Boko Haram leader, Shekau, claims captured Gwosa now ‘Islamic Caliphate’


The leader of the extremist Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, has declared Gwosa, Borno State, part of an “Islamic Caliphate”, more than a week after his group seized the mountainous town and drove government troops away.

In a new video released Sunday, Mr. Shekau dismissed Nigeria as a nation and said his group was now fully in charge of Gwoza and intends to retain control of the town.

Read Mr. Shekau’s comments translated from Hausa.

“We are grateful to Allah for the big victory he granted our members in Gwoza and made the town part of our Islamic Caliphate. Oh you people, here I am Abubakar Shekau, still standing on my feet. I am still the he leader of Jama’atu Ahlissunnah Lid Da’awati wal Jihad, that county called Nigeria; a name we don’t believe; but forced to address as such because it has not better name.

For us there is nothing like Nigeria but Islamic Caliphate; because God the creator of the world and the earth we are all standing is the sole owner of the earth and no one else. So we have no option but obey the owner of the sky that is above us, even as He is the owner of the earth. We Muslims obey our Creator.

Oh people of the world, Allah has granted us victory in the town of Gwoza, not because of our might but because we are committed to do His work. Oh people, I chose to deliver this message in order to refute the lies being spread by the government, about the operations we had in recent times.

“We warn the Vigilante, called Civilian JTF to back should back out; if not there will be no place for them to hide. We have evidences of how you killed some of our brethren whom you would ask if they are Boko Haram before you killed them; we knew how you humiliated them by asking them if they had ever carried guns or killed someone…we knew everything about the evil you committed against our brethren.

“We still have the magnanimity of asking you to repent; because you will never succeed in this way by the grace of Allah; and I swear by Allah that we will never stop killing you, because Allah commanded us to kill people like you. If we pity you and spare you, one day you will become infidels; so to us having pity on you is an act of disbelief. You can continue to run or hide your identities in women’s attire, but we will get to you and remove the women clothing off you then while you are shouting for mercy we will strike, smash your heads and kill you all.

Even if you don’t do anything to us we will kill you…We would do it even to avenge our brethren. You killed our brethren in large numbers.” We don’t joke with religion (quoting from the Koran). There is no hypocrisy in this religion. It is only the truth.” Therefore, woe on to you, vigilante. Woe on to you. It is Allah that torments you and even tomorrow Allah will torment you. By Allah you will never achieve your aim. I swear by Allah.

To the Americans…who is America in the sight of Allah? Who is America in the sight of Allah? Who is Israel in the sight of Allah? Who is France in the sight of Allah? It is only when we don’t have firm belief. We don’t fear you at all. “We were the ones who carried out all these attacks. Not just Gwoza, all the attacks you see in Borno (state) or any country we are the ones carrying them out. This is the life for us; it is our world and we are living it out. How can one fear these American people? If one is indeed a believer, he needs not to. How can one fear these people (America) if one is indeed a believer. This is the speech I have to make; which is a warning for worse things to come. Better submit to Allah before it becomes too late”.

In response Sunday, the Nigerian military rejected Mr. Shekau’s claim as “empty”.

Defence spokesperson, Chris Olukolade, said “the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Nigerian state is still intact”.

“Any group of terrorists laying claim to any portion of the country will not be allowed to get away with the expression of delusion and crime,” Mr. Olukolade tweeted. “Appropriate military operations to secure that area from the activities of the bandits is still ongoing.”


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  • Braun

    Why translate and publish this statement? Why spread their evil. Summarize next time. By the way, Gwoza is a village. Is that all they could manage after all this time? Whatever happened to the remainder, northern Nigeria? I guess it was all hype. The nigh appears to be near for them.

    • Wähala

      Gwoza may be a village but, haven’t you read that the Bokos also captured 35 SARS-Police men and are holding them captive… abi dat one too no happen according to Asari ati Lady Hippo? Maybe, those cowardly Roger-Me clowns are hiding in the Gov’s lodge? BTW, who’s the new Emir of Gwoza according to Abu Shekau… yet, you ask about the remainder ba? Colo!

      • Ayo Yussuff

        Declaring an islamic caliphate posing in front of 3 SUV´s, somewhere in?? ??????…things look tight for Shecow. these posings used to be infront of APC and Tanks…..and now suv`s ;LOL……Caliphate ko emirate ni..until u start eating Tuwo in emir of Gwarzo palace, ur men are only hiding in Gwarzo..chikena!!!

        • Wähala

          Talk is free… ask Dumbo to visit Bornu State, shikena!

          • Ayo Yussuff

            Your so called “Dumbo “was in Borno last year..he lambasted the whole of so called elders…short memory abi? heaven did not fall

      • redeem

        Sack dasuki now——–HE IS USELESS AS THE NSA

        • Wähala

          And leave Minimah ba? Bigot. Go sack’am nah!

