INVESTIGATION: Minister Abba Moro in fresh scandal; defrauding Nigerians of billions

Controversial Minister of Interior, Abba Moro, has devised a fresh scheme to fleece Nigerians. Using the increase in the new fees charged for the Nigerian passport, he has formulated a new policy that would effectively extort billions from unsuspecting Nigerians every month.

Beginning in August, the minster illegally contracted a freight forwarding and courier company, Greater Washington Limited, to deliver passports to applicants at the cost of N2,000.

The fee has been built into the new fee of N19,550 charged for the Nigerian passport and every applicant is forced to pay the money whether she/he wants the service or not.

The new payment regime for the Nigerian passport commenced on August 1, when the federal government also rolled out the new 64-page passport for frequent travellers. Where the 32-page passport used to cost N8,750 for all Nigerians under the old regime, with the new rate, applicants aged 1 to 18 and 60 and above would now be the only ones allowed to pay the old rate of N8,750. All other applicants (aged 18 to 60) would pay N15,000.

This was announced by the Minister of Interior at the launch of the 64-page passport by President Goodluck Jonathan at the Presidential Villa on July 29. The minister said further that the 64-page passport would cost N20,000 while change of data for reasons other than marriage or divorce would attract a N30,000 processing fee.

What Moro failed to tell his audience, including President Jonathan, is that Nigerians would now be forced to pay N2,000 to have their passports delivered to their homes.

Our investigations indicate that the total amount paid for the passport is N15,600, including bank charges.

An applicant is expected to indicate if he prefers to pick up his/her passport personally or would like it delivered. However, whatever option is chosen, the N2,000 for delivery has to be paid. Many applicants who say they would pick up their passports because they do not want any delay are still being made to pay the N2,000.

By the new system, after filling the application forms and making necessary payments, applicants are expected to go to the Greater Washington office at the passport office where the application is made to submit contact address for the delivery of their passports.

However, there are many things wrong with the entire arrangement of having a private company deliver passports to citizens.

First, from investigations, the minister did not go through due process in awarding the contract to deliver passports to applicants to Greater Washington as there was no advertisement or bidding process. The company was exclusively the minister’s choice.

Also, what is now being made to look like a government policy did not arise as a result of a need because Nigerians did not demand that their passports be delivered to them in their homes. Sources in NIS passport offices said that there were never any complaints from applicants about personally picking up their passports.

Besides, if the new policy were to be given any consideration at all, then the Immigration Service would have been best placed to perform that task.

First, all Immigration passport offices across the country have both issuance and collection centres. More important, the NIS also has an office in all the local governments of the country and is already equipped to render the service. What would be required would be to strengthen its capacity to enable it to deliver.

This is even truer as investigations revealed that Greater Washington only has three members of staff and two motorcycles attached to each passport office in the state.

This is inadequate to service even the state capital. For instance, Kano State, with its huge land mass and population and Lagos, which has a vast population, will stretch the inadequate arrangements to the limits.

There is also the issue of applicants who apply for passports in places where they are not resident. For example, in the case of an applicant who lives in Kano but applies for a passport while on holiday in Calabar, Cross Rivers State, would the delivery company deliver his passport to him in Kano?

Another problem with the new system is that although it looks like Nigerians are given an option of choosing whether they would collect their passports personally or have them delivered, the reality is that whatever option applicant choses, he/she still pays the N2,000.

Our investigation reveals that at least in Abuja and Lagos where our reporters monitored the passport collection process, most people still go to physically collect their passports, meaning that they had paid Greater Washington for services not rendered.

An equally important point is that just in order to ensure that a private company benefits from passport issuance, the minister, and the federal government by implication, has sacrificed all the gains of the last 10 years to deliver a passport within 24 to 48 hours after application.

With the new system, the time an applicant gets his/her passport depends on how long it takes the delivery company to locate his/her address.

However, for some officials of the Immigration Service who spoke to the on the condition of anonymity, the most worrying aspect of the whole scheme is that a security document which contains the bio data of Nigerians is being handed over to a private company.

