Tambuwal picks APC presidential nomination form

Aminu Tambuwal, Sokoto State Governor

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, has picked the notice of intent and nomination forms to run for the office of president of Nigeria on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, ‎APC.

Mr. Tambuwal recently defected from the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. In response, the federal government withdrew his security detail.

Mr. Tambuwal was earlier tipped to run as governor in his home state, Sokoto.

But the speaker received the presidential nomination forms Thursday, his spokesperson, Imam Imam, told PREMIUM TIMES.

“Earlier today, some friends and political associates of the Speaker notified him that they have bought the forms for him,” Mr. Imam said.

PREMIUM TIMES understands that several APC members in the House of Representatives trooped to the party’s Abuja office to purchase the forms on Mr. Tambuwal’s behalf.

Sources in the APC say Mr. Tambuwal is in the presidential race at the prompting of one of the leaders of the party, Bola Tinubu, who is a former governor of Lagos State.

Mr. Tambuwal’s indication of interest brings to five the number of persons who vying for the nation’s top job on the platform of the party.

Others who had earlier picked the forms are former Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso of Kano state, and newspaper publisher, Sam Nda-Isiah.

The APC has said it will conduct a modified primary election in which delegates will vote for their candidate of choice from their home state, after which a national convention will simply collate and ratify the votes from across the country.


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  • Wähala

    Wetin I talk? Remember my comment about Gen. Buhari being a “decoy” for Speaker Tambuwal to emerge as APC’s flag bearer? In-depth analysis is not for everyone… my Oracle is never wrong! Tag him along with Gov. Oshiomhole and the South-South is happy; make it Gov. Okorocha and the PDP will be buried in the entire South East… but my preference is Mrs. Fayemi (former Ekiti First Lady) to attract the female voters in droves from across Nigeria. Either way, Dumbo is a sitting duck! Tombo, biko… dis news pass odeku. I dey laff for kalabari, Hahaha chai !!!

    • Troublesome

      Wahala my brother. I reason with you. A Tambuwa and Mrs Fayemi ticket na sure banker. That will make woman vote for APC come 2015. How I wish I see such a pairing come to play?

      • Wähala

        She is not boisterous like the current illiterate, has no money laundering dirty laundry, well manicured manners but best of all… she is highly respected and regarded globally, on the same pedestal as Dr. Ngz. Iweala. In fact, she and Dr. NOI are the only African women on the list of World’s most influential people… and I guess you didn’t know that, but you’re not alone! Sha, my stance for her stems from her astute approach to problem solving… she’s methodical without being over-bearing. Above all, she’s a mother with a big heart! Wallahi, I wish she gets the call, it’s time a woman is put at a heart-beat from the Presidency… Ma’sha Allah !!!

        • Godfrey Etokebe

          Ekiti people loved and appreciated her so much and that is the reason she is now back to the treenches!!!!!

          • Wähala

            Was she the Governor?
            How come PDP could not re-enact their rigging of Ekiti elections in Osun State?
            You learn as you go and she is miles ahead of one Geofrey Etokebe clown-for-crumbs I know…
            Guess who? Olosi!

          • Godfrey Etokebe

            Ekiti people took their DECISION. SERVICE CLOSE!!!

          • Wähala

            The topic is Tambuwal’s decision to flush Dumbo down the toilet, not Mrs. Fayemi. She’s just my choice for VP regardless who emerges flag bearer… #AnyBodyButDumbo2015! kapisch?

    • Aboki

      Good for you the dreamer. You arrogate so much knowledge to yourself that you end up confusing yourself. Clap for yourself for being a fake prophet.

      • maria

        Knowledge? Have u nt noticed how one Chief Ovie has been dealin with him? I really pity Wahala now.

        • Otile

          You have done the needful. You have done yourself a favor by expunging that phoney picture. People can now listen to you. E ko rire o.

          • Wähala

            Mumu, fraudster…
            You wrote the three comments and only the wise know. Edyiot. Aborigine clown. Get a life!

          • Otile

            Go hang yourself, suffering from identity crisis. Go ask your father who you are, stop wallowing in futile search of your real identity. Odale.

      • Wähala

        Beat me if you can…
        You exude so much inferiority complex that you cannot even use your real Aborigine’s “GoDoWell” names…
        Whatever happened to: Godswill, Godspower, ThankGod… Lucky ati Goodluck? Olosi. Kalaka. Drunkards!

    • Chief Ovie Obaro (JP)

      @Wähala aka “You’re ‘an’ illiterate”

      It is not habitual of me to respond to your ‘watery’ and unscientific comments, not even crude and torrential insults would provoke my priceless response, except when your straying from normalcy becomes nauseatingly divergent.

      However, unlike yesterday I am not in the mood to correct your grammatical blunders e.g. “You’re ‘an’ illiterate”…But I am here to warn you bcos there is an area you must not thread. Insinuating that Comrade Oshiomhole contests as VP to Tambuwal is pungently irritating. In fact it is taking the insanity too far.

