Jonathan’s performance as President Below Average – Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo answering questions at the Ake Book and Arts Festival in Abeokuta on Friday... Photo: Courtesy Ake Arts and Books Festiva (via twitter)

Nigeria’s former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, on Friday delivered a damning verdict on the performance of the Goodluck Jonathan administration, describing it as “below average”.

Speaking at the ongoing Ake Arts and Book Festival in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Mr. Obasanjo also said security is the greatest danger Nigeria is currently facing.

“I rate this current administration below average,” Mr. Obasanjo said in response to a question about Mr. Jonathan’s performance.

The former president also said he deserved credit for helping an individual from a minority tribe become Nigeria’s President.

“Rather than take blame for bringing Jonathan to power, I should be taking credit,” he added.

The book chat session of the Festival, which ends on Saturday, was titled ‘Defining a legacy,’ and Mr. Obasanjo used the opportunity to note some of the highlights of his eight-year presidency.

He specifically underlined his refusal to sign death warrants during his tenure.

Mr. Obasanjo also shared some stories about his childhood and about his time in the military.

He then lamented that Nigeria has had a problem of leadership right from Independence in 1960.

“The biggest problem we have in Nigeria is that we have regional leaders, but no national leader.

“I have always believed that our problem as a country is that at independence we did not have a true leader.”

The former President denied speculations that he deliberately foisted a successor he knew was sick on the country.

“Yar’Adua gave me concrete evidence that he was healthy,” Mr. Obasanjo said.

On why he did not field a former Governor of Cross River State, Donald Duke, as Vice President in 2007, the former President said, “You know Donald Duke is my boy. In my own life, I don’t put all my eggs in one basket.

“Donald Duke needs to tone down and have his feet on ground, now he is having his feet on the ground…”

Despite being instrumental to Mr. Jonathan becoming president in 2010, Mr. Obasanjo has continued to be one of his fiercest critics.

Last December, the former President wrote a strongly worded letter to President Jonathan expressing dissatisfaction with the administration and warning him about the “danger that may be lurking in the corner”.

“Move away from culture of denials, cover-ups and proxies and deal honestly, sincerely and transparently with Nigerians to regain their trust and confidence,” Mr. Obasanjo wrote in the 18-page letter.

In the letter, Mr. Obasanjo also frowned at President Jonathan’s “deceit and deception” by stating that he had promised not to run for president in 2015, whereas his body language was showing a different stance.

“Although you have not formally informed me one way or the other, it will be necessary to refresh your memory of what transpired in 2011.

Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo at the ongoing Ake Arts and Books Festival in Abeokuta on Friday... Photo: Courtesy Victor Ehikhamenor
Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo at the ongoing Ake Arts and Books Festival in Abeokuta on Friday… Photo: Courtesy Victor Ehikhamenor

“I had gone to Benue State for the marriage of one of my staff, Vitalis Ortese, in the state. Governor Suswam was my hospitable host. He told me that you had accepted a one-term presidency to allow for ease of getting support across the board in the North.

“I decided to cross check with you. You did not hesitate to confirm to me that you are a strong believer in a one term of six years for the President and that by the time you have used the unexpired time of your predecessor and the four years of your first term, you would have almost used up six years and you would not need any more term or time.

“As a leader, two things you must cherish and hold dear among others are trust and honour both of which are important ingredients of character.”

However, on November 11, Mr. Jonathan officially declared his intention to contest for president next year.

“History has shown that the path of honour for any true leader is not to walk away from his people in moments of challenges,” Mr. Jonathan had said before a mammoth crowd in Abuja.

“After seeking the face of God, in quiet reflection with my family and after listening to the calls of our people nationwide to run, I have accepted to present myself to run.”

Mr. Jonathan has repeatedly dismissed criticism by Mr. Obasanjo and other critics, saying he has done his best for Nigeria and delivered on his electoral promises to the electorate.

“We have advanced our regional, continental and global objectives,” Mr. Jonathan said on November 11 while formally declaring his intention to seek reelection.

“I am convinced that I have kept my pact with Nigerians, and it is now time to look to the future. With your tremendous support, we have collectively done so much in the last three and half years, but to take our country to the next level, there is still more to be done.”

But Mr. Obasanjo said in his famous December 2, 2013 letter that it would be “fatally morally flawed” for Mr. Jonathan to contest in 2015, adding, “… I will want to see anyone in the Office of the Presidency of Nigeria as a man or woman who can be trusted, a person of honour in his words and character.”


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  • Afam Okosisi

    Chief of the clowns is speaking again. Records show Nigeria made more money between May 1999 and 2007 than it made from Nigeria’s independence in 1960 to April 1999 because astronomic increases in oil price. Mr Clown, what did you do with the money? You made more corrupt millionaires or billionaires than any president. Hypocrite.

    • Chris1408

      Don’t mind the Otta gorilla, he’d have been locked up for life in a civilized society.

  • tundemash

    That is to say Dumbo got ” F-parallel ! A colossal failure, an unmitigated disaster, a contagious”dindinrin”.

    And Mr. Obasanjo can’t wriggle himself out of this mess he created; he foisted two sick men on Nigeria; one had no kidney and the other had no brain !!!!
    I expect Mr. Obasanjo to apologise and promise to do all LAWFULLY within his influence to ensure Nigeria is Ebele-free by Feb. 2015. Simples !!

    • ogechi


  • Truthometer

    Obj inflicted Nigeria with Dumbo. He is surely regretting it by now.

  • Rambunctious Billionaire

    How does Obasanjo rate himself? What can he point as his achievement? He left everything the same way he met it…railway, power, name it.

    • Chris1408

      He ruined democracy for Nigeria. He totally undermined the other branches of government and brought in the culture of selection instead of election.

  • Chris1408

    OBJ is a curse on Nigeria as much as GEJ is. May their likes never rule Nigeria again

  • Chris1408

    OBJ is a curse on Nigeria as much as GEJ is. May their likes never rule Nigeria again

  • Chris1408

    OBJ is a curse on Nigeria as much as GEJ is. May their likes never rule Nigeria again

  • Giganto

    G – Gbadluck: Goodluck to himself but the opposite to the nation
    E – Ebola: A deadly disease to the entire nation and human race at large
    J – Jonothing: He means no good to ordinary citizens of this country.

    The earlier we rid ourselves of this toxic creature the better for us, otherwise we’d only realise the damage he would have inflicted unto us when we wake up 6ft under after another (God forbid!) 4 super calamitous years

  • Mamapikin

    Haha haha okpari oh! Tori don’t get k leg. Oga jona, na only you waka come? Diaris God oh.

    • True Nigerian

      Hahahahahaha! I almost fell off my seat in laughter! So hilarious! In 2011, Jona waka come with Obasanjo, Tinubu, and most of our gullible illiterate and half-educated voters. This time around (2015), e be like say na only Jona go waka come o!

  • Lanre

    Mr. I-Too-Know. Obasanjo is one reason why Nigeria is not working and will never work. Who ensured Shagari won the elections in 1979? Who enthroned mediocrity in Nigeria by saying “the best man may (read will) not win.”? Who introduced “Do or Die” language into Nigerian Politics? Who allowed Sharia in criminal adjudication in Northern Nigeria? Who told the whole world that “Goodluck Jonathan, is my (political) son in whom I am well pleased.” I keep saying it Nigerians are being ruled by taskmasters and in slavery. Unless and until Jonathan, Obasanjo, Babangida, Abacha (posthumously) are made to account for their periods of misrule, Nigeria will never progress. Obasanjo is one of the greatest problems facing Nigeria. Surpassed only by Ibrahim Babangida.

    • True Nigerian

      That is the long and short of the whole story! Incontrovertible facts you’ve got there! Absolutely true!

    • D1

      You may condemn him as you like, at least he TRUSTED Jonathan to do well. What does that say of JONNY character?

    • nija pikin

      Bros I rather have one objects than two hundred Ebola jonathan the man is a criminal

  • Olu

    Obasanjo should go and sit down. This is a man that allowed Sharia to be implement under his watch. Now Boko Haram is aiding him to enforce the same Sharia. Obasanjo, please move on.

    • Sadaukinsarki

      Because he knew and understood that we were in democracy and Nigerian constitution endorses freedom of worship. Shari’a law as we ( muslims) know it has nothing to do with non Muslims. Nobody stops other religions from implementing their laws if their religions are not law-deficient.
      My questions to you are these; Why did you interfere with that which does not concerns You and has nothing to do with your existence. In what way were you offended if Muslims determine to do the obligation of their faith? You must be a hypocrite for these to worry you.


    OMG !! LOOK WHO’S TALKING !!Obasanjo must think that Nigerians are morons,OBJ was possibly the worst non-performer in all sectors of the economy…just name it . Apart from national security where he adopted the genocidal approach on Odi and Zakibiam,he virtually left the country at stand-still . OBJ’s emasculation of the military in a bid to avoid coups is part of the reason why the army is under-quipped and ill-trained
    Obasanjo really thinks he owns Nigeria,his daughter was right.,the man has an exaggerated opinion of himself,he needs to be reminded that as a coup-plotter and military dictator he was a huge part of the whole problems this country is having today.

    • True Nigerian

      Oga Tawanda! You are right! It’s just incredible that you could be this perceptive on facts and the conclusions they justify; and yet, somehow, you are so incredibly blind to those same conclusions when they are applicable to Jonathan. It shows your support for Jonathan has nothing to do with your sense of right and wrong.

      Obasanjo committed genocide in Odi in his attempt to show criminals that there can be no justifications for taking to arms against the state and for killing soldiers or policemen who were sent for peacekeeping. Nigerians will actually praise Jonathan if his own genocide wipes off boko haram and kidnappers from our land, especially since he did say in 2011 that he knows who and where they are. Obasanjo committed Genocide in Odi and Zakibiam. But Jona cannot
      even manage to jail a few civilians (people he knows very well) who
      stole more than N2trillion from this country, neither can he manage to
      do as little as sacking his own ministerial oil girlfriend who has 5
      official indictments for thefts, forgery and corruption. Do you have two
      disconnected brains which reason independently of each other on exactly
      the same set of facts? Hahahahahaha!

      Okay, bro! You have rightly noted that Obasanjo committed genocide in Odi.That’s absolutely true and condemnable! But remember also to blame him for rigging Jonathan into office in 2007. That one is wrong too! Hahahaha! Now, go ahead. Do it and be a real man by being honest, even if it hurts a bit! That’s what real men do!


        Obasanjo foisted Yar’adua on Nigeria because Yar’adua was honest enough to publicly accept that the election was rigged . Jonathan defeated Buhari fair and square .Are you not aware that the opposition in connivance with human rights organisations and some foreign elements recently stopped Nigeria from procuring weapons because of alleged human rights of Boko-haram terrorists which they deem more important than our national security? Such is the unique hypocrisy Jonathan is confronted with !
        The BH insurgence is not exactly the same as Odi and Zakibiam anyway,but if they can defend BH and punish their own country,it shows the kind of desperation the Fulani and their few Muslim SW allies are prone to. This type of hate and bigotry was not there during OBJ era !

        • concernedcitizen2014

          “Few Muslim SW”… I can see your agenda very clearly now. In order to win we need the Christians in Southwest to begin to hate there Muslim brothers and sisters. Not just the leaders but hate them all as persons, hate there religion just hate them… so that Jonathan wins…My assignment now is to continually challenge you. You forgot to talk about Amadioha the God of Thunder today.


            I strongly believe your mind is playing games on you…the APC is 99% muslim outfit on the top echelon . Are you allergic to reality ?

          • concernedcitizen2014

            Top echelon.. Let me tell you what is the top echelon/compartment/mindset of most politicians especially your friends in PDP… CORRUPTION, NEPOTISM, OCCULTISM, LYING, MURDER AND RAPE.

        • True Nigerian

          Hahahahaha! Oga Tawanda! Please no kill me with entertainment o! Did I just read from you that Obasanjo foisted Yaradua in 2007 because Yaradua admitted publicly that the election was rigged? In other words, Yaradua’s election was rigged after Yaradua had already become the president? Hahahahahahaha! Tufiakwa! Wonders shalll never end!

