Nigerian military begins roll-out of full force against Boko Haram, launches intense airstrikes on Bama

Widows, Orphans, meet Borno governor shettima after the Bama attack

The Nigerian military launched heavy air bombardment on Bama, Borno State’s second most important city, Monday, after pulling off its troops as the town came under Boko Haram attack following hours of fierce fighting.

Residents and security officials said the town suddenly came under attack from the insurgents on Monday morning forcing the military to call in the airforce for a sustained air attack on the town, particularly around the military barracks there which the insurgents had pushed to take over.

Security sources said military commanders had withdrawn ground troops that earlier engaged the terrorists, to allow the use of sweeping air attacks.

The military had earlier warned residents to leave the town ahead of the clash Monday.

“But the insurgents seemed to have resorted to using a few of their members to create a detour (distraction) and make the aircrafts dissipate their bombs so that they would come attacking with a much larger force,” said the source.

Military sources told PREMIUM TIMES the aerial bombardment of suspected insurgents on Monday commences the gradual roll-out of full force against the sect by the Nigerian military.

“We were all along restrained because of the Chibok girls,” a top military source said. “But the time has now come to do something drastic. We cannot afford to allow a rag tag group to take over our country.”

Earlier Monday, local vigilante and security sources said about 70 Boko Haram terrorists were killed by soldiers as the insurgents attempted to storm the town and seize the barracks.

A top security official in Maiduguri confirmed the attack but did not give casualty figure or state which side suffered more damage.

The security official, who did not want to be named as he was not officially cleared to speak, said, “We are still on top of the situation and GOC had assured a beef up of troops from Maiduguri.”

A local vigilante personnel, Abbas Gava, said his colleagues in Bama had informed him that over 70 members of the Boko Haram terrorists group died in the first attack that took place in the early hours of Monday.

“They killed over 70 Boko Haram terrorists and injured about 30 of them,” he said.

The Defence Headquarters in Abuja said in Twitter post that the attack “is being repelled by the Nigerian troops”, but said casualty figures could not be confirmed yet.

“Everything necessary will be done to contain the terrorists,” the military tweeted.

PREMIUM TIMES had gathered from reliable sources in the military that the terrorists had planned to move into Maiduguri from Bama before their mission was aborted.


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  • Wähala

    Na today?
    BBC Hausa Services is reporting that Bama has fallen to Boko Haram ground forces, that Maiduguri is next on their sights. No wonder Dumbo has taken to the skies… his foot soldiers mingled with civilians to escape the onslaught by the insurgents. Carrots and sticks… that’s the only weapon against insurgency. Dumbo should start talking to Abu Shekau before Nigeria becomes another Iraq under ISIS threat.

    • israel amulum

      You talk trash

      • Masterblaster

        I think Wahala makes sense to a large extent. The govt have remained very soft in tackling BH, and one wonders if what that Aussie said is an indictment on GEJ led govt. For heaven’s sake, we are talking about lives here – Nigerian lives. Whatever happened to the oath he took when he became the President and CinC? We should stop the politics and deal with these terrorists, using military might and diplomacy.

    • Segun Abayomi

      But we have passed the stage of negotiatimg woth BH. The only thing to do now is to arm the military and defeat BH. What a presidency we have in abuja.

      • Wähala

        It’s never too late to make corrections… especially when innocent lives are on the line!
        Like the Aussie doctor said, politicians are behind the BH and Dumbo really doesn’t want it to end…
        Remember late NSA, Gen. Azazi, and who he said benefits from the BH mayhem? Abegi, odeku o’jare!

        • ifebuche

          If you like go and build a barn in bama, it’s coming down soonest and you are roasting alive. No burial.

          • Wähala

            The NA mingled with escaping civilians to bolt from the town…
            Dumbo is bombing mountains and wasting our bombs so he can budget for more money to steal in the name of fighting Boko Haram… He is BH c-in-c according to an Australian man he hired to cover up his evil acts. The roof is off, Dumbo is headed for Den Haag… go figure!

    • Patriotic Dom

      So Nigeria army filled with you and your Fulani brothers are now GEJ soldiers… Frustrated leprosy infected fugitive..

      • Wähala

        Is first, Ihejirika… or, Minimah Fulani? How about Chris Olukolade? Bigot. Your days are numbered, gather your bottles of ogogoro and get ready for house cleaning… enough of this Drunk-on-Duty (DoD) Presidency!

    • redeem

      “I was the first victim of Boko Haram in Borno State. In their first attack, they killed my brother, the same father and mother with me. That was when they fought with the military in Borno.

      “The first casualty was me. Then, they killed my cousin. They killed my candidate for governorship; they killed my party chairman. Two of them were direct relations of mine. Why did they do that? Because I made a law prohibiting Boko Haram in the domain of Borno State.

      “The law said anybody practising or associated with what Boko Haram was doing, was banned by law from so doing, and if caught, will be prosecuted and jailed for 25 years”.

