UPDATE: Tambuwal’s loyalists overpower security operatives, smuggle him into chamber

Police fired teargas at the National Assembly Thursday as security operatives barred the speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, and as several of the speaker’s loyalists overpowered the security agents and smuggled him into the chamber

A large contingent of SSS personnel and police took over the sprawling complex early Thursday, and sealed off all entry points leaving only one open where everyone going in is thoroughly frisked and many, turned back.

Mr. Tambuwal had earlier managed to drive through the first gate of the complex before his convoy was stopped at the second gate.

After several minutes, Mr. Tambuwal was later allowed in after he abandoned his car and escort vehicles at the gate.

Other lawmakers, mainly from the All Progressives Congress, APC, were also stopped from driving through the second gate.

At least 15 APC lawmakers scaled the assembly fence to access the building, our correspondent at the assembly said.

Mr. Tambuwal was later stopped at the third gate, and was finally allowed in after a prolonged argument with security operatives.

Witnesses say lawmakers came out of the assembly, overpowered the security, and damaged the third gate to allow the speaker in.

There are reports some lawmakers fainted after inhaling teargas fired by the police.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson of the All Progressives Congress, Lai Mohammed, told reporters at APC secretariat that security operatives prevented Mr. Tambuwal from gaining entrance into the National Assembly Complex.

“I spoke with speaker Aminu Tambuwal five minutes ago and he confirmed to me that he has been locked out of the National Assembly complex at the second gate,” Mr. Mohammed said.

The APC spokesperson also said while Mr. Tambuwal is disallowed from entering the complex, his deputy, Emeka Ihedioha is already allowed entrance and is in the chamber.

“The Speaker reconvene the House at the instance of the President who wrote a letter to the Speaker asking for an extension of the state of emergency in three states and now he is being ambushed and not allowed in, it is a sad development for our country

“There must be limit to impunity and we are being ridiculed in the eyes of the world,” Mr. Mohammed said.

Read our earlier report below:

The spokesperson of the All Progressives Congress, Lai Mohammed,  has confirmed to journalists at the APC secretariat in Abuja that security operatives have prevented the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, from gaining entrance into the National Assembly Complex.

“I spoke with speaker Aminu Tambuwal five minutes ago and he confirmed to me that he has been locked out of the National Assembly complex at the second gate,” Mr. Mohammed said.

The APC spokesperson also said while Mr. Tambuwal is disallowed from entering the complex, his deputy, Emeka Ihedioha, is already in the chamber.

‎”The Speaker reconvene the House at the instance of the President who wrote a letter to the Speaker asking for an extension of the state of emergency in three states and now he is being ambushed and not allowed in, it is a sad development for our country

“There must be limit to impunity and we are being ridiculed in the eyes of the world.”


Scores of State Security Service, SSS, personnel have taken over the National Assembly ahead of a crucial House of Representatives sitting today, in an enhanced security operations one official said is aimed at denying the speaker, Aminu Tambuwal, access to the complex.

Mr. Tambuwal’s spokesperson told PREMIUM TIMES the move may be aimed at stopping the speaker.

PREMIUM TIMES could not immediately verify that claim.

Mr. Tambuwal angered the ruling government of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, by defecting to the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC.

The speaker adjourned the House shortly after his defection on October 28, and announced a resumption schedule for December in what was believed an attempt to frustrate any move by his former party to unseat him.

The PDP has the majority in the House.

The House announced this week it will reconvene Thursday to discuss President Goodluck Jonathan’s request to extend emergency rule in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe States, where Boko Haram attacks have intensified.

Thursday’s plenary would be the first since Mr. Tambuwal’s defection.

On Tuesday, the Minority Leader, Femi Gbajabiamila, told PREMIUM TIMES his party, APC, expected the PDP to abide by a court ruling which that the status quo be maintained in the House, meaning the speaker retains his seat.

But early Thursday, a large contingent of SSS personnel took over the sprawling National Assembly complex and sealed off all entry points leaving only one open where everyone going in is thoroughly frisked and many, turned back.

The spokesperson for the Speaker, ‎Imam Imam, told PREMIUM TIMES that move is likely aimed at stopping Mr. Tambuwal from entering the assembly to preside as speaker.

“All the entrances are locked and only one gate is used and everyone is totally frisked before being allowed in‎ and only one person is allowed into the Assembly from any vehicle, others are asked to go back,” he said.

‎Mr. Imam however assured that Mr. Tambuwal will make it to the Assembly and preside over today’s sitting.


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  • Spoken word

    Looks like GEJ’s mission is to make sure Nigeria does not exist by the time he is no longer president. All this desperation makes no sense.doesn’t he believe he will live in this country after his presidency.

    • Dan Arewa

      I dunno whether dumbo has a brain to think.

      • Spoken word

        with how he is ruling this country he obviously has an empty skull.

