“Killed” Boko Haram leader, Shekau, in new video; denies ceasefire deal; says Chibok girls ‘married off’

Abubakar Shekau, the Boko Haram leader supposedly killed by Nigerian security forces, appeared in a new video released Friday, dismissing claims of a ceasefire deal with the government and dashing hopes of the return of school girls abducted by the group since April.

The Nigerian government announced October 17 it was suspending military operations against the extremist group after both sides agreed a ceasefire.

Part of the deal was to see the return of more than 200 girls abducted by Boko Haram insurgents from Chibok in Borno State on April 14.

After Boko Haram launched fresh attacks on towns in Borno and Adamawa States, and the girls failed to return on expected dates, the government said more talks were being held and that new attacks were carried out by splinter groups of Boko Haram.

In the new video released Friday, Mr. Shekau denied any ceasefire deal with the government. He said his group will continue to fight the Nigerian state.

Mr. Shekau denied links to Danladi Adamu, the man named by the government as Boko Haram’s representative at the talks.

He said Chibok school girls in the group’s custody have all been “married off”, and will not return to their families.

“We don’t know that impostor called Danladi Adamu, we have never asked him or his like to speak on our behalf because in this war there is no going back,” Mr. Shekau said. “The issue of the girls is long forgotten because I have long married them off.”

Details of the video and Mr. Shekau’s message, delivered in Hausa, will come later.


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  • chukzee

    I guess some guys including Chadian president have decieved GEJ with Chibok girls release and ceasefire which allowed BH regroup after sustaining some losses. They have embarrassed CDS by capturing his hometown, I hope the military have learnt their lessons n would proceed to annihilate BH from a sustained campaign devoid of politriks.

    • What can we really do to impact situations in Nigeria? I doubt if
      these comments reach those they are intended for. I don’t want my
      comments to be in vain.
      Why is Nigeria allowing Sharia in Northern Nigeria? That’s the LICENSE that
      opens the gate for those who are faithful to Qur’an and Hadith to
      establish Ummah al-Islamiyah in Nigeria and EXPAND SHARIA.

      Concerning “touch not the anointed”, please send the following IMPORTANT MESSAGE
      to all who can do something about it:

      Like the U.K. Charity Commission, Nigeria needs to start prosecuting
      Religious Fraudsters. Also, Nigerian Officials must stop mixing Government with Religion.

      • DANLEKES

        This fact we must all know and this we must all do to defend this nation and forestall this happening in d near future.

        We must accept the fact that there are some elements in the Northern region responsible and sponsoring this militants. We should recall that before the 2011 election some prominent ppl from this region did nt predict this but they openly threatened that all we are seeing now will happen if GEJ becomes the president.

        Please can we all answer these in our minds:
        – what was there reason or reasons for opposing GEJ?
        – Does it means presidency can only comes from a certain region?
        – Does it means that me and you cannot tomorrow or our children’s aspires for that office unless we are from a certain region?
        – Is it good that we should all support this in fairness?

        What I think we should all do to defeat the insurgency and their sponsors Is to say NO to these by all supporting whoever that is in Government today and not making the mistake or be calling for the president resignation cos by doing this they would be declared as winner and if this happen it means that we all have no future as this would be the same path they would be taking to hold us to ransom whenever the presidency is not in there favour.

        • You didn’t even say anything about the second part of my post:
          Concerning “touch not the anointed” …

          It means you are BEING BIASED.

  • Truthometer

    Dumbo has been duped again by his quack pepper soup generals. Shekau is still kicking and continue to threaten the peace and security of Nigeria as a state. It is time to disband Nigerian military and prosecute all these useless generals that can not defeat few ragtag terrorists. Again, in any conflict, the commander in chief matters. The current one is busy being, commander in thief.

    • Wähala

      We’ve been duped again because of Dumbo and his tombo-generals. Truth is, unscrupulous businessmen are said to be cashing big with fake news and contacts to the Boko Haram while actually, it’s the BH who are giving Dumbo the run-around using criminal-minded businessmen. The BH terrorists stage-managed a photo of a dead Shekau and fed it Cameroonian Army/Pepper Soup Generals who swallowed the bait and moved to negotiate a fake cease fire while the thugs re-grouped and re-armed then, used a Mallam Danladi to simply “obtain” our mugu Dumbo for cash, my bet is Danladi has disappeared. That’s one side of the argument á lá Sakilda who believed GON was not talking to the real Boko Haram in the first place, that Abu Shekau is still alive, remember? The other side is, Dumbo himself could be stage-managing this whole thing now that he has bought his re-election form. Aim: to destabilize as much of the North and cancel elections there or, cancel the 2015 general elections citing insecurity. My cue: David Mark ati Gov. Elechi’s recent public musings. Again, remember? Either way, Nigerians are dying like flies at the hands of incompetent leadership of Dr. Dumbo! You have a point… Respect!!

      • King Carlos

        Good analysis.

    • larry

      If after all this drama by the muslims sponsors and yet GEJ contests then it would have been a lost cause , But i guess the animals dont know they are shooting them selves in the foot.

  • Aboki

    It is unfortunate the government and CAS are embarrassing themselves and the nation. The information management by the army as being handled by CAS is not helping the fight against these terrorists. The CDS talks far too much. It is a pity the government and the armed forces brought this upon themselves. Instead of building on their recent gains and sustaining the fire to smoke out this group they believed the saboteurs and settled for a fake peace talk. GEJ makes himself look clueless by not being decisive and courageously deal with issues. Is it a coincidence the sequence of recent events? As soon as weapon money which was another plot designed to embarrass the government was returned, somebody defected, Arewa kicked, boko haram renewed attacks, then DEAD Shekau suddenly resurrected. I believe Shekau is dead but the propaganda machine continue to clone him and release fake videos. What is GEJ doing with enemies within like Dasuki, Gusau, and the guy who claims to be negotiating on behalf of government with the terrorists. It appears the more crisis they created the more security vote are being released. The money is to find whose election? The whole scenario looks shady. The more you look the less you see. Yet GEJ looks the more confused. ‘A good commander in chief does not waiver’, George Bush Jnr. Even the most vocal of president admirers must be confused by now.

