Boko Haram: Nigeria Police chief orders establishment of Tactical Operation Points

Acting Inspector General of Police, Suleiman Abba

The Acting Inspector General of Police, Suleiman Abba, on Wednesday ordered the immediate establishment of Tactical Operation Points, TOPs, in some selected states in the North-East and North- Western Nigeria.

This was announced in a statement by the Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba.

Mr. Mba said TOPs are part of the force’s strategic efforts to contain the illegal movement of small arms, light weapons
and other explosive materials. He said these TOPs will be manned by police officers who have received adequate training in tactical operation and counter-terrorism.

He said points will be established in various strategic locations, including highways in Kano, Jigawa, Sokoto, Kebbi, Zamfara, Bauchi, Gombe and Taraba states.

Mr. Mba said the police chief has charged all Assistant Inspectors-General of Police, AIGs in charge of the zones covering the affected states and all Commissioners of Police in charge of these states to ensure close supervision and constant retraining of personnel performing this special operation.

The spokesperson said Mr. Abba is certain that the measure will enable the police force to halt further spread of violence in Nigeria and also frustrate the activities of insurgents and other criminals.

Mr. Mba said that the Nigerian police is determined to track and mop up illegal arms trade and arrest the unchallenged movement of explosive materials by hoodlums and other unpatriotic elements.

He also said the police will work in close collaboration with other security agencies in Nigeria and added that the Acting IGP vowed to leave no stone unturned in ensuring that Nigerians enjoy maximum safety and security.

Mr. Mba said Mr. Abba called on the general public, particularly those in the North East and North West, to cooperate with the Police and see any inconvenience this operation may cause as a necessary sacrifice for the greater safety of all.


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  • 1MASK01

    more like extortion points. train them very well to look for arms and explosives not a honest mistakes on vehicle papers made by VIO. I can’t imagine why a policeman will waste his time and allow other vehicles to pass unchecked while arguing with you that the figure 1 on your vehicle license was actually written as letter I on the vehicle body.

  • john micheals

    Well, It will be a good initiative if the police will not harass people unnecessarily. it will help curb the spate of violence attacks.

  • Spoken word

    Madam Okonjo has been one the most disapointing ministers ever.those running our government are really wicked.they wreck our economy and sleep very well at night. While we the common folk deal with all the consequences.

    • Philips

      it baffles me to think that Madam Okonjo-Iweala could still be regarded as an ecomomic expert under whose watch Nigeria has the worst downward movement. Yet, she talks arrogantly as if she owns Nigeria. To name her the Coordinating Minister of the Economy is to affirm the emptiness and cluelessness of Jonathan Administration.

      Amaechi voiced out, but he was called names. Samusi Lamido has been vindicated now. Soludo is shouting again, and this goes beyond ethnic or religious sentiment. We must not continue this way. Nigerians, please wake up and make a better choice.

      • Spoken word

        We need to check her

      • Spoken word

        As I said we need to see her certificate.

  • Sadiq Bala

    Yes. Prof. Soludo fire on!! So Sunusi was right after all.

  • Advocate


  • Naira

    God bless you Prof. Soludo. This woman with big mouth and head will rather hide. If we say Nigerians should vote out this clueless government, some funny Igbos will say no, because GEJ promised them second Niger bridge that they will later sale the old cars to trek on due to poor economic. The earlier you shine your eyes the better.


      If you insist then I must vote for Jonathan.
      Did you not read what Shehu Shagari said about Jonathan?
      Thise of you with no business acumen will continue to suffer when we know that this Nigerian economy is growing in leaps and bounds. Imagine that the same economy you folks talk down has in fact produced more billionaires than any time in the history of the country.You may as well sit tight and talk your trademark rubbish using the most bombastic words in the English language. You will continue to lag behind until the rest of us leave you far behind.

      • Naira

        Ameen!!! May your life be managed as Ebola Jonadaft and Ngo baby big mouth manage Nigerian economy.

        • MENGISTU


          • Naira

            So you know Jonadaft has mismanaged this country, and you are not happy for your life to be so mismanaged. So vote wisely. For your information, my life is far more comfortable than Jonadaft+you. If you know my account, you will beg me to be my shoe shiner. I am assuring you this, and at my age i know what i am worth, and i have been rich since birth. Therefore, that miserable life is yours, and i can feel your frustration. Don’t worry, send your account number and i will send you something to manage the rest of your life.

          • MENGISTU

            You clearly got it all wrong. You are the very person who let out a cry for help. For you to now turn round and claim to live in opulence insults our collective intelligence. I don’t want to know how old you are as this may just indicate that you are well on your final journey on planet earth with nothing to show for your wasted life. You were born into poverty and you will definitely die in misery. This is you assigned lot in life and nothing can change that.Shine your own shoes assuming you have a decent pair in the first place( original suffer head who pounds the pavement in search of other people’s trash).Continue digging into wealthy people’s dumpster in search of discard treasure. I really pity you now more than ever.The least you can do is to prepare yourself for four more years of misery. I will personally see to it.