  • Yari

    In the era of a simpleton as our president, anything can happen and one need not be surprise!

  • Proudly Niger Delta

    See talents! …So na the $1.7m criminal salary dey make all these potential Olympians no dey register for high jump event? See how corruption rubs continent Nigeria of Olympic Gold medals?

    Shouldn’t these idiots be flogged? This is burglary!!! …It is a Buhari philosophy and code of conduct – VIOLENCE!

    • Dan Arewa

      I believe criminal salary is only being paid to Nija Deltans who called themselves repentant militants.

    • Edward Osadebay

      Do you have job? Perhaps a house? And thugs prevented you from accessing your own office or home and is on fire with your family screaming and you can see them on the window gasping for breath, won’t you scale the highest fence to attempt a rescue? These guys scaling the fence were on rescue mission, TO SAVE DEMOCRACY from President Jonathan and gang.

      • Okiemute

        “Osadebay”??????? You no see your life? Oloye Oluwole like you dey try to pose like say you come from Area. Na Bicycle wey no get break go jam you die.

        • Truthometer

          Okete, what is your problem? Have you taken your medication today?

  • Edward Osadebay

    What type of democrat is President Jonathan? This man is taking the laws of the federal republic of Nigeria into his hands and rubbishing it on the altar of impunity. How can you ask the police to prevent elected lawmakers from entering the National Assembly where their offices are? And the new Inspector General of police has shown clearly that he is not fit to head the police. Which police institution taught him to disrupt democracy in the manner he is presently doing. President Jonathan has once again demonstrated his incompetence, ignorant and crass indifference to democracy taking roots in Nigeria. Impunity is not part of democracy and will never be.

  • Oleku

    Imam Tambuwal is no longer the speaker–he ceased to be one the day he defected to the janjeweeds conglomerate–the zeal to turn Naija into a sharia empire as its presently in the northeast must be resisted–we say no to the janjaweeds Amalgamation of Plunderers of Crude–GEJ till 2019

    • Applestridders

      Tell that lies to your father not Nigerians..

    • Guest_2

      So the wrong approach can be right; because you support him.

    • Sirajo Salisu

      You are lost! Senseless flibbertigibbet. We talking sense here. People with superficial thoughts aren’t supposed to be here exposing their stupidity.

    • Dr. Kay

      Your brain embryologically missed your skull and finds its way to the plantar surface of your feet, waka waka come everyday must have atrophied the logical and reasonable part of your brain. We should all be showing you pity because your brain function is so bad that your IQ is equal to that of a fetus, imbecile .

  • Tolex

    These unnecessary heating of the polity is totally uncalled for. This is executive rascality and what happens to the separation of powers? The society derails when the ‘stakeholders’ refuses to speak out. Enough of the impunity!

  • Mosaku 147

    But why? Must the SSS and police continue to embarrass Nigeria? What sort of rubbish is this? Why can’t they allow him in and impeach him immediately since they claim they are greater in number. Why ridicule the good people of Nigeria in the eyes of the world.
    I pray this people don’t set Nigeria on fire with the way they are going about their wanting to hang on to power by all means.


    The Judiciary’s clumsy approach to constitutional issues will ignite an implosion capable of sinking Nigeria’s democracy. Why is it that the status of a defecting speaker cannot be given a speedy hearing,all we get is one adjornment after another.
    Tambuwal’s irresponsible behaviour of trying to run the house from a minority party shows how desperately selfish,wicked and unpatriotic the man and his APC co-conspirators can be.They would rather ground legislative activities.

    • djay

      Is that why the security agent will prevent him from going to the complex?


        They were modest in their approach. Tambuwal should now be picked up and the riot act read to him !
        Tambuwal cannot hold a country to ransom,the constitution is clear about the status of a defecting legislator.

        • Truthometer

          So, Dumbo should hold the country to ransom? Why interfering with legislative branch of government? If you want other arms of government to start interfering with each other, then we can as well forget about democracy and invite the military to come and take over.


            GEJ did not draft the constitution nor was he present at the NASS today,law enforcement have a duty to do. Tambuwal is no more the speaker,he is igniting an impasse which he engineered with Nigeria’s equivalent of the Muslim Brotherhood,the APC !!

          • Tonnero

            Let me repeat @Onyeze. You are not mentally balanced.


            Nah !! not at all .

        • Onyeze

          My man go collect your 1500 naira and get d f^%$ outta here. I’m convinced you’re not mentally balanced. Out security is now PDP security. They have abdicated their responsibility to serve selfish interests of the presidency. The armed forces can’t win a war against lawless boko haram but they are experts in either killing and overpowering the citizens from carrying on their respective businesses.
          Again, you could be seeking attention.
          This is another clear case of myopia from this government.


            The constitution is not ambiguous about what is expected of a defecting legislator. Law enforcement has the constitutional duty of enforcing the law,I do not see how you rope in the President here except for reasons of mischief !!

