Nigerian military retakes Chibok as Boko Haram flees

The Nigerian military has retaken Chibok, a town in Borno State, where nearly 300 schoolgirls were abducted on April 14, from the extremist Boko Haram sect.

The terrorist sect had taken control of the troubled town on Thursday night.

But the spokesperson of the Army Division in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital, said the Army has retaken the town and driven the terrorist away.

Sani Usman, a Colonel And Deputy Director Army Public Relations, said, “Troops of 7 Division Nigerian Army have recaptured Chibok town in Borno State from Boko Haram terrorists since yesterday.”

“The military is still carrying out mopping up operations in the surrounding environment. Chibok town is now fully secured”.

Villagers around Chibok town said they saw a large deployment of soldiers moving in from the direction of Damboa towards Chibok on Saturday morning.

“We saw large number of trucks filled with uniformed personnel moving towards Chibok; initially, we were scared but later realised they were soldiers as they did not harass us like the Boko Haram gunmen usually do”, said a resident who spoke on phone.

The extremist group, Boko Haram, has seized several towns lately in Borno and Adamawa State, driving out government soldiers and other security operatives and confiscating their arms.

On Thursday, the Adamawa State governor, Bala Ngilari, said local vigilante and hunters, backed by the military, reclaimed Mubi, the second most important town in Adamawa, nearly two weeks after the town fell to the insurgents.

Chibok became the centre of international attention in April after Boko Haram fighters stormed the town and took away nearly 300 female students from a government secondary school.

Majority of the girls remain in captivity more than six months after. About 57 either escaped or were released.

A recent claim by the Nigerian government that a ceasefire had been agreed with Boko Haram and that the girls will be returned to their families, turned out false.


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  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    Now a game of ping pong between our “mighty miliatry” and boko haram?

    What about the human casualties sustained each time the service is changed?

    The scenario is very faulty.

    • emmanuel

      I knew long ago that you operate within PT system that is why you easily take down comments about you that are adverse ati Onike.


      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        “Thinking” is not for everybody and certainly not your strong point.

  • GbemigaO

    A retired General claimed that Nigerian army are not using armoured tanks to fight BH. Is there a reason because they could rout this rag tag terrorist with tanks?

    • Gaskiya

      There are so many stories about the ways our military are executing this war. Please can qualified military insiders among us shed more light on this?

      • Prof. Akpabio Edem Udeme

        I am willing to respond to your call for help and ‘shedding’ of light. However, I am responding not as a military insider but as an independent and experienced security expert in military and guerilla matters.

        …So, I have used my touch light of yrs of ACTIVE field experience to shed/beam a quantum of convergent rays on this issue and my infallible conclusion is:

        Break up Nigeria because no Army anywhere where in a continent like Nigeria will ever win a war against itself. Armies of countries fight other armies but in Nigeria Boko haram and Northern military are one and the same. Thank you.

        • Otile

          God bless you Prof. But the greedy and parasites will not entertain the thought of splitting continent Nigeria to save lives.

          • bikky

            People Deceiving People.

    • Ilesanmi

      Remember? a Nigerian commander set some of our armoured tanks ablaze in solidarity with BH. Were these tanks sent there to harvest carrots or onions?

      • Fido

        How is this commander? And where is he now? Am sure you don’t know.

  • sammyctu ode

    Nigerians are not asking Nigerian military “to drive the terrorist out”, we are asking them to round them up and kill them. Our military cannot be playing a game of chess with a rag tag band of terrorist. jonathan and his shameful and clueless administration should take a cue from the American military and brief Nigerians daily about weapons procuement, how much is being spent till date to fight bh, casualities of our soldiers and many other non-sensitive military operations Nigerians need to know. I know he would not do this because pdp members are all secret cults who feel they don’t owe Nigerians any explanation.

    • Gaskiya

      You have said it all. PDP + Jonathan = Secret cults. They don’t give damn if you are Muslim, Christian or Athiest. They are willing to kill anyone for their selfish interest.
      Jonathan + PDP have made life of Nigerians miserable. Solution is to vote them out.

    • Martins Oluma Ajiake

      What explanation ll tis he goat president give u. He took 3wks to adress the world on the chibok girls.

  • _Proudly Urhobo

    BronzeTimes and their useless South South Reporters go fit swear say dem no know say Boko haram and Northern soldiers dey work together? Una don see where dog for dey ‘shop’ dog? abi Baboon dey ‘shop’ Baboon?

