Emir Sanusi disowns facebook, twitter accounts

The statement urged people to desist from posting statements on social media using the emir’s name.

The Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, has stated that he has no account on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media.

Mr. Sanusi’s stance was contained in a statement on Thursday by the Emirate Council.

The statement, signed by the Dan Majen Kano, Munnir Sanusi, urged people to desist from posting statements on social media using the emir’s name.

Mr. Sanusi lamented that fraudsters open social media accounts in other to demean the person of the emir by posting provocative and misleading statements.

“Recently, the people operating the Facebook account announced to the public that the emir is issuing free Hajj seats to some four hundred Nigerians which is not coming from neither the emir nor the Kano emirates,” he said.

He also said a twitter handle in the name of the emir was frequently used to publish libellous statements in Mr. Sanusi’s name.

Sanusi Facebook page


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  • Salihu

    It is not good to clone or forge a twitter account. It is also NOT good for Emir Sanusi Lamido to run from audit investigation into his financial shenanigans at the Central Bank of Nigeria. Both acts imply forgery. Both acts must be condemned equally.

    • Denis_NG

      ..and how did he run from audit? Have you taken care of the missing $20 billion? You see, hypocrisy is a deadly sin and you better start praying for forgiveness before it’s too late.

      • redeem


        • Shehu


        • Jika

          And some thieves are comfortably wining and dining in the villa that is located in some rock!!!!!Different strokes for different folks.

        • M Ajonye

          Redeem I actually know a very good psychiatric that could examine your brain!!! His name is Dr. Damages he actually helped you Oga at the top GEJ to remove his coconut brain.. Try him and let me know your progress.

      • Frederick O.

        I think Nigerian journalists need moral courage. They lack it. What a
        beautiful place Nigeria would be if Nigerian journalists could insist
        without let on accountability in every case, and deny public space to
        financial crimes suspects! But what do you find instead? The journalists
        first assess if a financial crimes suspect backs their favourite
        political party, and if yes; they support him to cover up the theft;
        meaning that Nigerian journalists could support the looting of the
        treasury. What a country!

        • M Ajonye

          Your point is…..?

      • Denrele

        I believe the Emir of Kano; Sanusi Lamido Sanusi should make himself available to the Financial Reporting Council for investigation on the 600 billion Naira matter at the Central Bank of Nigeria. That is the only path of honour.

        • checmate

          Didn’t you see him in the Villa with the Oga of the Financial Reporting Council ( Dumbo Jona) who suspended him? Man you are just wasting your time. Shut up!

  • Sanmi Falae

    The only thing that is predictable about Nigeria’s leadership is its lack of any INDEPENDENT sense of responsibility or duty towards anything and anyone. So the best way to keep your sanity under its
    insane rule is to ‘always be prepared for further embarrassments’. I warn you, madam!!

  • Joe

    Talk is cheap. Even those that squandered US$10million running aground Next newspaper will come here and tell us that we are ugly. We know those that have the moral right to talk to us. Nonsense.

  • Khadijah D.

    This man has so much bastardized his reputation badly, like Femi Kayode, this guys are happy with the rate at which this country is being mismanaged and milked dry. They don’t care as long as they benefit from ill-wealth.

    Also, Aribisala or whatever your name is, why cant you clowns focus on GEJ SIX GODDAMN YEARS of governance for campaign instead of unrelentingly attacking the personality of the opposition contestant? Don’t you clowns have anything to campaign on? Afterall u claim to be educated….

    • Omo Oodua

      you bastard abokis will never see anything meaningful in the write up bcos ,no matter what Pastor femi says, u already hate the President, and when u hate someone, your heart would be hard as stone while your sense of reasoning will be completely be wiped out! You will continue to be a parasites for the rest of your damn lives because Nigeria is about to be disintegrated! Lets see whether your foot soldiers boko haram will be able to defend for you. Bastards!

      • Khadijah D.

        Psycho on rampage…..

  • Ekerete Etukudo

    Well written! It is amazing how APC , in the name of “Change”, are willing to disenfranchise millions of Southerners from voting. I’ve not even mentioned the certificate issue; or a lack thereof.

    • Sani

      It is no surprise at all that the PDP will turn around to blame Jega for their misfortunes. They are trying to downplay the downward spiral in the price of that merchandise called GEJ. Jega has nothing to do with the rejection of GEJ. The rest would be history if February 14 were to stand. GEJ will surely know that Nigerians have already made up their minds about him.

