Controversial Police AIG, Mbu, detains AIT journalist for describing him as ‘controversial’

Joseph Mbu

An indeed controversial high ranking Nigeria police officer, Joseph Mbu, has ordered the arrest and detention of a journalist for describing him as “controversial” on a TV programme.

The journalist, Amaechi Anakwe, a reporter cum presenter for the African Independent Television, AIT, was detained Thursday morning after he reported at the Zone 7 police headquarters in Abuja, on the invitation of Mr. Mbu.

Mr. Mbu had demanded to see the journalist shortly after he described him as controversial on a TV programme on his station, Matters Arising.

Mr. Anakwe’s colleague told PREMIUM TIMES the police officer sent in the first call for the reporter last Friday.

It was turned down on technicalities after the media house complained the letter inviting Mr. Anakwe was addressed to the reporter in his personal capacity.

A subsequent invitation was served on the media house on Monday.

Mr. Anakwe and the Chief security Officer of the AIT were subsequently dispatched to see Mr. Mbu on Tuesday.

After a long wait for the police officer who was said to be in the presidential villa, both men were asked to report back the following day.

Mr. Anakwe was seized on their second visit.

“I think it has to do with the culture and level of impunity that Mbu has been allowed to exhibit right from his days as police commissioner in Rivers state to today,” Imoni Mac-Amarere, Executive Director, News and Current Affairs at AIT, said.

Spokesperson of the Zone 7 police command, which Mr. Mbu now heads, could not be reached for comments.

But the overall spokesperson for the Nigeria Police, Emmanuel Ojukwu, told PREMIUM TIMES the issue has been “resolved”.

When asked if it is right for journalists to be arbitrarily detained by the police, he said: “I am saying we have resolved the issues. That’s all!”

Mr. Mbu, recently promoted to the rank of Assistant Inspector General, was a former commissioner of police in the Niger Delta state of Rivers.

He was pulled out of Rivers to head the Abuja police command – shorty before his promotion – after he had protracted face-off with that state’s governor who accused him of siding with the presidency and the ruling Peoples Democratic Party to undermine him.

Both Mr. Mbu and the Rivers governor, Rotimi Amaechi, recently tore at each other publicly with the later accusing the the police officer of unpatriotic allegiance to the wife of the president, Patience Jonathan. That comment was in reaction to Mr. Mbu’s who described himself as a lion who tamed the governor, a leopard.

“I cannot understand why an individual like Mbu is allowed to remain in the police to continue to tarnish the image of the force and its officers. It’s unbelievable!” Mr. Amarere told PREMIUM TIMES when asked of the implications of Mr. Mbu’s detention of his colleague.


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  • arewethishopeless

    What else should we expect from a cheap thug in police uniform?

    But then again, only a Police Force disgraced at home and abroad will condone, even encourage such a rascal to wear its uniform.

    • No Face

      una get time….
      Every sector of Nigeria stinks…make una no waste una time

  • Chris1408

    This Mbu doesn’t have any business in a functional organization. I would have called him an animal, but that’d be disrespectful to the animal kingdom.

    • mak


    • King Carlos

      ahhhhh LOL… chris u be bad oo

    • rhad


  • Okoi Obono-Obla

    This gestapo of a police officer should be shown the way out! He is not fit to be a police officer talk less of being at the hire achy or top echelon of the force!

  • ifebuche

    “Mr. Anakwe and the Chief security Officer of the AIT was subsequently dispatched to see Mr. Mbu on Tuesday.
    After a long wait for the police officer who was said to be in the presidential villa, both men were asked to report back the following day.

    Mr. Anakwe was seized on their second visit.”

    I know most won’t care to read the body of this hapless topic and rush to comment. Now reconcile the little extract I posted.

    First day they forgot to ‘seize’ and second day they suddenly remember.

    We are journalists. Keep reporting trash. Dont get to the root of the matter. Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew

    • WhirlWind

      What’s really your point you s0n-of-bitch? What’s your point?
      What point is you extract making? Are you saying he was not arrested? The small change you draw each time you spew in defence of crap can never be forever. May you be damned the day Jonathan’s murderous police thugs like Mbu harrass you or your relative and you run to the media…

      • ifebuche

        Keep looking for the point. You might just find it if your brain ignites.

        • Uzo

          people like you will stand by and clap when your daughter is being raped….dont yo even have a sense of honour to defend a victim of arbitrariness? Is it only the bribe that get into your stomach that matters?

          • ifebuche

            One day you will read the story of your own death and that time you will begin to analyse what toy read before you sheepishly allow it hook line and sinker. Same stuff Boko guys are made of that makes them easily indoctrinable.

