UPDATE: Speaker Tambuwal blocked from entering National Assembly

Aminu Tambuwal

The spokesperson of the All Progressives Congress, Lai Mohammed,  has confirmed to journalists at the APC secretariat in Abuja that security operatives have prevented the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, from gaining entrance into the National Assembly Complex.

“I spoke with speaker Aminu Tambuwal five minutes ago and he confirmed to me that he has been locked out of the National Assembly complex at the second gate,” Mr. Mohammed said.

The APC spokesperson also said while Mr. Tambuwal is disallowed from entering the complex, his deputy, Emeka Ihedioha, is already in the chamber.

‎”The Speaker reconvene the House at the instance of the President who wrote a letter to the Speaker asking for an extension of the state of emergency in three states and now he is being ambushed and not allowed in, it is a sad development for our country

“There must be limit to impunity and we are being ridiculed in the eyes of the world.”

Read our initial story on this saga below or here 

Scores of State Security Service, SSS, personnel have taken over the National Assembly ahead of a crucial House of Representatives sitting today, in an enhanced security operations one official said is aimed at denying the speaker, Aminu Tambuwal, access to the complex.

Mr. Tambuwal’s spokesperson told PREMIUM TIMES the move may be aimed at stopping the speaker.

PREMIUM TIMES could not immediately verify that claim.

Mr. Tambuwal angered the ruling government of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, by defecting to the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC.

The speaker adjourned the House shortly after his defection on October 28, and announced a resumption schedule for December in what was believed an attempt to frustrate any move by his former party to unseat him.

The PDP has the majority in the House.

The House announced this week it will reconvene Thursday to discuss President Goodluck Jonathan’s request to extend emergency rule in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe States, where Boko Haram attacks have intensified.

Thursday’s plenary would be the first since Mr. Tambuwal’s defection.

On Tuesday, the Minority Leader, Femi Gbajabiamila, told PREMIUM TIMES his party, APC, expected the PDP to abide by a court ruling which that the status quo be maintained in the House, meaning the speaker retains his seat.

But early Thursday, a large contingent of SSS personnel took over the sprawling National Assembly complex and sealed off all entry points leaving only one open where everyone going in is thoroughly frisked and many, turned back.

The spokesperson for the Speaker, ‎Imam Imam, told PREMIUM TIMES that move is likely aimed at stopping Mr. Tambuwal from entering the assembly to preside as speaker.

“All the entrances are locked and only one gate is used and everyone is totally frisked before being allowed in‎ and only one person is allowed into the Assembly from any vehicle, others are asked to go back,” he said.

‎Mr. Imam however assured that Mr. Tambuwal will make it to the Assembly and preside over today’s sitting.


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  • johnson

    This is a shame

    • Olusegun Adekoya

      The speaker brought the shame..he should do the needful and resign his post…

      • Dumbo

        You lack common sense and shameless.

      • Lawan Abdulhamid


      • Saheed

        did you say his post? So he is still the speaker and you support this ambush of the number 4 man in the country. Obviously, you are the one that is hallucinating.

        • Night Crawler

          Don’t mind him, he knows nothing about law

        • Eroli Reuben

          Why do we Nigerians always get too emotional on these partisan battles. Nigeria did not invent politics nor did Nigerians invent the requirement that the leader of the majority party in a presidential system becomes the speaker. In a parliamentary system that the leader of the majority party is sworn in as prime minister. Notice that both the United States and Britain that we copy our system of government from avoids these battles by settling and making the process of the emergence of a party leader as a Speaker in case of the United States and Prime Minister in Britain indisputable. This problem is exactly what the Nigerian constitution seeks to prevent in Parliament by prohibiting parliamentary members from Cross carpeting. Tumbuwal and co violated the constitution and should do the right thing by resigning as Speaker. There is no question that the minority party does not produce the speaker any where in the world. As usual Nigeria will be first country in history to obtain such a shameful feat. This is how Nigeria miss apply all known and settled principles in accounting, law, police, army, engineering, population count, sanitation etc. This country will remain doomed unless it amend it ways.

