Jonathan happy Boko Haram hasn’t seized new territory in one week

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan on Friday said the Federal Government, the Nigerian Armed Forces and security agencies are working very hard to ensure that the ability of Boko Haram to capture and hold any Nigerian territory is ended very soon.

Speaking at the opening of the meeting of Nigeria’s Honorary International Investment Council, in London, President Jonathan assured the gathering that the Armed Forces and security agencies were making steady gains in recovering areas recently taken by Boko Haram.

“We are improving on security. For about a week now there have been no reports of Boko Haram seizing more territory. Rather, we are steadily pushing them back. The impression being created by sections of the media that the situation is worsening is not true. I can assure you that it will never get worse,” President Jonathan told the gathering.

The President also called for greater support from the National Assembly for the Federal Government’s efforts to curb terrorism, insurgency and insecurity in the country.

He told members of the council headed by Lynda Chalker that he had offered himself as a candidate in Nigeria’s next presidential elections because he was convinced that with four more years in office, he will be able to further consolidate the positive national reforms initiated by his administration and take them to a point of irreversibility for the good of all Nigerians.

“As you already know, I have indicated my willingness to carry on for another four years if I am given the opportunity so that we can carry forward some of the reforms we have been talking about,” the President said.

He cited the expansion of transportation infrastructure, improvement of local content in Nigeria’s oil industry, more inclusive economic growth, job creation and national security which are on the agenda of the meeting as some of the areas in which his administration still hoped to achieve further improvements.

“We cannot move the economy forward without good infrastructure. We have been working very hard in that area. We have improved our road network significantly. In the next three to four years, we should be able to resurface almost all federal roads in the country and begin new ones.

“We are improving our airport terminals and aviation security. Reforms are also ongoing at our ports to drastically reduce the time required for import clearance formalities.

“In the rail sector, we may require private sector funds to quicken the pace of development. Our goal is to link all state capitals by rail. It may not be an objective that can be achieved by a single administration, but we want to lay a solid foundation that others can build on.

“We are also promoting the increase of local content in our oil industry, because that is the only way in which our people will benefit more from the industry and begin to see themselves as true stakeholders who need to protect and help in the development of our oil and gas resources,” President Jonathan said.

He thanked Ms. Chalker and other members of the council for their valuable advice to the Federal Government over the years.

“To be successful, leaders must take decisions based on adequate information and sound advice. Having had the personal benefit of interacting with you all as Vice President and President since 2007 has helped me a lot,” the President said.

The meeting later went into a closed door session to receive briefings, updates and presentations from relevant ministers and council members. 


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  • Dumbo

    mumu president, most local govts are still under siege and until they are completely regained. Thank the hunters you are busy arresting and not your useless corrupt military and make sure you finish packing your load on or before may 29, 2015.

  • Guguru

    What is Jonathan talking about? Boko Haram just killed 45 people in Azaya Kura in Borno State on Wednesday. Wednesday is still in the week, is it not? Which is more important to Jonathan—-taking back territory or protecting every Nigerian life, no matter the cost?

    • Wähala

      He’s talking about press misconceptions and exaggerations… his usual finger pointing, no mind’am.

      • Warri Boy

        …at least he is better than those like you and your lineage from Ilorin who have become too accustomed to servitude…Cowardly as it is, all it took you & your folks to line up behind a Terrorist as presidential candidate was a simple threat of blood of Dogs & Baboons on the streets should he lose….today they extended the threat…and only cowards cringe under such spastic and useless threats…and when the time comes, they will be checked. Yes! Checked! Cowards die many times before their actual death but the kind I find amongst your kindred is unparalleled…Best of luck

  • Preco01

    SERIOUSLY BRO. JONA? “We are improving on security. For about a week now there have been no reports of Boko Haram seizing more territory. Rather, we are steadily pushing them back. The impression being created by sections of the media that the situation is worsening is not true. I can assure you that it will never get worse,” President Jonathan told the gathering.

    • ogechi

      No be u vote am for 2011?,who u come dey quote for?!!,Abegii

  • Spoken word

    I hope he was misquoted.