That could have grave security implications, they observed.

The officers point out that the passport is a security document and the most valid and authentic evidence of a person’s citizenship. It contains a microchip which holds all the biometric data of the passport holder as well as names and addresses of his/her guarantor.

In the hands of a private company whose staff might have ulterior or criminal motives, this could have grave consequences as such a person can access all the information about the passport owner by slotting it into a machine reader.

“It is unbelievable that the Nigerian government can hand over something as sensitive as the biometric data of its citizens to private individuals. No country in the world that I know has ever done that because it could have grave security implications. For me I think it is wrong for a private company to handle such sensitive security document,” said one Immigration officer.

The officer might not be exactly correct as a few countries actually send new passports to applicants by post or other means. This is true for the United States and Britain. In the latter, for example, applicants have the option of their new passports being delivered by post, by special courier service if it is required within 24 hours and they can also personally collect them.

But for those who get their passports delivered by post or courier service, they specifically request for this service and willingly pay for it. More importantly, it is done through the postal service because that system works in those countries and street addresses are well delineated.

However, in a country like Nigeria where town planning in major cities is muddled up, such a delivery system would be impossible to execute.

An Immigration officer also recalled that in the past when Nigeria first contracted the Combined Expatriates Residence Permit and Alien Card, a document issued to all foreigners living in the country to an Indian firm, Contec, many countries, including the United States of America, United Kingdom and France, initially refused to cooperate because they refused to hand over the bio data of their citizens to nationals of a third party country.

It was impossible calculating how much Greater Washington would be making from this delivery deal, but it would be in billions. In Lagos State alone, with three passport offices in Ikoyi, Festac and Ikeja, it could make more than N110 million in a month. Information gotten from serving and retired Immigration officers indicate that the Ikoyi passport office issues up to 1,000 passports daily, Festac about 500 and the Ikeja passport office about 350, totalling1,850 for Lagos State. With each applicant paying N2,000, the company would earn some N111million in a month and a total of N1.33 billion in a year from Lagos State alone.

That figure would be by far more than that during annual Christian and Muslim pilgrimages as demands for passports usually shoot up in these seasons.

The Chief Operating Office, COO, of Greater Washington Limited, who is directly in charge of passport delivery operations, Taiwo Ajumobi, spoke to our reporter in Lagos on Tuesday and confirmed that the company is working with the Immigration Service in delivering new passports to applicants. He clarified, however, that the company has a dual mandate– address verification and passports delivery.

According to him, the company helps to verify the addresses submitted by applicants which aids the Service in determining the genuineness of the application. He also said that the company had been delivering passports to applicant since August when the new policy commenced although he conceded that the delivery process is still not efficient.

“It is true that some people are not yet enjoying the delivery service, but everyone that has applied for passport from August 1, we have carried out address verification on them without them knowing. The process is this; if someone puts an address on the passport, we will go there to verify it, if it is a fake address or a nonexistence place for instance, we feed the immigration with that information, and that might affect the issuance of the passport,” he said.

However, contrary to our findings, Mr. Ajumobi contended that the N2,000 charged for delivery of passports does not go to the company but is paid to the Immigration Service.

The spokesman of the NIS, Chukwuemeka Obua, declined commenting about the new passport delivery system, insisting that only the Interior minister could speak on the matter since it was a policy issue.

“That is a matter of government policy and only the minister of Interior can speak on that. It is government policy. Even the CG (Comptroller General) of Immigration might not be able to speak on that,” Mr. Obua said when confronted with the Greater Washington delivery system.

Efforts to get the Minister of Interior personally react to this story failed as he was said to be abroad. His spokesman, Ubong George Udoh, who said he too could not speak on the matter agreed to receive a questionnaire for his principal to which answers were provided by email on Wednesday.

