Nigeria records first Ebola survivor

The doctor who treated Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian-American who brought Ebola into the country, at First Consultant Hospital, and was subsequently infected with the virus, has recovered and has been discharged from the Isolation centre in Lagos.

The doctor, whose identity is unclear at this time, was the first Nigerian infected with the virus and had  been receiving treatment at the Isolation centre.

The Director of Communication and Community Mobilisation for the Nigerian Emergency Operation Centre on Ebola Virus Disease, Adebayo Onajole, confirmed to PREMIUM TIMES that the doctor had been discharged.

He however  declined to give further details, saying  the Minister of Health, Onyebuchi Chukwu, would hold a press conference later tonight to fully brief the media about the doctor’s recovery.

The spokesperson to the Minister of Health,  Dan Nwomeh, also confirmed the development to PREMIUM TIMES.

“Yes, yes, that’s true. I’ll send you a statement on that immediately,” Mr. Nwomeh said.

The patient, PREMIUM TIMES understands, was discharged following series of laboratory investigations that declared him fit to go home.

Nigeria has recorded 10 cases of the disease out of which four people have died; six persons were quarantined while169 others have been kept under surveillance.

The patient was among the six people receiving treatment at a Lagos treatment centre.

The Minister of Health, Onyebuchi Chukwu had on Thursday told journalists that some of the patients  were already responding to treatment.

Nigeria was free of Ebola until July 20 when Mr. Sawyer arrived.

He became terribly ill on his flight and was rushed to the First Consultant Hospital Obalende, Lagos, where he died on July 24.

Mr. Chukwu had said on Monday that although the Liberian government has apologized for the incidence, it was pertinent to note that Nigeria was free of Ebola Virus until its importation by the Liberian-American.

Mr. Sawyer’s action, he said, has placed unnecessary stress on Nigeria’s health system.

An apparently angry President Goodluck Jonathan also described Mr. Sawyer’s action as “madness”.

Since the Liberian’s death in a Lagos hospital, three other persons who had contact with him have died of the virus.

President Goodluck Jonathan has since declared a national emergency on the disease while the federal health ministry in conjunction with health ministries in the 36 states are working to prevent the spread of the virus, which has killed over 1,000 people in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We have updated this post by deleting the initial name provided to us by officials as that of the discharged patient. We learnt that name is incorrect, and we are making effort to obtain the correct name of the survivor. We apologise for the mix-up.


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  • UnderG

    Good News

  • Usman

    exciting news, keep on with the good work, I wish Nigeria will continue treating other problems like this, particularly corruption, whose aftermath is stuffs like boko haram, bunkry, kidnapping, robbery and many more

  • Jay

    Thank God, we are really happy bout this, but i’m guessing its Dr Adadevoh. I would be really happy for her

  • Michael Chima Ekenyerengozi

    It is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.

  • frank

    This is great news indeed, we thank God for the

  • Jacob

    I’ll like to share this on my blog… May I do this?

  • Good news, but its better to make the name of the vaccine used public. Try also the possibility of a preventive drug or vaccine.

  • Regina Oluoh

    What a wonderful news to hear. God bless Nigeria, my beloved nation. May HE also bless all the people who are engaged in this arduous task of tackling ebola and may he continue to prosper the work of their hands as they set out to find a cure for ebola. Amen

  • The seer

    A very well researched and factual piece. It’s absolutely true that no election has ever been won through propaganda in the social media but by foot soldiers on ground through rigorous electorates mobilization. Whoever has the structure to do this is sure of winning the upcoming elections.

  • Bishop Aj Yves

    When APC dimwits insults you for telling the truth, dont insult them back, rather show them some sympathy….show them some love….show them that you know the source of their insanity by shaking off the dusts of thine feet in testimony against them!

    • Stanley

      He should write the insults on top sand. The wind will soon blow to cover them up. So said Late Gani Fawehimi to Ribadu.

