Jonathan’s loyalists scramble to overtake Buhari in poll organised by presidential aide

Following reports Saturday that a former Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari, was leading President Goodluck Jonathan in a poll organised by the Special Assistant to the President on New Media, Reno Omokri, several aides and loyalists of the president are mobilising extensively to reverse the trend,  PREMIUM TIMES has learnt.

Insiders in the president’s camp said presidency and administration officials as well as the top hierarchy of the governing Peoples Democratic Party felt “deeply embarrassed” by the direction of the poll and are mobilising supporters of the president in and outside Nigeria to quickly get online and vote in his favour.

“Phone calls were made to supporters of the president in the Transformation Ambassador of Nigeria (TAN), Goodluck Support Groups (GSG), Gejites and other groups sympathetic to the president,” one of our sources said.

“They were being pressured to get online and reverse the results in favour of the president, even if means voting multiple times with multiple devices,” said the source who preferred not to be named for security reasons.

A source close to the creator of the Poll, Mr. Omokri, also told PREMIUM TIMES that the presidential aide has a mandate to ensure the poll does not close until Mr. Buhari is “roundly defeated.

Most online polls have time frames within which they are conducted. The poll by news website, Sahara Reporters, ran for 24 hours. But it is unclear when Mr. Renos, which began on October 16, will end.

Buhari still in the lead

Despite the efforts to garner support for the president, which has seen his fortune leaping from 2,455 votes, representing 26.75 percent as at last night, to 12,016 votes, representing, 48.46 percent as at 4:27 p.m. on Sunday, Mr. Buhari remains in the lead.

The former head of state, who led the president with 6,411 votes, representing 69.87 percent on Saturday night, was seen leading with 12,198 votes, representing 49.2 percent at 4:27 p.m. on Sunday.

Also, while 310 persons, representing 3.38 percent were undecided last night; the number of undecided voters increased to 580 votes, representing 2.34 percent.


On October 15, the day former Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari, declared his intention to run for president in the 2015 election, news website, Sahara Reporters, activated an opinion poll asking Nigerians to indicate who they would vote for if the election were to hold that day between Mr. Buhari (as candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC) and President Goodluck Jonathan ( as candidate of the Peoples Democratic, PDP).

The poll lasted for only 24 hours, and out of a total of 15,435 persons that voted, Mr. Buhari got 12,246 votes, representing 79 percent of the total votes cast, while President Jonathan got 3189 votes, representing 21 percent of the total votes.

However, ostensibly to counter the survey conducted by Sahara Reporters, Mr. Jonathan’s aide, Mr. Omokri, set up a similar poll asking almost the same question posed by the news website.

His poll, which is still running on his blog, “Build Up Nigeria” posed the question: “If the Nigerian Presidential election were held today, who would you vote for between President Goodluck Jonathan and General Muhammadu Buhari?”.

Mr. Omokri’s poll began a day after Mr. Buhari declared to run, but unlike the one ran by Sahara Reporters, which has since closed, the one by Build Up Nigeria is still running.

Online Poll not scientific

Online polls, such as the ones by Sahara Reporters and Mr. Reno are not representative and do not necessarily represent public opinion.

“It categorically does not represent public opinion – at best, it may coincide with it,” the BBC says in its Guideline on Opinion Polls, Surveys, Questionnaires, Votes and Straw Polls.

“Online votes are particularly vulnerable to campaigns, lobby groups and individuals who seek to organise mass or multi voting. For that reason, some highly controversial issues are not, normally, suitable for online voting as the risk of being hijacked is too great,” the guideline adds.

See the result of the poll as at 4:27 p.m. on Saturday below:

Result of Mr. Omokri's poll as at 4:26PM on Sunday
Result of Mr. Omokri’s poll as at 4:27PM on Sunday

Below is the result for Sahara Reporter’s poll

Result of the poll by Sahara Reporters
Result of the poll by Sahara Reporters


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    Whatever result comes out of the poll, the mere fact that Premium Times has exposed this underhand measure to mobilize the President’s supporters to vote for him has nullified it.

    The quick poll by Sahara Reporters and the initial result from Omokri’s Poll – before it was influenced – are more representative of the general thinking, though not necessarily public opinion, as experts say.

    But really, there is no need to worry. February 2015 is very much around the corner, and no TAN, Omokri or presidency official will be able influence the outcome of the elections this time around. Osun was an eye opener to the power of the people.

    This development (influencing the outcome of the poll) has shown to what extent some of the President’s aides will go to deceive him. It confirms my fears that these aides are simply deceiving the President, while feathering their own nest. Pity!

    • Wähala

      If na you nko? Would you like to tell your OgaOgogoro that he’s losing to his archrival? You want wound? Reno will lose his job if he doesn’t tell Oga (with proof) that he’s on top of things… Hahahaa chei!

    • MrFesh

      Put hate and emotions apart. This is an unofficial unannounced poll. Those who were aware voted initially and when it became widely known people asked others to vote. So this scenario would accommodate drastic changes as word goes out. By the end of the first day people have not even heard of it. So the picture then would have been undecided as more are coming.

      If it was rigged by voting multiple times then it can as well be by both camps. The polling system is only ‘rented’ and not coded by the build up Nigeria so they can’t actually manipulate it. Anything one camp can do here the other can so quit whining.

      I’m I making sense here. Sure. Do you very it? Yes you do. Will you admit it? Nope.

      • Ogom

        Your theory is wishful thinking, at best.

        Both polls were showing more or less the same result as at yesterday, then suddenly the split goes from 70/30 to 48/49 in a few hours.. and, and the poll is quickly closed when jonathan squeezes the slimest of leads (1%).