      Shooooo…..! Oshiomhole as VP to Tambuwal? This is not only ridiculous but ‘cowardilus’. You think Oshiomhole doesnt know his worth? Or you dey mistake Oshioms for a Yoruba man? Let not your trepidation arising from threat by Bokohari be so overwhelming as to make you want an Aboki president at all costs.

      Tambuwal wouldn’t even qualify as a student of Oshiomhole and here is someone suggesting the most bizarre mismatch. But how fear dey turn people brain no be small o! Pls stop hallucinating Nonsense!

      • Wähala

        In logic, anything that doesn’t make sense, doesn’t fit into the argument. If Gov. Oshiomhole has self confidence, why then is he not in the ring let’s take a direct look at the “empirical data contest” between the two men, shikena. Like I said, until the final candidates emerge, no prophet can predict today what will happen in tomorrow’s Nigerian political arena. No barga! Frankly speaking, if it comes to nitty-gritty grammar, you know nobody who can correct my English, forget it… even Nigeria’s only Nobel Laureate has plagiarized my lyrics and I can prove it. But, that’s meat for another day… today na “Tambu Tombo” I dey swallow in greedy gulps. Make I ask you sef… Why pick on Gov. Oshiomhole? I have offered three names strategically covering critical geo-political zones cum gender, you’ve offered nothing but the time-worn Boko Haram diversions of gejitoes. Let me stridently warn you: As long as you remain black, Never warn me to stay away from any thematic issues, hear me so? And, Never respond to my “watery comments” because I will stick my foot so deep into your Aborigine ahss until you vomit sh*t… I will blow away your torso! and continue gulping odeku. I’m carrying a big Sheltox for online mosquitoes (gejitoes) and will not hesitate to shell you to hell… Didinrin!

        • Chief Ovie Obaro (JP)

          I don read from the begnning reach the end of your watery comment. I no see any sense inside. So you self be dey recommend person wey no get confidence? See ur life? U no even fit cover ur smelling yansh as shit finnish. True true you are “an illiterate”. English Master! Typically Western continent Nigerian. Make u come Urhobo College for Warri make Junior high school students correct all these ur smelling English free of charge.

          …We produced the first Lawyer, first Doctor, ….and first King to abdicate his throne for an alien Emir. Na blood e day.

          My people for Olomoro talk am for parable say when craze man don reach market naked, then the madness dey difficult to cure…and as you don go market come back so, na im be say ur case don hyper-complex.

          • Wähala

            “Waffi English” abi? nah, thank you!
            As far as education is concerned, Aborigine education is “contaminated education” was how I described it to @Deri on SR years before you stole the equipment you’re now using to write gutter trash. Gorilla! What are the names of your lawyers and doctors that are unknown to Naija history? Shamelessly announcing your “King” abdicated his throne “for an alien Emir” shows how shallow you truly are. My people fought One Nigeria with bare knuckles for 3yrs and were 60km to Lagos until the world came to your rescue. No wonder your Ogidigbodigbo is chained to the floor in rusty British jailhouse… Henry Okah, in Zulu gulag and Asari barely surviving Cotonou police station… “Na blood e dey” really. Clowns!

          • _Chief Ovie Obaro (JP)

            So brave were your people that fom 1967 – 1992, the Hausa North governed from Obalende (Lagos) for 25yrs producing 5 Presidents from 4 coups right on Yoruba soil. Just imagine? OBJ was accidental president when another Northern coup failed…and he hurriedly handed over power for obvious reasons….But it was my largely Niger Delta officers accounting for 87% of the combatants who raided Dodan barracks from the cemetery and smoked IBB into a hole for hours…the rest is history…and IBB quickly ran to Abuja even when Aso rock had not been furnished. Where were the ‘Brave’ Oloyes who “fought with bare knuckles”?

            Major Mukoro (PhD Criminology) & Col Nyiam were in action and even when the coup failed, they walked out of FRCN with their Pistols in hand and didnt have to kneel down to beg and cry and be given tissue to clean tears as your war ‘Generals’ Diya & Co did…Cowardice unlimited!

            The born to mentality that has mutated into suicide bombings today as a result of the subservience of the Oloyes in those yrs of rule from Lagos…and bcos u know not history, u come here to write rubbish. You go fit shoot gun if I give you one?…Nonsense!

          • Wähala

            Premium Times gagged my leathery response so at least you phools know I’m not on any barga’s payroll. And, I’m not here to kiss any Editor’s ahss to publish may lyrics… it’s, “take-it or leave-it”. Kapisch?

        • Mosaku 147

          You forgot to add oponu, agba ya , omo oniron ki ron.