          • Naira

            My boy don’t pretend, just lower your head, and come for help. I will gladly help you. I do understand your frustration, and i will be glad to help you out. Otherwise, you will rot in poverty, and your family will even struggle to find a rotten casket for you.

          • Omotayo A Oni

            Mengistu, i salute you for your hardwork and intelligence, not everybody that criticises this govt are living in poverty, but with our little exposure we are able to put two and two together without prejudice and tell you point blank that this government will sell whatever is left of our economy. Moreover Soludo has come out with fact and figures, anybody who dare challenge his sentiments must also be objective and not subjective probably due to personal gains and benefits.

          • UTSIGNEM

            My friend Soludo is part of the Obasanjo administration that sold just about anything govt used to own to their cronies in the name of privatization. Remember how it was that a serving president held millions of shares in “blind trust” in Transcorps, courtesy of Madam Ndidi Onyiuke -Okereke.Haba!!!Who is zooming who here?

          • Naira

            Please tell them bros.

          • Odogwu

            You guys should stop fooling yourselves and let’s focus on real issues troubling our dear country. Please get serious men!

          • Odogwu

            You guys should stop fooling yourselves and let’s get back discussing real issues troubling our dearly beloved country please. Let’s get serious men!

          • UTSIGNEM

            Crushing lies for forever is quite serious business where I come from. I do not play like you. Get a damn life!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Odogwu

            You don’t have a life, you are a stinking ghost on the prowl

          • M. M*A*R*I*A*M

            WHO ARE YOU TO SPEAK?
            Premium Times frauds will burn in hell. Assholes!!! I GOT YOUR NUMBERS, PAL.

          • Odogwu

            Then call me if you have guts.

          • M.M*A*R*I*A*M

            TIME IS SHORT.
            I GOT YOUR NUMBER, PAL.

          • Gizago

            I see why you have to support corruption and inefficiency . You benefit from it and you are better off with it. You are not cut out for communal human civilized existence as you glorify injustice.

        • Original_Raskal

          my life and that of my family are better off today than t was during obj govt. The new minimum wage GEJ approved has really changed a lot of things. Even my younger ones are paid huge cash for NYSC. As for me and all the people I know in this country, it is GEJ till 2019!

          • Odogwu

            May it continue to be so for your children yet unborn. Amen!

          • King Carlos

            After nysc … where is the job? You get sense at all?

          • Original_Raskal

            what is your grade? where were you when other states wee providing jobs for their indigenes? who is your state governor?

          • Ada

            What huge cash? 19,800?! Hope you know the 5,000 of before is better than the 20,000 of today.

          • Original_Raskal

            To get 5000 before and to get 20000 today which is easier?

      • Lawrence Aje

        Those of you that are sealing national resources alongside with then? The wealth of a nation can not be measured in terms of a few who become millionaire overnight but buy geographical speak of wealth through hard working and fervent production. Grabbing and stealing chunk of national wealth is not economic leap, it will only lead to lopsided wealth which will bring strive in a not too long a future.

        • Colonel Mariama(rtd)

          The wealth of a nation can not be measured in terms of a few who become
          millionaires overnight but by geographical spread of wealth through
          hard working and fervent production.

          >>> yours clearly is a doom and gloom economic policy. geographical spread would make Nigeria another USSR.You are just a pinko commie masquerading as a democrat/capitalist.i hope you fail in life with this kind of attitude. Let us spread the misery and make everybody economically equal. A sure recipe for disaster.

          • Lawrence Aje

            It a good thing to enter a professional with some ounces of intelligence, education and enlightenment. I have known that most people at the helm of things in Nigeria are far less from these elements. We are advocating a system that allows for equal chances and opportunities to wealth creation through risk taking. Not a system that call for family and friends to come over and dip their filthy hands into the cookies jar and share a nation’s wealth without sweat or risk. Those who pertain in the sharing retired or active will always call us names and tag us with the opposite of what we stand for, one for

      • Shehu Shagari Never said anything, The Family have since discredited that Lie by PDP-TAN E-rats….Please verify that story and stop making reference to the Lie on Shehu Shagari….Is it that difficult to verify a News Item before reference it in today’s Internet world?

      • CLASS

        Pls name the billionaires if not the same pple during obj rejime, ok! Asari n tompolo..nonsense



      • jk

        Please say amen: May God run your life the way #GEJ and #NOI have been running Nigeria!

      • King Carlos

        What are u saying sef? Billionaires are increasing bcos a lot of people are stealing. How many billionaires have created businesses? Except Dangote?

        • MEN..G..S..T..U

          Sorry to hear from you that you are still unemployed with all the worthless degrees you acquired. You failed to prepare yourself better to face the challenges of life. Poor fellow, I feel you pain though. Need help I am willing and able to deliver.

