Danbatta was a gem of integrity – Atiku

Atiku Abubakar

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has described the death of Magaji Danbatta, a delegate to the just concluded National Conference, as one of the greatest losses the nation has experienced in its political history.

In a statement Thursday, the former Vice President said that Danbatta was one of the progressive politicians the North and Nigeria at large had ever produced.

According to him, Danbatta was a remarkable politician, who at 19 years of age co-founded the Northern Elements Progressive Union, NEPU, along with the late Aminu Kano during the First Republic.

He said the late Danbatta’s patriotism and broad-mindedness was always noticeable in the roles he played in his public career.

He recalled that as a journalist, the late Danbatta worked as the Hausa editor of the Comet newspaper, founded by the late nationalist, Nnamdi Azikiwe, before becoming the editor of the New Nigerian Newspaper during the First Republic.

The former Vice President also observed that Danbatta was the tallest remaining figure in Nigeria’s progressive politics of his generation, adding that he spent his entire life identifying with the aspirations of the ordinary people.

Atiku Abubakar also paid tribute to Danbatta’s integrity, adding “the deceased led a simple, fulfilled life, untainted by political opportunism of licking the boots of those in power for favours.”

He said these virtues are rare among our today’s politicians, explaining that the late Danbatta was a fountain of inspiration for selfless service to the people.

He prayed to God to grant the deceased a gentle rest in peace and reward his good deeds with paradise.

Atiku Media Office
28 August 2014


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  • emmanuel

    Atiku I beg commot for road make we hear better talk.

    Okay we don hear, the man was good. What next? E go make sense if na correct person dey talk about virtue not an unstable character luke you.

    • Mr. Abdin

      @emmanuel, pleas you have to note that the religion and the tradition of Atiku Abubakar ha s respect for the death, so please do not see this as an opportunity to dance to the tune of your paymasters.

    • sir Oscie

      What makes him an unstable character? Stop deviating from the subject matter and respect the dead.

  • Mr. Abdin

    Atiku you have said it all may his soul rest in perfect peace amen.

  • sir Oscie

    Rest In Peace Magaji Danbatta.

  • Esther

    May his soul RIP.

  • longben

    Look who is talking of integrity!!!!!!

  • wale

    may his soul rest in perfect peace, he was one of the surviving breed of the old order. That was when men where men and Nigeria was a decent place preponderated by men of honour, of morals, of convictions grounded in ideology, sound and imbued with a sense of service not now that the place has gone to the dogs, not better than some jungle

  • salisurabeh

    Thank God, we now know that PWC stated in unequivocal terms that their report should not be trusted because they were denied access to vital documents.

    • Nkuu

      An auditor’s report is meant for specialized minds. Those are not ordinary English. Consult an accountant near you for an update.

      • Reminisce6

        Have you read the latest news?PWC actually said their report is not reliable because their access to detailed information was hindered.

  • dara90

    Who still care if Aribisala exist? you shall be forgotten soon.

    • Segun abi

      We do
      We care about this brilliant fellow.
      A great son of Yoruba land
      Omoluabi Femi – God bless you for this indept analysis.

      • peaceometer

        You dey take kai-kai?

        • Segun abi

          Ape -We are not having discussions with your kind- lol
          We humans are having a discussion.
          We are yet to develop a common language with your orangutans. Lol
          So go back to your cage in the zoo where you belong.
          It is not yet your feeding time.
          Your bananas would come later. Lol

  • Dr. Kay

    Oloshi , agbaya, ole, old fart , you still have strength to type rubbish , you are so useless that all your postings are outdated and irrelevant. Remember all your anti Tinubu and anti APC bilious rants, your useless analysis and forecasts are a failure for all to see. Now you talking about a useless PWC audit that will not stand a peer review muster by all international audit firm that’s worth its salt. You are a has been, an egunje loving so called pastor but one that worship Baal. You’ve failed in all your sphere of influence, you not relevant, change is here , so watch and see , as you put it corruption fighting corruption. Useless old fart!

  • Frank Picker

    Dr. Aribisala, political expert of over 42 years, Pastor who knows what no one else knows, you are becoming repetitive. You come across as sour and unhappy because you have been exposed as a charlatan. Nigerians tolerated the PDP for 16years before giving them the boot. The APC has not even taken over and sour pusses like you want to discredit them already. Yes, they too(the APC), will make mistakes, and certainly not meet all their promises. They have never claimed to be perfect. However, the People who voted them in are prepared to wait and see what they can do.

    Anyway, I have a suggestion for you.

