SSS spokesperson, Marilyn Ogar, under fire for blaming APC for Nigeria bombings

FILE PHOTO: Scene of a bomb blast in Abuja on June 25, 2014

The spokesperson of the Department of State Services, DSS (alias SSS) Marilyn Ogar, has come under intense fire for insinuating that the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, is responsible for the spate of bombings in the country.

Speaking during an interview on Channels Television, Ms. Ogar claimed that each time the APC had an election, a spate of bombings followed.

“It is not the first time security forces are being deployed for election duties,” Ms. Ogar said. “We had provided security for election in Edo and at the end of that election permit me to say there was no bomb blast. We moved to Ondo and the Labour Party won in Ondo, there was bomb blast. We moved to Anambra and APGA won in Anambra, there was bomb blast. We moved to Ekiti, PDP won in Ekiti, there was bomb blast. We thank God that we were able to deploy appropriately. The results have come out and the APC has won and thank God there was no bomb blast.”

“We should thank God that since after the Osun State election there has been no bomb blast. Glory be to God,” she added when Channels Television reporter asked her if she was insinuating that the APC was responsible for the bomb blasts across the country.

The DSS spokesperson did not provide any evidence to back her allegation that the APC was behind the bombings in the country.

Ms. Ogar’s controversial comments and posturing on the programme has now angered civil society activists across the country, with some describing her as an apologist of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP].

The Chairman of the anti-corruption coalition, the Civil Society Coalition Against Corruption, CSNAC, Olanrewaju Suraju, said by making such an unsubstantiated allegation against the country’s main opposition party, Ms. Ogar had cleared every doubt that she is an apologist of the ruling party.

“It is as simple as defining Ms Marilyn Ogar as a PDP apologist and unfortunately of an act very unbecoming of a security operative and very importantly she carries a character of a mere market woman –someone meant to be probably at Balogun Market where she can shout at the top of her voice to sell her wares,” he said.

Mr. Suraju said that Ms. Ogar has proved that she is completely unfit to act as spokesperson for a respected security agency like the DSS and should be immediately replaced in order to salvage any respect the DSS still has.

Mr. Suraju said that by suggesting that the APC is responsible for the spate of bombings in the country, Ms Ogar is only amplifying the views of top PDP chieftains such as Femi Fani-Kayode.

“I most confess that is more or less reiterating what Femi Fani-Kayode has alleged of APC where he alleged that APC is the political wing of Boko Haram and Boko Haram is the military wing of the APC. I think it is highly irresponsible, reprehensible and highly condemnable to have the spokesperson of the SSS come on a public media and utter such outlandish allegation without any iota of evidence to substantiate her claims.”

Click here to watch Marilyn Ogar make her claims if you are viewing from on mobile.

Mr. Suraju added that by meddling in politics the DSS has abdicated its responsibility of gathering intelligence to protect Nigerians from the extremist Boko Haram sect and has proved to be a waste of resources as the insurgent group has become stronger in the face of DSS’ ineptitude.

The Executive Director of Operation Nigeria, Ezenwa Nwagwu, spoke along the same line.

He said Ms. Ogar appeared too “excited” by her position, with her utterances and accusations at variance with what the posturing of a security agent worth her salt should be.

“I listened to her and I heard her say she doesn’t want to be dragged into politics,” mr. Nwagwu said. “But every statement that she made was completely partisan. You don’t come out and make such terrible suggestions. What are you trying to achieve?”

Mr. Nwagwu said Ms Ogah is so partisan that she might be competing with Olisa Metuh, the PDP National Publicity Secretary who is in the habit of blaming the APC for the bombings in the country.

After the April 14 bombing in Nyanya, Abuja, Mr. Metuh pointedly accused the APC for the explosion.

“We stand by our earlier statements that these attacks on our people are politically-motivated by unpatriotic persons, especially those in the APC, who have been making utterances and comments, promoting violence and blood-letting as a means of achieving political control, he said in a statement.

“Nigerians are also aware of utterances by certain APC governors which have been aimed at undermining our security forces and emboldening insurgents against the people,” he added

Mr. Nwagwu said if Ms. Ogah is not immediately reined in, it would get to a point where her utterances would lead to a complete loss of respect for the DSS.

The President of the Kaduna-based Civil Rights Congress, Shehu Sani, agrees.