  • otapete

    Femi you owned up that PDP was caught pants down. Are you sure that they are still not naked. A factor that PDP cannot do anything about is if even they have performed excellently a 16 relationship has “tired” us. What can they do about it ? Nothing. It is called a product cycle

  • Haliru

    Unfortunately Mr. Femi you use all your energy and intellect to write hate articles on the person of Buhari and the APC yet you have never convinced your readers that the PDP and Jonathan are batter alternatives.You need to be selling your party “the PDP” and your candidate “Jonathan” rather than demonizing others. Because the man has sent you to prison before does not mean you should panic now that he is coming back,if you have not commited any crime you don’t have to fear. I think the intellects in our country are our major problems trying so hard paint people negative while not trying hard to sell their candidates.Pls dont get HEART ATTACK while trying to write your hate articles on the person of the people’s General.March4Buhari

    • The truth

      If there is anyone who had committed major crime unnoticed, that’s your Buhari. But thank God that a lie of hundred years have a way of surfacing one day. Buhari not only forged his certificate to enter the military but also lied to an oath when he told Inec that his statement of results are with the military. You just left the well articulated message to attack the messenger and that’s the stock in trade of APC supporters….Sorry my friend, what Femi said is known to many even before he said it.

      • Haliru

        Unfortunately the gullible among you feel comforted when the likes of Aribisala write all sorts of
        beautiful lies against Buhari which of course is what you want to hear.Am sure you started reading his articles when he started writing about Buhari.It wasnt the messenger that was attacked but an advise to the messenger to convince people about his principal rather than attacking and writing hate articles on Buhari.

  • Ogom

    “You don’t win by renting crowds to fill up your rallies”

    Tell that to Goodluck Jonathan. His rented crowds don’t even “fill” rallies.

  • Akib Abiola

    The best article written so far about the upcoming elections. I hope educated Nigerians especially the Yorubas and Hausa/Fulanis would read this article and dissimilate it to the uneducated ones.

    Most APC supporters have been deceiving Nigerians by propagating that the only way PDP can win is through rigging in order to unleashed violence on the country after the election and creates sympathy for their party and possible annulment of the election or a military coup.

    The truth of the matter is that the odds of winning are against APC. Their foot soldiers would like Nigerians to believe that PDP cannot win in Southwest. However, without going into specifics, four of the six states in the zone are safely in the hands of PDP in these elections and this is without any rigging or manipulation.

    As a Yoruba man, I don’t want the repeat of what happened in the 1960’s during the operation WET E, Agbekoya to happen again because this is part of APC’s strategy of intimidation and blackmailing. They would accept that their candidate is a man of contradictions who presents himself as a crusader of anti corruption but surrounds himself with the most corrupt politicians in the history of Nigeria. This is the man presented to Nigerians as a man of high integrity but who committed perjury about his certificates. He lied under oath and presented a fake document to the nation.

  • dara90

    I know this man called Aribisala. A king said to Paul Apostle in Acts of Apostle ” Paul, Paul, Much learning has made thee mad” same here with Prophet, Politician, Essay Writer, Commentator Aribisala. He is Simply in “Mad Season”.

    • Omaretsule Eric Uwanikone

      Wise man. You should write your own article or get lost from someone’s well compiled note.

      • progress

        If he had written an article criticising Gej I bet you would have been singing a different tune now,hypocrite

  • taiwo

    very educative and enlightening narrative,always a joy to watch and read Femi

    • Zainab

      Me too.

  • Abdulkadir

    Mr. Ara…. You confirmed the long held belief that the postponement of the April 14th and 28th general elections was instigated and sponsored by the PDP to gain traction after it has downed on them that they are very unpopular at the grass root level, yet here you are suggesting that their grass root support is formidable. You said the additional six weeks will kill the momentum of the APC and you fail to acknowledge that within the few weeks of those six weeks, revelations and blunders made by the ruling party has further diminish their electability. Few among the gaffes are; The claim that the audio recording of the Ekitigate saga is a fabrication, hence would not be investigated even when actors in the said event acknowledged that the event did happen. Anotrher is the claim that Shekau will be captured alive against a backdrop of the belief hitherto held by the Nigerian Army that the real Shekau was killed in 2014, a belief they tried to prove by showing us disparity between pictures of the real Shekau and the supposed imposture. Another scathing event is the commissioning of a power plant that Obasanjo already commissioned in 2007 and claiming credit for its establishment. That is, by all sincerity of purpose, very childish of a president.

