Zazzau Emirate Council Member shot dead in Kaduna

Kabiru Y. Buhari, Dokajin Cika Soron Zazzau, Ungwan Muazu District, in Zazzau Emirate Council, who was found dead on Friday in Kaduna, North-West Nigeria. Photo: Abdullahi Garba

An influential chief and council member of the Zazzau Emirate,  Dokajin Cika Soron Zazzau, Kabiru Buhari, has been shot dead in Kaduna.

His car and body were found by a search team at his farm near Maigiginya in Nariya, Kabala West, Kaduna, on Friday around 4p.m. He had gunshot wound on his head.

He is survived by one wife and five children. He has since been buried in line with Islamic tradition.

The Cika Soron Zazzau and Hakimin Ungwan Muazu,  Ahmed Aliyu Idris, in an interview with journalists at the burial ground on Friday night, confirmed that the late chief was found dead in his farm on Friday.

“We closed from Council with him around 5p.m. on Thursday where I think he proceeded to his farm Maigiginya. His family later alerted us on Friday morning that he didn’t sleep at home. So, we reported to the police and commenced a search operation.

“His body was found inside his farm with his car parked around the farm round 3-4pm on Friday.

“We have left everything to God to judge whoever has hand in his death or any other innocent persons killed.”

The Emirate has recently come under several attacks among which are the recent killing of a petrol station manager and the murder of a lecturer with the Shehu Idris College of Health Technology.

On whether he is satisfied with the actions taken by the police to curtail the rampant killings in the area, Mr. Idris said, “Honestly I can’t say because I don’t think they are doing much to stop this killings in the society. They always say that they are searching for the killers.”

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Aminu Lawal, while confirming the incident, said the police took part in the search of Mr. Buhari and had since commenced investigation into the killing.


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  • King Carlos

    Omo….. naijiriya ti di jungle o… efribodi wa ‘n para won bi eran ileya…. baba God wa gba wa lo wo awon oselu yi o.

    • Otile

      There are still peaceful places in continent Najeriya. Look around the 6 zones and see for yourself. Killing, arson, rape, bank robbery, girl kidnapping, and Islamic terrorism are home only to sharia states in 9ja contrary to what we were told that sharia brings discipline, sanity and morality. King Carlos, whatever you people do, don’t bring full sharia in Osun or any other state in Oduduwa land. Sharia is evil as you can see.

      • Nigerlite

        You are disgusting, is there sharia in Zaria? I am hundred percent sure you’ve never been to the north and you’re there blabbing nonsense

        • Otile

          Refute my comment with reasonable point, not just heaping insults on me. I am also hundred percent sure you have never been to Biafra and you are arguing foolishly.

          • Factual

            Answer his question and stop being bigoted.

          • Otile

            What a f**ck is his ass qs again?

          • Factual

            You lack morals. No wonder, I know where you come from.

          • Otile

            What you are saying is that where you come from your moral values are different from mine. In the South we value human lives. In the North life means little or nothing. You can start beheading people at the drop of a hat. The fact that we value education, human life and hard work does not mean that we lack morals. We are different. For you fellows fair is foul and foul is fair. We don’t care for your violence, girl kidnapping, bank robberies, church burning, Islamic fanaticism and other vices you cherish as good morals.

          • Nigerlite

            I grew up in Enugu my Dad a northerner and my Mum from Delta state. Are u happy now

          • Otile

            That means you and I are brothers. Have visited Arewa yet? If eventually you decide to visit the North avoid those them sharia states, make you visit brief and come back to Enugu Biafra safely. Your dad is a good man, he made a wise decision to relocate to Biafra and get himself a good mata.

          • Nigerlite

            Lol funny I consider myself a nigerian not a northerner or southerner

          • Otile

            Your own is a unique case you are both Northern and Southern with a Northern uba and southern uwa. Enjoy.

          • Umar Dendi

            see, the id– is still living in a dream state, where the hell is Biafra?
            I cant find it on any map?
            personally, i think you’ve drunk too much of that Sh–
            Try staying sober for a while! maybe then you’ll return to reality

          • Otile

            You are denying reality. Your parents wasted our resourced to
            hire the British, Russians and Arabanci to help them silence Biafra not
            knowing that you can use brute force to silence a nation for a while and
            not forever. See what happened in Sudan, Bosnia Herzegovina, East
            Timor. Musulumi cannot silence any nation for ever. Wake up from your
            deep slumber, continent Najeriya is disintegrating.