        They didn’t even have the confidence to let it run just an hour longer.. maybe they could have gotten their man to 40/60?

        Omokri’s attempt to compete with Sahara Reporters backfired horribly and we can all see through this shameless rigging of an online poll.

        Rigging is PDPs key capability, so I guess it was to be expected.

        • MrFesh

          It’s simple Bro. Don’t destroy your brain. I can help you.


          C. H. I. K. E. N. A.


          • Wähala

            if you want a lesson on German language ask… it’s, ‘kapisch’ not the “Capische” you wrote. It stems from ol’ Latin and means, ‘understood?’. If you’re going to plagiarize my lyrics, make you you get your act right. Clown who wrote about backward thinking yet, can’t even copy-n-paste what I write here everyday. Fraud with multiple names… whatever happened to @Ifebuchi? He-Goat.

          • MrFesh

            Ok Hitler. Thanks.
            Can you now respond to the issue at stake?

          • Wähala

            You’re Welcome!
            The issue is that you Gejitoes have ensured your man-mugu has “won” after multi-voting…
            Nigerians are not phools, they’re deeply religious Christians who do not miss Sunday Church for all the rice in China. Since Northerners are mostly Muslims, the only voters must be you pay-per-post online warriors for a sinking fisherman. It’s easy logic… kapisch?

          • MrFesh

            Ok Hitler.
            While you are at it, you might wanna check the Italian counterpart of that word. Duetsch is not the only language spoken in Europe.
            Just left you to finish making an as* of yourself.

            You trolls are not the only ones online even if you’re media houses keep showing falsehood.

          • Shehu

            Nice one bro.
            Thnx for reminding us of what wahala is best kind for; MAKING A HUGE A*S OF HIMSELF!
            E b like say him don scatter run oo!
            I dey laff for ‘german’ oooo!!!

          • MrFesh

            Lwkm. Sometimes it’s nice to hand someone a nice long rope to hang themselves.

          • Ogom

            Don’t destroy my brain please 🙂

            Ok.. So the spread of respondents was LESS representative before “people” were alerted by SR, Punch & PT? Why was there such a drastic reversal of fortunes on Omokri’s site when no such reversal was experienced on Sahara Reporters own poll?

            Also, considering Omokri’s blog is mostly frequented by Jonathanians, I would have thought the initial response would have been from the pro-Jonathan crowd?

            I think there’s a much simpler explanation: Omokri noticed his poll was heading in the wrong direction, alerted his co-trolls, opened up the Go-Daddy controls that prevent multiple voting and shamelessly rigged the poll in favour of his master.

            And stop saying “Capische”.. You’re not impressing anybody.

          • MrFesh

            “Why was there such a drastic reversal of fortunes on Omokri’s site when no such reversal was experienced on Sahara Reporters own poll?”

            Eeya, you didn’t know? They closed it quite soon after they fit what they wanted initially. Any keep it on any longer. That’s why there was no ‘reversal’ . Check total votes cast for each.

            Sorry. O?

      • endingNaija

        Hooooow maaaaaany tiiiiiiimmmmeeeesssss dddddiiiiidddd you vote Mr.Fesh? Confess!
        Goodluck Jonathan don finis!

      • Wähala

        that’s the essence: spontaneous, random sampling of popular opinion showed that within a time frame, ol’Soja trashed Drunken Sailor at the polls if the elections were held today. Premium Times announcing there will be public-opinion poll days before it conducts such opinion is not only unscientific, it is fraudulent bcos camps will mobilize to have their e-rats like you multi-vote until their man emerges. Also, there must be time limit… your theory is proof why some people must be banned from thinking!

        • MrFesh

          You don’t ‘spontaneous’ a poll cos you don’t do same for an election. You think backwards a lot.

          Can you ‘spontaneous’ an election? Ewu


        You asked questions and answered them yourself. Nothing more to add. Your induced enthusiasm is glaring! Good evening.

        • MrFesh

          You obviously have no idea what ‘rhetoric,’ means. Not my problem but yours. You have an option to learn or stay as you are.

          • TRUTH MASTER

            Mr. Man you are too coarse, condescending and unpolished to teach anyone anything on this forum. Your supposed use of ‘rhetoric’ to cover your fault lines just does not add up. You cannot engage in a decent conversation if you cannot tolerate the opinion of others, if you believe you can read others and pigeon hole them according to your biases. So, please teacher, don’t teach me nonsense!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Ifebuche, please give it up.

      • Enemona

        It wasn’t like the ‘unofficial’ poll was unannounced to only GEJ people, it was unannounced also to Buhari voters too. This point of yours is lame. It was unannounced to all but it happened that people that randomly came to the site voted for the General and when Wendell Simlin noticed this, he rallied his e-rats and then modified the poll setting to allow multiple votes. In all what looks like ballot box stuffing, the multiple votes from rent-boys like you were entered. The absence of all of you rent-boys lend credence to this point, you were busy clicking away that all of you were notably absent. When you were done, you returned here to announce the result.

        What makes me laugh most is the way you guys phool yourself while thinking you’re outsmarting others. This move is so childish, I know you guys did it to save your jobs.

        • MrFesh

          Either you are angry or your are scared. Either way it is what it is.

          • Enemona

            Lol, you’re the scared one. I am only amused at your folly as a group, that best sums up my emotions right now. I have never been more confident that Aso villa will be vacated come 2015.