          • Wähala

            Thanks o’jare! I go add am…

  • Ekwekwe

    A supremely confused human being. Show me your CV, Mr sharia lawyer. How did you change parties 6 times between 1999 and 2014, and now you are changing your ambition from a life speaker to governor of Sokoto State to President of Nigeria in one week. Shocking to be an APC – Aggrieved and Pathetic Confusionists

    • Wähala

      Who’s more confused than the Clown Prince of Otuoke? Go read El-Rufai’s cartoon about confusion on his Tweeter handle before coming here to make an ass of yourself. I bet the Presidency is swirling in confusion right now. This is a master stroke by the ACP that only God could have foreseen. Biko, go lick your wounds and leave intellectual discourse to sane minds. Speaker Tambuwal definitely has the clout to flush your moron into the soakaway with a landslide win if he gains the nomination… which I suspect has been his all along. Hahaha chei, gejitoes on the run!

    • Spoken word

      If he is confused why bother waste your time commenting on him.

      • musa

        The man is a clown.

        • Spoken word

          Too many clowns showing their ignorance online.

  • Alcindo Satori

    thank you Mr. Taboowal for the making the path much easier for GEJ!!

  • the truth

    You are welcome to the race Mr Tambuwal. I wish you Goodluck and Patience to do your best in the primaries.

    • Wähala

      Is that all you can come up with, fake “goodluck” wish abi?
      Na only you waka come… wey Anus aka, Otile ati Tawandah? Or is he living up to his name, “Incommunicado”
      My bet is ogogoro is flowing in gallons at the Villa over this master stroke, hopefully, they will all get ‘stroke’ over it. I’m still researching to find my comment where I said Gen. Buhari is a “decoy” for someone else and today only Höly Wähala is close to reality. A prophet indeed is not valued on Premium Times… but, no yawa, una go hear ogene! Mama Bisi, biko… one gallon of Tombo to honor Tambu. Hahahaa chei, mama mia… na laffu for Italo!

      • the truth

        mr wahala u know how me and you dey settle our gri gri. I wish your oga goodluck, abi that wan bad too? But he is welcome to the race. You and i know for a fact election is not won on premium times. We will see him in February. Let’s not heat up the polity. As for me i am waiting for their manifestos and i will make my choice on who the cap fits. For now let us relax. tell mama bisi i hail oh.lol

        • Wähala

          Welcome to the bar… tombo abi odeku? It’s on the house, I carry kudi pass Dangote today. Drink the house, No shaking! Manifesto dey internet, their website is full of it, don’t tell me you’re too lazy to research that bit of info since Alhaji Lai releas’am. As per fila, we both know say Dumbo’s na fake Prof. Pela hat e dey waka gulp ogogoro with, obviously no fit am as Naija Presido. We need a new hat ati wearer… either way, #AnyBodyButDumboBiko2015! Tambu na credible choice. Clean shit, no EFCC files to dust-off, no police records, no scandalous wife to contend with… clean as a whistle, wallahi! Odeku… tall or short?

          • Baba Messi

            Mallam wahala, nawa for u oo! You are a fraud! True! Haba! I remember you wrote sometime back that Tambuwal shuld just ‘resign’ and go prepare for governor of Sokoto! You lie a lot bro..and that’s not good!
            While I see hardly any difference between APC and PDP, i still believe Buhari will be APC’s best bet. The aspect of INTEGRITY is what will stand any candidate out from the rest and even the PDP’s Jona. I assure you the PDP camp will be licking their lips and popping champagne over a Tambuwal prospect! A man who presided over a house that violated the constitution by paying selves obscene salaries and allowances above what was fixed by the RMFAC??
            NOTHING EXCITING ABOUT A TAMBUWAL, KWANKWASO NOR AMAECHI CANDIDACY! Buhari..maybe..but never those charlatans mentioned above!
            I tell you, there will be great rejoicing in PDP over this! What you should ask yourself is: ARE YOU SURE THIS IS NOT A FALLOUT OF TINUBU’S MEETING WITH OBJ WHERE THEY PROBABLY WANT TO CHECKMATE BUHARI??
            I assure you those at the helm of affairs at both PDP And APC are not interested in any good person being elected. Only a good man as an independent candidate can salvage that country.

          • Wähala

            Do you play Chess?
            The pawn move was feeding the presidency that “sokoto story” to throw them off-guard and it worked, tell me he did not pull the rug from under your feet. Yeah right, I made the comment about the time they withdrew his personal security for obvious reasons: The stress of hanging-on to his Speaker’s Chair for a few weeks while running for Governorship was not worth losing his life. I also made similar comment about Emir Sanusi during his court battles with Dumbo while he nursed his fantasy about running the powerful Kano Emirate… today nko? Ma’sha Allah, we shall meet at the bar to celebrate Alhaji Tambuwal’s swearing-in as Presido just as Sanusi prevailed over evil forces. Odeku?

          • Baba Messi

            Haba wahala, abeg read what u jst wrote again! Damn! Bros, you are losing it! Gaskiya!
            As per yur odeku, i never say no to a good offer..but having a drink with a melancholic friend is the greatest torture. Bros wahala, this your initial gra gra go soon turn to depression o! You go soon cry blood o! You and Baba Buhari! And that Tambuwal..see him foto..dat guy go sabi cry well well!
            One for the road jare!