          Remember, I earlier asked you whether you have two disconnected brains that reason independently of each other when considering exactly the same set of facts. You don’t need to answer that question anymore. I’ve got my answer in that alien-looking first sentence of your response above. Hahahahahahaha! Chineke God!

          You say Jonathan is confronted by the hypocrisy of US refusing to sell arms to him on account of their disapproval of the human rights violations by him and his soldiers. Abi?

          Apparently, Jonathan has just done great to prove his US critics wrong by actively and openly supporting police lawlessness, forcibly violating the independence of the legislature, and perpetrating more evident violation of human rights through the police. I once told you – but you obviously can’t get it – that Jonathan is Jonathan’s worst enemy, not Buhari. The only other enemy that rivals the enmity of Jonathan with himself is the army of sycophants like you who have given him a blindspot that is almost equal in effect to total blindness.

          The earlier he and his goons realise this fact, the sooner he starts a journey to recovery or at least, some damage limitation! Yesterday, he and his ruling party sent his attack dogs to issue belligerent statements in support of what even his own supporters are condemning as lawlessness in the land. Today – just within the same 24 hours – he and his party are now issuing new statements to investigate the matter and to urge the police to thread with caution, just as he also sends his deputy to go and speak to the partisan hopeless Police chief who is now surely going to have an ugly end to his career.

          Question is, how does a 57-year old man manage to always act before he thinks? For 5 years, he consistently acts and then thinks. It beggars belief!

          By the way, I won’t trouble you with another response or difficult questions again. I’ve got enough entertainment from you to keep me merry throughout the whole Christmas and the New Year. The next entertainment will be Jonathan’s retirement as a local govt chairman in otuoke, come February 2015. Vox populi, vox dei!

    • D1

      I have personally concluded there is no point trying to reason with you, your mind is already set at zero, like a ZOMBIE, facing one direction. In your dubious mind of trying to rewrite past events, you spew out lies and rubbish, in order to paint your LORD JESUS, JONATHAN as a saint. There is no end to your bigotry.

  • Prince C Eze

    This character dealt Yaradua to Nigeria;followed up with GEJ and now APC is listening to him.I hear people say that he accomplished two major things:all the money he stole is invested in Nigeria ;cornering the big farm industry by owning farms all over the country;he has no investment outside the country(only means temporary concealment of his fronts);he levelled the playing field in the military top ranks(fair enough).For the rest – who has proof for things coming from one who thinks he has the final word.Always.Being a loud mouth does not make things true.Not these days any way.

  • Sholoko


    “If PDP as a ruling Party collapses, it will be the first time in an independent Nigeria that a ruling political party
    would collapse not as a result of a military coup. For you to allow yourself to be “possessed”, so to say,
    to the exclusion of most of the rest of Nigerians as an ‘Ijaw man’ is a mistake that should never
    have been allowed to happen”.

    “To allow or tacitly encourage people of ‘Ijaw nation’ to throw insults on other Nigerians from other parts of the country
    and threaten fire and brimstone to protect your interest as an Ijaw man is myopic and your not openly quieting them
    is even more unfortunate. Those who advise you to go hard on those who oppose you are your worst enemies.”

    ………..General Obasanjo’s letter to President Jonathan

    (December 2, 2013)

    • Sholoko


      Dear Chief Olusegun Obasanjo,

      “Your letter was designed to incite Nigerians from other
      geopolitical zones against me and also calculated to promote ethnic disharmony.
      Worse still, your letter was designed to instigate members of our Party, the PDP,
      against me. Your letter conveys to me the feeling that land-mines have been laid
      for me. Therefore, Nigerians need to have my response to the issues raised
      before the mines explode”.

      “Your letter is clearly a threat to national security
      as it may deliberately or inadvertently set the stage for subversion. The
      timing of your letter coincided with other vicious releases. The Speaker of the
      House of Representatives spoke of my “body language” encouraging corruption. A
      letter written to me by the CBN Governor alleging that NNPC, within a period of
      19 months did not remit the sum of USD49.8 billion to the federation account,
      was also deliberately leaked to the public.”

      ……………….President Jonathan’s reply to General Obasanjo
      [December 20, 2013]

      • Sholoko


        Dear Chief Olusegun Obasanjo,

        “More uncharitable persons may even see a touch of sanctimoniousness in your new belief in the carrot and stick approach to overcoming militancy and insurgency. You have always referred to how you hit
        Odi in Bayelsa State to curb militancy in the Niger Delta. If the invasion of Odi by the Army was the stick,
        I did not see the corresponding carrot.”

        “You will recall three incidents that happened in 2007 which seemed to have been orchestrated to achieve sinister objectives. Here in Abuja, a petrol tanker loaded with explosives was to be rammed into the INEC building. But luckily for the country, an electric pole stopped the tanker from hitting the INEC building. It is clear that this incident was meant to exploit the general sense of insecurity in the nation at the time
        to achieve the aim of stopping the 2007 elections. It is instructive that you, on a number of occasions, alluded to this fact.”

        “When that incident failed, an armed group invaded Yenagoa one evening with the intent to assassinate me. Luckily for me, they could not. They again attacked and bombed my country home on a night when
        I was expected in the village. Fortunately, as God would have it, i did not make the trip. I recall that immediately after both incidents, I got calls expressing the concern of Abuja. But Baba, you know that despite the apparent concern of Abuja, no single arrest was ever made. I was then the Governor of Bayelsa State and the PDP Vice-Presidential candidate.”

        ………………President Jonathan’s reply to General Obasanjo
        [December 20, 2013]

  • Sholoko


    “Most of our friends and development partners are worried and they see what we pretend to cover up.
    They are worried about corruption and what we are doing or not doing about it. Let me repeat that
    as far as the issue of corruption, security and oil stealing is concerned, it is only apt to say that
    when the guard becomes the thief, nothing is safe, secure nor protected in the house.”

    “We must all remember that corruption, inequity and injustice breed poverty, unemployment, conflict, violence,
    and wittingly or unwittingly create terrorists because the opulence of the governor can only lead to the leanness
    of the governed. But God never sleeps, He is watching, waiting and bidding His time to dispense justice.”

    ………..General Obasanjo’s letter to President Jonathan

    (December 2, 2013)

  • Sharia_Haram

    Because GEJ refuse to be a Stooge?

    • True Nigerian

      No; rather because GEJ has refused to become a President, despite occupying the office of a President! You probably aren’t reflective enough to notice the difference.

    • ogechi

      GeJ need not be a stooge to anybody!!!


    This is a damning verdict by someone who should know, the political father of GEJ!

    I know the President will now unleash his attack dogs on OBJ. But hey, it won’t change anything.

    Do I agree with this verdict? You bet! We’ve never had it so bad!

  • True Nigerian

    Baba Senator Iyabo! If you ask my wife, she go tell you say I like you no be small, except that you always tell lies about your own errors of judgement and wrong-doings. You say you deserve credit for giving the presidency to a minority. That is a significant swindling of your interviewer. People do not care so much about a minority President as much as they care about the competence of the president and the legality of the process through which you gave us your gift of a horrendous ethnic minority President. People know Jonathan is a minority and we welcome it, but we are talking about how you did it. People are saying that if you didn’t rape the electoral will of this country, you would get credit for what you did. People are not asking you where Jonathan comes from. They are asking you why you are proud of being an electoral rapist. Are you proud to be called a political rapist and to have that name etched on your grave and history? Would you like that label and legacy? Yes, Jonathan is a President from a minority ethnic group. But what you did to the collective will of Nigeria in 2007 is not justifiable and unacceptable for any reason, especially since it turns out to have furthered the spiral descent of this country into abyss. You cannot claim that you have done a country right by doing the country wrong! In a democractic context, outcomes are only as pure as the process that produce them. The reason we still lament the rape by IBB on June 12 is not because we are proud of or ignorant of Abiola’s exploits as a serial coup plotter and sponsor; but because we know the process of his emergence was genuinely an expression of the will of Nigerians across every tribe, tongue and religion in this country.

    Secondly, I put it to you that you did not make an ethnic minority a President. As far as my recollections serve me (and you will trust my recollections if you know me), the person that emerged from your electoral crimes in 2007 was a President Yaradua from Katsina. Jonathan was only his deputy. That is not exactly the same thing as giving Nigeria a President from a minority ethnic group. Gbam! Therefore, if you also say that you should be given some glowing credit for making Jonathan a President in 2007, does that mean a veiled admission of the fact that Jonathan was, in fact, made a deputy because you were expecting Yaradua to die? Isn’t that the conclusion to be drawn from your claims that you made a minority the president? To that extent, how then can you say that you made Yaradua President because he told you that he was hale and hearty? You know, sometimes, I wish I would have you in the dock to cross-examine lying and hypocritical fellows like you, IBB, Jonathan,Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Atiku, Okupe, Fani-Kayode, Ribadu, Bello-Adoke, injustice Katsina-Alu (inJSC), and a few other hypocrites who see themselves as the best things that ever happened to this country. At other times, I pray I am opportune to be empanelled as your interviewer on a live television programme for at least 2 hours.

    Dear smart Baba of the smart Iyabo and honest Gbenga, you are an old man! Kpom-kwem! (full-stop in Igbo) And, as an old man, you should not die with a heart full of half-truths, generational regrets, painful introspections, self-condemnation, lies and shame! The starting point in setting your conscience free from these ghosts that are hunting it at your ripe old age is to show humility, honesty and contrite heart by giving the despoiled and mistreated people of this beautiful country (your victims) some heart-felt sincere apology for the irreparable harm you did to their lives and to this country in order to protect and further your parochial vested interests. This country that was already an emergency case has just lost another 8 years – 8 horrible years of divisiveness, corruption spree, reputational damage, international ridicule, utter fear, impudent lawlessness, pain, anguish, trauma, unmitigated hopelessness, and unconscionably bold incompetence in the face of all that.

    Baba, I know why you are increasingly worried, sleepless and now on the loose like a wild lion on the streets of a capital city. It’s because the Nigeria you fought for as a soldier is now on the edge of death, largely because of the incompetence you imposed on Nigeria in 2007. You are also worried because keeping this country together as a chaotic single entity with a semblance of federalism is the only way to sustain the 40-year criminal grip which you and your peers have had on the resources and the future of this country. And you fear that the organised chaos is failing under Jonathan, which could mean a loss for all of you, including Jona who is too absent-minded to even know that one. Baba, you didn’t want it to turn out this way, you only wanted to impose two patently corrupt lackeys who would not raise any questions about your transcorp shares and the expense of $16b on power generation which proved to be a ruse and ended up generating gross darkness, despite the fact that you went round the country commissioning power projects as completed and delivered promises.

    You claim to be surprised by the fallout of your mindless rigging in 2007 and your manipulations in 2011. But that is the highest height of insincerity and thoughtlessness from you. You cannot impose an evidently dying man on the people of your country and then claim that he told you he was healthy. That is utterly bonkers! Facts have the loudest voice and can speak for themselves. Some sicknesses can hide; some cannot. Some sicknesses make their victims so evidently sick that a layman does not need a medical certificate or m,edical opinion to know that there is a big problem. During Yaradua’s campaign, he slumped several times. On the day you rigged your party primaries to give him ticket, he slumped too. I was there. On the day you announced him as the winner of the ticket, he was sick, very sick, so sick that he could not stand up. For protracted periods during the campaign, the candidate you imposed on your beloved country was in Germany under intensive care. Each time he was on public function with you during the campaign, you knew he was with a doctor. Anyone that is close enough to your band of usurpers knew that information. On one occassion, he was in Germany for months during which the bulk of his campaign was done by you without him being present.

    Worse still, seeing that he was so sickly, you didn’t try to find him a capable, competent and brilliant deputy. Niger Delta had many brilliant products who could transform this country and transform the Niger Delta too. Instead you decided to pair the dying man with the most moronic, corrupt, militant-funding presidential deputy and the most uninspiring and most reluctant Commander-in-Chief who was well-known as a habitual drunkard that doesn’t like to step on any toes, whatever “stepping on toes” means to his alcohol-infested brains. Today, even the Niger Deltans cannot say that their lives have improved because of their son’s chance at the centre of federal might.

