Pandemonium in Ekiti Court as pro-Fayose thugs beat up judge

Ayodele Fayose, Ekiti state governor elect

There was confusion at the premises of the Ekiti State High Court on Thursday morning as thugs believed to be loyal to the state Governor-elect, Ayodele Fayose, allegedly beat up a judge, Justice John Adeyeye, for being allegedly rude to Mr. Fayose.

The pandemonium that ensued scuttled the Ekiti State Governorship Election petition Tribunal sitting billed to hold today at the High court, Ado-Ekiti, as judicial  workers abandoned  their duty post and ran for safety.

Witnesses said the pro-Fayose  thugs had besieged the court premises as early as 6a.m., while a detachment of policemen from the police headquarters were also seen on major streets and around the court.

Justice Adeyeye of High Court 3, who was miffed by the huge number of the thugs as they surged towards the court premises had approached Mr. Fayose and urged him to prevail on “his supporters” to keep a safe distance from the court premises, the witnesses said.

An enraged Mr. Fayose was said to have shouted the judge down. Immediately, thugs numbering about 20 pounced on Justice Adeyeye, beat him up and tore his clothes, while his co workers scampered and shouted for help.There are claims by some witnesses that Mr. Fayose personally slapped the judge but that could not be independently verified by PREMIUM TIMES.

Following the development, judicial workers hurriedly shut down the court premises thereby preventing any court proceeding for hours before the police fired tear gas canisters to disperse the surging crowd.

Justice Adeyeye is presently receiving treatment at a private hospital in Ado-Ekiti.

A similar scenario had played out on Monday when suspected PDP thugs stormed the high court premises, attacked the trial judge, some litigants  and judicial workers in the bid to  prevent hearing in a case to determine Mr. Fayose’s eligibility for the June 21 governorship election.

Mr. Fayose could not be reached on Thursday morning. He did not answer or return calls to his mobile telephone.


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  • senegal sparrow

    what a country. Why will someone like this be allowed to govern a state in this 21st century his like had gone with the time of emperor Kamuzu Banda, Idi Amin etc. Oh God save us from blood thirsty men, save us from men with little or no regard for constituted authority…….

    • Cypo

      How do you just believe this story? it is unfortunate if you do. Just go back to the story and you will see the work of spinners. It is not credible.

      • ayobama

        I align with your position on the credibility stuff but can you assist us with a credible account of what happened at the court today? We need to put these fake reporters to shame.

        • Otitokoro

          Though it is unnecessary to explain to you since you were sent by PDP and Goodluck Jonathan ati Fayose. But two other papers reported EXACTLY the same thing PT reported. What more objectivity and credibility do you need? This is what you get when a combination of a drug pusher-Buruji Kashamu ati Ayo Fayose, a common thug lead the PDP in the West. Yorubas Please WAKE UP. Get back to your known high civility and high culture in politics, and social relations-This PDP culture is not part of Yoruba culture in politics. It is getting too much. How and where did we get it wrong with this PDP thing and scourge in our midst?

      • Beejay

        I just read the same story in Punch now under their breaking news. I think Fayose has something to hide.

  • guru

    Nazis in power. Aka PDP

  • Cypo

    Premium Times, how credible is this your story? Do not forget that you are not above libel and slander. There is no single credibility in this your story. The manner you presented the story gives you out. It is very unfortunate.

    • Wähala

      Go read all about it in Punch, Vanguard, The Nation… and other newspapers. Premium Times never offered you odeku to visit their site, in fact, you’re persona-non-grata here for your abject stupidity. Dindirin!

      • King Carlos


    • sanetalk

      Please on which planet do you reside?

  • senegal sparrow

    cypo. are you one of the people in Ekiti? are you also saying that the court in Ado-Ekiti was not under siege on Monday? May be you are Cypo Fayose. yeye people.


    The PDP has bared its fangs in Ekiti. Now tell me, why should any other South-west state vote the PDP in next year’s elections???

  • nikoroorire

    This is the height of madness!

    • change 2014-2015

      Fayose have brought back thuggery to ekiti again.

  • Innocent

    This is the dividend of democracy and good choice.

  • Ola

    This is height of madness if this story is actually correct. Is this a man that intends to govern Ekiti state for the next 4 years? Ekiti Kete, can you see what stomach infrastructure going to course you? It a pity indeed. Judiciary, the bag eggs among you have ridicule the third arm of government in Nigeria. If not, what audacity has he to attack a judge?