    …and you persistently call them ‘Nigerian Military’, they are not. Call them Northern military of Nigeria. Na only when time reach to insult Great Jona then una sense for logical reasoning, permutations and combinations go wake up. Boko haram bombings or not, the days of aliens governing my resources are over.NEVER again! Nonsense!

    • Otile

      God bless you my brother. All the insults they heap on the President about resource control. Every attempt to knock him off and replace him with a Northerner will be in vain. All say Amen.

      • Fido

        How has Jonathan’s Gov championed the the cause of resource control?
        How has Jonathan’s Gov addressed inviromental issues menacing the SE?
        How has Jonathan’s Gov Improved the lot of the people of the SE especially the youth?
        How has Jonathan’s Gov improved inferstructure in the SE?
        I could go on and on, and all the answers are going to be that he has done nothing to improve any thing in the SE, to champion any cause dear to the SE or address any pressing issue in the SE.
        Your brains need to checked?

        • Otile

          How can Islamic APC group finish a comment without adding a derogatory remark about their supposed enemies’ brain?

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Fido, what brains have they, that needs checking?

  • Wähala

    Biko God… Dona Nobis Pacem!
    To me, “A large number of trucks” filled with soldiers means with “political will” and the deployment of adequate security personnel to war-torn states (instead of using them for local elections), the ragtag Boko Haram terrorists are nothing but ‘Kobo Haram’ with little combat experience. The other proof is the fact that a local Emir was able to organize a large number of vigilante/hunters who were able to overwhelm the terrorist into bolting from the captured Emirate. I reiterate the US warning to their Council on Foreign Relations: “The Nigerian Government is the greatest impediment in the war against Boko Haram terrorism” Translation: it’s Dumbo’s war for political capital. Ende!

    • growthengine

      You cannot have such large number of trucks everywhere in the north east. It is simply impossible. Even if the same number of soldiers used for the elections were deployed to the north east, Boko Harm would still appear where security is the least and cause problems, they use fear against defenseless villagers as a weapon to spread terror.

      • emmanuel

        You think say this man wen nor get ticket mpney to return to Nigeria still get sense?

        When he don eat Tasteless Chicken and devour a whole pack of cheap fruit juice from the slave Labour wen he dey do (in-between night security and Car wash in the day), he go come here come talk rubbish.

        • MrFesh


          • emmanuel

            The same Wahala in anoda alias

  • Maria

    …”Army has retaken the town and driven the terrorist away.” You drove them away or you destroyed them?

  • emmanuel

    The Fulani’s know wetin dem dey do. The did not want Jonathan to declare for 2015 so their Commander’s in the Armay set up their Southern counterparts for slaughtering so that they could take over the towns, that way everywhere would be tensed up and people will be angry. watch out, they will show again two or three weeks before PDP convention in December.

    Meanwhile, Nyako seem to be punishing Ngilarii with Boko Haram – another we would make the State ungovernable for him. But this may not have been stated – the hand of Esau in recent Adamawa Boko haram incursion

  • _Proudly Niger Deltan

    In a 15th June 2010 report, BBC’s reporter, Caroline Duffield, described Nigeria’s Niger Delta as the ‘World oil pollution capital’ of the world.

    I searched frantically through Nigerian newspapers both off line & online, none reported it. While the media houses bask in that misplaced euphoria in reporting stories regarding corruption here and there, commensurate energy is never dissipated on issues relating to the incessant and continual pollution of my Niger Delta…The reason for such anomaly would have been difficult to fathom but for the information
    given by by Late Gideon Orkar in their April 22, 1990 revolution, as regards the deliberate desire to continue to plunder the resources of a people why attempting to make them eternal objects of servitude.

    The fight to get to the center and control my inherited resources gets dirtier by the seconds…and no one cares about my polluted ecosystem. I am a UNIPORT student and we are a family of fishermen…My Mama can no longer pay my tuition & accommodation bcos our rivers in Bodo and environs have been destroyed with spills and so she and others can no longer fish in the waters…even to eat anything planted from our village is suicidal bcos toxins are in land, water and air. So, how do I pay my school fees? No more source of livelihood. What do we do? Do we abandon our community for the oil companies? Or do I join the noble Niger Delta freedom fighters to CONFRONT ?

