mob mentality indeed…

          • Wähala

            Don’t worry, soon you will call me ‘Daddy’ for all my works to secure your future in Nigeria… ode!


            Very vulgar indeed !!

          • Wähala

            That’s @Jafia… since when did you become a monk?
            I rescued the tout from an orphanage, he needs to read raw lingua to stay away from me. That also keeps prodigal clowns like him miles away so it’s… killing many urchins with one line. you need try it amigo, works all the time!

        • emmanuel

          Everybody na Aborigine. are they not better than your forefathers who were Bastards from Arabian traders who slept with your mothers, while their wretched fathers were out in the field rearing cows?

          If e beta for you for Germany, come to Nigeria during the election and stay for thirty days.

          With the number of years you have been a sojourner, your work experience if you have had any good job should have seen you in executive management cadre and you can have a twenty one or twenty eight days vacation.

          scrunger, You know how much dem dey sell Keke for Nigeria, can you afford one?

    • Chris1408

      well said, even GEJ knows he’s the worst thing to ever happen to Nigeria.

    • emmanuel

      Your Foolani brothers destroyed Nigeria. Who said WAEC mass failure started today? The days when data used to be covered up are long gone and everything is in public domain, so it is easy to know that only two people had Mathematics and Egnglish in your Gombe state.

      Excellent results are still prevalent down South, na una dey draw us back. No more cover up.

      Lat Mc Cain talk, because we nor allow our Men marry Men – McCain has only refused to state his sexual preference which is weird, because of his desire to rule the USA. His comment is inconsequential.

      Na Jonathan bring Yoruba Christian and Muslim? Why are the Muslim aspirants in Lagos APC ganging up against the Christian? Dem say na because Tinubu dey support am? When did Banire become APC national Legal Adviser, was it not the same Tinubu who made him? why did he not reject it, because Tinubu was a tin gods?

      You guys are using Jonathan to patch your flounderings!

      How many Christians are Local Council Chairmen, Commissioners, Judges, Permarnant Secretaries, Directors, Heads of MDA’s in Lagos? Na Jonathan do am? Nonsense!

      By the way, let us know how you remained in your so called Germany with the work papaers you used from the onset and determined how qualified you are to talk where good people exist.

  • Ebola or Gej

    Mr Okupe we know you are depending your pay master by deceiving Nigerians. You should know that no amount of deceive, blackmail and lies can stop us from voting out shoeless, clueless and corrupt government of Pdp led by this wicked Ijaw Man. CHANGE for SURE 2015.

  • sammyctu ode

    I have never seen a Nigerian president who chose to surround himself with thieves, criminals and corrupt characters than jonathan. In a decent country the likes of okupe will be in jail instead of aso-villa. The former Benue Governor- Akume has just confirmed again that the billions of Naira contracts okupe got were not executed. Four more years of jonathan will let Nigeria to be borrowing water which is a natural resources from other west African countries. The jonathan government are claiming they have increased rice production, Is that an achievement? No, No, No. Its the normal ordinary target for any government to do. In all the Malls and Supermarkets even our local markets, 95% of all food items are imported till date so jonathan has not ACHIEVED ANYTHING FOR NIGERIANS AND BY THE EVERLASTING POWER OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD, jonathan WILL NOT WIN THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION COME FEB. 2015.

  • Gideon Orkar

    The Presidency should not bother replying the gorilla, Janjaweeds and premiums terrorists. The man who now pays less for food in the market knows GEJ has transformed the agricultural sector

  • Chris1408

    may Okukpe life be what GEJ has tranformed Nigeria to

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    In an interview with ABC News President Barack Hussein Obama assessed the chances of Hillary Clinton who will be a mere 69 years old by the time she contests the 2016 American election:

    This is what Obama ultimately said as reported by ABC News:

    Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” President Barack Obama after discussing Hillary Clinton’s chances in a 2016 presidential run, said he felt the voters would be ready for that “new cart smell” in the their next president.

    It is very clear that Obama was saying that Hillary will be too old to run as President and by extension Obama was referring to Nigeria’s APC who are determined to present 72+ years old “Robert Mugabe Mohammed Morsi Buhari” as their Presidential candidate.