    • King Carlos

      Lol… God bless you mehn

  • Jack

    After reading this, what can anyone say objectively! Nigeria is in trouble and only a few knows

  • Concerned Citizen

    I hope she reponds abeg. they should all keep writing back and forth. They all need to air out all their dirty laundry.

  • mark

    Sir, you are a true Nigerian remember truth hurts but it has to be told. Well done!

  • Mamtech

    Chukwuma Soludo has dropped a though provoking questions; Over to Okonjo-Iweala now. And why shouldn’t Soludo show interest/look for job in Nigeria if he is interested? even ex-militants are engaged in Nigeria not to talk of former CBN governor. Every Nigeria that has solution to our sinking economy is welcomed to contribute, it is what differentiates a Nationalist from Nominal Nigerian.

  • Fredodo1

    Madam big-lips is finished

  • Fredodo1

    …the man died in him who keeps silent in the face of tyranny. Kudos Proffessor Soludo

  • Sunny

    What a good proposal for debate by Prof. Soludo. Well, it’s good that this kind of a thing is happening in Nigeria barely two weeks to Presidential election. It will be so nice if this kind of debate can come to reality.

  • James

    This terribly ugly woman and the shoeless one have killed Nigeria

  • MENG


  • Olu from South Africa

    When I started reading the page there were no comments at the bottom of the page. I found over 15 comments by the time I finished reading. Is not that I’m a slow reader but I took my time to digest every word of Prof Soludo. I shed tears on my tablet for my country. Anyway, NOI (or madam as you are referred to) prosperity will judge you as you mortgaged the future of Nigerians and still clamouring for continuity. Professor Soludo has challenged you and if you still have shred of human dignity we all dare you to take up the challenge. As for GEJ, thank you for the journey so far. I wish you true good luck in your future endeavour but not as president of Nigeria.

    • Benson Idahosa

      Who is this? Is this my President-Mr. Jonathan- Kneeling down meekly? Is this my President-President of the federal Repubilic of Nigeria- being patronized by a foreigner behind him? Can the country _Israel-of this foreigner EVER ALLOW A FOREIGNER (FOR EXAMPLE A NIGERIAN) come so near their own President or Prime Minister? Is this what my own President-Goodluck Jonathan-has turned MY COUNRTY to? A joke with common tourist guide/security guide masquerading as religious person in Israel? Even if this foreigner is a religious person, should MY OWN PRESIDENT be kneeling down all over the place before common foreigners? Is my president-Goodluck Jonathan-so clueless he does not know that we need to give the office of the presidency some dignity and respect and that this is NOT about him but about the people of Nigeria? How can you kneel before a common foreigner in Israel? Oh my God! Anything President Jonathan touches is corroded because he is just dumb and clueless.

      • Olu from South Africa

        Honestly, it will be a great opportunity to give a dirty knock on the head in the name of prayer if I happened to be there. Governance is not a rocket science but when interior motives of stealing public funds set in even a simplest thing will be difficult to achieve. Prayers without action is futile.

  • Uche

    I thought Okonjo was for the people after all, I thought she was a firebrand Economist, I was totally disappointed at the tantrums thrown at Soludo in Her first response and now am convinced she is also clueless and confused not the redeemer we expected her to be, lets see how she goes about answering Soludo this time around and it will be a shame if she cant come out with a credible defense of the points so raised, Madam, Soludo has challenged you to a debate, please do honor him with one. Nigeria is coming alive and and weeding has begun.

    • All World Bank and IMF Economist are Anti-People and Anti-Nations….They are Mostly pro-Rich and Pro-West…..Austerity for the People and Governmental Wasteful spending for the Rich and Corrupt

      • emeka momegha

        that is true. they tried to destroy nigerias economy when buhari was in power. the naira was stronger #1 = $2 approximately. they were scare because the british banks began to collapse, when our corrupt leader were being persecuted . they told buhari to devalue the naira or face more economic sanctions. which he gladly refused. i’m sure that was why they supported babangidas’ coup, and we all know babangida didnt waste time devaluing the naira.

  • Odogwu

    Madam wide mouth/Ugly face, PLEASE take up Prof Soludo ‘s challenge for an internationally moderated debate not AIT or NTA under clueless Jonathan.

    • Benson Idahosa

      And NOT under BON!!! Please complete it!

  • candosky

    Soludo is whipping up sentiments and calling for some kind of revolution. He presented his article like a secondary school boy shouting to his teacher. It’s obvious here that he is seeking attention but he’s going about it the wrong way. Well, he has to shout and be heard. It’s all part of job hunt. Goodluck if you succeed as the next finance minister. I hope you’re well paid by the sponsors of this article.

    • Uche

      Is he not a Nigerian, why cant he seek for a job in Nigeria where else militants are minister please lecture him on how to go about it.

    • Benson Idahosa

      But “Madam” started it!!! So “Madam” no fit go back oooooo!!!!