    What more; your claim that Lagos and Kano are places the ruling party is strong is almost impudent. It is unbelievable you deluded yourself into thinking that Lagos, whose affairs has never been controlled by the the ruling party, is suddenly a strong hold of the PDP or that the Kano industrial hub, with 100% APC structure (State House of Assembly members, Local Government Chairmen, Councilors etc) has a significant PDP sympathizers. I think you are still sleep-walking; wake-up, wake-up! Its noon Ara…

    Talking about intelligence of the two main contenders in the rescheduled elections, a discerning mind would want to ask how you measure one’s skills, purposeful dexterity and, of course, intelligence. To rate a president who, even though a Doctorate degree holder, explains stealing and corruption with an instance of goat and yam parable says all that one needs to know about the person’s level of intelligence. If you project this further by thinking that the man is not only addressing fellow countrymen and women, but the world at large, then you will begin to understand why this Phd (Port-Harcourt Degree Holder) is inept and bereft of real ideas to manage the complex Nigerian situation. Take this side by side with the recommendation written in a letter by the United
    States Army War College, Pennsylvania praising Buhari’s intelligence and
    brilliance throughout his stint as a fellow at the prestigious military
    academy. The letter gave profound commendations of Buhari for being “a man of
    extraordinary aptitude who demonstrated a broad knowledge of current
    international problems. His keen interest, sense of responsibility and
    solid grasp of the strategic implications of the important global issues
    marked him as a key member of any student seminar. Infact, he was at
    his best in the “give and take” environment of our seminar group
    discussions where students are encouraged to express their views even
    though they differ from the group consensus.” That is what I call INTELLIGENCE.

    • Omaretsule Eric Uwanikone

      You are so funny…. Someone who can’t even speak without reading from a script. I can’t even believe you made no valid point in the end.

  • Okechukwu Ononaeke

    God bless you Dr. Aribisala for your articles. The change that Nigeria needs now is the implementation of the 2014 National Conference report and its Codification into a new constitution for Nigeria. However, the APC and its caliphate masters says it will kill the report. So much useless and meaningless talk about ‘Change’. APC does not know Nigeria and Nigerians. Neither does it understand the meaning of ‘ Change’.It is under-estimating the intellect of Nigerians to its own peril. Nigerians can not in 2014 be deceived by a bunch of hypocrites who are incapable of appreciating the complexities of Our country and the need to free the space for all irrespective of tribe, religion or minority or majority status to thrive peacefully. God bless Nigeria.

    • progress

      So you believed the nonsense that PDP led FG or Gej will implement that report.? Hahaha wake up o, jona a liar the worst is that he forgets he lied the moment he lies.

  • Amir

    Is this Femi educated at all? How can you end a fabrication? Common sense is not common, truly. This is how these marabouts are deceiving the president and carting away money from him in the name of non existent support.

  • Gabriel Olasebikan

    Good write up.Unfortunately,as things are,there are those that want
    to vote for Buhari simply because he is a Northerner and a seemingly
    more of a fundamental Muslim,there are those that want Buhari because
    they want to see a change in our Nation,there those who want Buhari
    because of their own interest.

    Same applies to the other
    side.There are those who want Jonathan because he is a Christian,there
    are those who want Jonathan because they want the status quo to
    remain,there are those who want Jonathan out of sympathy because they
    feel some section of the country are antagonizing him for being a
    Southerner,there those that want Jonathan because they were once
    mistreated and jailed by Buhari- despite being innocent of the crimes
    they were charged with,there are those who want Jonathan because of his

    The line has been drawn.Majority of Nigerians come March
    28,will not vote on principles and convictions,rather we are going to
    cast our votes based on sentiments.

    Aribisala has however said it all.Strategy is better than noise making.

  • Brown Eredia

    Vintage Femi! You have said it all, brilliant piece.

  • abc

    The oldest of the mad people is back again. No matter how you criticize Buhari and Tinubu (whether he wins the election or not) you will never, even your lineage will not ever achieved anything close to what they achieve in politically History of Nigeria. History remember giants, and very special people who touched lives of people not necessarily presidents. Buharis name will be remembered by both his supporters and opponents for generations till eternity. But what of you old sadist, when your rotten dead body is lower into the pit of hell that is your end, and that is it.

  • otapete

    Oju a to owo.

  • Dada Sunday

    Spot on Aribisala!Buhari cannot be bullied on us neither would we succumb to some mischievous northern agenda aim to get the top job by instigating a BH insurgent against the nation and making their allies in the military sabotage the efforts of govt at curbing the insurgency!No amount of deceit would work this term!An insurgent group that never attacked any Northern political elite was orchestrated by some mischievous hausa-fuklani politician to get power at all cost and the undiscerning yoruba elites are not seeing this!