However, some of the minister’s responses directly contradict Mr. Ajumobi’s position or findings. For example, while the Greater Washington COO said that the N2,000 charged for passport delivery is not paid to the company but goes to the Immigration Service, Mr. Moro said in his response that “The sum of Two Thousand Naira (N2,000.00) only is the total cost paid by applicants for address verification, delivery and database hosting’ and that the “money is accessed in line with the public private partnership agreement involving all partners which include Federal Government of Nigeria, NeGST and Greater Washington.”

The minister’s reference to the deal with Greater Washington as a public private partnership, PPP, is curious as that system is adopted for the financing of projects which the government has no financial capacity to handle on its own. However, in the passport delivery deal, government is not hamstrung for funds and the Greater Washington is not investing in the project but is actually just merely expected to render service and earn huge profits.

Explaining the company’s role in the new passport issuance process, the minister said the Greater Washington is to “Verify addresses given by e-passport applicants”, “Deliver passports upon issuance to applicants’ and “Keep data base of all the verified addresses for future reference”

However, there is an apparent disconnect between the government driving the policy and the company implementing it. For, while Ajumobi asserted that the courier firm helps verify applicants’ addresses to aid the process of authenticating the genuineness of an application, the minister said that the verification of address would be done upon delivery of passports.

“The company has expertise in courier services and as such has the capacity to verify addresses supplied by applicants at the point of delivery of their passports. The service was initially intended to take the format of verification before delivery but because of envisaged delays this may cause, the option of verification upon delivery sufficed,” the minister said, explaining how the system works.

The minister’s explanation of the rationale for the new delivery policy was at best tenuous.

“There were instances where some holders of Nigeria passport were involved in some criminalities like money laundering, drug trafficking, human trafficking, terrorism etc and in the process of tracking them security agencies like Nigerian Police, INTERPOL, EFCC, ICPC, DSS etc may rely on the information at the disposal of the NIS to their jobs believing that e-passports are authentic travel documents to fall back on,” he reasoned.

The second reason, Mr. Moro said, was “in the interest of the holders in cases of lost, death abroad or other similar cases, the addresses of those concerned could easily be traced”.

The import of the minister’s comments is that one of the reasons for coming up with this policy is to build a credible database that would contain essential information and biometrics of Nigerian.

This runs against the directive of President Jonathan that duplication of biometric data must cease. The president gave the charge on August 29 when he launched the National Electronic Identification Scheme.

In a new scheme decreed by the interior minister, Abba Moro, applicants are being forced to pay N2, 000 for the new Nigerian passports to be delivered to their homes, a service they did not demand and never get.

Describing the situation where different agencies of government have their own biometric database as wasteful and inefficient, the President warned that “the regime of duplication of biometric data bases must now have to give way to harmonisation and unification with the e-ID scheme, which shall be the primary data base.”

“Proliferation and duplication of efforts is neither cost effective, nor security-smart. It is important to remove obstacles that may impede the NIMC from the discharge of its constitutional functions and statutory obligations,” he said further.

Also significantly, if what the new passport delivery scheme is supposed to achieve is to “keep database of all the verified addresses for future reference”, the Immigration Service would be duplicating an existing database system. In essence, it would also be duplicating an existing problem that caused heartaches for many people in the Service.

The current passport database of all Nigerians is managed and controlled by IRIS Technology, the technical partner invited to help in the production of Nigerian e-passport. The company, with a Belgian parent company, was supposed to train Nigerian Immigration officers and hand over the passport database to the NIS to manage but has not done so.

Some Immigration officers are worried that rather than taking over the database controlled and managed by IRIS Technology and handing it over to the NIS, what the government wants to do is contract another private firm to manage another passport database.

To the question why a private company and not the Immigration is handling the project, Mr. Moro has this to say:
“The NIS could have done this job but because of the security challenges facing our country especially the insurgency and the onerous tasks of manning our vast and expansive borders, the staff of the NIS are overstretched. Many are deployed to the newly established Special Border Corps, JTF and other areas of our mandate making it near impossible for the same staff to engage in courier services. The e-passport project right from the outset was a public private partnership driven project of the Federal Government.

“Secondly there is no budgetary provision for the NIS to embark on this project.”