    APC be warned ……… Nigerian voters would ready for that “new cart smell” that is found only in GEJ ……. it is not found in your “Robert Mugabe Mohammed Morsi Buhari” …… the man is simply too old and too senile.

    • Dr. Kay

      Your hypocrisy makes you so imbecilic that when you using US as a point of reference you must at least go back in history and check out the age of Ronald Reagan when he became the US President. So mr man like I said to you before , your brain must have missed your cranium during embryogenesis and accidentally found its way to your gluteus Maximus (your bum). Many years of sitting from yahoo yahoo 419 days to e-rat for PDP has atrophied your logical and intelligent gathering part of your brain. So my friend you should be pitied and not abused, soooory oh , pele oh .

      • Goodluck_Nigeria

        @Dr. Kay ……. please be informed that society is changing at the speed of sound ….. new challenges are emerging …… that require new tools to tackle.

        We are not in the days of Ronald Reagan …… we are in the days where the Italian Prime Minister is even under 40years.

        Gowon was under 40 years when he became Head of State and he accomplished so much compared to other much older military Heads of State.

        Nigerians will certainly reject your “Robert Mugabe Mohammed Morsi Buhari” at the polls in February 2015.

        • emmanuel

          They are so certain that their internet hackers will do the dirty job of corrupting voters register.

          Make them nor worry, I am sure INEC have back up and when their plans do not work, they will shout that 1.4 million voters from Lagos were not captured – criminals.

          Whoever want Nigeria to go in flames in 2015 should get ready

      • emmanuel

        The world has long changed. That was the Iron curtain days.

        You guys have ensured security challenge never allowed Jonathan so see road, unfortunately, the man is getting stronger by the day.

        We would enter the next phase of Nigeria Leadership from May 2015 when re new his stay.

        Roads, Rice, Rail, Fertilizer, Local fishing improved, Improved electricity, blocked ghost workers through e-salaries, Highest funding for tetiary institutions, improved pension and Health schemes etc.

        The only issue is the self inflicted Boko Haram abi? Make una dey use that one as campaign manifesto. Afterall, Pakistan and some other countries have had several elections since the Taliban made incursion into their country and Nigeria will not be different.

        Those who want their people to die because they are not of the same religion because they want power should continue. They would continue to count their loses after Jonathan leaves in 2019


    OBJ has been the most destructive person ever to preside over the affairs of Nigeria both as a military dictator and an imposed civilian president. It is indisputable that most of the problems plaguing this country emanated from the corruption,election rigging,the foisting of candidates as opposed to democratically elected,emasculation of the military in a phantom bid to protect himself,neglect of the transport sector and corruption of the aviation sector,neglect of Agriculture,usurpation and corruption of the oil sector as both President and oil Minister,the stealing of 16 billion dollars meant for the electric power sector,introducing vicious do-or-die politics,savage genocidal policies in Odi and Zakibiam,marginalisation and abandonment of the SE as all federal projects especially roads were abandoned,the Niger Bridge was abandoned to collapse,all plans of international airports and inland sea ports were stopped,the criminal 3rd term conspiracy in which legislators were openly bribed with ghana-must-go bags starched with cash etc.
    OBJ after failing to elongate his tenure sought to control Aso-rock from his farm,he fell out with Late Umaru Yar’adua whom he tried to run like a puppet,after that he sought to run Jonathan as his puppet as well but that project hit the rocks so in a fit of frustration,he undermines this government through reckless speeches designed to malign and create hate for the administration.
    We must recall that Obasanjo’s declaration of his worth before he became civilian President was 20,000 Naira but he is allegedly worth 3 billion USD as we speak,where did the wealth come from ? OBJ must shut up and respect his age,he is a failed leader and ex-coup plotter no matter how he frantically tries to re-write history ,confuse naive westerners and falsely parade around as a democrat.
    OBJ was indicted in the Hallibouton bribe scandal,he has a case to answer should Nigerians wake up one day to prosecute all those who plundered their commonwealth in an objective manner.OBJ must stop constituting a nuisance and menace to the government of the day he must learn that Nigeria is not his private property and he has no moral justification whatsoever to play the “later day saint”,he is just one of our many failed ex-leaders !!

