Boko Haram’s capture of my home town immaterial, says Badeh, Nigeria’s Military Chief

L-R: Chief of Defence Staff, Alex Badeh and other service chiefs

The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Air Marshal Alex Badeh, has dismissed insinuation in some quarters that Nigeria is under siege of terrorists and insurgents.

Mr. Badeh, who was reacting to questions from State House correspondents in Abuja on Tuesday, also debunked the claim that the Armed Forces were not capable of defeating Boko Haram insurgents in the North East zone of the country.

“If a CDS loses his home town it’s the same thing as losing Lagos; it’s the same as losing Enugu. Any part of the country that is lost CDS carries the weight, ok.

“So, it is immaterial whether it is my home town, whether it’s my house that is burnt or Emeka’s house or whoever’s house that is burnt in Nigeria, the CDS is pained,’’ he said.

According to him, the fact that some parts of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe are under the control of insurgents had not deterred the armed forces from carrying out its critical role of protecting the territorial integrity of the nation.

The CDS was in the State House with other security chiefs to brief the National Council of State on the current security situation across the country.

The rampaging Boko Haram insurgents, who have since planted their flag there, captured Mr. Badeh’s hometown, Mubi, last week.

On Tuesday, the militants renamed the town “Madinatu Islam” (the city of Islam) and urged trapped residents to go about their normal businesses, saying they would provide better security for residents and visitors under their reign.

Earlier on Monday, the Deputy Governor of Borno state, Zanna Mustapha, raised the alarm that going by the ease with which Boko Haram was capturing territories in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe, the three North-Eastern states might soon be history.

“If the Federal Government does not add extra effort, in the next two to three months, the three North-Eastern states will no longer be in existence,” he said.
“The Federal Government has tried its best but their best is not enough because rather than going after the insurgents, it is the insurgents that are going after us. It is a big crime that the criminals are better equipped than the military and they are just few kilometres from the Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states capitals.”

The deputy governor disclosed that 13 local governments in Borno, three in Adamawa and others in Yobe were currently under the control of Boko Haram.

He said, going by intelligence reports, if the Federal Government did not step up its security measures the fall of the three states would only be a matter of days or weeks.


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  • Oleku

    Allah Wubade–Islamic caliphate is here to stay–darkness can never overcome light–Imam Shekau is a good and honest man–whenever he makes a promise he keeps them–unlike the alien oppressing Nigerian forces who always speak with both sides of their mouth–Imam promised and vowed to ensure sharia is introduced in the Mohammedan enclave and he delivered his promise–I don’t understand why infidels are bothered about what is happening in a foreign territory–the Mohammedans in Mubi ati Gwoza are going about their businesses under sharia–aware the Mohammedans were very excited when Yerima introduced sharia in the north–many were dancing whilst sipping kura de nunu in extreme ecstasy–only oppressors ati Tundemash will have problems with sharia practised–I support Imam Shekau and think he should be encouraged to reclaim more Islamic Caliphate in the north–insha Allahu victory shall be his and the uninvited Nigerian forces will be put to shame–any SS&SE soldier who get killed in Islamic Arewa died in vain–run back to peaceful south and be saved

    • George

      O boy you just spoke my mind what concerns Agbero with over-load vehicles.

      Let them enjoy their sharia laws for God sake.

  • Thepeople

    Children yet unborn would remember Badeh as the military leader who could not save or protect his village. How can he protect his state, and moreso Nigeria? Any body who has a mind should know that Nigeria is doomed with this man in charge. We can continue to deceive ourselves.

    • Oleku

      How is he doom–by the way what’s your business with what’s going on in Islamic caliphate–why not mind your business and allow the Mohammedans be–take a trip to Mubi and see that the Mohammedans are happy under sharia and going about their normal business–learn to respect people’s choice-live and let live

      • Thepeople

        The business of Nigeria is my business as a Nigerian citizen. I would suggest that those people who do not want to live a peaceful Nigeria have got an alternative- travel and join them in ISIS to enjoy better paradise

  • Spoken word

    Silly statement.he will probably say the same thing if the whole Nigeria is captured.he shows no sense of urgency.

