REVEALED: List of detained suspected terrorists Boko Haram wants swapped for abducted Chibok girls

The failed high level negotiations between Boko Haram leaders and the Nigerian government team, led by a former Minister of Information, Edwin Clark, would have seen the country swapping 16 detained terrorists for 220 Chibok girls, PREMIUM TIMES can authoritatively report today.

The names submitted for the swap are said to contain mainly the sect’s middle commanders who are being detained in various detention centres across the country.

They are:

1.Mustapha Umar
2.Baba Alhaji
3 Baba Gana Mongunu
4.Mallam Bashir Kachallah
5.Mallam Baraa
6. Mallam Baba Gana
7. Mallam Baba Mala
8. Mallam Abakar
9. Mallam Ibrahim
10. Mallam Awana
11. Mallam Yarema
12. Mallam Albani Jos
13. Mallam Tuja.

Sources close to the negotiation said there are three other insurgents whose names were communicated through telephone calls, during later discussions, directly to representatives of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, who facilitated the talks.

Two names were initially sent but shortly afterwards, one more was called in making a total of 16.

As we reported Thursday, after weeks of tough negotiations, the government and Boko Haram sides finally accepted to what famously came to be dubbed the “prisoner swap” of the Chibok girls with some commanders of the Boko Haram fighting forces.

Insiders to the talk said the insurgents were “initially modest in their demands, asking for just 10 of their field captains who appear to have a holding grip on the imagination of the fighting forces.” At this time, this was against the whole abducted girls.

While the security forces were combing detention centres, shopping for the 10 detainees, our sources say something strange happened, suggesting internal struggles in the camp of the insurgency forces.

Our sources understood the “happening” to be a factional disagreement on the ethnic composition of the 10 names tabled for the swap. “They were all of Kanuri nationality and it appeared the Hausa/Fulani faction protested this.”

The result of this disagreement was about one week delay in the negotiations after which a “new list of 15 was tabled, and then it was increased to 16”.

The ICRC was then working with security forces to identify the names on the list. In this period, it wasn’t clear if security forces had all the names in demand, a situation that triggered a new frustration in the talks, according to our sources. Were they never captured or were they killed in battle or extra-judicially?

Our sources said some of those identified insisted that although they were being held by Nigerian security forces based on allegations of being Boko Haram members, they were not terrorists or members of the sect and would never agree to a release based on prisoner swap arrangement with the deadly group.

This development, according to one of our sources, led discussions along a frozen path. “We almost lost 10 days again to this but after a meeting at the Kuje prisons, near Abuja, where Mustapha Umar, one of the commanders on the list was held, the government team saw a new ray of hope.”

However, distrust was now building and the team of two Boko Haram negotiators switched the terms of demand from 16 sect commanders for all the girls, to only 30 girls.

But Mr. Clark, according to our sources, told them there was no realism in their demands and that if they so cherished their compatriots, the smartest deal for them was to release all the girls. At any rate, Mr. Clark reportedly argued that such a deal would put President Jonathan at the butt of a new wave of criticism and provide fodder for the opposition. So this was not acceptable, he reportedly insisted.

“Swap is not our idea but the idea of the government,“ the Boko Haram negotiators initially argued, trying to insist on the high road, but they later deferred to the age of Mr. Clark, according to our sources.

At this point also, the ICRC team clarified the terms of their engagement, insisting that before the swaps, they would need clear commitments from the abducted girls and the detained fighters. “Prisoners and the girls must offer consent before the deal can be closed” ICRC insisted. To get the consent of the girls the ICRC said they were prepared to risk going into the enclave of the insurgency.

The Boko Haram negotiators reportedly said they were comfortable with this, and that it will also help “dispel the claims that the girls were being maltreated or that they have been forced into marriage which will shock many people when the girls return.”

With the Abuja negotiations sealed, Yola, the Adamawa state capital, was agreed as the point of swap. Government negotiators favoured a discreet arrangement where they would sneak into Yola, the Red Cross would take custody of the girls, and in turn yield the Boko Haram detainees to them and conclude the swap.

