Jonathan appoints new Head of Service

FILE PHOTO: Federal secretariat

President Goodluck Jonathan has appointed Danladi Irmiya Kifasi as the new Head of Service.

Mr. Kifasi replaces the former Head of Service, Bukar Aji, who is going on retirement.

This was disclosed by the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Reuben Abati, on his twitter handle.

Mr. Kifasi, a career civil servant and until now a permanent secretary, has held several positions within the civil service.

His appointment takes immediate effect.


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  • redeem

    if he had gone out of his way to appoint an ijaw man–there would have been war in aso rock by now–every ethnic group in Nigeria now behaves like APC–intimidating the president—-putting him under pressure—just to enable them eat of our my cake from d SS—–only the SS cannot————–tribalism abi——animals—let us separate–

    • Dan Fulani

      Carry go now who is holding you? Afterall the cake is in your back yard.
      Not long ago the youths from the North gave your armed robber, fake drug and kidnapping uncles two weeks to leave the North and your Ebola Jonny came out shouting like mad that Nigeria belongs to all.
      You can quart a Parrot in 1960 but you can’t remember what happened last two weeks.

  • Dankasa

    A day when north start saying our meat, our food our markets the way SS are always saying our oil, Wahala come to Nija oooO.

  • Derek

    What else do i have to say? Nigeria what you waiting for? GMB/Osinbanjo and best Nigerian team all the way…. You have my vote a million times!

  • El_Komo

    I wish Fayemi dissected the response to Soludo with more figures to back their manifesto. That will go a very long way in reassuring Nigerians that they are ready from day 1 to get into high gear. I suspect they will grapple for the first 60-90 days before having a grasp.

    • Bakare

      He has at leas responded and opened up the debate. The APC will need to work more but by accepting criticism and reeling out its plans, it has lifted the bar in developmental discuss.

  • Mike Okonkwo

    Very intelligent and constructive response by Dr Kayode Fayemi!
    I believe the APC will do well for Nigeria. They indeed represent a change from the status quo. I have now decided to vote for APC in the forthcoming 2015 Elections. #Change #APCNigeria #BuhariOsinbajo

  • D.A

    What we know is that the country has not been able to replace the US as an end market for our oil exports. Ships with oil are stuck at the ports with no place to go for delivery. Of what we do manage to sell, the price of oil is diving. We also know that the present budget using 65 naira as the base has a debt servicing burden of 20% of the budget. We also know that government bureaucracy requires 70% of the budget for recurrent expenditure. We are also in a war that will gulp a significant proportion of Nigeria’s revenue. Of what is left, Mr Fayemi wants to build a national railway, interstate roads and ports, establish another government structure to manage public works programmes, developing a new generation of domestic oil refineries, huge spending middle level technical manpower, creation of further government bodies for regional development. In short, an explosion of government spending in a period of declining revenue and stuborn fixed costs.

    The key here, is for APC to tell us how it would finance these additional government spending in view of Nigeria’s declining revenue base and its stubborn costs structure of recurrent expenditure, debt servicing and war costs. The wastage was based on previous high revenues. The APC will not meet a country with high revenues. The question for Mr fayemi is a basic one. Would APC borrow more money to meet its existing responsibility and the added responsibilities inherent in the list stated above or will it raise taxes on businesses and individuals or would it embark on large scale retrenchment of government workers or all the above? If none of the above, then I am afraid that your statistics will not work. We would also want to know whether the FG will want the CBN to continue its present policies of high interest rates and strict money supply at the same time as the proposed fiscal policies of a Buhari government?

    We know that the present government intends to tax more. Although the things it has aimed its taxes on will get it pittance. So we are yet to get a good idea how the federal government is going to fill the gap from its ambitious budget when juxtaposed against the declining price of oil and the difficulty it is experiencing in replacing the US market with new buyers.

    It will be interesting to see which foreign company will willing train others with technological knowledge that will be used to undercut itself in the market place. This can only work if Nigeria is the only market it can establish itself in. As Nigeria is a member of ECOWAS, access to the Nigerian market can be attained by establishing the project in another ECOWAS state. Not so realistic a policy for inward investment.

    If anything, I thank Mr Fayemi for starting the conversation. APC has a lot of work to do. In areas of the economy, APC has its work cut out because on this response, it is as clueless as the present economic team of the Federal government.