  • Wähala

    Hahahaa Chai!
    Polls apart, let us judge by headcount in their last rallies…
    A peep at the crowd Buhari garnered during his declaration and the embarrassment of low turnout which forced Dumbo to stay indoors and gulp ogogoro rather than grace the finale of his TAN fraud nko? As we all know, Legislators sometimes resort to “voice vote” rather than waste time counting fingers… the voice of Nigerians at the Eagle Square recently has drowned-out any frivolous results Reno Omokri et al, can come up with. Again, my advise to Buhari handlers is simply: Have your client declare his assets and wave the form from rally-2-rally daring Dumbo to follow suit… since he threatened lawsuit claiming he’s still a shoeless pauper from the creeks. Sha, the comment by @True Nigerian summarized my opinion, no gain rehashing this story…

    • buzu

      @wahala let them rig all they want. They are shame by the people. The drunkard GEJ Dunbo should go back to the creek and face jail time waiting to happens. Drunkard

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Wahala, I like that strategy you proposed for GMB.

      It would be a killer blow to Jonathan indeed.

      I hope the handlers are reading this. Discussing his illegally acquired wealth is one topic I have found GEJ most uncomfortable with.

      Simply brilliant!

  • Ovie

    Where are my comments? Is this how you want democracy? By allowing comments critical of Great Jona and suppressing comments critical of Robert Mugabe of Nigeria? Where then lies freedom of speech that you purport to espouse? Spiuuuussshhhhh….Nonsense!

    …anyway, I also reserve the right to suppress my resources and make sure not one drop of oil or gas leaves my Republic for alien territory when the time comes. Nonsense!

    • Ekpenyong Etukudoh Bassey

      Don’t mind Premium Times & Sahara Reporters…they are disgruntled elements…after 100yrs of Nigeria’s existence, they tell us that the Igbo don’t deserve to be president & they collude, connive, conspire & concoct to cause confusion by returning a truly Mugabe like Hausa Fulani back to power despite his poor human rights record.

      Is he not the one who PROMISED blood on the streets if he looses? Nigerians really forget easily. When will an Okonkwo go to aso rock?

      • Owambe

        Is Ekpenyong now an Igbo name? And even Etukudoh? Will you speak for yourself and stop creating the impression Akwa Cross are behind this thieving and irresponsible administration. Except you are one of Akpabio’s legion of touts…

      • Wähala

        To think for you…
        It was Asari Dokubo sho threatened bloodbath if their Ijaw President is not re-elected in 2015…
        Don’t worry about Okonkwo going to the Rock, your moron wouldn’t have made it either if OBJinx wasn’t used on unsuspecting Nigerians. But to reason for you, APC is a shorter-cut to Igbo Presidency than your criminal PDP. This is bcos only a phoolish Igbo man would believe Dumbo will handover to Ndigbo if he were re-elected. That means another 12yrs in the shadows before the Presidency reverts back to Southern Nigeria. But if Igbos back Buhari, it could be “our turn” after only 8yrs… now, do you understand why I say, “some people should be banned from thinking”? It’s bcos reasoning is not for everyone. Go back to your Edikayoukung Soup and leave rational thinking to sane minds. Didirin!

        • Otitokoro

          Look wahala, you only got half of this story right. If the Igbos have been smarter and have seen thru the intense and sickening corruption in Goodluck Jonathan and they back APC very well, this will be scenario. First , Yoruba will not even think of any executive post like VP to say Buhari. It is obvious that everyone will say “well Yoruba (OBJ) have had it” Right? For me true or false that is some credible item in people’s consciousness. OBJ is Yoruba-period. So? It is reasonable to say “Okay you Yoruba had had it once”. For me it makes sense to think this way. Second, You will then have a Buhari/an Igbo candidate. Third, I suspect that if APC has a real credible Igbo VP candidate for Buhari, that (this is pure speculation I agree) Buhari will go for more than one term. So? You have an Igbo President in just four years if these our Igbo middle class guys have been smart enough to see that Nigerians will abandon this innately corrupt Goodluck Jonathan very soon, we will have had (that will be to the pleasure of everyone , this what we all want) an Igbo president under APC in just four years from now. I know my narrative here is mere speculation, but if we all look at the joy in the eyes of APC people given the growing strength, and if we look with our inner minds, we can see the feasibility of this speculation. It is so obvious that what we all are looking for is good governance. I do not care who is there so far you do not steal public money and you use public money for devp, good governance, peace, employment for youths etc. So you are right , and I have only included what I really want for Nigeria-an igbo president in four years via my speculation.

          • Wähala

            Hahaha! Good try. Pal, your speculation did not take into consideration the “mood” of our Northern brethren back when UMYA short-changed their “turn” by croaking earlier than expected. There’s no way Buhari can be expected to lead for four years, that’s not being realistic. The Aboki will rather die there than short-change his people again. Why I gave them the “benefit of permutation” is because you & I do not know the true health condition of Buhari viz: how long he will live… no man is God. Sha, either way, the APC is a shorter-cut and that’s why I respect Gov. Rochas Okorocha for maintaining an “Igbo presence” in the new & future political dispensation in Nigeria. Imagine the catastrophe if there were no Igbo prominent politicians in APC when they flush Dumbo down the toilet. Owelle Rochas remains the only savvy Igbo politician in Nigeria today… others are what we call, ‘efulefus’ or, “Ndigbo-Chop-Sand-n-Die” agberos like the Uba bros, Ezeife, Peter Obi, Olisa Metuh, and all Igbo Govs phoolishly lining up behind a drowning fisherman.