  • Aboki

    1. These are two different pictures imposed.
    2. The hand holding the prepared message and the car beside exposes the fraud.
    3. The face of the so called SHEKAU is not real.
    4. The guy holding the black cloth by the side of the fake Shekau could go for another Shekau in the future.
    5. The signature military apache in the previous Shekau video has vanished.
    6. The faces of usual aides holding riffles were deliberately hidden to conceal the fraud from proper scrutiny.
    7. Believe this video then you believe anything.
    The lesson in all of this is that the army should just wake up and smell the coffee. Don’t negotiate with terrorists it is alien to their culture. The soldiers will be the usual casualties in the renewed onslaught so don’t allow them ‘boko haram’ to regroup keep pounding and butchering the bastards.


      FAKE VIDEO OR NO FAKE VIDEO…The BH are still waging bloody Jihad !

    • Wähala

      Wait for the video before telling us it’s cartoon characters acting Shekau. Who captured Vimtim and Mubi, fake BH? You are fake because you are not a Northerner, probably Deri Reno Omokri acting your silly self as usual… Drunkard

    • Tymismoni

      People are dying daily from d activities of this bastards u are busy criticizing video.either fake,dead or not had peace returned to our bro n sis in d north ? You are the most gullible.

    • Oleku

      Brother, please don’t say it’s fake–Imam Shekau can never die–you see, he’s here to stay and liberate his people from the alien Nigerian forces and free them from western values–Imam is a good man, Nigeria is the problem not him a liberator–he should be celebrate not attempting to kill him–Allah will not allow him die before his mission on earth is accomplished–say amen

  • Strong System

    I’m just wondering how much the government officials must have wasted on this “cease fire”

  • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

    Aboki, you seems to be taking a roundabout approach please say what you want to say openly so people can appreciate your comments. The truth about everything is a failure on the side of the government and politicians within the region. We can understand the lack of concern from the presidency but what about the politicians in the region? I don’t blame the President because he has said it right from the beginning that he is only concern about his people (GEJ October 2010) any other can go to hell yet we see our people around to get him back to power because of the Naraquen they are getting.

    • YD

      Nice comment Mr Abdullahi

    • Realnigerian

      Really?!! Are you serious or just ignorant of your right as a Nigerian? GEJ is responsibile for every child, adult, tree, river and the whole Nigeria as a Nation. His first task is SECURITY!!!. He is the COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF OF NIGERIA!!!! GEJ has failed woefully.

      Corruption=F9 Security=F9

      A nation’s border is as weak as it’s strongest border. If you like, let Lagos build Atlantic City, it’s no different than being in Bayelsa or Borno. The country’s security will be rated the same. Think!!!!

      Playing Religion, Tribalism, North Vs South, Politics with lives. Governors are helpless when you have a state of Emergency. That makes it FG’s remit.

  • pheliciti

    Governments in saner countries resign for less. Better not to take a title than to leave your responsibilities unperformed

    • G4

      Tell me about it, as if the previous retractions were not bad or globally embarrassing enough.

    • What can we really do to impact situations in Nigeria? I doubt if
      these comments reach those they are intended for. I don’t want my
      comments to be in vain.
      Why is Nigeria allowing Sharia in Northern Nigeria? That’s the LICENSE that
      opens the gate for those who are faithful to Qur’an and Hadith to
      establish Ummah al-Islamiyah in Nigeria and EXPAND SHARIA.

      Concerning “touch not the anointed”, please send the following IMPORTANT MESSAGE
      to all who can do something about it:

      Like the U.K. Charity Commission, Nigeria needs to start prosecuting
      Religious Fraudsters. Also, Nigerian Officials must stop mixing Government with Religion

      • Realnigerian

        Lets start with past Sharia Governors like Adamu Muazu, Shekarau, Yerima, and co. Then Militant Govs – Odili, Ladoja, etc, Then Religious Fraudsters – Pastors and Imams

        These people created the divisiveness when our nation is still immature, still growing.. Let them be made examples so that in future we avoid such thoughts. Alas! – this is Nigeria it will take a while. Not in my time. Britain, France land other went through this same process. We have a long way to go.

  • amazing2012

    All the comments today seem to agree with one another. For instance Shekau or imposter is not the point what is important is that these guys are still incharge. So even if Shekau is dead the war is not dead. Jonathan, I pity dhim because there is no right word to describe him. But the best advice is to him to immediately start sacking people from all angle who can not perform and bring them to justice for negligence, mismanagement, corruption, sabotage and treason, perhaps they can wake up. Surely no country will like us in Africa and the world in general because of the blessings and their fear of our supremacy. Jonathan government does not punish offenders and sabotoues, it only talk and fabricate lies to defend it self in almost all sensitive issues. Look at the video of Mubi people leaving the town in thousand but someone come out to say nothing happen. chad,Cameroon and others will never like us because they afraid of our power, population, economy and magnanimity. Jonathan believes and complicates everything in his administration and is now busy to continue in power. To me I will suggest him to go In full force and finish this once and for all, EXCEPT IF HE IS ALSO INVOLVED.

  • Abu Bilaal Abdulrazaq bn Bello

    God help Nigeria

    • Otile

      Say God help Nigeria to disintegrate peacefully.


    It is unfortunate but the truth is that there has never been a country where Islamic terrorism of this magnitude took place in that eradicated it completely in a few years. The idea of negotiating with these terrorists will not yield any positive results if they do not get their caliphate or their political masters take over power.Our options are as follows:

    1. The Islamic core north agitated for Sharia and used it as a political weapon for years till the Obasanjo led government caved in and Sharia was adopted by the core north. The boko-haram are also rooting for as Islamic state where Sharia will hold sway ie Amputations,beheadings,public floggings,stoning to death etc as specified by Islamic law.
    A long term solution would be better than chasing shadows……A confederacy arrangement in which the north will have greater autonomy,whereby an “infidel” will not be president in the enclave will pacify the region and their terrorists. The centre has to be made ceremonial and weak while the regions retain most political power.

    2. Wage total long term war which may mean the military occupation and declaration of a full scale state of emergency in the affected states ie Governors must be suspended while military administrators run the states and report to the Presidency.

    3.Call a democratic referendum to determine which way Nigerians intend to go because we Christians of the south/north are suffering the stigma of Islamic terrorism and it’s effects and cannot live or work in most parts of northern Nigeria without fear of sudden violent death in the hands of Jihadists.

    4. Adopt any other form of governance which will eliminate the four-yearly deadly struggles for the oil and gas revenue which we call elections. The motivation for politicians to sponsor or adopt terrorist groups for political reasons would have been reduced drastically.

