Soldiers arrest, harass Daily Trust journalists over report on military

Nigerian authorities should stop harassing the independent newspaper the Daily Trust and allow its journalists to cover the news freely, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today.

Soldiers on Thursday stormed the offices of the Daily Trust in the northeastern city of Maiduguri after a story published by the paper on Wednesday alleged that Nigerian soldiers had refused orders to fight Boko Haram militants until they received better weapons, according to news reports.

Mannir Dan-Ali, the paper’s editor-in-chief, told CPJ that the story, titled “Boko Haram Crisis: Soldiers revolt over inadequate weapons,” was based on interviews with soldiers.

The BBC had also reported on the soldiers’ mutiny, which military officials said they were investigating.

The soldiers detained two managers of the paper, Jamilu Aliyu and Aminu Ado, at army headquarters, where they were told to stop criticizing the military in the paper, Mr. Dan-Ali told CPJ.

The two were released after an hour.

The military released a statement that said the Daily Trust should retract the story and, in the future, contact the military for any story on the army or national security. “Failure to do so would henceforth attract sanctions,” the statement said.

There were no specific sanctions mentioned.

Mr. Dan-Ali told CPJ the paper stood by its story and would not publish a retraction.

Chris Olukolade, spokesman for the defense ministry, told CPJ today that there was “certainly no sanction being planned against the Daily Trust or any other medium.”

“The Nigerian military should stop harassing the Daily Trust and other independent news outlets,” said Peter Nkanga, CPJ’s West Africa representative.”The Nigerian public deserves access to a range of information sources, and journalists deserve to work without fear of reprisal.”

Nigeria’s military have targeted independent newspapers, including the Daily Trust, over their critical reporting in recent months, according to CPJ research.

In June, in a coordinated sweep, soldiers and Nigeria’s secret police disrupted the deliveries of several newspapers, including Leadership, Daily Trust, The Nation, and Punch.



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  • Thepeople

    The hoodlums are at it again. Boko haram is terrorising Ngerian citizens and we have these shameless situation where our army do not understand their constitutional duties to protect us. Instead they start harassing innocent citizens who are doing their duties in their own chosen profession. Who would support or be proud of such an army?

    • redeem

      Nigerian journalist are the worse—————–in africas———–with their cut and nail type of journalism—————–every soul knows daily trust belongs to the kaduna mafia—————————–so they will always plant such childish stories–there are two sides to every story–did the reporter attempt to confirm the story from the army–the answer is NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA——-gburuuu saraAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA–HEADLINE SOLDIERS MUTINY——————————-MADNESS–THAT IS WHAT WE CALL SHARIA REPORTERS —————-REPORT————–PENNED TO SHAME THE GOVERNMENT-

      • Thepeople

        No one needs to shame the government. Any sane person in Nigeria knows that the government has shamed itself. And it is the only job they do very well

        • redeem

          i am talking about the practice of journalism—————–there are two sides to every story—–not just the one sides articles lai mohamed often writes for the janjaweeds in APC

          • Thepeople

            Try to keep to the discussion and leave out insults. You resort to insults when you are loosing the argument. Crude insults only informs on your abilty to sustain a descent debate.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Shameless newspaper houses and their journalist acting as the media outfit of boko haram would continue to be harrassed. Try it in Egypt, syria, Iraq or Pakistan if you can. Some news are better not reported for national security

    • Slapstick

      Why not UK, France, USA…You admit Nigeria under your paymaster belongs with failed medieval shariacracies… For your numbskull, authorities only harass journalists in failed nations. When you are certain a report defames or is untrue, keep a date in court.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        I hear you, but we will continue to harass them until they do the needful Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

      • redeem


  • redeem


  • uduakomiri

    So Nigerian soldiers sabi how to react swiftly to situations? Why soldiers no fit show dis kind bravery for Boko Haram body leave me dey wonder weda na only civilian soldier dey get power for hin body because if naija soldier meet groups wen carry arms, na naija soldiers dey first run instead of the other way round.
    Journalists can write whatever they want if the military has a problem with it, they should go to court after all the court has all the powers to sanction lawbreakers. I cant understand why soldiers arrogate to the power to accuse, arrest and punish to themselves?

  • agamaagama

    Some of our journalists are sometimes irresponsible in reporting security issues. Patriotism should be uppermost in the minds of our journalists when reporting matters of national security. They should clear with the authority before going to press on such matters. Let’s manage our problems together because state of anarchy will not do us any good. Iraq, Syria,Ukrain,CAR, Libya etc. are good examples.


    please military this is democracy, let their be freedom of speech and information. allow the press to perform their duty as it is expected.