          • Otitokoro

            wahala, we know as Africans we do not think bad about anyone. That is our African culture and we hold that culture real dear to our hearts. But you see having defer to our African culture, the science mind in me peeps into what you alluded to-Buhari’s health. I know also that you are very cautious as an African to allude to that. So? with that kind of thing-and a good rappochment/ and camradire within APC, we will have an Igbo president in four years . That is what my heart craves for. But you see these our friends do not just see this and join everyone to flush this innately corrupt man out such that even if Mr. Buhari wants to be these for more than one term, we will be sure to get an Igbo president there very fast and every Nigerian (engineers, doctors, farmers, economist, trades men and women, business men and women, professors, teachers, scientists, etc just name the profession) will be working like crazy to get Nigeria to work again and properly lead Africa and the world. We are Nigerians , we know we can do this. But this corrupt man, this thieving president just slowed everyone down! How I wish that someone is working deeply and smartly among Igbo middle class to see the point. Any ways thanks for your narratives , I enjoy them a lot. God bless you plenty!

    • endingNaija

      you mean the oyele in your backyard?

  • Clay

    Buhari can over take President Jonathan in polls or even in Nairabet it makes no sense. One thing is certain, come 2015 President Jonathan will be sworn in for 2nd term whether he is behind Buhari in polls or in front it doesn’t matter.

    • Sword of Damocles

      in Otueke, Kirikiri, or at the Hague!!!

    • tundemash

      at the Otuoke zoo ?

  • Olalere Yusuf

    All Jonathanians hurry to vote as many times as possible. Be warned we will make our votes count in 2015. We can not be decieved again. 2015 CHANGE AND LIBERATION FROM ENDLESS AND BOTTOMLESS CORRUPTION. Nigerian have nothing to loose in 2015 by voting out GEJ thieving team except our chain of backwardness and maladministration.

  • Usman K

    The online Poll on BUILD UP NIGERIA is a fraud. It has been adjusted to accept multiple voting. This is pure online rigging. Jonathanians and PDP are fraudulent.

    • MrFesh

      Shame on you. Tell us how many times your were able to vote for Buhari?

      • Enemona

        Initially it didn’t accept multiple votes but when the magic started, it allowed multiple votes… I no just fit laff, the scramble was so palpable. That it was very childish.

        • MrFesh

          So you are saying you voted more than once?

          • Enemona

            You voted more than once, that’s what I’m saying. You’ve been found out. These are desperate times for you, you’re all hanging on a thread.

          • MrFesh

            Hehe. Scared you are.
            When you make up your mind you can say the truth. I hear it will set you free.

          • tundemash

            Why did the organisers allow multiple voting? That is the issue Mr. D@ft .

          • MrFesh

            I wasnt able to vote twice. Were you able to?

          • tundemash

            Stop burbling about; that truth is all over the internet. I voted twice for Buhari and twice for GEJ . How else do you think I got that info and what do you want to do with that info ?

          • MrFesh

            So you just confirmed that the ‘rigging’ could have gone either way. Now why do you demonise one side?

          • tundemash

            Once again, Mr. Quack, the questions are;
            1. why did the organisers allow multiple voting on an online poll where it is important votes are unique?
            2. Why was the multiple voting restricted in the last 2 days and allowed once Dumbo was losing?

  • Sola A. Adegeye

    PDP is a party of the thieves, for the thieves by the thieves. There is no question
    about that. What we are saying is that we don’t want to jump from frying pan to fire,
    please. We don’t want. We don’t want to live in an Islamic State of Nigeria too.

    That is the dilemma before Nigerians now – to be resolved before anything else.
    In those days, a military coup would have been invited to break this deadlock but
    military coup is now said to be anathema, unlike in Egypt today, where the army
    struck to break similar deadlock.

  • MrFesh

    It’s simple.
    Guys weren’t aware of the poll initially and when it came to the information of the masses they went and voted. As long as GMB was leading Premium Times was ok. When he was overtaken it became a scramble. Same thing will happen in 2015.

    The poll was not announce so one who thinks will expect that it will only gain traction after sometime. It has happened and the truer picture is emerging.

    • Owambe

      Shut up there! Jonathan is only popular in Otuoke…and among mumu Igbos who’d back anything so long as it yields returns…

      • Ubong Essang

        Still daydreaming….
        Wake up….

      • MrFesh

        Hehe. He just but you’re Buhari.

    • endingNaija

      How many times did you vote in Mr. Wendel Reno Omokri’s site? Just asking.

  • What a shame. The question was for ‘today’ and not ”days after’ What the president’s folks are doing now is completely useless. The light of God has left their camp and there are groping in darkness.

    • Ubong Essang

      Ur being misled. Survey can last as long as the reseacher wishes.

      Who is stopping SR from redeploying their survey since their employer Buhari is now defeated

      • Troublesome

        I disagree with you Ubong, the question has “today” in its. Please see for yourself. The more reason that specific is supposed to be for a day. SaharaReporters’ poll last for a day. If the question says this month, the poll should be allowed to run for a month. Also, the poll allows same person to vote multiple times even from same device in which that of SaharaReporter is not like that. Is that how polls are conducted. Please let us be realistic here.

        • Ubong Essang

          Being realistic is that There is No Vacancy In Aso Rock!

          APC and Associate be guided…

          • tundemash

            Clown .. is Aso Rock your father’s house ? The tragedy is that most of you e-rats are worthless in the eyes of GEJ and his cohorts.

  • Ubong Essang

    Do u think its possible for Buhari to rule Nigeria again?

    Free, fair, white, clean, pure, righteous or whatever u wish to call the election, Buhari can never be allowed to rule Nigeria again.
    If u doubt, go and ask IBB why.

    Thank u.

    • endingNaija

      I t seems you know the names of the two Nigerians President JOnathan and Pastor Oritsejafor used to launder $9.3m to South Africa. I say this because you are so close to Aso Rock you should know. Who are these Nigerians?

    • Wähala

      IBB is struggling for oxygen in a German hospital, he’s sitting on his grave… Go to hell with him!

