UPDATE: Many students feared killed as suicide bomber hits Yobe school

Many students are feared killed in a suicide bomb blast on Monday morning at Government Comprehensive Science Secondary School, Potiskum in Yobe.

Nansak Chegwam, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) in the State, confirmed the attack to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Potiskum.

Mr. Chegwam said, “We have just received the report but the details are not yet available because it happened just this morning.”

NAN gathered that the bomber detonated the bomb when the students were having morning assembly before proceeding to their classrooms.

A resident of Potiskum who preferred to remain anonymous, said, “I am currently at the hospital; many dead bodies have been deposited.”

Meanwhile, parents and guardians have thronged Potiskum General Hospital searching for their wards as the bodies and those injured were moved to the hospital.

The attack took place barely one week after a suicide bomber ran into a Shiite procession killing 30 people with 89 others injured in the town.  (NAN)


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  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    Who do we go crying to, Mr. President who is out of the country on ECOWAS business or his VP, who is also out of the country on – guess it – ECOWAS business?

    Guess there is nothing urgent or important going on at home.

    Or, have they, like Badeh quietly removed his family from Mubi before it fell, sensed something that the rest of us don’t know and are abandoning ship?

    • the truth

      with all due respect dr kay, in as much as the action of our leaders at this time may not be all convincing, i did not see anywhere in your comment where the actions of these terrorist are vehemently condemned. All i see is blaming the government, what are your recommendations to end Islamic radicalization.You would agree with me that even if you take over 200,000 military personnel to sambisa to wipe out boko haram, it would probably fail if you do not tackle the root cause of this problem ( islamic radicalization) If it was all military might, usa could have beaten al-qaeda in Iraq on the first year, the us is still in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting terrorist. The mentality must change

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        the truth,

        There is an adage by our elders to the effect that you treat leprosy first before you worry about ringworms.

        Letus exterminate the boko haram first and we can then consider the equivalent of a Marshal Plan for theNorth East afterwards.

        Don’t make capital of me not deviating to “condemn” boko haram first or vice versa. It would only trivialise the point you seek to make, unless that was the fulcrum of your comment.

        The blame lies fully with those who have allowed boko haram to become the monster it is now. Do you blame a dog for barking or biting or its owner who refused to tame it?

        • Frank

          And who allowed BH to become the monster it is now?
          And who are those who refused to tame it??
          Don’t you think part of the blame should go to those who tacitly supported it and allowed it fester till it became a monster??
          You only see things from your political angle oga. That is not good at all! This menace cannot be defeated by a military solution alone..that is why the fire sell burns in Iraq, Pakistan and the likes. Only a superior argument from religious leaders can stop these people, cos it would seem they feel what they are doing is right.
          But here you are everyday..GEJ, GEJ..nawaoo!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


            Power is ultimately useless if it is not utilised.

            I say no more.

          • Frank

            Yes, say no more..buy I implore you to read some more: read your first comment above and if you cannot see how insensitive it was, you are as wicked as the bombers! Sad thing is, yours was the first comment, and where all rational and sane people were holding their heads in grief and lamenting the evil of these people, the best you could do was turn to GEJ!
            Mr charge nd bail lawyer, what kind of wicked heart do you have??

          • Otile

            God bless you for speaking the truth.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Frank, the problem with idi0ts like you is that you are fixated on the persons rather than the message.

            You might as well accuse me of being the suicide bomber in your hate induced madness.

            My anger is directed at the jack ar*ses (including you and others who excuse them for asinine reasons) that allows this to continue unperturbed and if you are not angry enough at them, that is your headache, but keep your stooopid mouth out of my grief.

            You may very well go along and start blaming the victims too.

          • the truth

            people like kay soyemi don’t realize that military might is not the solution to defeating boko haram. There needs to be ideological shift and the real cause of this menace tamed. They seem to turn a blind eye on the years and years of islamic indoctrination which has metamorphosed into what we see now.

          • Baba Messi

            You think he doesn’t realize this?? My brother, he does..probably more than you and I, but he is programmed to see everything from an APC Vs PDP angle.
            For him, any terrorist attack is an opportunity to score cheap political points. Really appalling of u ask me!

          • pheliciti

            Who are those that tacitly supported the insurgents? The people losing their children or their homes? People forget that it took the able leadership of Yaradua to quell the Niger Delta militancy. Let the leader play his role and stop rounding up on an innocent commentator for your suspect motives. Implicit in asking the govt to address the drift is a condemnation of what is happening. Yet you would rather absolve the clueless leaders and round up on victims. Today’s it’s the imams that radicalised the insurgents…. who radicalised the Jomo Gbomos? Does that provide an excuse for being hoodwinked into a fake cease fire deal? Was it the Imam that stopped the army from being equipped?
            It is clear as daylight that the plan is to stifle public opinion. That will fail. Nigeria will surely overcome these parochial and sectional interests whether you like it or not.