  • dankasa

    and at Hague when the time comes!!!

  • Thepeople

    If Boko Haram should enter your house, kill, capture your family members, what would you say?. It is immaterial. It could happen to next family.
    If Boko Haram should rampage your compound, what would you say ? Oh no it is immaterial, it could happen to the next compound.
    If Boko Haram should destroy your village and your people are displaced, what would say? It is immaterial. Look it would the other village next.
    If Boko Haram should enter your state, what would you say ? Oh it could have been Lagos State.
    That’s the infantile response of our military leader. Of what use is Badeh to his people, let alone the wider Nigeria. Nigerians can not and should not have confidence in a man who cannot defend his family. How can he defend your family?
    Any brave military person with integrity, and honour would for these reasons fall on his sword

    • Kitunde

      This is nothing, you should hear many of his previous gaffes…..Uncivilised and reprehensible….But that Nigeria for you.

  • Giganto

    Absolutely deluded! Someone should help wake this sleeping frog up, please

  • True Nigerian

    Just three weeks ago, this same man was rebuking the entire Nigerian media for reporting that Boko haram was targeting his village/hometown. According to him, his village was safe and there was absolutely no chance of Boko haram reaching his village. Thus, he loudly wondered why the Nigerian media to desist from reporting falsehood and figments of their imagination. That was despite the fact that Boko haram had seized towns that provided them some geographical advantage to to seize his own town.

    Now, three weeks later, boko haram takes his own town just as the media rightly analysed. And look at his reaction – still shamelessly in denial. He is still saying that it doesn’t matter. When your country has generals and Field Marshalls like Badeh, you have no country! You have no security! You have no government. Your country is naked and waiting to be totally exposed!

    • Kitunde

      Recent gaffes, include the outburst from this loquacious CDS that ‘do you want the army to drop a £15,000 bomb on one or two terrorists?’ To him, the army must wait for the terrorists to assemble in a park, count them, make sure they are over 500 to avoid waste. How people with no keenness of intellect get to head strategic agencies in Nigeria beats me.

      • True Nigerian

        Hahahahaahahahahaha! I know it’s a cliché to say that I’m laughing my head off here. But believe me, I am really laughing out very loud here. People are coming out from the rooms to find out what is amusing me! Hahahahahaha! Hilarious, so hilarious! Sadly, it is also tragic.

      • True Nigerian

        Thanks for sharing this! Somehow, I didn’t read or hear that when he said it. It’s the most hilarious thing…but I must say that your analysis made it even funnier. “To him, the army must wait for the terrorists to assemble in a park, count them, make sure they are over 500 to avoid waste”. So so so hilarious!

      • Jika

        You made my day with this post.

      • Otile

        See what I am talking about. You have been listening to Wähala so much.

  • True Nigerian

    We are looking at our last chance to save Nigeria and save our own peaceful existence in this short journey called life. Life is so short that no human being should live even a minute of it in pain, fear, misery, horror or poverty. But Nigerians are living through a lifetime of anger, penury, frustration, needless avoidable deaths, diseases, and now total fear and misery. 2015 will be our chance to reject this horrible leadership crisis or to encourage so that our children will live the miserable lives we have led as Nigerians.

    It took the help of Americans and Britons to defeat a small Biafra in the 1960s despite the fact that the region had no major weaponry, arsenal or standing army of its own. Today, Nigeria, including the hometown of Army chiefs, are being seized with ease by ragtag terrorists who don’t even wear bullet proofs nor do they have any major professional combat training. It says one thing – our country is broken! We can either try to hire leaders that have the will and passion to fix it, or we get ready to perish in a conflict that is clearly avoidable and has been avoidable since the last 16 years in which we simply reveled in the idyocy of religious and ethnic sentiments which made us to celebrate leadership by those who would be considered enemies of the state in most other countries.

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    Don’t blame Mr. Badeh; blame his employer who has refused to sack and replace him someone more competent.

    This is just another instance of Aso Rock rewarding incompetence.

    • Kitunde

      Check the pattern,even if Mr Badeh were to sacked-he will be replaced with someone more incompetent,so bad we will wish Badeh was back!