The management of the Yola episode, according to our sources, put paid to the whole arrangement. The government, in an exuberant show of enthusiasm chartered a Boeing 737 jet to convey the girls to Abuja from Yola. What was thought to be a discreet arrangement turned into a fantasia and loud orchestra show. Moreover, “when we arrived Yola, half of the airport was covered with security forces” noted one of the insiders to the deal.

“Then they moved negotiators to the presidential lounge for a two-hour wait…then 48 hours in the hotel…but Yola had been infiltrated by these people and the security presence sent a wrong signal…clearly these people didn’t trust the arrangement and they never showed up.”

Apart from Mr. Clark, others who participated in the negotiation were two notable Nigerian civil rights leaders, Fred Eno, and Shehu Sani, Maiduguri-based lawyer, Mustapha Zanna, and PDP chieftain, Kaka Bolori, along with three top officials of the International Red Cross headquarters office in Geneva which served as the “interface” negotiators, and two field captains of the Boko Haram sect.

When contacted Wednesday, some of the principal actors in the collapsed negotiation declined to provide details, saying it’s still premature to divulge “sensitive details”.

“The whole thing is unfortunate, but hopefully we can revive the negotiations,” one of the negotiators, Fred Eno, told PREMIUM TIMES. “The president desperately wanted the girls released, but politics of positioning stood in the way of progress.”

The President of the Kaduna-based Civil Rights Congress, Shehu Sani, insisted he was not comfortable discussing the matter at this time, suggesting that it was irrelevant talking about what worked and what didn’t work at least until the girls are rescued.

Mr. Clark did not answer or return calls made to his telephone on Thursday morning. He also did not respond to a text message sent to him.

Benoit Matsha-Carpentier, the Senior Media Officer for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, was also unavailable Thursday morning. He is yet to return calls made to him.

Spokespersons for the Nigerian presidency were also unavailable to provide insight regarding why the administration acted the way it did in the final minutes of the negotiation. Reuben Abati, the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, as well as Doyin Okupe, the senior special assistant on Public Affairs, didn’t answer or return calls Thursday morning.

The over 200 girls, mostly teenagers, were kidnapped from their secondary school in Chibok, Borno State, on April 14.



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  • Wähala

    After dismissing the first of the “key factors” the talks failed viz: Boko Haram’s inflexibility; the other two, security’s belief they can win the war with brute force (without carrots) and Dr. Dumbo’s buying into the idea constitute the, “politics of positioning” that is responsible for the failed talks. Old fossil, Edwin Clark wanted to iconize his name with, “Clark Talks” while Dumbo did not want to give Alhaji Lai any propaganda advantages, so ugly Mary Ogar flooded our Yola Airport with goons hoping to catch Abu Shekau red-handed with our missing Chibok Girls… that’s how we’ve ended up back to square-one with Oby still shouting: #BringBackOurGirlsBiko! No need for this long story, all these Mallams are terrorists, this ranks-n-file story is really unnecessary rehashing an old wound…

    • Fine

      On a lighter mood, Marilyn Ogar is not bad at all. Check the woman again. Don’t be that bad belle. Show appreciation to God for a good job. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, may be?

      • Wähala

        On a much lighter mood, they say ‘Love is Blind’…but I see good! I don’t need a telescope to search for beauty in our Mari Mata of DSS but that’s a tiny part of it, her “character” is very ugly as she’s a career liar and partisan in disposition of her duties… that’s her ugly traits I take serious umbrage with, she’s a cold killer! Remember Apo? Do you truly believe God made Mary Ogar in his own image? To me, if so… Heaven can wait!

        • Chris1408

          Mary Uuuugly Ogar is a product of “Who know man” syndrome in Nigeria. That’s how all the positions are filled with incompetent and clueless people. That’s the reason nothing works in the country.

          • Factual

            Well said. Thanks

          • redeem

            who is not in Nigeria——————————————–including fashola

          • Chris1408

            That’s one of our biggest problems.

        • redeem

          How would u have respect for the humans God created————————————-when u have yr rotten lungs filled with human meat———————————-with yr yeye lips the size of pure water sachet———-animal

          • Bambam

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          • Bambam

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    • Bigzy

      Mallam, have you got a job at all? You seem to be here morning, noon and night talking nonsense. You are truly an internet rat.

