Boko Haram: Gombe State Govt orders closure of schools

File Photo: A recent bomb blast in Gombe, at a Bus Station.

The Gombe State Government, Wednesday, ordered the closure of all public and private schools in the state, a day after suspected Boko Haram terrorists attacked two towns in the state.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that parents who took their children to school on Wednesday were told to take them back as the schools had been closed on the orders of the government.

The Headmistress of Bethany International College, Gombe, Edith Williams, told NAN that said she received a circular on Tuesday evening that all schools should be closed down for security reasons.

Some parents who spoke to NAN commended the state government for the action, saying it was a necessary action to safeguard the students.

One of the parents, Hannatu Musa, said she was happy with the development as it would help to secure the children.

The Permanent Secretary, Gombe Government House, Sani Jauro, confirmed the closure, but denied the state was pressured by Boko Haram attacks. He said it was a “normal mid-term break for students.”

Gunmen had on Tuesday attacked Nafada and Ashaka, over 130 kilometres from Gombe, barely a week after suspected terrorists exploded a bomb at a motor park in the state capital.

Other states in the troubled northeast region of Nigeria had, in the past, closed down schools to avoid student casualties in Boko Haram attacks.


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  • Spoken word

    The insurgents are spreading their tentacles our Oga Jona is running away from the heat and going to Burkina Faso. Why cant he visit borno, yobe, adamawa and yobe. this our presido is really sleeping on th ejob.

    • Ahmad

      Because he believes nothing is happening there. It is mare rantings of the opposition. Or do you expect him to give a damn over that?

      • Bankole Badmus

        But mallam Ahmad, you guys were all jumping gleefully for joy when the ‘shadow’ political sharia was introduced not minding the discomfort it caused the Xtians in yur midst. Even your Hero Buhari endorsed it! Now BokoHaram are trying to give u guys the real thing not the ‘shadow’, and you are all crying and blaming GEJ? The truth is, but for the Xtians living there, there shuldve been no need wasting personnel and resources trying to rescue people from themselves. You asked for it and you got it.

        • Dan Fulani

          Mr Bankole can come up North,separate the Muslems kill them all and let Nigeria move forward. It pains me when people like Bankole write their rubbish.
          I am more concern with my Christian brothers, personally I don’t have any problem with BH because I am not their target.

          • growthengine

            How will the government solve this problem. Remember it is an ideological one. I do not see how even Buhari will solve it because the 80s is different from 2014. Social media, Algaeda and ISIS. I like to know how you will go about solving this if we vote you or Buhari as our leader. How can our lives as Nigerians be saved from Boko Haram.

          • Olanrewaju Famojuro

            Why not give the locals modern arms and allow them to defend themselves!. This situation beggars belief. It’s a natural law to defend one’s home and family so why are our citizens being allowed to die like goats without any help.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Thanks for taking the words off my mouth.

            If GEJ’s Army of Pepper Soup Generals cannot do the job of protecting our sovereignty and the lives of citizens, perhaps it is time to look at extra-ordinary measures that would allow citizens to bear arms in defence of their lives.

            Right to life is a basic human right.

          • Bankole Badmus

            Let me know a single line of what I wrote that is ‘rubbish’.
            We’re 99% of northern Muslims in the north not rejoicing over the ‘adoption’ of sharia laws even when they knew it would infringe on the rights of their Xtian brothers??
            No one talked of separating nd killing Muslims. DONT put words into my mouth. The logic here is; OF THERE WERE NO XTIANS IN THOSE AREAS, HAVING BH IMPLEMENT THE GENUINE SHARIA FOR U GUYS SHOULD HAVE BEEN A WELCOME DEVELOPMENT!
            A case of you asked for it..LIVE WITH IT!

          • Bala

            Na true talk be dis jor!

          • Tanko

            The guy said nothing about killing Muslims. His comment was the truth. Sharia was welcomed by most of you. Indeed you should all be pleased with the strict implementation by Boko. If it wasn’t for those who practice other religions in your midst, it should have been a situation of ‘alls well that ends well’.

          • Paiko

            Till the end of time we will continue to yearn for the real sharia law and not the PDP sponsored BH masquerading as muslims. On sharia we stand and be rest assured that PDP BH would be destroyed by the almighty Allah at His right time. Islam is beyond your destruction, all your machinations will amount to nothing until Islam sweeps the whole world. ALLAHU AKBAR!!! Go and hang yourself, religious bigot!