        • djay

          what about defecting govs?


            The constitution is explicit about a defecting “legislator”.


            The constitution explicitly and definitively addresses the issue of “defecting legislators” !!

    • Hamza

      Just as desperate as your Oga Jonadaft is, trying to pursue THIRD TERM. I wish I were the CJN, I would have told the Attorney General to tell his boss why is he so dumb? That he has failed to understand that what he aims for is THIRD TERM! A bunch of useless crooks. The day PDP succeed in rigging the elections in 2015, boko haram will have new recruits. Then we would all believe there is no hope for Nigeria, and boko haram caliphate is a better alternative.


        Nigerians are very much aware of your tacit support for terrorism so no need to harass us now. Your allegation of “3rd term” is frivolous and baseless since the courts of law have already delivered justice on that.
        It is pertinent to remind you that before 1914,we were existing happily and peacefully apart. If you continue to deploy Islamic terrorism as a political weapon of choice,other peaceful Nigerians have a right to seek a peaceful existence through a new political arrangement.ONE NIGERIA IS NOT A MUST,LIFE COMES FIRST !!

        • Dan Arewa

          Twanda, we all see how Jonah dance and party a day after more than seventy people were blown to pieces in a place stone throw from Villa. Again, he declared his intention to run for presidency yet again in the forthcoming election just a day after more than thirty students were blown to pieces in Yobe State. We did not forget that Dumbo confess that he dine, discuss and live with Boko Haram, after which one of the financiers of Boko Haram (Ihejirika) was appointed as JTF chief which give all necessary space to Boko Haram to unleash terror in the north.

          No matter how much one think, the facts always points that Jonathan is either supporting or enjoying what Boko Haram is doing.

          You are saying one Nigeria is not a must but I know that before the national confab, Northerners called for the change of the agenda of the confab to be SOVEREIGN NATIONAL CONFERENCE, but your people refused. So, if there is someone who need this country to be one, it is your people not northerners.


            Keep deceiving yourself……very soon “Pope Francis” will be accused of sponsoring Shekau.

  • Shehu Mamman

    Tambuwal got want he wanted….he wants to eat his cake and have it. Now he has to face up with what comes with it. This is objectivity. This is just the beginning for Tambuwal. Let APC goons cry from today to tomorrow, they are on their own. Tambuwal is messing with the PDP in the name of politics.

    • Hamza

      Who the bloody hell is PDP! Look at you! Do you have shame at all? Your useless PDP is only good at IMPUNITY. A bunch of useless crooks and criminals. If only boko haram will direct their madness toward you people> So sad.

      • Shehu Mamman

        So jumping the fence was proper?

        • emma sochi

          They did jump in the face of zero option else, and what more, PDP needs to be shown that they can be matched eye for an eye!

        • Tonnero

          Stoopid question. Next.

        • Mohstone

          Why wont you ask PDPigs same question???

    • Sirajo Salisu

      Pls do you support the unconstitutional activities of this government for your blind support of a party? Will there be PDP or APC if Nigeria cease to exist? These actions are yielding us nothing but embarrassment in the eyes of civilized nations. Stop being myopic and political prostitute. If TAMBUWAL decamped from any party to the PDP, will the same happen? Haba.

    • Moses Akpan

      We will see who will cry at the end of the day. Remember when the cultists in PDP were poaching other parties and getting their members to defect to their cult. While Nigerians cried blue murder they were throwing party and clinking to their good fortune. When however the tide changed and PDP members started leaving in droves, they now remembered the ills of defection. On this present Tambuwal issue, the evil cult called PDP is fighting their very last battle and mark it here, this one will consume them. A hopeless and useless party that has stolen Nigeria blind in sixteen years wants to stay in power forever and particularly with this sick joke of an imbecilic president whose ambition and desire for stolen wealth and power is making him slave to bare idiots and scavengers?

    • King Carlos

      Bros sit back, relax and think well. Jonathan is the one losing the battle. You think Tambuwal is bothered about retaining his post as speaker? Hell no! APC politicians are using Tambuwal to embarrass Jonathan and the mumu is falling for everything thereby making Tambuwal a star overnight just like he did with Ameachi. Jonathan doesn’t have intelligent political strategists to advice him on how to play politics. Using the already useless police force is not enough.

      • Uzoma

        Now, you’re talking. APC has never given a thought about Nigeria. All they want is to come to power at the centre by any means. Nigerians are no fools, you know. Maybe they will succeed, maybe not. APC victory in the last Osun gubernatorial elections is already unraveling.