    5. Violent disintegration which will make Somalia,Syria,Lybia,Iraq etc look like a child’s play.

    Those blaming GEJ are mere mischief makers who do not want to face reality….The chances of Nigeria knowing total peace again depends on the ability of Nigerians accepting the short-comings of the Amalgamation and making amends. Religious violence has been in the DNA of the north before GEJ was born,Mai tatsine was a fundamentalist uprising in the 80s,the introduction of Sharia further radicalised the region.
    The genie is out of the bottle so let’s face the music and stop the self deceit !!

    • Realnigerian

      So how do you compare your reasons to why we had Biafra, OPC, MEND, Niger-Delta Militants – Are these groups’ ideologies based on Looting, thieving, religion, elitism, selfishness, etc.

      If OBJ and the Government that time allowed Biafra to exist, do you think you can call your self christian south now?

      The truth of this matter, the current C-n-C s failing to end BH on time. I am not on any PDP or APC side, I don’t care. Just give a me a good secured environment, with education for our children, cheap fuel, energy, food on the table, Freedom of speech, reliable communications, transportation, 70% corruption free institutions etc = Democracy.

      If he cannot cope, he should quit. His attitude towards incompetence – corruption, security, is alarming!!!. What manner of C-n-C is he? Army chiefs should have been sacked by now.

      Yes Nigeria is an amalgamation of people. Who cares. It works well when it works because we make it work. Bringing Religion, tribalism into the foray shows ignorance.

      The same sharia govs – Adamu Muazu, Yerima, Modu Sherrif, Shekarau, etc. started the sharia politics are the ones assisting him to win over the north. It’s just politics for the literates and not for the illiterates. But it does not matter.

      Stop blaming start fixing

    • niyi

      so the christians who are even dominant in some northern states will now be under sharia going by your option 1, mr tawanda

      • What can we really do to change the following situations in Nigeria? I doubt if
        these comments reach those they are intended for. I don’t want my
        comments to be in vain.
        Why is Nigeria allowing Sharia in Northern Nigeria? That’s the LICENSE that
        opens the gate for those who are faithful to Qur’an and Hadith to
        establish Ummah al-Islamiyah in Nigeria and EXPAND SHARIA.

        Concerning “touch not the anointed”, please send the following IMPORTANT MESSAGE
        to all who can do something about it:

        Like the U.K. Charity Commission, Nigeria needs to start prosecuting
        Religious Fraudsters. Also, Nigerian Officials must stop mixing Government with Religion

  • Vote GEJ 2015

    ,Muslims again with their regular trademark(Sorrow,Tears and Blood).

    Muslims must stop this Sharia killing of non-Muslims. Why did Muslims in Northern Nigeria adopt Sharia law? What is wrong with Nigeria law? Sharia is a mechanism meant to eliminate non-Muslims.

    Do not vote for Buhari, cos he will finalize the pogrom of non-Muslims systematically(if elected). Non-Muslims are threat to Sharia, thus must be eliminated by Muslim Ummah.

    What are Muslims doing to rescue Chibok girls from their fellow Muslim brothers(Boko-Haram)?

    The Muslims are Chief Commander of Sharia law in which Boko-Haram has come to implement. Muslims must stop this Sharia killing of non-Muslims. Secondly, abolish Sharia law now. Nothing is wrong with Nigerian law.

    Death to Jihadist and their sympathizers.

    • Realnigerian

      Rubbish political saliva

  • Rommel

    I now believe that president Jonathan knows so much about the Boko Haram activities,this is his way of telling Nigerians not to expect the release of the Chibok girls

  • Wähala

    I’d rather wait for the video and more tidbits before issuing my full views on this development. Meanwhile, it only means that Dumbo, Ali Modu Sheriff and those PDP-cabal gangsters sponsoring the Boko Haram thugs have lost control of the initial group Sheriff could influence, we’ve been duped due to Dumbo’s cluelessness with regards to who the real Boko Haram are. Maybe, it’s truly “ghosts” that he’s been negotiating with… a faceless man named Danladi, my bet is that he has disappeared in Saudi Arabia. Dumbo is the only President in history known to have negotiated with Ali Baba himself! Wallahi, our man-mugu has been “obtained” and Nigerians are the worse for it, he doesn’t give a damn, remember? That or as methinks, he is behind this whole BH murderous mayhem. Dr. Dumbo is evil and you can’t put anything past Evil Spirit. Never in the history of Nigeria has a CDS lost his enclave to thugs and still roam about in Cabinet with a glass of wine in the hand. Fat, mba! obese #OgaAlexBadeh is a foreigner who should go and live under the new flag in his place of birth, biko. Nigeria has gone to the wolves and Dumbo is a victim of scam artiste, or the con-artiste scamming Nigerians to elongate his corruption-ridden stay at Aso Villa by cancelling elections using the spurious ground of insecurity. Either way, Nigerians are dying like flies and Dumbo must be flushed down the drains and towed to jail for his/the crimes against humanity under his evil reign… Ma’sha Allah!

    • tundemash

      Soldiers running away from Mubi says it all; Jona and Nigeria has lost the war to the terrorists. I forsee more of the “oluwole” ceasefire in the coming months just for Jona and his boys to make some more money !

      The Emperor was fiddling about with Tambwal’s security while …………..

      How come Dumbo could call an emergency meeting on Tambuwal and no meeting on the terrorist takeover in Adamawa? Either way you look at it, negligence or connivance, Dumbo is guilty of crime against humanity !

      • Oleku

        Why shouldn’t they run–as a Mohammedan yourself do you think the infidel Nigerian forces can stand the armour power of Allah and freedom fighters of Imam Shekau–even the Yankees and Brits are being over run in Iraq by I.S as we speak–darkness can never out shadow light Tundemash

      • Otile

        Yeah, by day you call them terrorists, by night you have dinner with them, sleep with their women and praise Allah with them. A friend indeed. Haba, Abubakar tundemash

  • Frank Bassey

    Those who blame GEJ for BH insurgency must give credit to promoters of ISLAM which gave rise to this fire that must consume those who ignited it. No matter how they dramatize it, Jonathan CAN NEVER BE rattled out of office. This country belongs to Nigerians not to maggot-ridden Muslims.