          • the truth

            make that odeku tall, i hope say u never tell mama bisi to put some substances way go make me start to think double oh!mr president and im boys get people way support them die, them come say the benchmark way past presidents set, mr president don beat am

          • Wähala

            I’ve told you I am a strictly pro-life, a Katholica. Same as mama Bisi. In fact, we bolted from Seminary about the same time, she was going to be a nun… so, relax. Nobody is interested in swatting a gejito like you. Simply put, you’re not worth killing with poison, I will probably just slap you around and toss your poverty-ridden ahss thru the window. Go-siddon! Gulp odeku dianyi, and stop worrying about your worthless life. Sha, which benchmark are you blabbing about? Did any past president lift $20bn in one heist in the history of Nigeria? Abegi, make we no go there biko… Dumbo na depressing topic!

      • Otile

        Foul-mouthed imposter, what are you today, omo Odua or Munchi? What’s your true identity? You cannot claim to be Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa Fulani at the same. Who are you?

  • Truthometer


  • Ifeoma

    The Almajiris have a right to dream too.

  • Dan Minister

    I love him, he has what it takes to make a difference if he eventually got there. They said in politics we should expect the unexpected things to happen. Once again I wish him the best of luck

  • Chris1408

    Now, this is a candidate I can support. Let’s send GEJ back to the creeks.

    • Chima

      You love him!!! From APP to DPP to PDP to APC. Is London weather???

  • Oluwadara

    The man is wasting his chances of becoming Governor of his state. i will not buy any unsellable candidate again, as it happens with Ribadu in 2011, he wasted our votes to secure only 2M votes.
    let tambuwal learn from history;
    1. Rochas contested for president in 2003 n 2007but learn that, he has to go through some ladders first. now he is a Governor.
    2. Buba marwa attempted presidency but now couldn’t even be governor of his state, the seat he is seeking for in 2 elections
    3. Ribadu also thought getting to presidency is just by long neck, now couldnt even be governorship candidate, running from one party to another.
    4. Elrufai could had been Kaduna governor easily in 2007 when Obasanjo was leaving, but the smallest giant is peeping to the number one seat which he didn’t get, now contesting with small Yero who then was just company accountant.
    5. i think i saw it in the news not long ago Don Etebet is now vying for governorship. The man who contested for presidency several times.
    The list will continue. Be wise Tambuwal go for Gov. Presidency is for Buhari now.
    APC without Buhari is like tea without sugar. lol.

    • larry

      Well good for tambuwal , it appears he knows that he cant even win sokoto state , he cant even beat GEJ , i hope he dosent start his presidential ambition with a resounding loss, cos he will end up like the serial loser Buhari .

      • Wähala

        My Grandmother can beat Dumbo… go-siddon!

        • Chima

          I dey laff in Chinese. @Wahala you are such a talented comedian. I laff again but now in Nordic.

    • Baba Messi

      This is the gospel truth! Tambuwal is a small fry when it comes to PRESIDENT OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA.
      I believe Tinubu is about to bamboozle his party members and supporters once again. Like he did to Ribadu.
      The moment he asked Baba iyabo to come ‘navigate’ their ship, i knew they were headed for the Bermuda triangle!

      • Olutola

        Federal Republic of NIGERIA where some people want to start climbing ladder from the top. Tell them ladder get step1

        • Baba Messi

          Na so! Na to fall yakata break neck be dat o!
          Bros, i no fit shout! i no go tell dem oo! Na person wey dey separate fight dem dey break him teeth!

        • Wähala

          At least they want to climb the ladder from somewhere…
          Was it not Pastor Bakare whose SNG plucked Dumbo from under Turai’s bed and installed him, “Jaja of Abuja” ? What was Dumbo record as Dep. Gov – Gov. of Bayelsa… up till his drooling Presidency now? Can you compare Aminu Tambuwal’s leadership of a feisty House with Dumbo’s leadership of any department in his government? IQ Test… Between Tambuwal and Dumbo, who would you vote for? Didinrin!

      • Wähala

        …and where is Captain Dumbo’s ship taking Nigeria to?

        • Baba Messi

          The red sea oo!
          Damned if we do..damned if we dont.
          But truth is, 80% of the ‘gang up’ against jonah has little or nothing to do with his performance or lack of it. Other interests are at play..ethinic..religious..
          All I desire is a credible candidate. Not the charlatans APC is throwing up.

    • Gloria Brown

      I hope Tambuwal reasons properly. He should not let Tinubu send him to an early political grave.

      • Wähala

        Is Tinubu the owner of APC? There will primaries and may the best man win… shikena!