    • emeka momegha

      how can you say” he presented his article like a secondary school boy shouting at his teacher.” he just did us a favour. we asked for a little insight from our government on why certain economical and financial problems has plagued nigeria and since the government has refused to give us any reason. soludo had to do his best. if what he is saying is a lie, pls there is no harm in proving and disproving it. we will even learn more on the situation at hand.

  • Zulu

    Soludo ifele eme. Ihe a nile i na ako bu maka olu i ga enwete. I am highly disappointed in you for citing corrupt Obasanjo and YarAdua as tesmonies of you credible work. We have not forgotten in a hurry how YarAdua vindictively removed from office and replaced you wih Sanusi. Was is because you were not prosecuted by because of the allegation of mismanagement levelled againsst you by Sanusi. This is not the time for his your type of patriotism as exhibited by corrupt OBJ. Would you have said all this if you are still in govt? Mr courageous man. You have strenght when you attack your own sister. How many people in or out of govt are overzealously attacking their own people if not you and Oby Ezekwesili. Please rethink and repent.


      @ZULU: You got it quite right. Both Soludo and Oby Ezekwesili are job-hunting without much success.This explains their frustration. Add El -Rufai to that list too.Sick idiots.

      • ODODO

        This is the problem with some nigeria. Before us is a well articulated articles revealing disturbing truth regarding our economy. Instead of analysing various points raised they are busy engaging in personality and political attack. It’s only through such arguments between opposing public officers in the economic business of our great nation that the truth will be revealed. Madam, abeg no fall my hand, accept the challenge so that more truth will be revealed.

        • uts/ign/em

          Let me inform you that the intent of the article was political especially as we draw closer to the day of truth. The author of the article waited this long to air these lies. Could it possibly be that he has waited in vein for this current govt to offer him employment before he lashed out? Is he positioning himself for a job should MB win(I personally don’t see this happening of Failbuhari 14, 2015!!!!). Since you possess the intellectual capacity to analyze issues I suggest you go to work on this one then.Mumu

      • classs

        Hope you guys understood the now see it as a family affair.if you r comfortable, wit abt pple around?

      • Sir Ifeanyi

        @UTSIGNEM…..What a shame for u to be paid peanuts for typing rubbish on a professional article.

        • M. M+A-R-I-A-M-A

          Shame on you for having the time to read this “rubbish” and then responding to it. How much lower can you stoop?

    • Sir Ifeanyi

      @Zulu….Sure your low IQ didn’t reflect the points stated in the article, am sure you didn’t read it…..its glaring you’re paid to jump Internet and display your low intellectuals.

  • Michael

    Prof Soludo is one of the True Nigerians with their brains ‘upstairs’. ‘Madam’ has obviously help her boss to ruin our economy.. Thank you for the timely response.

    • Michael

      **’Madam’ has obviously helped her boss to ruin our economy

  • successful

    Now the story begins. I have always asked myself what shes been doing there? Ngo baby ngwanu answer us.

  • mcleomat

    Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Prof kudos to u. Many secrets will be revealed on how Dumbo ran down this country. Forensic Audit report will soon be published by President Buhari after 29th May.

  • Jacsey1

    I have been asking questions but this woman has refused to provide an answer. I knew things were wrong with our economy. This woman continue to tell the world that we are the largest economy in Africa, till today, rhe exact figures of the GDP is not known. Over N30 trillion missing within 4 years, that is equivalent of about 7 years budget for the nation. How can we progress? In the next 4 years, another N30 trillion will probably be missing. I know madam will disagree with Soludo, but to clear her name and proof Soludo wrong, I please urge her to accept the challenge of a debate. Nigeria is in deep trouble, who will save us?

  • katalyst

    The Igbo are surely the ones keeping Nigeria together. The are in every part of the country and they are the only tribe that find the courage to criticize even their own when issues that impinge on the corporate existence of Nigeria are discussed. I am proud of this tribe. Even our own Oby Ezkwesili has become the face of agitation to rescue the Chibok girls .


      Actually you do have a valid point as I can even see most other tribes angling for what they can carry and go. That is their palpable understanding of a country. Quite sad and pathetic to know that these tribes can never plan for the future of the country. Need I drop any names here? Nah!!!

      • katalyst

        Don’t be scared. We do not have any other country. Drop the names.

        • UT+SI+GN+EM!!!!!!!!

          If you can count your teeth with your tongue then you’ll know who has enjoyed most federal largesse even as their tribe has diddly squat to show in terms of contributing to federal revenue. That is who I am talking about. Now rattle off some names let us see how close you’ll come to being correct. I am listening. Yi maza, maza duallah.