        • Nigerian

          …..and impeach JONATHAN LACK GOOD. He is a failed C-in-C.

    • Revolutionary Mind

      No be shekau’s fault now…na because the military never deal with him just like the americans dealt with his al-quader’s counterparts. His days are numbered anyway. And as for the sponsors of terror in this country, God’s wrath is fully on you all ooooo!

  • uduakomiri

    Shekau and Goodluck should have a wrestling match. Okpu aka, no weapons. Whoever wins will take the prize. Hiding in a forest and making mouth and talking shit is not a reflection of a brave warrior. If this guy is truly the warrior of Allah, let him come out and have a proper punch up with Goodluck in the open. Shekau can come with his allah we wont mind just let him show face. At the end of the okpu-aka, we’ll know who will be the last man standing.
    Over to you coward Shekau. You sneak in on women and children in villages and claim to fight for a bloodthirsty god.
    It is annoying that Nigerian military have a war chest of nearly £10 billion (pounds sterling) between last year and this year alone yet they cannot exterminate this fucking vermin once and for all. Imagine the embarrassment that this ragheads are overrunning villages, army barracks and police training schools without resistance. Are there no more brave men and women left in our police forces and army?
    If as it appears our men and women of the military and police can no longer defend their own barracks and stations, then we should disband the military and the police. They should hand the weapons over to us so we can get this thing sorted out quickly. After all Nigerian military and police have been in existence since 1914 yet a group formed in 2002 with quasi-military training is beating back our soldiers, taking their tanks, weapons and now wives of soldiers don’t even want them to fight. Haba na so we done fear reach. There are able men and women on the streets of many cities in Nigeria without a job. For half of what the soldiers and police are being paid, I’m sure many of us will be more than happy to do a better battle with Boko Haram.
    Kai. Wallahi tallahi someone hand me a vest and M170 or even M16 and let me go and show these mutum banza they cannot just insult our country and kill our people like chickens. In fact if allah, whoever he is comes with them, I will kill him first. Haba! This insult has become unbearable.
    Somebody hold me before I scatter Shekau and his people 🙂

    • Susan B

      Best post ever! I feel your pain. I have often thought that if civilians are equipped, we would eradicate these people without a problem because, how many can they be? Truly, the insult and embarrassment is too much.

      • Wähala

        Talk is free… eradicate polio first before worrying about Shekua… Nigeria is one of only three countries in the world where polio still hits hard. Terrorism is everywhere you look nowadays, only in Nigeria is our Dumbo pointing fingers of blame at APC and Northern elders rather than confront the scourge head-on. Feel pain ke?

    • Leslie

      Tight.I feel you bro.Talk about being helpless.Hurts big time,especially the misinformations and contradictions.Our govt takes us all to be fools while they’re busy balling in asorock.As for Shekau and co,don’t be surprised if you see us,coming with nothing but artillery to free us.Cowards.

    • larry

      This sheakau is an animal ,I seem to like him ,he is helping to expose the religion of Islam .

    • Wähala

      Childish. The import of National Security should never be diminished with silly, dry jokes given that lives are being lost due to this insurgency yet, you think this is a Comedy Circus ba… shame on you!

      • uduakomiri

        Which national security? You well at all? If £5 billion can’t guarantee us national security, so na small joke go do so?
        You smoke something?

  • Ibrahim A

    This is a fiction!!!, all these bokoharam phenomenom are set up by CIA/MOSSAD to create ISLAMOPHOBIA.Bokoharam is just an imaginery and faceless, its a warfare against ISLAM by the west in the hand of bad lork jona!!!.Virtually all nigerians including xtians have understood the phenomenon of boko haram is POLITICALLY MOTIVATED it has nothing todo with ISLAM at all!!!.We muslims we know our religion thoroughly, all dont’s and do’s are well known by us, therefore ideology of boko haram has no place in Islam, its architectured/planned by the israel as warfare against islam.The media should stop airing this fiction/lies, otherwise they too are tools used by the zionists.SHAME ON YOU!!!

    • Susan B

      Leave Isreal out of this. How can they manufacture such lies in Nigeria? Oh, you want to say even ISIS is manufactured by CIA/MOSSAD too, so as to give bad name to Islam? Wake up,Bro. These terrorists are in your backyard and they are real.

      • Factual

        Where were you when American Government created and funded AlQaida which later become their greatest enemy. Did you ever watched Hilary Clinton confirming it. So there a sense in what Ibrahim is saying. You need to research about CIA and Mossad to know the atrocities they have been committing against people around the world.

    • Ken

      The only thing I take away from your comment is that media should stop celebrating Boko Haram by sensationalizing their activities. Outside that, you are just a moron – an idiotic animal. That’s what you are!

    • larry

      Ibrahim,stop deceiving yourself and start blaming your leaders who have enriched then selves to the detriment of the north.