    • Wähala

      You are more sellable than Dumbo at the moment in Nigeria, gba believe-in! The most telling factor today is failures of Government in all departments but critically, in security. Nigerians are laid-back people, generally dismissive about politics and politicians, they see them as crooks and try to pick crumbs off them than fight for it as their human rights. But happenings in the North East has everybody talking about the incompetence of this Government in dealing with the mass murders over there. Did you know that the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) paid a visit to the Villa where they told Dumbo korokoro that he is a failure, that Nigerians are dying like flies while he panders about with politics? It’s called, “mood-of-the-nation” amigo, Nigerians’ mood at the moment will swing against Dumbo if any credible candidate emerges shouting about Boko Haram mayhem alone… and whistling that our $20bn is still missing at the NNPC while we’re still waiting for the unending forensic examinations of the ministry. Definitely, you cannot dispute that Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal has distinguished himself in his current capacity better than Dumbo did prior to becoming President. Sha, I would be cautious as this may be another “decoy” in their cat-n-mouse game. Tambuwal may be trying to get his security details back before running home to Sokoto to actualize his true dreams… never trust Naija politicians o! They’re comedians… Clowns!!

  • Balogun Johnson

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  • Salihu

    With APC adopting a modified ballot system – with votes only at state levels,

    General Muhammadu Buhari’s chances of winning are now much reduced.

    • Baba Messi

      Knowing the Angry-Peoples-Club members penchant for politics of BITTERNESS, it is obvious the (s)election of the party flag bearer will TEAR THE PARTY INTO SHREDS!
      I saw the 5 rebel govnrs ‘return’ to the PDP in a dream and it looked impossible! The entrance of Tambuwal into the race will appear to be the beginning of the fulfillment.
      That party will implode! All genuine party faithfuls who know how to interpret the signs of the times should be weeping and gnashing their teeth for their party!
      This so called modified open ballot will only ensure Buhari weeps earlier this time. Buhari has been deceived again. These people don’t mean well for Naijas! The drama begins..the dream unfolds..

      • Mosaku 147

        Would you vote buhari if he emerges? If your answer is NO,please forever remain silent. Leave Buhari to care for himself,and you can start weeping for yourself.

        • Baba Messi

          Lol. TundeMESS, i will NOT Vote for Buhari. I can’t see myself coming back home to vote for any of these people. Not worth it. But if I were around, GEJ will likely get my vote out of protest. Buhari has not demonstrated the statesmanship required of someone who desires to rule over the entire nation..not just a section of it.
          However, in terms of integrity, i believe he stands head and shoulders above all these other clowns APC is parading!

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    Bola Tinubu told Buhari that the Presidential Ticket of APC belongs solely to Buhari ……. today Buhari knows better !

    The most painful aspect … is that Buhari cancelled his previously announced retirement from Presidential contests because of the fake assurances he received from Bola Tinubu … today many are questioning Buhari’s integrity because of his failure to keep his promise of retirement from Presidential Election Contests ….. how painful !!!

    Bola Tinubu collected N10Billion from Abubakar Atiku and promised Atiku that if he joins APC ….. the Presidential ticket of APC will be delivered to him ……. today Atiku knows better

    Bola Tinubu asked Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso to appoint disgraced, unfit and unqualified Sanusi Lamido Sanusi as Emir of Kano in exchange for guaranteed APC Presidential ticket …… Rabiu Kwankwaso went to great lengths to deliver his own part of the bargain even to the point of insulting the revered late Emir of Kano …. Alhaji Ado Bayero ………. today Rabiu Kwankwaso knows better.

    After several meetings with the Ota based APC “navigator” who passionately does not want Buhari or Atiku as APC Presidential candidates ……..Bola Tinubu has now drafted Aminu Tambuwaal into the APC Presidential ticket race with the full consent and support of IBB and Obasanjo ……. who knows what is coming next.

    But I will like to plead with Bola Tinubu and his boys to please do all they can to accord Buhari some respect and dignity as he journey’s to his political grave after much use by APC ………. I would have thought that as a mark of respect …. they should have given Buhari the APC Presidential ticket .. unopposed !!!

    • Thomas


      • Wähala

        Na Deri way… fake info with diversionary comment. Talking from his ahnus as if APC belongs to Tinubu who was forced to accept a change in the location of their Party’s primary. don’t mind @Redeed aka, Deri.

    • Mosaku 147

      So that your Jona can defeat him abi? Please accept this master stroke from the man who can see tomorrow’s Nigeria politics. Make una no vex as e bi say Jona match don show for last minute after allowing PDP play all their cards. Yawa don gas for enemy camp.

  • Marquis de Gorgonzola

    Who? Tambuwal?? President of where??
    I dey LaffooooO!

  • Adefemi John

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  • Thomas

    Another accidental President?

    • Mosaku 147

      So tell me what he has being doing since 2011.

  • Godfrey Etokebe

    Kai Tambuwal. TINUBU and OYEGUN don chop your money. NO CHANGEEE OOOOOOOO!!!! NO REFUND OOOOOOO!!!!

    • Bala

      Hahahah! I dey laugh kekekeke!

  • ofonime Daniel Imoh

    This so called Apc party is a joke. Everybody wants to be president, and I wonder why all seem to come from the north. Bunch of power drunk injajawass!!!