        • sanetalk

          Get your facts right Sir, nothing is changing in Osun, the only thing unraveling is the meritless case by Omisore just to remain in the news till February elections. His witnesses have been providing comical spectacles with their contradictory and most of the time irrelevant evidences. And I am really shocked that any sensible patriot will not condemn this slide to anarchy by the desperadoes as witnessed at the National and Ekiti assemblies today

  • Oleku

    Jonathan is the messiah Nigerians need. two govts before
    GEJ, impunity was redefined by the incumbent President, Senate
    Presidents were impeached with impunity, infact that dispensation
    witnessed 5 Senate Presidents, Speaker Ghali Naaba was rigged out when
    election came,the PDP Chairman was forced to resign at gun point,
    assassins were on the prowl and the man’s attorney General wasn’t
    spared, governors were impeached using only 6 house members, a governor
    was abducted, slapped and forced to read his resignation letter; in Oyo
    power was outsourced from Agodi to Molete and the governor had to go to
    Molete to eat amala every day in other to hold on to power; the
    Presidency and Vice Presidency were virtually at war by 2006 and you say
    GEJ is the worse ? What of Odi, Zaki Ibiam ? Once upon a time there was
    a govt in the late 90s that drove the likes of Soyinka and Tinubu away
    from the country. Please lets be honest for once.
    Truth of the matter is Tambuwal is no longer a House of Rep member if we are to
    follow the true dictates of constitution written in simple English hence
    he has no business being there.

    Tambuwal should go back to Sokoto or better still go back to his Oga Mohammed Idris for advice. Nagode

    • OsunBold

      … Reno Omokri … I hail oooo!

    • Musanga

      Please add also the drama with Ngige that is now in APC. He was abducted as a governor and yet the word IMPUNITY was not in Nigeria’s dictionary. The bitter truth is that if GEJ fails, then that mark the end to this entity call Nigeria. Nigerians cannot claim not to know history. Your highlighted points are nothing but the true situation of what had happen in this country. Yet GEJ is the “worst” nigerian president. We are watching. I will advise many to start buying land for farming.

    • Jan

      Olek Animal

    • Mohstone

      Ole please go and chop akara with the N500 they used to pay you daily and stop showcasing your stupidity.

  • Truthometer

    The actions of Dumbo and his goons in police uniform is obviously going to crash this democracy sooner than later. The impunity being displayed by corrupt Dumbo and his evil party, PDP, should be vigorously resisted. Our constitution (even though far from perfect), does not confer the power of Emperor on Dumbo. It’s time to mobilize and resist what this evil men are turning the country into. This lawlessness by Dumbo, PDP and their agents in security uniform, must not go unanswered. Our destiny is in our own hands.

  • Ebola or Gej

    Why GEJ Government likes to bring confusion and impunity in the
    country. OK if Aminu Tambuwal is no longer the speaker can he enter into
    the chamber as member representing Tambuwal constituency in Sokoto
    State? What about many that cross-carpeted from one party to the other?

  • Conscience Igho

    Jonathan for Life! What a calm and calculated principled fellow. Treating even his most poisonous enemies with love. Continent Nigerians are lucky and blessed to have such a kind man with rare exquisite leadership and governance acumen. May he live long and reighn forever. Amen? AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for listening….and if you don’t like my comment, get sufficiently angry and tell your state Governor to reject Bayelsa’s money or the money of the SS&SE Republics when the month ends…lets see how u will pay salary.

    • Jan


  • Abubakar

    Our security operatives have been reduced to ‘Hunting Dogs” of the executive.

  • Bob Alabo-Gam

    The key word is that at the end of the day, Tambuwal and the patriots overpowered the dying breed of PDPig rodents desperate to continue the ruination of the country. A shameless party that has stolen sixteen years wealth of a nation worth hundreds of trillions of Naira is still getting so desperate to hang unto power. Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. This historical daft and imbecile called Jonathan Badluck and his dying PDPigs will certainly bow to the forces of history. Tambuwal will remain the Speaker he had been. He is the Speaker of the HOS and not the Speaker of PDPig. The PDPigs never wanted him but he hit in through the forces of history. The same forces of history is seeing him through till this day and the dying PDP and its brainless mumu president will only strive in vain.

    • Mr Igbo Sanity

      You are my brother and you are ABSOLUTELY right!

  • Kelly Ihejirika

    See the fools. Na una papa be Speaker if not Tambuwal? Una mugu of a president wrote Tambuwal to consider his failing emergency move. Why didn’t una daft write una papa to convene the house if una say Tambuwal no be Speaker? Look at brain dead PDP mumus! Una time don quench. Una don chop Nigeria finish. Wetin una want again? Idiots!

  • Colly.

    Is Kelly “Ihejirika” your real name?

  • G4

    What a disgrace

  • King Carlos

    Kilonsele ni ilu wa yi…ehn ? What has the Nigerian police turned to …ehn? When the country is losing its territory to terrorists in the north, the govt is not concerned abt that but they are quick to deploy fully armed policemen to intimidate the opposition. They deployed policemen in ekiti earlier this week and here again. It’s like Jonathan is on a mission to destroy the country because what explanation will he give for this?