      On the story by the Australian negotiator, Sheriff said he was shocked as the whole thing looked senseless and baseless.

      His words: “The man that purportedly gave the interview said he was an Australian, who said he came to Nigeria, and spoke to Boko Haram. I thought that really, if he is a professional mediator or negotiator, or whatever he calls himself, his report would have been given to the security agencies of Nigeria.
      That is number one. Number two, also, if at all he spoke to Boko Haram, before making his views public, he should have known that I have a right of reply.

      He should have asked for my reaction or views on his findings, because I am a Nigerian, I am in Nigeria, I didn’t go anywhere. Number three, I was the governor of Borno State for eight years

      • Guttersense

        When he made that law the horse had already bolted away. He was closing the door to an empty stable. It was an afterthought and an alibi

    • redeem

      *I was the one that made the law prohibiting Boko Haram in Borno.
      **I was the first victim of Boko Haram in Borno State. In their first attack, they killed my brother, the same father and mother with me.

      The Former Borno State Governor, Ali Modu Sheriff who was recently named to be among Boko Haram major sponsors and financier has voiced out his opinion and what he knows about the dreaded sect, he also denies the allegation levied against him by the Australian negotiator who indicted him along with former retired Army chief, Ikejirika as BH sponsors.

      Sheriff said records of his activities as governor of Borno State showed that he was against the sect, adding that anybody who links him with Boko Haram must be insane.

      His words: “The Boko Haram war as we know it today, started in 2002 in Yobe State. The first attack of Boko Haram was in 2002 in Kanama, from there they ran to Borno State. And in 2002, where was I? I wasn’t a governor. There was a sitting governor in Borno State, and there was Boko Haram. They ran away from Kanama and moved to Gwoza hill!

      “But come to think of it, who is Mohammed Yusuf ( first leader of the group)? Yusuf had been in Maiduguri, doing his preaching and later taken to court by the Federal Government, and prosecuted in Abuja, ever before I became a governor. And who was the first casualty of Boko Haram in Borno State? It is me.

      • Guttersense

        So how come he appointed Buji Foi comissioner of Religious Affairs? Under what circumstances did he resign? Why was he brought inside that white Hillux with leg chains and executed with a volley of gunshots by the police who claimed there was an order for his extra-judicial execution?

  • Adolph Ugoo

    MASSIVE ATTACK…..That is what is required now. They should be bombed from morning till night. They should be hunted down by air land and deserts. The Civlian JTF should play a major role in hunting down the escaping bboko bastards and kill them instantly. No mercy and no handing over to the JTF. Handing them over to JTF will slow things down and put more innocent lives at risk…..Kill them and save more lives……Maiduguri must be fortified and protected by all necessary means. They should not be allowed to near there or come within 100 miles to the city…..Go On Boys And Make My Day.

  • Suralab

    Massive attact my foot, I wonder when this lies will stop, when know we dont have a competent president, we all know that our president find succour in pleasing his family than having the best interest of the citizens at heart. Jonathanians are behind all the evils that befall us in this country, we also know they are the evil brain behind boko haram.

  • Kida

    No group of persons can fight government no matter how weak that government seems to be. Somalia is a clear case. The FGN have been too cautious with the BH. Those criticizing the army should no that if not for their efforts, the “Caliphate” would have been established long time ago. There are only few civilians left in the places “captured” by BH. The NAF should pound the so-called “Caliphate” to pulp. Those that are still living in these places are either BH members or their sympathisers. Such people are the ones that pass information to the BH on troops movements in their localities. Some of us have lived in this troubled region since BH started its violence in 2009. We only laugh at the reports carried by some newspapers that rely on “telephone conversation” with one or two persons. The military withdrew from Bama yesterday evening to allow the NAF to do their work. America has inflicted heavy damage on IS from the air without a single soldier on the ground. Carry on Nigerian Army. No sensible military will disclose their tactics on the pages of newspapers. How many reporters were physically in Bama to see it fall to BH? Lazy journalism!

    • Chinedu

      Thank you my bros for this comment. All along i have campaigned against the level of journalism exhibited especially by sahara news. You asked a pertinent question, how many reporters were on ground to confirm the take over of Bama. Our guys are doing enough and i commend and will continue to commend there effotts.

    • Bigtin


    • obinnna77

      Don’t be silly. There is no capbility to ‘pound them to a pulp’. We are simply not able to. Why do you find this so hard to grasp?

      • ifebuche

        I wonder if you want to be pulp-beaten as a test run.

  • Ken

    The military should take over with all sense of urgency. The Air strikes should continue to destroy the insurgents. We want to hear by tomorrow that the boko haram has been defeated.

  • Segun Abayomi

    The news im getting is that Boko Haram now controls Bama. If true tjen this is a significant indication of the weakness of the armed forces or a weakness in war planning and strategy. Two questions i continue to ask is : is the military well armed and did the president chose the right military leadership and are the military personnel well trained? Apparently all the answers to the above questions is NO. I urge all citizens to be caitious in maiduguri as safety in the city can no longer be guaranteed should Bama fall to BH.

