Emir of Kano, Sanusi, urges Nigerians to defend selves against Boko Haram

Muhammad Sanusi II

The Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, has urged Nigerians to brace up to defend themselves against the extremist Boko Haram sect which has mounted a bloody campaign against Nigerians; killing, maiming and overrunning territories.

Speaking on Saturday while making a closing remark at the weekly recitation of the Holy Quran as part of prayers for peace in the country, Mr. Sanusi urged religious and community leaders to undertake the immediate task of reinventing courage in their people, particularly the youth, in preparation for self defence against Boko Haram attacks.

People must stand resolutely in the face of attack and not abandon their towns, women and children, he said.

“These people”, the Emir recounted in Hausa in reference to the Boko Haram, “when they attack towns, they kill boys and enslave girls… People must stand resolute.”

He reminded the congregation of muslim clerics who came from various Islamic schools in Kano of the saying of Prophet Muhammed that whoever dies in defence of his country, family, life or wealth is a martyr.

“People must not assume that the crisis will not reach their area,” he said. “If it comes, we are asking God to give us fortitude, but if He wishes to take martyrs from amongst us, we should be ready to give our lives.”

The Emir also called on the people to make preparation for defence with whatever way possible.

“People must not wait for soldiers to protect them. There are even instances where soldiers on ground ran away in the face of attack,” he said.

Since the insurgents took control of Mubi in Adamawa State, there have been calls from religious and opinion leaders in Northern Nigeria for people to rise and face Boko Haram without relying solely on government.

This led to the liberation of the town early this week by hunters and local vigilantes. Also, when the insurgents moved to Gombi, they were successfully repelled by the hunters.

Mr. Sanusi asked hunters and experts in the area of security and defence to use their expertise in the quest for seeking the pleasure of God by employing it to end the current crisis.

He expressed the hope that the insurgents would be defeated, affirming, “God will grant us victory over them.”


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  • John

    Yes. Every northerner must rise up against these blood thirsty idiots. People must defend themselves using all available means. This is the kind of leadership we want in the north.

    • Wähala

      Mention some of the “available means” they can use against terrorists with RPG’s and AK47 assault rifles. After Boko Haram claimed responsibility for the Apapa-Eko bombing, how about every South Westerner rising up with serious metal to protect themselves… and, I’m not talking panel-beater’s metal, I mean bangers bro! I hate gejitoes who hide under the cloak of neutrality to spew crap. It is not a Northern fight against terrorism, it is Our Fight for survival as a nation. Kapisch?

      • MrFesh

        No means at all. Let them sit like a lame duck and be picked out one by one. Or perhaps wait for the army to be assigned to them one by one. Since this is a guerilla warfare (hit and run) they will need a soldier per person

        • Wähala

          Mumu Ifebuchi,
          The “ripple effect” of Boko Haram activities is that your moronic C-in-C is not free to travel across his empire. Like Greco-Roman wrestling, you pin yourself to the ground by holding the other man down. Kapisch? Dumbo is not only holding Northerners, he is holding every Nigerian down with his ineptitude and crass approach to the war on terror. The broader implications (like effects on FDI, GDP, etc) are beyond your mental capacity so, I will leave you to wallow & wonder what this BH terrorism really means to us all. Anu nchie… bushmeat!

          • MrFesh

            Keep at it. One day you will wake up dead and still blaming the President.

          • Wähala

            The dead stay mute…
            Why don’t you zip-up, the more you open your mind… the more sh*t falls out. Intellectual dialogue is not for everyone… and certainly, you should be banned from thinking!

      • PROF

        Wahlahi honestly you are as dumb as they come.

        • Wähala

          You can’t even spell “walahi” yet, claim you’re a prof…
          Answer for him if your brain is nothing but agidi. Can’t blame you, every tout has access to internet. Mordafucker… Ediot!

          • PROF

            Animal,you see how low you have become.

  • Joe

    Wow!, emir Sanusi has been transformed. I agree with you sir.

    • Otile

      You see, Lucifer was once a beloved angel of God.

  • The Questioner

    @ Joe:


    “The question on the lips of Nigerians is: who is this person? What is so special about him that he cannot
    even be named? Why can’t he be brought out for the public to see the person who has helped in sending
    thousands of Nigerians to their early graves while the nation is faced with the greatest threat
    to her unity since the Nigerian civil war nearly fifty years ago?”

    “Nigeria’s Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka has added his voice to this allegation,
    affirming that his own independent inquiries showed that the same individual is indeed culpable.
    He went on to say that the name of the person has been made available to the highest authority in the land.”

    “Although the very thought that an individual in the top echelon of Nigeria’s ultimate Bank and regulator
    of the financial system
    will become a bank-roller of our enemy (Boko Haram), yet it is only such a
    high-level conspiracy that can make Boko Haram to grow into the monster it has become. When this fellow
    is identified, tried, and, convicted, we will expect him to face the full wrath of the law.”

    …..VANGUARD Editorial

    [September 19th, 2014]

    • Ahmad

      We are no longer carried away with this stories and blame game. It is either the government acts on those they believe are behind the BH and stop chasing shadow or we hold her as an accomplice.

  • ND

    Don’t wait for govt or military. A baby PDP gov in Adamawa has taken the lead. APC govs in Yobe and Borno are still there blaming and insulting FG and military. I can’t agree more with Emir



  • Strong System

    Only the people bearing the brunt of this madness can protect themselves.
    In this extraordinary corrupt country no soldier will face certain death for some fat politicians.