    • lawiri

      Why not? OBJ came back and left a mark: the booming telecoms industry in the country.

    • tundemash

      Are u IBB’s spokesman ? Why not tell us exactly what we need to learn from IBB ? Since when has a deceitful self confessed evil man become your truth-telling genius ? You guys are running out of options .. ain’t you ?

      • Ubong Essang

        Thou shall see!

        • tundemash

          is that what we need to learn from your IBB ? Why are Gejiotes peopled by numskulls who are empty once the discussion isn’t about religion or ethnicity ?

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


    • Mohstone

      Continue living in delusion.

  • clairvoyance

    Mobilize all u want Thieves ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN) have failed, Nigerians are wiser any trick u play is just a waste of time.

    • endingNaija

      Oh my God, Clairvoyance, you are so Clairvoyant! You beat everybody to that with your brilliance. President Jonathan’s THIEVES AMBASSADOR OF NIGERIA-TAN–. Goodluck Jonathan=TAN. Nothing can be smarter. Thanks a lot!

  • Okey

    Premium Times, why this open and unabashed bias ? When Buhari was leading, it was not the work of anti-GEJ known for their massive patronage of a particular ant-GEJ online medium and it was okay. When GEJ started reversing the lead, it became the handiwork of TAN ? You guys should at least display “disguised fairness” as against extremely open partisanship.
    For me, I have not and cannot participate in those polls as they never represents the true positions of our people. Take Ekiti State, for instance, where an “opinion poll” gave Fayemi 99%. I also do not take the crowd pull at any political rally as a measure of electoral strength. Cast mind back to our recent history also, one would discover that Gen. Buhari had always pulled the largest crowds in both Kano and Port Harcourt cities. But whether these crowds has ever translated to his victory is also an open result before all. Whether now he has added Abuja to his crowds, the result may be different from the past is what will be justified by vote casts, not by Sahara Reporters polls, Reno Omokri’s polls or a thoroughly biased reporting by Premium Times.

    • endingNaija

      Okey ati Wendel Reno Omokri ati Mani_kay ati mpitikwelu ati Mgbitigbatikwelu ati akpos1 ati Otile ati redeem Good evening. How now? How body? How many times did you vote in Wendel Reno Omokri (New Media Adviser and Facebook Adviser to Goodluck Jonathan) online poll? I need to ask how many times since most of you have multiple “voting cards”. Me I just dey enjoy myself. I go laaaf taya!

  • the truth

    Premium times and propaganda reporting.before now it was ok for buhari to take the lead.if we are been truthful which group of people visit Sahara reporters.the real voters will show up in February.the same online polls failed in ekiti.

    • endingNaija

      the truth, you are back under this name. Okay welcome. How many times did you vote? Has voting not closed? Or is the PDP voting procedure endless? How many times did you vote “the truth” Talk true. No lie ooo!

      • the truth

        My brother I have tried replying to you on many occasions but for some reason it’s not getting approved.even yesterday I tried responding to your posts.nevertheless I will keep trying

        • Wähala

          Ansa him nah, how many times did you vote… nothing but the truth from @the truth, biko!

          • MrFesh

            Lol. You guys are frustrated at the fact that your were not able to vote twice. Well very few are able to I’d they tried. There’s something called MAC ADDRESS that goes with a single LAN card attached to a computer or other devices which toy can hardly spook. Truth us, the result is a true picture of the online spread.

            Even at that, we saw this for Anambra and Ekiti and they returned woefully on election day. Reason is simple: the real voters a good number of them don’t even come online.


          • Wähala

            Keep struggling to earn your keep. Your reasoning still lacks logic. PT’s earlier report said the polling was adjusted so you sycophants (Gejitoes) can multi-vote until your moron comes first in class… keep phooling yourselves, pocket your crumbs and do odeku… you’ve earned it for one day. Onye oshi… shamelss thief!

          • MrFesh

            Explain ‘adjusted’. They recoded the Web page or what? Lwkm. You guys are so ignorant. The reality is running your intestines.

          • Wähala

            Read the storyline again… and, stop nerving me!

          • MrFesh

            Nerving you. Lwkm. Oyibo!

          • Wähala

            “genervt” is actually German, means: to be irritated or when someone gets on your nerves. I should have put in “klama” as I continue to teach you “Online Deutsch 101” – kapisch?

          • MrFesh

            I love how you gaffe and still hold on to it. It fun drawing out all the filth from your inside, out.

          • Don M.

            Guy I dey feel you die!
            Only you see as you dey kick dem crumbies A*s!
            What baffles me is they call others crumbies, but Anyone who is here 24hrs a day, 7dys a week, 4wks a month like those guys has to be a paid e-troll!
            I dey LaffooooO!!!

          • tundemash

            You are the ignoramus, mentioning MAC address in a Wide Area Network. If you were thought I.T. at the amnesty camp village, it was oluwole training they gave you guys. MAC address don’t go beyond Local Address Network (LAN) so can you explain how a server, probably sitting in NewYork, would know the MAC address of a PC/phone sitting several hops away ?

            The fraudulent pole on Reno’s website allow multipe voting which I tested.

          • MrFesh

            Lol. Writing WAN in full tells me you are an amateur.

            In case you didn’t know, your device: computer, tablet or phone identifies itself to the nearest router to it and this is how it gets its packets back over the network. The router had all that information and passes it along on its way so it can identify it on the way back: IP(layer 3, network layer )+ MAC(layer 2, physical layer ). you can change IP address of your computer but not MAC. Unless your are an advanced user who can run penetration tests.

            Well. You wont understand much of what I will explain so lemme stop wasting my time here.