    • tundemash

      Arrant nonsense! There are bound to be security challenges and one of the functions of govt is to protect EVERY Nigerian irrespective of their ethnicity/religion/political belief. And clearly Dumbo has failed severally on this; from blaming others for his incompetence, messing about with Modu Sherrif to deceiving Nigerians with a fake ceasefire .

      Compraore of Burkina Faso boasted same thing 3 days ago and yet the power of the people booted him out. Difference is that we have too many of sycophants like you who sees everything from the prism of ethnicity and religion. I hope Sambo, Muazu and terrorist Asari are included in your maggot-ridden Muslims.

      • Oleku

        Does protecting every Nigerian means invading a caliphate where one is not wanted–are the Mohammedans not entitled to self determination and self realisation of their destiny? Aware such are their human rights and not a privilege? Tundemash why do you love one ‘oil’ Nigeria so much? Don’t you want freedom for Oodua republic. Live and let live

        • tundemash

          Is the caliphate excluded from the map of Nigeria Dumbo swore to protect ? Did those who live in the “caliphate” not vote for Dumbo in 2011 ?
          Too early in the day to get drunk, creek rat; there is a football match in a few hours.

          • Oleku

            Ever heard of Man (GEJ) proposes God (Allah) disposes–great Jona had pledged to protect and liberate Mohammedans from their retrogressive and retarded mentality and bring to them light and reformative progress that will bring them at par with the south but Allah through Imam Shekau rejects such moves–the Mohammedans believes that any move by an infidel president is unholy and should be denounced–only a Mohammedan president is welcome even if he impoverished them–you see, an average Mohammedan will hail a president who fucks his wife than an infidel who abhors rape, beheadings and who builds them schools–this is not about what GEJ wants for them–it’s about what Allah and the Mohammedans wants for themselves–you can force a horse to a stream but you can’t force it to sip water

        • Otile

          The odale is afraid of losing the oil from SE SS. He doesn’t know that life in Ooduwa Republic can beat life in corrupt Nigeria, at least the capital city Lagos has already been built for them with our oil money. All they need is to untie themselves from the hips of their Fulani masters. Nonsense

    • Wähala

      Stop displaying excess stoopidity in public with your crass assertions about faceless “those” who boasted, the only man I remember who boasted “confidently that Boko Haram will be defeated by April” this year has lost his village to the thugs and a political thug like you is there dead drunk this early in the day spewing gibberish about Muslims. You have no common sense, worse than the moron you’re supporting. Gorilla. Go back to eating your dog-bones from Dumbo’s kitchen sink and leave intellectual discourse to sober minds. Clown, any attempt to stay longer than he’s welcome and you will see maggots crawl out of his eyeballs when these same Muslims finish dealing with your mumu… Stay tuned, #FrankBasstard!

      • Oleku

        What can the Mohammedans do to great Jona? Get off that drugs mate

  • Frank Bassey

    Hiding in the bush, masking your face and fighting and running away is mark of COWARDICE.

  • Abdulkadir

    It should be clear, even to most partial mind, that the group the government is negotiating with is the political Boko Haram sponsored by the same government that is supposedly fighting it.. Obviously the incident that happened in South Africa has denied them opportunity to restock arms meant to carry out more damning attacks, hence the resolve for a cease fire until another channel of weapon acquisition is discovered.

    As for the real Boko Haram, their days are numbered as the election to vote out their colaborators draws closer. Soon they shall smile no more and peace shall return to our dear North. My regret is the poor children in their captivity and the many that have perished due the conspiracy to make the North inhabitable.

  • Oleku

    Allah Wubade–the infidel Nigerian forces can never withstand the power of Imam Shekau and his Tuaregs–darkness can never outshine light and freedom–Imam Shekau is a freedom fighter, a liberator and a secessionist–who stands for what is right and justice–what does the Nigerian alien forces stand for-except of course for oppression, imposition and propagation of western education which Islam abhors–the Nigerian forces must be crushed and defeated through out Arewa Islamic Caliphate–they should stop invading a foreign territory–if you are not wanted in one’s territory then move on-is that simple. Imam Shekau has repeatedly stood for what he believes which is Islamic jihadism and the entrenching of sharia law– whereas the Nigerian alien forces have been nothing short of a torn of flesh on the people–I salute the courage of the gallant soldiers who tactically manoeuvre from Mubi few days ago–I encourage all the oppressive Nigerian forces to vacate from the Mohammedans enclave–theirs is a lose battle–victory is of Allah and insha Allahu Shekau will triumph and capture all nooks and crannies of Arewastan.

    May Beelzebub grant Imam Shekau the power and wisdom to destroy one ‘oil’ Nigeria. May Baal empowers him to see to the secession of Mohammedan enclave–which will automatically see to the end of Nigeria and the birth of Biafra–we lost over 3million of gallant innocent women and babies during the civil war to the Nigeriacrats forces but this time Biafra will be actualised without a gun shot. All say amen

    • abdlquadri

      I dont know where you learnt your Islam from but obviously it is from the same place the terrorist learn. You are obviously obviously do not know that 90% of the terrorist are from Chad not Nigeria.

    • Otile

      Amen, amen. God bless you my brother, the fo*ls will never learn.

  • Bala Datti

    The president believes that his performance has no bearing to his re-election. He knows that neglecting the book-haram issue has no concequence, after all he is in control of the police and other institutions that will aide his rigging the election. He is of the believe that no matter how decimal his performance is, a certain section of the country will play the religious and ethnic card to his defense.

    The boko haram saga and governments approach to its is a proper examination of the capacity and ability of this administration to protect the life and property of its citizens. Government has proven over time that its core area of competence is its ability to punish and take a pound of flesh on any person who dares criticize it for incompetence. From the Borno State Governor who said the Boko Haram militants had more sophisticated weapons and high moral than the Nigerian troops to the former CBN Governor who exposed the $20BN lotting of the Nigerian treasury not to mention the South African Govt for raising an eyebrow over the attempted smuggling of $9.3M dollars to its country, each time this administration excesses are exposed the Government is quick to use crude tactics in punishing the whistle blowers.

    If this energy used to fight crtisisim was used to tackle the insurgency, fight corruption, fix our roads then we all will be smiling.