    But the north must reflect that Boko Haram started because Senator Yerima radicalised the north when he rode on sharia to win governorship election in 1999.

    • Otile

      The whole truth.

    • Uzoma

      “In this extraordinary corrupt country no soldier will face certain death for some fat politicians.”

      Then they should resign from the army and join APC. AS simple as that.

    • bakadi21

      And yet Zamfara state has no single incident of boko haram

      • Strong System

        Because the consequences of our hypocritical doings can’t be measured or control and could manifest anywhere.
        That’s why it very important for us to think of the future repercussions of whatever we do now.

  • Iroro

    Alhmdulillah! A new purposeful, dynamic and proactive leader is emerging. Keep it up, May Allah (SWT) be with you. Amiin.

  • favourtalk

    When the government cannot provide it citizens a good and least safety, we need a government that cares. Thanks our emir. We need a dynamic and sincere president in this country. We need a change


      We need the south to lead for almost 40 years like the north did……we have dynamic leaders in the south.

      • Swagger

        We have dynamic leaders in quantum down south, but certainly not Jonathan, agreed?


          Jonathan is doing very well despite the subterfuge from the north and some sections of the SW. Lets talk facts name any sector of the economy where Obasanjo and Yaradua did better.

          • bakadi21

            Security and corruption. They did not lost any territory to terrorists


            The Boko-haram was not a full blown insurgence until Jonathan therefore it is not a fair assessment !

      • Otile

        Those who want to control our resources will always reject Jona or any other person east of the Niger.

        • bakadi21

          Which resources? What we are seeing is dead bodies and corruption


    The soldiers cannot be everywhere all the time so Emir Sanusi has a point….only the northerners can stop these people because most of them were born,bred and raised in the north. The most important factor will be for northerners to fish out the sponsors and make it public.

    • Swagger

      What will your lazy govt be doing when citizens take care of everything fro electricity to water to jobs and now security? Is it too much for them to just quit? Isn’t that too a sacrifice?


        The system is dysfunctional,send political power back to the regions and watch how different Nigeria will be in a short time.

        • Otile

          That’s right my brother.

      • Alcindo Satori

        …and you crave to have a country like the United States of America? where big government is derided? yet your fat head is clamoring for such?!

  • Don Messi

    If it was Sanusi of before, he would have laid the blame squarely at the feet of the president alone. However, he seems to have bought into the ‘transformation agenda’ since his last visit to the villa.
    I laugh when ignorant people on this forum instigate people like Sanusi and co to ‘defy’ the president. I really laugh! What they don’t realise is that to challenge the presidency, YOU MUST BE SQUEAKY CLEAN! Unfortunately, most of these ‘challengers’ have skeletons in their cupboards..and once confronted with some dossier on them, they go groveling before the president lime SLS had to.
    Now his tone has changed.
    The APC house of deceit is crumbling fast like the walls of Jericho.
    The wild entry of Tambuwal is the match that will ignite the gunpowder and blow the contraption sky high!!

    • Otile


      • endingNaija

        hm Reno Omokri-how interesting? Tell us please since you guys operate from the Jonathan presidency. How interesting?

    • Alcindo Satori

      true talk my man!

    • endingNaija

      Messy Don, which presidency are you talking about? The corrupt presidency of Mr. Goodluck Jonathan? I dey laaafu ooo. There is no presidency anywhere in NIgeria now. Sebi you know. So wetin dey do you messy Don? I know say you just dey joke. Jonathan’s presidency is irredeemably corrupt and Nigerians have given up on Goodluck Jonathan. That is the unwritten message from members of the Nigerians ruling elites and political class now. And that cuts across ethnicity. Just watch what each of them is saying and scrutinize. It is fatalist view. They gave up on your Jonathan. So do not mess around Messi trying to burnish and dead presidency waiting to be thrown away.

    • Onike24

      You people are retarded! That is exactly what he has just done! Read between the lines.

  • Ahmad

    May Allah prelong your reign. This is the royal truth. We have since passed that vote of no confidence on the government and the NA’s ability to defend us against these evil few.

  • ofonime Daniel Imoh

    This is the kind of leader we have been craving for in this country. A leader that knows the truth and he is not afraid to say it. If all Muslim clerics and governors elect in the north have been able to stand out the way sanusi is doing now, bokoharam would have been history . Sanusi, keep it up but we need more of this from those imams and other Muslim clerics in the north. May you live long.

  • King Carlos

    Thank you Emir Sanusi, shebi if Jonathan told us this earlier, many people wouldn’t have died while waiting for the government’s protection. After all, we provide water and electricity for ourselves. If that’s the way it will be…then what’s the essence of having a government? So what reason do we have to vote for Jonathan in 2015?

    • Alcindo Satori

      you have every reason to vote for GEJ. If you can’t vote for GEJ, sit your behind down and let serious minded individuals grant him another 4 years!

      • King Carlos

        You might be Reuben Abati, Fani Kayode or Rene Wendell Simlin Omokiri. All of you will end up in court for sponsoring terrorism in the country. Including jonathan and okupe.