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Great observation, Kitunde.

        Don’t know how GEJ does it, but he always seem to be able to dig deeper just when we feel we have reached rock bottom.

      • Otile

        Be kinder and gentler boy, don’t let anybody corrupt your mind. Violence is no good, and violence starts from the mind.

    • Chris1408

      Our military needs complete orientation. They are all product of “who know man”. The best were not employed to do the job, rather the most influential. They lack discipline and are very incompetent.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Chris, we rarely, if ever, have differences of opinions.

        But, believe me, not all of them are “products of who know man”. A good number of them are not and are thorough professionals, but I will agree with you that those who do not “know man” are generally shunted into positions of irrelevance across the 3 disciplines.

        I also fully agree with you on the need to “re-professionalise” the military. The good thing is that the crop of officers required to do this are already there, but the present system of patronage championed by GEJ would not allow the gems to shine through.

        Hence, we are saddled with the likes of Badeh.

        • Chris1408

          It’s very sad that with all the bright minds and brains in Nigeria, we are saddled with Badeh and GEJ. So so so sad.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            So so so sad, indeed, bruv!

          • justice

            Are you not the ones clamouring for federal representation (federal character) and now the great Jonah has given you the imbecile Badeh you are blaming the man. Kay I do enjoy some of your comments but sometimes you allow sentiments to overwhelme you. Am sure if you witness the power play in the corridors of power and those who want to control every thing, you will have a rethink. I am not a fan of Jonah but you must understands the man’s handicap in the scheme of things in Nigeria. Cut him some slack and look at the bigger picture.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Justice, I am non-plussed.

            I have never, ever believed in federal character.

            Merit it has to be for me.

            Seriously, I am a business man, I do not subscribe to those sentiments, not even friendship.

            If Jonah was Yoruba like me, and he is still like this, he probably would get it worse from me.

            Badeh needs to be kicked and flushed down and toilet and Jonah is the only person to do it, so we will keep on giving him verbal kicks until he kicks out the incompetent military chief. If Jonah wants, the replacement could be from Otuoke, as long as he delivers.

          • justice

            Thank God we share the same mindset but my friend its not that easy when Nigeria is involved. I am of IBO extraction born and and bred in the north, Kaduna to be exact, but you will not believe what passes as one Nigeria when some people are involved. What am trying to say is that this Jonah has no power base having come from nowhere and its highly impossible for him to just change the status quo. Whether you believe it or not a section of the country has more power and can and do influence what happens in the country.

            I seriously believe that Jonah is in power today due to the continued pressure and checks from the Yorubas. The Ibo are virtual errand boys and have no political or military influence.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Bruv, thanks for saying it as it is.

            Nigeria needs more people like you.

            However, I am not so sure the Yoruba deserve credits for keeping Jonah in power. Sure, they played a big role in his ascendancy, but the Yoruba are Jonah’s biggest traducers presently, even more than the Northerners, in my opinion. But then, I could be wrong.

            I like your forthrightness though.

            It is very refreshing.

          • justice

            Yes my dear Kay, the Yorubas deserve the credit because I can assure you that without their tenacity Nigeria would have been a different place. Kay, only indolent minds will engage in nonsensical and primordial narratives.

            Initially, I allowed myself to be overwhelmed but after some soul searching I can differentiate the lies from what we have been sold. I can confidently tell you that I am a detribslised Nigerian as I have tasted all sides.

            Please do not let yourself be guided by ethnic or regional affiliations as justice is an open wound and only truth will heal it. This is the only guiding principle of my life. Whatever anyone else propagate as their truth I will not dismiss outright but will always find room to jaw jaw to find the truth or a common ground because of our differences.

            Kay, from another discuss I am not sold on Okorocha or any of the pretenders to the throne. The belief within some Ndigbo circle is that he is a double edged sword and purely out for what he can get. He and the notorious Abia Orji Kalus are a pointer.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Thanks for that, Justice.

            Like you, I think I can claim to be detribalised – not being born a Nigerian and having lived in every part of Nigeria as a kid growing up and travelling widely across the country as a young adult.