    To a lot of his blind supporters who have their vision blurred by sentiments and religios bigotry, this man is a messiah. When insecurity is as its worth ebb ever, poverty is widespread, unemployment is rock bottom all economic indices are declining at an increasing rate

    • ebitari

      Am sure any person sponsoring d insurgents to become president will call Dem to d Presidency ND clap for Dem for helping Dem win. If not dey will go to get troops fm outer space

      • What can we really do to change the following situations in Nigeria? I doubt if
        these comments reach those they are intended for. I don’t want my
        comments to be in vain.
        Why is Nigeria allowing Sharia in Northern Nigeria? That’s the LICENSE that
        opens the gate for those who are faithful to Qur’an and Hadith to
        establish Ummah al-Islamiyah in Nigeria and EXPAND SHARIA.

        Concerning “touch not the anointed”, please send the following IMPORTANT MESSAGE
        to all who can do something about it:

        Like the U.K. Charity Commission, Nigeria needs to start prosecuting
        Religious Fraudsters. Also, Nigerian Officials must stop mixing Government with Religion.

  • Thecreed

    Too bad! Inspite of all the huge resources expended so far, the insurgency is far from being over. PDP’s priority is 2015 elections while the nation burns in flames. Come 2015! We hope to get a real commander in chief, who will be true to his words!!

  • Justice

    Tham man is Dead dont believe the hype

    • tundemash

      yeah ! That was his ghost .

      Dead or no dead…. Boko Haram took over Mubi and Nigerian soldiers fled …. is that a hype too ?
      Dumbo can’t any visit any state in the north east …. is that a hype too ?
      Dumbo says, even his movement are restricted by Boko Haram’s activities …. was that a hype by Dumbo ?
      Over 200 Chibok girls are still with Boko Haram’s …… is that still a hype ?
      The ceasefire was fake to deceive Nigerians …. is that a hype too?

      • Oleku

        Do you believe in live and let live? Do you believe in freedom and the struggle for self determination as enshrined on UN Human Rights Charter?

        • Otile

          Don’t mind the imp, he is a deranged man.

      • Otile

        Abubakar tundemash you sound like an ejaculating toad. Nonesense

  • Osayinde

    Bala, your father Datti Abubakar were the people who robbed Nigeria dry. As military governor of old Anambra state and later minister of transport your father did nothing but steal govt money. You have the nerve to call someone corrupt. Nawa wo! We went to military school with you, I remember you as someone who never bothered of anyone but your group of over pampered children of the then serving and retired generals. God will punish all of you one after the other.

    • Saleem

      Shame on you Osayinde, you don’t sound like an ex jam. It’s a pity that the military school made no positive impact on you.

  • Osayinde

    Hausaman will never rule this country again.

    • Otile


    • Jennifer

      Do not see Nigeria based on their ethnic diversity, see us as a country united for economical prosperity. Housa man own u nothing, PDP has failed us, lets call a spade a spade. We need change come 2015.

      • Otile

        …a country united for economic prosperity based on crude oil from SE SS, but nobody from SE SS will be allowed to be president. Nigeria cannot last long on cheating some ethnic groups.

  • ceweeco projects

    We are expected to believe that anyone who objects to the APC and their foot-soldiers Boko Haram or the Islamic rejection is a terrorist, and that the only way to preserve our freedom is to hand it over to the APC and Buhari for safekeeping.

    • Otile

      They are deluding themselves. Imam Buhari is a loser.

      • Oleku

        He’s a serial loser my brother, he will lose and cry again and again

        • Otile

          The end is in sight for him.

    • Jennifer

      Lets vote for change and not just an INDIVIDUAL, what we need is change from the present political party that sees Nigeria as an enterprise established to keep enriching themselves while millions languish in abject poverty.

  • Bala Datti

    Education is not to put bread on the table alone, it is to widen your periscope. I can see that education has not impacted in your reasoning. With mind sets like yours, how can we live together. The hatred along ethnic and religious lines is so deep, i am surprised you went to the same school with me. In military shool, we were thoroughly schooled.

    • Jennifer

      i hope they realize that there so call desire for religion over political matters if not put on check will curse many death and genocide to take place in Nigeria, people should unite against bad governance PERIOD…say “NO” to corruption and stop misleading some other low IQ like them to killing in the name of religion.

  • Bala Datti

    You guys are getting the script totally wrong, it does not matter who rules, what matters is a ruler who will make things work. Key performance indices in leadership are not rhithorical, they are obvious. When leadership is decimal, the victims are not immuned because they are from the same religion or ethnic group with the leader, everyone feels the heat. Look Nigeria, when arguments are made in favor of this administration, no one talks of unemployment, insecurity, inflation, impunity, freedom of speech, corruption. All we here is this or that will not rule, this are that have vowed to make the country ungovernable. Give us empirical evidence to convince us that their is a government that had its people’s interest at heart.

    • No Comment

      “Sharia should be introduced in full across Nigeria. I will continue to show openly and inside me
      the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria. God willing, we will NOT
      stop the agitation for the total implementation of the Sharia in the country.

      It is a legal responsibility which God has given us, within the context of one Nigeria, to continue to uphold
      the practice of Sharia; wholeheartedly. What remains for Muslims in Nigeria is for them to re-double
      their efforts and educate Muslims on the need to promote the full implementation of Sharia law.”

      …………….General Muhammadu Buhari

      (August 27, 2001)

      • Jennifer

        Both of you are fools in the making, continue disrupting meaningful contribution by well mean Nigerians, law of karma shall come upon u someday.

    • What can we really do to change the following situations in Nigeria? I doubt if
      these comments reach those they are intended for. I don’t want my
      comments to be in vain.
      Why is Nigeria allowing Sharia in Northern Nigeria? That’s the LICENSE that
      opens the gate for those who are faithful to Qur’an and Hadith to
      establish Ummah al-Islamiyah in Nigeria and EXPAND SHARIA.

      Concerning “touch not the anointed”, please send the following IMPORTANT MESSAGE
      to all who can do something about it:

      Like the U.K. Charity Commission, Nigeria needs to start prosecuting
      Religious Fraudsters. Also, Nigerian Officials must stop mixing Government with Religion

  • Roland

    Dear Editor,


    Boko Haram is the militant wing of Islamism…..APC is the political wing.
    Both APC and Boko Haram are joined in the hip on murderous Islamism.
    There’s no clear-cut difference between APC and Boko Haram – none!

    They both exist to either kill or exclude Christians from governance.
    A gross failure by civil rights activists to see this nexus is a disgrace.
    Civil rights activists were virtually telling us Osama bin Ladin is not bad,
    but that Al Qaeda is not good – such warped and illogical nonsense!
    Civil and human rights activists fumble and fiddle as Nigeria burns.

