Adamawa Governor, over 150 other Arik passengers, stranded in Kano

About 200 passengers on Arik Air’s 3:15 p.m flight from Yola to Abuja are currently stranded in Kano after their flight was diverted to Kano and then grounded after the pilot announced a mechanical fault.

On board the flight is the new governor of Adamawa state, Bala Ngilari, and other officials of the Adamawa state government.

Flight W3 409 was scheduled for 3:15 p.m but as usual with Arik, the flight was delayed for at least an hour.

The plane then flew for close to 40 minutes. But when passengers thought they were nearing the end of their journey, a member of the cabin crew announced that it was raining in Abuja and that it would be difficult for the plane to land.

The flight was then diverted to Kano. Shortly afterwards, the airline’s officials announced the plane was refueling and would soon continue its journey.

But minutes later, the pilot announced that the plane had developed mechanical fault and would not be able to fly. He said he had contacted his company’s headquarters to send another plane to take the passengers to Abuja.

As at the time of this report at 8:30 p.m., passengers are spread on the tarmac, discussing their ordeals in small groups.


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  • Innocent

    Arik. I wonder why people still pay so high to be on that plane.

  • Statement

    So how is this news ? The governor is only there because he has not bought his private jet yet Just give him few more months and see whether you will see him in a commercial plane again. Mchseeeew.

  • eduetok

    Breaking news indeed!

  • Goodluck_Nigeria




    “Ceremonial” National Chairman………..Odigie Oyegun………Traditional
    National Secretary………….Alhaji Ibrahim Bala Gubi………………………Muslim
    National Legal Adviser………………………Alhaji Muiz Banire……………..Muslim
    National Treasurer………….Alhaji Bala Mohammed Gwagwaruwa…….Muslim
    National Financial Secretary……..Alhaji Tajudeen Olawutan Bello……Muslim
    National Welfare Secretary………Alhaji Dika Umaru Lada……………….Muslim
    National Publicity Secretary……..Alhaji Lai Mohammmed………………..Muslim
    National Youth Leader…………….Alhaji Ibrahim Dasuki Jalo……………..Muslim
    National Women Leader………….Hajia Ramatu Tijani………………………Muslim

    These are all the key National Executive Positions, (I MEAN ALL AS IN ALL) and they are all assigned to Muslims.

    The remaining positions are Deputy this … Deputy that, Vice this … Vice that ……Zonal this …. Zonal that ……….. these remaining positions are not usually functional and most of them must by nature be occupied by persons who are from the specific zone specified.

    Please observe that all the key positions are assigned to Muslims …….. also observe that Christians are not assigned any key position while Northern Christians are completely excluded.

    NB: I am aware that inconsequential positions were assigned to persons from the South-East who are not practicing Christians viz: Senator Osita Izunaso and Mr George Moghalu ….. Organizing Secretary and Auditor respectively.

    • Eze

      You are a disgrace to humanity.

      • anonymous

        Intelligent write. APC has already failed. No to muslim brotherhood.

        • Jika

          No to religious and ethnic bigots as epitomized by you.

          • Goodluck_Nigeria

            Ethnic bigots are better defined by those who produced “the consensus candidate of the Muslim North.”

            Religious bigots are better defined by those who told Muslims in Sokoto not to vote for Christians.

            I hope you get it !!!

          • Jika

            I believe you are one of the bigots since you have taken a stand against certain individuals by calling them as Muslim brotherhood because of their religious believe.The last time I checked,the current president did not come to office by virtue of christian or southern votes alone.The fellow you are referring who is alleged to have canvassed for Muslims to vote for only Muslims,did not pick a southern Muslim as a running mate but rather a Christian and a pastor at that.

          • Goodluck_Nigeria

            The hollow and warped way of thinking by Muslims never seizes to amaze. That is why for instance – a harmless cartoon in Denmark will lead Muslims to violently kill innocent people in far away Kano Nigeria ………… Muslims are not better than wild animals.

            The Buhari choice of a confused Pastor Bakare who does not know his right from left is only Buhari’s way of mocking Christians and Christianity ………. where is Pastor Bakare today ….. what kind of relationship exists between him and Buhari today?

            Pastor Bakare whose eyes are slightly opening now …… openly tells anybody that cares to listen that he will never vote for Buhari – Nigeria’s foremost murderer and terrorist.

