Ribadu formally declares for Adamawa Governorship, says ‘I am full-blown’ PDP

Nuhu Ribadu

Business activities and vehicular movements were brought to a standstill momentarily Friday in parts of Yola, Adamawa State, as a former chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Nuhu Ribadu, declared his intention to contest the Adamawa Governorship Bye Election.

A mammoth crowd besieged Mr. Ribadu’s convoy from the Yola international airport to his campaign office, causing a traffic gridlock along the busy Galadima Aminu Way down the PDP state secretariat.

Mr. Ribadu was escorted to the party secretariat by PDP executives and chieftains from his ward, local government as well as others party chieftains from the 21 local government areas of the state.

Some of the party chieftains present at the occasion include former state lawmakers, led by former speaker, Abubakar Abdullahi, former local government chairmen, ex-councillors and senior political associate of the immediate past governor, Murtala Nyako, who have pitched tent with Ribadu.

While declaring Nuhu Ribadu said he was in the race to bring change to Adamawa State.

Nuhu Ribadu and supporters in Adamawa
Nuhu Ribadu and supporters in Adamawa

“The trigger of me being here today is that passion to uplift that I have; it is that spirit with which I am known, all my life. It is that zeal that saw me going into the police, as against obviously more lucrative career paths,” he said.

“My philosophy, as we were taught, is that one should put the interest of the public over any other consideration. In life of service, one’s first consideration should be the impact one makes under the circumstance. It is therefore that same will to serve that is responsible for me respecting and answering to the people’s choice to come back home and serve the people of Adamawa State under the platform of the PDP,” Mr. Ribadu added.

He commended those who wooed him to PDP, stressing that, “I would like to appreciate those members of the PDP who privately and publically prodded on me to join this party. My appreciation also to the leadership of our party for the warm reception accorded me deserving of any full-fledged party stalwart.

“This kind reception did not begin from today, it began from the day I signified the intention of joining this great party. Today, I come to you as a full-blown party member who defines himself in the spirit of community service and party development. Whatever brought us here, the love for and need to serve our people is supreme,” he noted.

Mr. Ribadu urged political actors in the state to do away with anything that could not augur well for the state.

“I would appeal to all political actors in the state, especially my fellow aspirants to go into the field armed with our rules of engagements. No one’s ambition is worth the peace and stability of our people.

“We should eschew antagonism or stoking primordial sentiments. Elections would come and go but the people will always be together. Damaging the harmony we enjoy as a people would have dire consequences on all of us and is the gravest disservice anyone can do for our dear state,” Mr. Ribadu noted.


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  • adegbola

    Only God can save this country, no one seems to have character anymore,

    • Ade

      O yes no one. Ribadu knows better, the two major parties are the same he better goes to where he won’t be betrayed like what happened in 2011.

      • DD

        You’re as naive as Ribadu. He won’t be betrayed in PDP? I smh for you both.

        • Ade

          Yes agree bro. we are naive, the only ‘sophisticated’ politician is Asiwaju of African.

          You better go save him from committing suicide

        • redeem


          • Easy

            So you NOW like the FULANI RIBADU..? Ha!!! Redeem.

      • Ette

        He is betrayed already as the wicked PDPis synonymous with betrayal. He was promised a consessu ticket but has been told that is not possible. So he has to queue behind Marwa, Acting governor, Gulak and Turkur in primary. Does he have any structure or can he compete with these competitors? He is dead on arrival and that has been his familiar terrain-jumping into failures rather than keep to life principles. Sad to know that Rinadu has no standing ground as he is now in the group he termed rightly as unrepentantly corrupt and wicked, of is this the doctrine of if you cannot beat then, join them. Shame indeed.

  • Ken

    Correct man. Adamawa is lucky to have you. I hope you serve them well.

    • Babs

      Wait ooooo!