        Eyin oniranu won yi….please say amen to this prayer. .. may your life be directed the way and manner Jonathan is directing the country’s affairs. You people are bunch of thieves, animals masquerading in human skin. Awon ole jati jati

      • Ide4u

        Serious minded individuals who want the president to perform outside Aso Rock will not vote for him

    • Fido

      Good talk

  • King Carlos

    But wait a minute. . Sanusi is indirectly accusing Jonathan of incompetency by not protecting the lives and property of Nigerians. A word is enough for the wise . Kudos Sanusi

    • Alcindo Satori

      to expose your foolery even further; “…ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” John F. Kennedy (35th President of the United States of America). Now, that is what the emir is indirectly telling your squid brain. Block head!!!

      • ameha


        • Alcindo Satori

          I want you and others to VOTE for GEJ in 2015! Can you now get it through your THICK SKULL??!!!!

          • Sword of Damocles

            irony of Ironies!! you know that Naija has totally lost the plot when a CEREBRAL MIDGET such as yourself uses the term “THICK SKULL”. imagine ? someone with the cognitive capacity of a DOOR NAIL calling some one thick? wonders of the kitchen!, i bet that GOAT could beat you in cognitive trivia! Naija don suffer Oh!

          • ameha

            Typical Igbo boy! Supporting Dumbo to ruin Nigeria because of hate due to the fact that they lost the civil war. They also hope that the OIL in niger delta will becomes theirs should nigeria divide……. the needless war that Ojukwu began because he wanted to grab and get away with literally
            all the Niger delta oil regions in Nigeria (including the one in Ore in
            Ondo state) while the rest
            Nigerians were left to suffer in penury??? With your evils….baby factory, cheating, kidnapping,
            prostitution, fake drugs, china fake goods and fake everything etc,
            Nigeria wouldn’t have bothered to stop ojukwu, if he left with just the
            igbos…..but nay, he wanted ijaw and other people oil…all for biafra.
            You are singing your dirge now, only because you guys lost. You should
            have counted the cost of the war before declaring it on Nigeria.Face
            the facts.

        • King Carlos

          Please tell the dumbo guy o

      • King Carlos

        Werey le le yi o… how could u apply John Kennedy’s words to the Nigerian situation. A good country’s leader leads the pack in patriotic acts. It doesn’t apply at all. Go get your thinking right and return with a better argument.

        Are you saying Nigerians should take up arms to fight boko haram? You mean we should start making guns? Let me tell you. .. the issue of civilian jtf shouldn’t have even existed initially. It’s like saying Americans formed vigilante groups to prevent terrorist attacks.

        On the issue of providing information to security agencies… tell me what plans the govt puts in place to receive information and protect informants? Is there anything like witness protection? My guy go go away from this intellectual gathering.


      No not at all !! Your mind is playing tricks on you,you are under the strong grip of bigotry. The Emir was very objective and straight to the point,terrorism can only be defeated if the society is pro-active as well. The business is harder for the terrorists if the society is hostile and shows zero-tolerance to their antics !!

      • Otile

        APC is hiding under the terrorists to make Jona falter. But Jona will be there till 2019.

        • bakadi21

          When you will be a slave in shekau caliphate or a refugee in togo

    • Public Records

      “WITH his petulance, foul temperament and imprudent conduct, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
      impoverished the sobriety and dignity of the office of Governor of Central Bank
      of Nigeria in ways that made his appointment seem like an error in the first

      “Firstly, contrary to his mandate of being a frontline steward of the nation’s economy,
      achieving low inflation, stabilising the naira, and protecting the autonomy of
      the apex bank, the suspended Governor of the Central Bank (Sanusi Lamido) spent
      more time playing politics and playing to the gallery”.

      ………Guardian Editorial

      (March 5th, 2014)

  • Folubi Harper

    Editor Premium Times:

    Nigerians are hypocrites for the most part. Honest people make judgment calls at the right time.
    Boko Haram started killing in the year 2009 – not yesterday – and, Sanusi Lamido was fully aware.
    He’s kept quiet on Boko Haram all through but had blamed President Jonathan for ‘incompetence’.

    It does not lie in Sanusi Lamido’s mouth to speak against Boko Haram, mildly though, 5 years after.
    Sanusi Lamido Sanusi never had a reputation for consistency on a matter requiring truth at CBN.
    He shouldn’t be allowed to carry on with his 360° degree crass immorality in the public domain again.

    • Mean Agenda

      I thought you guys said he is their sponsor

      • Onike24

        They forgot! That is the problem with lying you forget what you said in the past.

    • bakadi21

      It is the responsibility of GEJ to defend Nigeria as commander in chief and not that of Sanusi. Sanusi started talking because GEJ has failed in that responsibility.

  • Wähala

    Defend themselves by which means… with bare knuckles?
    Emir Sanusi’s call is as crass as it is untenable in the case of Boko Haram. Rather, he should have called for crash-training of volunteers, hunters and sundry, in basis weapons handling, military maneuvers and strategic thinking… i.e. local spying on BH activities and identifying/reporting their sympathizers ati sponsors to security services. To that effect, SL Sanusi should call on Dr. Jona Dumbo to promptly restore telephone services and lift the ineffective SoE in the affected states. Reinforcements have been slow due to poor communication. In Europe, every male child upon attaining 18yrs of age goes for “military service” for one year depending on where you live. In Switzerland, you go home with your standard military issue M-16 Assault Rifle so everybody knows their neighbors have serious metal in the house, that’s why violent crime rate is less than 1% and the lowest in the world. My suggestion: After SSS education, all males must report for “Security Services” and after 6mos. those who failed WEAC have no need going back into general population. All unemployed youth and men currently awaiting trial should be sent for military training to decongest our prisons and provide ready Reservists for security services. Meanwhile, they can be employed as vigilante, pipeline protection agents or fire fighters. Bottom line, it is not enough to urge Nigerians to defend themselves without while the Government pockets security vote. Dumbo has wasted $32bn in the 6yrs. he’s been gulping Og. on the job… imagine how many youngsters that could’ve trained/armed to fight against the Bokos.