    • Wähala

      No min’dem. BBC is reporting that Bama is under the control of the ragheads! Dr. Dumbo has no choice but to float in the air and waste our bombs on empty mountains. BBC’s saying all the barracks are under BH control, is that also tactical withdrawal? Abegi, odeku o’jare!

      • Es3

        Then it is either you failed to get yourself a balanced report and be appropriately informed with the other reports from other Bama indigenes outside that ‘Senator APC’???!

      • Patriotic Dom

        So your BBC now has a newsroom in Bama.. You always celebrate bad news… Bad belle… You frustration will continue…ewu so it does not occur to you that there is need for withdrawal of troops before bombing especially when this is not a conventional war…

      • Patriotic Dom

        ….stop reading that your junk Hausa BBC besides…. This is as obtained from indigenous news agencies and not your hypocritical BBC

        The death toll of Monday’s attack on Bama by insurgents has risen to 180, the spokesman of the youth vigilant group popularly called Civilian JTF, Barrister Jubrin Gunda, said on Monday.

        Gunda equally said 35 of the insurgents who attacked the town were arrested.

        Gunda, addressing a press conference in Maiduguri on Tuesday said the report in some international media that quoted Senator Ahmed Zannah as saying that the town has been overrun by the insurgents should be discounted.

        He said there was no iota of truth in the report as the insurgents actually attempted to overrun the town, but were subdued by the military gallantry at the periphery of the town.

        Leading other executive members of the group to the press conference, Gunda said, “We categorically deny and disassociate ourselves with an interview granted to some foreign media by one Senator Ahmed Zannah as what he stated is not true facts on ground. More so, the interview he granted has contributed in stilling fears in the mind of citizens of Borno state and the residence of Maiduguri in particular.

        “However, we want to re-assure the citizens of Borno State that nobody should panic and no one should leave Maiduguri because all that has been said are mere rumours as such people should calm down as the Nigerian security forces are capable, willing and competent to discharge their duties.

        “All citizens should desist from making unguarded and false information which will further frighten the citizens unnecessarily.”

        Meanwhile, there was apparent fear in Maiduguri as some of the residents who spoke, said it was time to start planning relocating from the town with the recent reports of successes of the insurgents.

        • Almightygodalmightygod

          Look at yourself the man you are quoting is in maiduguri while the battle field is in bama

          • Black85

            At least he is in Maiduguri not from UK. I rather belief him that the idiots from foreign media who want nothing good for Africa but dead.

      • Black85

        So trust BBC news? This media do nothung but the encourages war wherever they go. How can Bama bi under boko haram when all other media confirmed that boko haram are killed unly foreign media are against our army, why? Because they want to sell.

  • Dan Fulani

    We all celebrate until Gen Kolade speaks.

  • Iroro

    Nhiimm! You are now talking. We hope you are now telling us the real trust

  • Ailenbata George

    This picture fully show how negative and evil this news channel,authentic boko haram website

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    “We were all along restrained because of the Chibok girls,” a top military source said. “But the time has now come to do something drastic. We cannot afford to allow a rag tag group to take over our country.”


    Not for a long time have I heard more cheering news from our military.

    I hope they would take the fight to bh territory and do the needful while the insurgents are still shell shocked.

    This must now be considered as a full scale territorial war.

    Well done to our military.

  • ND

    Thank u our military. Thank u for ur best. Thank u for the sacrifice. Thank u the civilian JTF, Thank u our police. More needs to be done for country and for God.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    The final battle

  • Okache

    This is becoming very embarrassing. Who are this satanic sect Boko Haram against the might of the Nigerian army? We were able to dislodged Foday Sankoy’s the Revolutionary United Front in Sierra Leone. What has happened to that army? The satanic and thoroughly evil sect Boko Haram in Bama did not engage the army in a guerrilla attack and so why this pathetic state of the Nigerian army? This is when Mr. President needs to wake up. He cannot demands for the votes of Nigerians if he cannot quell this ragtag and evil group. This is when Mr. President must show leadership. Enough of talk with need action and if he cannot rise up to the situation, then it is time he steps aside.

  • john micheals

    Boko Haram may have just made themselves vulnerable by increasing their span making them susceptible to air strikes, and that is a bonus for the Nigerian Army and i hope that the military will take advantage of that.

  • bello s-fulani

    We only pray that the FG should stop dragging its feet on adequately equipping the Army. Modern day warfare is more about sophisticated and powerful fighting equipment than the deployment of large number of military personnel without adequate fire power.

    • Kola Adekola

      Has the army told you they lack weapons? We are tired of you boko haram promoters trying to do everything to undermine Nigeria. Pack out to Sudan if you don’t love Nigeria. No be by force.