  • Fakorede Akin

    I hope he gets PDP ticket , otherwise too bad for him . And where is he going to push Marwa and Gulak and Fintiri ….. The drama is yet unfolding . Season of wonder …… Election time

    • TheNigerian

      He needn’t get any ticket, Mate. He can catalyse new beginnings for his new party.


      Ribadu has become a lightning rod in Adamawa PDP. That does not bode well for the party ahead of the Oct. election. Let’s sit back and watch!

  • Psalm 35

    When you have finished with Adamawa in 2019, Nigeria will be needing you at the center. All the best Mallam.

    • Ade

      Nigeria needs Ribadu!!!!!!

      • ednut

        Hear yourself talk…Nigeria needs Ribadu. O.k, you just realize this when he defected to the PDP. But Nigeria never needed him when he offered himself for the plum job in Aso Rock in 2011 under ACN? Pls find something better to say.

        • GbemigaO

          Ednut. You are at war with everyone! Please calm down.

    • checkmate

      “Finished”…? We hope Nigeria and Nigerians will not be finished by PDP before 2019.

  • Ade

    I envy the people of Adamawa. Ribadu is going to bring REAL change to the state.


      A man without character or integrity has nothing to offer. The best that can happen to Ribadu in his new journey is to win the Governorship of Adamawa. Even that will not restore his dignity!

      • Ade

        Breaking news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Tinubu just about to commit suicide over the defection of Ribadu to PDP.

      • Abiodun

        and what do you say about the pdp governors and co that defected to apc? My brother our politician are just there for their selfish interests not for the masses and the much taunted change.when they feel aggrieved in on side and the other side offers them a position they automatically change. I have been saying it and I keep saying it,out politicians does not deserve the insult some of are always throwing at ourselves in this forum in the bid to defend them. They have not integrity,no ideology and no orientation.

    • ladi

      I think he will too, if he wins.

    • Nigerian

      I don’t see what change Ribadu is going to bring with the kind of people that are instrumental in his decamping to PDP and those that will be around him. He has already joined them since he couldn’t beat them. This will be the scenario if he happens to win the governorship.


    The only thing driving Ribadu is his personal ambition, not service. A leader is not worth that title without character. Ribadu has just embarked on a journey to his political abyss.

    • Ladi

      I think he is driven by both personal ambition and service to his people. I think he wants to run again for the Presidency. He can’t get there without first being a governor, congressman or a senator. Moreover, he may not be able to win the governor race under Boko Haram APC party. He did the right thing.

      • Wähala

        Was OBJ ever a Governor, Senator or Congressman?
        Some of you reason from your ahnus and your thoughts simply stink to high heavens!
        Ribadu has no character, he’s over-ambitious and pretentious about it. He’s a pretender just like the deceitful Dr. Ebola Jona. So, I predict Nuhu Ribadu will lose the primaries talk less the Governorship race…

        • ladi

          Obj was not elected. He was selected and made President by IBB and Co., in order calm the West for late Alhaji Abiola’s mandate that he was not allowed to fulfil by the North and precisely IBB and co. Did you not know that?

          • ednut

            O.k…He was also selected in 2003 abi? Pls occupy yourself with something else if you don’t have any meaningful contribution to make here.

      • Factual

        Madam, Ribadu is not a principled politician. He is looking for the easiest way to get a position. If he really wanted to serve the people not his personal interest, he would have gone for governorship office in 2011. With his integrity then, he would have won. But due to his naivety in politics,he started wrongly. He wants to try the “luck” of his Oga now ( Ebola Jonaharam ).

    • larry

      I dont think you are correct ,he is loved by young nigerians , and i wish him well ,and hope one day he will vie for the top most office which is the presidency ,of which he is guaranteed by support .