    • Holy Warrior

      @ Roland:

      The Action Congress of Nigeria [ACN] which last year morphed as APC
      has NEVER presented a Christian as governorship candidate in Yorubaland.
      So, the question is: why did APC never do so? Alhaji Lai Mohammed –
      the APC Spokesman – said it is because APC chooses its candidates ‘on merits’.
      So, what does Lai Mohammed’s explanation mean?

      Very simple, it means as far as APC is concerned, Yoruba Christians have no merits
      to hold top government posts but could be appointed either as assistants to
      Muslim overlords; or, as Commissioners taking instructions from a Muslim governor.

      Fact two: APC was formed with 100% Muslim national executives and registered
      as such with INEC – the National Electoral Commission. What does this second fact mean?
      Very simple, it means morning shows the day. Not only does APC consider Yoruba Christians useless,
      APC; by starting out with 100% Muslims as interim national executives, invariably deems
      all Christians in Nigeria worthless.

      In the light of these two clear facts the next logical question is this: “What is an Islamist Party?”
      Very simple – again. An Islamist Party is an association registered as a political party but which internally
      decides the question of ‘merits’ for its members based solely on Islam by pre-judging
      every non-Muslim; and in particular a Christian member, as un-qualified for top government position
      on its party platform. Therefore, is APC an Islamist Party? The answer is, yes!

      • Public Records

        “[On this clamour for a Christian as Lagos state governor]….
        we should NOT introduce something that will start affecting the
        consciousness of the people. We shouldn’t put in the people’s consciousness
        what they were not thinking about before. Even if you look at it closely,
        you will find that the dominant people in Lagos state are Muslims

        ……..Alhaji Tola Kasali

        (Lagos Commissioner for Rural Affairs under Bola Tinubu)

        [October 25th, 2014]

        • Encore

          Alhaji Tola Kasali,

          I think the real Ebola in Lagos state is corrupt un-accountability and it is still on.
          Alhaji Raji Fashola, the unfortunate state governor, went to say in court
          that Lagosians have no right whatsoever to ‘freedom of information’.
          But did Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu – the putative APC Party Leader;
          also consent that all the 18 million Lagosians have no right to
          freedom of information? If yes, why did he endorse this
          un-disguised autocracy?

          And assuming he’s daft, how about Alhaji Adeyemi Ikuforiji – the APC Speaker
          of the Lagos House of Assembly? What basis did he see for this nonsense
          policy inside Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution for him to go along; and why did he
          join this vile conspiracy against hapless Lagosians now turned into slaves?

          But then, what did Alhaji Ade Ipaye (the APC attorney-general in Lagos)
          say about this barbaric violation of the civil rights of Lagos people to be
          fully informed, accurately, of their state affairs? And is there no other Alhaji
          inside the Lagos state APC government personally having the requisite honesty,
          and, with proper education that ‘democracy’ strictly means ‘accountability’
          as eked out by freedom of information?

          • Figaro

            Theft has created a crass elite structure in Nigeria having no sensible member
            a Nigerian youth can look up to as innovative and morally upright role model
            amongst the treasury thieves prancing around in criminal garb as politicians.

          • Demola

            “The only way to stop us from stealing is to stone us. The Nigerian followers
            are as guilty as the Nigerian leaders. The Nigerian institutions are all compromised
            and there is no alternative to them as it is. Nigerians appear not to be against stealing
            and corruption but only against how long you stay stealing and being corrupt.
            Don’t ever expect those in public office to fight corruption on these facts.”

            ….…..Governor Rotimi Amaechi (Rivers state)

            (June 30th, 2014)

      • Jennifer

        Tell me why we should choose our leaders on the bases of religion association???? to me you talk like a die hard religion fanatics, religion doesn’t put food on your table or pay your rents. Religion are man made, don’t be fooled.

    • Al Jihadi

      “We are fighting a religious war. We are fighting against the Christians in Nigeria.
      We are fighting against Christian President – Goodluck Jonathan – and his Christian brethren.
      We are not fighting any ethnic war. Those saying we are fighting an ethnic war are telling
      lies to the public. They try to brainwash the people. No, we are fighting a religious war.
      We are fighting against Christians. We are fighting the Christian President Jonathan,
      and his Christian brethren.”

      ……………….Abubakar Shekahu

      [Leader, Boko Haram]

      [December 28, 2013]

      • Jennifer

        so why haven’t Christain President – Goodluck Jonathan crushed him with all the power he got as the commander in chief of the Nigeria Arm Forces????? fools like u don’t think well that BH is designed for PDP to remain in power…GEJ says and i quote “BH are within my party”

    • Koko4u

      You are either a fellow with a demented mind or someone who deliberately set out to twist facts to achieve devious political end. Inspite of the evidence that Boko Haram is not Islam and the fact that the insurgents are not discriminator9y of who is slaughtered whether you are muslim or not, you still stubbornly hold on to the now-worn-out allegation that BH represents Islam.

      • Borode


        Me i can’t shout, please! All i want to say is that people like Professor Itse Sagay,
        Professor Wole Soyinka, Barrister Femi Falana and so on, must not run away.
        Were they not the ones saying an Islamist party [APC] is a progressive party?
        No NADECO route is acceptable this time. They must stay here and fight with guns
        against the same Islamism they supported. They must not run away this time.
        They must face the bloody consequence of the bad advice they gave the people.

        • Jennifer

          why do mentally derail people of your kind from animal kingdom are allow to make comment in this reality fact far fetch forum like this???? someone needs to check this guy brain for lost of memory, he is vomiting nonsense

    • Sword of Damocles

      You my friend, have a wicked heart or a mental problem ,With all that band of criminals called PDP is doing to Nigeria, including your own family, you come on this site to spew hatred talking about “fiddling”You and your traitor president know the only WAY you can win in February, is to divide Nigerians along RELIGIOUS & SECTIONAL lines. And Here you are & “PHP” president DOING EXACTLY THAT. Some people that may read my postulations wonder why does this person have such disdain for this man from Otuoke. It is for reasons like the clown above that I am responding to. Imagine a President of Nigeria risking a another tribal/ethnic/religious pogrom ONLY TO STAY IN POWER. I am serious when i insist that this Jonathan must be “INTERVIEWED” when he becomes ex-President.