    • ogechi

      Methink he was misquoted

      • Spoken word

        His brain and mouth are on different planets.

        • ogechi

          He was thinking like a village head in OTUOKE(some centuries ago) while talking with his Buccal cavity full of prosthetic garments in fool’s paradise

          • Spoken word

            He should please go back to otuoke. He has done enough damage to the country.

  • Wähala

    Taking his deceit and lies to an international audience…
    Imagine, “We’ are making improvement on security”… because no BH flags have been hoisted over Nigerian territories in one week, and blaming the media of exaggerating the situation. The Boko Haram just murdered 45 innocent Nigerians in Borno, he’s technically denying it like he initially denied that 300 virgins were kidnapped from a Chibok girl under his SoE lockdown. Notice how he carefully avoided power supply? Mumu, no economy can prosper with 2,500MW’s of power for 170million people. South Africa produces 44,000MW’s for her 70million population yet, you want people to invest in an economy that operates in darkness. Dr. Dumbo should stop wasting our common wealth with this Lady Chalker and her insignificant group of NGO’s… the NASS is on fire and a sensitive President would have sent his VP while he gets to the root of who ordered 1000 goons to harass the 2nd. Arm of Government… Clown Prince of Otuoke needs to be caged from public viewing for now, wallahi. EiE !!!

    • Guguru


      LOL! I share your sentiments. Brazil with with about 220 million people produces about 100,000 MW of electricity. While the rest of the world is busy building power systems for light, we are busy building darkness systems for darkness in Nigeria.

    • tundemash

      I insist Nigeria don enter “one chance” with this d@ft Dumbo in the driver seat. Imagine a feeble mind gloating over “For about a week now there have been no reports of Boko Haram seizing more territory.”

      Is this guy permanently in a state of “dindinrin” ?

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Lol, Wahala.

      Lies are only okay, provided the person telling such lies do not believe them.

      The problem here is that Jonothing believes his own lies!

  • Otile

    Looters cum parasites do not care about who they hurt, whose environment they pollute, all they want is to impose a Fulani on us andlet the flow of oil continue.

  • Tei

    Editor Premium Times,

    There’s an inevitability to northern Nigeria falling apart violently as it does today.

    It is an unjust society based on lies and deceit. Worse than that, it is a society

    built on ethno-Islamic dominance which engenders resentment of non-Muslims
    excluded from public office and from equal treatment under the law –

    a cruel liability generally imposed on all northern Christians and animists.

  • T.Sagoe

    Editor Premium Times,

    There’s an inevitability to northern Nigeria falling apart violently as it does today.
    It is an unjust society based on lies and deceit. Worse than that, it is a society
    built on ethno-Islamic dominance which engenders resentment of non-Muslims
    excluded from public office and from equal treatment under the law –
    a cruel liability generally imposed on all northern Christians and animists.

    • Alkalimam

      “I feel compelled to appeal to all Nigerians to recognize that Nigeria is indeed at war.

      It is a war that seems set to engulf the entire country. We need to understand that
      the war in the North-east is a war against Nigeria. The insurgents intend to use

      a conquered Northeast as a launch pad on which to invade and conquer

      the rest of the country and possibly the whole of the West African sub-region.”

      …..Colonel Abubakar Dangiwa Umar

      [November 14th, 2014]

      • Newsday


        An eye-witness who escaped on foot from Mubi to Yola – a distance of over 100 kilometres,
        has told local newspapers in Nigeria that all Christian Pastors captured by Muslim militias
        who invaded the predominantly Christian town (Mubi) were beheaded.

        Several other Christians who resisted forcible conversion to Islam were also beheaded
        with axes by Muslim Jihadists [Boko Haram]. Other news-reports say similar genocide
        occurred in the north-eastern Nigerian towns of Michika and Hong. Worse in Mubi,
        foreign journalists now confirm that no church is left standing there today.

        All the churches were blasted with improvised explosives detonated by the Muslim Jihadists.
        With Christianity now virtually wiped out in all territories seized and occupied by Muslim Jihadists –
        roughly equivalent to one-twelfth of Nigeria, the dark future of Nigeria is silhouetted as sharply
        as the imminent gruesome beheading of all remaining Christian Pastors in Nigeria.