          • ORACLE

            why did Ondo staete speaker not do the needful when he defected to PDP?

            Where was it written that majority must produce speaker of the house in
            our constitution? if it was, then there would not be need to have
            majority leader since they must occupy the seat as majority.

      • Troublesome

        Even if he will resign his post, wont he remain member of the house and wont he be allowed in. My brother Koya, why are u talking like this? So by disallowing him to enter the house is right?

        • Night Crawler

          Thank You

      • Akindolamu

        Reno Omokri na Olusegun Adekoya, why should he speaker resign? Where is the law that says he should resign? What law backs your assertion?

        • Night Crawler

          Well said… Some people knows nothing about law, they just jump to media to rant, smh

          • Ewuare_d_Great

            honestly speaking. you are the one who knows nothing about the law/constitution. i have never heard of any place in the world where a minority group will be the speaker of a legislative arm of govt. tambuwal knows this. he’s just trying to muscle his way to remain the speaker. and he’s working on ignorant souls like you. enough of the sentiment

          • ORACLE

            Where was it written that majority must produce speaker of the house in our constitution? if it was, then there would not be need to have majority leader since they must occupy the seat as majority.

          • Mohstone

            Tell us where the constitution said the speaker must come from the Majority party???

          • Ewuare_d_Great

            olodo ni e

      • Night Crawler

        Even if he resigns he still a member of the house, and they must allow him to enter, is that how shallow your brain his

      • ORACLE

        why did Ondo staetE speaker no do the needful when he defected to PDP?

  • The prince

    When are we going to get to the end of our timidity as a people, when are we going to enough is enough

    • Night Crawler

      He has taken Nigeria back to the era of abacha

      • Ja’afar Gonto

        and even worst

  • john omoloye

    see what jonathan has turn my country into

    • Night Crawler

      He wants to ruin Nigeria, only God will save Nigeria from the impunity of gej

    • stackCrawler

      GEJ needs to take a hike.

    • political_impasse

      It calls for worry, that is why we must support GMB
      to vote GEJ out in 2015.


    Governance by ambush! A vindictive leader and his pedestrian government. This is disgusting, to say the least

    • Night Crawler

      Gej will never stop the impunity, he has done more arm than good… His days are numbered in aso rock

  • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

    What’s the former speaker doing in the national assembly?

    • Night Crawler

      Even if he resigns, his still part of the NASS, stop showing how shallow your brain his okay


        An ideology of violent politics is deeply imprinted in the APC. Tambuwal is now a tool deployed to cause anarchy and ground legislative activities in Nigeria but Nigerians reject them !

        • ORACLE

          WHEN ONDO STATE SPEAKER DEFECTED to PDP, that was not causing anarchy right? hypocrite!

    • political_impasse

      Tambuwal is still the speaker

    • Ja’afar Gonto

      Biafran , The Speaker was at the Chambers to facilitate the impeachment of the Cowboy

  • political_impasse

    This is an abuse of the speaker’s right. This is sheer intimidation from the top. PDP is a fraud.


    The constitution is clear about the status of a defecting legislator. Tambuwal should have resigned his position in a gentlemanly manner but he has chosen to cause anarchy and chaos whilst grounding the legislative arm of governance.

    • Ja’afar Gonto

      Mr. Lawyer would you quote the section of the Constitution in question ?

    • Dr. Kay

      So mr know it all you apply the constitution by blockading the entrance with security agents abi? Eranko radarada , you guys are just high on a mixture of ogogoro and heroine with ganja and cocaine mixed with fumes from your Oyel. The concoction is not easy in the brain and your judgement becomes very idiotic .

  • Oleku

    Soon to be president–sokoto governor in the waiting–and still want to seat as speaker–that’s the Fulani Oligarchs for you–they want all power to themselves and cared less about infidels

    • Ja’afar Gonto

      I think you are an infidel ?