    • Jika

      Democracy is a matter of choice.By the way why did the PDP deny others the opportunity to contest?What do you say about the sole candidate of the PDP who is from the south?Does it mean that PDP is a southern party?

      • C. Ekum

        I think we easily forget simple procedure in any ruling party nominating their flag bearer. Jonathan has the first refusal as a sitting president. As such, no need for primaries. It is the practice all over the world.

      • ofonime Daniel Imoh

        You talk about democracy but you don’t know what is democracy. GEJ is the siting president and deserves to be the sole candidate. It’s a procedure the ruling party have to follow. Moreover, if a primary is to hold now, you will definitely see candidates from different region of the country declaring their interest and buying the PDP nomination form.

    • nigeria

      Yes indeed, Tambual should be careful. One man is dribbling a whole region. Bafarawa, shekarua was used and dumped. Sheriff and ikimi followed. Kwakw kwakwaso
      , okorocha will follow. Pains same same. Buhari may be the next victm . Why have we enslaved ourselves. D crisis dat will fol dis game will consume APc and our dream

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  • JI

    vote from home state and collate at the convention?

    This is fraud, fraud and fraud. Tinubu don win again

  • Akindolamu

    Just as Kayode Fayemi’s harmless remark on the Ijaw president-Goodluck JOnathan touched raw nerves of the Ijaw campaigners of Goodluck Jonathan and really disturbed them, I observe that the ordinary declaration of Mr. Tambuwal to run for the presidency of Nigeria has really disturbed these Ijaw, Niger Delta and South South people campaigning for their Ijaw president. My shock and question is: Why? Why are they this disturbed? I am just wondering. Mr. Tambuwal’s declaration is harmless and he is just one of the APC candidates-which shows the beauty of democracy. But why all these Jonathan people and Ijaw, Niger delta and South South people disturbed? I mean I am just surprised.

    • Mosaku 147

      He beat them twice already.and I think he can beat them again with good packaging.his political wisdom is their fear.knows were and when to hit.has the charisma of one to be called c in c.

    • Okey

      Does the preponderance of opinion here and other platforms indicate to you that Tambuwal is a fellow that enjoys the goodwill of many Nigerians ? Since you have already wished him Kayode Fayemi’s fate, may apc field him!

      • Akindolamu

        Okey na Reno Omokri na oleku na otile na the truth na Temmie na Tawanda incoummunicado na abujakenneth na Goodluck Jonathan Ijaw Niger Delta campaigners-you must think people are dumb!!! You talk of “preponderance of opinion” as if all these posts are not from the same source being coordinated by Reno Wendel Omokri. You must think we are dumb. All these names are the same and from same source-Goodluck Jonathan Ijaw campaigners. And you want to dubiously create the impression that they are “preponderant”! We know that the posts are well OILED with the oyele (OIL) in your Ijaw backyard!!!

        • Okey

          Liar ‘Hammed, from all you have observed on this platform please challenge my assertion. Only those that are bereft of logical and rational capacity easily resort to the mud and the gutter.

  • Omo Oodua

    Mark my words, Buhari will be frustrated out of APC the way he was from ANPP. He may likely go back to his vomit, the CPC where he contested the last election, lost woefully, and cried bitterly. Surely GEJ’s enemies will surely lead him to glory, as God sometimes uses your enemies to get you to your destination. Tambuwal is the last straw that will surely break APC’s back!

    • endingNaija

      Reno Omokri-you dey use ‘Yoruba” name again! Na wa o! ah ah ah. You keep trying different names to hide and confuse. But you cannot confuse some of us. Anyway, how body sha? Hope you dey Reno? I hope say Oga dey pay you well well for these things you do for him.

    • Mosaku 147

      fa fa fa,fowl. You guys are sure going c..zy at this master stroke. For your information the people’s General has promised to give his full support to whoever emerges. If don’t know yet,this operation is codenamed ‘Kick him out,irrespective of where he eventually lands’.

  • Sams

    Even though I like Buhari so much, I believe Tambuwal has broader appeal across Nigeria than Buhari. My Proof? look at how he managed the National Assembly over the years. He is one of those few Nigerian politicians that transcend ethnic, religious and regional lines.

    • Mosaku 147

      What else can I add? Nothing. you are on spot.

    • Northerner

      Tambuwal is uneducated! He cant even win sokoto talkless of Nigeri!

      • Sams

        Seriously??? Uneducated??? Are you sure we are talking about the same Tambuwal?

        • Otile

          Any level of education is over qualification for a Northerner, especially Fulani.

          • endingNaija

            The question is: Did Mr. Tambuwal attend a university? The last time I checked I guess the answer is yes. So ole, what is your problem?

  • Otile

    May Shango bring down thunder and lightening on Imam Tambuwal. He stole Honorable Mulikat’s position to make a name for himself. Barawo shege.