      • Wähala

        And you seem to be following every comment I make…
        I’m here to enrich your mind, but unfortunately sycophancy has blinded your reasoning…
        My “job” is to interpret every fraudulent move your shoeless moron makes to enrich himself foolishly, and I make enough doing so that I can afford your worthless life… Aborigine baztard on amnesty stipend like you. I’m certain you’re among the 90% unemployed youths in Nigeria roaming about with stolen laptops looking for who to scam. I wrote that comment in Switzerland this morning, now I’m back in Germany for the weekend… keep forcing down ‘agege bread’ with pure water… suffer-head pauper like you.

        • Bigzy

          I would suggest that you have definitely not enriched anyone with your forthright lies and activism in the Jihadist aPC course. In fact, your inputs sometimes smell of desperation and total abandonment of logic and received facts. I am happy to note that you have identified yourself as a troll, even without much prodding. This makes you the biggest fraud on this forum. The question now is, what are you going to do after the 2015 Presidential election?

          If indeed you are engaged to interpret any thing, my advice is that you should find another job. Your efforts at interpreting Nigerian politics has been laughable and has the effect of further obfuscating the water.

          I would not boast about my current disposition simply because it is not in my nature to do so. I noticed that you are jealous of the so called amnesty stipend of the Niger Delta boys. The trouble with this is that the Oil Blocks of the Ogoni people were shared out by successive military dictators between members of the northern oligarchy. It was like a bush kill shared amongst clansmen. But now you think that there are grounds to begrudge these people. Keep bellie aching.

  • Nigerian

    Sakilda said there was no recent negotiation according to Sahara disaster. Whom are we to believe? Sakilda is a tainted character seeking to make money with his alleged closeness to terrorists if indeed there was a negotiation. Any way that list appear unreasonable because Mallam this, Mallam that, makes it difficult to trace the criminal being sought. There are millions of people bearing baba, Ibrahim, gana etc. We keep our fingers crossed while the drama unfolds.

    • Wähala

      You must have read my comment there with your doubts about Salkida’s motives yet, you question a media house against a shady character ba? Mallam dis-n-dat is journalism’s way of protecting people’s identities because like you read, the negotiations can still be revitalized as is the hope of those directly involved with it. We all have no choice, Nigerians and Bokos alike… given the recent gains Mary Ogar is making killing or capturing thugs, the Boko Haram with a decapitated leadership may be forced to return to the table and consummate a deal. My own is that those girls have suffered enough, not who to believe. Half of their parents have died waiting for their children, and that is no “drama” unfolding before my eyes, na reality!

      • Gideon Orkar

        Best time to negotiate with enemies is when you have them on the run. Now that Shekau II has been killed, The Govt should wheel out the carrot with the big stick firmly poised in the background.

        • kick ’em out

          How can it happen with the GREAT EVIL JONAHARAM (GEJ) dining and wining with the BH sponsors?

  • Danny

    Clark negotiating? Gimme a break! The same buffoon running off his 80 year old mouth and behaving like a street goon? That same Clark? Or is it Clark Kent (aka superman?). Abeg make i laff small.

    • redeem

      @wahala———————how old is Buhari——————–ati Akande the ex chairman of APC————————–do u know the age of those in the Northern Elders Forum————-singing the song of fools ion boko haram?—————Now—u can see what the eating of human meat has done to your brain—————–no regard for members of the human family——anymore—–u insult elders as if u dont have any in yr family————-forgot the catholic priest–picked from an orphanage—-in abriba and took u to ivory coast—-Nonetheless–that forbidden delicacy that u often boil with pressure cookers in yr abode- is like the coke Tinubu often sniffs————–its very addictive————————————–stop eating it for a week and u will be like others—–think strait————-and please stop posting comments in different name-s————-like I told u the other day——- u stink like a sack of stock fish———————-that is why I can fish out no matter where u hide——–yr——-monkey————————face—

  • Wise Head

    Why this story now, does Boko Haram still exist? We have gone beyond any possibility of any peace talks with what remains of them. I hope this story is not meant to lure anyone to the peace table with bloody-thirsty creatures? No, that can’t work. Not any more. The army should should just go ahead and quickly complete the short work of clearing off the remnants of those habitual killers and let decency return among humans. After this, Ango Abdullahi and NEF should go and find some other thing with which to anchor their “#Give-Us-Back-Our-Power# campaign. And with what the North has learned from the Boko Haram experience, no one again there would ever think of using violence or insurgency as a tool for acquiring political power. What a pity.