  • Joe

    Over to Jonathan and his security advisers. There is no common ground for light and darkness, day and nite. Its unfortunate that Jonathan is using our people for 2015.

    • Otile

      What do you expect him to do now, to eradicate Islam in Arewa? That’s a tall order, bro. Why not let the Muslims have their Caliphate and let peace reign? Live and let live. Imam Shekau Allah ya yi zamani. Brother Joe say Amen.

  • igbiki

    Killed for the 100t time. Before this year is over, they will kill him maybe another 30 times.

    • Otile

      Don’t mind them. Imam is alive and kicking.

      • Patriotic Dom

        Your devilish imam abi

  • Spoken word

    I thought the government said shekau was dead.you surely can’t take any information coming from this government seriously.this government is a big embarrassment.

  • The poet

    Behold, O, brethren of the sword -Mujahedeen Abubakar Shekahu has risen again!
    The third-time scourge of Nigerian thieves in government offices is still alive and well.
    Here is the amorphous one whom history has oddly chosen to flog and scar the nation.

    This instrument of vengeance is armed and well – marching on from Mubi to Gombe.
    Spilling blood along the way; killing and beheading those who accepted Nigeria’s infamy
    as deserving the same gruesome death as those others who stole Nigeria to death.
    Behold, the human scourge of a nation in the throes of predictable inverted justice is alive!

  • tijan kabba

    i am sure this guy must be speaker from the grave cos i remember this government of lies telling us they had killed him

    • What can we really do to change the following situations in Nigeria? I doubt if
      these comments reach those they are intended for. I don’t want my
      comments to be in vain.
      Why is Nigeria allowing Sharia in Northern Nigeria? That’s the LICENSE that
      opens the gate for those who are faithful to Qur’an and Hadith to
      establish Ummah al-Islamiyah in Nigeria and EXPAND SHARIA.

      Concerning “touch not the anointed”, please send the following IMPORTANT MESSAGE
      to all who can do something about it:

      Like the U.K. Charity Commission, Nigeria needs to start prosecuting
      Religious Fraudsters. Also, Nigerian Officials must stop mixing Government with Religion.

  • faith

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  • Sword of Damocles

    It appears the Clown Prince’s bootlickers on this , and other online forums are now attempting a new tactic that appears to be deliberate and coordinated. If you will peruse the comments below you will notice that a lot of the comments are supposed quoted remarks from BH on how they are fighting a religious war against Nigeria(which is true) and a against a christian President. My point is not to argue whether BH said it or didnt say it. MY aim is simply to expose the GOAL of these a$$ lickers(WHICH IS TO RETURN THE CLOWN PRINCE TO ASO ROCK IN 2015) so that he and his PDP minions can RAPE us some more. They(PDP) understand that the LITTLE chance they have to hold on to the Presidency is based upon convincing Nigerians that APC is an islamic and fanatical political party that should not be TRUSTED(funny isnt it?) with the reigns of power. Imagine that? Take a minute to contemplate that looters, killers, common criminals , brutes, thugs, armed robbers, are now telling US NIGERIANS who is fit to HOLD THE REIGNS OF POWER. This my friends is why NIGERIA is in DEEP DOODOO. Where else in the whole wide world do you see this kind of phenomena

    • Freeman

      @Sword of Damocles,

      Where genocide is at issue Jonathan is irrelevant to each targeted person’s rational option of self-defence.
      Politics is not a sport; like a soccer game of club supporters. Politics is the highest endeavor of mankind.
      Get politics wrong in principle your streets will be littered with corpses and briming with illiterates in penury.
      That is where Lagos state is sinking now, despite oodles of cash because Socrates’ strictures weren’t heeded.
      Public office is only for the highest reasoners in society – the Philosopher Kings – not just for anyone.
      Nigeria got it wrong from outset and must now pay the price for it by way of mass stealing and mass murder.

      • Rotimi Savage

        I too must confess. Lagosians did no thinking before voting for Raji Fashola.
        We just went to the polling booths to vote as instructed by Bola Ahmed Tinubu.
        Now, we have 3.7 billion dollars debt to show for it, plus $40b of Lagos state
        revenue from 1999 – partly squandered and partly stolen by Fashola and Tinubu.

        • Sword of Damocles

          You may be tight i am not familiar with what raji fashola is doing in Eko(where i spent my life until 1982), but as Mao said “even a journey of a thousand miles, begins with ONE STEP. Nigeria is a centralized country thus that STEP must be taken from the CENTER. strength and honor friend.

        • BABUYANMA

          When did you Lagosians become ZOMBIES?.

        • zacchaeus Akinleye

          You are a savage to commonsense. Did Fashola steal the money?

      • Sword of Damocles

        i agree with everything you said except:

        “Where genocide is at issue Jonathan is irrelevant to each targeted person’s rational option of self-defence”.

        And at the end of your post you RIGHTLY contradict your above quote when you quote Socrates:”Public office is only for the highest reasoners in society – the Philosopher Kings”. Who rules us as Socrates postulated thousands of years ago, is of the HIGHEST IMPORTANCE, why? because it affects EVERYTHING else. when we live in some form of happiness. Nigerians “CANNOT got to the BANK when we have no money there, we must have money to go to the bank”. Nigeria the country that is in the deepest crevice of my heart NEEDS a LEADER!! DO you understand me? a Leader to LEAD US out of BONDAGE, and guess what Otuoke clown is not that man. Now to your term that you used ” targeted person’s rational option of self-defence”. I like this term, I think it segways well with Thomas Hobbes’s “State of Nature”. Because Mr Hobbes argues that with out Representative Govt. (monarch in his times) we(man) would exist in a state of the nature, where the Strong(ruling elites in Nigeria) would prey on the weak(Nigerian masses). It is for these myriad of reasons that I insist that the PDP MUST GO, before anything GOOD happens in our Fatherland. We will get EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE on May 29th when Mai Gaskiya swears the Oath before God and man.

  • Democrat M

    This country is in real trouble. Who will liberate our country from this deceitful regime? Whether it is Shekau dead or alive was the one that refuted cease fire agreement this regime claimed, one fact is clear, this regime has never been truthful.