  • Lawrence Aje

    Now, these people have reduced Nigeria to a butt of joke and a fraudulent country in the eyes of all nations. It is alarming to know that World Bank is involved in the fraud and forgery that will eventually mare Narional Bureau of Statistics and the country at large. This is a revelation that calls for Emergency National Discussions. I think the Nigerian National Assembly should convene as a matte of urgency and call on Nigeria Executive arm of government to explain itself with regard to this national shame.

  • Kana Ismail

    I have always said that, only loosers resort to violence. Kayode Fayemi and Pat Utomi of the APC, all professors in their right responded to Prof Soludo guidedly with facts figures. Not one of them called out the individual misfortunes of Mr. Soludo in order to score cheap narative points that will sidestep the neucleus of his article. But, what did we get from the PDP? Abuses, bogus claims firstfirst from Mr. FFK then, from Peter Obi and madam NOI.

    Insults won’t change the glaring evidence of your economic cluelessness and, I don’t need Prof Soludo to tell me about How deep you are in shit because of your self afflicted desease – economic failure. Do the needful madam NOI, throw in the towel while you still have a little goodwill left to wager in the international market or risk it all with this unchuncharacteristic outburst from someone such ad you who should know better.

  • tankoma

    “…..with your eyes on returning to the World Bank after office, I did not expect you to boldly stand up to the donor community in defence of Nigeria. Was there a conflict of interest on your part?’.
    “You and I signed the various MoU with the IMF on behalf of Nigeria (the policy support instrument). We had a great team at work and each member of the economic team had specific aspects of the conditionalities to deliver: Bode Agusto was in-charge of the budget; Oby Ezekwesili held sway at Bureau of Public Procurement and later Minister of Solid Mineral, and Education (but specifically tasked with delivering on EITI and procurement reforms); Nuhu Ribadu was at the EFCC fighting corruption; I was at the Central Bank delivering on monetary policy and banking reforms; Steve Oronsaye worked hard to delist Nigeria from the FATF; Nenadi Usman was in-charge of the parastatals; El-Rufai held forth at FCT and in charge of public sector reforms; privatization programme went on, etc.”
    “By the way, can you tell Nigerians why you were eased out as Finance Minister and you cried like a baby begging OBJ to still allow you remain in the Economic Management team—- barely few weeks after the debt relief? Why were you eventually also removed from the economic management team if you were so important? Ironically, President Jonathan has recycled you, with a bigger title and greater responsibilities. But the difference is that the team that did the actual work is no longer there, and the world has seen that the king is naked”.
    “For your information, the governors have never agreed to savings and always threatened court action even under Obasanjo. Why did we save under Obasanjo but not under Jonathan? Two keywords explain it: leadership and integrity”.
    “Can you tell Nigerians how much the amnesty programme costs, and also the annual cost for ‘protecting’ the pipelines and security of oil wells? And the ‘thieves’ are spirits? Come on, Madam!”

    • katalyst

      We already read the article. WHY art thou copying again?

      • bola

        Na copycat!

  • Fiduce

    Ibos again, are we not ashamed to be fighting and disgracing ourselves. We will say we are republican in nature. Tomorrow, other parts of Nigeria will unite to dismember us. That is why it will be difficult for us to get the presidency of this country, crab kind of life, we pull ourselves down. Other will be laughing at us, we thought we are intelligent. It is a shame!

    • NK

      Pls keep quiet and stop bringing tribe here. Tribe nonsense will kill nigerians. We r talking of how we can save nigeria from d hole she is in u r talking tribe. Its people like u that will look d other way or cover ur fellow igbo brother in d office wen he commits fraud because he is igbo meanwhile u will all be sacked when d fraud is discovered. Is this personal???. Is soludo insulting her person and vice versa. Nig is in trouble incase u dunno. U read this long article and d best u can come out with is igbos fighting and disgracing themselves. I bu noo ezigbote anu ohia nwuru anwu. Nonsense. ….From a full blooded angry IGBO girl

      • Ada

        Thank you NK, sometimes I wonder how people think. The country which, whether you like or not, is heading for the rocks and all on can think about is igbo this, yoruba that.

      • J L R

        let us divide this country and have peace. Weather IGBO YORUBA or HAUSA, we are
        ONE, but now those evil politicians has corrupted and tarnish our image. So separation
        is the only alternative. So IGBO, YORUBA and HAUSA let us separate and have peace in JESUS NAME, AMEN

    • Dele

      Sorry my friend you should put National interest first before your bigot racist…… whether you an IGBO, YORUBA or HAUSA what we should be talking about is our Country Interest.

      I wonder which education you guys are getting

    • Ada

      Oga, please let’s hear, everything must not be about tribe and religion. The truth is what you should look out for. Ada.

    • henry

      abeg, there is nothing to be ashamed of when you are saying the truth,

  • Henry Olawale Olatubosun

    There is a big difference between a professor and a phd at least I know that two phd holders in Nigeria government need serious scrutiny

  • Henry Olawale Olatubosun

    Well done Prof madam belong to the reserve bench of the 10th eleven

  • avi eduvwie

    madam finance, pls take bout…

  • avi eduvwie

    madam finance, pls, take the bout!!!