    I will like to give kudos to the people that brought the idea of a strong opposition party because it has succeeded in exposing the defects in ou political system. On the hand, I want to call on Obasanjo, Pastor Adeboye and all the people that foisted Jonathan on Nigerians one way or the other, ewó iśè owò yin o… see what you have brought upon us.

    Fellow Nigerians, it’s like we have reached a point where the center cannot hold anymore. With all these attitude of Jonathan, it’s now clear that he’s behind the terrorist killings in the northeast, because how can you explain to us that after 18 months of declaring a state of emergency, boko haram has grown stronger. Jonathan restricted the movement of the people while boko haram moves around when the people are locked inside. Hiw come local hunters with bows and arrows are killing terrorists and reclaiming our territory but our trained army cannot. He has surely reached the end of his tenure, our prayer now is that boko haram should not take half of the country before May 29, 2015.

    Our outgoing president Jonathan is playing a do or die politics, propounded by Obasanjo. That’s what the yorubas refer to as “bó ba ó pa, bó ba o bú le śe”.
    we can’t continue like this, it’s either we vote him and his wife out in 2015 or he gets impeached by the house of assembly.

    Enough is enough! 2face said it all in his track “e be like sey”. Y’all should listen to that.

    • mark

      With due respect u better mind ur speech on Adeboye before God Tunder Ur mouth

      • King Carlos

        Without due respect, na ur mouth thunder go fire. Religion has been used to distort u people’s thinking faculties and yet you don’t want to free your self. If your so called pastors are truly men of God, why would they sit back with a defeaning silence over every issue in the country. Did Adeboye not vouch for Oritsejafor on fb, with thousands of likes and amens. Why has he chosen not to vouch for his church members, why has he not vouched for Nigerians and save us from the outgoing president Jonathan.

        In the same vain, past leaders like Gowon, Babangida, Shonekan and many leaders like that should not shut up and watch badluck Jonathan destroy the country. After all, agba kii wa ló ja, ki ori ómó tun tun o wó. Our elders have failed us, I mean royal fathers, religious leaders and community leaders. They are nothing but thieves feeding fat on the nation’s resources.

        However, with all the bad things he has done in the past and his role in forcing Jonathan on us, Obasanjo is the only exception. He wrote an open letter warning us about Jonathan but we never got his parables.

  • Otile

    Treachery begets mistrust which begets violence. Treachery robbed Hon Mulikat the position of Speakership that robbed continent Nigeria of a real speaker. If care is not taken usurper Tambuwal is going to disintegrate continent Nigeria owing to his inordinate ambition to rule. Ex-Nigerian presidential candidate my foot.

    • endingNaija

      Reno Omokri, at this point we need to examine your brains and head. Why? You refer to Mulikat and speakership. You have never pointed to any law that justifies your reference? You want to act OUTSIDE the law? What is your problem Reno?

  • ICC Hague

    This Jonathief is becoming a mad dog he is throwing Nigeria into a state of anarchy, enough is enough of this impunity, the desperation and ambition of one individual must not destroy this country, Nigeria is bigger than GEJ, Abacha tried it but did not succeed. This matter is already in court, and court said that the status quo should be maintain. Jonathief is sure that he cannot win 2015, that is why he is trying to invite military to takeover like Burkina Faso.

    • Mr Igbo Sanity

      Your right my brother. Anyone who is against this Most Wicked, Most Corrupt , the Bloodiest Civil Regime in the history of the planet, is my brother. Wicked jonathan YOUR TIME IS UP. Remember Gbagbo of Ivoruy Coast. He is now in the Hague jail. Your time in the Hague jail is NEAR!

      jonathan you have become completely a LUNATIC AND INSANE!

  • warry

    Does our law allow the minority to rule over the majority now?why did he withdraw his suit against the IGP and FG? The same thing Fashola did in the 16/19 NGF election suit..Why are honorable men behaving dishonorably.Let APC allow peace to reign.

    • Major

      You’v said it all! there is no way 16 is greater than 19… but APC struck out the case in the interest of peace.

    • Preco01

      Are you okay?

    • Abdulkadir

      If the law does not allow the minority to rule then why is Goodluck Jonathan in the Aso Rock? Is he from the majority. You don’t twist the law the way you want to gain advantage. Common sense should get you to know that except if I am mistaken because yo don’t have any.

      • Ken

        God should open your brain to know the right thing to say

        • Oladapo Adesope

          He is right

        • Abdulkadir

          He has done that a long time ago, when he allowed my beloved mother to give birth to a genius (me) to educate your ilk and raise your awareness of the political arena Nigeria. Get used to it. You are all losers

      • Perry

        Look at this Hausa/Fulani cattle rearing man. What is this goat herder know?

        • Almightygodalmightygod

          Perry,you know an average hausa man is more civilised than a professor from your end.

          • Perry

            What is this kola chewing guy talking about.