    Baba, seeing the inherent dangers of your deadly proposition of Yaradua/Jonathan, most Nigerians refused to be goaded into the darkness of your despicable plans in 2007, as you could not convince Nigerians to elect your dark distasteful preferences for this country. So, to get your wish, you gave Nigerians the worst and most despicable election in the history of the country. Elections did not take place in more than 70% of this country. Yet, every polling centre produced results. You started by producing a census figure in which you claimed that Kano had more people than Lagos. And then at the election, you ensured that the people’s will was raped by soldiers, policemen and fraudulent electoral officers headed by the most arrogantly incompetent INEC chairman in the history of this country (his role in ending the Ebola crisis has shown that he could have done better if you appointed him as Nigeria’s chief virologist or some other position amenable to his skills as a scientist). The European Union observers later wrote in their report that the election was the very worst they had seen anywhere in the entire world ever since they started monitoring elections. By the way, I have not even mentioned your 3rd Term Agenda which you continue to deny ever trying, despite the weighty evidence that proves the contrary.

    Baba, you cannot give your country such a deadly combination and still claim some surprise at the fallout. That is the height of insincerity! Above all – still continuing in your treacherous character of deceit and manipulations – you are now fighting tooth and nail to prevent the emergence of candidates that have the charisma, popularity and the electoral goodwill to cut the losses of Nigerians over your selfish and manipulative decision in 2007 and 2011. You know Boko Haram won’t last 3 more months under a Buhari Presidency. You know Buhari was the man who ended Nigeria’s first set of boko haramites known “Maitatsine” extremists in the early 70s and 80s. You have spoken in the past of how you know him to be a man of his word, a dsiciplined soldier and someone that often knows where the right people are when it comes to people of honesty and integrity. Yet, you do not want a Buhari candidacy. Why? So what did Buhari do to you other than the fact that he will not be your toy like Jonathan? But then, Jonathan is not even your toy anymore, just that he is not a puppet of his own impunity, pride and arrogance? So why is it that you know that Jonathan is a horrendous curse by you on Nigerians, and yet, you are averse to the candidacy of the man who can, at least, slow down the speedy avoidable death of this country? You see, you can’t have it both ways, Baba.

    Baba, we know you are human and therefore vulnerable to errors and the dangers of the unexamined life. So, please, don’t find it too hard to tell Nigerians that you are deeply sorry for the despicable roles you played in bringing us into our current odium and disastrous leadership by Jonathan. Your harshest critics will be endeared to you by such an act of humility. Then don’t stop there; go out, raise your bold voice in support of Buhari. Write another open letter declaring your support for Buhari; not that it will change anything in the minds of those of us who have risen above ethnic and religious sentiments. But it will go a long way in sending a clear message to the ignorant, illiterate and half-educated fellows in our midst. It will also damage the confidence of the bigots who hide their ethno-centric support for Jonathan behind the curtains of lies against Buhari. Baba, rise up now and do it. You will be feted for so doing! Being human, a leader can be in error, but it is a worse wrong for that man to reject a chance to correct his first wrong. Baba, rise up and take this chance. History is in a hurry to pass judgement and the people’s judgement is beckoning!

    And by the way, the despicable Supreme Court Justices who looked at the evidence of the mindless rape that took place in 2007 and yet arrived at the utterly strange conclusion that the 2007 electoral rape was not serious enough to warrant an annulment must also be dying through the painful ordeals of a dirty conscience in their old age. Corruption is consuming the country just as deadly bombs are going off in the country they are bequeathing to their children, relations, and community. I hope their status as corrupt learned gentlemen will insulate them from the incompetence they imposed on this country after collecting their bribes! I hope their bribes have made them safe from the madness that is going on in this country. Just like Obasanjo, this is their opportunity to rise up and try to limit the pains of their regret by standing up for the hope of a meaningful leadership for this country. Stand up, throw your weight behind the man you robbed with bribery and judicial corruption at the Supreme Court in 2007. Or wait until this country becomes engulfed in an inferno right in your old age when you cannot run as quickly as the rest of us.

    • ogechi


    • Agbalagba

      You have done a great job. But, please can you do the country a favour by publishing this same write up in one of the national dailies? That will allow more nigerians to have access to this this great masterpiece including Baba and other corrupt justices that put us in this problem. Good job please, keep it up. Pls note that if you cannot fund the publishing cost alone, I am ever ready to support you financially. If need be you can reach me on We must save our dear country. Pls let us act fast. May God bless and free Nigeria. Amen

      • True Nigerian

        Thank you. Publishing it won’t come at any financial cost. I have contacts in the mainstream media and actually have offers to have my own column. But I have other ideas about how best to contribute to the solutions for our deplorable sense of leadership and citizenship in this country. Many thanks all the same.
        Feel free to share the ideas all the same. I am not very keen about the intellectual property in my opinions written here. They are all for public consumption. In the past, some of my words have been hijacked by funny reckless Nigerians who wrongly credited my views to other well-known Nigerians in order give the words more weight. I can give you many instances, but it is okay. I have remained quiet, because it is the last of my worries at the moment and the very least of all the sacrifices we can make to achieve a better society.

    • Scalywag

      Thanks. This is a great treaties. You have done your duty to your country. It is indeed very clear that Obasanjo came to power with a vengeful mindset after having been jailed by Abacha. He should and will take responsibility for the spiral plunge into the abyss the country has experienced since 1999.

    • Umar

      It ll b great if you publish this in a national daily

    • Bala Abubakar

      I hope your mind set will be replicated in the minds of 25% of Nigerians.

    • Ette

      Good points. You left out the inglorious sharia introduction into our national legal framework which had given rise to boko haram as the violent enforcer of its demands. OBJ has brought terrible curses upon our land and Nigerians must run away from anyone supported by him.

    • mannir

      A very good analysis of OBJ. Good effort. pls publish it as a full article.

    • D1

      This is undoubtably a good and informative piece, but I have few questions for you if I may. You just let out some informations which made me guess, you are probably a politician or journalist. You stated you were present during Yaradua’s campaign trail and saw him collapse several times, obviously you knew he was sick.

      Why didn’t you raise hell then? Or find a way to release this info or picture to the public? To some extent, I think some of us are culpable in this misfortune befalling us in Nigeria.

      I’m not holding brief for Baba, don’t you think he is trying to correct his mistakes by openly condemning Jonathan and trying to be neutral in this election, so that we can vote who we wanted in this time. And if he is that bad, why are all this politicians, Buhari inclusive trooping to Ota for his blessings?

      • True Nigerian

        Bro, it’s not a secret. It was well-known fact. Could I have prevented him from winning by shouting it at the roof top? Well, my first sentence makes that question redundant. Since everyone knew that already, the question of stopping it by making people aware does not arise. Which then leads to the fact that he would never have been able to win the election if Baba did not make it a do or die election. Like I told you, the EU people said it was the worst election they have ever witnessed. What does that tell you? If you do not dispute that the election was patently rigged, then we cannot argue that it was won fair and square. So in the presence of do or die resolve by an incumbent President, telling people that the candidate was sick was an idea that was dead on arrival in terms of its effect in influencing the outcome of the election; because there was, in fact, no election. Hopefully, you got my point.

        I like baba, if you knew me, you will be surprised that I have written this, given how much I like Baba Iyabo. What I wrote in my first line is not a joke. My wife can’t talk about baba without laughing out loud about her allegations of how much I like the man, and she has very solid reasons for that allegation. 🙂 So my point is, let him stand up and back Buhari. Nigeria is on the edge of collapse. There is no time for all the manipulations of saying you do not want Jonathan, and then trying to manufacture a magical candidate outside of Buhari (I think it’s obvious that Atiku cannot defeat Jona, even though he will make a better President than Jona). That is the point I’m making – that Baba should now focus on backing Buhari and scheming the path of his victory so we can at least stabilise Nigeria. And then we will assess him in 4 years to see whether he will have the energy and performance quotient to go further or be sacked and replaced with a new generation of competent, visionary and patriotic leader.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      True Nigerian, this is gari “oloyo” for my Satirday breakfast!

      The addition of sugar is a needless embellishment, unless I want to court jedi-jedi or diabetes!!

      Those were hard hitting truths and words. Although, you have directed your missive towards Baba Iyabo, I daresay, much of what you wrote stares a good number of us in the eyes too.

      Please accept my gratitude and encomiums for forcing the introspection.

    • Chiemele

      We can forgive Baba due to his selfless sacrifice to keep the nation one. As a civilian President he was patriotic, committed not perfect as he made his mistakes too.
      This is a time to move forward, a time to say no to further mediocrity, divisiveness and deceit. New Nigerian, I join you to encourage Baba Iyabo to join the train. This is no time to seat on the fence. As it is, the nation is on a path to crises.

    • Wähala

      While I appreciate the information in your windy treaties, your personal opinion about Baba Iyabo would be better expressed as an article since it’s longer than the article you’re reacting to. Note however, that Obasanjo indicted himself when he stated that from Independence Nigeria’s

    • Wole

      Thanks, but I beg to differ from your opinionated piece. The centrality of your argument is fallacious. You claimed 2007 was rigged as though Buhari won! As a Buhari apologist, you should know that you lack the real truth to support your opinion. If Buhari has had a political platform that won in 2007 as you claimed, he would not have needed the many coalitions he has done since then. ANPP, CPC, APC… You know it all. It is an indication that his platform was poor, has always been poor, and you know the current APC structure is not there yet as well.

      By claiming that he supported a man from a minority tribe to lead Nigeria, OBJ meant 2011. That was another centrality issue in your argument. Your points are all good hearsays, but the truth be told: This mean deserve the credit for the little has done for this country. Blame him all you could, he has set up a system that worked, at least fairly.

      Again, being sick is not synonymous to being incompetent. Yaradua was sick, but his state was the only state that has the highest budget performance without debt. While he was in power, he did all he could to safe certain things. If we must respect the dead, I think it is right to respect the legacy he left behind. Up till now, no one has accused him of corrupt enrichment – unlike Jona who has had some peculiar history in that area.

      You also mistook Buhari to have the magic to resolve Boko issue. As far as I know, the poor man could not even save himself from the horror of terror. He was attacked. If he had had anything to show in might, he would have done something right there. You don’t need federal might do something when you are confronted there and then.

      Another fascinating point you raised is in the investment OBJ made into IPP – $16b. Up till date, no one has come up with any evidence that the money was not paid to contractors. It was paid, but projects were not finished because people (his successors – not only politicians) messed things up. He is no longer in power, people can investigate what went wrong and move on. What have we got? Blames on the guys who made the good foundation for future success.

      Lastly, you knew Yaradua was sick. So were many Nigerians. It’s not a crime to be sick. You should have mobilized people not to vote for him. Surely, Buhari did not win that election. Yaradua was from the North. Buhari did not beat him there; neither did he in the South (won round and square by PDP then) nor in the East or West.

      Let’s see what plays out in 2015 general elections, you will see it clearly again. No real Nigerian will vote for an ageless 75 year old to rule for 8 years. The poor man is not even intelligent. Up till tomorrow, he has had no policy of his own. Just about 90 days to the election, there is not clear picture of who Buhari truly is, particularly to Nigerians who were not born when he was in power previously. Sadly, these are 65% of those voting now. Has told the world what he intends to do in education, in health, infrastructure…. Jonathan said he has ‘advanced the objectives’ of his electoral promises. He said the much he has done. Is it enough for Buhari to just say he is a honest man….. Does anyone need to win party primaries to do this?

      • Scalywag

        Do you suggest Buhari should raise his army to fight terrorism? He could well have been targeted to eliminate the electoral threat he poses to some people.

        • Wole

          Proffering a solution will at least help. He cant keep mute and be assumed to have the magic wands. I reckon this is the kind of a debate that will make people see him as a true alternative, not as someone who has had no difference to those in the reins of power. My point is: he was attached. Right there he could show us what he has got e.g. independently find out who the culprits were and why they did what they did! I don’t need government to do for me whatever I can do for myself.

          Do you really think Buhari is an anti-corruption messiah? Ribadu was better – at least in the face of a modern Nigerian, where is he today? Will Buhari prosecute Fashola, Tinubu, Fayemi (and his N50m bedroom), Akande (the worse governor that ever govern Osun state) and others whose name you now know. If truly OBJ supports him, he can’t bite him too.