  • Mr. Abdin

    When ever you want assess the performance of any government as stated by Dudley Siers were three fundamental questions and they as follows: {a} What has happened to poverty? {b} What has happened to unemployment? and thirdly what has happened to inequality? I will like the government of the day to justify that wether there is improvement in the above stated points raised because if it is the country we live things are not going well as only God will save Nigerians as the govt of the day has failed.

  • Dr. Kay

    In diplomacy OBJ was even lenient on this Dumbo of a man, in my own assessment I will score him an F9 parallel. This presidency guys are so shameless and pathetic, making a shopping list of agricultural achievements as if na Dumbo be agricultural minister, who should be the one getting all the accolades. And by the way from which tribe is the minister from again , you guessed right Yoruba, the object of hate amongst Dumboliliputs. Just like he tried to take the glory of the Ebola eradication, put together by the Doctors and nurses of first consultant Hospital, with some paying with their lives . This achievement made possible through the able hands of another illustrious Yoruba son Fashola. So Dumbo , remember when you came in you promised to be chairman of power regeneration office that will make power failure a thing of the past in 4 years, instead power and electricity generation in Nigeria today is at the lowest of the low ever, so mr attack dog okupe, you must be smoking dagga , high on cocaine or just finished gulping ogogoro, because methinks you spewing out garbage and thrash, Dumbo is a failure!


  • Baba Jada

    The best president is the one and only president who has ever lost Nigerian territory to illiterate criminals, The best president who could not account for 20 billion dollars of tax payers money, The best president who laundered money to buy arms illegally in south Africa. The best president who cannot visit warri because a criminal has threatened him. The best president who has donated our girls to Boko Haram, claiming that they are safer in the hands of terrorist. The best president who ordered a full assault on the nations parliament. the best president who thinks corruption is mere stealing, GEJ you are the best.

    • Alcindo Satori

      that part of the country deserves not to be mentioned as part of Nigeria fyi. and if you’re Yoruba, which I sense you are, you should be worried ’cause those boko haram are coming for your ass too. Hehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sharp shape

      OBJ lost bakassi without a single shot fired ! A more valuable piece of real estate than borno yobe and adamawa combined ! Nonsense

      • Baba Jada

        OBJ just honored the agreement Nigeria had with Cameroon, but why didn’t our best president appeal that judgement, it wasn’t a closed case, he had 10 years from that ruling date to appeal but he let it expire without a fuss. so we can add this to his list of lost territory.

  • tijan kabba

    Goodluck Jonathan has driven this country to the brinks of civic rule, corruption has riddled this country under his watch and yet he is the best president since independence? what are they smoking in Aso rock

    • emmanuel

      where did corruption in Nigeria come from? Buhari stole $2.9 Billion of Petroleum money in the Ninety seventies when millions was so few to count in this nation.

      That same man is the saint that will repair Nigeria.

      Lets know who you are, what you do for a living, your annual tax figures, how you make your money or earn your income and you can talk about corruption

      • Ogom


      • Adams

        Produce yoir proof

    • sharp shape

      We are earnestly praying for that war ! Nigeria must scatter imagine this ota baboon ! Rubbish

  • emmanuel

    Obasabjo Of Benin Lagos unpassable highway, Ibadan Ife Highway fraud, Lagos Ibadan abandoned highway, Ibadan Ilorin Lokoja death trap.

    Obsanjo who defrauded the world with Avian Flu because he wanted his Ota Farm to collect from WHO funds (If Obasanjo was in Power he would have ensure Ebola spread so that Nigeria can collect Aid – Rogue).

    Obasanjo who Killed Nigeria Airway after taking care of Jerry Ogbeyegbe the Union Leader who ensured the Airline was not sold – He ensured a lot of Air crashes occured so that the Airline could be sold to him. Branson waited for him to leave office before signing out of the fraudulent Air Nigeria deal.

    Obasanjo who siphoned Billions of Dollars through NIPP which he knew he was not ready to finish except for Papalanto to serve him in Abeokuta, Omotosho to serve his Olokonla LNG and Geregu to serve his Obajana Cement with Dangote (Dangote has now given him the one in Ibeshe as full and final settlement. He ensured that the monies for all others were pockted

    Obasanjo who siezed MM2 and Ibadan highway through Babalakin and he refused to commence work.