    • Dr . Kay

      Is that all you got , why are you so bitter ? Na by force , if your wife sees no good in you and find your nacking job is now ineffective and impotent will you blame her if she packs her bag and go for someone that will make her see stars everynite. So my friend move on with your lives Tambuwal has moved on with his . All these badbelle will only make you vomit and have diarrhea. Oloshi , oniranu

  • Peter

    Tambuwal is the last of APC’s joker! They want to use him to cause disorder in the legislative house. Is it not the same Tambuwal that refused to implement the order of the court on some Reps who defected from PDP to APC? Does he now need any Nigerian law to protect him? The security operatives are only being human, otherwise the best thing would have been to bundle him into prison for ‘disorderly conducts likely to cause security breach’. When he is released, he can jolly well go to court and see which Nigerian court will give him justice, or as a last resort to him, go to the court of god. Nonsense.

    • ORACLE

      where were you when NJC ordered president to re-instate Justice salami? did he, GEJ do that?

  • Mazi

    FACT: The actions of Security Agencies, PDP and FG have gone a long way to show that they don’t give a damn on what is happening in North East where people are been killed and chased out of their towns. The President wrote to the speaker Tambuwal on extension of emergency, while the real intent of GEJ is to reconvene the house and start battling with the speaker. At the moment, North East safety and Speaker-ship battle which one will be at the forefront for a responsible Leadership? GEJ swore an oath to protect the citizen, not to battle the speaker.

    Come to think of it, today is the birthday of GEJ, but he left for London yesterday for an investment summit. A summit he would have sent a representative or participate via video conferencing. I think is a calculated attempt of ‘STOKE THE FIRE AND TRAVEL SO THAT NOBODY WILL BLAME ME’. If you notice the body language and events, most political conspiracy that happen in Nigeria, GEJ is always not around (eg. Gov forum crisis). something fishy is wrong about GEJ and high time we stop him now with our vote. Umu Afo Igbo Biko nu, let see the handwriting on the wall that GEJ has nothing offer us. The other day, south eastern senates summon the Minister of Works on the state of South Eastern federal roads. Billions of Naira have been approved for railways in Abuja and North and nothing yet for south east (the second Niger Bridge money was borrowed and we the users will pay for it for over 24 years).

    • Peter

      Mazi, please listen very carefully if truly that is your name and you are an Igbo man. From your language this is not an Igbo man talking but a staunch Fulani man exhibiting his anger at our son of the soil, GEJ. Unless you are an Igbo slave whose mother was impregnated by an Awusa man during the Nigerian/Biafran war, all true sons and daughters of Igboland believe in GEJ. So let the impostor continue to impersonate.

      • ORACLE

        what have said meaningful now?

  • Otile

    I pity the Yorubas backing the wrong horse. Continent Nigeria is disintegrating under their very nose. Awon odale.

    • Dr. Kay

      When the yorubas backe the wrong pig 4years ago where were the odale the you moron. Yoruba have seen that your imbecilic moron will ruin this country , so like you put it rightly the horse we backing this time around has a horse shoe not a shoeless horse that has messed up all the goodwill given to him on a platter like a bastard.

  • Chris1408

    GEJ knows how to use the state resources to fight innocent Nigerians, but the same resources becomes scarce and ineffective against Boko Haram. GEJ should flex his state muscle against Boko Haram and stop terrorizing Nigerians.

  • abujakenneth

    “The APC spokesperson also said while Mr. Tambuwal is disallowed from entering the complex, his deputy, Emeka Ihedioha, is already in the chamber”. I am sure that is it is not only Emeka that was already in the chamber, but agents of distabilization and die hard tribalist like Lai will only have to put it that way to wipe up sentiments.

  • Jay

    Jona! Jona! Jona! Hmmm!
    Watch your back

    • Musa

      What does this goat herder know? A minority party cannot be speaker.

      • Dee

        why? is that part of the constitution

  • Mr Igbo Sanity

    I noted that jonathan has gone MAD AND IS NOW TRULY INSANE!

  • Ak 47

    Jonathan you are only making Tanbuwal popular because you too were made popular when Yaradua was critically ill………..you cannot escape 2015…you are going….just wait n see….but Hope you ll not end up at International criminal court like Laurent Gbagbo of ivory coast…watch ur back


    Tambuwal, no shaking, it will end in praise.