“Her statement is not from a credible intelligence source. It is more of a political statement,” Mr. Sani said on Friday.

“It is more of finding scapegoats and shooting blames. It is very clear that most of the desperations taking place in the country and particularly in the north is the handiwork of the insurgent group Boko Haram and it would be very irresponsible for anyone to link the APC to the insurgents. I think the idea is to discredit the party and tarnish the reputation of its leaders in the international community but there is iota of truth in what she’s said.

“As a person who has been involved in negotiations and trying to find peace I don’t think the insurgents I have never at anytime seen or heard the insurgents showing any form of interest in the APC . It is a very wild accusation,” he said.


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  • True Nigerian

    Not that Nigeria’s SSS has ever been professional, patriotic, sincere, nationalistic, non-partisan, pro-Nigerians or competent in its role on national security except in relation to the stinking job of hunting down real and imaginary opponents or critics of government. And that is partly why Nigeria is under siege – we have spent more than 20 years funding a security spy agency that has lost every sense of what its role should be. And that is partly because we have had horrendous leaders who have built our intelligence institution around their narrow political interests.

    However, in Marylin Ogar, I am seeing the very worst I have ever seen in SSS leadership. She’s a disgrace to the concept of “national security intelligence”. She is patently lost in her odious commitment to attack any person or anything that looks like an opposition to Jonathan or a criticism of her woeful failed intelligence institution. Such an intelligence chief is incapable of serving the interest of a country that is in intensive care unit as Nigeria currently is. When you look at the “great” partisan job that Ogar is doing with her offensive loud and arrogant mouth, you will know why Nigeria will only get worse and you will understand, at least partly, why boko haram is making Nigeria look like a learner.

    But Marilyn Ogar is just one part of the quagmire. The police force and military force that arrest opposition politicians just before election and stop the movement of the allies of opposition candidates are just as horrendous as Marilyn Ogar. So where do you start? Answer: From the Head (Political leadership of the country). If we don’t get that one right, Nigeria is surely a goner! If we don’t fix our pathological addition to being either supportive or tolerant of horrendous, empty, visionless, and purposeless leaders like Jonathan, we will always have our collective welfare trusted into the hands of woeful heads and failures like Marilyn Ogar, Obanikoro, Gusau, Bade, Okupe, Omokri, Diezani Alison-Madueke, and other countless horrible performers out there. But then if you ever engage most Nigerians in a conversation about their country, you will see why Nigerian leaders are of the most horrendous class in conscience, character, quality and competence. Nigerian leaders are just like most Nigerians. That is the truth.

    • redeem

      A former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari, has accused the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, of being the brain behind the formation, growth and sustenance of the Boko Haram sect currently terrorising the nation.

      • Shehu

        When did Buhari made this statement? Can you tell us the source of your story, Date, Month and Year? or Is it the same fairy tales you are good at writing? LIAR!

        • redeem

          This APC janjaweed again———————–what do u take——me for—–wayo lair mohamed—abi——–I am laughing my head off—————-see why i often post—-comments here to back up my arguements—–sadly its u Wahala who would post yr janjaweed comments——to say (repeating the same thing-)——————wrong quotation marks———i begi–tell buhari to deny it–by the way Ogar was right in her assertion–so go to court–if u want to define her

      • abeem

        This statement from @True Nigerian explains it all – why nothing good can ever come from people like you who lacks conscience because the word is not in your dictionary…”But then if you ever engage most Nigerians in a conversation about their country, you will see why Nigerian leaders are of the most horrendous class in conscience, character, quality and competence. Nigerian leaders are just like most Nigerians. That is the truth.”
        Indeed it is the truth!

  • The Man

    No wonder the security situation in Nigeria is getting worse daily and with characters likes this in charge of security agencies, it is very clear we still have a long way to go. There is no doubt about the fact that the woman is indeed over excited with the current position she is occupying but some of us are confident that people like her will invariably learn how to be responsible with their utterances whenever the party is finally over

    • redeem

      @wahala-Lai Mohammed, National Publicity Secretary of the APC had wondered why the federal government would send DSS (Department of State Security) operatives “masked and clad in black” to harass innocent citizens of the state. “As widely reported, DSS agents, armed to the teeth and riding in over 50 trucks, drove around Osogbo and other parts of Osun State on Wednesday blaring siren and SHOOTING sporadically in the air, thus disrupting the normally peaceful life in the state,” he said.