          • Jika

            I wonder then why your hero is doing every thing possible to get the votes of Muslims.In your own ‘enlightened’ way of thinking,the votes of those you called ‘no better than wild animals’ is of no consequence in determining the winner?When you resort to abuse and name calling,it goes to confirm your level of intellectual depth.You said Pastor Bakare doesn’t know his left from his right?I bet he is a million times better than you are in all worthy stations of life.You are only good in spewing hatred,using abusive and derogatory language and, promoting religious/ethnic bigotry.

          • Goodluck_Nigeria

            Muslims are the ones who spew hatred …… who kill innocent people because of cartoons they know nothing about …… what other greater wickedness and hatred can you compare with the actions of Muslims.

          • Jika

            Yeah you can only compare that to the killings of millions by nuclear bombs as happened in Japan,or the slaughter of hundreds of thousands in Spain during the period of crusades,or the killings of over 70 youths by Breigvigh in Norway,or the genocide in Rwanda,or the killings of young and old by the Lord’s resistance Army in Uganda,or the extermination of seven million Jews,or the ethnic cleansing by Serbs in Bosnia.Certainly,you can only compare it with the decapitation of a political leadership and their spouses because they profess a different faith and come from a certain region.All the afore mentioned are committed by Muslims I think?You can’t claim any moral high ground on the basis of religion.The good,the bad and the ugly abound in all religions and all races.But,I guess you are too steeped in your cocoon to see beyond your nose.

          • Goodluck_Nigeria

            This is just the way Muslims think as they sink deeper and deeper into evil and wickedness as directed by their Koran.

            It is only a Muslim that will compare the Japan atomic bomb incident with the killing of an innocent man in Kano in the name of Allah because of a cartoon he knows nothing about in far away Denmark ……. it is only a Muslim that will ever think that the two events are the same and can be compered with each other.

          • Jika

            If I needed any confirmation about your intellectual depth or the lack of it,you have just done that.In your ‘advanced and more sophisticated’ way of thinking,an innocent life lost in Japan is worth less than that of an innocent soul unjustly taken in Kano?In my humble view,the loss of a single innocent life anywhere in the world is a loss to humanity.However,I guess your views to contemporary issues is tainted by your ethnocentric,bigoted and myopic sense.So sad and pathetic.By the way,why didn’t you answer my questions as to wether your hero came to power without the votes of Muslims?Why is your man so hell bent in getting the votes of those you describe as ‘worse than animals’?

          • Goodluck_Nigeria

            Let me tell you the difference …… the innocent man killed in Japan died in the course of war but the innocent man killed in Kano by animalistic Muslims was not killed because of war but because of mere cartoon in far away Denmark. Muslims are not better than animals …. I insist

          • Jika

            At least we are getting somewhere.Now,did your hero came to power with the votes of Muslims amongst other Nigerians?Does your hero need the votes of those you describe as ‘worse than animals’ for the next election?I am waiting.

          • Goodluck_Nigeria

            Just look at the 2011 Presidential election result and you will observe that President Goodluck Jonathan does not really need the vote of a single Muslim to win.

          • Jika

            Really?Now,I am convinced beyond any iota of doubt that that you are not only intellectually bereft,but,you are too far gone in your hatred that you can’t admit a simple and a glaring fact.I advise that you read the Nigerian constitution and understand what it takes by way of election/voting,for any one to be declared a winner in a Presidential election.If you can’t comprehend what you read,I suggest you seek the opinion of any constitutional lawyer that you know.In any case,if your guy doesn’t need the votes of Muslims to win,why are you disturbed when you alleged that some one advocated for Muslims to vote only Muslims.Or,better still,why is your guy and his handlers so obsessed with getting the votes of ‘Muslims’ ?You insist that Muslims are ‘worse than animals’.But guess what?It takes one to know one,i.e. It takes an animal to know an animal and,it takes a worse animal to know a worse animal.I believe that makes you worse than an animal as well.

          • pheliciti

            Stop trolling and lying to promote your hatred. This story is about Arik and I wonder where d hatred is coming from. It’s like they pay you per post! Most times hatred like yours is borne out of low self esteem. It would be interesting to see you in real life. Pastor Bakare gave an interview a month ago still avowing his respect for Gen. Buhari. You can Google it. The amazing thing is that in spite of the Christian president we have, many Christians are still suffering. In spite of the president coming from Bayelsa majority of Bayelsa pple still live below poverty levels. What is thus to gain from your religious and ethnic jingoism? If you are being paid for this, find another job or tell them to increase your pay as it’s a disgraceful job, one that you can’t handover to your children.

          • Goodluck_Nigeria

            Forget about the media dressing …… go and have a one-on-one with Bakare ….. I am speaking from a one-on-one interaction with Bakare.