  • basty

    Fayose has destroyed our value as Ekiti people. I said it that; violence will return to Ekiti as soon as he (Fayose) was elected,

  • dudu

    The people of Ekiti deserve the leaders they get. For the next four years, Ekiti State will be the centre of political study for beer parlour gists and dissertation among scholars

  • Chris1408

    Nigerian politicians are truly wild animals. Even some animals behave more civilized than Nigerian politicians.

    • Gnwatch

      That is correct but am astonished as to why Ekiti which prides herself as the fountain of knowledge vote a known thug as their Governor. What is it that will make Fayose prevent a matter instituted at a court of law from being heard or decided? What is he hiding?


        They simply cut their nose to spite their face!

        • Ette

          It is called stomach infrastructure. Sad that a thug is now ruling over educated people.

  • Gnwatch

    The Ekiti people are back to Egypt. Them go take.

    • change 2014-2015

      I just hope that Egypt won’t kill them.

  • senegal sparrow

    Ekiti people should be ashamed and bow their head in shame. This is the best Ekiti can produce in the 21st century, even the fulani man has moved beyond this specie of leadership. All i can say to the Ekiti’s is I DEY LAUGH OOOO

  • No Comment


    “Ayo Fayose – the Ekiti state governor-elect was said to have shouted the judge down.
    Immediately, thugs numbering about 20 pounced on Justice Adeyeye, beat him up

    and tore his clothes, while his co-workers scampered and shouted for help.
    Justice Adeyeye is presently receiving treatment at a private hospital in Ado-Ekiti.”

    • Guy code

      Non sense! Guy u r suppose to comment not repeat the lines that we just read. Now u wasted my time on reading duplication. When u don’t have anything to contribute pls don’t just abuse the platform mtschww!!

      • Emeka

        Hissing on a news forum is so not cool. #Guycode

  • Boltonboyan

    Ekiti people have succeeded in throwing themselves into troubled waters, keep swimming till it lasts. That’s the dividend of chosing stomach infrastructure over developmental infrastructure. The pdpigs are synonymous with thuggery.

    • change 2014-2015

      Ekiti have gone back to the days of stomach infrastructure what a pity

  • Ayelala

    Falana and other members of the ekiti diaspora need to go back home often and get involved in the discourse .I know this state wella and I can assure you that the mentality is anti-progress at this time.

    • Joker

      @Ayelala, you can also lead the charge. You dont have to be a residence of Ekiti to make a difference in politics. BTW,STFU, and stop giving others the useless assignment of going elsewhere to fight thugs.Since you have so much to say, then get your arse to EKITI ASAP and resolve the problem.

      • Bayo

        You’re a joker. Your name says it all.

        • Emeka

          No Batman could have replied that joker better

  • OsunBold

    Thank the Almighty God that we rejected a similar mad man in Osun State!!!

    • change 2014-2015

      It has now shown clearly that pdp does not want good for nigeria.

    • Emeka

      May the gods bless you. They wanted to foist another mad man on Osunites, but i guess they were wiser

  • Michael Olamijulo

    They asked for it, stomach infrastructure this is just a tip

    • change 2014-2015

      You’ve said it all they asked for it and they shall see what will happen to them.

    • Emeka

      They voted for it o! its their pot of porridge, they must eat it for the next 8 years. Next time, the sight of bag of rice will send them scampering from any politician.

  • Lekan

    Is dis wat dey voted for? Hmmmm
    m………………………. for another 8yrs. we ar watching

    • change 2014-2015

      Ekiti people have gone back to the days stomach infrastructure

  • Mr. Brekederemo

    Dear Editor:

    I write to seek informed opinion. It has never been to anyone overseas clear what the laws of
    Nigeria are. Just recently i hired a lawyer in Nigeria [names withheld]
    to advise me as Solicitor. I sought from him a piece of legal advice on how to
    lawfully acquire gun license in Nigeria. My lawyer fumbled and
    wobbled; confusing himself, without a clear answer. In effect of that, i promptly recovered my legal

    Now i have just read here of a governor-elect beating
    up a High Court Judge inside the courtroom. I choose to refrain from comment
    because i don’t know if the laws of Nigeria authorize the
    pummelling of a High Court Judge inside the courtroom under certain
    circumstances prescribed by the laws of Nigeria. May i ask
    under what law Mr. Ayo Fayose beat up this High Court Judge? And in case a
    section of Nigerian law authorizes the beating of a High Court
    Judge, may i know if the lawful conditions for these beatings were
    strictly complied with?

    • change 2014-2015

      It has shown clearly that pdp is a useless party

    • Chris1408

      Law of LOOTUCRACY, section 5 of THUGGERY, under code 222 of vagabonds in power.