    Obasanjo who was the author of Ballot snatching

    Obasanjo who tenor recorded more politically motivated deaths than IBB and Abacha’s tenors put together.

    Obasanjo who want this Government to fall so that his military CABAL will have easy ride in Oil Block ownership extension in 2016

    I beg make una help he put jara

    • bikky

      You tried and you can continue.

  • No Comment

    “As it is now, what we have does not have what it takes to drag Nigeria
    along; and anything can happen anytime from now. Right-thinking people must
    rise to rescue the helm of that ship from Jonathan’s hand before he wrecks the
    entire nation”.

    “I am of the firm belief and conviction that there will be no election
    in 2015. I am of the firm belief that this house of cards will collapse before
    2015. Under Jonathan’s leadership, Nigeria as a whole has become a titanic ship
    on sail to hit the iceberg and sink”.

    ……………Pastor Tunde Bakare

    January 20, 2013

  • Des Rees


    Last June President Barack Obama ordered the U.S Department of Justice
    to investigate President Jonathan’s government for criminal money-laundering
    of a sum of $1.23billion which President Jonathan agreed with ENI Oil Ltd (Italy)
    should be placed in J.P Morgan’s New York branch in America.

    Since then the government of Italy has opened its own criminal investigation
    into this same OPL 245 oil bloc deal struck inside Nigeria’s presidential villa.
    Italy had mid this year summoned top executives of ENI oil company in Milan, Italy,
    to ask why ENI paid the whole money without having any vested interest in OPL 245
    in tussle only between Shell Oil company, and, Nigeria’s ex Petrol Minister, Dan Etete.

    Ditto, Britain last month opened counterpart investigations in London on an estimated
    200 million dollars of the funds placed in a London bank for disbursement as ‘brokerage
    fees’ to two of the five shadowy men (including a Russian) who wangled this dirty oil deal.

    • Des Rees


      Mohammed Adoke (Jonathan’s attorney-general) could become
      President Jonathan’s Achilles’ heel for assuring Jonathan that no
      criminal or civil liability will follow President Jonathan’s brokerage
      of a private oil bloc deal
      between SHELL OIL and MALABU OIL Limited
      after the initial illegal grant of OPL 245 to Dan Etete – contrary to law.

      Mohammed Adoke had said the federal government; i.e; President Jonathan
      merely acted as ‘obligor’, to sound confident in public ears that no liability can
      ensue for President Jonathan or even for himself on a separate premium of
      $40million said in rumours to have been paid to Adoke Mohammed to buy
      his consent privately.

      But in extent that an obligor does not mean an innocent bystander –
      but rather means a full participant as counterparty to a business transaction –
      Mohammed Adoke may just have blundered on this transaction and opened
      up President Jonathan to possible indictment for moneylaundering abroad.

      When last June, the U.S Justice Department in Washington D.C, said it has begun
      criminal investigations of two counterparties to this OPL 245 transaction, foreign oil
      observers fear that on the wording of ‘an obligor’, President Jonathan may well
      be one of the two counter-parties now under investigation for money-laundering in America.

      • nija pikin

        Adoke mohammed is known to many in kano where he was practising law before he was appointed as Anthony General is well known as a very corrupt and judges bribing lawyer so it’s not surprising what he does.

  • the truth

    Obasanjo in my candid opinion has no justification or locus standee to judge this government. The difference is clear for all to see, its like oil and water. You can differentiate both.

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    Many Nigerians are incurable optimists, but if your hopes for improved power supply are anchored on the flimsy performance of this PDP-led government and their high-rhetoric you may need to put on a thinking cap to see if you’re not on a wild ride to a delusion. The incompetence of this administration, embedded in layers of sleaze has left the nation in perpetual stagnancy.

    The FGN has consistently promised Nigerians adequate power supply since coming into power since 1999, but has consistently failed to actualize this important priority for the populace. This failure is not as a result of lack of resources, but due to a lack of disciplined management of the humongous amount that has already being spent. More than N5 trillion ($31.45 billion) has been expended on improved power supply from 1999 till date, but it has only been able to increase the country’s electricity generating capacity by about 2,500 megawatts over the last 14 years.