So, a private courier company is better equipped than the NIS in surmounting security challenges and delivering passports to citizens?

It is not the first time that Mr. Moro would be using his office to unilaterally contrive a policy that would shortchange Nigerians while enriching a private company. In a similar fashion, the minister contracted the recruitment exercise into the Immigration Service to a private, Drexel Technology Nigeria Limited, which he handpicked.

The company had charged every job applicant N1,000 but nobody provided any logistics or arrangements for the exercise scheduled for major cities although it earned nearly over N500 million from the exercise. It was gathered that the NIS did not receive a penny to organise the exercise.

Stampede at some centres claimed over 20 lives and left many more injured. About 6.5million applicants paid to write the test to fill 4,000 available vacancies.

Competent sources in the NIS said that the leadership of the immigration had warned the minister that handing over the recruitment into the Service to a private company would not work. The Comptroller General of the NIS reportedly wrote to the minister five times trying to dissuade him to no avail.

Additional reports by Abiose Adelaja Adams

This report was first published by We have their permission to republish


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    PT, you objectivity and investigative cum evidence laced reporting is commendable. Please keep up the good work.

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      Abba Moro is sponsored by David Mark. Hence he can get away with murder.

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        God bless you.Your comment is apt.

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        You are on point. David Mark is the reason Abba Moro is untouchable. David Mark is a shameless tribal bigot who has put Jonathan in his pocket. It is a matter of time.

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    Please,we have been expecting Nigerian Immigration Service officials in Qatar since June for the procurement of Nigerian passport for our Newborn babies and the renewal of expired ones.Please,help us pass the information across to them.
    Thank you.

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    That is the achievement of Jonathan government to steal in every sector

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          redeemweed, (i) In looking desperately for support from anywhere for his 2015 election bid, Goodluck Jonathan handed over the remaining Sani Abacha loot to Gumsu ati Mohammed Abacha, and their mother Mrs Maryam Abacha in Kano, (ii) Ayo Oritsejafor-religious adviser to Goodluck Jonathan and ati Goodluck Jonathan attempted to launder $9.3million to South Africa. They used two Nigerians and one Israeli to do this. Are you one of the Nigerians Ayo Oritsejafor ati Goodluck Jonathan used to launder $9.3m?

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      is that why u refused to give the SS resource control

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    Jonathan is the fattest Ali Baba on planet earth today…
    Everything he and his goons do is laced with corruption…
    Never a day passes without one scandalous news breaking about his criminality…
    In Arab world, Abba Moro would have been visiting court rooms in cage after before getting stoned to death for his scam that cost us numerous youths’ lives… in Chines culture, he would have his head chopped off. But anything goes under Dr. Wetback, an Aborigine drunk whose only interest is being called Presido. Tufiakwa! When my Green-P expires, wallahi, I will smoke black beauties with the pages rather than pay Aba Moro’s immoral N2,500 delivery charges… when I have ten toes to walk to the nearest Naija embassy to collect it myself and save me the waiting period DHL needs to knock on my door. Nonsense!

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      At the end of the day the contractor will be either Ibo–Yoruba or Fulani————-that is the trouble with Nigeria————but those who carry the blame are the ijaws——–in d SS—————the beneficiaries are always members of the tripod———————-u would have saved yourself the trouble if u had backed your fathers tribes men the fulanis—-to let us have resources control———–or fiscal federalism————-when yr tribes man–Cpatain Ihenacho was put in charge of that ministry–he ended up becoming an oil bunkerer–yr sister the former minister of aviation–stella–renovated all the airports in the country and left the arrival hall of Port Har-court International airport in a tent——————-till date that airport is like that——–she did that because she wanted to sell her airport in the south east–abi–all we have left at that airport which is never the concern another mumu in d region are the tarmac –the apron–ati run–ways——-so keep on blaming Jonathan–this story was sponsored to pull the already dented image of the minister—down——————let the SS go——————-quietly

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          He is looking for money remember 2015 election is here and GEJ need more money cos he not sure he going to win remember plate number and driver license so all is to make money from the masses for their useless behaviour GOD will judge

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    There appears to be tbis huge gap between the citizens of this country and their government who supposedly is supposed to work for their interest.