    • Sam Igbeoka

      Yeparipa! See our country as it is being disgraced abroad!
      Where are the lawyers? So, nobody can answer this question, eh?
      Ah, ah, that means Nigeria is now a failed state! There can be no other reason.

      Somebody is asking us to say what the law of Nigeria is on this case and Nigerians don’t know it.
      Nigerian lawyers don’t even know how somebody can acquire a gun in self-defence under the law.
      Now, they don’t know the conditions that may justify the acts of Ayo Fayose. So, what do they know?

      • Miss Dunni

        @ Sam:

        I think ‘self-defence’ is the only condition under Nigeria law for lawful violent reaction.

      • Emeka

        The guy was just joking. Lol. Very funny though.

    • Truthometer

      Well, when the judgement seems not to be going your way, and you are a card carrying member of PDP in Nigeria, you are allowed to pummel the Judge to stupor. Nothing is going to happen until you dare switch your party to the opposition. Then the whole DSS, EFCC, police and even the military would go after you. So far, Fayose has not done anything wrong. That is the way the unwritten law works here. I hope your question is satisfactorily answered.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Can’t stop laughing!

  • Chris1408

    When a child beats his father because he’s rich, you know death is at his corridor. When politicians pummel a judge in his court room in Nigeria, anarchy looms. Also, judiciary lost respect when they sold their souls and conscience to the highest bidder.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Ekiti State have made a choice having voted a criminal who was indicted for looting and embezzlement of public treasury and assets in Ekiti State and impeached back to power on stomach infrastructure excuse.
    Fayose is still facing 40-EFCC-corruption charges in court and still Ekiti State voted him into office as their governor?Ekiti State people have not seen anything yet as Ayo Fayose would resort to more brigandage by deploying his thugs and killers
    against many notable Ekiti State voices when he is finally installed into office with president Ebele Jonathan’s mis-use of presidential power and militarization of Ekiti State.Ekiti kete aint seen nothing yet!Ekiti kete will sleep in the beds just the way they layed them.

    • Chris1408

      GEJ cleared him of his corruption charges, because under GEJ, PDP members can do whatever they pleases.

    • teface236

      And you call your self a Dr, are you a native Dr.or what, cos you are speaking from ur anus,a man is not guilty of any offence untill court of law say so.

    • Olay

      Imbecile Dr. Dumbest ass ever liveth

      • baba

        u are really so abusive on this forum.pls learn to state your views without empty abuse/vulgarity.abuse is the recourse of those who have no point

  • Victory

    Ekiti people have spoken. Fayose is making their voice heard very loudly. CONGRATULATIONS to the State of OSUN once more. Oyo, Ogun, Ondo, Lagos and the virtuous sons and daughter of ODUDUWA at large, vote to protect our integrity come 2015.

  • the truth

    This is a one sided report, we didnt hear from fayose’s side of the story before this was put in press. if this event really happened it is sad, but lets not pass judgement based on what was told from one side of the coin

    • Victory

      Mr. Self righteous, This is an eye witness account. There is no side to the story. People like u led us to this malady.

      • the truth

        who is the eye witness, was his name mentioned? its people like you that led us to this malady. have you heard from fayoses side, or you take watever this journalist tell you as gospel. Have it or imbibe the ideology of ascertaining facts from both sides and deducing the opium before making conclusions. since you believe eye witness(without no name) i was there and i can tell you nothing like this happened, do you believe me?

      • teface236

        @victory are you the witness???

      • Emeka

        Can u see how they reply you? They are the faceless e-warriors paid to troll websites for PDP and fight against the truth, by white-washing PDP. shame!

    • sanetalk

      Maybe you will pass your judgment when you see the chaos on TV news. It is really befuddling when people allow partisan politics to completely becloud their reasoning. Whichever angle any sensible person views this incident, the fact is that Fayose is constituting an embarrassment to the PDP. Fayose’s defense on TV yesterday over the invasion of the court gave him away as the mastermind, it is therefore not surprising that he was physically in the thick of it today

  • Marcellinus Duru

    This does not portend well for our democratic experience. The authorities concerned must act immediately to arrest the situation. Those involved must be arrested and immediately prosecuted. This is far beyond partisan politics.
    There must be restricted admission into court premises in all political matters in the state. Unless this is done immediately, we should all brace up for anarchy, because politicians are copy cats. If one of them gets away with a crime in one state be sure that it will soon be replicated in other states.
    The NJC must wade in and find ways to protect it’s territory.

  • Olusola

    Fayose’s hands are definitely not clean. May God deliver my people from this Egyptian they voted into power.