    • Hal

      I’m in Calabar. There are hundreds of thousands of uncollected PVCs. Is it APC or Jega that will distribute them?

    • Pastor

      It is rather very unfortunate that Femi Aribisala does not reside in Nigeria so that explain why he does this to pay his bills in US. Be rest assured that this money u collect is ill gotten and blood money and u train ur children with while Nigerian I mean real Nigerians are suffering diaris GOD Oooh!!!
      Reflect on this if you are really a Pastor as u claim ………………. One day ………..

  • omoshetan

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah…… The truth is that Nigerians are tired and fed up with your oga. Just get that.

  • TrueNja

    A word of advice to PDP agbero (tout) fake pastor Femi Aribisala – better stop your nonsense dishonest write-ups on Buhari before you develop heart attack. No weapon of satan’s agent like you Femi Aribisala can change Mohammadu Buhari.s destiny. The Almighty God, Almighty Allah, Our Lord Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed have given their blessings, Muhammadu Buhari is the next president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on May 29, 2015. Carry go GMB!!!

  • Dodoshyne

    Just earning his days money. Can not knock your hustle, you must prove you are working for your money. History will remember you as you wish too, or maybe it wont, like Walter Onafogoro et al.

  • Muktsa

    They should disqualified Buhari. Jega must be replace. Let the contest be between the shoeless one and the other presidential candidates . Why not go the whole road; canvass to have Jonathan crown as emperor ! You nitwit .

  • Crisis Nigeria

    I just hope the money you have been given will secure your future and that of your children unless you are daft

  • Lekanona

    It has been in the scriptures, where GOD said HE guides whom HE WILLS and misguide/blind/lost/lead astray those whom none can ever guide besides HIM. As it is today, Jonathan has been able to achieve something he has been planning, whereas he heightened Religious and Ethnic/Tribal barrier, thinking it will work for his sole benefit in Nigeria. But that will surely cause serious boomerang. I always ask this question, knowing you are from the minority, also supported by minorities. Even If he has his ways now, what of tomorrow? How will his people fend under another leadership? When we all know that the table will turn someday.

  • Saint

    This is truth and nothing but the truth, Buhari have already disqualified himself, Jaga must go and GEJ must complete his tenure.. Next chapter pls..

  • murtala bg

    Femi why do you sound so frustrated and angry. That’s how you will continue to be angry till the last days of your life.may perpectual discontent and unlimited dissatisfaction fill your life now & forever more.you will die with pain and sting while Buhari is happly leading Nigeria and good things are happening.

    • taiwo

      you are actually the one that sounds frustrated judging from your abusive rants here,pls change the cheap drugs you are on

  • UYI111

    These are facts and should be acted upon the baboo should be thrown in jail for his bloody hands of 2011 and now perjury

  • Ogom

    Look, another “pastor” for sale.. I mean, sold!

  • Scatter


    You wish … Femi. Are you sure you don’t need to see a shrink? Where did your training at St Catherine’s College, Oxford University, go wrong? How did you become such a tragic, pathetic figure?

    General Alani Akirinade, who was once Nigeria’s Chief of Defence Staff and a military senior of Buhari, confirmed Buhari’s assertion about his WASC being in the possession of the Army. But here you are spewing nonsense about Buhari lying on oath and asking for him to be disqualified from the presidential race.

    Well, that is exactly what Jonathan and the PDP want so they could win the race. You are being used as a conscienceless pastor to splash imaginary dirt on a man you love to hate for filthy lucre. Are you really a pastor? You are giving Christianity a bad name. Hell will be your recompense!

    You should, if you so please, get ready to immigrate after your fake ogogoro Dr Dumbo Dumbo (PhD, Zoology, UNIPORT, 1995) goes down — gbam! He will be defeated soundly in the election whenever he allows it to go ahead. That is a promise. For even my dog has has refused to swallow your kind of trash.

    I, too, have nothing but scorn for your brand of political prostitution!

  • Pause

    Femi, May you live long………keep to the truth and continue to shame enemies of progress disguising as “progressives.”