    Between 1999 and 2013, Federal Government’s budgetary provisions for power stood at N2.8 trillion of which over N2.326 trillion went into the National Integrated Power Projects, NIPP and various power intervention projects. Most of the completed power plants are unusable because there is no secured fuel (gas) to run this facilities, which the government blames on vandalism that the various security outfits seem incapable of containing.

    In comparison to other countries, Nigeria’s installed capacity is grossly inadequate. As at 2010, only about 3,700 megawatts was available for a population of 140 million people due to various reasons including gas supply constraints, inadequate maintenance of equipment that stems from procurement constraints, dearth of skilled maintenance personnel and the dependence on imports of parts and foreign experts to carry out repairs and overhauls. In addition, ageing and poorly maintained infrastructure, weak network configuration and overloaded transformers, result in frequent system collapse, high transmission and distribution losses among others. This is a far cry compared to its peers — South Africa and Brazil. Brazil recorded an investment of $58 billion in its power sector between 1994 and 2008, while it currently produces about 100,000MW of electricity. South Africa on the other hand, currently produces about 40,000MW of electricity, with plans to invest additional $37 billion over the next couple of years to triple current capacity.

    • emmanuel

      I trade Petroleum products in one of my businesses. Electricity has tremendously improved. stop your lies.

      My consumption petroleum products for generator at home and office compared to same period years back are miles apart in, at least about half saved. na you do am?

      • bikky

        Improved indeed.

      • George Omuku

        Na for your dreams, bros. Tehehehehehe…

  • Uz

    I wonder how a person like OBJ will have the effrontery to assess the performance of a man who has excelled beyond the expectation of Nigerians. GEJ has performed exceedingly as spelt out by Mr Okupe. Those who have refused to see this are either blind or have refused to see the many things that have been achieved by this administration.

  • allfsanni

    People living in Nigeria are very wicked to themselves. In Corporate America people are very kind and help. Your pension money is sent on time to your door. People die on road crash going to beg for their money if some one have not stole. Nigerians read to pass exams only and dont put to practice what they learn. Otherwise u blame President for not putting concrete on drive way to your house. Water & electric corporation should be formed to do this in your neighborhood, rather than being wicked to have each person use generator. Also trash companies do trash. If house of representatives pass law for government to do it then you legal mrans to getting it done. That way you stop doinv things like animals.

  • Thomas Ayan

    incomparable govments & awada kerikeri

  • WALE

    Things indeed look very bleak for the Peoples Democratic Party as more of its members identify with the opposition All Progressives Congress. Hon. Adams Jagaba, the House of Reps Member Representing Kacha/Kagarko in Southern Kaduna recently crossed over to APC.

    In Yobe State, the final nail has been driven into the coffin of PDP as two of its leading pillars, Ambassador Ibrahim MaiSule and its former National Treasurer; Alhaji Bashir Machina dumped the party for the All Progressives Congress.

    As if this was not enough, APC has recently been in the thick of a terrific battle for the soul of Akwa Ibom State. In a deft move that will see PDP losing the state, the former Secretary to the State Government and leading gubernatorial candidate, Obong Okon Umana has perfected plans to defect to APC on Thursday with about ten former Commissioners, some eminent Akwa Ibom elders and thousands of supporters. They will be received into the party by Mr. Hilliard Eta, the National Vice Chairman, APC South South.

    This will effectively position APC to win next year’s gubernatorial election in the state.

    The defectors all cited the high level of impunity in PDP, its utter contempt for the rule of law and serial failure to develop the people of Nigeria as their reasons for decamping.

    Public affairs analysts have consistently posited that the All Progressives Congress (APC) is set to win massively in the 2015 election

  • abbadd

    Let Nigerians decide not the presidency as far as i am concerned as a Nigerian GEJs performance is not only below average like OBJ said but GEJ is the worst product ever produced by Africa GEJ is a disgrace to the name Leadership itself which he seems to have no idea about.

  • lucky james

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  • opportunity

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  • Tonnero

    We can now add delusion to the many ills of the thieving, lying, conniving, divisive, despotic administration of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Even your SS/SE supporters are beginning to tire of your one-crisis-a-week presidency.