      But courtesy of the PDP, apparently privy to the letter written by APC’s Osun governor, Rauf Aregbesola, to the Department of State SECURITY (DSS), it was the APC-led Osun government that asked for the security men. What the misinformation by Lai has showed is that there is either a disconnect, or it was mischief-intended.

      “Residents,” Lai Mohammed claimed in his tissue of lies, “who were visibly traumatised by the shameful DISPLAY of state power ran helter-skelter and wondered why their government has sent masked men, or ninjas, to terrorize them. They now understand that the masked thugs who have been following the PDP candidate around on his campaign trail were actually government sanctioned. This is a power show taken too far, even with the well-known impunity tendencies of the Jonathan Administration.”

  • Easy

    My fellow country men and women don’t ever contemplate this woman’s allegiance to PDP. She is a PDP member in disguise. She is working for them. So she is part of the security problems we are facing in this country. This woman is not fit to be in this position. But you know she cannot be removed because she has the backing of the OGA AT THE TOP. (EBOLA JONA)

    • redeem

      We salute the courage and patriotism of some security agents who gave us this valuable information, and who have vowed never to do anything to subvert the country’s constitution and its democracy, whether or not they are being lured to do so with filthy lucre.

      ”The fact that there are still good men and women even in the security agencies that have become highly-partisan gives us hope that our country’s democracy will survive this unprecedented assault from those who swore an oath to uphold the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” APC said.

      The party wondered where the Police Commissioner got the huge amounts of CASH he gave away so casually in order to use security agencies to thwart the will of the people.–AFTER USING THE SAME POLICE TO GATHER INFO–NOW THEY ARE THEIR FOES.———————-FRIENDS TODAY ENEMIES TOMORROW–WHAT A PARTY-APC IS

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    The SSS spokewoman Ogar is a member of PDP political party.This is the extent of how Ebele Jonathan has destroyed the fabrics of Nigeria vital security structures contaminated with political partrisanship virus.Even INEC is an extension of president Jonathan presidency.Shame on the autocratic Ebele Jonathan and his corrupt-ridden sectional regime.

    • redeem

      rtell them to deny these allegations of bribery———————The Department for State SECURITY Services (DSS) said the rejection of N14

      Million from governor Rauf Aregbeshola and the All Progressives Congress
      (APC) by its operatives in Osun state is responsible for the recent MEDIA
      ATTACK on the on the DSS.

      Spokesperson of the DSS Marilyn Ogar MADE the revelation today while
      briefing newsmen in Abuja TODAY.

      “The APC is making unfounded allegations on the DSS because our OPERATIVE
      rejected at total of N14 million extended to its officials.

      “They had requested the DSS to come and COLLECT N4 million for himself
      while N10 Million should be given to the boys , but our OPERATIVES
      rejected the offer.”

      ” Politicians can not entice our operatives with MONEY , we are well paid
      by the federal government so no body can entice us with MONEY no matter
      the amount. We are paid upfront before embaking on such operations; we
      spent N200 million preparing for the election so let no politician think

      they can entice us with MONEY.–Dem wan hide am abi-

      • Truthometer

        Your constant defense of the worst behaviour of Jonathan’s administration and his misuse of both the security and intelligence apparatus against the real and perceived opposition, even at the expense of your unsettled conscience is quite remarkable. What else won’t you do, to sell your soul to the devil for the purpose of worldly things? Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity. Search your conscience, if you have one.

        • Okache

          Investigation has revealed that he is an on line paid agent of the PDP. So what do expect from such a person. This individual sold his soul to the devil long time ago and so it is too late to redeem his soul. Quite pathetic for such a vibrant fellow.