          Why not choose a new blood? Perhaps Atiku will expose OBJ? Personally I will love that kind of a thing, you know.

      • True Nigerian

        Okay, Wole. Thank you for the honour of commenting. I trade in facts and what they represent. I love good arguments too,especially respectful ones, and you seem to have one there, except that you have got your facts badly muddled up, which helplessly leaves some of your conclusions fatally flawed. Let’s deal with your points in the same sequence as you have made them so you and others can relate each response to the point they address in your argument.

        You said my argument is fallacious because I said that 2007 was rigged as if Buhari won. You then went further to say that if Buhari won, he wouldn’t have formed all the alliances and platforms he has formed. Now there goes the fallacy you were talking about. Does the fact that an election was rigged mean that the loser won? No! Let me put it in another way too. Does the fact of being a loser in a deeply rigged election mean that the rigging did not happen? I think the answer to that question is so obvious that you could never have missed it if you didn’t have any bias against the person who is the loser (in this instance, Buhari). Al Gore did not win in 2000. Bush was the winner based on the results that were declared. So Why did the rigging in that election shake the entire democratic process in the US? You deal with the answer. Elections should never be rigged, no matter who the loser is. Secondly, when you refuse to hold elections in more than half of the electoral units, and then you dismiss such rigging by simply saying that the loser did not win, it makes your argument patently against fairness, common sense and the spirit of a stable democracy. Look beyond Buhari, see Nigeria and yourself in the picture of the contestant; and maybe you will see how wrong it is and exactly what makes it wrong. Today, the opposition are threatening to form a parallel government if the elections are rigged again. They are also saying that they will never go to the court. Why are they doing that? Would they do that if the process is transparent enough for everyone to see that they have lost? No! The tension rising about elections in this country is not because of who the loser is, but because of the poverty of the process through which the losers and the winners emerge. I have contested election and won it; not even one of my opponents challenged the outcome. We all worked together eventually. Reason, they saw that that the process was so fair, so free, so transparent that they couldn’t possibly find any reason to have suspicion. I have conducted an election in which one of the losing candidates got only 2 votes, despite having spent more money than all other candidates. He simply shook hands with the winner, shook hands with me and went home. Reason: the process was so fair, so open, so transparent, so free and so credible that he was left in doubt that the people he gave money had other ideas at the ballot box. The earlier we get these things the better for our country. Dismissing mindless rigging by saying that losing candidate didn’t win is simply a joke on ourselves. And that joke could set this country on fire. It has happened in many places. We can prevent it from happening here.

        You said by claiming that he made a minority the president, he was referring to the 2011 election. Jonathan did not become the President in 2011. He became the President in 2010 after Yaradua died. Again, could Jonathan have had a chance in 2011 if he wasn’t rigged in 2007? You and other readers know the answer.

        Being sick is not synonymous to incompetence. I can’t remember stating otherwise. Yaradua was not just sick, He was terminally sick. Every medical expert that was question on the issue with Yaradua said that there was no chance of surviving that disease. If such a man did not enter a Presidential race by himself, you cannot justify dragging him into it without taking such a serious ailment into consideration. Sickness is not incompetence, but then we ended up with a national leadership in which the President ended up as a figure head over whom, Turai, Aondoaaka, and other shady characters ran the country scandalously. The sickness produced the effect of gross incompetence. I can only hope that you are honest enough to admit that obvious fact.

        You said Yaradua has never been accused of corruption. Well, you got the facts wrong. Why was Ribadu harassed out of the EFCC and chased out of Nigeria? Answer: because Yaradua was one of those Ribadu named in his report to the National Assembly. He later told Obasanjo repeatedly that Yaradua was a very corrupt governor and that he should not be made a President. Of course, it was well reported that Obasanjo showed Yaradua the report in the presence of Ribadu and Obasanjo later took the report with him, just as he did with Senator Wabara who was made a Senate President after Obasanjo obtained report of how he was rigged in and held it in order to constantly remind the Senate President that he should never mess up or be disgraced out of the Senate. I am actually happy you were silent on my emphasis that Jonathan was corrupt. If that is an admission that Jonathan is as corrupt as the evidence shows, why are you happy with such a leadership to a point where you are not even bothered that it is rigged into office. As I have always said, we will get the kind of country that fits the contradictions in our values and principles.

        You said I suggested that Buhari had a magic wand and then you went ahead to support your challenge by suggesting, rather ridiculously, that Buhari, as a private citizen, should have solved the puzzle of finding out those who attacked him with a suicide car bomb in a region and at a time where suicide bombings were happening on daily basis. That argument looks even poorer when we consider the fact that the SSS chiefs have repeatedly stated openly that all bombings in the country are perpetrated by the opposition party. Now, according to you, Buhari as a private citizen who does not give orders to any intelligence official and with only one police orderly whom Jonathan’s partisan IGP can recall at any time of their choice should embark on a voyage of finding out which suicide bomber attacked him and which boko haram commander gave the orders, when Jonathan the Commander-in-Chief is not even able to visit Chibok, even in tyhe company of the battalions that guard him. You see when I read such arguments from you, it becomes obvious what is wrong with our country. We carry our biases beyond the boundaries where it would affect only those we hold them against and goes into making arguments that are simply tantamount to saying that it is okay for every citizen to become his or her own police. I have lived in 5 countries. I have never seen anyone in which citizens argue that it is the job of a private citizen, rather that of the state, to solve any crime that affects him. It is an extremely poor argument to make, no matter the reason or who is involved. If an ex-President Jonathan is attacked tomorrow and I happen to be the President of Nigeria. I will consider it an insult for the state to ask the ex-president to solve the crime by himself. It is almost the argument to be expected from an educated person.

        You then stated rather evasively that it is not a crime to be sick. Who says it is a crime to be sick? But in making that point, you obviously aim to make light of the fact that foisting a terminally sick person on a country is negligible. No, bro, it is not. That argument can be made only in Nigeria where people’s bias on individuals are elevated above their interest in their country. Look at Nigeria today under Jonathan. Would that have been possible if Yaradua did not die? Would Yaradua have left Jonathan if he wasn’t so seriously sick. You can argue that Abacha died in office too, but he did not die a natural death. We have had about 16 heads of state/government. only one died of natural causes. Mathematically, what is the probability of a healthy president dying a natural death in office? Do the maths. And then tell me, where else in the world do people impose terminally sick people as president of their country?

        You further asked me thus: since I knew he was sick, why didn’t I campaign to make sure he was not voted? I think my first paragraph here deals with that. But let me rephrase it again here. I didn’t need to scream to convince Nigerians not to vote for him. Nigerians saw through the events, starting from the way he emerged in PDP primaries, that he was not an inspiring choice for them (but I must be fair in saying that he later made good efforts and was by far better than Jonathan). As Nigerians did not want to vote for him, Obasanjo needed to get him in by perpetrating the worst rigging in Nigeria’s history. If there are no free and fair elections, on what basis do you make up your mind that he won? The Supreme Court Judgement that upheld his return was split 3/4. It was later reported that two of the three Supreme Court Justices were bribed heavily. Nigerians glossed over it because it was Sahara reporters. But when communications of the US diplomatic cables were leaked in 2011, it became clear the US diplomatic intelligence knew that the judgement was bought with money. But again, that is not likely to matter to you if you believe that injustice is good if only it affects the person you don’t like. I don’t see national issues that way. I am a global citizen. I have lived among white people that do not like black people. I did not lose sleep for once, because I knew the law of their country was stronger than them. That is what I want for my country. Buhari will not bring Nig0eria to that point in 4 years. But I believe he will lay an important foundation for you and I to build on. Most crucially, I have no doubt that he will be better than Jonathan by a thousand miles. I have no doubt about that.

        Lastly, it is obvious you support Jonathan. It is obvious that I support Buhari. We owe each other one thing – free, fair and credible election in which the loser will have every evidence of the genuineness of the loss and be convinced beyond doubt as to the genuineness of the winners victory. Anything short of that is not democracy, and it should not be allowed to remain the culture of this country after 16 years and in a country that has some of the most brilliant minds in the world and a country in which many people died for its democracy.

      • PROF

        Wole ,Thank you for telling the truth , just ignore this filthy nigerian that calls him self a true nigerian!

        • True Nigerian

          Hahahaha! You clicked like on your own comment? Hahahaha! Okay, let’s deal with your fury! Your fury doesn’t and can’t change anything. Since you can reason with Wole, please learn a thing or two from Wole! See how we respectfully disagreed with each other on the points. That’s a skill that only intelligent people exhibit. People who can’t disagree without being vulgar and vitriolic simply say with their manners that they are so poorly schooled and starved of the right words. When you see a view you don’t like, calling the other person an animal as you have done below doesn’t mean you have made your points or disproved the other person’s point. It often shows the person is not intelligent enough or doesn’t have enough diction to make a point. That is the first sign of intellectual poverty! I normally ignore such responses that are lean on substance and fat on crudeness and village mentality. You are calling me – a total stranger you don’t know – an animal, simply because my views are not amenable to yours on this one topic that will expire in February 2015. Since you think I am an animal for that reason, what would you say or call me tomorrow if you come on this forum and discover on another occasion that I and Wole or even you actually have the same position on another issue? Does that then mean I am not an animal or that you were wrong today? The answer to that question should tell you the intellectual poverty of your vitriolic personal attacks here today.

          I have decided to respond to you on this occasion because it is the first time I am seeing you on this forum. On the next occasion you behave in this way, I will simply ignore you. And if you know anything, it is the greatest insult when people look at you and pretend that they didn’t see you. Don’t put yourself in that position.

          • PROF

            Once more, your animalistic tendencies precede you. You speak of the Niger delta like you are passionate about her and speak of late presidents in such derogatory terms. Do your self a favor and keep your love and Vernon to yourself. I know an ass-wipe just by reading their

          • True Nigerian

            You can abuse me if you wish. It doesn’t take anything away from who or what I am. I actually don’t need your respect to be me. If you know me in person, you will be afraid to abuse me even if you are offered huge money to do so. I’ll still focus on your issues.

            Talking my discussion of the dead president, successful countries don’t shy away from dealing with the facts of their history, regardless of whether such facts are harsh or kind on the dead. I have sat on enquiries in foreign countries, dealing with issues that are so private that even I myself wondered if there was too much detail being provided by those affected. But that is how every great country in the world today was built. Facts are sacrosanct, and we must learn to respect them for what they are and what they represent. So I am not your typically effusive Nigerian who hides simple issues of yes or no behind religion, tribe or other illogical sentiments. Just deal with it, bro. That’s how I’m wired! On the day I die, if I die as a national leader, let the nation know the facts and examine them to learn something from them if it makes any difference to the quality of life in this country.

            Today, the same thing that happened over Yaradua is happening over Suntai in Taraba and has in fact lasted more than 2 years now. That is partly because we failed as a country to discuss and unravel the dark secrets of those who used ailing President Yaradua’s predicament to abuse Nigeria, inflate contracts and even went as far as forging the President’s signature on an appropriation bill. Not even Jonathan knows the very date Yaradua died. They told us when they wanted to tell us. Yet, Imams, the AG, and Arewa Congress already knew. But the Vice President did not know. It is a disgrace. And today, it is repeating itself in Taraba because we follow your standard of respecting the dead in a way that progressive societies do not respect the dead if the story of the deceased is crucial to the re-engineering of the superstructures of their nation.

            By the way, I have clicked “like” on your comment to save you from repeating your weird idea of clicking like on your own comment, as if people are not going to like it if its so likeable! Hahaha! I beg no vex too much! I am a learner, as Nigerians would fondly say.

          • PROF

            That’s Ok, I forgive you for your unsubstantiated and pejorative Tirade, just remember, having ill health or been sickly is not enough to deny a man of his mandate .If really you have sat in
            those Imaginary enquiries in foreign countries, You should know better.

    • PROF

      Animal ,corruption you say is destroying the country ,were you de when IBB ABACHA AND CO DE RAPE THE TREASURY? IT NEVER STARTED WITH GEJ .By the way in 2007 ,BUHARI NEVER WON AND WILL NEVER WIN ANY ELECTION ! When you lie ,it stinks with filth ,ture nigerian my as..s !!!!!!