  • endingNaija

    Thank you Mr. Fayemi. Your essay returns us to and deepens the fact that 2015 election (i) must be issue based and (ii) is a referendum on Six years of President Jonathan/Sambo’s Presidency and Buhari/Osinbajo Change agenda. It is important and thrilling to note that just like the period of Abiola Hope Message when Nigerians buried ethnicity and religion and VOTED for Hope-meaning ISSUES- the 2015 election is gradually shaping up to once again bring to fore the democratic sophistication of Nigerian voters. Why? On Nigerian streets people are talking about (i) What did President Jonathan /Sambo do for us , for the Nigerian economy? (ii) Why do we have a crisis record 24%unemployment rate? Why are we named one of the 5 poorest states in the world while we are “oil rich” (I hope this oil goes away very soon), and we are supposed on paper to be the “biggest” economy in Africa? “Biggest” economy and poorest people? It seems President Jonathan and Mr. Sambo led us back to poverty. I am excited and enthusiastic about Buhari/Osinbajo and as your essay has shown that Nigerians are begining again to be moved to BURY religious and ethnic differences and VOTE ON ISSUES. And thanks a lot for giving a robust response to Soludo’s equally robust critque of the present moment. I will end with a popular phrase by saying “Mr. Fayemi… with Soludo’s brilliant essay and your equally powerful essay , this is what I’m talking about.. and I am begining to love this.. I’m loving this… for this is what we are talking about…!” Now Change Agents, Vessels of Change Go Back To the streets. We have work to do Go to all Nigerian neighborhoods and POUND the STREETS PEACEFULLY for Change. Count the number of doors you have knocked everyday. This is your time , our time, DO NOT LET IT GO! Fayemi, God Bless you and your family. God Bless Nigeria. One People, One
    Country, Under One and Same Loving and Kind God. Agape Peace, Agape Love and
    Agape Unity always and foreve. Sai Change, Sai Buhari oyoyo.

  • Mike

    Thank Prof. Soludo for kick starting this debate. Let know who is who.

    The above response from APC has a lot of similarities with the NEEDS and VISION 2020:20 documents brandished by the ruling party. Let APC tell us in few words, how they would move this nation from being an import-dependent to export-oriented country.

    Relying on the integrity of 1984 of one man, maybe, is not enough to promise change. After all the man in question is over 70 years old. Rather I see a typical “hand of Esau and voice of Jacob” approach by the APC.

    Dr. Fayemi has not convinced the likes of Prof. Soludo of the magic they will use to CHANGE NIGERIA.

    • shola

      Question: Quoted “Let APC tell us in few words, how they would move this nation from being an import-dependent to export-oriented country”.
      Answer: STOP CORRUPTION; where to PDP; stealing is not corruption, but to APC stealing is part of corruption, and this is to lead by example. QED.

  • Festus O.

    Having collected my pvc after 4 weeks of rigor and agony, I’m at crossroads that the APC change agenda is more rhetoric that realistic. Can Dr Fayemi please provide us figures to show how all these welfarism agenda will be funded in the midst of austerity? The middle class is really disappointed with the handlers of GMB, they seem totally unprepared, there’s been no mention of a clear-cut laid out path for economic recovery at the APC campaign grounds. Before the APC primaries, Atiku had a strong team who documented an economic plan. GMB’s handlers have made him look shallow and cloaked only in an anti-corruption garb. Should we even belief all this hype about curbing wastages, frugality et al when Fayemi the mouthpiece furnished government house in ekiti with 3.3bn in a predominantly civil service state!

  • tankoma

    Instead of pdp to respond to the allegations levelled, they result to insult Soludu by calling names! You are intolerant and thugs!

  • charles

    Welldone Doc…at least that’s a decent and honest step…instead of raining abuses and insult like PDP…I like these APC guys…my vote will go for them…

  • Muhammad Aliyu

    God Bless Fayemi. This is how to respond to criticism. APC is truly geared up for a change. Unlike the ruling uncouth PDP that responds with insults whenever GEJ is criticise. I have said it not everybody that criticise GEJ means he hates him. Nigeria is for all of us we all have a stake in it. Is time to make Nigeria great Again. UP APC, UP Buhari/Osinbajo ticket. Change is coming for good.

  • Benny born

    What was your achievement in Ekiti State???? Ekiti people needs an answer…

    • Okey

      Keep quiet there ! Did you not see those N50 Million beds (N30 Million for his own bed and N20 Million for his wife’s bed) ? Please, ask other personalities of APC, not where we have concrete proof of achievement.

  • Idowu Dare

    Yes, you have my vote. This is how a teachable government/individual should respond to criticism. I agree that ‘what get measures, get done.” But some qualitative goals or targets may become so subjective and debatable in terms of welfarism. Our economy is largely in the hands of “one-chance” managers which require collective efforts to reverse the downward trend. Stomach infrastructure will only provide a short-term remedy to an hungry man but without direction on what next. If Dr Kayode’s information on unemployment fig is correct on Osun, Lagos and Kwara states, then it says volumes on what the opposition party can do if voted in. Let me help the Dr to add that our dear country has being consistently ranked within the 20 worst fragile states in the world by the Fund for Peace for the past 9 years which portends danger for all of us. It is better to have a teachable government that will give a damn about our perceptions and opinions than to continue with the same failed strategies and expect a different result. Every prayer that gives all the responsibility to God is an irresponsible prayer! Let vote to secure our tomorrow.

  • Streetlove

    I love the maturity of the APC and the contribution from D.A

  • richard

    Dr Fayemi if indeed you read that article you have lessons to learn. Should you continue with talking and not listening you would not only lose elections to people like Fayose, but also lose all moral and political relevance. Soludo though bashed both parties implied that the APC had no agenda whatsoever to make claim to the seat of govt. He also among other things implied that the APC need to take lessons from Papa Awolowo before presenting manifestos and indeed pretending to run for an election.

  • goldmma8

    I dnt think if their is any maturity in APC for your information.

  • goldmma8

    Don’t have any order thing to tell you.