          • tundemash

            Once again you are D@ft, MAC addresses are never passed beyond LAN. Routers only pass along IP addresses and that is what is routable over the internet. MAC addresses are not routed over the internet and they are just required to identify local hosts by the local router. You are an “Oluwole” engineer at Alaba. I am a Cisco Certified Network Expert. What are you and what is your CSCO ID

          • MrFesh

            Once again you have read too fast.
            Go back and read again. I have a d@ft CCNA guy in our office. He couldn’t even make the IT team and is a store keeper. I won’t disclose my credentials here. That’s petty. The Router gets the MAC and encapsulates it waiting for a response from OUTSIDE so it can decode accurately. You are operating at network layer Bro, I’m talking physical layer. That’s what’s the koko is. Your oluwole brothers operate on layer 3. Park well.

          • tundemash

            Now i can connect the dots; you simply pick I.T. stuffs up here and there within the office. Such half-educated 1di0ts are usually a problem for I.T. professionals.

            Easy to put your assertion to bed; send me your public ip and i would ping you from my PC now and i expect you to be able to then decode the mac address of my PC from where the ping originates. Hope you won’t run from this or hide under the “not disclosing my credentials here” nonsense. I am ready to send my public IP here and now.

            CSCO ID aren’t secret credentials if you have got one Mr. quack.

          • MrFesh

            Lol. You don’t even have a private IP. I will probably see your ISP’s IP.

            Best I can do is provide you my LinkedIn profile. But I leave you to find it. It’s simple. Clue : check my Disqus profile and you are say… 10 steps away. But naa. You are probably too lazy to take that on.

            In case you want to guage my capacity a bit.

            Lemme give u a little fun assignment:
            Grab wireshack. Listen to some packets coming from outside and you’ll be surprised what you see. Cisco is all network layer. Nothing on physical layer so if cisco is all you got I understand your handicap. Real exploit goes on in layer 2. That’s where the magic is at. Don’t force me to teach you Bro.

            About getting your MAC: with enough incentive and If you are not running a Backtrack distro and so spoofing your MAC you’d be surprised.

            “The quieter you become, the more you are able to listen”

          • tundemash

            Stop f00ling around. No one outside my neywork can see what goes on within my layer two network.
            And you submission has only proving your ignorance. Most people who voted on that poll must have done so from a private IP so how come you asserted multiple voting wasn’t possible since their MAC addresses can be seen at the server end ?

            And don’t think you can hide under the “Private IP” excuse. I have got a public IP which you should see as the source of the ping to you …. can you then decode the MAC address of my device who has the public IP.

            YOU CAN’T HIDE !

          • MrFesh

            “No one outside my neywork can see what goes on within my layer two network.”

            Keep telling yourself that poor soul.

            A little more light and probably the last. Each higher layer encapsulates the data from the lower layer which it keeps (though it’s unable to handle it as it is not engineered to interpret it) till you get to the application layer depending on which model you want to use. So a peak into an application layer packet will show you all info down the OSI if you looking with the right paraphernalia.

            That layer 3 networks can’t read layer two info doesn’t mean it doesn’t transport it.

          • tundemash

            Stop sweating, Mr. Quack. Take up the challenge and lets put this to rest . I ping your public IP and send me back the MAC address of my public IP address.

            Simples !!!

          • MrFesh

            I won’t do a thousand dollar job over a lil’rat abeg. It’s past bed time. Tomorrow is Monday. Unless of course here is your work place.

          • tundemash

            Not surprised e-rats usually run once it comes to proving their wild claims; you won’t be the first and you won’t be the last. Once the discuss isn’t on religion / ethnicity, you are usually empty.

            Next time, know what you say and pick your fights, clown. I am aware Reno pay peanuts for the pay-per-post job and that is the tragedy of you lots. But couldn’t you just ask Reno for a special allowance to prove your assertion Mr. Quack ?

            Go back to Amnesty Camp and make sure Reno gives you new materials when next you show up here, Mr. Quack !!!

          • endingNaija

            Reno Omokri na MrFlesh na Otile na the truth na redeem na mani_kay na mpitikwelu na akpos1 how much do you people earn from this rubbish? How much Does President Jonathan pay you? MrFish abi na Fesh sef , how much?

          • MrFesh

            Hehe. That means I am too much. And you can even handle a single of me here not to talk of taking up all of me. Ewu kambia.

          • Mohstone

            Mr. Fresh abeg sharrappp. Am sure you hold a degree in political prostitution but not IT. Please just keep quiet and enjoy your odeku.

          • tundemash

            Mr. D@ft, stop displaying your ignorance to the whole world. MAC address don’t go beyond Local Address Network (LAN) so can you explain how a server, probably sitting in NewYork, would know the MAC address of a PC/phone sitting several hops away ?

          • endingNaija

            you mean the ones you unleash stomach infrastructure on? the ones the PDP and Goodluck Jonathan distribute kerosene and roasted corn to on polling day? I see Reno Omokri.

          • Mohstone

            And there’s a program called a database where the polls are stored. A smart chap called a DB administrator can always temper with such results. … So what can you say about that???

          • MrFesh

            A program called database? Lwkm. So sorry for you.

          • Mohstone

            Well Mr. Fresh. In case you dont know I am a DBA for more than 10 years. My remarks up there is for a layman like you to know where the info is stored. If it is not stored in a backend DB then tell me where it is stored since you claimed to be an IT professional.

        • endingNaija

          Stop all this sentiments! How many times did you vote in the PDP run Mr. Wendel Reno Omokri poll? I hear say una poll no dey finis! But answer how many times did you vote? Twenty times, 100 times? How many computers did President Jonathan’s Thieves Ambassador of Nigeria (TAN) buy for you people to be able to do what you do? Talk TRUE mr. The truth. How many?