    My fear is only blood will close this gap, but I pray I am wrong.

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    President Ebele Jonathan minister for interior,Abba Moro,who defrauded and kileed over twenty plus Nigerian unemployed youths in an overcroweded- stadium after illegally collecting about N10,000 naira fee from each applicant is at it again on president Ebele Jonathan watch.
    President Ebele Jonathan is extreemly corrupt-ridden and stucked himself with known advanced scammers,419ers,looters,thieves and embezzlers of our national commonwealth.
    Starting from petroleum ministry-Alison Madueke who has been severally indicted many times for corrupt-practices with the latest one was the N10,000 billion-naira public funds she looted and utilized for payment for two years rental of a private jet she and her family members used for travels and tours.
    In finance ministry,fuel-subsidy scam,naira devaluation,non-existent power kilowatt triple price increases and import-duties-waver-scam-running to billions of naira and aviation former minister,Stella Oduah who scammed and looted aviation dept of billions of naira with fake renovation projects nationwide.These are the league-members of thieves,looters,embezzlers and scammers who still want to remain in Nigeria presidency power positions till 2019 to bankrupt and kill Nigeria?Criminals in power!

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    this matter must be investigated and if found true, appropriate measures should be taken to correct this ill

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  • King Carlos

    God bless Premium Times for this investigative journalism. This is an example of what I would like to see in all our newspapers. Through that, all public officials will be watching out for the preying eyes of journalist, which will in turn deter them from stealing and mismanaging our money .

    Meanwhile, I don’t expect Moro to still be in that office, even though he has tried to remain at the background by not joining #bringbackjona2015. The only thing he ever thinks of is how to make profit in connivance with private companies. Perhaps, someone has to remind him that government was not set up to make profit. He should be kicked out of that office in no time, or else, he will float the Immigration Service at the stock exchange.

    I will also implore Premium times to help shed light on the N4000 being charged by NYSC for some dubious reasons. These government has resorted to extortion of already traumatized populace.

    • Onuankpa

      Premium Times Lied

      Our attention has been drawn to a story published by Premium Times on
      the so-called plan to fleece Nigerians of billions of naira through the home
      delivery of Nigerian passports to applicants.
      The Honorable Minister of Interior, Comrade Abba Moro has never signed
      any contract with the company, Greater Washington Nigeria Limited, or any
      company for that matter, for the purpose of delivering Nigerian passports to
      applicants. It is therefore ridiculous that the reporters of Premium Times quoted the Honorable Minister as
      if he actually spoke to them. At no time did the Honorable Minister turn down
      any request for an interview from any reporter from Premium Times. As a public
      official who is conscious of the principles of SERVICOM, the Honorable Minister
      is always ready and willing to respond to questions on government policies that
      are initiated from his office. The so-called response from his former Special
      Assistant, Media, Mr. Udoh did not have the Minister’s consent.

      As the story itself portrays, the purported contract
      was allegedly signed between the Nigeria Immigration Service and Greater
      Washington Nigeria Limited. So what has the Minister got to do with it? As far
      as the Ministry of Interior is concerned, such a contract does not exist.

      In any case, if it was the Nigeria Immigration
      Service that entered into any contract with Greater Washington Nigeria Limited
      for the purpose of delivering passports to applicants in any part of the
      country, why did the reporters seek the Minister’s response to their enquiries
      when they should have just asked the Comptroller-General of Immigrations for
      clarifications on the issues raised in the story? Is the Minister in a position
      to answer questions on a matter that was not known to him?

      From every angle of the story, it is obvious that the
      intention was to malign the person of the Honorable Minister of Interior.

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    Can anyone who has read the history books imagine Awolowo being amenable to desperado man-oeuvres like attempting to worm his way to the office of Vice President by negotiating a deal that requires the wannabe Vice President signing a resignation letter before the election?