          • redeem

            so u are online paid agent of buharis peoples party abi—————where is ribadu

        • redeem

          Where was yr conscience when the same set of soldiers–among other security agents were drafted to Edo state—fast alseep in komo Hills abi–APC started the war which they know they cannot win—–its a great thing that Ogar gave it back to the janjaweeds in APC–with all their gra gra————–they tried to bribe DSS officials–only God knows how many did compromise –Not a single soul was lost–in ekiti ati Osun–kudos to jonathan–no snatching of ballot boxes

      • Shehu


        • redeem

          Mai guardi atiku —-de tinubu———————–what did atiku tell u when decamped from PDP to create AC then unto APC———-He said he was doing it for Nigeria————-did he tell u he did it for the oil wells————————-do not worry I am on my way there now———or are u not aware APC has blacklisted me from posting comments on Sharia Reporters———————————u no know

          • Shehu


  • Reality

    The top most blame politician for having a hand in the creation of Boko haram has now left his party and join PDP. Start with him first, then the list of the remaining will follow. What a nonsense statement and a sign of failure on the security agent side, are you saying APC is more smarter than the whole security apparatus in Nigeria,

    • redeem

      buhari came into politics in 2002 the same year the fulanis ati kanuris gave birth to boko haram–in Yobe state

      • Reality

        Iam not defending Buhari, APC or any ethnic/religious group but saying the fact. this man presecution was among the conditions Boko haram mentioned previously and my point is that the security were portraying the bombers to be more intelligent. I think the best answer to all this is let the FG came out with the list/proof of Boko haram sponsors.

      • Shehu



    Ogar is a disgrace to the DSS. A bigot and partisan fellow has no business speaking for a national security organization. If she is not removed as the spokesperson of the DSS now, she will be removed later. She has stirred the hornet’s nest and she must be stung dizzy!

    • redeem

      she is a great women——————-why is APC panicking————-she said APC gave them 14 cool million—4 million for Oga at the top——————–the rest ten for the boys–yet them claim to want to fight corruption with their yeye corrupt ideas in 9ja——thieves———————–the voice recording is what u looking for abi

  • Night Crawler

    Here we have a taxpayers funded security service with nothing better
    to do, with lack of any ability or capacity to protect Nigerians, to
    prevent the same bomb blast they are constantly playing politics with,
    to prevent terrorists from killing and kidnapping Nigerians, but they
    have time and vigor to lay politics, spread and peddle rumors daily,
    spew innuendos with reckless abandonment, utter baseless and
    unsubstantiated trash like people in the garage…

    as a federal security agency should by now be able to tell Nigerians
    who is behind and funding BH, they should be carrying out major
    investigations and finding solutions to our security challenges.

    a whole federal agency yelling look at them o, look at them o, they are
    hunting us just because we didn’t take bribe money, but this useless
    DSS still can not tell us who tried to bribe them and what proof they
    have to show Nigerians.

    The useless law enforcement agency even
    broke the law by refusing to arrest and prosecute the so called
    lawbreakers with the bribe money.. but of course,
    we all know their
    bribe rubbish was all made up hence zero proof to base their rubbish on,
    all they have is daily mouth diarrhea and political grandstanding..

    This is not a security service, it’s nothing but a useless market women security service…

    • abeem

      Agreed, QED!

    • redeem

      they are the janjaweeds in APC—–she has just told u and u are in denial——————

  • Ayinde

    Haba Commentators. This is simply analysis which any student of Statistics could use as a basis of analysing the various spate of bombing in the country. Besides why call her a PDP apologist and not APGA or Labour Party as she mentioned those parties took.
    Any way possibly she was in a haste to conclude and may have waited for a while to draw a conclusion or inference.

    • Reminisce6

      DSS is the topmost intelligence gathering agency in the mold of CIA and M15.CIA is the soul of US govt.decision making and in fact,the first engagement of a POTUS is the daily briefing by the head of the security agencies.Every Dick,Metuh and FFK can make any spurious allegations but making allegations is not the business of DSS,theirs is to sniff,sting,investigate and if any valid evidence,pick up the culprit for proper investigation and eventual prosecution.The latest posture of Olgar has come to justify the noise APC has been making regarding the deployment of every security units to election zones and harassment of senior opposition figures.Politicization of our nation`s security and intelligence agencies spells doom and danger.

      • redeem


    • abeem

      Except of course that this is not a mathematical lab and not a fertile ground to expound any mathematical hypothesis! Which goes to confirm that you still have a lot of growing up to do for you to understand the game of politics since you don’t appreciate that DSS is an institution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, not a creation or a political wing of the PDP and should be insulated from politics.
      This is a political arena and the public spokesperson of an institution of the state, who is paid with funds from the state must be neutral and always rise above all political gamesmanship. She lacks integrity and her statement is a confirmation that she has desecrated the professional code of conducts and ethics of DSS which it says on its website is to “put the nation first before all else. It also says “Quiet and obtrusive, patriotism is its hallmark.” There is no second guessing that her loyalty is not to the Federal Republic of Nigeria but to a political party, whose intent and purpose is to hang on to power at all costs.