          • Tanko

            Congratulations Paiko! The murderous venom in your commentary shows who the bigot is. Instructive to note that the same ‘Allahu Akbar’ you punched on yur keypad are the same words the Bokos shout while beheading and killing!
            Hahahaha! Mallam Paiko ‘Nda’, keep fooling yourself! No one is interested in ‘destroying’ islam! For what? It is well known that Xtians believe in preaching and evangelizing..not killing or ‘destroying’ anyone.
            Can you kindly tell us who is causing shiites to ‘destroy’ sunnis’ and vice versa in Muslim dominated areas of the world??


            Simply put,you will continue to be-head,amputate,stone to death,flog in public,force under-aged girls into marriage,force non-Muslims to convert to Islam,kill Muslims for “apostasy”,wage violent Jihad !
            Why do you choose hypocrisy then,it would be “honourable” on your part to accept the Boko-haram as your saviours and save us further bloodshed. You enforce gender discrimination against female folk,practise slavery,kill health workers etc .
            I just pity those few Yorubas supporting you,their region will be the next focus of the Bokos in their quest to dip the Koran in the Atlantic as promised by the chief marauder Uthman-dan-fodio !

      • Spoken word

        by the time he take it seriously it will be too late. he will have been consumed by it as well.

  • favourtalk

    A nation of fear under the present administration. We can only move forward if we allow the change to take over from this unserious national government of ours, who’s confuse to the highest lenght. We need a drastic change in nigeria

  • MushinSpeaks

    Sorrows, Tears and Bloos-regular trademark of President Goodluck Jonathan!

    • Frank

      This is precisely why the problem persists. Why deceive yourself? ‘sorrows tears and blood’ cannot be a regular trademark of Jonathan but of a certain religion. We all know this.
      I have just read of sorrow, tears and blood in Pakistan, Syria and Iraq as I type! Is Jonathan the president in those places??
      Mallam, be truthful at all times. The truth shall set you free!

      • chuks

        Leave them to be lying to themselves!

        • Paiko

          You are the ones that are dumb, deaf and hypnotised to the extent that even if white is obvious to your eyes and the PDP liars say it is black you will believe. That is why you will continue to live a life of misery!

          • chuks

            E pain you?? Hahahahaha!
            Oga bigot, terrorism should not be seen as a PDP/APC thing. The people with sympathy for terrorism are in every strata of society. It’s an ideology. It seems to me you also share this ideology. You angry outbursts are symptomatic of suicide bombers! Violent man!

      • MushinSpeaks

        The Boko Haram issue is a political crisis and not a religious one; they kill, maim and rape both muslims and Christains.

        Why was Late Azazi killed after naming PDP as the backbone of Boko Haram’s stregth?

        • Frank

          Is the same terrorism in Iraq, Pakistan, Syria etc etc also political??????
          Don’t they also rape and maim Christians and Muslims in those places I mentioned??
          This thing is an ideology. We all know it.

        • Julius

          Azazi said elements within the PDP were the backbone. The elements mentioned wanted power to remain in the north. Since PDP is still retaining the current president, it should be obvious even to the blind that these elements must be the ones defecting to the APC. It’s simple logic that can be seen by any unbiased sane person!


      Na lie….that is and has been the trade mark of the sharia north and their jihadist political Islam since Uthmam-dan-fodio and his marauders invaded and conquered northern Nigeria !

  • Mr Igbo Sanity

    Jonathan the commader in thief whoes only job is to share the 32 billion Dollars defense budget in the last 5 years. he could care how many Nigerians are MURDERED under his watch!

  • Ugbade

    What is making it difficult for Nigeria to break up? This oppression by one section of Nigeria is becoming intolerable. The North which contributes neither human nor material resources but destruction and blood letting, is now taking the whole country for a ride. What are the West, South & East waiting for?

  • the truth

    ask yourself why most of the territories captured by bh have a majority
    christian population, where are the northern elders to condemn
    vehemently the actions of this group. when the north sought for sharia
    law under obj they were asking for it, moderates kept quiet while the
    fanatics held sway. The likes of yerima are still alive, go and ask
    them. I repeat, boko haram thrives because there are so many sympathetic
    northerners who support them directly or indirectly. There are
    sympathetic northern moles in the military, there are sympathetic
    northern core newspapers like premium times and co. That is the truth.
    This has been planted for decades. If you doubt me please go to youtube
    and listen saraduna interview to bbc on igbos and other ethnicities that
    weren’t fulani. If the truth be told who is benefitting more from
    continous strike of bh, the seating pdp or apc? the more strike, the
    more it shows the ruling party can’t stop insurgency and thereby calling
    for change. Remember when full emergency was to be called on those
    states what was the response of the major opposition party? i will let
    you swallow all of this.


    They rioted on the streets subverted government policies and deployed all sorts of blackmail during the agitation for Sharia….why then are those same people making noise now that Boko-haram radical killers have taken over their domain and enforcing Islamic law……….MAKE UNA MIND UNA SEFOOOOO !