    • God Loves Me

      Its obvious that this Ibrahim A, is one of the boko haram guys. Shame on you. Bring your facts to show that Israel created boko haram. only fools think and write this way. next pls

  • Riot50000

    NIGERIA, A FAILED STATE. Biafra was 40 years ahead of Boko Haram, and had legitimate reasons to want out.
    Western Education is prohibited? And you are armed with mostly Western Produced Weapons? What IDIOCY!

  • Ayo Yussuff

    so anybody that miapell Shikenan is an impstor abi???…anyway i be real ibadan man that is my real name…Chikena!!

  • redeem

    The mother of Wahala is Ibo- father is fulani———u know most Ibo women got married to fulanis during the civil war—that is where he hatred for Jonathan stems from——–his dislike 4 Jonatha is very deep yes–but it has to do with the civil war sentiments that Ibos have been fighting very hard to blame on the iiaws –as if they the ibos helped Adaka Boro when he launched his war————in the creeks—————————————nonetheless-its time for dasuki to be fired————the fulanis in the army are just paying lip service to the war-every emir or fulani elite from the west african sub-region——supports boko haram——————–that is why we have our fears with the janjaweeds in APC

    • Wähala

      Those are still Nigerian ethnic groups, your Aborigine ancestors were kalakas from the South Pacific Islands of Papua New Guinea… who came to Nigeria carrying Lord Lugard’s luggage. Drunkards!

  • redeem

    U ARE THE SAME WAHALA—————————-so stop deceiving self———-chikena—or shikenan or shikena are pronounced same————————-way—-so what is yr wahala————–sack dasuki now—————————————sack dasuki—b4 he hires another ijaw AIGP as a dog handler

    • Wähala

      In your paranoia at the Villa about my comments everybody’s now @Wahala ba? Keep drinking, I’m here to force truth down your aborigine throats one-by-one… your nightmare is real. Oloshi.

    • Shehu

      March on, Your master AIG Force Animal ( ijaw) keeper is calling.

  • Yejide Kayode

    Boko Haram leader and cohorts are all insane and deluded. History and evidence have shown that whenever you have disgruntled, evil and savagery people like bokoharam taking arms to fight a Nation or State or Country. The winner is always the Nation and the losers are this deluded terrorists in this case bokoharam because the Nation will use all its resources to fight and defeated this evil monsters living amongst us. God bless Nigerian.

  • salako

    shekau is a coward, deluded and an insane person that doesnt no anything about islam and it teaching he is just beating round the bush and talking nonsense. surely Allah will deal with him and his co.

  • Wähala

    Who told you I love Dumbo… better yet, why do you love incompetence, ineptitude, corruption personified, and a common creek crook? What’s to love about a man without character & decorum?
    You’re a mega disgrace to the famed Igbo mind and sound reasoning. A minus (-) to humanity!

  • Truthometer

    Dumbo is busy sleeping on the switch, while Shekau and his bandits are busy apportioning territories to themselves within Nigeria. When dumbo wakes up, trust me, he is going to blame APC for his laziness, inefficiencies and cluelessness.

  • Ovie Obaro Ebola

    This is an opportunity for the peoples and nations of Nigeria to secede. I don’t really know why the so-called continent Nigerian army will always chose to be enemies of progress? When a nation within Nigeria declares independence, secession, the army will just keep mis-yarnining. Nonsense!

    The Niger Delta Republic and the Biafra Republic shud cease the opportunity and finalize their democratic agitations at self determination. The British erred in a most calamitous fashion in ever amalgamating different nations into one pseudo country with deep fault lines even at infancy. Such would have pricked the conscience of even the most hardened egotistic uninvited imperial colonist, but the British chose to be blinded by the eschew-able cataract of state aggrandizement as supported by its shameless so-called Royal majesty from Buckingham palace. Nonsense!

    So, completely drunk to stupor by the insatiable quest to exploit, they went ahead to place an Urhobo man who stands to urinate in the same country with the Hausa man from Gwoza, Sokoto etc, who urinates by taking the opposite direction of squatting. Why then won’t there be problems? How do you expect there to be peace under this condition when we can’t even synchronize a simple ritual like urinating posture? Nonsense.

    But the Brits carry on as if they did nothing…and they call us corrupt, scammers, etc , Yet it was these thieves who invaded the Old Benin Republic (Benin Kingdom) in 1897 and stole all the priced art works from the Presidential palace…and then set fire to burn the city down. But till date, neither Amnesty nor Translucency International has indicted British Army. Not even ICC or ICJ….Break up Nigeria and there will be HARMONY & PEACE all over.

  • Paul

    The video is doctored/fabricated.Shekau is taller than the 4X4 behind him in the video,this can never be possible,it is a totally doctored/fabricated video,Nigerian security agencies should analyze the video thoroughly well.Maybe Shekau is really dead as being speculated by the Nigerian Army.I know what i am
    saying because i am a computer expert.PLEASE PREMIUMTIMES KINDLY