        Time will tell

      • ednut

        Pls hear yourself speak..He is loved by young Nigerians. Ask yourself if you voted for this same Ribadu when he contested for the Presidency in 2011? How many young Nigerians you claim “love” him did vote for him then in 2011. You and most of these so called Young Nigerians chose to be blinded by ethnic bigotry to foist on us this dumb Jumbo as a President. If your claim of young Nigerians loving him is true, by now Ribadu would have been sitting in Aso Rock as President as the youth constitute the larger population of Nigeria and the active political force….Pls save this your cock and bull story for the marines….

        • kick ’em out

          Well said!

        • larry

          Animal ,Dont take it personal, its my opinion thus i guess you have yours.For your information ,i voted for him before he was sold out by Tinubu.Animals like you are the problem we have in nigeria.What a senile little boy you have become!

    • Abiodun

      My broda what do you say about the pdp governors and co that defected to apc? My brother our politician are just there for their selfish interests not for the masses and the much taunted change.when they feel aggrieved in on side and the other side offers them a position they automatically change. I have been saying it and I keep saying it,out politicians does not deserve the insult some of are always throwing at ourselves in this forum in the bid to defend them. They have not integrity,no ideology and no orientation.

      • MINT65

        Another sensible man found!!


        Ribadu is not just anyone. With the Governors, we know where we stand. They stand for their selfish interests. With Ribadu, we hoped for the better. No more!

  • Ade

    Breaking news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tinubu just about to commit suicide over the defection of Ribadu to PDP.

    Lai Moh should please tell him is a just dream

  • Ade

    For heaven sake who is the strategist of PDP?

    The game plan is working!!!

  • Dan

    Ribadu can never be Governor of Adamawa state in his life time

    • ilebaami

      Says who?

  • Enemona

    Despite not being happy with his defection, I have no doubt that he’d bring real change to Adamawa. His integrity is not in doubt.

  • Gbo_lee

    The same people Ribadu called the devils. The same PDP he Said was the root of corruption in Nigeria after his period at EFCC. He deserves to be among them in the PDP,he is not to be trusted as well

    • GbemigaO

      Agreed. But the same people that APC called devils are now in APC as leaders ! What is the difference ? Politicians are just waste of space and time in Nigeria!

      • MINT65

        another sensible man

      • emmanuel

        Remember Atiku, Bukola Saraki, Tinubu etc were with Nuhu up until last week in the APC. According to their doctrine of falsehood, anyone who comes to their party is cleased of Lerposy and the leprosy only return when the person leave them. The lie of the devil.

    • solomon

      COWARD RIBADU once called your half dead godfather international criminal and they were together in expired APC

    • Bunduma Mohammed

      Ribadu is not intelligent. Check his record in ABU and you would agree with me.

    • ilebaami

      The people he was unhappy with are the Yar-Adua PDP where James Ibori ruled. That PDP is dead and a refined PDP is led by GEJ. Take some expired APC for your headache please.

  • longben

    All supporters of “expired” APC sing after me……….E dey painy me GAGA O

  • Bala R

    Ribadu is Fulani and the other tribes have vowed not to allow Fulani to rule the state and there are over 200 other tribes with sons like Atiku, Bamanga etc alive.
    Out siders will not know why the likes of Gen Hananiya fought Nyako to the end.

  • Usman

    Great or Corrupt? which side of your definition of the PDP do we take?

  • icedbreez

    Carry go Nuhu.

  • checkmate

    I think the politicians are just capitalizing on the ignorance and poverty of the people. The know that people don’t vote individuals but they rather vote for party. This is really why Ribadu has to defect to PDP because it is the only one that can rig him into the position he is vying for due to the fact that it has all the rigging machineris ( FG, Army, Police, INEC, DSS etc)

    If really Ribadu believes in who he is and how his people think about him, he will seek their mandate under any party. But he he now believes that PDP can make him a governor which is the greatest mistake one can make as a muslim.

    • ilebaami

      He will seek his mandate under any party, so he chose PDP, chikena!