            I loved-the openess and welcoming nature of the regular Northerner, the simplicity of the South South people and the industrial nature cum tenacity of the Ndigbo. As for the Yoruba, my name says it all, our sense of fairness, I believe is our greatest strength and weakness.

            At this point in time, I am truly ambivalent, despite my current support for GMB, about who becomes the next President – as long as it is not Jonathan or his clone.

            If Okorochais not your ideal man, the Ndigbo still has Aunty Oby, but I will still look at Okorocha for his foresight and courage to run against the political herd of the Igbo.

          • Onike24

            when did the yoruba ever clamour for federal character? Jonathan is handicapped because he surrounds himself withYES men,! simple.

  • Fulani Nomad

    Something is wrong in Nigeria. Nobody seems to think right or am I the one that is crazy? I doubt! It seems the conspiracy theorist among us are getting it right about this insurgency.

    • Raqruq

      nothing is wrong with you my brother, just that there are so many questions and no answer in sight

    • G4

      There is nothing wrong with you the people in the current leadership have turned logic on its head. In any sane society there should be a wave of resignations from the military and the FG.

  • djay

    And some ignorant ones still believes bokoharam will not sweep across to the south. As long as Gej is in power, Nigeria will keep crashing down not just in security also economically and socio politically.

  • Atom Ant

    It matters to us though, as we don’t have a provision in the Nigerian constitution for a foreigner to be our military chief.

  • Mr. Arsenal

    ‘Immaterial’ I can’t imagine someone like him will made that statement. Is his family d only one in d village?

    • G4

      He is learning for his Commander in Chief he does not care what happens to any where in Nigeria. Imagine a chief of defence staff using such words, given his complicity in the non-existent ceasefire out of self respect the only words he would have should be uttering is how he is going to effect his resignation.

  • Wähala

    Don’t mind fat Alex, he’s a mad man, the shame belongs to his brothers. A real soldier would die defending his ancestral home. Claiming concern for every home in Nigeria, where was Alex Badeh when Emeka lost his houses to Dumbo’s Ijaw thieves who stole our property calling them “Abandoned Property”…eh? On a more serious note, this is Dumbo’s political strategy of cancelling elections in as many Northern States as possible. Prof. Jega is certainly not going to ‘Madinatu Islamiya’ to conduct elections when Boko Haram have already cancelled the primaries conducted in their ‘Caliphate’. A discerning mind would see the end result before even 2015 general elections: No candidate would garner the 2/3 win in States thus, leading to a run-off or it’s postponement due to foreseeable security challenges of repeating a contentious general elections… thereby, extending Jona Dumbo’s evil rule by another year or two and guaranteeing his 10yrs in office. Convoluted but, that’s their Grand Plan. Simply put, Jona Dumbo and the PDP are using the Boko Haram to make change impossible… it’s no coincidence that Boko Haram are capturing large swats of Nigerian real estate now that Dumbo has cash ($1bn BH Loan) to prosecute his evil agenda.

    • Kitunde

      Honestly,I’m inclined to agree with your line of reasoning-It seems there is a gameplan with this Terrorism nonsense. This will be so cynical-pure evil

      • Otile

        Of course you will be inclined to agree with every word that comes out of Wähala’s mouth. What else is expected of you? The hate he is spitting is music to your ears. For now you appear to be a peaceful teen, but if you listen to Wähala’s evil doctrines further you will be inclined to hate, carry arms and set off to Sambisa forest itself to kill the moslems.

        Read his comments well, they are laden with incitements, sedition, and lamentations. I bet you, before the election is over his listeners will march to Otueke to burn down Presidents Jonathan’s family house if they are not restricted. See how he is gleefully taunting Gen Alex Badeh for the enemy burning down his house. Wähala couldn’t be happier for the arson and vandalism done to his fellow Nigerian. Yeah, these are the kinds of Nigerians you are listening to. With people like him peace will reign in one Nigeria and everybody will be happy thereafter.

        • Kitunde

          Like i asked you recently-did you actually read the post? It is not cryptic. Anyway, talking about hate filled comments,may i suggest you sit back,and quick perusal of your comments-they are obnoxious.(that means unpleasant or rude!)