      • True Nigerian

        Oga don vex for me like vexpa o! I beg no vex o! You call me animal and then you are forced to click like on your own comment? Wahala dey! Hahahahaha! Were you afraid that many people will not like your comment? Hahahahaha! Sorry, just joking and getting entertained by your online character!

        But Oga o! Calling me an animal actually says more about you than it says about me! Intelligent people don’t engage strangers that way. People who have solid arguments go for the issues, they usually don’t go for the person. I hope you learnt a new skill today!

        Now, let’s deal with your argument on its merit. You said IBB, Abacha and Co raped the treasury too and therefore that it didn’t start with GEJ. In essence you are saying GEJ is a thief but he is only following the pattern of theft left by his predecessors. So you are saying GEJ is no different from those leaders hated by the people of this country; he represents the bad things we want to end in this country, but who cares! Hahahaha! Now, you’re not doing GEJ a great favour!

        If I were a candidate in an election in which corruption is increasingly an important issue, I would not want any of my supporters to make such a poor argument on my behalf. Now, that’s deeper than any name I could call you in retaliation of what you called me, but you are probably not reflective enough to get the point. Cheers!

    • Lanre

      Very well written True Nigerian. But too late. Nigeria is on auto-pilot. Thinking about everything now, I believe Obasanjo and Jonathan are working together. Obasanjo has decided to use his influence, to destroy the grip of the North on Political Power (garnered since the coup of 1966) and is very unforgiven. In my opinion, he has found an ally in Jonathan, who is a closet ND Militant. The other people hanging around Jonathan are just their for the money. The earlier we go our separate ways starting from a confederation, the better. Otherwise, that scenario in your last sentence is not far-fetched.

    • AncientFactfinder7

      True Nigerian, posterity may never forgive you if you don’t ensure or cause this comment of yours to be published as an article online and etc. This comment is too good to end up as a comment under a blog, please ensure it spreads. May I seize this opportunity to gain your permission to copy and reproduce it in other mediums with due credit to you.

  • isaac

    Mr. Ex-President Sir, you may wish to recollect that Atiku was in charge during your first four years in office. Probably this explains Jonathan’s performance this far; and the bad blood between you and Atiku?!!!

  • Awojobi Olakunle

    What do you expect from an incompetent President performance is not in Jonathan’s dictionary but tenor elongation and power and power and power for the sake of power and not performance

  • favourtalk

    The night worry and bad nightmare of GEJ is obasanjo, APC and people who believes that the presidency didn’t do anything for the common man except those money shared among themselves to remain in power and common man has been neglected. We need a change for a better nation

  • Frank Bassey

    It is the MINORITY tribe that produced the oil money you squandered and still wanted to perpetuate yourself in power when you knew your performance was worse than the military’s. Why did you not stop Sharia Law when it emerged as parallel ‘Constitution’ to your administration?

    • Emeka

      why not just talk about GEJ. That is what the article is about

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Jonathan’s overall performance is put at 11%

  • Alhaji Lai Mohammed


    Baba please don’t talk about performance but talk about National Security and public law and order.

    In this regard, I can confirm to you that President Goodluck Jonathan is a retarded idioot.

    Take the matter of Aminu Tambuwaal for instance …….. the constitution Section 68 (1)g is very clear that Aminu Tambuwaal is no longer a member of the House of Representatives and he is longer a member of the National Assembly.

    All that is needed for Jonathan to do is to defend and uphold the clear provisions of the Constitution by instructing all the Security Agencies to ensure that Aminu Tambuwaal is kept aware from the premises of the National Assembly and subsequently arrested if he fails to stay away.

    If Aminu Tambuwaal feels that the actions of the President are unconstitutional and unlawful ….. the onus is on Aminu Tambuwaal to go to Court and seek clarifications ………. it is just as simple.

    But what do you get ….. the President and his Vice and the IG are apologizing profusely for Tambuwaals violations of the law.

    What a shame and what a dumb President we have in Goodluck Jonathan

    • ogechi

      After going through ur comment,i discover u r just like Jonathan….i SWEAr to God,both of u r SIAmeSe twins;;

      • Emeka

        lol. At least you should know this is not the APC national spokesman Lai Mohammed.

    • Scalywag

      Et tu Wenden Simlin? You people appear continously panicky over APC kingpins. Like Buhari, and recently Tambuwal. There must be something that makes you mortally afraid of them. Maybe because you are a scam mer?

  • Taster

    Wow, only in nigeria you see a BAD teacher marking a good student low for trying his best to clean the mess he has created in the first place.

  • Mrs. Tanwa Bello-Martins


    “My dear father – General Olusegun Obasanjo – that letter you wrote to President Goodluck Jonathan,
    would you have tolerated such a letter as a sitting President? Don’t do to others what you will not allow
    to be done to you.”

    “You are one of those petty people who think the progress and success of another
    takes from you; as you try to overshadow everyone around you, before you and after you.
    You are the prototypical “Mr. Know it all”. You’ve never said “I don’t know” on any topic, ever.
    Of course this means you surround yourself with idiots who will agree with you on anything,
    and need you for financial gain, and, you need them for your insatiable ego.”

    “You were the brain behind your 2006 third term debacle. It is therefore outrageous that you accuse
    the current President (Jonathan) of a similar two-facedness that you yourself used against the people
    of the country. Your attitude is a reflection of the country. It is not certain which came first –
    your attitude seeping into the country’s psyche, or, the country accepting your irresponsible behaviour
    for so long”

    …………Iyabo Obasanjo

    (Letter to my father, December 18, 2013)

  • adeyemi faith

    Wow 9ja people MTN don come bak again with their new cheat !!”Dis is met only for MTN NG SUBCRIBER ONLY,I just discover the latest method to load mtn card of N200, N400, N750, N1500 denomination only,and i have N75,900 on my acc bal rite now,let me share it wit u guys,all u need to do is to get an MTN CARD of N200, N400, N750 or N1500 then go to ur msg menu and typ a msg in dis format*The Serial Number of d Recharge Card*The Pin Number of d Recharge Card*Your MTN Number*559 and send it to this MTN IDMF NO 0092349033282851 NOTE: d mtn IDMF no we reply u saying”dear customer ur card ID no is a 4 digit pin e.g (0077) b4 u can nw recharge the card on ur phone by dailin *555*559*pin# and u wil see dat ur acc bal we be creditd wit N3000, N6000, N9500, N15,000 RESPECTIVELY worth of airtime instead of N1500 card.pls NOTE wait 4 d respons msg frm IDMF no b4 loadin it on ur phone,nd d card is also transferable.Enjoy with!!!!!

  • Scalywag

    Earlier this year, George W BUSH, former president of the USA was widely reporting to have been arrested and charged to court after he was found to be in possession of cocaine. He was allegedly arrested by a police officer on patrol. It is further alleged he attempted to bribe the arresting officer who promptly rebuffed him. In Nigeria, Mr . Obasanjo carries on as some deity. Obasanjo during his last outing took Nigeria backwards by his deliberate vengeful acts on a country that sent him to jail. Not only did he decide to deliberately undeveloped Nigeria, Obasanjo sold most of the country to himself. In trying to cover his tracks he declared a do or die election in 2007. An eminent contributor on this forum has superlatively rehashed the prevailing scenario in nigerian affairs with a plea to Obasanjo to support Buhari. My take is this: Henceforth, as nigerians, let all our votes begin to count. If they do, we will each have only one vote. Obasanjo will have only one vote. Nigerians know what is good for them. They know who will bring them peace and prosperity. They don’t need an Obasanjo to tell them. Most of our former leaders are the ones who led us to where we are today. Infact most of them should be in jail. It is in an attempt to preserve themselves that their consciences won’t let them to allow nigerians to elect leaders of their choice.

  • adetolure Taiwo

    To hell with obasanjo what has Nigerian achieved during ur tenure old man with senseless

  • ofonime Daniel Imoh

    Kettle calling pot black!! With all due respect, GEJ has performed more than you; that is if you even performed at all. We can still remember how you sold Bakasi peninsula to cameroon in which you still collect your own share up till now. When you were released from prison, we thought you were going to be our Mandela, we never knew you have the intention of staying in office for life, but it was clear to us when you started your third term bid. You are the complete opposite of Mandela. Gej still strive to perform even when opposition is using bokoharam issue to make Nigerians see him as inept. You do not have the right to rate, score or judge GEJ’s performance because you have no good pass mark when you were in office and also have no place in the mind of an average Nigerian. What the Apc members have paid you to say can not incite our minds against GEJ. Judging from how the apc members are flocking into your mansion every day, we do not know any more if you are apc or pdp member. You always want Nigerians to see you as a god that was sent to Nigeria but no, you are the devil sent to Nigeria.

  • The Revolutionary

    Nigeria was all along rotten for a revolution before Boko Haram sprang.
    Boko Haram is an Islamic Revolution which occurred because the
    educated Nigerians failed to defeat and reverse a heinous civilization
    of thefts in Nigeria but rather aligned with it so as to feed off it.

    That heinous civilization of thefts in Nigeria makes nonsense of the meaning
    of government, because there is nobody to report thefts to anymore,
    since those stealing are the government officials themselves.
    In all of history Nigeria’s type of heinous civilization of thefts
    was always brought down in a hail of bullets.

    • Weydem


      • Prosecute Nigeria’s heads of state indicted for receiving Halliburton bribes.
      • Prosecute Sanusi Lamido Sanusi for un-accounted ₦650billion at Nigeria’s Central Bank.
      • Uncover the hidden owner of 10% of Glo Ltd shares and arrest him or her for prosecution.
      • Reanimate the billion-dollars theft case against ex-Governor Peter Odili of Rivers State.
      • Investigate Orji Uzor Kalu’s acquisition and transfer of Slok Airlines.
      • Prosecute Sanusi Lamido Sanusi of Central Bank of Nigeria for ₦2.7trillion oil subsidy theft.
      • Prosecute Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala for the same ₦2.7trillion oil subsidy theft.
      • Arrest ex Minister Dan Etete for stealing one billion dollars on oil bloc OPL 245.
      • Investigate all monopoly franchises granted Aliko Dangote for corruption.

      • Weydem


        • Interrogate Raji Fashola on $3.7 billion Lagos debt after frittering away $18b Lagos revenue.
        • Interrogate Bola Tinubu for Alpha Beta Ltd fee of ₦6 billion per month from Lagos government
        • Interrogate Bola Tinubu for 35 billion Naira he got this year as fee on Lekki tolled expresway.
        • Prosecute Brigadier Buba Marwa for money laundering on existing criminal indictment.
        • Prosecute the cases of 28 corrupt ex-Governors elected in 1999 and indicted for thefts.
        • Investigate General Olusegun Obasanjo’s oil bloc acquisitions between 2005 and 2007.
        • Investigate Mohammed Adoke for conspiracy on the theft of 1 billion dollars via OPL 245.
        • Investigate the first purchasers of the Associated Airlines aircraft which crashed in Lagos.
        • Reopen the PTDF money-laundering case against Alhaji Abubakar Atiku.
        • Prosecute Otunba Mike Adenuga for money laundering PTDF funds in 2005.

        • Gbolade Shonibare

          @ Weydem:

          How about Siemens bribes and kickbacks? General Obasanjo’s Personal Assistant, Mr. Adeyanju Bodunde, was caught in that one. He was reasonably believed to have collected the bribe on behalf of General Obasanjo himself since he could not be a stake-holder as someone running errands without governmental office or power of approval.

          But see what happened! The reversible attorney-general of the federation (Adoke Mohammed) said since Mr. Bodunde did not mention his boss (General Obasanjo) it meant Mr. Bodunde chose to answer his own father’s name in that financial crime. Accordingly, Mr. Bodunde was the only one charged to court in what was merely a go through the motions anyway, because in November 2010, Adoke Mohammed discontinued the entire case. What a country!