  • Nigerian

    Questions to my fellow Nigerians: Can Ribadu win the governorship election? How do you think he can win? Did the people of Adamawa vote for Ribadu in the last Presidential election? Who got the highest number of votes amongst the presidential candidates in the the 2011 presidential election in Adamawa? What is Ribadu’s popularity amongst the people of Adamawa State? If Ribadu wins the governorship election, will he be able to govern without the influence of those cabals that help him to win? Do you think Ribadu is a politician? Do you think Ribadu is still the Ribadu we know before 2011? The answers to these questions will give me a clue to know Who Nuhu Ribadu is. Good day everyone.

    • ilebaami

      I did not expect your questions to end. Please go and ask Oshiomole all these your post-doctorate questions while the masses enjoy a free and fair election coming in Adamawa.

  • Enemona

    The good news about this whole thing that people are not seeing is the competition that is gradually creeping into our democracy. For once, PDP is forced to look for good candidates that would bring goodwill needed to win elections. In the past, people of Ribadu’s calibre will never be asked to join because is goodwill i won’t be necessary.

    I think this is mainly due to the fact that APC has shown some teeth and PDP, to counter such onslaught, needs individuals that can appeal to the people. This is the essence of democracy, I hope it continues for the better. If people are seen for their character and integrity and are needed for that then performance becomes very key to winning elections in the future. This is why I think two-party system is best for Nigeria as long as it does not morph into the usual North-South dichotomy and one party is not totally subsumed by the other.

    Of course, this might just be me being too optimistic. I do believe our democracy will mature let’s hope some unfortunate events and actions by some dumb people do not derail it.

  • Dr Patrick Kolawole Awosan

    Retrogression and jubilation by Nuhu Ribadu who in 2011 contested for the post of Nigeria president and lost but now came to his sense trying to now contest for the office of Adamawa State gubernatorial position?That is the irony of life.This is what sane human being always pray against in life,to be descending lower instead of moving up in advancement in life.It is quite unfortunate that it came to this point for Nuhu Ribadu to accept proudly that if you can not beat them you join them.
    Nuhu Ribadu careless no more about fighting to keep his good name and image intact for providence sake.Nuhu Ribadu is in desperate state.

    • solomon

      He never for once has any good name. He work under moron pretender called OBJ and they were all pretenders

    • ilebaami

      Ribadu becomes democratically elected Governor as a full-fledged member of PDP and you are here analysing his shortcomings. Analysis forever is your crest.

    • josh

      He didn’t even win a single ward in his local gov’t during last presidential election. It was only ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola dt gave his somethin to go home

  • pundit

    Ribadu is just using PDP as a taxi to get to his destination, if you are taking taxi to somewhere do you really mind the color ? the bottom line is for it to take you to your destination besides Ribadu now is not the Ribadu of EFCC we used to know because he has gone back to his vomit especially his pally with Tinubu whom he described as highly corrupt during his days in EFCC though Ribadu has not been a saint contrary to popular believe but he has gone deeper in the political mud .
    However, I can understand him because it has dawn on him that he cannot bring about change from the outside or barking in the media , He has to practically lay his hand on instrument of change ( position of power ) but the system in Nigerian has no room for a decent outside politician to emerge so you must go through the old corrupt road and eat the fruit of knowing good from evil but prefer to do evil which is political initiation to bind your hands and legs not to do better than your predecessor .
    For Ribadu he will try to make a difference but they will bully him into submission at the end , his goals and objectives will be scuttled and frustrated , eventually he will be worse than his predecessor

  • Bunduma Mohammed

    Loser is another name of Ribadu. The people who recieved his former lawmakers and ex-councillors? This incredible.

  • emmanuel

    PDP do not make the same mistake you made in Adamawa that brought shame to you. Ribadu is only interesyed in his presidential ambition and would betray you when the time comes.


  • Uzoma

    Only those who are driven by personal ambition get a chance to serve their people. So there is nothing contradictory in Ribadu being driven by personal ambition and wanting to serve his people.