    The usual insults from Okupe and Co. They have no shame or qualms in telling brazen lies. I know, this time will pass for Nigeria and the likes of Okupe will rise no more.

  • haruna umaru

    I wonder how a person like OBJ will have the effrontery to assess the performance of a man who has excelled beyond the expectation of Nigerians. GEJ has performed exceedingly as spelt out by Mr Okupe. Those who have refused to see this are either blind or have refused to see the many things that have been achieved by this administration. #GEJ4NAIJA

  • haruna umaru

    Obasanjo in my candid opinion has no justification or locus standi to judge this government. The difference is clear for all to see, its like oil and water. You can differentiate both, from GEJ administration and OBJs. #GEJ4NAIJA

  • haruna umaru

    The best president is the one and only president who has ever lost Nigerian territory to illiterate criminals, The best president who could not account for 20 billion dollars of tax payers money, The best president who laundered money to buy arms illegally in south Africa. The best president who cannot visit warri because a criminal has threatened him. The best president who has donated our girls to Boko Haram, claiming that they are safer in the hands of terrorist. The best president who ordered a full assault on the nations parliament. the best president who thinks corruption is mere stealing, GEJ you are the best. #GEJ4NAIJA

  • haruna umaru

    The Presidency should not bother replying the gorilla, Janjaweeds and premiums terrorists. The man who now pays less for food in the market knows GEJ has transformed the agricultural sector. #GEJ4NAIJA

  • New Nigerian

    Pius – This is a brilliant piece. I’d add an anectdotal evidence. This was back in the early 90s, I travelled from New York through Frankfurt to Lagos – as expected many Nigerians were on the Frankfurt – Lagos flight, overwhelming majority. These folks queued up and were very calm and orderly going through boarding procedures in Frankfurt. As soon as we got to Lagos, all hell broke lease – like you flip a switched – some folks who were just orderly few hours back, started jumping queues and jostling on the line, to show their “power” to go through immigration!
    In addition to what you identify, there is a variant which I would call Ngozi Okonjo Iweala syndrome – a superstar at the world bank & with OBJ and a disaster of unimaginable proportion under Jonathan.


      Should somebody behave like a stranger in his homeland? What’s your point?

  • Damilola

    Mr. Pius, as always u expressed a well articulated piece. But my concern and prayer for you is that you never get to be in those “thieves” shoes. Why? Cos in that piece u made it clear that you’re waiting and hoping for a “logical court conclusion”, yet you’re swift in nailing her. Well, maybe it’s too obvious that she really stole, why wait for court conclusion then? The others you mentioned are also waiting for same “logical conclusion” but yet they’re thieves until then. That’s y I prayed for you never to be in their shoes, either by some intrigues from some cabals against u or by ur own doing cos no one would wait for any logical conclusion to nail u either.


      Well stated. Education and common sense must come together in this Adesanmi’s head one day. He is educated, but he rarely applies it. I’m sure it’s taught in Canada that people are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. He may be trustworthy, but he is certainly not trusting of his fellows.

      What does it take to accuse a Nigerian of crime nowadays? Tribe? Sex? Religion? Or all of the above?

      In his anecdote concerning Nellie Mayshak, he admitted that Mayshak functioned well without such accusations, so the only variable here is Nigeria, the rest are constants.

  • Kitunde

    It started with the title…I was already laughing so much, even tho I knew there will be a profound message thereafter. Thank you for your courage and fairness – Pius…

  • Guest

    Ha, I don tire for Saint Pius sha!
    -Every body in Nigeria no get sense. Najerians are mumu. dey no know sabi fight govament or to speak french.
    -The one wey dey Canada, na thief.
    Oya now, come down to Naija, to fix it, no,no,no… I be ‘diasporan’ writing nonsense everyday while teaching “african studies’ in a canadian university. How many article he write for canadian newspaper sef? none. na soso saharareporters and PT him fit they write all this thrash ( apart from once in a while, wey di tin wey him shak comot for him eye)
    Meanwhile, Dino Melaye is his Senator!



      • Kitunde

        It is this kind of dumb attitude that has been the bane of our country-A man writes as part of his contribution to make our society better, still you have people who should know better disparaging him. Good heavens! Anyway, Pius ‘no shaking’ as they say…