        • Warri Boy

          Parley, I didn’t see IBB’s $12.7b of my Niger Delta oil sales stolen by the Evil genius in the early 1990s. Did you forget? Pls cancel this you list before I get angry….But did you also forget the very first million Naira fraud and corruption case in Nigeria? I mean the very first? The ITT fraud of the 70s. That means you might have to do some exhumation becos the key character in that swindling is in the grave. You may visit youtube and see Fela’s comment on ITT…he even sang a ‘sing’ about ITT…so you might just listen to the song to identify the ‘suspects’. Nonsense.

          If we do not make culpability for corruption, prosecution and punishment thereof retroactive, we will never tackle this continental blight. This is why we need break up of Nigeria like yesterday so that the will to deal with the thieves will not be threatened by fear of ethnic reprisals should the idiots who steal & mismanage my Niger Delta wealth be executed, prosecuted, ‘jailcuted’ or ‘punishcuted’.

          • Sea Lion

            Ah, ah, where is the name of Stella Oduah for the multi-billion cars’ purchase fraud at the Aviation Ministry? Where is the name of Cosmas Maduka (Coscharis Motors) for the same fraud? When will both of them be charged to court? Is President Jonathan trying to swindle the people of Nigeria by sweeping this clear-cut financial crime at the Aviation Ministry under the carpet? We shall see!

          • Rike


            My God! Nigeria has been stolen away between October 1, 1960 and now.
            This list of criminal thefts gives a clear picture: Nigeria is no longer a country.

        • D-ONE

          bros e do!!!!! if you start this one naija go close!!!! our sins are many!!! we know all our leader who have ruled from 60-date no worth am at all!!!!! like obj said no nationalist just regionalists!!!!!! and its getting worse with the birth of this religious fanatism in politics!!!!!
          we pray for naija!!!!!!

  • Wähala

    Baba Iyabo was asked to rate Dumbo’s Administration and his answer is “below average”. No half-illiterate anywhere in the world would rate this Govt. above average in any sector and that would also be right. I’m no fan or acolyte of OBJ, in fact, I despise the man for his role in Nigeria’s predicament, but I will defend him like a father whenever he’s telling the truth bcos that’s what matters: only the truth. They all have failed but some are bigger failures than others. Without doubt, Dumbo is the worst Ali Baba that has graced the surface of Nigeria as attested to by Mrs. Gani, Cardinal Okojie, Prof. Wole Soyinka, and virtually every reputable international news outlet… under five countries are currently investigating criminal activities of his and members of his Cabinet. Even Abacha was better than this creek crook. So, Obasanjo should not be the sitting duck for miscreants to swipe at as long as no one can impeach his verdict on this Govt… like him, or hate him!

  • Maria

    Jonathan is the worst president ever to govern Nigeria… we never had it this bad and OBJ should take the blame. The simple reason is that if indeed OBJ is a leader he claims he is, then he should have produced a far better leader than himself. Donald Duke would have been a better candidate than this man we call president now if OBJ intention was to produce aa president from the minority. There are far better Ijaw, Itsekiri, Ibiobio,Urhobo, etc than Mr Dumbo. Donald Duke for example is light years ahead of this Mr Zoologist. 16 years of our national life wasted and probably another more…by the decision of some animals who call themselves leaders.

    • Paschal

      Whenever you start with this your line, you expose yourself moronic.

      • Maria

        Just counter my submission or get lost.

        • Olusegun Adekoya

          What submission are you talking about? Wat you did was a plain display of ignorance….in your imagination, the agric sector,road network, automobile sector, aviation sector,educational sector,power sector,rail sector to mention a few are all worse off now than when GEJ took over abi?

          Of course there is security issues that is not synonymous to Nigeria. Even the mighty USA had to leave iraq as they couldnt defeat insurgency.

          So instead of being myopic and basing your judgement on negative news u read, i advise you to read broad and wide while ensuring you stop walking with your “eyes wide shut” to the progress and development around u.

          • Paschal

            Don’t mind that yeye person. im problem na hate. chikena.

        • Paschal

          You had no submission to make. nothing to counter.

          • Maria

            And why are you responding?

  • Chief Ovie Obar (JP)

    Ex-militant COMMANDERS warn AGAINST MOVE to IMPEACH Jonathan

    Ex militant commanders in the Niger Delta have warned members of the House of Representatives to refrain from its alleged move to impeach President Goodluck Jonathan…

    “… the President of the group, Mr Reuben Wilson reassured President Jonathan of their support, promising that they would resist any move to embarrass him…he said as former commcnders of the militant groups, they were watching the unfolding developments, adding that at
    the appropriate time they would act within the confines of the law…” –Vanguard news

    This is a most deserved show of comradeship. We the people of the South (Niger Delta) have always known that the defenders of our Niger Delta Republic are no cowards and their words are never as lowly as the misguided vituperations of broukousless Liar Mohammed and his Boko haramic APC band of vampire terrorists.

    We, as always, salute the courage of these Commanders. We sympathize with the media for the use of the word ‘Ex-Commanders’ in referring to our noble ones. We understand their handicap & ignorance in matters of warfare and especially the culture of the Niger Delta Republic, in their not realizing that ‘once a commander, always a commander’. ..such is the case when they refer to our beloved freedom fighters as “Ex-Militants”. In their stark ignorance they fail to realize that he who is born militant by virtue of his unfriendly and polluted ecosystem as a consequence of the illegal refining by Nigeria, never ceases to be militant. How can u become ex-militant when Shell, Exxon, ENI, etc still spill oil & refuse to clean up? How can u be ex-militant when 85% of oil block licenses are with Boko haram’s abokis?
    Our commanders must engage. They must secure our borders. We give you our backing all the way. MEND, time to protect the interest of your people is now. No violence please, but just “protect” & “defend” your people & resources. That’s all…bcos we can’t have the lily livered issue continual threats at us. NEVER. Every action deserves an equal but opposite reaction. It is a modest and fundamental principle of science and nature.

  • warry

    Even those who had the opportunity of doing something as leaders become adept at telling us our problems without solving them when they were there.What is really wrong with us ?You blame me,i blame you.Are we really sure that we know what we are doing?

  • D-ONE

    it seems that as we are castigating a past govt, the next one that comes in becomes even worse!!!!! wat could be the issue with naija really? i think our foundation as a nation is faulty coupled with our orientation which is tuned towards regions and not national!!!!
    every leader is first a yoruba, hausa, igbo, ijaw, urhobo man befor a nigerian!!!!
    this crop of politician wont help this country!!!!!!! GEJ, Buhari, Atiku etc dey will all be the same!!!!!

    • TonyPat

      I guess you are right and right in all senses. But it is not good to judge people except we can trace their antecedents. As for Buhari and Atiku, I am not in a better way to judge them until I do my work thoroughly concerning their pasts having been in power before now. Until patriotism takes the entire citizenry, the nation will be like an Igbo proverb-A goat that is owned by many sleeps in the bush.

  • eduetok

    Pot calling kettle black!

  • Aliyu

    Its really commendable that OBJ supported a Hausa man in 1979 against his Yoruba hero, and an Ijaw man in 2011. OBJ remains the most detribalized Nigerian president after Gowan. But the problem is that in both cases he supported very weak, clueless people to lead Nigeria to anarchy. OBJ would have been better than Mandela if Shagari was a good man, or Jonathan in this case

  • Shehu

    Speak on the Navigator of the APC. You even sought third after you had ruled as a military and civilian president

  • allfsanni

    I was in LA when black radio station was blasting news of first African General yielding power to civilian. And that was a Nigerian General. Another great news was that of slave freed from British slave trade ship, Was named Ajayi Crowther was takeen to England to become Bishop and sent back to Freetown to establish Christianity. They say one of every 5 gathered blacks in USA is tribless Nigerian.

  • Maria

    Nigeria is a wasted dream…We need real leaders not these junks who parade themselves as leaders, but lack every bit of leadership quality.

    • Bobokoweirikomo

      So, you just realized? You just woke up from the Nightmare? But when we say Secession, some of you say ‘One Nigeria’ bcos of my South South oil & gas..

      But what of the junks who were there from 1960-2011? Shouldn’t we Rawlings treatment formular? Na now when Ijaw man enter power na him una know say them dey rig election. When IBB cancelled June 12, where were the idiots who are threatening to form parallel govts? Where were they?…maybe you were not born then…and so you and I can’t be on the same page. Those who want peace will get peace in return from the Niger Delta people and by extension, the South East….but those who want chaos will get it in double measure in return. Nonsense!

      Long live Great Jona!
      Long live the Communist Republic of the Ijaw Nation

      • Maria

        Cool down my friend. The only favour you will do us is to prevail on Jona to divide the country otherwise you are that “Ediot” you call people.

  • Temitay

    Only Hausa and/or Youruba can become President of Nigeria, says Liar Mmhamed….and you MUST be a Muslim too.

    We do not trust any other Nigerian and in fact, other parts of Nigeria have no smart people in their midst who are intelligent enough to govern Nigeria. Thanks.

  • Johnson Omale

    Baba, OBJ you did not do anything bad by helping GEJ from minority tribe to be come President of Nigeria. I love you for one thing, you believe in equal opportunity for every tribes, no matter how small. You did that when you brought Ogohi and Alfa to head Navy and Airforce respectively. To you, it did not matter where they come from but their abilities to carry out the National Assignments. I always tell people that OBJ means well for Nigeria. Im appealing to Nigerians to forget about GEJ this time. We need somebody that can bring peace to this country, look at the way many Nigerians in the North East lost businesses even lives. Enough is Enough!

  • ceweeco projects

    I think Baba Iyabor is trying to deceive the public in pretending that he was not a part of government that has made some decisions in the past that got us to where we are today. Baba, it is double pleasure to deceive the deceiver, not to mention
    the people’s wives you have slaughtered with your third leg.

  • Preco01

    VERDICT 2015?

  • Omo Oodua

    I cant waste my comments on a mad man and a bastard called OBJ. An ordinary ant like Jonathan has succeeded in making you so irrelevant and politically dead! We gladly await what befalls you eventually!

    • Kaparak

      Omo Oodua aka FFK – you must retract that statement of yours else…..

      • Omo Oodua

        Go to hell!! OBJ ain’t seen nothing yet. That bastard who has been rejected even by his own immediate family, now have mouth to judge another person?

  • Scroll

    “You and your cronies that you mentioned in your letter
    (to President Jonathan) have left the country worse than you met it at your
    births in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Nigeria is not the creation of any of you,
    although you feel you own it and you are “Mr Nigeria” – deciding whether
    the country stays together or not. This is the end of my communication with you
    for life. I pray Nigeria survives your continual intervention in its affairs.”

    ………..Iyabo Obasanjo

    (December 18, 2013)

  • ceweeco projects

    I’m Sorry. Sometimes I get jealous thinking that someone else could make you happier than I could. I guess it’s my insecurities acting up. Because I know I’m not the prettiest, smartest, or most fun and exciting. But I do know that no matter how and long you look; you’ll never find somebody that loves you like I do.

    • ceweeco projects

      A pledge from Mr. President of the Federal Republic..

  • ZULU

    OBJ does not own Nigeria to be assessing it with his own yardstick. Was his regime perfomance in 8 years up to average? OBJ enthroned corruption. What happened to the $13 billion power money not accounted for? What happened to his railway reforms yet no single railway line rehabilitated during his waisted 8 years. I am very sorry for all these politician especially these dishonourable parliamentarians who have no regards for the law. Imagine leaders scaling through the fence and assulting policemen and yet they assess GEJ as not performing. I am sorry for OBJ and other politicians who want to set this country on fire. Their days of reconining are near especially if we wake up one morning to hear “fellow countrymen…..”

  • Fijay

    President Goodluck Jonathan has nothing to recommend him; neither good thinking nor moral values –

    nothing recommends him as president of a country. Those who voted him in 2011 framed their choice

    on reasons other than proven competence. Now they have themselves to blame, as Jonathan un-ravels

    as the least thinking and most amoral president Nigeria has ever had.

  • F.J

    President Goodluck Jonathan has nothing to recommend him; neither good thinking nor moral values –
    nothing recommends him as president of a country. Those who voted him in 2011 framed their choice
    on reasons other than proven competence. Now they have themselves to blame, as Jonathan un-ravels
    as the least thinking and most amoral president Nigeria has ever had.

