Confab delegate, Magaji Dambatta, who wants corrupt officials executed, dies at 83

A member of the just-concluded National Conference, Magaji Dambatta is dead, a statement by Conference secretariat said on Wednesday.

He died a few hours ago at Garki General Hospital, Abuja, where he was taken to after an unsuccessful medical trip.

Mr. Dambatta becomes the fifth delegate to the Conference, which ended last Thursday, that have died.

The others who died while the Conference lasted were Hamma Misau (a delegate on the platform of the Retired Police officers from Bauchi State), on Thursday, March 27; Mohammed Jumare (a delegate from Kaduna State) who died on Monday May 5; Dora Akunyili (a delegate who represented Anambra State) on June 7; and Mohammad Nur Alkali (a delegate from Borno State) on August 1.

An indigene of Kano State, Mr. Dambatta, 83, attended the Conference on the platform of Socio-political/Cultural and Ethnic Nationality Groups, from the North West Zone.

He was also a member of the 2005 National Political Reform Conference, NPRC, convoked by former President Olusegun Obasanjo. He came on the ticket of Kano State.

In the 2014 National Conference, he served in the Committee on Devolution of Power co-chaired by a former governor of Akwa Ibom State, Victor Attah and a former Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Coommassie.

During the debate, the late elder statesman proposed a radical suggestion on how to curb corruption in Nigeria. He suggested that the Chinese experiment where any sabotage is met with firing squad should be introduced in Nigeria.

He attended the Bayero University in Kano and worked as a Senior Reporter and Northern Regional Editor of the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC).

He was a Senior Information Officer in the Northern Nigerian Government and an Information and Public Relations Officer in the Regions Agent General’s office in 1961.

Mr. Dambatta was also a Chief Information Officer in the Northern Region and a reporter and editor of the Daily Comet in Kano between 1950 and 1953.

He was a Minister in the Nigerian Embassy in Washington DC between 1973 and 1978 and later a Board member of Daily Times.

A seasoned media guru, the late delegate worked with the Kano State Broadcasting Corporation, Triumph Publishing Company, Federal Housing Authority and Nagarta Radio.

He was also Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Arewa Consultative Forum, founding member, Northern Elements Progressive Union; recipient of Medal of Merit of the Government of Egypt (1961); and member of the Presidential Advisory Council (2010).

According to the statement signed by the Assistant Secretary of the Conference, Akpandem James, its Chairman, Idris Kutigi, in his tribute said he was depressed “by this sad development.”

On behalf of the Conference Secretariat, Mr. Kutigi expressed his deep condolences to the family of Mr. Dambatta and prayed that the Almighty God would receive his spirit and grants his soul sweet repose.


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  • farooq

    pity ………………he didn’t live long enough to see his “dream”…………………..

  • Osogbo

    May Allah rest his soul. He truly wanted to end corruption in Nigeria.

  • Sadiq

    God fearing, examplery leader, mentor, patriotic and nationalist. He led a low-key life despite all the privileges. May Allah in His infinite mercy grant him aljannat-lfirdaus. Ameen.

  • tundemash

    Oloriburuku fake Pastor, did you remember to ask Dumbo about his campaign promises since 2011?
    Even with your jaundiced articles, your candidate still lost woefully and is prepearing to go home unlike professional bereavement cl0wns like you. It is democracy so write as much as you can but know that Dumbo is out of govt. now, i will advise you manage the little money you made from him wisely !

  • Mallami Azeez Kayode

    Fake Pastor Femi Aribisala is a real Oloriburuku. I don’t know what a heck is still doing on the street of Nigeria. This man keep on repeating things all the time. He is a pathological liar.

  • Frank Picker

    Dr. Aribisala expert critic and self proclaimed religious wiseman please read below and confess whether you recall what you wrote” I have been a student of elections for 42 years. I obtained my first degree in History and Politics from Warwick University, Coventry, England in 1975. In my second year at Warwick, I obtained a scholarship to visit the United States to study the circumstances behind the 1973 election “!
    Obviously your wisdom in politics failed you shamefully and woefully when you predicted in so may write-ups how the APC would fail.
    Now that the elections are over and you are scrambling to justify your failed predictions and position, the only thing left is to now become watchman looking for missteps in the new administration. Why did you not remind us of the countless promises made by President Jonathan? He vowed repeatedly to improve the electricity supply, vowed to stamp out corruption, vowed to bring back the Chibok girls, continued to vow even until the last moment and people like you kept on telling us how he was the ONE! Fortunately, whether you like it or not majority of the people refused to believe you or his promises. As a political expert (so you claim) you should know that it does not matter whether the APC victory is by a landslide or a whisker. In democracy the majority wins. Your new position as watch dog of the APC is another futile journey. We are not expecting the APC to overnight unwind the major damage wrought on the Nigerian psyche after 16 years. With small steps bringing good governance it will happen.
    Be prepared to be shamed ever again as they succeed.
    It must be very hard for you now to reconcile with the fact that Tinubu who you so derided has succeeded in everything he put his hand to whilst you who sat arrogantly on your perch spewing out rubbish is now forced to become a crybaby.
    It would be wise for everyone who reads you to be guided here that Dr. Aribisala probably knows as little of his claimed field of Politics as in his pumped up religious claims. False in everything!