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    Nigerians deserve something better than fluffy bandits who keep flying to and fro supposedly ideologically opposed parties like witches serially hopping from coven to coven. ————————– Who do these guys imagine that they are fooling?

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          IAm I not from the SS———————did u hear that I am from sokoto —————————–or abriba——————–why should I not collect oil money————————in a situation where 170m Nigerians depend of the resources of my people———and we talk u also have the guts to challenge us——————-people who are not supposed to share the same seat with those of us from the niger delta————————–now yearn to be seen as members of the human family————-i dont blame u—its the fault of lord lugard————–ati late Chief Dappa Biriye—————-what are u going to contribute here————-from your poverty ridden zone———————–what——————–how to make Nigeria become poorer than she is ————–what tell me————————-i begi——————————

        • Dr Obim

          Bro EndingNaija, who really in a lawless Nation where any hooligan can throw punches at Justice of court and lawyers then get final reward.Only in Nigeria does that happen.Brutal beating of a Judge in a Ekiti Civil Court can never happen in any civilized Nation like USA ,UK and others.

      • redeem

        @wahala————————I laugh———————and laugh I will——–the maggot infested view of the regional thieves————-who is the owner of the said firm——–why are the janajaweeds– hiding his identity_____the story as far as I am concerned was sponsored by the pigs in APC————parading themselves as progressives—–where were u when Tinubu was handed 1.7b oil contract just months ago—————_——we are now in Harvard—–ati Oxford school of journalism abi brainless———–monkey——an Ibo man without roots in 9ja————————animal—-

  • Gbo_lee

    The mere fact that ministers like Oduah and Moro who have had various flaws are still ministers simply goes a long way to tell Nigerians that your view does not mean a thing. Jonathan cares not what the people think,he cares only to be surrounded by politicians like Moro and Oduah that can help him get reelected…shameless Jonathan

  • Guguru

    Every week, Jonathan’s bandits and thugs up the ante on crime and despondency across Nigeria. Shame is now a word with no effect or meaning in a land where it was once the primary tool for re-inforcing certain social norms and behavior. Jonathan has been trying to force Nigeria to accept that crime and criminals are okay. And, f00lishly, it appears Nigerian are accepting this outlandish lie.

  • Mosaku 147

    I thank the publishers of premium times for this investigation. Not only do they charge 2,000,they also mutiply it by whatever the number of applicants living in the same address and sharing same surname.
    I was at Abuja Hqs of immigration with my wife and kids to renew their passports on the 10th of this month and realized I had paid 10,000 above the official (and the normal backhand) price for delivery to our home for 5 of them even though we share same name and address. I questioned the lady officer in charge (controller of passport or whatever they call them) and she sarcastically asked me to direct my question to the minister while other officers present laughed at my ‘silly’ question to their madam right there in the capturing room/hall.
    Meanwhile,my family was captured and they asked us to come for collection on the 17th. I went back on the 22nd knowing and adding the Nigerian factor.guess what,I think I am being victimized because my family’s passports are still not ready 16 days after applying and captured for renewal that normally is a 24hours max process.
    Thank you again PT for helping me and other like me to expose them.

    • Garba Shehu

      Mosaku 147. Please beware that they may tell you that because of the weight of the 5 passports that’s why they are charging the N2K for each. However, I will not accept that explanation but it should be than N2K and not up to what they are charging you.

    • D1

      I am not in support of this scheme at all and have given my comments regarding that above, but I just want to let you know that British and US embassies do the same regarding paying individually for the passport to be delivered regardless of whether its the same address. It is delivered to your address in different packages.

      My grouse with this rip off, is that why should I pay if I decide to pick up my passport and is this a known courier service company.

    • McAlfred

      You are dead right. NIS stinks from bottom to top to bottom. The use of go between is almost compulsory if you wish to pick your passport within 72 hours of data capture. Even if your family members are ten you will surely pay N2,000 each to collect it and believe me the Courier Company will never deliver it to your doorstep. The reference to |Abba Moro by the Immigration Lady points to pocket where the money ends up.