    • Adoki

      So government should start giving guns to hungry Nigerians so that we can create a bigger monster two, three years down the road than the present inferno, abi? Please tell me you are joking. Instead of providing jobs and food for Nigerians so that we can begin to build a society where opportunities are accessible to all (and put an end to this cycle of hopelessness and violent insurgency), Nigerians are here asking government to arm Nigerians like Switzerland so we can balance the terror. And, please sir, what is this thing about rising up with our bare hands (like they do in other countries) against our enemies, whether it is the corrupt government or mindless terrorists, that is so repulsive to Nigerians? Oh, you people would rather hide behind the computer to abuse people rather that risk your necks like they do in other countries, abi?

      • Wähala

        My comments are not for the mentally retarded. Biko, get somebody to interpret my lyrics for I have zero patience with imbeciles…

    • Ide4u

      GEJ does not give a damn about anything in Nigeria outside Aso Rock. I have never seen a nonchalant human being like that Jonah. He slept for almost 6yrs, allowing Boko Haram to fester only to wake up and blame APC..

    • bakadi21

      For your information, Hunters and civilian JTF are what he is encouraging since your brother, GEJ, has failed.

      • Wähala

        May GEJ be your brother in Satan’s name!
        Pal, we’re on the same side. I’m just saying those civilian JTF and hunters should be better armed and a little military training provided to them for more efficiency in combating the terrorists… kapisch?


    The essence of governance is the security and welfare of the citizens. The moment the people start defending themselves, it means the government has failed, and anarchy looms. This call by the Emir is an indictment of the Jonathan Administration. Take it or leave it!

    • Wähala

      Only the deep can decipher that, Thanx & Respect!

      • Alkalimam

        “We are fighting a religious war. We are fighting against the Christians in Nigeria.
        We are fighting against Christian President – Goodluck Jonathan and his Christian

        “We are not fighting any ethnic war. Those saying we are fighting an ethnic war
        are telling lies to the public. They try to brainwash the people. No, we are fighting
        a religious war. We are fighting against Christians. We are fighting the Christian President –
        Goodluck Jonathan and his Christian brethren”.

        ………..Abubakar Shekau

        (Leader of Boko Haram)

        December 28, 2013

        • Wähala

          @Reno Omokri ati Deri Redeem…
          Notice I’ve not been responding to your silly quotes in italics? If you want to rumble, come out in the open and play with me so I can break a bottle of odeku on your ogogoro-damaged head. Oko-oko!

          • Biodun

            Wahala, you are behind technology O. Try using a Nano device. It automatically wraps texts in italics! Ha, ha, ha, ha! It does not take rocket science!

          • Wähala

            Who told you I want to write in italics? Or, that I can’t figure it out if I look into it? FYI, I still use Nokia-3310 for security reasons, ode… oloja! That’s why you phools go about murdering each other for iPhones. How I wish I can wrap my hands around your throat and choke that laughter right now. Olosi… oponu!

          • Ms. Rose

            Nokia 3310? In the year 2014? Haba! Na wa O!

          • Wähala

            I said “for security reasons” and I mean it. I personally gave out 127 iPhone-6 to everybody that attended a seminar we held three days ago so, some got iPads… it doesn’t mean I don’t have one. Point: I’m old fashioned if that pleases you. I’m not on Facebook, Tweeter, or any of those places that may tickle your fanny but again, it doesn’t mean I don’t peep-in to search for ol’ pals. A device in my watch can download every info in your modern technology craps within seconds using ultra-sensitive sensors you’ve never heard about if you really want to go Hi-tech with me. Sha, the topic is Sanusi and national security, don’t worry about me, Ms Rose… kapisch?

          • JI

            where on earth is this miscreant from?

        • Gbolahan Peters

          Only a country cursed with crass intellectuals will support Sanusi Lamido in this context.

        • TRUTH MASTER

          Nonsense. This is not a religious war. It is terrorism. The words of a madman like Shekau are worth nothing.

          The pertinent questions are:

          Is Shekau killing only Christians? NO

          Has Shekau not killed more Muslims than Christians? He has!

          Shekau and Boko Haram are evil, and must be confronted headlong. Allowing him to make us embark on a religious war means he has won. Let Muslims, Christians, pagans, northerners, southerners, men and women unite against these terrorists.

          No to those who are trying to divide Nigerians along religious and ethnic lines.

  • Ambali

    Until he goes through a court trial for treasonable felony and financial crimes,
    and he’s acquitted on the merits, Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi has no standing
    to compel public belief on any matter of public importance arising in Nigeria.

    • Truthometer

      If you feel so much this way about Emir Sanusi, you should find out why your paymaster, Dumbo, hosted him recently in the Aso rock. Or you haven’t gotten the memo yet from Doyin Okupe/Reuben Abati/Reno Omokri that you should step down your propaganda against the man?

      • Disu

        Ha, ha, ha, ha! You got Ambali well well on that point!
        Dumbo is afraid of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi – very simple!