        • the truth

          Dr Kay esq, you are one of the commentators i really respect on this forum, we may have our differences but we are unified in our quest for a better nigeria. Please read your initial post earlier to see the indifference shown to those people killed. In as much as we may despise the leadership, you and i know the root cause of boko haram. Islamic radicalization and extremism is the bane of contention here, why wouldn’t that be the first priority to defeat boko haram. Or do you think a long term solution is just to use military war to defeat them. That can’t work and won’t work because the more boko haram you kill the more they appear because this imams keep radicalizing our youths. If i may ask why do you think most european countries censor islamic teachings from the mosque, where they are told to provide video and audio sermons for the home departments?

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            the truth, whilst I do not dispute the need to address the root cause of the boko haram madness; I will not downplay the urgent need to tackle the deadly manifestation of it.

            In getting down to brass tacks, boko haram requires more than a single prong solution. Indeed, you do need a three-prong assault comprising of the urgent need to tackle its deadly manifestation; the de-radicalisation of the populace and re-investment in the region to tackle the biting poverty that allows resentment against the government to fester.

            The three needs to go pari pasu, but the most urgent need remains the deadly manifestation of the madness.

            In the event that the government refuses to do what is right to address our concerns, I am not minded to join the asinine refrains of the Aso Rock spokespersons simply condemning and reassuring no one that they are on top of the situation! Moreso, when everything else suggests otherwise.

            When the government starts to do the needful, then shall I shift my focus onto boko haram first. For the time being, a non-responsive government remains the bigger culprit than boko haram.

            We may not agree on this, but that remains my opinion.

      • Jafaru

        God bless u for this comment. GEJ is bad GEJ is bad. We’ve heard that. Why don’t they concentrate on voting him out..or impeaching if they can muster the numbers?
        However, what I find VERY Wicked is people like ‘Dr kay’ above..a supposedly learned person..who cannot spare a thot for the bereaved..nor those killed. Neither will his likes condemn the perpetrators of the heinous acts!
        Will that country ‘change’ with such callous characters parading about as human beings??

        • The attacks that took place on 11-Sept-2001 in the U.S. were perpetrated by EDUCATED Muslims
          (e.g., Pilots). About 3000 people were killed on that one day (within 3 hours),
          more than 6000 people injured and at-least $10 Billion loss in property and infrastructure.
          Fifteen of the nineteen perpetrators were SAUDIS, 1 Egyptian, 1 Lebanese, 2 from Arab Emirates.

          The following is from my article “Islam’s Jesus”:

          In Islam, hiding the intention to expand Islamic territory is a virtue. When Muhammad didn’t have enough soldiers,
          he agreed to be peaceful with Mecca (Peace Treaty of Hudaibiya), but after he gained more followers,
          he went from Medina to Mecca and conquered Mecca during Ramadan
          (a pre-Islamic pagan fasting month in which Meccans won’t usually fight). Following the example of Muhammad,
          Muslims (even today) advocate and follow Quranic and Hadithic verses that speaks of making peace with infidels
          when Muslims are the minority in a society. Examples of such verses are:
          Q2.256 “Let there be no compulsion in religion …”

          The Qur’an and Hadith doesn’t limit the expansion of Ummah al-Islamiyah,
          the lands over which Sharia’s Theocracy must be administered;
          in comparison to the Torah’s Theocracy over a specified land: Eretz YisraEl.

          Please read the whole article at my website, which is the name i’m using here.

  • the truth

    Why would people be so indoctrinated that their religion would smile at
    them killing children. Where is the religion of peace, i know these
    elements are not moslems, because true islam frowns against cowardly
    acts like this. Even isis or al qaeda don’t attack defenseless kids. this is the true height of cowardice

  • Wise Head

    “We will NEVER be governed by any government that emerged from insurgency or a coup” — Southern Elders Forum

  • Ade

    I want to say it again that boko haram is a version of Islam that targets for elimination anybody that does not support their satanic views and ideology – Christians, Muslims and all lovers of modernity and civilization. I am sure that most of the students whose lives were wasted in this bombing are Muslims. Their of fence is that they want to acquire western education which boko haram is against. All Nigerians must unite to fight this evil. May God help us IJN. Jonathan must wake up to his responsibility as our commander in chief. Enough of the rascality of these animals called boko haram.