          • Umar Dendi

            “Continent” ?
            Go back to School, O’ i forgot, you aint got any!
            Still busy with bunkering crude and robbing innocents for a living?
            No wonder you lost the Damn War!

            and since DeresGod is the lady in charge, splitting the Country should’nt be much of a problem!
            What feeds this mass delusion? i wonder? Yesterday you’re biblical jews, the day before that Biafrans, they Day before that toothpick gods??
            and upon all the drama, they happen to be the only people incapable of staying within their side of the Border! Why is it that every where we go we see you melanin sick folks in diaspora?
            Yet they keep screaming Ohaneze;
            I’ve got news for you, your barren land wont feed a swat!
            Dissolve the Nation and we all will shout GOOD REDDENS

          • Otile

            You can go on with your babbling, that’s your business. My comments are all true, can you refute any of them with facts? Nagode Allah, I am at liberty to change my religion at any time if there is need to do so. Can you? The moment you try it fatwa will be placed on your head and any almajiri is free to waste you. Are you envious of my religious liberty? Nobody has monopoly of cross-border business, nowadays there are more abokis in my town than my people in in the whole North. The abokis like it here and they are safe. We do not behead in the name of Islam.

            Oh yes, my people are found all over the world. That’s the hallmark of enterprising successful people. Don’t you see Bature, Arabanci, Madachi, Asians in Nigeria and all over the world, what is wrong with that? Your people are lazy misfits, they are not wanted in diaspora.

            As for my place being barren. That’s in your mind, we have what it takes to feed ourselves and feed your beggars too. Barren land is what the Mohammedans said about Israel too. Today the hard-working Israelis have converted it into fertile soil, Israel is daily exporting food to Europe in addition to feeding hungry Palestinian moslems. Leave us to have our Biafra and you will witness wonders. Ka ji ko?

          • Umar Dendi

            I suppose you’re one of those fellows who think you are part of those lost tribes or what-ever?
            and i suppose the fact that the Jewish world congress rejected your sickening claim isnt enough of an embarrassment for you fellows!
            I mean, seriously, Do your people have any pride left in them??

            Diaspora? Enterprising? my A**., no one can get a decent visa with this cursed green passport because of the sheer infamy of your people. You are a bunch crooks and drug peddlers!!
            Your women are loosed in milan and rome selling themselves while your elders drown what little brains they have in Palm Wine. I cannot remember a foreign airport that doesnt have one of those funny names of yours on its wanted lists!
            Face it, your not business men, you are Criminals. here in North, you come from that barren land that cannot feed the vultures over it and become kidnappers, rapists, crooks, armed robbers and YES, the BOKOS you were talking about!! its all the stench of the southern york!

            Concerning Islam, I know your small brains can not fathom a world of multiple religions and tribes but i’ll try any ways.
            We in the North are multi-religious (not that you will know what that means) so i wont dignify that with a response! however the fact that Orijet**** has been caught pants down and Asari is a terrori** supreme should tell you loads!
            If your retarded brain can comprehend that is!

        • Gideon Orkar

          You have Sharia law in Muslim areas. That was the compromise in 2000 after people rioted when you tried to impose it on non Muslims in KD

  • nwa Biafra

    This is just a man and your complaining, many families has been wiped out by your Fulani brothers in southern Kaduna and you as the emir has not done anything.

    • Umar Dendi

      F’ off. Whats your pathetic business with us. Go worry about your illusionary state, Biafran!!
      You’re a heartless pathetic pr—!

      • Otile

        The mention of Briafan state makes you hit the ceiling. Sorry, yaro, you are a candidate for heart attack soon, that is if boko boys don’t decapitate you first.

        • Umar Dendi

          Like Biafra was Decapitated!
          2 million ferry ferry lessons arent enough i see?
          Come on, when will a loser ever accept defeat?

          • Otile

            What defeat are you bragging about, a war Great Britain, Russia and Arabanci fought, now you are taking credit. Why are you proud, where is your strength? A few al-Queda trained boko boys are about to overrun 12 sharia state, here you are mouthing off. Shame.

          • Umar Dendi

            The gray idio*s are still living in denial!
            Was Murtala or Shuwa an Arab?
            Well, its no use,i’m Sure you would’nt Know
            How many french and Apartheid-South African mercenaries did Ojukwu and you boys hired for the Fight?
            Thats right, we have them in Pictures! Now these melanin Idio*s think they are some supreme race?

            Go knell before your ancient idols suck*r.
            And have the wits to post something fresh when replying, i cant cope with your copy n paste monotony!

          • Otile

            Are you still denying that Arabs fought for you? Why not be grateful and thank your saviors for once? Are you also going to say that Col Shuwa and Col Mohammed built the Canbrera planes the arab pilots were using to bomb schools and market places? You are despicable. Who is doing copying and pasting. You can say that of the Northerners who cannot write English because they claim that western education is haram.

            Go to your black rock of kabaa and knock of your heads, yeah, you are worshiping Prophet Pedophile to inherit imaginary virgins, arne banza.

          • Umar Dendi

            Do you think everyone is as incompetent and stone-age driven as Biafrans!
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            No wonder you Lost!

            Says a people that could not write before the brits came and invaded their asse**!!
            You Know, not everyone needed the Brits to teach them how to Write and read!!
            By the way, have you ever heard yourself or one of your kins speaking english?? You guys make a Donkeys cry sounds like Music! No Joking!!