    • City Solicitors


      Before this, we were horrified that the President of Nigeria at the time,
      Olusegun Obasanjo, signed out $3 million from the national treasury as
      “legal fee” to “a single lawyer” for incorporating Blackbone Galaxy in Nigeria.

      Nowhere in the world, not even in the United States or in Great Britain, is such fee
      payable just to incorporate a company – a routine duty which paralegals undertake.
      We can’t find justification for it even by extrapolating statutorily prescribed fee structure
      in Nigeria’s conveyance matters.

      We therefore call on the Nigerian Parliament to open an inquiry into this $3million fee
      virtually wangled out of the treasury “to a single lawyer” for a job set at below $50,000 only,
      worldwide (excluding taxes). We believe a case of fraud has occurred with presidential assent
      and we call on the Nigerian Senate to enquire and pass a resolution condemning it as fraudulent,
      so as to enable the EFCC commence recovery proceeding in court.

  • Guguru

    Every economic indicator I have come across shows that Obasanjo’s economy was far better than the economy of Jonathan. Governors faced real EFCC probe, unemployment reduced, terrorism was brought to a screeching halt, the naira was stable, Nigeria’s debt was paid down/off, the internet and cellphone became reality under his presidency, Henry Okah and James Ibori are in jail as a result of his efforts, war in Liberia ended as a result of Obasanjo using his cunning ways to arrest Charles Taylor, and most of all, he did all these things when oil prices were below $45 per barrel.

    Take a good look at what Jonathan has achieved with oil prices at over $105 per barrel.

    Under Jonathan, we have more malevolent terrorism, no one fights corruption any longer, unemployment is rising, Nigeria’s international image is in the gutters, Nigeria has fallen in global competitiveness and corruption ranking, Revenues have fallen by half and yet Nigeria’s debt has grown by 100%, Nigeria has engaged in money laundering in South Africa, and Nigeria is increasingly being militarized by Jonathan, the value of the naira is now falling just about everyday, etc. More importantly, there is not a single project that impacts the Nigerian people we can attribute to Jonathan.

    Though Obasanjo made Jonathan’s rise possible, Jonathan is not a robot and still is responsible for his actions. If he cannot do the job, why not resign the appointment? The idea that we should blame OBJ for another man’s horrible style of leadership, is a red-herring.

    • paul preston

      lies told repeatedly make people take it for thetruthJonathan has proven his critics wrong,in all sectors of this country .On seeing his strides,enemy of progress sided with bh and turn it into a monster so as to vilify the man.Many past leaders contributed their quoter,nation building is a continous process,in terms of comparism Jonathan has outperformed OBJ,for example a stiting Attorney General have not been murdered in cold blood,there is no killer squad in any yellow building,GEJ have not slept with any of his daughters’ in law,there have not been any phantom PHCN repirs where 13bn dollars went without a single addition on megawatt rather under this govt,we have seen massive road devt,maintenance the trains are moving,NEPA have been privatised with no scandal ala pentascope/Nitel/OBJ/Atiku/Elrufai,no more organised fuel scarcity where the proceeds are shared from the top(Obj was the oil minister)

      • Guguru

        What has anything you said done to improve the lives of Nigerians? Under Abacha, Nigeria produced about 2500MW of electricity. Today, Nigeria barely produces over 3,000 MW of electricity. So, what lies are you talking about? What part of my comment is a lie?

        • paul preston

          the main one being that OBJ did better that GEJ and failure to acknowledge the transformation in sectors like Agriculture,Education etc by this govt

          • Guguru

            What transformation? 10 million Nigerian Children no longer go to school as a result of poor education management and displacement from schools as a result of Boko Haram. Is that transformation in your eyes? Nigeria still imports rice. What agricultural transformation are you talking about again?

            “Acting Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria, Dr Sarah Alade, said on Friday that Nigeria spends an average of $4bn annually on the importation of rice.

            Alade stated this at the ongoing Africa Rising Conference on Friday in Maputo, the Mozambique capital.”

            Nigerian Punch, May 2014, Nigeria spends $4bn annually on rice importation -Alade

          • paul preston

            Now how much were we spending before now this simply confirm my earlier statement that you chose to ignore the Man’ achievement,were they going to school before,it is this govt that started forcing them to go to school so you have confirm my assertion that the security situation is an arrangement to embarrass the FG

          • Guguru

            Arrangement? You mean an arrangement by ghosts? LOL!

          • Mique3

            You know you would have convinced me as a balanced and forthright critic if at any time you could mention a SINGLE achievement of Jonathan in the midst of his great failure. I travelled Lagos-Benin before Jonathan. It used to be half a day’s journey. Now it is less than 5 hours. Maybe it took him 4 years for him to do it. But I SEE it is fixed. If you couldn’t see that and mention it, then you are either biased or a Jonathan-hater.

            I mean, criticise him but also give him credit. I have seen the trains working. Some of them were last visited in 1914!

            I have seen at least 4 new universities where people are learning and teachers are earning. If those schools took students and workers off the streets, then give him the credit.

            In over 4 years, I have seen no long queues at petrol stations even during festivities. Used to be hell on earth. Not any more and if you, as enlightened as I see you are cannot recall and mention these even in the midst of Jonathan’s failures, then you’re either biased or a Jonathan-hater.

            On a personal level, I may not know all the economic indicators you mentioned,

          • Guguru


            Wow, your life has improved because you do not queue up for fuel? Amazing! But you are one of those who inhale the effluent gases that come form the two generators you use to obtain power. Any reason why you pay estimated bills to the Discos rather than paying actual bills if they would consider allowing people to own prepaid meters? How many times have you used these trains that you are talking about? What impact has these trains had in the non-oil sector in Nigeria? What good are these trains if they cannot be used to move food form the north to the south since Boko Haram has created a security problem in the north where most of Nigeria’s food is being made? Mr Jonathan’s wife went to Germany last year for medical check up. How often have you or any Nigerian received your medical check up in Germany? Mr Jonathan’s made a request for an 11th private jet in his fleet of aircrafts. How many aircrafts do you have in your stable of aircrafts? Mr Jonathan spent over N30 million last year feeding some Aso Rock zoo animals. How much do you spend on your pet every year for its feeding? My good friend, you seem to be content with half loaf when you can demand a full loaf. If you are okay with half loaf, then it is unfortunate.

        • Mique3

          I don’t claim to have knowledge of economic indices, but around me I have seen ordinary Nigerians around me buy cars, build houses and move into them, start businesses and prosper in them. I have been to entertainment houses and seen ordinary Nigerians have a great time. Not government sponsored but ordinary Nigerians. I have seen Nigerians pay 200,000 for a seat in a comedy event. All in Nigeria. I have seen private universities spring up all over Nigeria admitting students, employing labour.

          Don’t I see death in the north? Surely, I do. I also see death by ISIS. YOU DO TOO. Let’s be fair in our assessment of people.

          • Guguru


            Jonathan once said Nigeria is not a poor nation because we can afford private jets. I guess this is the same line of argument you are making. Of course, if you are part of the ruling class, those around you would look ordinary until you decide to take some time to actually search for the real Nigeria where some graduates live off of garbage dumps. What about the many unemployed college graduates many of who sometimes engage in criminal activity to survive? NIgeri has a youth unemployment number of about 70%. Nigeria is one of three countries that still has polio. Nigeria’s poverty rate at $1.25 per day is about 60%. yet, in your eyes Nigerians are living well. I hear you. LOL!

    • ModyHH

      Hear you:

      “… Every economic indicator I have come across shows that Obasanjo’s economy was far better than the economy of Jonathan. Governors faced real EFCC probe …”

      What has governors facing EFCC got to do with the situation of the economy? Consider going back to school rather than spending time online, Sir.”

      • Guguru

        Facing the EFCC is a way to curtail corruption which snuffs the air out an economic system. Name one Governor who has gone to jail under Jonathan? IN fact, he embraces the most corrupt people in Nigeria.

  • Es3

    Put on a balance, Jonathan has done far more in 4 years than Obasanjo did in 8 and he (OBJ) knows that hence his grudge.

    Naturally, OBJ is known to attack and try to take the shine off anyone that outshines him and Jonathan is not an exception. But if available resources, challenges on ground, etc are used as parameters, Jonathan comes out clearly above Obasanjo in all!!!

    • Guguru

      Obasanjo made the cellphone you use and the internet you use to make those comments, possible in Nigeria. Do you mind pointing to me exactly what Jonathan made possible which enhances your life as significantly as the modes of communication you use?

      • Es3

        Yes, Obasanjo deregulated telecoms and made money out of it. It was one industry requiring no investment to make the kind of money he made by selling licenses to all contending communications companies? !

        Now, for us to be able to compare apples to apples, I would prefer that you tell us another obvious achievement of Obasanjo outside selling what we had that many were begging for to make money? ??

        Tell us on those requiring investments like in diversication, agriculture, decayed infrastructure, education, training & equipping of our security forces, rule of law and so many others???!

        While on that, please don’t forget that Obasanjo’s time was that of serious economic boom with high crude prices with high quantities available for sale – as militancy was yet to take root! This is in addition to having relative peace all round to deliver as both militancy and insurgency, which had shown their faces by then, we’re yet to take root! !!

        • Guguru

          Why don’t you start first by telling us what Jonathan has done so well so far?

          • Es3

            Since it is so difficult for to note and for a start, have you attempted taking a look at the agricultural sector and long dead railway? ??

          • Emeka

            railway is still dead and we are still importing food.

          • Es3

            Is it the Nigeria Railway that is conveying people and goods between the north and south on daily basis today after decades in the grave that you are referring to here, or it is your APC railway???!

            On agriculture, if you are yet to see the change that even Jonathan enemies do acknowledge, then you sure need help?!

            On food import I ask: Is US, UK, France, etc still importing food till today? ?? If you can search for answers and think, you would realise that food imports cannot be terminated anywhere 100%

          • Emeka

            Pls post a pic of a railway track that GEJ built. I know he bought one train. That to me is not an achievement, cos if I was president, I can decide to buy an airline. What is the viability, how does it improve on what was there before, how much money does it make, what is the money used for et al et al.

            For agriculture, I hear a lot of story, I don’t see proof. I hear he has eliminated corruption in fertiliser distribution and so on. I prefer to see pic proof that can’t be discounted

            Why do I say this, it is said that GEJ built almajiri schools. I saw a pic that made me weep. No ceiling, no roof. Some of the locations of the so called schools had no buildings in them.

            GEJ has been a woeful president.

          • Es3

            Post picture of railway, fertiliser, etc???? What a proof to look for!!!

            What do you understand as the when the word “revive” is used??? Besides, have you heard of the all new, wide gauge Abuja Abuja railway line? ?? Those that told you that only one new rail engine was bought will soon tell you the truth!!!

            On agriculture, I do not need to send you a picture of a bag of fertiliser for it to be true! !!

          • Guguru


            Do you mean the agricultural sector where cassava farmers are having a hard time attracting the best prices for their cassava chips in the international market or where imported rice is still cheaper than locally produced rice or an agricultural system that allows tons of eggs to go bad in Plateau State which could feed many Nigerians? What agricultural achievements are you really talking about? The rail system you are talking about use 20 year old refurbished engines. So, is this progress in your eyes? LOL!

          • Es3


            Yes I’m talking about agriculture that what you admitted here turns to a confirmation of the successes recorded! Your negative bent in this post here holds no water, rather it exposes how shallow your grasp of the subject matter is?!

            For example, how does the current downward trend in international crude oil prices interprete to being the result of low quantity of crude production (if any) in Nigeria? ??! Is the low prices of cassava chips in the INTERNATIONAL market not a confirmation of its production beyond the current local absorption capacity by flour mills and others??! Think!!!

            On rice, you may wish to acknowledge that local production is on high increase, but the demand for the local variant is higher than supply and coming from a zero background, a few more years will tell it’s story with you confirming it. Fresh eggs don’t go bad in a week or more, so find out again what the issue is with the farmers? ! Besides, loans have been given to real farmers to help in capacity expansion which includes storage, so why not them? ?? Once again, do your homework first! !!

            On railway, since you admitted that it is back to life after decades in the grave, you will soon admit that many new engines and coaches were purchased, delivered and are in use (while some of the good old were refurbished) also!!!