        • Otunba Adeoye George

          @ Disu

          Shut up, please! Nigeria, as a country, is separate from President Goodluck Jonathan. It does not matter what President Jonathan is fumbling to do, Nigeria, as a country, has the legal right to bring Emir Sanusi Lamido to justice at any time of its own choosing. There is no time-limit to charging anyone for treasonable felony or for financial crimes under the laws of Nigeria.

  • Encore


    “The question on the lips of Nigerians is: who is this person? What is so special about him that he cannot
    even be named? Why can’t he be brought out for the public to see the person who has helped in sending
    thousands of Nigerians to their early graves while the nation is faced with the greatest threat
    to her unity since the Nigerian civil war nearly fifty years ago?”

    “Nigeria’s Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka has added his voice to this allegation,
    affirming that his own independent inquiries showed that the same individual is indeed culpable.
    He went on to say that the name of the person has been made available to the highest authority in the land.”

    “Although the very thought that an individual in the top echelon of Nigeria’s ultimate Bank and regulator
    of the financial system
    will become a bank-roller of our enemy (Boko Haram), yet it is only such a
    high-level conspiracy that can make Boko Haram to grow into the monster it has become. When this fellow
    is identified, tried, and, convicted, we will expect him to face the full wrath of the law.”

    …..VANGUARD Editorial

    [September 19th, 2014]

    • Spoken word

      If he funded Boko haram. Then GEJ has an inept government because nothing stops them from prosecuting him for sponsoring Boko haram.

      • Biyi Osole

        I agree with you. Goodluck Jonathan’s contraption is not a government. Far from it.

  • Proudly Ishmaelite

    Some people are just dumb, deaf and blind. Sanusi was only repeating was the CAN President, Ayo Oritsejafor said some times ago. Why are some dumb people castigating SLS for that. You say Northerners and Muslims are not coming out to condemning BH but here is SLS coming out to speak against them and u people are still spouting out trashes. I guess u people are enjoying the N65 from ATM withdrawals now. The N65 that deduction that SLS scrapped, which didn’t collapse the economy was now re introduced by one of ur people. Ok continue; diaris God, diaris God in everything we’re doing. Those bloods u’re shearing I in Borno will answer.

    • Amachree (London)

      @ Proudly Ishmaelite:

      A prudent man avoids foreseeable consequences because every business decision has
      a legal implication. Sanusi Lamido proves utterly unwise by leaving gaping holes in
      Central Bank accounts and stupidly hoping that mere arguments in newspapers
      will fill those accounting gaps. That’s quite daft.

      Anyone who’s passed by a school wouldn’t do that. Sanusi ought really to look himself in
      the mirror, especially now that some journalists he’d likely fooled or bought over have since
      recanted and stopped writing defensive nonsense to cover his rear.

      Sanusi Lamido is now alone to face court trial for financial crimes. One thing of
      course led to the other. Insofar as the holes he left in Central Bank accounts
      are gaping, and since he can’t account for the billions of Naira missing at the
      bank, the State Security Services (SSS) rightly suspect that Sanusi Lamido used
      a portion of it to finance Boko Haram.

  • Arogbo

    Listen to the chief financier of Boko haram advising us to defend ourselves against the Haramist, when he was the one who actually bankroll them until they fester to become this hard headed monster. I don’t blame him, but President Jonathan who blew a golden opportunity to eradicate these scourge of the earth.

    • Spoken word

      You have already made your mind up on SLS.you will always find fault in whatever he says or does.

      • Adeseyi N. Roberts

        Spoken Word,

        Please face the issue: Sanusi Lamido has a case to answer! That’s the issue.

        Everyone must of course have a firm impression about anyone implicated in Sanusi Lamido’s type of conduct. That’s only to be expected. There is another pending case of ₦650 billion un-accounted by Sanusi Lamido at the Central Bank of Nigeria under his irresponsible mis-management of the bank.

        If nobody has any firm impression on that tawdry conduct as well, then, the country may as well be handed over to Mujahedeen Abubakar Shekahu of Boko Haram as a wasteland bereft of law and ethics.

        • auta

          You are just writing whatever you feel suites your mind but let us be factual SLS is beyound your imagination go straight to the books of cbn during his tenure he contributed more than any cbn govenor since the establisment of the apex bank but all these are verifiable because i dont speak with sentiment period. people should learn how to argue without being sentimental. and calling people names are because the mallams or abokis you think are beyound you in rimafication among them are richest in africa when talk about education they no more left behind like or dont thats your problem.Finally every nigerian have the right to express himself or herself and you also entitle to your opinion.

    • ICC Hague

      But your dump president refuse to arrest him and others like Modu Sherif and Inhijirika instead now begging him to help him for reelection.

    • bakadi21

      Why not since the commander in chief, your mentor is very weak to defend his people and territory.

  • Garden-City Boy

    Can this guy give a sneak preview of his involvement in the beheading of Gideon Akaluka for which he served prison term in a Sokoto jail.

  • Sharia_Haram

    Too late! He once said it was due to disparity in oil allocation revenue that led to the injustice Boko-Haram is fighting against. He also conversed for amnesty on behave of these blood suckers. Sanusi is an advocate of Sharia, so is Boko-Haram. He once beheaded a non-Muslim (Gideon Akaluka).

    Death to advocates of Sharia.

    • bakadi21

      Akaluka is history. The issue now is boko haram in the face of weak commander in chief

      • Sharia_Haram

        You and Sanusi will soon be history as well. Islam is terror.