          • Otile

            Don’t mind boy, as your people say “When
            death wants to take a little dog, it prevents it from smelling even excrement… “

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Otile, it is only the inebriated or totally biased that would refuse to see the sense in what Wahala wrote.

          All indices point in that direction, whether we like it or not.

          This should not be seen as a tribal matter.

          • Onike24

            shook my hand!

      • Wähala

        My Oracle is never wrong… wallahi!

  • Abdurrazaq

    Fellow citizens, this calls for a nationwide protest untill GEJ resigns. The man”s badluck will consume all of us.Am not joking.

    • Smith Scott

      If GEJ leaves who should take over? Buhari Haram right?

      • Otile

        God forbid.

    • justice

      Why are you blaming Jonathan when your country man Baden in is charge? You are very myopic.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Abdurrazaq, justified as this may be, I am not sure I agree with you on that score.

      if we do that, we precipitate the chaos that is already on our doorstep.

      Worse still, this would only leave us with Namadi Sambo; if you think GEJ is bad, he would suddenly look like a Saint with Sambo in charge. I am sure you recollect how we all made funny noises when UMYA was in power?

      Now GEJ has succeeded in making the days of Baba Go Slow quite nostalgic!!

      Let us wait till Feb 2015 and use the power of the vote to effect change.

      In the meantime, pray the Titanic does not hit icebergs before then.

      • Onike24

        well said, as usual.

  • Truthometer

    Alex Badeh doesn’t give a damn, as long as there is enough money to steal. These generation of Nigerian military generals are so shameless. It’s time for them all to put in their resignation.

  • Maria

    Shameless man.

  • Oln

    Nigeria’s military needs to be revamped, no military commander worth his soul will give such cavalier response to what seems like a dire situation in the north east. At the minimum, this guy sounds indifferent to the situation, at worst, incompetently indifferent.

  • Oln

    It is a difficult pill to swallow by a home owner watching his house burn down, while the fire fighter commander standing next to him, is telling him , he has the fire under control, there is got to be a better or different way out of this mess, and these crop of leaders in the country are not it.

  • Chris1408

    The words of a confused and incompetent man. Badeh is a classic example of the failed situation in Nigeria today. He’s an epitome of indiscipline and incompetence. We wonder why the soldiers are going AWOL and abandoning their posts and antique weapons. When the head lacks every structure that makes a true soldier. It’s so sad he’s still keeping his job today after making such statement. How did we get this low.

    • justice

      We got this bad by putting square pegs in a round hole to meet federal representation.

  • MushinSpeaks

    I think what Badeh is telling us is that since we can protect the territorial integrity of Nigeria from external aggression, then Boko Haram can continue to gain control of communities.

    Soon and very soon, the truth will be revealed!

  • Smith Scott

    Since Hausa man is allowed to be ruled by whatever law that pleases him, let Ibo start ruling himself with Briafra law. This is preparation for the inevitable disintegration of Nigeria comes 2015.

    • _Proudly NigerDetan

      This is the most intelligent comment I have come across on this jaundiced platform. However irritating to those to whom truth is alien and to those overly accustomed to eternal subjugation and/or servitude, your comment remains most pertinent and imposing.

      I have always wondered at the stupidity, ignorance or both, of those who dangerously assume that my wealthy SS&SE countries of continent Nigeria will accept any leadership from other regions when other regions reject them (SS&SE) in the insane belief that power belongs only to them…having produced 11 of 14 Presidents in 39 of 54yrs. Wetin? If na fight, we go fight. Nonsense.

      • Mama Bimbo

        Hmmm. Nigeria is in trouble.

    • justice

      But has the IBO man got the balls to rule himself? I am a bonafide nwafo-ibo but totally sceptical of the IBO leadership. Stomach infrastructure aptly describes the IBO way of thinking. Always ready to do the dirty jobs for their pay masters. I am very afraid.