  • Rawdah

    This is just d tip of the iceberg. Let madam take on prof, it will b quite interesting to watch.

  • Umar Dendi

    Perhaps it will be from dark moments such as these that a new Nigeria will emerge.
    The level of economic mismanagement witnessed under GEJ surely lends credence to Soludo’s arguments.

  • buchi

    Choi! This is like a bomb more deadlier like the boko harams. But my question is why is Soludo attacking Madam now that the damage has been done in our economy as he is tryna make us believe? Was he sleeping all along? I just don’t get the whole idea and am not an economist. This attacks would have been much more better if it were to be in defence or support of Sanusi when he cried out on the missing funds which led to his suspension. I just feel someone is acting on the paymaster directions

    • xcorp

      I thought about the same question but realised, regardless of the current situation, if this same government proceeds for another four years – Nigeria may experience a “KO” before the tenure end. It’s an inference from his piece.

    • bola

      He wasn’t attacking madam! Madam threw the first punch. I hope she can fight back!

  • Oumarou

    I sincerely respect Professor Soludo article. Ngo baby is just fumbling with no substance. Bank consolidation alone wa a great achievement

  • Omar

    Goodness Gracious. For those of us that have always doubted Madam Ngozi, this article has really exposed her weakness on economic issues. Soludo even forgot to highlight her 73 percent for recurrent expenditure in a weak economy like Nigeria.

  • Olu from South Africa

    This needs to be echoed. A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold. How would the world see “madam” now? Barefaced incompetent manager. If your e – rats or you disagree with me. Then may your life and your children’s life and those supporting you be run let Nigeria’s economy. Sheep that flock with dogs will eat poop. I dare you conduct public opinion of yourself and you will be shocked how distasteful you are in public domain. Nigerians employed you to better our lots but you decided to fattened up you lips. What is the benefit of your Cambridge certificate? To loot and mismanage? Redeem yourself. Take up prof soludu’s challenge. Even those that were schooled then with Secondary school Economics Textbook ” O.A Lawal ” will do better than you. What a shame!

  • Parrot

    Professionalism is not by mere talk or name calling as a response to criticism but by evidence based proves and facts as analyzed by Professor Soludo, Madam Okonjo Iweala, can you respond professionally to this article on current state of Nigeria Economy?

  • Rabew awal

    Intelligence is been smart, been straight forward and been critical about your arguments. This is what prof Soludo have demonstrated. Im sorry to say, okonjo is not a match. Madam, don’t allow sentiments to ruin what’s left of your name. Nigerians are better oriented now

    • Tahir

      “This is what prof Soludo HAVE demonstrated…” abi? And you wonder how someone with your absymal level of English can grasp anything said by these two intellectuals.

      • Sir Ifeanyi

        @Tahir….Dude, am sure you are being paid to talk trash!!!….doomsday is near.

      • Omo Nigeria gidi

        Is English your Father’s language? instead of you to face facts you are here blabbing thrash.

    • blueeyedkitten

      I totally agree with you.

  • Chidi Ngoka

    Really!!! If Soludo does not admit to the issues raised by critics on his consolidation exercise and the allegations of grave insider abuse which made then extremely vulnerable to external shocks, then he either was truly incompetent or delusional . Madam finance minister this tirade should politely be ignored.It is clearly politically motivated or he has gone truly round the bend.

    • bola

      Which critics please? Madam? Please…..if madam can stoop so low as to go ballistic, then Soludo is a gentleman with his response.I’m shocked you didn’t notice madam’s tiatribe earlier! She is a disgrace to her office! All she needed to have done was give clear cut lucid answers like Fayemi did! It was quite obvious to see that she had no answers and was trying to defend her ineptitude with bland excuses and insults!

      • Chidi Ngoka

        Really !! If he refuses to admit that the famous recapitalisation excersize was rigged by the bank owners to incerase their holding in the banks ,then he does not deserve to be CBN Governor and correcting that error is costing the country over N5trillion ask Amcon. N30 trillion missing!!! How much is the annual budget of Nigeria . Abeg it seems to that delusions are contagious in Nigeria First Sanusi $49,billion, then $11 billion, Then $20 billion Dollars oh !! Now 30 trillion Naira!!! Please this ia a poor attempt at character assasination by a renowned economist N30 trillion is $200billion!!! Not Naira $200 billion.!!! that is $50billion a year . How much is Nigeria’s oil worth unless we are now selling our oil for over $400 a barrel . I reiterate the man has gone round the bend . You never argue with a mad man people may not know the difference . Psychiatric help is urgently needed . No kidding.Madam CME absolutely do not respond!!!!