    • Wähala

      It’s, “Sango” so your prayer is nothing but empty words into the wind. Mulikat was roundly defeated by a majority of members from both parties… and Tambuwal led them from the middle, if you know what that means!

      • Otile

        She was betrayed by people of your mendacity. People abandoned her to please the Fulani man, supposed born-to-rule. Tambuwal did not lead, he was looking for an opportunity to spring off and rule Nigeria. Dishonest opportunist.

        By the way, enough of your insults. Grow up.

        • endingNaija

          Ole, but there was election. And Tambuwal defeated Mulikat. So what is wrong with that? Dont you like democracy? Or must Nigeria practice Ijaw democracy a la Niger Delta democracy? This is Nigeria I beg and not some huts in the “oil rich” creeks. So let us practice modern democracy and not hut democracy. What is before the law is that there was an election. And Mr. Tambuwal defeated Mrs. Mulikat. Any other thing is not before the law.-sikena!

    • Akindolamu

      Otile , why are you this angry against this young candidate-Mr. Tambuwal? Or is there something wrong with you Ijaw and Niger Delta people that we Nigerians do not know?

      • Otile

        Yes, Hausa Fulani Yoruba have taken us for a ride. They have cheated us royally, no federal presence, can’t let our people become President, malign anyone that comes from our zones.

        • Akindolamu

          Mr. Reno Omokir abi sorry Otile, I am just wondering about your anger. I mean the other time you said Buhari is too old. Now you have a very young, bright, dynamic and unifying candidate (unlike President Jonathan who is highly divisive) before you, you are still angry. Anger is not good for our health. That is why I am worried. The rate at which the Niger Delta and Ijaw people unleashed their fury under different false names here is worrisome. What exactly do you want? Dnt you want a unifying and young candidate like Mr. Tambuwal? Just let Nigerians know. But this anger and emotions is not healthy at all.

    • Namadi

      He defeated her squarely by 252 votes, abi you no dey nija? Or sorry u dey prison that time with bode George

  • Ijeuwa

    TAM appears to be the candidate of the northern oligarchs to whom it seems Tinubu is beholden. They were thinking of Atiku but his candidacy is not generating any serious interest across the country. They want to use Tambuwal to deny Buhari the presidential ticket of the party because they’re afraid he might not be rigged out this time around. Those guys are simply afraid of Buhari. So, they’d rather have Jonathan continue with the rot than risk a Buhari presidency again. It’s not about the welfare of the country but rather the welfare of the theiving elites.

    • Mosaku 147

      Would you vote buhari today? Am sure NO.ole dey everywhere for Nigeria.una don happy before say una go use religion floor buhari as usual,but una become jittery as una don dey realize say Tinubu don send una on another errand.
      When be the next villa crisis meeting? The earlier you realize Buhari will be on the same podium in every city Tambuwa’s train will stop,the better for you. Jona don go.

      • Wähala

        No mind’am. Afterall, when was the last time he saw Tambuwal frolicking with Tinubu or his former party, PDP? If anything, Buhari was used to shield Tambuwal until now… they’re really gulping ogogoro in gallons at the Villa scratching their heads. Tinubu is a genius for all I care, he has flooded the field with credible candidates and it’s anybody’s guess who emerges APC candidate but at least, their roof is on fire! Tambuwal will blow away Dumbo Ol’oti in any election free or not, the writing will be on the wall for all eyes to read. Any rigging means… War!

  • Northerner

    Thank God. Because we dont need this dummmmb man in sokoto. Hes very uneducated he can never be a president!

  • Dr.Andy Peters

    Aminu Tambuwa,ole,traitor,you are going no where,from where,bush mallam with one yeye cap when he first got to the house of rep.olodo who dash him Law certificate?,which school exam did he write?PDP run from this guy,he is a dangerous guy,he and the people deceiving him are crying for security details,he ‘s seen small enjoyment in the house of rep.yeye guy.i pity this country,after knowing the secrets of his former party.Jona and co ,you better distance yourselves fromthis bush guy and his cohorts

    • Akindolamu

      These Niger Delta people, these Ijaw people-why are you so angry at this man’s declaration to run for the presidency? Buhari declared. You said he is too old but that he is good. Now a younger man -Tambuwal-declared, you are not happy. I am just wondering. Is it because Mr. Tambuwal is not Ijaw? Is it because he is not from Niger Delta? Why this online anger my people against this young(i.e. Mr. Tambuwal) presidential aspirant? Why?