    • Olay

      Oga ode, tell me if your hands are clean?

  • Clara Bukola Odeyemi

    Common sense! we are all reaping d fruits sowed in 2011 election as a nation so Ekiti state have started harvesting what was planted in 2014 and they shall feed on it till 2018 what a good and potent fertiliser for d seed to ripe even before maturity.

    • Olay

      Your families shall feed on sorrow till 2018.

      • Clara Bukola Odeyemi

        so shall it be for you as well in d name of JESUS

      • Clara Bukola Odeyemi

        I wish you same in Jesus name. amen

      • Omo Ekiti

        Can u please act maturely for once and stop cursing pple here.



  • Hmmm… What do you expect?… Obasanjo’s BASTARDS have come of age…

    • Olay

      Ayeekoro or whatever, fools

  • Truthometer

    You asked for it, Ekiti people. You haven’t seen anything yet. The 10
    pounds bag of rice and 4 liters of kerosine given to you by Fayose has
    finished. But your chastisement has just begun for the stomach infrastructure you opted for. Fayemi will have the last laugh, at the end of the day.

    • Olay

      Your families haven’t seen any sorrow yet. As you wish ekiti pple, so shall you and your miserable families be. Misfortune in your household

      • Truthometer

        Your family has started experiencing your act of stupidity in Ekiti. Keep on eating your bread of sorrow. It’s good for you….delicious! You haven’t seen anything yet.

  • iykman

    ‘Thugs loyal to Fayose beat up a judge…’ What I read in the social media is that Fayose slapped a judge bla bla bla.The thugs should be arrested and prosecuted.However, Fayose has no case to answer.
    I understand that some people still cant believe that Fayose won the elections. He will be sworn in soon. Haters, ‘go and die’.

    • Olay

      Yes, haters go and die. To hell with fayewon and his party

  • Olalere Yusuf

    Thanks to God for the the blessing of Aregbesola reelection in Osun. @Ayelala please our Falana should just avoid Ekiti now because he will be ready target of the Ekiti beasts in power. Stomach infrastructure dividend

  • Rotimi Matthew

    The people of Ekiti state have gotten what they want. Let them deal with it.

  • Alex

    This is just the preview. It is gonna be a long seasonal film. Expect more…!

  • Uba Babs

    I think our newspapers should report news that are true and stop telling us bunch of lies,they continue to add and subtract from the lies they tell on papers,stop reporting lies to us.

  • Fadairo

    Dear Editor:

    I wish Justice Adeyeye speedy recovery from his injuries but
    when he is medically treated and discharged he may have a case to answer. He is
    accused of acting un-judicially by arbitrarily abridging the time for Ayo
    Fayose to file his statement of defence in court. The law gives Ayo Fayose 14
    days to serve his statement of defence but Justice Adeyeye abridged that to no
    more than three days, without giving clear and convincing reasons. This led Ayo
    Fayose to sense that Justice Adeyeye was in cahoots with the opposing side in
    this lawsuit. But the beating up of Justice Adeyeye is not the solution,

    since an interlocutory appeal is allowed by law to remedy

    Justice Adeyeye’s suspicious irregularity.

  • By popular demand

    “The law gives Ayo Fayose 14 days to serve his statement of defence
    but Justice Adeyeye abridged that to no more than three days, and,

    without giving clear and convincing reasons. This led Ayo Fayose to sense
    that Justice Adeyeye was in cahoots with the opposing side in this lawsuit.

    But the beating up of Justice Adeyeye is not the solution,
    since an interlocutory appeal is allowed by law to remedy
    Justice Adeyeye’s suspicious irregularity.”

    [September 26, 2014]

    • Chief Aladeremo

      But was Judge Adeyeye the one who ‘abridged’ the time for Ayo Fayose
      to file a defence? It was not him. Please, get the facts right. It was actually
      Judge Olusegun Ogunyemi who abridged the time. He (Judge Ogunyemi) too was
      beaten up by these thugs earlier on Monday. Why did the thugs then beat up Judge Adeyeye
      on Thursday when he (Judge Adeyeye) was not sitting over any case involving
      the governor-elect, Ayo Fayose?

      The thugs even beat up some other Judges who were seen running for safety,
      when the thugs broke into the chambers of the Chief Judge himself
      and they tore up all court exhibits on file. The truth is that Ekiti state is in chaos.
      That is the truth, it is becoming a free-for-all. A supporter of Ayo Fayose was also
      killed at 8.20pm that same Thursday in what looks like a revenge attack. The
      cycle of violence is now set to continue.