        • Sharifat Fasola

          But madam did respond! And her answers showed she is more in need of psychiatric help than Soludo! Your own response to just the amounts and not the substance shows you did not grasp the message just like your heroine madame CME circumvented it. In any civilised nation, issues are are discussed, debated and thrashed! Madam negated the toga of civility placed on her by going ballistic. Whether you want to see reason or not, the crux of the matter here is that Soludo explained his stance, while madam dished out insults. You are busy swallowing and digesting madam’s words on AMCON not bothering to balance both views and reach YOUR own opinion. I reiterate that madam should discuss issues, show us where our money has gone, after all she is the ‘Coordinating Minister of the Economyr’ the buck ends on her table and even a toddler has the right to ask her to give account of her stewardship while it is her utmost responsibility to do so instead of hauling abuses!

          • Chidi Ngoka

            Your don’t follow my train of thought . Madam’s response was to the first paper . This allegation of N30 trillion is a second Soludo paper which I
            am suggesting she does not respond to . I have quoted figures which you clearly have no grasp of since you clearly are not in the finance industry . Do some research like I have done and counter my claims with facts and figures not grasping at straws . The Onus of proof in law is on the accuser If Soludo is sure let him substantiate his facts and immediately petition the EFCC to arrest her . The allegations are a needless distraction . The relevant arm of the law is there if he is sure of his claims. Need I say more.Conter my claims with facts and figures.

  • Chidi Ngoka

    Breeding will show at the end of the day . This is not the way a former Central Bank Governor should address issues .

    • Rick Efa

      Which way should he address it please?

  • Sustain Transformation

    The wordings of the Soludo testimonials by the duo of OBJ and SMY sounds way off what those two men could have written about him The wordings sounds so much like what Soludo crafted and sought accent. Just an independent observation.

  • Deji Akinso

    Nigeria bleeds! Our economic team is rusty and needs to be overhauled. The leakages are painful and the government is looking the other way. Corruption has taken a new dimension. Who will bail out this country?
    Soludo’s article is quite revealing.

  • Jimmy

    They have pulled the tiger’s tail

  • bakr

    These fact are revealing the extent of irresponsibility of the finance minister and some measures must be taken to save the little that remains. God save nigeria

  • sagacity

    Prof raised issues which are clearly visible & clear to d least competent of economist happening within d finance section of d economy…a conscience free and void of guilt will elaborate on findings made and avoid d exchange of words and self damaging remarks made by madam…..I see no reason 4 those remarks as prof made his point clearly

  • Lanre

    Well. These are two Igbo intellectuals that can actually develop Igbo land. I wonder what these brilliant minds are doing fighting over a lost cause. Imagine. I will personally upbraid any brilliant, intelligent Yoruba man or woman that wastes his energy on Nigeria.

  • Tolu Tanner

    The gauntlet has been dropped. I, no, all of Nigeria dares you to take up the challenge and face Prof Soludo in a proposed debate on the state of the economy of Nigeria. Issuing slanderous statements is not the way to go, face the bull madam or will your wrapper be too clumsy to let u get in the ring. It is a shame you are part of this aimless administration… I am convinced you have ruined you hitherto good record, but maybe even the record was a sham…you are going to have to prove it. Question is, Can you? Get into the ring…and please leave your dispeakable headtie of excuses for misadministration at home please. Come with a thinking cap, if you can.

    • Tobias

      Can’t even spell properly. “Dispeakable” indeed.

  • blueeyedkitten

    “First, you admit that ‘oil theft’ has reduced oil output from the
    average 2.3 – 2.4 million barrels per day (mpd) to 1.95mpd (meaning that
    at least 350,000 to 450,000 barrels per day are being ‘stolen’. On the
    average of 400,000 per day and the oil prices over the past four years,
    it comes to about $60 billion ‘stolen’ in just four years.
    In today’s exchange rate, that is about N12.6 trillion. This is at a
    time of cessation of crisis in the Niger Delta and amnesty programme.
    Can you tell Nigerians how much the amnesty programme costs, and also
    the annual cost for ‘protecting’ the pipelines and security of oil

    • henry

      It’s wrong though. When there’s a leaking pipeline the oil company shuts in production. It’s really a reduction in production not that the oil is being stolen (notice the quotation points). Actual theft is there, but not this high.

      • blueeyedkitten

        who is responsible for securing the pipelines? by the way, they(govt officials) are the ones that called it oil theft or is it bunkering?

  • Olabunmi Sadiq

    I’ve always told my friends who care to listen that Madam Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala ia my greatest disappointment in the sorry pass that Nigeria now find itself. Of course there is a serious and big racket going on and the extent of her involvement and or culpability is becoming clear.

  • Gidi

    This is the quality of debate I have been expecting since the beginning of the election. A debate on the economy and where we are going as a country. We should have debate on Economy, Security and Human Development.

    I respect Madam NOI, however, I believe she not managed the economy well over the last 4 years under GEJ’s administration. She has bitten more than what she can chew, It is no coincident that she is struggling to give coherent answers to Soludo’s initial argument.