  • Lorddaniels

    The government should swap the terror bigwig with the innocent girls but not without giving them the German treatment I.e infect them with a terminal decease that they will nurse till the rest of their pathetic life short and useless jihadist life.

  • the truth

    in my humble opinion these terrorists should be swapped for the girls. swapping of terrorists happen everywhere in the world.lets get this girls back

    • Garden-City Boy

      Really? You want that to happen so we can appease barbaric, awusa terrorists and their sponsors, while massaging their miserable ego….that’s what you want , don’t you? To your sorry self, the lives of awusa terrorists must be so precious; those of their victims, especially Southerners, are worthless. Or, to put it differently, what, in your idiotic, awusa idea, should be swapped for the innocent, non-awusa lives they wasted? You still live in the delusion of awusa ‘untouchability” mentality. Do you realize how the entire would has united to call the islamic bluff? Can you fellows stand the heat? Only time will tell. You asked for it; you finally got it. Wish you luck with your barbaric islamic cult..

      • the truth

        My brother swapping terrorists are done everywhere.just three months ago America swapped sergeant bergdahl for 5 hardened al Qaeda terrorists.we need those girls back.if your sister was part of the girls missing would you still hold this view

        • True Nigerian

          By all means let us get the girls out first, even if it means releasing these animals in exchange for our precious schoolgirls. We can get useful intelligence from the detained boko haram animals, swap them. We can always them kill them again in the future if they ever return to the battle field against Nigeria. It is simple common sense. They are not very sophisticated criminals such as Bin Laden or Zawahiri. They are uncouth, crude and unrefined fighters whom we can finish if only we have an army that is rid of mindless corruption, truly committed, equipped and motivated to do their job.

          President Jonathan should have taken this deal without any delay. For a president who was willing to offer a blanket amnesty to all the murderous criminals called boko haram, it is offensive that this offer was bungled. It is saddening, very saddening! If the President was willing to give amnesty to every boko haram criminal, then why would he drag his feet in accepting this deal in order to recover these horrified schoolchildren whom their country, its leaders and its soldiers failed and disappointed in a horrible way.

        • Garden-City Boy

          You still evaded the question. What do you swap for the innocent Southern and Christian victims of barbaric awusa terrorists? Or you think, as you usually do, that those ones don’t count? May be the Central African Republic dance is what we need to drive the fact right through your thick black skull, into your warped awusa brain.

      • the truth

        That is the problem with Nigeria.what has Hausa people done to you.y not see yourself as a Nigerian first before seeing yourself as a southerner

  • Ndano Gandu

    Who is now deceiving who? GEJ sa
    id he can not dialogue with faceless people, Now how come do they get to know this boko haram commanders? And why is Edwin Clarke being part of the negociators?

  • Otile

    I thought they said that there are a lot of non Muslim members of Boko Haram. Definitely these men are all the boko boys Federal troops got in captivity. How come all of them are Kanuri, and Hausa Fulani native Muslims? Who are they trying to deceive? How come the relatives and friends of the Muslims in captivity are not talking? They are playing dead as if the fighters came from hell. Islam is a bane on society.

    Again, I don’t get the reason they first agreed to release only the Kanuri terrorists leaving the Hausa Fulani ones languishing in captivity. Is it because the Hausa Fulani don’t value human lives? Let them stop telling us that all Muhammedans are one in brotherhood. Apparently, the Kanuris from Janjaweed tribe in N Sudan are valued more than the Fulani from the Maghreb region, while the lowest would be our own brothers the Hausa who actually own the North all the terrorists occupy. This is Islamic justice, justice turned upside down.

  • Wazobia

    But seriously…who believes the above names are TRUE NAMES? these can only be aliases.

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter who and who are involved. GEJ and his “badwagon” should just do their normal thing; pankake it. Whilst they prepare for posterity on them, their family and their generations. 2015 or 2019..UNA GO STILL COMOT . The earlier the better

  • redeem

    all the names are fakes————————————————–they were supplied to media houses by lai mohamed