  • Mayo

    Most of the issues raised by in this report are valid. Examples include awarding the contract without going through due process, forcing people to still pay the 2,000 delivery fee even if they chose the option of picking up the passports themselves.

    Having said that, I would like to ‘respond’ to The delivery of passports ( a security document) by a private company – Unless things have changed, the British Embassy in Nigeria returns passport to visa applicants through a courier company. Nobody raised a cry when they started it. Several Embassies in the US also do it. The US Embassy returns passports to visa applicants in Canada through a courier company (used to be DHL before DHL was bought by another company).

    • D1

      I concur with your comment regarding the British and US embassies, but this company is not a recognized courier company and is not known anywhere in the world to provide this service. For heaven’s sake, they don’t even have the staffs, and why should I still pay if I want to pick up my passport. This guy, Moro, is not alone in this grand scheme, I bet you, some people in government knows and most especially his political godfather, NA president. Once again, our man at the top will have nothing to comment. ‘Stealing is not corruption’, God helps

      • Mayo

        I agree that the company is not a recognized courier company and that in itself is suspicious. As I earlier said, I agree with most of the points raised in the report or the general thrust of the report. But at the same time, I wanted to point out an ‘issue’ with the report. This is simply to ‘set the records’ straight so that other people reading this article do not go away with the wrong information.

    • McAlfred

      If the passports must be returned by post why not use EMS of NIPOST that has the capacity to deliver to the remotest location.The delivery should be optional while those who live in urban centres can pick theirs from the NIS office. As for Abba Moro only GEJ and his Godfather David Mark knows what he is still doing in Government as Minister.

      • Mayo

        Please read my comment again – I’m neither in support of nor against the delivery of passports by a private company. One of the issues raised was that it is a security risk and I’m saying if it is a security risk, did they speak up when British Embassy started doing that in Nigeria? They also said other countries do not allow it and I gave examples of those same countries doing it.

        And yes, I agree that the delivery should be optional (see my original comment). However, you should note that some countries do not even give you that option. The Canadian embassy in the US does not allow you to apply for visa in person. You mail in your passport and application documents and include a return envelope that they will use in returning your passport to you. Ditto for the British Embassy. The US embassy in Canada does not give you the option of picking up your passport from their office. You either pick it from the courier office or the courier office will drop it off for you.

        With regards to your point about using EMS, that makes sense. But maybe instead of just giving it to EMS by fiat, they should advertise the contract and select the company with adequate network coverage but who are willing to charge the lowest fee and have a strong reputation for efficiency. This could be EMS, UPS, FEDEX, etc

  • Peter Irene

    He is following NYSC example.

  • ayomi

    This man, with blood on his hands and the debacle of the hiring process is still entrusted to function as a minister.

  • adegbola

    The investigations won’t go anywhere, it’s all strategies to rake in more money to perfect the rigging of next election. I bet you that Oga at the top is aware of the whole thing, na today.

  • Kitunde

    Goverment officials without souls……Most of them. Quick one, why don’t you stop bleeding Nigerians and go the Abacha way,just get a bullion van,write a note instructing the CBN to fill up the said Van with Dollars Yen, or Euros, in fact whatever takes their fancy and the operatives will deliver.We all know you are thieves,yes we know,so stop the clandestine routine and just steal openly but leave us out of it.