    • bib

      But your brother has been head of state for six years. May be his extends family no longer need to fish so he doesn’t care about your pollution. Your brothers don belly full with petro dollars and your big brother doesnt care whether you join MEND, or oil bunkerers or die.

    • Reality

      Have u tried applying for one of the several scholarships around?

      • _Proudly Niger Deltan

        What of my Mama? …abi scholarship dey for fisherwomen too? I beg make u show me where fisherwomen scholarship dey so that she go go there first thing tomorrow…bcos na her own dey pain me pass now. Mine can tarry for the moment.. I dey wait o.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          You make the point people like me try to make daily about GEJ.

          He was DG in Bayelsa for two or so years, Guv for one or two, VP for about 2 years and President for another 6 so far; yet, he, as an Ijaw, has NOT DEEMED IT FIT to try and make any difference to the situation.

          Of what benefit is he and his government – or his ‘Ijawness’ – to people like you, your mother, myself, my mother or the Chibok girls?

          Like I always stated, there are only two tribes in Nigeria – “the thieves” and “the victims”. You are either one or the other. There is no Ibo, Ijaw, Yoruba, Hausa, Enupe, Fulani, Igbirra or whatever in these permutations.

          The earlier “the victims” tribe realises this, the better for Nigeria.

    • Martins Oluma Ajiake

      GEJ is from ur state why can’t he help u

  • Abel Wariboko

    With the cooperation of the local people and the military, BH will be defeated


    We shall see…

  • Ilesanmi

    How are we sure it was Nigeria Army that recaptured Chibok? if so how come the terrorists were not killed but just driven away? Couldn’t it that the local hunters and vigilante sent magic bees and wasps to drive the lunatics away from Chibok?

  • Comfortkay

    I can never a story without Pictures or captured Boko Haram. Up till this morning foreign news media said that Boko Haram is in control of Chibok.

  • Mark Daudu

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  • favourtalk

    If not that they are undermining the work of the nigeria military, we won’t be here now, they would have clear the deadly virus cult away from the nation but because of selfish greed of GEJ administration and his over ambitious. When they care less about the less priviledge and the man on the street. We need a change, we need a sincere and competent leader

  • tsunami1earthquake

    I have never doubted the ability of the Nigerian military defeating the Boko Haram any day! However, my grouse against the Nigerian military has always hinged on the flip-flop method the military handles this war. Today the military retakes a town, tomorrow that town falls again to the Boko Haram! What’s the meaning of that? Professional soldiers must know that when they gain any ground in a battle, they must make every effort to make that gain sustainable so that it would not fall back again to the enemy; but that does not seem to happen with the Nigerian military in this case. I don’t know the reason for this flip-flopping of the Nigerian military.

    Now that the Nigerian military has retaken Chibok it is our candid hope that this ground gained must not be rubbished again by the Boko Haram retaking it.

    • Martins Oluma Ajiake

      Because something is wrong with the head. That is why your brain was placed in a skull by God. As long as the head of this great nation is GEJ. Nigeria will not defeat this bloody thirsty BOKO HARAM. He had his opportunities but he blew them all away. Let the civil northern Nigerian’s fight this evil sect with there will and there blood.

  • sarah

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  • sarah

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    • Martins Oluma Ajiake

      419. Go get a job.

  • Mentor

    This concluding article appears to muddle issues. It’s point on productivity is well taking, which is what some of us have tried to emphasize all along. However, it is not fixed nor flexible exchange rate regimes per se that drive productivity. It is your institutional governance, state of your infrastructure, and your human capital as well as technical progress and innovation. The writer may wish to know that Nigeria’s labour productivity actually grew by 3.6% between 2007 and 2002 then declined to 2.7% in 2013, and picked up again to 3.8% in 2014. But our labour productivity is still 16% of USA level. No wonder, what a Nigerian will earn as minimum wage in one month is what an American will earn in one day at US Minimum wage. However and more importantly, total factor productivity (TFP) in Nigeria declined by 2.2% on average between 2007 and 2012. It further declined by 5.1%, 4.4%, and 2.5% in 2012, 2013, and 2014, when the price of oil actually average $100. Your exchange rate in the long term even in a flexible regime depends on your overall productivity.