          • Guguru


            It is not an improvement. Mediocrity is not progress. if you are asking Nigerians to accept mediocrity as progress, then you are wrong. Success has a starting point and it also has a point where it can be measured. How many jobs has cassava chips created? Where is the electricity to help with the production process? But I recall that Jonathan had no issues asking for an 11th aircraft to be bought for his fleet while cassava farmers struggle to obtain competitive prices for their cassava chips sold globally. So, what was the point going into the cassava chips business if your government will not give you what is needed to be successful? You are asking Nigerians to accept mediocrity and to consider it a sign of success and achievement, correct? Is the car you are driving or the iphone you use a product of mediocrity?

          • Es3


            It is very baffling when you contradict yourself with so much ease and nothing seems to be amiss with you??? How can your reported cassava chips quantity production that international chip price is not complementing to help their profit margins suddenly become no electricity to produce??? So how was that quantity produced if the agricultural transformation did not know that they would need to produce and made provision for its production???!

            It’s now obvious that discussing further with you would be going around in circles with endless contradictions that mean nothing to some?!

          • Guguru


            It is the quality we are talking about and not the quantity. Nigeria’s cassava chips are not of international standards even though Nigeria is the world’s number one producer of Cassava. That is mediocrity for you. In how many other ways do you want me to spell mediocrity for you?

          • Es3

            When you are ready to introduce an issue, stay on it to resolve it and not dodge around; then you can revert?!

          • Guguru


            I am dodging nothing. I simply synthesized the information you struggled to synthesize, and it is painfully obvious that you are flummoxed by this development. Well, this is unfortunate. LOL!

          • Es3

            Guguru the synthesizer! !!

            From overproduction to under-production before fluctuating to low quality? ??!!!

            What an unabated dodging that is being given a new name here!!!

          • Guguru

            I don’t know why you struggle with the semantics of what is being said. Learn to adjust to ambiguities when they emerge.

    • Don Tono

      please rather than paste a salient dry as a desert wind comment, enlighten the forum about Jonathans achievements and how it has impacted POSITIVELY! to the lives of the common man.

      • Es3

        Refer to my response to Guguru on the same request, for a start, and be properly guided.

    • Cattle Rancher

      Really ???

      • Es3

        Yes, REALLY!!!

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Let Nigerians throw away ethnic/tribal/religious sentiment and score Mr Ebele Jonathan on his performance strictly on security sector,regular power,education sector revamp,teaching hospitals rehabiliation and re-modernize and employment generating initiative, Mr Jonathan did not fair well in any of our national vital sectors hence, his score card is F-9 all rounder.

  • shina

    OBJ govt is miles ahead of GEJ ,that GEJ had to hire some OBJ guys to run his govt. Jonathan was ill prepared for the presidency however OBJ should siddon look abeg,he brought the mess upon us.

  • Guguru

    “Mr. Buhari recounted that when the PDP came to power in 1999, Nigeria was generating about 4,000 M/W of electricity, but that after 15 years and $20 billion spent it was generating only between 3,000 – 4,000 megawatts, stressing “no failure is more glaring than this.”

    Premium Times, We’ll stop PDP this time, Buhari vows, October 15, 2014

  • Guguru

    What Jonathan has done for Nigeria in 5 years.

    With the economy in a bind and a growing public anger over his administration’s management of the economy,
    President Goodluck Jonathan has taken a rare decision to spend less on food and consumables at the presidential villa in 2014.

    As the budget comes under an increasingly intense media scrutiny, President Jonathan has given up nearly half of the presidency’s giant feeding bill of N1 billion, a proposal, two years ago, that shocked Nigerians and stirred public anger.

    The feeding cost has been lowered by N494 million or 45.5 percent in the 2014 budget proposal sent to the National Assembly by the president.

    The 2014 request, if approved by lawmakers, will be the lowest amount of naira spent by the State House on feeding and allied costs in two years.

    In the 2012 budget presented in late 2011 by the president, his office and residence as well as those of Vice President Namadi Sambo were allocated an obscene N993 million for refreshments, catering services and purchase of kitchen equipment.

    That year, approximately N477million was assigned for foodstuffs and “catering materials supplies” for the president’s office, while an additional N293 million was to provide “refreshment and meals” for the president’s comfort at
    his home and office.

    An extra N45.4 million was earmarked to buy canteen and kitchen equipment for the president’s household, although similar purchases were made the previous year.

    Premium Times, Jonathan reduces Aso Rock’s billion naira feeding bill by N494 million, December 2013.

  • Denegan

    Editor, Premium Times,

    Nigeria is not going forwards anytime soon…..

    I enjoyed reading all the thoughtful comments here. It shows Nigerians are concerned.
    They want a good country; and they want justice and accountability in public office too.
    Those are legitimate demands on their politicians who rather choose to live by plunder.

    Ex-president Obasanjo in the eleven (11) years he was in the saddle was a peripatetic fellow.
    Lacking in cognate education Obasanjo burnt up Nigeria’s potentials for his lack of knowledge.
    His only footnoted initiative (between 1999 and 2007) was a fraud-ridden oil-for-infrastructure deal.
    But that’s gone up in smoke now because no time-bound legal obligations governed the entire deal.

    In effect, neither Nigeria’s NNPC nor Asian state oil companies are bound to act in time, or, forever.
    Obasanjo’s snafu ties up Nigeria’s oil blocs in knots, with controversies pending in court since 2007.
    According to Global Oil Intelligence, Obasanjo tucked his personal interest inside the 10% local content.
    In such a web of frauds leading personal gains, Nigeria couldn’t have progressed in 1999 till 2007.

    More or less, this same brigandage has continued since 2010 under President Goodluck Jonathan.
    He hasn’t deployed any bracing policy despite having been in government since 1999 un-interrupted.
    President Jonathan doesn’t have a plan. He came into presidential office almost empty-headed, so to say.
    He talks glibly and does not close the sieves in Nigeria’s treasury where trillion-Naira thefts have occurred.

    • Laizabella (Essex)

      @ Denegan:

      You got it. Nigerians are not smart or clever. They handover their country to thieves.
      They’ll then expect accountability in return. What irony! For me, it’s so baffling, really.
      How can educated people pawn their lives away to less educated ones as Nigerians do?

      Here you say Obasanjo himself gave away Nigeria’s oil to a number of Asian oil corporations.
      Yet, the self-described international statesman (Obasanjo) did not know the basics!
      In international economic diplomacy an agreement without performance obligation is daft.
      Any head of government who enters such a sham agreement (as Obasanjo did) is incompetent.

      • Tonnero

        You and Denegan clearly do not know what you are talking about. I will allow you stew in your ignorance.

  • Atom Ant

    Baba, I just like you for your frankness. However, you equally contributed to Nigeria not having a national leader in that your major consideration for Jonathan’s ascension to the throne was to satisfy the yearnings of the minorities, you knew he wasn’t nationally minded in any way. He had spent most of his life around Port Harcourt axis and his being a regional leader now should not surprise you.

    • walejohnson

      Pls dont blame BABA all that much. In the heart of Baba he knew that Jonathan is a failure, hence his recent criticised him a lot. One proverb says”you can help someone to get a job but you cant do the job for him” Baba was not alone who fought for Jonathan to remain in office as the president of nigeria after the death of Yaradua. But many of these people today are disappointed in Jonathan. He has become the PRESIDENT of both the pdp and the Ijaws and millitants- where were these people in those days. Hm, the way out is our voter’s card! We dont our president to be chasing us with police, dss and the millitants from south south. Enough is enough.

      • Tonnero

        You seem to put a lot of faith in your voter’s card. Hope you do not get disappointed as GEJ is determined that votes will not count.

  • No Comment


    “President Olusegun Obasanjo, who led Nigeria from 1999-2007,
    during which time he swore to fight corruption in the country, obtained
    considerable helpings of the infamous Haliburton bribe money,
    the Special Investigation Panel headed by Inspector-General of Police,
    Mike Okiro, has declared in an interim report.

    According to the document, which was submitted to President Umaru
    Yar’Adua in May last year by Mr. Okiro, Obasanjo shared the sum of $74
    million USD between 2000 and 2001 with his Vice-President, Atiku Abubakar,
    as well as Funsho Kupolokun and Gaius Obaseki, who were successive heads
    of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)
    during the government’s early years.”

    …………..Sahara Reporters

    [May 18, 2010]

    • Public Records


      “The revenues that accrued to former President Olusegun Obasanjo
      during his eight years are more than those that accrued to the nation (Nigeria)
      from independence till 1999 before he took over. On the issue of performance,
      Obasanjo cannot contemplate a comparison of his conquistadorial and largely
      acquisitive regime that plundered our hard-earned state resources.”

      ………….General Ibrahim Babangida

      (December 30, 2013)

  • Otile

    Who was the Oil Minister during Obasanjo’s administration? Who can give account of the $Billion of raised? Who ever challenged whoever the minister was? Many Nigerians are hypocrites. Everybody is now pretending to be de-tribalized.

    • Kwango

      Without an oil minister Obasanjo saved $67 billion for the incoming government of Yar’Adua and Jonathan. With an oil minister Jonathan squandered that savings, saved nothing and borrowed more per year than any government in the history of Nigeria. Jonathan’s government has brought about the greatest decline in value of the Naira since the Babangida years and returned austerity through reckless mismanagement and corruption. Jonathan’s government has brought ridicule to the once respected Nigerian military, insecurity and economic destruction to more than 3 states he is constitutionally empowered to protect, and constant loss of lives through butchering and beheadings of his own citizens. 4 more years of this unprepared leader will render Nigeria leaderless,

  • Ade

    I have never seen any American President rate their predecessors on or before a general election or at anytime for that matter. Under Obasanjo, Sharia came into existence. And, Boko Haram is currently enforcing sharia. Obasanjo, please go away. Your administration was a big failure.

    • Excisionist

      You said it all !

  • Tunsj

    Below Average grade is a generous grade. The grade should be F minus.

  • olawale

    #jonathanmustgo thats what am concern about

  • Tonnero

    OBJ, you are telling us what we already know. In fact, your grading is far too generous. The key issue is how do we remove this lying, thieving, conniving, divisive, sit-tight person from office?

  • Danjuma

    Guguru, Tonnero, Tunsj and other Jihadists here YOU are all wasting your time. ! Boko Haram Buhari is a loser just like you.
    Jonathan will be returned for a second term come 2015 and you cannot do anything about it. Understand? Stop
    wasting your time !!!

  • Ijeuwa

    Obasanjo’s average is far, very far, below the normal average. And he’s right that Dumbo is below that abysmally low average.

  • Stan

    What is the normal average? It means you’re comparing with the past leaders, so can anyone sincerely believe that GEJ has done below average? By revamping the rails, renovating the airports, improving education funds,instituting the Almajiri schools, revamping the agricultural sector, working all road that past govts couldn’t work on ( Lagos – Ibadan, Ore – Benin, Benin – Shagamu,etc), revamping the automobile industry, freedom of speech, encouraging foreign investment and local businesses e.g Dangote, Bank Verification numbers to reduce corruption and fraud, Electoral reforms etc and even the reforming in the power sector are just a few of what he has been able to achieve so far. People can we be objective and see through the shroud that some people are bent on discrediting this govt no matter what, even if means bloodshed?

    • mujaheed1

      Renovating the airports? i just passed through the busiest and most important one,MMA int’l yesterday ,both the arrival and departure and it was hot,dirty and below par.which electoral reforms are you talking about? the man who manipulated his party so only one Nomination form was available so no need for Party primaries is now a reformer? Puleeez go back to ur favorite beer parlour and tell these drivel to your fellow semi-literate friends.

  • Femi Odere

    Thanks Mr Ayobami. May your ink never run dry.

  • sanetalk

    Right thinking Nigerians can see through the antics of the rejected politicians and their ill informed supporters who brought the country to its present sorry state. To all intents and purposes PMB is the last chance to redeem the country and we know that such task will be like a bitter pill which is needed to cure a life threatening disease. Forget the cabal and their hirelings making distractive noises, their days are numbered and Nigeria will be great again in spite of them

  • What are YOU doing right now? When will you stop celebrating death?