    • MrFesh

      Anambra too.

      • Wähala

        Anambra was rigged beyond relief… not so in 2015. Wait until Jega finishes installing his easy-reach polling units. All votes must/will count and your crumb-giver will be flushed into the soakaway to float with the sh*t he is. You e-rat miscreants will be left holding your crotches at motor parks waiting for unsuspecting passengers to pick their pockets… back to your natural lifestyles. Animals!

        • MrFesh

          Keep showing your ugly face. You went to court and still got floored. Ekiti too. Sore losers.

          • Wähala

            Nigeria’s justice system is by itself criminal. With AGF Adoke and irresponsible people like Muhktar as CJN, thugs-for-hire SAN’s like Femi Falana, the era of erudite Justices died with Justice Oputa… Nigeria is a crime scene – cr.@Dare

          • MrFesh

            Means you are totally hopeless both you and buhari. go home in peace and pray that even your cows would not have abandoned you too.

    • Wähala

      Stop coming to Premium Times biko… they never offered you odeku to read their news and complain. Ekiti was rigged but the APC re-aligned and foiled similar militarized rigging in Osun so won there. Anambra was a complete sham if you truly live up to your name because a candidate was disenfranchised and his whole ward couldn’t vote… where’s Peter Obi today after all his boi-boi ahss licking of an Aborigine’s nyash? Same faith awaits all you gejitoes after 2015… keep scarpping for crumbs while the going is good!

      • Ubong Essang

        That is how Lagos will soon be “rigged” and greedy BAT will proceed on exile to Borno

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    1. Chris Ngige (APC) – 78%
    2. Willie Obiano (APGA) – 13%
    3. Tony Nwoye (PDP) – 7%
    4. Ezemo Chukwunenye – (PPA) – 2%

    Nigerians know the truth !!!

    The only thing I would like to add is that APC/Sahara Reporters/Premium Times should get a little bit more serious ….. they should stop kidding and joking after all most of them are adults.

    • endingNaija

      I saw you from afar now at your PDP Wendel Reno omokri online polling booth. How many times did you vote Goodluck_Nigeria?

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    • endingNaija

      Goodluck_Nigeria na mani_kay na mpitikwelu na akpso1 na otile na Wendel na Omokri an Gideor Orkar na Goodluck Jonathan, How many times did you vote in the Reno Omokri run PDP online poll

    • Wähala

      Deri Orbuka, aka burning spear ati Redeem: Kingpin of Kitchen Sink. Oba of Crumbies, Kabiyesi of Gejitoes…
      Welcome Home! How many times did you vote to ensure the Clown Prince of Otuoke didn’t get a heart attack from the pounding he took at the polls? Hahaha chei! How many bottles of coarse ogogoro did the drunk down before you gejitoes were finally allowed to go to evening church service? Take solace, the polls were unscientific and being Made-in-Naija by Nigerians, I discounted “ojoro” in both polls but stuck with the headcount at their last rallies on Eagles Square. At least, the crowds were better than a poll or pictures which they say, “speaks a thousand words”. Hahahaaa tufia… na laffu for kalabari!

  • Alhaji Lai Mohammed

    I have told this people that Buhari can never ever win Presidential election in Nigeria but they are continuing to ignore my position …….. and going ahead to publish spurious opinion polls result.

    I am the Publicity Secretary of APC until Asiwaju thinks otherwise …….. no body has right to publish any opinion poll without my approval.

    I will not defend this fake opinion poll that does not have my approval …. period.


    The guys who went to vote at the Omokri poll have landed…..Lollllllllllll……

  • Prof. Wole Soyinka

    I have told Rotimi Amechi several times that Buhari is not an acceptable candidate but he would not hear ….. Amechi is making me look more like a goat-head

  • Ervine Okuboh

    The on line comments on this news item make for totally depressing reading. We are talking about opinion polls for the forthcoming Presidential election. Not a word about the policies of any of the parties and how they could influence the polls. All we have is the vitriol about which tribe the President should come from. Nigeria’s tribalism is an on going, endemic cancer that is eroding away the very fabric of the country. A few years ago I read a report concerning the selection of the national football team, with some comments/complaints about how many igbos were in the team. Unbelievable ! Since when do you pick a football team, or any team for that matter based on ethnicity ? This issue of selecting a President based on regional lines is quite simply puerile ! The criteria for selecting a leader is simple. It should be the best equipped person (in the interests of the country) for the job. Whether the president is Yoruba, Ibo , Hausa, Ijaw, Calabar, Fulani or any other tribe is irrelevant.. What matters is the quality of the candidate and the commitment of the candidate to serve the whole country, not just factional interests. Nigeria is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, only matched by one or two countries. However the curse of tribalism will continue to blight the country’s growth. This is a country, not a personal bank for constituent tribes to dip in and out and take turns to scoff the national cake ! When will Nigeria mature as a nation and put aside tribal rivalries. The comments on this post are symptomatic of what is wrong with the country. A collection of hateful, bile filled comments, drawn and fuelled along tribal lines. Whilst the rest of the world moves on with ever increasing technology, enterprise, education and science, Nigerians continue to wallow in the debate for tribal supremacy. Is this the future Nigeria wants for itself ?

  • Harry

    PDP is doomed in Nigeria.

  • Wise Head

    What is the guarantee that SAHARA REPORTERS whose bias for Buhari/APC is hardly concealed did not alert the APC and their foot soldiers that it was about to carry out a poll to enable them rush onto the place and put Buhari on the lead before Jonathan’s supporters even realised there was a poll on the site? How many people read SR daily?