    Apply for a job as special assistant and work for Tinubu. He is said to be magnanimous and you may be hired. If you get the job, the first thing will be to jettison all your political ballast gathered over the years poring through books. Let him teach you how to be a politician on the field. That is take practical lessons. The experience will enrich you and you may then call yourself an expert. As it is now, you are an armchair expert in your living room with new furniture. After all by your confession, you did not even vote. Meanwhile you wrote volumes about collection or non collection of PVC and how it was used to falsify elections. Without knowing it, with this confession you clearly demonstrated your ivory tower approach that pontificates from a distance without getting hands dirty. When and if you take my suggestion and are able to learn the practical lessons from your figure of envy (The Jagaban himself), you will be in a better position to understand the pulse of everyday people on the streets and realise that your current write ups are as empty and irrelevant as the hollowed fiction you dish out when writing about religious matters.

    Poor Dr. We can feel your pain ! It shows in every line you write. A pity, because you brought it upon yourself. You will have to get used to it because it will be a while, a really long while before most people will take you seriously.

    • peaceometer

      Hmmm, stone!

  • Malik Isah

    This aribisala man is such a saaad fellow!

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    This young man, Aribisala, is looking for relevance in a world that has left him lagging. After all, “the grape is sour” to the old fox, in Aesop’s fable! People, let him express himself the best way he can. He can have his words and the people will act in their own interest at their own chosen time. And sure they did with the last election. That is why PDP is out in the cold for ?60 years, who knows!

  • Maria

    You prophesied that the closest Buhari would be to aso rock is the council of state meeting… this big-headed buffoon called aribisala has no shame. The ranting of a mad old man.

  • MI

    ………Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad” goes well for Aribisala.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Mr. Aribisala is aka @burning spear!

      Just a sad and disgruntled plebeian with a funny moustache.

      I don’t bother with reading his hateful diatribes!

      • Segun abi

        Key my friend this is a well thought out article.
        Femi is a brilliant man. He just breaks things down so that everyone can understand. Shooting straight from the lips to the hip-lol
        Bless you Femi
        Femi raises key issues that a disearning mind can see. These are issues that Buhari must address in order to be taken seriously by Nigerians.
        I once wrote that Tinubu was convicted of drug offences in the United States but got attacked for saying so.
        Today papers in the United States are reporting this very fact. Indeed the papers have called into question the driving force behind the acclaimed APC change in Nigeria if it is driven by convicted drug barons.
        There are some who even speculate that the publications in the US may be a result of an ongoing power struggle within the APC.
        The Fulanis trying to curtail the excesses of Tinubu.
        Although still speculative, Buhari would have to move quickly to dispel issues bordering on personal corruption. Corruption does not only revolve around money . It also involves issues of questionable character manifestations. Examples include issues like Buharis West African School Certificate Result.
        Where really is this result?
        One wonders what moral authority Buhari would deploy to govern Nigeria when he has allegations of certificate forgery hanging over his head?
        He could simply solve this problem by providing Nigeria with original copies of his certificate.
        So why wouldn’t he do it?
        His close association with individuals who have known criminal cases is something that leaves room for integrity speculation about him.
        His attempt to again resurrect an ethnic agenda is becoming very clear to everyone now.
        Tinubu and other Yoruba politicians are in for a big shock.
        Tinubu would learn the hard way . The joke is already on him. Lol
        He is the one who is being torn to pieces here in the states
        One wonders how long this Cinderella arrangement would last. Lol

        • Reminisce6

          Deliberate lies and distortion just to score some cheap points with the lazy and the gullible.Espousing a disjointed article to sooth your aching rib from the devastating pain you`ve just suffered from the recent electoral victory of Nigeria/APC/GMB.What conviction had Tinubu without an indictment?The hogwash from Michael Weiss is all over public domain but despite all the effort he exerted in concocting the story behind the screaming HEROIN headline he was not able to come up with any instance or actual record of indictment or conviction of Tinubu over drug or money laundering related incident.GMB is yet to take off yet you sore losers in the mode of Femi Aribisala ill-will the country on the basis of ethnic and religious prejudices.

  • Mustapha

    You were one of those that prayed and fasted for GEJ success at the 2015 polls but the Lord of mercy decided to favour Nigerians. We can understand your prejudice and frustration in describing the votes from the North as being from underage and other forms of rigging. Your pen could write anything to the limit of your opportunities but Nigerians have spoken and the world have adjudged their decision to be credible and worthy. Please go to hell with whatever hangover left in your mind.



  • emmy

    Thanks Femi, for articulating my mind, may you continue with words of reason and wise counsel.

  • peaceometer

    What’s better for this media is to ‘shelve’ Aribisala. Am sorry but take that

  • 007iwo

    Let’s assume your correct. However the fact that you feel that Joe should have won the election is something I cannot comprehend. So it just make his article worthless.

  • 007iwo

    This femi relies on internet gossip to write this article don’t even border reading. How come he did not know that Timipre Sylva is not even the Buhari transition committee list how much of been the chairman. This guy is a clown.

  • Saint

    corruption cannot fight corruption, so definitely Buhari is just making noise…Nigerians will be disappointed after 4 years of his leadership, in fact, he will never feel comfortable in that post… lets watch and see..