  • Chief Efeturi Igho

    If only Chief Ibori knew, he would have prayed very hard for the one traditional ruler to kick the bucket and then bribe

    Uduagham to make him the new Olu of Ughelli. In that way, he would have kept EFCC and the useless Buckingham palace police at bay. NaTitle, and get immunity for life. 9ja! Na wao! Different rules for different people.

    • bakadi21

      That’s GEj transformation agenda for you

  • Isi Agwo

    Better to be very, very late than never, never ooh.

  • Public Policy Group



    In the past week alone all churches in Nigeria’s
    north-eastern towns of Gwoza, Mubi and Hong were bombed by improvised
    explosives detonated by Muslim militias bent on genocide. No church is left
    standing in those three towns today. Christian Pastors caught in the towns were
    towns were rounded up and beheaded. Till date no fewer than 25 other Christian
    Pastors are still missing and believed to have run into thick forests for refuge,
    according to a resident who escaped Mubi by foot over 100 kilometres to Yola.

    On this genocidal orgy in Nigeria, with Christians
    literally losing their heads to swords and axes, the rest of the world shrugs,
    and merely looks away without taking much interest, to speak more of lending a
    hand to staunch the flow of Christians’ blood in Nigeria. One reason is that
    Nigeria’s High Court Judges themselves do not care. With the justice system
    suborned, and with blood-letting continuing apace, the world sees no reason
    to help Nigeria out of the reckless choice it made for itself.

    • Public Policy Group


      Nigeria is saddled with a court system which does not care for peace, order or justice,
      and just last week, Fred Ajudua – who’s previously jumped bail – was, again, given bail
      and his travel passport handed over to him (to leave the country) by a three-member appeal court,
      contrary to all civilized jurisprudence.

      In yet another case, the Emir of Gumi today was recently himself a court Judge
      at the Abuja High Court until he was caught receiving bribes and unable to wiggle
      out of the conclusive evidence, he ran out of court to his village called Gumi
      and was immediately turbaned the Emir. His abuse of office case is now in limbo.

      That is the precedent to Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s pending case on the ‘missing’ ₦650 billion
      at the Central Bank which the State Security Service [SSS] wishes to investigate as funds
      partly passed underground to finance Boko Haram. Meantime, Sanusi Lamido’s case too
      is in limbo, like the Emir of Gumi’s, as genocide on Christians in Nigeria continues
      without any court system left to stand in the gap for Nigeria in distress.

      • Folabi Atitebi

        Ehn, ehn!

        Did not say sat it here before? You see now! Pastors are being beheaded. Just look round. Do you hear Christians showing normal human outrage over their Pastors’ beheading? Of course not.

        I have said it. Nobody believed me then. Christians are daft. Yoruba Christians are the worst. Those ones go to church on Sunday to practise dancing steps and learn one or two new dancing styles from their Pastors gyrating at the altar. How can Barack Obama waste his time trying to save sub-human Christians who are joyous amid genocide targeted at them – besides feeling suicidal as their own silly understanding of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

        I can just imagine the horrors in Mubi, Hong and Gwoza as each church was invaded and blasted to the ground. The Seventh Day Adventist with numerous members in those areas must have learnt that self-defence is common sense at a time of genocide. As far as i can see this beheading of Pastors will continue and reach Lagos where the worst senile Christians are merely waiting to be slaughtered.

        • No Comment

          Believers [of Islam] take neither Jews nor Christians for friends or helpers” – Q 5:51
          I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads
          and strike off every fingertip of them” (Koran 8:12), And fight with them until there is
          no more fitna (unbelief) that religion should be only for Allah” [Koran 8:39].

          “Fight those who believe not in Allah; nor in the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden
          which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger [Mohammed], nor acknowledge
          the religion of Truth (Islam) – even if they are of the People of the Book (i.e Christians) –
          until they pay the Jizya, with willing submission and feel themselves subdued. [Koran 9:29].”


          • Under Islamic law, Jizya or jizyah (Arabic: جزية‎ ǧizyah]; is a per capita tax levied on a section of an Islamic state’s non-Muslim subjects who meet certain criteria. The tax is and was to be levied on (all) able-bodied adult males of military age, but with specific exemptions.

        • emmanuel

          I think say una dey castigate Ayo Oritsejafor, because of hard stance in his Leadership style.

          Left alone for Oritsejafor, the Central African Republic style would have calm down the Boko Haram madness by now.

          Christians know that faith without works is dead (some strategic works)

          • Baba

            Try that Central Africa nonsense in Nigeria and Oritsejiafor and his followers will be history.

          • JI

            The world will keep quiet when it begins the same way they have been watching you guys annihilate Christians in the North East

          • Femi

            On point Sir! Pastor Ayo Oristejafor is the only Pastor thinking straight on this genocide.