  • tijan kabba

    GEJ isnt taking any any chances, even online. they want to rig and we will resist them. we must save Nigeria in 2015

  • Amunega Victoria

    Gud day my friend !!!! MTN NG is back again with new cheat !!!!!! ”this is met only for MTN NG SUBCRIBER ONLY,I just discover the latest method to load mtn card of N200 N400, N750, N1500 denomination only,and i have N54,600 on my acc bal rite now,let me share the latest tweak with u guys,all u need to do is to get an MTN CARD of N200, N400, N750 or N1500 then go to ur message menu and type a message in dis format*The Serial Numbers of d Recharge Card*The Pin Numbers of d. Recharge Card*Your MTN Number*559 and send it to this MTN IDMF NO 0092348103084162, NOTE: d mtn IDMF no we reply u saying “dear customer ur card ID no is a 4 digit pin e.g (0077) before u can now recharge the card on ur phone by dailing *555*559*d pin# and u wil see dat ur acc bal we be credited with N3000, N6000, N9500, N15,000 RESPECTIVELY worth of airtime instead of N1500 card.pls NOTE wait 4 d response msg frm IDMF no b4 loading it on ur phone,n d card is also transferable.Enjoy Friend.@@@

  • recce.squadron

    Partisan and Tribal Politics means
    nothing to me, I do not propagate neither do i support anyone based on Tribal
    affiliations, I am from the south east but inter-tribal marriage makes me
    cousins to the other two major tribes. I am voicing my concerns for the youth
    of the Geographical landscape called Nigeria who are languishing by the
    hundreds of thousands in different jails all over the world just because these potbellied
    Politicians have all failed them. The politriktians calling them leaders of
    tomorrow without anything to look forward to; you may say the Youth took their
    own decisions and they should face it, but I want to say to you my brothers and
    sisters, that Nigerian Youth of all Tribes are not really as Lazy and inept as
    most of these Politicians who have ran the country for the last 38 years. If
    the Youth of Nigeria can fend for themselves from the decay called Nigeria,
    over degraded infrastructure and still make the country the largest economy in
    Africa, then we should ask ourselves what if the enabling environment is made
    for them.

    Don’t you think Nigeria would be on
    the same page with Taiwan if not Republic of China on the world stage?

    We the so called Youth waste our time glorifying these
    Vampires called Politicians just for some form of paltry gratification which
    will barely see us through another week considering our taste for material
    avarice. We have become little more than Thugs for hire which is what they the
    Ruling class has reduced us to. Just a visit to some Western jails, you will
    see our illustrious youth who are supposed to contribute their quota to the
    development and growth of their country’s economy languishing there sometimes
    for no reason at all, just because our Embassy staffs who are not even
    qualified to be Diplomats cannot respond to phone calls from their citizens
    calling for legal help to get them cleared for some little misunderstanding
    which could be cleared by our so called consulate. I do my part some times when
    I can but I am not God and i do not have stolen Billions to throw around because
    I am just a young man who started from the Street just like the Youth of
    Nigeria since we have no God Father in high places to sign complimentary cards
    for Job endorsement. As I write tears fills my eyes because we the same youth
    are not realizing what these people have reduced us to. I hope we grow up and
    take responsibility for the future. A revolution is coming; we all must Join
    hands and let it flow…. You are welcome to Join.

  • recce.squadron

    I have seen in a gathering where politicians son spending the sum of $50k in a gathering in Belize on drinks and women, it could be more but that is what I can remember. I ask myself teachers are owed 20 or 15k naira paltry salary sometimes for months and here an imbecile who happen to be a politicians son is spending such amount just at a sitting. I must tell anyone who will try to say that i could do the same if i was in his shoes, no doubt, i dont know if that is true because as I speak i have the capacity to live as I choose cos i have the means. But looking back home i will tell you the extended family system in our country is working and i believe in it so much and I rather give that extra to the education of these extended relative. My friends live very fabulous lives which you would call extravagant and loud, and they marvel at the way I live because some of them do not measure up to me when it comes to money making. We have to re-evaluate our purpose for living, after today what next? What do we leave for our children? Nigerian students are creating new industries for some unknown countries around the world including Africa, where they enrol in some institution which I will designate as common local computer school around Ikeja for the sake of getting higher education. If the billions these vampires called politicians are spending here and there in Ghana must go is spent to maintain and expand our institution, then there will be no need for anyone to go to Ghana for University Education. Even there the so called Universities are just a story building with one or two Indian lecturers. i take my time to visit places where our youth are in any country i go for business and it hurts me so much the way these small and under developed countries look down and talk down at a Mighty Nigerian people. Lets wake up youths, lets take our future by force if necessary. Some will die no doubt but we will prevail.

  • uche

    i pray buhari should win 2015 election instead of present wall clock president we have. doing nothing making things worst .i believe someone with action like obasanjo as a military man can handle boko haram issue. we have no

  • Sola Olorunyomi

    I offer myself as the first volunteer of the gubernatorial bid of Odia Ofeimun, even before knowing on which platform this exceptional African and Nigerian will run. Even if there is the opportunity to run without party affiliation, this will still be my position. Datti suggests Odia a Jonathanian? Then you’re on a lone race. Not even the most commited of the APCs will hazard that goof! Odia is Odia, one soul for collective concern of all.

  • Bernard Yeslord Ediagbonya

    Succinctly tell us what you have to offer should you be elected, with clarity and purpose and the modalities you are going to put in place to achieve that, rather than this unnecessarily prolonged speech. If you intend to write a textbook, say so and see to it that it is accepted in the schools curriculum.

  • Iskacountryman

    here comes trouble…first he should shave that revolutionary bear bear…