    • Preco01

      Bro, you nailed it! or is it him you nailed?

  • Aminu Darma

    You are a disgrace to your parents, why lie. Just to score cheap point.? Both Apc and pdp rigged in their stronghold…but pdp knowing they have performed woefully were the worst culprits..GMB is a good product anytime anyday, so he need not dole out 2trillion naira to win election…aribasala or albasa whatever you call yourself..wake up and face reality, the choice was simple,m between stealing is no corruption and corruption is stealing…between proponent of goat n yam theorist to the no nonsense General who have zero tolerance to yam eating goat.

  • hero

    @Femi i advise you visit Prophet T.B Joshua as soon as possible before is too late………….

  • kcee

    Dr. Aribisala. I have been an ardent reader of your columns especially on Sunday’s. If you can alter and fabricate stories like this then i wonder how much more politics/falsehood you have share in the gospel. I will not be reading your articles anymore. It is embarrassing for someone i termed knowledgeable to be telling so many lies in one article

  • James Philip

    Aribisala will not cease to amaze me with his gutter trash. Your twin brother, Shaka Momodu in THISDAY has toned down his bile, we await yours.

    For someone who stupidly gave excuses for the failure of GEJ, I am amazed you want to hold GMB accountable to his promises. So you understand what it means to be accountable? Femi, GEJ lost because he did not keep to his promises, men like you that are sold cheap in the market failed to hold him accountable instead, you egged him on with false tales & spewing cow dung about the APC & GMB when you should have focused your attention on his government.

    That the PDP has refused to contest results in places where it lost does not make it a gracious loser, it only means it was beaten hands down and there’s nothing it can do about it. If the party feels so aggrieved and can prove this under-aged voting you folks have been going on about, go to the tribunal. The APC will contest in places where even the International Observers have said elections were a sham.

    You talk about the 1.9m votes in Kano without any void votes, go check the SE states, most of them had no void votes as well. If you look at the percentage turnout of votes in the country, it was some states in the SS & SE that posted more than 65% turnout as against a 40% turnout across the country.

    Aribisala, go & sleep. You have earned your keep from GEJ. Make peace with your Creator & you will be fine. We don’t need your drivel in the public sphere.

  • Reginald

    I think we should just let sleeping dogs lie, Buhari has won, Jonathan is on his way out, he did the right thing by conceding defeat. Let’s allow Buhari to get in and succeed or not. We all pray he succeeds so Nigeria can be better for it



  • Dr. Drey

    I will rather choose not to insult your person. However, i will have appreciated it if you have sounded more like a professional journalist [They analyse]. I have read some of your write-up in time past and must confess, they are worth thoughts. But recently, your thoughts about politics and most especially APC are horribly biased. Before everybody becomes KCEE, change your ways! You can choose to be an opposition[Even in the absence of an opponent] but do not report maliciously.

  • tunny

    Dear sir , respect for write-ups but as the matter of fact .If you agitating that buhari was elected on rigging the election in his favour but u failed to reverse the election that brought jonathan to office in 2011.Your disagreement with buhari during military era does not gives a yardstick to discredit him totally rather than the jonathan u reckon with his of totally failure , if you have used your media platform to admonish jonathan , maybe he would have listen to you rather than exonerated him in accordance to your faith.

  • Amir

    …and the failed campaigner obsessed with a failed government of Jonathan did not register to vote! Apparently he did not see his paymaster worthy enough to warrant his effort to stand in the sun and vote. Supporter of Jonathan indeed! A man Femi who continually failed in anything mathematical or calculation at school has suddenly become a statistician on INEC PVC to back up his phantom analogy. F**lish pride will not allow Femi to confess that his messiah Jonathan he refused to vote for is a failure. Jonathan virtually conceded on every aspect of governance except federal treasury.