        • Abdul

          Please be
          a reasonable & sensible person, stop being sentimental. How I wish you are
          in Mubi when people were fleeing, then you will know whether it’s only
          Christians that are running for their lives or the whole of town. We the
          victims knows the clear evidence that it’s the government transformation agenda
          by formatting the north in other to remain in power by all means, thereby
          destroying the integrity of the nation especially the security officials in the
          eyes of the world . Bcos there are a lot of evidence for the supply of weapons,
          food items & cash money to the sect(BH) by government helicopters while the
          innocent soldiers were left with no good weapons no food no allowances. This is
          the failure of GEJ & his administration (no bias). We are saying these not
          bcos GEJ is a christian or he is from SS or SE, what is wrong is wrong
          no-matter who is doing it even if (Imam or Pastor) is doing it and what is
          right is right who so ever is doing it. Many Muslim northern Head of states
          serve this country for many years yet they did not Islamise the North talk-less
          of Islamising Nigeria, they did not convert churches into central mosque, they
          did not slaughter any pastor or Christians neither did they lunch war against
          them, despite having all the military power. Despite having all these
          advantages why will Muslims of the north wait for the Islamic state to happen
          under Christian president, with his CAN “weapon contractors” and all
          his Christian military chiefs yet they are not doing anything to protect there
          christian people.? You need to ask yourself these questions. Let us face the
          reality of life to save our country stop thinking that BH is Muslims fighting
          Christians or they are fighting for Islam. What they are doing is totally not
          Islamic. As I’m talking now my sister & three (3) of her children were captured
          by the sect (BH) the day people were fleeing Mubi, up to now they are no were
          to be found, (we pray may God protect them). Almost 90% of their victims were
          Muslims & Muslim scholars. This is a conspiracy set by PDP & their so
          called “religious leader” to undermine Islam, backed by the western
          policy to create conflict that will divide the Nation so as to come in
          the name of peace keeping and steal the oil. So those thinking that northerners
          are parasite of their oil do not forget that the refineries was build by
          northerners and the north is what keep you safe, b’cos if Nigeria is divided
          you will not drink the oil in peace. SUDAN is a clear example for you. A word
          is enough for a wise…….May God save Nigeria!

  • Oleku

    See them with their boko haramic faces–thinking they can cajole our minds–is Imam Sanusi not a staunch advocate of sharia ideas from Mali–seeking to usurp power from infidel Jona–for being Ijaw–third class citizens of Naija–Imam Sanusi should tell Naijas who murdered akaluka and urged his Tuaregs to play football with his beheaded head–the problem with them Mohammedans is that they regard the rest of us as fools–how many oil wells are in the hands of the SS&SE citizens–the breadwinners of Naija–we feed them parasites but are not allowed to near aso villa–which was built and still run with my oil–when we yearn to go they plead for leniency and understanding–saying we’re one–what has been the contribution of Mohammedans to the running of their arid region–can their states function for a month without oil revenue from Jona’s backyard–we want out of Naija-period–not to be govern by sharia ideas from Mali–let my people go–animals

    • ICC Hague

      Dont disturb yourself with oil, oil is no more an attractive commodity in the world now, that is why the price keep falling the wold is going into renewable energy. In not distant time you have to eat and drink your oil, because you dont grow food in Jona`s backyard.

    • Baba

      Nothern states have been existing time immemorial without oil. We are farmers and never depend on your so called oil which in reality belongs to Total, Shell,etc You are just slaves in your south south waiting to be kidnap or to become a kidnapper.

  • Oleku

    The SS&SE oil is theirs and theirs alone–leeches be warned

    • Omo Akin

      You always mention SS & SE oil. You are from SE. From Anambra to Abia to Imo to Ebonyi to Enugu, how much oil do you have in all these states. It appears your dream is to bring back Rivers, Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom, Cross River under the hegemony of the old East Central State, hence this parroting of SS&SE ad nuseum. You are grossly mistaken. These States will never come back under the hegemony of the old East Central State, period.

    • segun

      Pele o “Pastor” Reno Omokri. You did not use Otile or the truth or abujakenneth for this post. Keep changing and keep entertaining us.

    • Baba

      If you are looking for a leech just look at a mirror.

  • Mustapha Kabir

    I wondered why Nigerians allow propaganda to over take the real issues, Why do we allow our primordial sentiment to be cloud our judgement , how do we allow ourselves to be victim of our ignorance, how long would it takes us onlyit’s only the common men

  • Mustapha Kabir

    That are taken for granted

  • Mark Daudu

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  • JanHBoer

    The revered Emir is right, of course. However, it seems like a cheap call as long as he stays in the safety of his palace. Ranka ya dade, ko kana shirye kai ma ka kama bindiga ka shiga hadirin tare da su talakawanka?

    • mall bash

      Unintelligent comments spoil my appetite !

    • emmanuel

      All Maria, and Christian names badied by the Foolani’s in this forum are usually betrayed by the very unintelligent comments and praise of the their failed leaders.

      You want to be seen as a Southerner which you cannot be. We are not cowards like you people.

      Did Niger Delta milittants kill their people in their agitations cowards!

      We will know who means business when you suddenly cross your boundaries in this Boko Haram thing and that is what w are waiting for.

      • Baba

        Yeye de smell

  • Lannister

    The emir made a good call…but I think an outright condemnation of the book haram by all the leaders in the north will be in order. Because there is a general feeling that Northern leaders are complicit by their silence. D el Kanemi of Borno should come out strong.


    GEJ cannot fight Boko Haram more than this. If GEJ declare to war on
    BH, Sultan will say they are killing Muslim and Gumi will say innocent
    Hausa/Fulani are being killed. Do not forget GEJ is Christian from
    South. When Late Yar Adua declare war on BH, no body say anything
    because he is a Muslim and Hausa/Fulani. APC is another problem Nigeria
    is having. BH is all about Southerners ruling Nigeria. All
    Southerners should wake up from sleep. My prayer is for Nigeria to

    • Baba

      This your attempt to defend GEJ handling of Boko will not work. GEJ failed! Just swallow the bitter pill

  • emmanuel

    What is this man saying, that people should protect themselves against Sharia which he is a custodian? Or against the same Boko Haram he sponsored while he was in CBN.