          • ifebuche

            You sound like a rapist. Of common sense.

    • Remi

      The man was not around on the first day hence he was detained. I hope you also read the PPRO’s response that the matter has been settled. Anyway Mr journalist you are next. Okay so get your blanket ready.

    • folahan

      God will one day punish you for you stupidity…..

    • King Carlos

      u no go sense ni, iMbu was not around the first day to arrest. haba… u be iMbu brother?

      • ifebuche

        You are the one in urgent need of a sense upgrade. If an ordinary DO wants you ‘seized’ he can give that instruction to his boys from a toilet in Congo! And we are talking an AIG here. Go and sit down my friend.

    • Love

      I am not Ifebuche you are a journalist. Read the content of the report again.

  • Wähala

    Whoever does not understand why Mbu has been allowed to remain in the police force is because NPF have no image to be tarnished… ask Amnesty International. He was at the presidency to take orders from his dog handler, Lady Hippopatience… who says Gov. Amaechi is not right to describe Mbu as a shameless woman wrapper? Mbu and Uba brothers are thugs uniform or no uniform… only difference is Mbu is a thug with a shining badge, the Ubas are hired political miscreants. Same cloth, different cuts.

  • King Carlos

    The only people that get the blAME: jONATHAN, sAMBO and David Mark. When my man Lai Muhammed drops a press statement now to condemn this act by iMbu, some mumu Nigerians will say he is a liar, a noise maker. I pity the Inspector General of Police, until officer iMbu embarrasses or disobeys him in public, he won’t know what he is dealing with. if iMbu is a Lion as he claims, he should be posted to Borno state, sambisa forest to be precise, he would meet enough leopard there to tame, after all, he got the needed experience at the Rivers state ‘zoo’.


  • bello

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  • charles

    Mbu claimed he’s a lion….may be a coward too..cos he should have volunteered to go to sambissa and tame the boko leopards there…shameful!

  • Okikiola Beckley

    Kudos to Mr Amarere for his moral courage.

    • Alaba

      kudos, truly…most media managers will just cringe.

  • Ngboigwe

    You are calling him controversial again. He will detain you too.

  • Naija man

    If the snake bite the monkey, na who e concern? No be animals two of them be? This is very interesting!!! Now Mbu has taken out his anger for Rotimi Amaechi on Amaechi Anakwe because it is Amaechi that he is fighting against- whether Rotimi or Anakwe…LOL.
    Seriously, I listen to Amaechi Anakwe regularly on Raypower FM radio program ‘Political Platform’ and he is a pathological and unrepentant PDP apologist who says and sees nothing wrong with the present state of affairs in the country. The same Anakwe openly lashed and disparaged Mrs Oby Ezekwesili and the #BBOG group on air when they challenged the illegal order from Mbu banning rallies and protests in Abuja.
    Let Anakwe call his boss Dr Raymond Dokpesi to call Mbu’s boss Dr Goodluck Jonathan to release him and drop the case against him. Na dog eat dog country be this.

  • Owodemmy

    The guy is an a**. Abi he will come and detain me too!?!

  • solozo

    I hope this Mbu guy does not plan to retire from the Police? Because if all these reports are true, it means he is someone who does not know the meaning of ‘abuse of office’. He should speak to his former boss – the IGP who slumped in court. What goes around, comes around. You just wonder how he is still allowed to remain in the force in spite of all these complaints about him.

  • Tufiakwa

    Another rubbish “journalism.” On reading this I wanted to know how the “issue was resolved.” Was he ordered to stop speaking about Mr Mbu? Did he apologise? Was he bared from reporting the Police? Did the police apologise for wasting his time? It is one thing to suggest that the reporter was summoned because he described Mr Mbu as “controversial,” it is proper journalism to have Mr Anaekwe, telling us, in his own words, what the police charge was and how the “issue was resolved.” I am not interested in reading what Propaganda Times thinks of Mr Mbu. That’s no longer news.

  • Ogbologbo

    Oga AIG. Na the wrong amaechi sir.

  • McAlfred Uta

    Right in this forum many discussants already called Mbu unpalatable names. When is the next round of detentions starting. Seriously the BH war belongs to the Police but due to severe inefficiency, the military NOW DOES police duties in Borno, Yobe, Adamawa, Plateau, Nassarawa, Rivers, Bayelsa, Abia etc.. infact in all states either as Rapid Response Squad, JTF or by whatever acronym. The earlier Mbu is DISMISSED the better for the Police.

  • Omo Yoruba Kaaro Oojire

    Can u imagine a man who bans ‘protest’ in public places! A day will come when Mbu will sack the IG or even GEJ.