        • Al Jihadi

          “We are fighting a religious war. We are fighting against the Christians in Nigeria.
          We are fighting against Christian President – Goodluck Jonathan – and his Christian
          brethren. We are not fighting any ethnic war. Those saying we are fighting an ethnic war
          are telling lies to the public. They try to brainwash the people. No, we are fighting
          a religious war. We are fighting against Christians. We are fighting the Christian President,
          Goodluck Jonathan and his Christian brethren.”

          ……..Mujahedeen Abubakar Shekau

          (Leader of Boko Haram)

          December 28, 2013

    • Joe

      You exactly got it right.

  • Mamapikin

    This man is so cheap! He’s cheaper than tokunbo, cheaper than help me select, cheaper than kpamgba! How many presidents or leaders of government were at this forum? Who was his host, David Cameron or who? Lynda chalker, what’s her weight in the government at st. James court? What’s her position in government? At most, Nigeria ought to be represented her by its economic attaché, not even the ambassador. Nigeria burns and this clown is in a meeting of 3rd rate European importance, yearning opata! Who exactly is he addressing there, not Reuters, not FT, not London Economics, not BBC, but Nigerian journalists and NAN! No wonder he’s called Dumbo. Not quite a week ago, there was a meeting of heavy weights in Australia. He should have been there to say these things.
    Its obvious by now that while in the past a Nigerian leader was invited to G20 meetings, those days are long gone…past tense…past. There is some one we know well by the name of Dumbo who is selling Nigeria’s name and image cheaper than tissue paper. The position he occupies today is not worth the paper women use to sell akara at lafiaji bus stop.

  • Otile

    APC minions want to make sure that no discussion of oil spill is done, but to make sure that one Fulani is imposed on us as the president, another as the speaker.

    • Mamapikin

      Go and sit down my friend, what do you know!

      • Otile

        In other words you want to impose 2 more of your Fulani masters on us come next year. Remember other ethnic groups are not allergic to presidency and top posts in 9ja. Oppression and marginalization cannot continue for ever. This is what I know.

        • Mamapikin

          If someone begins to yab that your tribe we all know so well about, you’ll be the first to be crying huhuhuhu…but it comes so naturally to you to talk others down, a strong sign of inferiority complex. The people you insult ignore you and this has taught you nothing?:ewu 2000!

          • Otile

            You pollute our environment and steal our oil then laugh at us blaming us for inferiority complex. That is the height of dishonesty, fellow. Is it not true that you are doing your utmost to put Dr Jonathan down and impose 2 of your Fulani masters? What are you trying to tell us, that you are a superior race over everybody else? Time has past for those cheating, fellow.

          • Mamapikin

            Bush man

          • Otile

            Insolent man

          • Olla Kellany

            Is that what the debate is about ? Pls stay on the topic.

          • Okemute1

            You really do have brain damage.

    • Ha

      Did you forget that it was Yar’adua a fulani man that solved the problems of Niger-Delta?

  • Joe

    There is no government in Nigeria – Hilary Clinton. How true!.

  • the truth

    We will continue to strive for success, saboteurs and anti nigerian elements will never succeed.Any individual who prays nigeria fails, will fail. Any individual who is happy any time violence strikes home to score cheap political points, violence will also be his portion. Any individual who wishes success and growth for nigeria, will also grow.

  • dave

    Who are the managers of GEJ public relations?I think they need to sit with him and advice him to talk less.His utterances are just unbecoming and shameful.I know his apologist will get angry for what I just said.The president should talk with some level of maturity.How can he be celebrating one week of no attack.The job of PR is not just attacking opponents as Okupe and Abati is doing it,but also talking to the boss on the manner of talking and comportment.The recent invasion of the police by the National Assembly is a minus to the president.The elections are coming and he is a candidate and yet his leadership and activities is affecting his image.No sane person will vote this kind of person except those who are beneficiaries of his incompetence.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      lol, Dave.