          • checkmate

            That’s why we see GEJ as president, a product of Northern consensus. This clearly shows how myopic, sentimental and bigoted you are. If this is the path you decide to take, then you have a long distance to cover. Fire on!

    • the truth

      sir although this is worrisome, but lets separate religion from governance, as long as alhaji ibrahim can do the work better than paul john, he should be able to get voted in. putting in religion in governance is wrong. lets support unity. and one thing you should know is looting and corrupt officials steal without recourse to religion.

      • Goodluck_Nigeria

        The problem is always with happens when paul john can do the work better than alhaji ibrahim ……… you start getting Boko Haram, riots, violence,murders, violent protests ……… and in the mild form you start getting federal character, quota system, catchment area, false population figures, frivolous invitations to appear before the House of the Muslim North (formerly Nigeria House of Representatives), born-to-rule syndrome, etc. etc. etc.

        • Dan maikoko

          Who do you blame if God in his infinite mercy has decided to make you a little dumber than the northerners that even when you are in power and can crush the riots, stop BH, falsify the population figures to favour you and abolish catchment area, quota system and federal character- you could not do it.

          • Goodluck_Nigeria

            Shame on you for leeching to live !!!

          • Dan maikoko



      This will not save you and your masters. This is coming too late. Were religion the basis for governance, Nigeria will even be worse than this.

      Honestly, let a Muslim leader give me, a Christian, better life and I will forever be grateful. I hope you get my drift!

      • Goodluck_Nigeria

        A Muslim leader will never ever give you a Christian better life ……….. Go to Kano and see the neglect of Sabon Gari by Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso ……… ask Buhari what he did to Shagari after the coup …. and also ask Buhari what he did to Ekwueme after the coup.

        I repeat ….. a Muslim can never ever give you a Christian better life except by accident or by duress !!!

        • TRUTH MASTER


          Malala, a Muslim, just won a Nobel Peace Prize for her campaign for the girl child education, and girl child as in Christians, Muslims and all others

          Thank God the prize committee are not as bigoted as you. I do not care about religion. No country has ever used religion to develop.

          Our President is a Christian, but he has made our lives hellish!

          • Goodluck_Nigeria

            What has Malala got to do with this ……… let Malala walk the streets of Pakistan or any Muslim populated country and I bet Mohammed will send his boys like you to stone her to death.

            You said and I quote: ” I do not care about religion. No country has ever used religion to develop.”

            This statement by you reveals and re-affirms that Muslims are full of deception, lies and hypocrisy. The hypocrisy of Muslims stinks …… telling lies is a way of life for Muslims.

            In Islam …. truth is abhorred ….. truth is a stranger to Islam ….. no doubt ….. Islam is indeed of the devil …… deal with it !!!

          • TRUTH MASTER

            What Malala has got to do with this is that in your warped perception, all Muslims are bad. But the world has repudiated you. Malala is a Muslim and found worthy of the world’s most prestigious award. If an anarchist like you were on the board of a Nobel Prize Committee, that would never happen. In summary, I reject your blanket hatred for all Muslims just as I will reject any blanket hatred for all Christians. Quit being a bigot!

            By the way I am not a Muslim. Just so you will understand.

          • Goodluck_Nigeria


            How many Nobel prizes have been awarded ……. what is the percentage won by Muslims?

            Malala only survived the barbaric attack of Muslims ….. is that enough to earn her a Nobel prize ?

            I think the Nobel Prize to Malala is just a way of telling the Koran carrying Muslims that their thoughts, actions and focus are purely satanic or rather is just a way of telling Muslims that adhering to instructions in the Koran is like adhering to instructions from Satan

          • TRUTH MASTER

            Did that come from the citation for the award? No. Your own bigoted words! Once again, they have been repudiated by the civilized world!

        • Factual


        • Mr. Abdin


    • Jujubeans

      I see you guys are getting desperate now. Back to the same ole script, damn the consequences. Well your Oga and PDP paymasters are deceitful, greedy, amoral beings… I’m not surprised.

      • Goodluck_Nigeria

        Are you talking about Muslims ? ….. specifically are you talking about the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani ?

        • Mr. Abdin

          Your days are numbered.

    • Lulu

      For ur dumb head, there was an election and those deserving were elected! If all

  • Lalle

    Arik airline needs to be grounded. It’s the worst airline in Nigeria. I prefer to go by road to any place where Arik air is the only airline that services that route…..i always reach before them! Their flights are always delayed,and they’re so full of themselves, they combine routes without notice, and above all are the most expensive! Someone needs to sue them real bad.