        • Oladapo Adesope

          Am not sure you have the mental capacity to dispute his stance…hence your dishonourable behaviour

        • Abdulkadir

          I thought this forum is for human beings? why are pigs coming here to make comments? You smell shit man! Get out pronto!

  • Uzoma

    Waow, some Honourables, indeed!

    • Musty

      And and EXCELLENCY INDEED!!!

  • Abdulkadir

    The government of GEJ is really transforming Nigeria. What do you think?

  • abujakenneth

    GEJ must fire his defence and security top brass before they fire him. Simple tasks are hard for these people to carry out despite the huge budgetary allocations


    All hail King Jonathan, the greatest bastard of the bastards.

    • Hausa

      You lack home training


        My home training is to urinate on a jack ass like Jonatha the bastard.

        • hausa

          Look at this goat header and his rapist Mohommed that married a six year old.

          • BABUYANMA

            Biafrian calling himself Hausa. Traitors

    • Usman

      that is true

  • Ken

    The security did the right thing by preventing Tambuwal access to the NASS. He is nolonger a member of the HOR.

    • Hausa

      Exactly, that is the right thing to do.


      Is Mimiko still the Governor of Ondo State after deflecting from the Labour Party to Poverty Developing Party (PDP)? Is the so called Security, the interpreter of the Constitution or the Courts?


        The constitution is specific when it comes to defecting legislators,members of the elected executive are a different kettle of fish !

  • jAY

    watch your back

    • Hausa

      Show me anywhere in the world where a minority party/opposition becomes speaker of the the house?

      • rahman

        Ghana for starters… It is not written anywhere in the constitiution that the majority party in house must produce the speaker. please lets be objective here

      • PureNigerian

        None but the other members have to remove him first. Get it?
        Follow the rule of law

      • Mr Igbo Sanity

        Right here in Nigeria. During the 2nd Republic. Ume -Ezeoke was a Speaker and he belonged to the minority party then. Jonathan where is Abacha today? No human being is bigger than 170 million Nigerians. Your time shall come!

      • Usman

        it seems you are clueless

        • Hausa

          Look at this clueless goat header!

      • Scalywag

        In Nigeria chief Edwin Ume Ezeoke of npp was speaker in a house where npn had the majority.

        • Hausa

          It can only happen in your sick country called Nigeria and not in an advanced democracies of the West.

          • Tonnero

            And in your advanced countries, the President uses security agencies to remove a Speaker who has neither resigned nor been impeached? I can see why the legislature needs the executive to decide who leads them while leaving bigger matters of State unresolved.

        • Uzoma

          He was speaker by virtue of an alliance between NPP and NPN. Stop being intellectually dishonest so we can see clearly through the dangerous turns this country is taking.

  • clairvoyance

    What is wrong with jonathief is Nigeria now ur private estate, I blame that phool David mark as been ass protecting this thug of a president, scum of the earth for continuously carry out this impunity in Rivers, Ekiti and now Abuja. See desperation a desperate man is a dangerous man. Nigerians we should call on the National assembly to start impeachment proceedings against this man.

  • Dorothy

    God have mercy on our nation, there is nothing good from these administration we are tired.

  • Mr Igbo Sanity

    jonathan has gone COMPLETELY INSANE. HIS END IS NEAR!

    • Preco01

      I believe so, too much apeteshi!

  • Scalywag

    These are desperate actions of a president who is fast losing grip of the nation. His priorities are not right. This show of power should be in Mubi ,Vintim, Gwoza Potiskum and not at the National Assembly. Has Mr. Jonathan got no thinking faculty?


    In 1922, Fredrick Lugard wrote the book titled THE DUAL MANDATE which to me contained his racist views about Africans. It is an irony of history, that Jonathan should behave to confirm the prejudice of Lugard against the Black Man. This is what Lugard wrote on page 76,of his book,”In character and temperament, the typical African of this race-type is a happy, thriftless, excitable person, lacking in self-control, discipline, and foresight, …full of personal Vanity, with Little sense of veracity and loving weapons as an oriental loves jewelry. His thoughts are concentrated on the events and feelings of the moment and he suffers Little from apprehension for the future or grief for the past. His mind is far nearer to the animal World ….and exhibits something of the animal’s placididy and want of desire to rise beyond the state he has reached.” Jonathan is a zoologist by profession!!


      What a misdirected analogy !! The Police was playing their constitutional role of keeping the peace and enforcing the rule of law…….how does this concern the President ? The security agencies were acting on an intelligence report,it was well within their constitutional role to keep the peace .

      • Olutola

        Exactly the view point of your forefathers in the 60s.

  • Usman

    this is madness

  • The Tribesman

    First thing first. Did Tambuwal notify the relevant security agencies that the house would be sitting? Especially as the house has declared that it was going on recess until Dec 06.
    My grouse is simple. President Jonathan must strategically deploy an iron hand in dealing with these house members.