  • Preco01

    Aribisala, deluded, confused and living in a blighted bubble.. mad man

  • OmoLasgidi

    I assume this man would have grownup children who should be able to either talk sense into Daddy Femi or arrange to have him committed to Aro/Yaba mental in the dead of the night. They need to do this urgently, before their in-laws think such bizarre behaviour is in their family’s DNA? Obviously, their father is really really sick!

    • emmanuel

      Did you hear Buhari say he did not promise he would end Boko Haram in two months? Did you hear him say he did not say he would surely bring back Chibok Girls?

      we expect more lies from a serial liar and certificate forger who is not smart enough to do a good Oluwole job.

  • Abdulazeez Oyibo

    Waste of precious time and computer ink!

  • emmanuel

    Fraudulent change.

    1. I know over four people who collected $5,000.00 during APC presidential primaries from the duo of Buhari and Tinubu – change

    2. Guber vote at Agbaje’s polling centre tallied 87 PDP to 87 APC, but was changed in conivance with the INEC people in favour of the APC – change

    3. Jega informed his Northern voters with PVC and TVC to be at the Polls by friday April 10 and to ignore card reader. News only filtered into towns in the South around 2 pm when accreditation had been done and voting commenced.

    4. Under-aged voters where duly registered and issued voters card in the North (I shall sponsor a bill to reduce voting age to seven years soon).

    The fall of APC will eventually expose the fraud called change.

    APC compensation to the USA for helping to blackmail Jonathan out, will first come by way of Gay marriage approval – change

    PT will eventually shut down because it cannot concot lies (its past time) against its masters

  • Love Obayomi

    mr.aribisala Is an empty barrel. DEMOCRACY IS A GAME OF NO. WE VOTED OUT BADLUCK AND USHERED IN CHANGE. Take a look at black market exchange rate….it fell from N230 . to N200. IF U DO NOT BELIEVE THAT CHANGE HAS COME TO NIGERIA..YOU W see and HEAR ABOUT IT but not partake. you can go to anywhere u like .be rest assured that dollar may not be 1 naira to 1 dollar but d aprcatn will be significant and far better than what badluck did to nigeria economy n currency.

    • abubaqar

      Just read your line again and see whether it showed that you read Femi Aribisala’s prose and understood the course of flow. He gave you the genuine reasons why those economic parameters collapsed and started showing recovery signs immediately after elections. Is GEJ still not the president now your black market recovered?

      • Love Obayomi

        I doubt if you truly followed the events preceeding d elections, there was absolute inflation as evident by high prices of goods n services. it was d announcement of d pple general as d winner of d election that brought positive change to d economy otherwise d speculation of clueless man return as president would v spent doom for d nation.

  • Iheonunekwu Joseph Nwabueze

    In short, president-elect Buhari should enjoy his honeymoon while it lasts. But very soon, he will come to know the difference between being a president and being a military dictator. What goes around comes around. If his supporters can call President Jonathan clueless for six years, they should not burst a gasket if some people decide to call President Buhari “mumu” for the next four years

  • Taj

    This guy groan alot. . I have one advise for you femi Aribisala. On your way out of Lekki in the Morning, When you get to the Lagoon before the toll gate, Just Park your car and hop in the Lagoon, with that, you’ll save yourself hypertension. #odecious
    Two hate articles in less than a week? and 5 weeks before swearing in???

  • Mama T

    Am really getting fed up with “niger” way of responding to issues on social media. Lots of nigerian are not socially responsible. Social media is mearnt to be educative & informative not a platform for abuses & insult. Why can’t people make their point “for” or “against” the subject matter, support their view with valid points rather than being rude? As far as I am concerned, people are entitle to their own opinion & should be respected.

    • Papa T

      Femi Aribisala d imbecile, if u don’t want insults, don’t insult others. Clown!

    • Musgan

      When people that are suppose to make inform and educative opinion anchored on facts with basis are peddling with lies and unconfirm issues as in d case of Femi whatever, then he should expect nothing less. Because is shameful for someone like him to be making assertion based on politicians unsubstantiated political propaganda as if he has fact to defends his lies…

  • Dr_Francis

    so disappointed in femi, used to like him. why this pessimistic approach in a time of great need. He shd have given Buhari the benefit of doubt at least for like 2yrs before this unnecessary ranting.

  • eziokwubundu

    This man has rabies and is foaming in the mouth, the sooner he is put down the better for humanity.

  • Musgan

    This man is delusionally impaired who still lives with the lies of political propaganda, can’t he for once makes his submission on facts based on investigative journalism as he claimed to be aa professional journalist… lazy journalist