            We wil go back to the Ka’aba. But down here in the North we Don’t rape girls and post the videos on Youtube!
            Our University’s are halls of Scholars not breeding grounds of cultists and rapists!
            Pedophile?? Says a people whose culture requires raping your Daughters in an incestuous Orgy!
            Who are you kidding?
            I Swear arguing with you makes me feel sick!

          • Otile

            Do you think you make any sense at all? Hear him “We needed no mercenary to fly our planes for us!” You needed no mercenary to fly your supersonic fighters you build with you own hands, this is ludicrous. The only known Nigerian pilot at that time was Gen J Akinrinade whom the Russians allowed to operate a refurbished WWI plane abandoned by the Nazais at Noyabr’sk . You are posing as if you were there. Most likely your mother was a toddler then. What you are regurgitating now are lies taught you by those deceiving imams. Do you think you can still deceive people with your taquiyya? Get a life, lazy drone.

            Who taught you English language, and where? Just run down to Sudan and Mogadishu koranic mud mosques, then come back to teach at ABU. Have you heard Buhari or Babangida speak English, are they not embarrassing? How about that illiterate Katsina man who ran for VP and you people were so eager to present him as the smartest mutum cikin Arewa? How come someone else interpreted for him, for he shamelessly said ba turenci?

            How many of those girls in Sambisa forest that is not pregnant yet, you insane rapist bunch.

          • Umar Dendi

            And that’s why the pathetic Southerner keeps Speaking Hausa!!!
            Even in that chemically infused state of yours, your hate babbling subconscious Knows the future belongs to the North!
            Your degenerate propaganda pamphlets wisely omitted WC Lawan, i see. How wise of the Biafrans

            And how many times do i have to tell you! can you please be sober before you post a comment?
            Or is it just in those Genes?
            Gen Akinirade was in the Army you Dummy! he always was!
            Nigeria’s Airforce has always had a diff rank regime. but those fried out neurons in your head just had to blow it!!
            Well, Let my mother be a toddler!! AT LEAST SHE WASNT being bombarded by those hate messages from Radio Biafra, and she certainly was not on the losing side!
            Who taught me English? well it certainly was not a Southerner, you on the hand?
            well given that you have insulted her Majesty more times than needed to raise Shakespeare, it probably was some idio* from that Southern slum!

            And who is this Katsina Man? no worries, you’ll probably Lie anyway.
            and besides, i am sure he was never caught on national TV Screaming Chai, DeresGod, Umblella or America will Know!!!!

          • Otile

            How do you know all these falsehood given that you were not around during the genocide. At madrasa makaranta you were fed with false doctrines, hate, and distorted history. Now that you have acquired some western eduction contrary to your imam’s instructions, grow up and toss aside those lies.

            We under Hausa among other languages because we are broad-minded. You close-minded bigots will never see beyond you nose, you will perish in ignorance.

            Well you were in Arabia praying your head off at the black rock during the last general election otherwise you would have seen for yourself how your illiterate brother from Birnin Katsina understanding only hausa came out to win VP post. As for you anything you don’t know about must be a lie. That’s the shallowness of your mind. Gaskiya ne.

          • Umar Dendi

            Madarasa! hell we’ve lot of those!
            unlike some other naked going stone-age men that could’nt read or write before the brits enslaved their asses!

            As for this Katsina Man, i can only presume he’s a figment of your imagination! perhaps you should dial down on the ogoggoro! you’re the only fellow who seems to remember him.
            We must be so darn intimidating to inspire such hallucinations!

          • Haruna Yahaya

            To drag the name of the Holy Prophet (may the peace and blessings of the Almighty ALLAH be w him and members of his family),into this matter is most disrespectful to him and the generality of muslims the world over,and most unfortunate to say the least.Its a known fact that,he lived and left this material world over a thousand years ago.Its also a known fact that his conduct,life style and management of public trust as enshrined in Islam,is totally at variance with those of leaders of today,the world over.

            As africans,Muslims,Christians,traditionalists,etc,we are known for respect to Elders.Actions such as above negates these acclaimed attributes.

            Handlers of this medium,PM have a duty to guide discussions in line with this attributes of decency,modesty and respect for one another,even though opinions could vary of the way forward in our current situations in Nigeria.Lets devote more time on positive contributions,rather than trading blames and insults on one another,and desecrating our value systems.

  • nwa Biafra

    Is it CAN that killed him

    • Zarto Ali

      You better go back to school my friend, you are an illiterate who has absolutely nothing useful to give to humanity but hatred, among hitherto cordially existing but different opposing beleives.

      • Otile

        You are asking my brother to go to madrasa school. No way Jose. You are the illiterate that should go and acquire some western education. Believe it, western education is not haram. Stop beheading people to stop education.

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