    • Namadi

      You call your self a Dr. Are you sure? For your information, Aminu Tambuwal was call to the bar in 1992 with flying colours at one sitting of the bar exams . Among his professional affiliations, Tambuwal has been a very active member of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), over the years. He started off as Public Relations Officer of the NBA, Sokoto State chapter between 1996 and 1997. He was a member of the Constitution Review Committee of the NBA (1997–1998). He was the Sokoto branch Secretary of the Association (1997–1998) and Assistant National Financial Secretary of the NBA (1998–2000)

      From 2000 and 2002, he was the 1st Assistant National Secretary of the Association. He is also a member of the Body of Benchers, Nigeria; International Bar Association, and the American Bar Association among others. Besides studying for his law degree, he has also attended several courses abroad, among which are the following: Telecoms Regulatory Master Class–Bath UK, 2004; Lawmaking for the Communications Sectors –BMIT, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2004; Regulating a Competitive Industry-UK, Brussels, 2005; Tulane University – International Legislative Drafting, 2005; Stanford Graduate School of Business – Influence and Negotiation, 2008 and KSG Harvard – Infrastructure in Market Economy, 200.
      Aminu Tambuwal a 3rd termer in the green chamber, former ANPP Leader, former deputy chief whip(the only principal officer that survived ETTEH GATE), The most populous speaker that emerged by 252 votes defeating Akande with 59 votes. Tambuwal a suave politician with mastery of practical modern politics, a bridge builder of modern political class, a fearless Leader by example and performance. You are a fake Dr. Tell dumbo the highest drunkard of ogogoro, the Creek bastardo. Your generation should learn from the Sokoto born to rule politician (Tambuwal). He is an excellent leader, incorruptible and a fearless legislator. Dumbo is the greatest ole wey bankrupt nija!!! Tambuwal carry go 2015

  • olawale

    fellow countrymen,the long time CHANGE is here………..

  • Lamaran Gidado

    I think Tambuwal has made the biggest political miscalculation in his life. The people behind him should tell him the truth let him go for governorship of sokoto state first then he can build up from there but not now,he will be disappointed.

    • endingNaija

      From this post, it is obvious that despite the attempt to hie under a “Northern” name, this is a Reno Omokri post. Mr. Omokri cannot hide. He keeps on spewing all kinds of names for his posts! Anyway this is what Presudent Jonathan paid him-Omokri-to do on his behalf for his election

  • Mimi Tina

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  • D-ONE

    APC are scared of atiku’s money! he will be played out plus he is not from the north-west! APC will have a crisis after they pick their candidate! atiku will move to PDM as usual!!!!
    PDP will also have an issue on who becomes vice-president!!! Adamu muazu is eyeing the sit!!!!
    Jonathan will win next yr becos of split in the APC camp!!!! but he may be impeached before 2019!!!!!
    adamu muazu may become the north’s next option!!!!!
    Politics is interesting! SDP are paid by PDP, some people in APC are still loyal to the presidency!!!
    its alla bout interest!!!!!
    lets pray the intrigues of poiticing this december keeps dis country as one as there will be serious wahala when the house opens and there will also be moves in the senate too!!! APC will make a move there too!

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  • abujakenneth

    And great was his fall. He is a traitor and very dishonourable

    • endingNaija

      Reno Omokri, you just continue to resurrect under different names in order to spread your dubious posts. You the truth/oleku/otile/awanda incommunicado/abujakenneth/Lamaran Gidado/Reno Wendel Omokri. Noboady takes you serious Omokri acting on behalf of President Goodluck Jonathan

      • abujakenneth

        That is your business. He is a political harlot with no mind of his own. He is a stooge, corruption personified and very dishonourable. He is one of the 2000+ who share the huge chunk of N150b budget in a country that finds it difficult to pay the minimum wage of N18K

        • endingNaija

          And the Ijaw president -Goodluck Jonathan and his Madam, sorry his private purse in the oil industry -Diezani Alison-Madueke? Can you tell us the relationship between them? You think Nigerians do not know? But tell us abujakenneth na Reno Omokri na oleku na otile na Temmie na mani_kay na Wendel na Ayo Oritsejafor na the truth na Goodluck Jonathan!!! Madam Oil must be serving Oga very well. Bring it on Ijaw man!

  • Dr Patrick Kolawole Awosan

    I like the speaker of the House of representatives with his calm,intelligence and proactive approach our national vital issues while handling official matters in the House of Reps.
    *But my candid advice to honourable Aminu Tambuwal is not to rush ahead to run for Nigeria presidency at this present moment but run for the governorship position of Sokoto State-his home state to acquire more experience and develop further his leadership stature and quality credential and run for office as Nigeria president in 2019.
    Speaker Tambuwal, should defer the call for him to run for president and allow and support General Muhammadu Buhari,
    a well known no-nonsense,anti-corruption crusader with national spread support that can upstage the lame dock,clueless,incapable and corruption-challenged-Mr Ebele Jonathan,in 2015 in order to rescue our nation from the PDP-massive-corruption-clutches,embark on vigorous fight against official corruption and restructure our armed forces to be able to guarantee security of lives and properties of all Nigerians and move our nation on the right path to massive infrastructures and economic development like Asia tigers-nations,South Africa and Ghana.

  • changeforall

    Ok make I go outside dey throw backii as u don pick nomination form? Soon mallams wey dey rear cow go come pick theirs

    • endingNaija

      Reno Omokri na ogogoro make yu go drink. Make you nak apeteshi well well b4 yu come back. Yu hear?

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