  • redeem

    If performance is what it takes to be clueless in Nigeria, then so be it. Jonathan has out-performed all the 9 heads of state—Nigeria has so far had—within the last 50yrs—————–The fulani north killed the Railways and Airways–via elrufai among others—————— yet they keep on disturbing our peace via Buhari– ati atiku——-who as a Nurse –could not even erect one hospital for the 8 years he wasted in government with Obj——Not to talk of buhari who as chairman of PTF–was allocated more money than any ministry in Nigeria————–Sadly the same clueless people who cloned boko haram-to enable them steal my oil resources——demonize d president————–and take over the entire fulani north———-after wasting thirty eight years in d saddle——-now yearn to judge this administration with their regional tribal marks—-the same people who refused to grant us resource control–or introduce fiscal federalism—–at national confab——–out of fear that they will all be dead–once the SS————departs from Nigeria————————while—————–some turn-coats now yearn to align with the SS——secretly———–just for economic reasons——-cause they see us as mumus——————–while they quietly work to keep us in bondage in their bonded whore houses in d SS——————————————————–so any who challenges their maggot infested brains————which theyt could not rely on to move Nigeria away from where the British left—-is seen as a threat—by the national bandits————-Like blind men them want to lead a man with one eye in d niger delta———Jonathan is president of Nigeria—-aware his is just a status symbol——-but his name is fixed in the heart and soul of the international community—–that an ijaw man was once presido of——9ja—-where those who flew through Oxford failed——————-cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers——-thieves——–let my people go————biko without a fight

    • Fulani man

      You are too drunk and always sleeping like your brotheren Dumbo. You’ve never heard of National Hospital?…mwwwh. You will die poor like your heart. You are not a fire Nigerian. Sure u are a cross breed.

    • shehu

      Redeem has become Burning spear. Continue changing names. I got you.

  • hope24

    Yes that is among the transformation agenda and fresh air hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha since GEJ came to power since 2009 everything has been bastardize to the extent they make the masses to pay for their clueless Govt that is been handle, 2015 is already here lets vote wisely not the one like GEJ that will make the masses poorer. where is the light, where is the second niger bridge, where are the refinery, nothing to show than corruption everywhere and he still want to continue never Our GOD WILL NOT ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN

  • redeem

    @hope24 ————-The massive looting of Lagos state by Bola Tinubu has reached monumental proportion. Tinubu whose companies recently cornered a multi billion road construction job in Ogun State, has in his pocket all the juicy contract in all the States in the South West.
    In retrospect, it might be difficult to come to terms with the fact that an individual could hold the entire south west to ransom. There is no doubt that Tinubu has succeeded in buying the Lagos State government, and he has done this using government funds.
    Whenever someone in Lagos begins to wonder where their 4th mainland bridge went, or what was the fate of the pipe-borne water project, or even where the schools and hospitals had vanished to, there is a silence that contains it all. The largest landlord in Lagos has done as he has pleased, and the rest of the state just has to deal with it. For instance: Number 4, Oyinkan Abayomi (formerly Queens) Drive, Ikoyi: A 5-bedroom detached house on one acre of land which was originally the Lagos State Governor’s guest house since 1979, but which now belongs to Tinubu. The certificate of occupancy of the property valued at N450 million was signed and released to him by Fashola in 2007 shortly after he assumed office.

    Tinubu’s residence at 26 Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi was initially falsely presented as Oando Plc Guest House. Later, he purportedly bought it from Oando, and used public funds to rebuild and renovate it. The Lagos State Government bought the property and paid an undisclosed sum to him and thereafter gave the property back to him under the bogus Pension Bill he signed to law shortly before he left office in 2007. The property is worth over N600 million.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    @redeem- has gone mad and throws common-sense to the dog.redeem is out of common-sense and incoherent as he posts comments that are completely non-relevant to the topic in this forum.

    • Dr Obim

      Dr Awosan why such a blatant attack on a God -fearing redeem?Redeem can be condoned by every law-abiding community and any nation at large. Redeem does not knowingly assault any Justice of the court or lawyers.Imagine the Ekiti Civil Court incident yesterday where a Judge was brutally assaulted in front of onlookers including the Police..No arrests made.Can you a similar incident in USA or UK ?

  • Man on the Street

    @redeem is desperately trying to change the topic. Please ignore him and focus on this important issue of how a minister with corrupt intentions can hold an ENTIRE country to ransom and nothing will be done about it. President Goodluck Jonathan sir, with all due respect you are a DISGRACE to that office for appointing and continuing to tolerate a man like this as a high official in Nigeria.