    Does NOI meant well for Nigeria? The answer is unequivocal YES. In spite of her intention, I agree with Soludo’s analysis; NOI and GEJ have abdicated their responsibilities to group of Mercantile agents. Nigeria economy could be doing so much better, but they have both managed to screw things up so bad.

    I just couldn’t believe that under NOI’s nose Nigeria could be bleeding so much cash in the name of oil theft and massive looting.

  • Suku

    Soludo is very brilliant but he is operating under a curse. He ganged up with Mrs Ibru of the defunct Oceanic bank, Erastus Akingbola of Intercontinental bank and some other bank leaders to kill those unorthodox financial institutions we called “wonder banks” just to grab the billions those guys had gathered from unsuspecting Nigerian. It would have an instrument of blessing if they had returned those billions to the owners, but they kept it. The blood and tears of those Nigerian’s who lost their lives and earnings are after them. Nigerians have seen what has happened to Soludo and his cohorts in the banking Industry. God used Sanusi and the presidency to deal with them. It has not ended. The will continue to experience negative disruptions in their lives until this issue is settled. Soludo might have great ideas but everything will remain at that level. Even those with little or no idea will rise above him. He must lead his nefarious associates to make amends. The ball is in his court.

  • Patrick


  • emmanuel

    Soludo biko tell me how much is Nigeria’s annual budget in Five years for an average of Six trillion to be stolen yearly?

    Are you not ashamed of yourself?

    What simple Arithmetic tells me id that you are playing a devils advocate.

    Where did you get the N10 billion you threw into the ring for Anambra State guber race shortly after your failed term in the saddle at CBN?

    Why was AMCON created by your successor to quarantine the mess you left in the banking industry?

    yeye fowl!

    • bukandi

      Olodo…u should know that the budget is not planned on the actual price of oil and that a benchmark is placed to give room for excesses which should be deposited in the excess crude account…nw to better school you, assuming that the price of oil is 120dpb, the budget is planned with the price of oil as 60-70dpb and the obvious excesses are deposited in the ECA in order to save for rainy days like today when the price of oil have depleted drastically…nw what soludo did was highlight objectively that an average of 400,000 barrels of oil is lost on a daily basis which madam herself couldn’t deny and this gross in an extensive period of 4yrs, would amount to N24 trillion using the actual price of crude in the foreign markets over the said period and not the benchmark price that is usually used to preparing our budget…use your head oh man to think and if what you see around you is good enough for you, then what about your children and your children’s children?

      • Bk

        Thank you for educating that ‘olodo ‘ . He doesn’t know jack! … commenting on something he does not fully understand. They are the people putting us in this mess . Thank u !

  • Colonel MEN..GI..STU

    PREMIUM TIMES I gotch ya! Gotch ya real good.

  • toyin

    A well thought out response. i like the challenge for a debate, am hoping the nominees will be favourably disposed to it, so we can lay to rest the accusations and counter accusations for the greater good of nigeria.

  • Ariyo Akinlosotu

    This is a brilliant write up. NOI has several faults and her biggest fault so far is to stay at her present job despite the appalling state of things. NOI, a former World Bank high up, an institution noted for its advocacy for free trade is now presiding over an economy that has turned protectionist. Import duties on rice and wheat are high and even cars have gone the same route. She should have honourably resigned whne other ministers are encouraging policies that make nonsense of sensible economic policies

  • Chinedu

    I pity Charles Soludo and the people who believe what he is
    saying….. He is saying half-truth in disguise….Charles Soludo is a man I respect
    a lot but with this I believe strongly now more than ever that Soludo is
    speaking out of prejudice with the following observation…… Soludo mentioned the
    devaluation of Naira. Naira has gone from 158 to 189 as of today this represent
    19.6% devaluation but this is not peculiar to Naira alone. All the world heavy
    currency has suffered the same fate. This is the analysis. Almost every
    currency failed against the dollar

    Canadian dollar fail to US Dollar from 0.90430 – 1.27417 – 40% devaluation.

    Great Britain Pound to US Dollar from 2.08280 – 1.49583 – 39% devaluation.

    US Dollar to Japanese Yen from 84.655 – 121.98 – 44% devaluation.

    EUR – US Dollar From 1.60276
    – 1.10967 – 30.7% devaluation.

    And the likes of Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar,
    Switzerland Franc etc. This came on the heel of USA decision to start mining
    their Unconventional Crude with the use of a new Hydro-cracking technology. With
    this fact you agree with me that Soludo is misleading Nigerians by mentioning
    the devaluation of Naira.

    • victor

      chinedu or whatever is your real name, point of correction naira was really N215 at the time of the write up not 189, meaning 36.07% at the time don’t down play it to make it look convincing. this same claim was also corrected by a channels business news presenter during an interview / commentary by a CBN monetary policy staff, go out there and see for yourself man

  • Adaora Okafor

    Soludo is a disgrace