    People argue that Jonathan squandered his ‘goodwill’?………after governing for 4 years, Jonathan has made decisions in the interest of Nigeria……understandably the born-to-rule gang members have mobilized their cronies against Jonathan……but it would not work; even if heavens break lose…..APC has shown their worst in Boko Haram……at worst they would impress upon Boko Haram to double the bombings but the BORN-TO-RULE gang members, milking Nigeria for decades, would never win!!


    Buhari lost elections in 2003, 2007, 2011. How many Nigerians does APC think it can sway by throwing up frivolous numbers like N30 trillion, $49.8 billion, and other trillions? Maybe extra 5 million people or 10 million? Even at that Jonathan will still win…….

  • Echem Igri

    Wow!!!!! Just discuss the issue and cut down on insults!!!
    Up to 1971 when I sat for my WASCE, all subjects offered by the examining body were grouped in four sections (Languages, Mathematics, Sciences and Arts) and a candidate must pass, at least, a subject from all the groups to earn a certificate. Did my General meet this condition? Did he attach a photocopy of this certificate, as required by INEC?
    On poll delay, more than 20 million registered voters are yet to collect their PVC. True or false? If true, do you think they should be denied their right? Will the election be fair and credible? Will the loser not seek redress, claiming to have been denied 20 million votes?
    Corruption! If my General wins and attempts to fight this debilitating disease, he will be shoved out of office by his party members before he attains the 20th month.
    The Boko Haram issue, if the FG’s initial decisions to tackle it were not given a mischievous interpretation, will it have still lingered?
    Nigerians knew that INEC still had challenges, and it wouldn’t have been expedient to go ahead with the election. The constitution provides that elections could be moved if certain conditions are met. I am full of praises for those who were bold enough to stop the disfranchisement of citizens that could have resulted in avoidable violent clashes and bloodshed.
    Let’s not always see something wrong is everything someone else did.

  • Ola-Noble

    Femi the psychopath person. He knows the truth and he’s speaking from wrong side of his mouth. The judgement day is coming pretty soon.

  • taiwo

    APC dishing out propaganda and fake popularity online while the reality on ground continues to show other wise.Thunder go fire anybody that comes out to protest when the results are announced and PDP wins as usual

  • kday

    All these useless old men are the problems of Nigeria. They steal. They connive. They lie. They basically lack all the virtues they quick to accuse others of possessing. They tends to forget one thing that they may deceive some human beings but the most high is never deceived and he never forgets. People like this writer here are the reason why IBB and Abacha were able to plunged Nigeria into the dark ages. God will judge them all for turning the truth on its head for a few dollars more. Rubbish.

  • Preco01

    “There are some
    people who cannot but fiddle with whatever you put in their care. Keep your pot
    of soup with them, and they first begin to sniff it, and later dive into the
    pot. Give them your money to keep, they begin to eye it lustfully, and
    eventually pinch from it. Give them boiled egg to keep, and because they can’t
    take a bite as what they did would be evident, they then lick the egg. How can
    the egg go free? But if a man has been governor, Petroleum Minister, head of
    state, PTF chairman, and he remains almost poor in a country like Nigeria, then
    I’ll trust that man all the way. If he didn’t bite our boiled egg at 42, will
    he now lick it at 72? Even if he is 120 years old, bent double over his walking
    stick, blind in one eye, and with just two teeth left in his mouth, I’ll
    continue to trust that man” – Femi Adesina.

  • cy

    It’s really sad. It’s really very sad.You and your gangs have not had enough with all these looting. What kind of heart does these group of people have.? Their conscience are completely rotten. Are these people and particularly this writer human?

  • OmoLasgidi

    Here we go again …this sick-o at it again …. Nay what does a so-called Pastor have to do with this? If he claims to live and ready to die for Christ – he should leave the comfort of Lagos and go to Sambisa to preach and convert the Sons of Satan. Chop-chop Gods of Men …sitting in his air-conditioned flat in Acute and spewing rubbish from his 2nd hand iPad. Femi’s family members should be reserving a bed for him at Abeokuta … This man needs help!!!!!

  • Progress

    Femi Aribisal is a sicko indeed. He is another Abati and Osuntokun. This is a man that can not even win a single vote among his extended family! I am now convince beyond any iota of doubt that his pretension to intellectualism is empty. His write ups so far lack the insightful required of such topic. Too simplistic, linear, jejune for comment.