    How did Boko Haram go after Ado Bayero (the attack that eventually led to his death) in a bid to clear him and the likely successors from the way.

    Nature will catch up with him soon. May be na the same Boko Haram sef go clean am out for his yeye talk.

    • Aminu

      Continue to delude self in assuming BH is a tool employed by Northerners to intimidate Dumbo’s administration but on the contra BH is a weapon employed by PDP & GEJ to siphone security votes.As for your incessant nasty comments over Sharia, I will soon reply you and expose ur FAITH as nothing but conjuncture of odd doctrines by Paul of Tarsus after the ascension of a Prophet a Jesus peace be upon him

      • JI

        Islam was an after tought by a renegade – Mohammed. In his usual rebelion, he created a religion by copying from the Jewish Religion and Christian Faith that were already in existence. He then spiced his own with his flawed character – Adulterous, covetous and violent streaks. His followers steal, Murder, Rape, Defraud, destroy in his name

    • Aminu

      Th Christians came and said:O Muhammad,you belittle our companion (I.e,Jesus) and say that he is the slave of Allah.The prophet said:It is nothing shameful for Jesus to be a slave of Allah.Then Allah revealed the words:”The Messiah will never be too proud to reject to be a slave to Allah…(an Nisa’4:172.The one who exaggerates about a prophet and regards thinking of him in an appropriate manner within the framework of monotheism as belittling him is following in the footsteps of the Christians

  • Modibbo Adamu

    The call is on the right time, but not enough, material and financial support is also needed if possible, lets all Northern Emirs & chiefs should gear up for re-claiming our lost territories . North is our fatherland we can’t sit aside watching its disintegration

  • MushinSpeaks

    What AK47s cannot do, bow and arrow would do; this is after our trllions spent on security has failed us.

  • Abdurrazaq

    Yeah! It is time to be my own Commander in Chief. Somebody has failed the nation. Where is my machate !

  • sarah

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  • Pastor Jones


    Since Christians don’t show common sense by self-defence,
    is it asking too much to ask that President Jonathan should
    build a large crematorium in each state capital in the south?
    That is the effective way to cope with thousands of corpses
    of Christians to expect in consequence. The existing mortuaries
    can’t accommodate the avalanche.

    Secondly, is it asking too much that Pastors start taking away valuables
    from the altar Redeemed Camp and the grounds of Mountain of Fire?
    Those two places can’t exist as churches in an Islamic State of Nigeria.
    Items like the crucifix at the tabernacle should be hidden away in the bushes.
    Or else they be destroyed along with the altar when the Islamic militias arrive –
    to convert those spacious grounds into a new Regional Central Mosque
    These common sense, practical steps don’t need the Holy Spirit, in my view.

    • D. Olorunsola

      @ Pastor Jones:

      You get it, Sir! May God bless your tribe. Christians in Nigeria
      are suicidal. While the Muslims in Nigeria are genocidal. Now in a
      contest between suicidal Christians and genocidal Muslims who will win. Of
      course the Muslims will win. Pure and simple! Anyone still doubting it is not
      well. Nigeria shall soon become a full-blown Islamic State by the grace of
      suicidal Christians and their supine Pastors. No doubt about it.

      • No Comment

        “Believers [of Islam] take neither Jews nor Christians for friends or helpers” – Q 5:51
        I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore, strike off their heads
        and strike off every fingertip of them” (Koran 8:12), And fight with them until there is
        no more fitna (unbelief) that religion should be only for Allah” [Koran 8:39].

        “Fight those who believe not in Allah; nor in the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden
        which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger [Mohammed], nor acknowledge
        the religion of Truth (Islam) – even if they are of the People of the Book (i.e Christians) –
        until they pay the Jizya, with willing submission and feel themselves subdued. [Koran 9:29].”


        • Under Islamic law, Jizya or jizyah (Arabic: جزية‎ ǧizyah]; is
        a per capita tax levied on a section of an Islamic state’s non-Muslim subjects
        who meet certain criteria. The tax is and was to be levied on (all) able-bodied
        adult males of military age, but with specific exemptions.

      • Bimpe

        Redeemed Camp will not become a new Central Mosque in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord!
        No weapon fashioned against our church shall prosper! His Angels will fight our battles for us.

        • Funmi Dara

          @ Bimpe:

          Which angels? Where were your angels when those 58 branches of Redeemed Church were burnt?
          Where were the angels when tens of Christian Pastors were beheaded in Mubi, Adamawa state?
          You guys are not serious at all. Christianity is now closer to stupidity than anything else sensible.
          Muslims declare genocide n Christians and all you do is wait for some mythic angels from heaven.
          You must be one of those very naive Christians Pastor Jones funnily describes above as suicidal.

        • JI

          You are fake.

          Take action, let your Daddy GO take action, if not one day Boko Haram go shoot down im jet

        • JI

          Mumu, Angel nor dey when dem dey clean out Churches for North East.

          God simply want you to take action. Not action to defend the faith, but to preserve the lives of God’s people

  • tijan kabba

    The Emir’s call is well justified as government has failed in its primary responsibility of protecting the lives and property of the populace. There is no reason why this government should continue. None at all