    • Preco01

      My friend, your president wrote to the speaker requesting an extension of his useless state of emergency in the NE part of Nigeria, and the house is going about the legitimate duty of considering this idiotic request when the police laid siege on the speaker and members.

      • Uzoma

        Did you say he wrote to the speaker or to Tambuwal? Because the man is no longer a member of the House, much less the speaker–didn’t he withdraw the suit he had filed challenging police withdrawal of his security aides?

        • Tonnero

          So who is the Speaker he wrote to?

          • Uzoma

            My brother, the speaker is an institution. Even if there is no incumbent, the institution still exists and the president can write to it to fulfill necessary constitutional requirements.

          • Patriot01

            Ultimate liar..hear your shameless self.

    • mannir

      Truly iron hand while using kids glove with BH.

  • Preco01

    Good job in defense of a hard earned freedom paid by other people’s blood and sweat

  • Scalywag

    These are the same fellows who tear race and their uniforms at the sight of book harm .

  • MushinSpeaks

    When lawmakers across party lines unite to fight impunity, does it not send a strong message to President Jonathan that he must stop his executiove recklessnes?

    Change we need must come in 2015.

  • JI

    Femi Gbajabiamila your shocker is waiting for you in Lagos. Is your family not shamed of you? i wonder how your childrens mates would feel.

    If you like climb all the gates and fences in Nigeria, Tinubu is due to replace you. Make you ask Olorunimbe Momowora wetin dem do am!

  • bikky

    This is the end of President Jona presidency,in fact this lunacy needs to stop once and for all. This man must be impeached as the president of this Nation otherwise this country may turned to war Zone soonest. IG Aba is doing hatchet job that he was appointed to do,so we can expect less from him,he was appointed to rig 2015 election and this is the beginning of the assignment. I only want to advise both houses to fight this lawlessness collectively because it will surely come back to each of them if not checked. HERE IS THE TIME,Jonathan must be voted out for greatness of this Nation called Nigeria. Vote Wisely.

  • Comfortkay

    The American has foresee the end of Nigeria in 2015 and this is just the beginning and we shall all go to the place that we belongs to..
    Before Oduduwa died he called all his Children seven (7) of them and offered serious prayers of blessing for them and the descendants. At the end of it, he added the clause that any one of them who connive with foreigners to betray his brother will not end well. Am very sorry for the Ekiti people.
    For centuries no one paid attention to the last word of the Oduduwa For example Basorun Gaa was too wicked, Afonja of Ilorin connived with Fulani jihadist, Efunsetan Aniwura. We can check his and we shall find it that all those that are against their people will never end up well.


      The same Oduduwa who parachuted from the heavens abi ?You Yoruba will never cease to amaze the world with your fake history !!

      • Comfortkay

        Stop making nuisances of yourself l was repeating what Oduduwa said and for your info it is not a fake History and if you look at development first TV station in Africa was in Yoruba land and so many economical development and if you cannot respect that , you have a problem and since you are a PDP foot soldier you have fail to see that GEJ has lost control to govern and very soon you will go back to where you belongs to .


          Pardon me but it would have been more believable for Yoruba revisionists to lay claim to Bungee Jumping because it is an ancient sport originating in Papua New-Guinea. This claim that Oduduwa parachuted or sky-dived into Ile-Ife from the high heavens is a bit freaky,please you guys ought to show some respect to our intelligence.
          I respect the Yoruba,do not misunderstand me !!

    • emmanuel

      Bros Oduduwa came down from Heaven with chain when Chains were yet to be made. Suffice to say his Children are descendants of liars.

      That notwithstanding, how about his Children who connive with the Fulani like Tinubu, Abiola etc?

      Una go soon get Emir of Lagos, una neva see anything yet.

      • Comfortkay

        If you are afraid of the future tell the Ijaw President of Nigeria to start showing a bit of respect for the Nigerian.

        • JI

          The same group of people who sabotage Nigeria since independence stepped in since 2010 to ensure Jonathan does not enjoy one minute of presidency. How then does anyone expect to have a smooth nation. The cost cost of maintaining the securities monthly against Boko Haram would have done us a lot of good. Unfortunately, the conspirators are unrepentant. Na all of us dey suffer am today. This nation may not make any progress until the Fulani/Yoruba conspiracy stops

          • Alawiye

            While I do not encourage heating up of the polity at this time. All warring factions should shed their sword. The bible says, ” money is the root of evil” . This is what urge to get money and power has caused us. The evil that men do live after them. A little is enough for the wise. All public office holder should be placed on salary of N200,000 per month. No allowances. And let’s see if these same people seek office. No police escort who use siren to send us off road, no police guard attached no matter how highly place. No official vehicle if you can’t run on your vehicle forget it. Any wealthy person with more than 5 million net worth must give 70% back to the state. Any police who collects bribe or has more than his salary can afford goes to life imprisonment, but the should be given free house, education to their children , same to all other institutions