  • Okache

    I listened to Ms Maryling Ogar during the interview on Channels television. I lowered my head in shame. I was completely baffled by her apparent partisanship, quite unbecoming of someone who should be apolitical. There is little doubt in my mind that she is a card carrying member of PDP. I told a friend she is the very worst as worst can get. She is a complete disgrace to the SSS and she can no longer be trusted to be impartial. She came out clearly to tell Nigerians on which political divide she has pegged her tent. It will be very dangerous for this woman to still remain the spokesperson of that organization. She would never accuse PDP of offering a bribe. She must be compel to name the APC member who attempt to bribe SSS officers. What came out from her interview was that she is the opposite number of Chief Lai Mohammed of APC. Characters such as this woman from my state, makes me very sick. What a shame.

    • redeem


      • Okache

        Because she completely finished herself. It was a pity watching her talk.

  • The Man

    With this type of statement coming out from the spoke person of DSS, it is very save for me as this stage to conclude that indeed PDP is behind all the bombings going on around the country. Surely this woman still has more explanations to make and at the appropriate time, she would be forced to speak all she knows.

    • redeem

      APC started the war—————————————————-go and finish it–we are waiting for aregbeshola to tell us how he tried to bribe the security with 14 m—————————–thieves

      • Tonnero

        You are a useless man. No wonder you still support dumbo. The same set of clueless people. The burden of proof is on the accuser and not the accused. Too complicated for you and your Ogas to understand. Clearly, Ijaws have been a disaster after being tested with leadership from P-baby, to Diezani, to Dumbo. They are too greedy from Alams to Sylva to Dickson. Time for them to quit leadership at least at the national level. They do not understand what it means to work for the people.

  • kenmege

    APC abhors the truth. We know that they are behind the bombings, even the purported attempt on Buhari in kano had APC imprint on it. They can never rule this country, never.

    • Factual

      This shows how ignorant you are. When was Buhari bomb in Kano? The attempt to kill him by the FG was in Kaduna not kano, Mumu.

      • kenmege

        Typical APC way, attack the messenger and not the message. The fact that Buhari has been trying real hard to untangle himself from his not so hidden sympathies to Book Haram can not bother the blood sucking minions like you in the APC. If you like, use jik,izaal, Dettol or kerosene to wash your APC and Buhari pigs, dirty Pigs they shall remain. No room for Islamic fundamentalists in Nigerian politics anymore.

        • Factual

          People like you should not be taken seriously because you are a religious bigot. You can’t contribute intellectually. The only language you understand is bigotry. Find the real Boko Haram in your midst.

          • redeem

            are members of boko haram ijaws—-or fulanis

          • Factual

            Are you in Nigeria or in another planet? So you don’t know that the IJAWS are the sponsors of BOKO HARAM. Don’t you see the kind of weapons BH are using which are provided to them by Asari Dokubos and Tempolos under the watchful eyes and protection of Oga Jona. There is no second thought about this. Ijaws are thereal Boko Harams. Take it or leave it. That’s the truth.

          • kenmege

            Wow! So Book Haram is no longer a CIA operation to discredit Islam? It’s now an ijaw sponsored operation. Blame everybody except the violent teachings of the Koran and the plan of an Islamic party, the APC,to use bombings to remove a Christian president.

          • Factual

            You are a religious bigot! You don’t have anything meaningful to say. Just remain in your bigotry.

        • redeem

          just gra gra—————————–period–shakara—————————-if these janjaweeds should take charge of the centre–walahi——————my brother——————————they will move the entire south south to koma hills

    • Tonnero

      The ONLY way PDP can win in 2015 is by rigging. You know it, I know it. The plan is to steal federal government money, impose governors on the SW and North and proceed to use them to rig. A thousand Jonathan’s are unfit to wash Buhari’s shoes.

  • Maria

    This yeye ashi woman should be made to pay heavily for her accusations through the court….The dimension the situation in this country is taking now… is very very dangerous for Mr Jonathan and his government… I am afraid these folks are digging the grave for Mr Jonathan.