    In spite of what the writer tries to claim, the state remains crucial to economic growth and development as the USA, China, and Ethiopis have demonstrated. Without President’s Obama state-led intervention in the economy during recession of 2008 and 2009, the US economy will have not recovered strongly. China and Ethiopia have been state-led economies, with both growing at 7% and 10% respectively.

    To conclude, Nigeria does not need either fixed nor floating regime; it needs a combination of a crawling peg and a managed floating system. That is what most countries have adopted in contrast to what the writer would like us to believe. Furthermore, devaluation per se would not necessarily bring in foreign portfolio investors especially as over 75 countries that have devalued by more than 35% have demonstrated in the last 18 months due to global economic uncertainty and the move of capital towards the USA.

    • Kickboxer

      hmm…very good….you definitely are not an average commenter…..I agree with all you wrote….. except your comment that the writer claimed that fixed or floating drives productivity………… you wrote “However, it is not fixed nor flexible exchange rate regimes per se that drive productivity.” I can’t see where the writer made such a claim.

      • Mentor

        Look at the writer’s statement on “pursuing a fixed Naira goal that has no real impact on real productivity of its people”

        • Kickboxer

          I see where you referenced….here is how I understand what the writer meant…..the writer did not mean that fixed rate drives productivity per se; rather, having established that the true measure of an economy is productivity (of factors), the writer essentially stated that the fixed rate that the govt. is clinging to would not help productivity (do you not agree that the price of naira may boost or undermine productivity or you think that exchange rate is completely neutral relative to productivity?); to mean that there is no need holding tight to a fixed rate if it has no positive impact on productivity.

          Nonetheless, per my question, I believe that there is a given price of naira that would best prop up productivity or undermine productivity. To that extent exchange rate regime does affect productivity. In the present circumstances managed-float or crawling-peg might be the best way to go for Nigerians. But the govt. body language can’t run any other exchange regime except FIXED! unfortunately. Managed or crawling peg is a more intellectualized regime that requires an Obasanjo’s or Jonathan’s kind of personality. Someone who would allow an independent central bank.

          • Mentor

            Thank you for your clarifications. For the real economy, it is the real exchange rate that matters; and the RER is determined by relative productivity of factors in different sectors and across countries. Check out the Belassa-Samuelson conditions on deviations from purchasing power parity.

          • Kickboxer

            Good job…..yet if you want to go i the direction of RER then you should be referring to effective RER even though there are 3 theoretical models (it could be almost 219 different models potentially) in term of measuring effective RER. Coming back to which exchange rate optimally reflects the fundamentals of an economy you would have to use the market-generated rates capturing speculative tendencies and related bandwagon effects as well as balance of payment accounts, ppp, and the effects of monetary-authority policy actions. Still the medium & long-term adjustments of these factors ought to be well understood by monetary authority to optimally determine the fitting exchange rate for the economy. It is a uniquely dynamic process that requires well-trained professionals to use both their technical & quantitative expertise while still reaching for their gut-feelings about the key economic trends.

            The bottom line: a poorly managed exchange rate regime can undermine factor utilization, productivity. That is what the theory suggests and may the case for major economies. In a country like Nigeria, with little or no exports, but for oil, I agree with you that exchange rate regime may not have significant impact on productivity. We need electricity and infrastructure and security. Those three items would add up to $3 trillion to Nigeria’s economy within a decade.

          • Mentor

            Thank you for your well thought out responses instead of the knee jerk reactions that you see from some commentators. I agree with the issue on RER and REER. The IMF actually uses 3 standard approaches to derive the REER in the article 4 consultations with all countries.

            But the most important point is that institutional governance, fiscal leakages, infrastructure deficiencies, and lack of innovation and technical progress have had negative impacts on Nigeria’s productivity. This in turn undermines its tradable sectors other than oil, which in turns constraints its non oil exports, and non oil foreign exchange earnings, which in turns put pressure on the Naira whenever oil export earnings fall precipitously by more than a third from over $90 billion in 2014 to less than $35 billion in 2015.

            Devaluation alone will not cure those other non price factors that affect productivity. Nigeria has simply used devaluation to generate revenues for the 3 tiers of government, much of which then leaked out in the form of fiscal leakages and capital flight, and subsequently put further pressure on the Naria exchange rate.

            As stated above, I have learnt from your objective and rational comments.

          • Kickboxer

            You are definitely a master in whatever you do.It is my pleasure exchanging opinions with you.

          • Mentor

            So are you. Thank you.