          • Alawiye

            While I do not encourage heating up of the polity at this time. All warring factions should shed their sword. The bible says, ” money is the root of evil” . This is what urge to get money and power has caused us. The evil that men do live after them. A little is enough for the wise. All public office holder should be placed on salary of N200,000 per month. No allowances. And let’s see if these same people seek office. No police escort who use siren to send us off road, no police guard attached no matter how highly place. No official vehicle if you can’t run on your vehicle forget it. Any wealthy person with more than 5 million net worth must give 70% back to the state. Any police who collects bribe or has more than his salary can afford goes to life imprisonment, but the should be given free house, education to their children , same to all other institutions

      • Alawiye

        Emmanuel,chain in this context is figurative. That some thing brought Oduduwa. The chain must have been a spiritual force. When we read or listen to folks tale it is important to understand the contextual interpretation

        • JI

          Now you are talking Folks tales. So all that story is confam lie. Emmanuel carry go

          • Alaweye

            The truth in History depends on source of information on events. The same way none has ever seen God but yet we all believe their is God. The story of the bible which we all believe that Jesus ascended to heaven was it in space craft but we all believe. Not every tales contain facts it depend on the source. It may be difficult for none Oduduwa agree the same way a Muslim would never agree Jesus is son of God but servant, that God doesn’t have wife and as source issue of father does not arise. But those of us born of faith knows Jesus, son of God died a rose to heaven, and would be coming back. Issue of this nature should be trivialized in this kind of medium otherwise good people may not join the discuss. If you find it difficult to believe comfortkay I urge you to find read the book written on Yoruba race and acquaint yourself with positions and opinions

          • Johnson

            Do not compare the fact of Jesus existence with yeye story of Oduduwa falling from heaven. Some Believers have seen Lord Jesus Christ through prophesy and revelation. And Jesus is God not a man. Please do not compare God and man. The truth is Oduduwa existed, but did not fall from heaven.

      • Johnson

        It is only Lucifer that was cast out of Heaven, unless you are telling us that Lucifer is Oduduwa. Stop these cock and bull story. Oba of Lagos has warned people to stop these nonsense tell that Oduduwa fall from heaven. What of Tinubu that have aligned with the North to deceive Yoruba race. What of the Muslims that have conquered the land and still conquering, were they the religion of Oduduwa. Fayose is a true Ekiti man, the people’s choice, why is it that other’s outside Ekiti are claiming to be more catholic than Pope on Ekiti issue. I know you are not from Ekiti the way you sound. APC was the first to conspire to impeach Fayose after his election, they planned to make life difficult for him and he has to fight like a man. How I wish Jonathan shall fight all these detractors like Fayose. APC said they will make Nigeria ungovernable for Jonathan, but Fayose is their match. Why are the law makers running away from the state, let the come and make trouble and the trouble will swallow them.

  • dave

    Nigerians should wake up and be prepared for what the PDP and the police will do during the 2015 elections.This IG is a staunch supporter of GEJ and he will do everything to rig him back to office.The supporters of this irresponsible behavior by the police should know that a precedent is being created and the police will do worse things to other arms of government if they are not checked.We will get to a situation that the police will invade the court to abduct a judge who gave orders against this government.This is a sad development for our nation

  • Guguru

    Any doubt that Jonathan intends to destroy the democracy in Nigeria? Any doubts? Jonathan hates the idea of Nigeria. He hates northerners

  • Gboyega Aderemi

    Let’s follow the law! A legislator who defects to another party SHALL lose his membership –
    of the House or the Senate – UNLESS he or she can show there’s a division in the party
    party he’s defected from. That is the law of Nigeria. Responsible people must obey the law.

  • Mohstone

    As 2015 approaches, Jonathan’s nose is getting red-der. This is a sign of political torture that is waiting for him at the polls. Very soon his nose will explode if care is not taken.

  • Alawiye

    The National Assembly should confront the police. The IGP has proven incompetent

  • Alawiye

    The IGP is given the President a bad name. This is not the time for this senseless show of power. The President needs the good will of Nigerians that brought him into power 2008. He built carrier and conducted himself in a manner that made all Nigerians to rise on his side . Fortune office seekers should not destroy this good will. The National Assembly should be alert to its constitutional responsibities too

  • Alawiye

    The matter is in court. let the police not arrogate to its self what it does not have responsibities for. The police cannot turn itself into to a court law by interpreting our constitution.if it does then it will brew arnachy. This how it started in all countries ridden with crisis. When the institution of state security turns its self to appendage of sitting executives it will eventually bring destruction. The police should no that they are dealing with human beings with huge potential to think. If the police destroy civility by their action whatever follows might consume them. This is how Boko Haram emerged the police mismanaged Boko Haram and today we are still grappling with it

  • Alawiye

    And for the politicians, if this is what democracy is then we do not need it