  • Rommel

    Boko Haram is Mr Jonathan and Mr Jonathan is Boko Haram,unbelievable as it seems but it is true,all this is to reduce the voting power of certain areas of Nigeria,president Jonathan gives no two 4uks about the damage done as long as 2015 goes his way,the quest for public money in Abuja has now reached epidemic levels,this high seed of greed was sown by Ayo Oritsejafor,the messenger of mammon and now it has corrupted everyone with access to Aso rock to the extent that this man no longer cares that his village is now under the control of Boko Haram.

    • GEJ the devisive and unfit

      Badeh has gotten a lot of blood money he dont care let BH burn his village and remain there for 100 years to come. He must fulfill the 2015 agenda. His soldiers realize the game,so they dont want to die for nothing that is why the run away and refuse to defend his village.

  • GEJ the devisive and unfit

    Blood for politics and money, GEJ, Modu Sherif and chad president are
    the God father of bokoHaram. The trio had a meeting in Chad GEJ promised
    to provide money out of 1 billion dolar loan he collected, while Modu
    Sherif will assist in providing all contact, Chadian president will
    ensure free flow of arm supplies and more recruit from chad, that is
    why most of those who attact Mubi are chadians. GEJ is desperate for
    reelection. Two options were agreed upon. 1. Negotiate for cease fire
    and release of chibok girls to boost reelection campaign. 2. Escalation
    of violence to provide a window of opportunity to postpone election, or
    at least in the Northeast. After the meeting Ali modu Sherif was
    mandated to choose the best option. The task for negotiation is
    difficult for Sherif, because he has lost the central command due to
    factions. GEJ waited for while no respond from Sherif, so GEJ summon
    Sherif for a close door meeting in Asorock. The decition taken was to
    deceive the public by announcing a bogus cease fire and military most
    comply, in order to allow the boys to escalate there attact and seizure
    of more territories, this will provide opportunity for GEJ to postpone
    election. The foot soldiers Know that their blood is already been traded
    that is why the refuse to fight instead run away from their duty


    If Nigerians cannot agree that the born-to-rule with their political Islam has damaged a once promising country then it is surely time to rethink our fundamental basis of nationhood. Those who introduced Sharia did radicalize the northern population and instigated a religious schism which is today manifesting it’s ugly head as Islamic terrorism .

    Only those have chosen to deliberately hate the truth will keep yelling JONATHAN !! Jonathan !! instead of laying blame on the feet of the northern political and religious class whose mad fixation on regaining the Presidency has cost and is still costing lives,property and destroying the fake unity on a more permanent basis !!

    • Onike24

      when Sharia was introduced, a lot of people northern muslims included argued against it. There are certain things that must be in place for you to implement sharia and that is equal distribution of wealth, if wealth is uneven, the criminal minded will steal! Northern Nigeria has the most UNEQUAL wealth distribution in the entire country! sharia was introduced as a tool for deflection from the real malaise the affects the north. i have seen the way the Quran is taught to the poor in the north, all I can say is that it was used to keep the talakawas from ever questioning the elite and that is not Islam, it is really simple, sharia was politics and not religion. we already had the penal code which was based on sharia of the mailiki school and for personal law we also had the Alkali Judges, so it was all a ruse, which has come to hunt us all.

  • bikky

    Kai,omo ale,bastard,you are not bothered about your hometown,anyway your family are not in the town but remember that when this issue comes to an end (because for sure it will end I pray soonest),then your C-IN-C may not be there again invariably you may not be there too because you will be transferred to Hague for trial on genocide,nothing concern you guys so far is not directly affecting you.

  • coscto

    Only one does not have a pot belly

  • Abdulkadir

    One wonders who, or where is save with the renewed vigor the terrorist have found. This came after some regiment soldiers were court-marshaled for working against the military, after a war they had largely won. Then came another story that the ground upon which a war was won, after the fiercest fight from the army seen in recent times, was lost without any resistance at all from the same army, who only a few weeks earlier, defended it with their lives. Clearly what they had done wrong is to have fired back at the government-sponsored terrorist. Its a shame. With the take over of Michika, one would expect that somebody, in th4e army hierarchy, would be held responsible, but clearly the lost was the achievement. People cannot be deceived for so long in this war against the terrorists. The FG is the Boko-haram.