  • Babajide

    Improper diagnosis can only lead wrongful prescription…which is often lethal. Our problem is this present constitution, the powers it convey and the temptations and risks therein.

    As far as I am concerned, my vote goes to Jonathan because my interest is in constitutional change from the present 1999 Constitution (which is actually the same Decree 24 of the Juntas of old) even though I am definitely unhappy about the economy and the security situation in Borno but because I have to make a choice between him and Buhari.

    Buhari is not change because we have tried him before….and he failed woefully – for those who are too young or choose not to remember. Everything was an ‘essential commodity’ which had to be rationed…premier soap, cooking oil, kerosene, rice…name it!

    Nobody can point to one thing Buhari ACTUALLY built in 20 months as Nigeria’s leader that exists today. From his first till his last day as the Junta’s helmsman; hundreds were jailed and brutalized without formal charge including; but not limited to; Chief Alex Ekwueme, Chief Ambrose Alli, Chief Bisi Onabanjo without ever producing any evidence to back the bogus allegation of ‘corruption’. He shot men and women either when their cases were still before the Court of Appeal or whose alleged offences weren’t even constitutionally punishable by firing squad. His refusal to service our sovereign debt was the genesis of our Paris Club issues which eventually cost Nigeria $18 billion.

    As recent news has reminded us, successive Nigerian and European governments have recovered and repatriated $Billions from the estate of a late Nigeria ruler (quietly using valid lawful procedures devoid of the mentality of a lynch mob)….. Buhari’s war on corruption as Military Head of State recovered NOTHING….a total of zero KOBO. Rather he criminally kidnapped a Nigerian off the streets of London, drugged and
    smuggled Umaru Dikko into a cargo crate at Heathrow Airport ….when as Head of State, Buhari could have requested an extradition (if the case can be proven). Sadly many died in jail under such circumstances…and many accused were only liberated when Buhari himself was incarcerated after been eventually peacefully overthrown. Many things are often accused (‘media trial’) but not a lot has actually been proven beyond reasonable doubt…as the claims of the ex-CBN governor Sanusi as shown because several audits have been conducted and he himself as recanted and revised his statements repeatedly…nonetheless permit me to affirm that even the smallest amount looted negatively impacts on the future well-being of generations of Nigerians.

    I will definitely never condone corruption and treasury looting. Hence, why the change I seek is real change…CONSTITUTIONAL CHANGE not a change of players playing this same sordid game. Let’s change the game for good and occasion TRUE FEDERALISM and DEVOLUTION OF POWER. One person will no longer be able to steal so much from the centre because the money will be held in regional purses that the people can better closely monitor.

    As Buhari and Tinubu have made abundantly clear, this is not the type of change they have in mind. It is one borne out of vengeance and supremacist’s arrogance which has no basis in faith or fact. The dollar has risen 22% against the global basket of currencies….Fact. The Euro
    is almost exchanges today at 1:1 to the dollar; it was 1:$1.60 when the Euro became the EU’s common currency. It was 9.6 Rand to the $ recently…now you need R12.2 to obtain one dollar. It’s the Saudis and the US that have decided to deliberately oversupply the market since June 2014 and crash the price of crude oil ostensibly to punish Iran and Russia respectively long-term…….neither candidate can do nothing to increase the price of Bonny Light (read: crude oil revenue) with just 6% of OPEC output.

    Not every phenomenon is actually caused by Jonathan even though the opposition will want to blame it all on whoever is president. We face a choice tomorrow…..deepen our place as Africa’s largest economy with a more inclusive economy and decentralized political structure because GEJ is perhaps now more determined to seek his legacy and his place in history OR …at a time of global upheaval and national uncertainty naively experiment with a proven fundamentalist, self-confessed “failed” agro-entrepreneur and violent ex-ruler in the nebulous name of ‘change’…which is actually a undesirable repeat.

    The choices and outcomes have become abundantly clear. Libyans, Syrians and Iraqis also thought they were embracing change in the wave of a
    foreign-sponsored ‘arab spring’……even the blind can see they aren’t better off today and in point of fact have created crisis that will fester for
    generations. Do you really know or even trust the alternative? The ones that are unwilling to change the constitution have the temerity to campaign on the platform of some hollow change.

    Propaganda is cheap…and true change is often painstaking, time-consuming and evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Different doesn’t necessarily mean better! #Vote-to-Change-the-Constitution for good!! Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!