    • redeem

      in begi make we hear better word————————————very corrupt————–association of corrupt peoples party————————–

      • Tonnero

        No one can be more corrupt than PDP. your president is yet to explain spending N1.3 trillion as subsidy and the $20billion missing even though Ngozi, who has now gone quiet, promised to carry out a forensic audit. PDP has now graduated to using the Marilyn Ogars of this world to install confirmed crooks and suspected murderers as party chairmen, governors, ministers etc. shame on you folks.

  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    Ogar is damaging her reputation the more.

    • Maria

      She has none to damage… she is only further damaging the battered image of this government.

      • Okache

        Mr. President is his own worst enemy. He is not helping the situation at all when he surrounds himself with discredited characters like Diezani Alison, the minister for heaven and earth, Jelili, Obanikoro etc. What do you expect? People of very low morale are over represented in his close cabinet.

        • redeem

          keep quiet—did tinubu not use them to attack lagosians during the toll-gate wahala

    • kick ’em out

      Does she have any? I doubt it much. Look at the way she was even struggling to narrate her cooked lies. Shameful

    • redeem

      how much una give DSS———-told us——or just shut up

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    DSS Marilyn Ogar is an unfortunate PDP-partisan staff-moule in the DSS who was among thoise agents sent to Osun State to repeat same bribery and manipulation of Osun State votes just like Ekiti State but when PDP plan failed to materilzed she became vengeful and made up N14 million naira bribery offer claim to embarrass APC Gov Aregbeshola.Shame that Nigerian security agencies and Inec have been contaminated and corrupted to this low point.

    • redeem

      another agbero is here with ribadu

  • Olufuyi Ijebu

    Why on earth will APC be responsible for bombings , they don’t even have the funds , means , motive or raison de taire for such heinous crime and action. Just like Femi Fani Kayode saying APC is Boko Haram what on earth does he mean mischief and mediocrity won’t hold in modern day Nigeria…..we need to foster unity join hands and quash this menace and terrorism ravaging our nation to it’s very foundations. Human lives are being lost daily , our kids have not been rescued so many displaced people , members of our galant armed forces killed maimed etc…..this is not the time to point fingers blame innocent people or score political points. No one is interested in playing politics with the insecurity especially APC. The APC is a party for the masses and so is pained hurt brutalised and in shock at the security situation as the masses are thoroughly affected . The north of nigeria is in confusion and this must be curbed and stooped with immediate effect. The SSS are doing a fantastic job in gathering intelligence and advising the military on counter insurgency but it does not extend to APC. Once we assume the presidency next year we will improve the SSS with serious vocational training in all facets of intelligence so they can make our country more secure from such menace. We will increase the budget of the armed forces , improve their welfare package and make the military and armed forces one of the most attractive places to seek employment just like the US Marine and Royal forces in the Uk …..God bless Nigeria n protect us. Vote APC vote for change …..Believable change….

  • amazing2012

    OK, if APC is responsible for the bombings why don’t you prosecute them ? OGAR be careful, remember Major Almustapha !

  • Usman

    scrutanize her arguments, I guess even a diploma law student will not raise his argument this way, I see why we are not delivered from Boko haram this long and I swear to God, so long as we are led by these kinds of naive minded people, we will continue to dingle in problems, one after the other, you don’t make flimsy noises as an investigator, you act, if any one in the APC is alleged to have done anything wrong, you know the process of prosecution, she was totally unprofessional, just resign and take up PDP membership, that would have been better for you, now it is left for the APC to act, the courts are there, show her maturity, you don’t need to trade blames, let her answer the call of the judge, even if it takes you going to the ECOWAS court, worst of all, you could find some small minded Nigerians that don’t argue reasonably and will believe her useless insinuations, what a pity

  • Samuel Unekwu Ojih

    Instead of doing her job, she is busy shifting blames. what stop her from arresting them??

  • Samuel Unekwu Ojih

    she is too partisan to be on that seat

  • Samuel Unekwu Ojih

    DSS – PDP

  • oriwu properties

    but she’s saying the truth

  • True talk

    This comment shows that they know those responsible for boko haram but refuse to do the right thing. For that the lady should be sack and arrested till those behind the killing are arrested.

  • Play not Pause

    utter balderdash from a confused and deranged mind. what a tragedy