      Only interested in looting the treasury

  • Funso Olamiti

    Anyone deceiving himself now that religion does not matter
    will be looking for a gun in self-defence soon. Islamism is
    dangerous. Islamism is violent. It is to be avoided. So far, Nigerians have
    seen just one type of virulent Islamism by Boko Haram beheading Nigerian
    soldiers and air-force men. But that is not the only type of Islamism. There
    are worse versions of Islamism coming soon to your neighbourhood. Islamism is
    worse than apartheid because Islamism includes genocide of all non-Muslims.

    • What can we really do to change the following situations in Nigeria? I doubt if
      these comments reach those they are intended for. I don’t want my
      comments to be in vain.
      Why is Nigeria allowing Sharia in Northern Nigeria? That’s the LICENSE that
      opens the gate for those who are faithful to Qur’an and Hadith to
      establish Ummah al-Islamiyah in Nigeria and EXPAND SHARIA.

      Concerning “touch not the anointed”, please send the following IMPORTANT MESSAGE
      to all who can do something about it:

      Like the U.K. Charity Commission, Nigeria needs to start prosecuting
      Religious Fraudsters. Also, Nigerian Officials must stop mixing Government with Religion


    What have we Nigerians become. What are we waiting for?. Why cant we march to Abuja and drive Jonathan out of office?. We either do it now or later. The earlier the better.

  • mike

    Something to ponder about. Boko Haram is ravaging the north east. Voters/ would be voters are fleeing; the ones who dare to stay are being slaughtered. My question is: who stands to gain from these boko haram activities?
    Let’s not forget that the three states worst hit are APC states.
    The Federal Government and the presidency are only paying lip service to the fight against boko haram because they (PDP) seem to be given the advantage by the activities of these insurgents.

    • Swod of Damocles

      SPOT ON!!

    • Chris1408

      Shekau is president of northeast Nigeria, Niger Delta is run by Tompolo, while GEJ preside over the remaining parts.

      • austine007

        What!! You guys have shread Nigeria without involving me? OK, I take Otuoke as my domain… Abeg make una drag am wit me ooooo!!!

        • Chris1408

          LOL. Wait till GEJ build airport in the swamp land.

          • austine007

            O! No… I no go gree oooo! Why Jonathan wan come share Otuoke with me after he amassed so much wealth to become Africa’s 6th Richest leader in 2014? Why? Why?? Why??? There is God!!!

  • King Carlos

    What more can we say about this new episode in the series of national embarrassment Jonathan administration has subjected Nigerians to. Are they going to blame APC for the failure of the fake cease fire agreement? Or they want to blame the south African government or US for blocking their arm deals?

    Honestly, some people gotta lose their jobs for this embarrassing ‘ceasefire’. Chief of defense staff has to face the national assembly and explain why, despite the money being spent on intelligence gathering and the existence of SSS, A whole government of Nigeria fell for a 419 deal. This is ridiculous, unimaginable, embarrassment of the highest order. In fact it is a national tragedy. The role of the Chadian government should be probed on this matter. Ali Modu Sherrif should be questioned with no delay.

    Many people questioned the veracity and genuineness of the ceasefire. I knew it was a one legged chair. But we never thought it could scatter so fast.

    What do u think the international community will think about this issue? No country will get involved in the issue of boko haram again because they know our government is not coming to justice with clean hands.

    On the hand, I want Nigerians to shed more light on Jonathan’s relationship with Isreal. I believe the isreali government is doing some shady deals with Jonathan. You remember the infamous internet contract awarded to an Israeli company? An isreali was nabbed in south africa accompanying the $9.3 million. And Jonathan has been going to Isreal on some pilgrimage stuff with some people on his Entourage.

    There are many questions to be asked, but our shoeless president doesn’t give a damn. He now has Nike shoes so he doesn’t care about what happens to his people. Nigerians please let’s make a CHANGE in 2015.

    If Burkina faso can do it, why not Nigeria?.

  • Wadi

    No country truly desiring progress needs Goodluck Jonathan as its President.
    No country desiring equal treatment of citizens needs Muhammadu Buhari as President.
    In a choice between the two, the people would be best served recovering their sovereignty.
    For only a body revolution can save Nigeria.

    • Times

      “We’ve had different parties. PDP, ACN, ANPP and so on,
      but has the lot of the average Nigerian become better since 1999?
      Of course not. So, no matter what any politician from any party says now,
      we must reject it as false”.

      “The long and the short of it, brethren, is that Nigeria needs a revolution.
      We are ripe for a revolution. The people should arise and, retake their country.”

      …………Most Reverend Joseph Akinfenwa

      [Anglican Arch-Bishop of Ibadan]

      January 10th, 2011

  • Comfortkay

    Is this the same man that our Army has killed on two occasion , I can’t wait for the next cooked Story from Dr Abati via GEJ . The whole world id frustrated with the biggest Party in Africa and Nigeria are looking forward to replace PDP by all means in 2015.

    • What can we really do to change the following situations in Nigeria? I doubt if
      these comments reach those they are intended for. I don’t want my
      comments to be in vain.
      Why is Nigeria allowing Sharia in Northern Nigeria? That’s the LICENSE that
      opens the gate for those who are faithful to Qur’an and Hadith to
      establish Ummah al-Islamiyah in Nigeria and EXPAND SHARIA.

      Concerning “touch not the anointed”, please send the following IMPORTANT MESSAGE
      to all who can do something about it:

      Like the U.K. Charity Commission, Nigeria needs to start prosecuting
      Religious Fraudsters. Also, Nigerian Officials must stop mixing Government with Religion.

  • Guguru

    Do you all not get it? Shekau has been killed twice and yet he is alive. Is this not a description of a ghost? Jonathan once said he cannot extend amnesty to ghosts. So, who is Jonathan really negotiating a cease-fire with—ghosts? Why is Nigeria not calling Jonathan to order about his ability and penchant to negotiate with ghosts? When a people allow their leader to make claims that he can communicate with and negotiate with ghosts, are we not all as crazy as our leader? Let us examine ourselves and resolve to be normal in our dealings to include who we select as President. Lunacy is when a person tells you that they can communicate with ghosts.

  • NazirJos

    To me, BH have restocked their arsenal that’s why they’ve made yet another show. When the Arms-for-cash deal went dead in SA, BH had to lay low and the so called “cease fire” was staged, because they were simply impotent. Now perhaps they are armed again, so they’re ready to continue their terrorism.

  • Otile

    I thought they said that Imam Shekau is dead. How come the voice on the BBC video shown today is
    exactly his original voice, and his mannerisms the same?

  • kunle

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