      This statement of Mr. Jonothing is like stating that he is okay because his ears are no longer ringing from the slaps of a bully that has not been delivered for a week due to no effort of his!

      A more astute man would have been telling the rest of the world, or Chatham House, that he has started recovering territories from boko haram as a measure of success.

      But no Sir, not Mr. Jonothing.

  • Proud Nigerian

    There is time for everything; a time to be born and a time to die, a time to speak and a time to shut up, a time to misrule and a time to let go. That interview is most uninspiring coming from the leadership of the giant of Africa. How did we come to this sorry state? Bestluck to Nigeria as this good is bad enough.

  • Proudly Niger Deltan

    Where is Sir Dokubo, General Tompolo, MEND etc…? You guys should respond without delay. Make una now fall our hand o! …may God bless you all as you champion the course of the Niger Delta. We therefore expect you to respond to this threat in a most disproportionate fashion. God bless you as you do so.. We are men, not children that some idiots can threaten at will.

    • Almightygodalmightygod

      Na wa for you, you dey wait make somebody com carry your cross for you ? You go wait Taya,because those people wey you think ,can help you are after their pocket.

      • Okemute1

        The goat want Tompolo to comot from e jet go enter creek again! What a dream!

  • Alan D. Bickersteth

    What’s now urgent for Nigerians is to deter fundamental Islamism that’s
    creeping into Nigeria from the far north and threatening to un-ravel the
    country with mass murder. Islamic fundamentalism is global politics’ most
    intractable problem. All wise Nigerians should rank Islamism as the worst
    threat to Nigeria, even as a shambolic republic the country is today.

    Jonathan’s incompetence is resolvable with less deadly consequences,
    say by impeachment, but Islamic fundamentalism is not resolvable
    by any political tool, except by a protracted war of genocide.
    Nigerians must urgently defeat Islamic fundamentalism first.

    • Almightygodalmightygod

      I do agree with you on this,but who will inspire the defeat of Islamic fundamentalism .

  • kingbaabu

    The man could have saved himself a modicum of respect if he just admits that Nigeria is failing in the war against terrorism. Nobody in the international community takes this joke seriously anymore.

  • Sharia_Haram

    It worth celebrating since APC members are determine to use it against his presidency. APC celebrates Boko-Haram attacks on guilty Nigerians. Guilty for rejecting Islam.

    • tunji

      Your a son of a pig.

    • Olla Kellany

      Lol… Intelligence report reaching me stated clearly that you n all others are warehoused in Ikeja by Rueben Abati on behalf of Jonatban Ebele and are handsomely paid monthly to do this job, day n night 24 hrs 7 days a week.

      Keep at it I know your conscience would hold your to Ransome someday when the impunity from Jonathan Ebele can not be justify at whatever cost you are being paid.

      • Sharia_Haram

        Thank God, I have a job. It is part of transformation agenda. Apply for one.

        • Okemute1

          JOB – Just Over Board!

  • Strong System

    Hunters to the rescue!

  • Awojobi Olakunle

    What is this man celebrating when Chibok girls are still missing. Shame Shame Shame.

  • favourtalk

    So, that’s why he had an elaborated the birthday and caused a problem in house of representative. We need a president who sees a man on the street as himself and believes that nigeria is a problem/cross that he will cross. GEJ didn’t do enough for the country, we need change

  • tsunami1earthquake

    “For about a week now there have been no reports of Boko Haram seizing more territory…” The thinking of a mediocre.

  • adeyemi faith

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  • Wow, a President with all the paraphenalia of office, shamefully congratulating himself that Boko has not captured a new town in a week.Is that not inciting the boko animals to a new kill to prove the President wrong?.

    • Ha

      He is giving them a green light. We all know.

  • Abdurrazaq

    Sorry Mr. Presido,it is the fear of the local hunters that stopped the BH( your govt.) from the capture of more territories. The local hunters are the spanner in the works !

  • Abdurrazaq

    @Aljihadi, I don”t believe this BH or Shekau thing.This is all created to achieve a politically motivated agenda. If it is a war against christians as a muslim , my question is, what did the christians do for me to wage a war on them ? I would like to know.