BREAKING: Adamawa Governorship election to hold October

Acting Governor Of Adamawa state, Ahmed Fintiri

The election of a new governor for Adamawa State will hold October 11, 2014, nearly three months after Murtala Nyako was removed by state lawmakers, the state Residential Electoral Commissioner, Kasim Gaidam, has announced.

Mr. Nyako was impeached alongside his deputy July 15 after a prolonged battle with members of the State House of Assembly over allegation of corruption and mismanagement.

The governor was found guilty of all 16 charges levelled against him by the lawmakers; and his removal paved the way for the speaker of the state assembly, Umaru Fintiri, to take over as acting governor.

Mr. Fintiri has announced further probe of Mr. Nyako.

Under the Nigerian Constitution, a new governor or president must to be elected within 90 days in the event of an impeachment of a former holder of the office.

More details later…


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  • Gee

    I hear u

  • Oladapo Omonijo

    Dear Femi Aribisala,

    Your consistent use of the word ‘us’ was quite disconcerting and parochial. For a supposedly educated individual like you, common sense dictates that in a complex society like Nigeria, it is always wise to convey your feelings as an individual (speak for yourself) and not portend to convey your personal grouse against an individual. I can only also deduce how shallow and callous your assumption of being under the mirage that you are the mouth piece of the South West.
    Your guise to fight the cause of Chief Awotesu cannot be over emphasised. Nigerians are no strangers to military dictatorial rules in Nigeria, and although it might not be the prettiest or democratic of governments, fiat had to be resorted to achieve an end result. (containment of corruption, intolerance, insurgency, indiscipline, etc).
    To the best of my knowledge, the Buhari regime DID not target the south west, to deliberately hound these corrupt and selfish politicians, I want to believe, he, out if the goodness of his heart and the love of country, also brought politicians from the other parts of the country to book. Please do not get me wrong, I will not support a regime of military dictatorship, but for the sake of posterity, let the truth be told. The country had deteriorated into an unannounced state of emergency!!!

    You can go on from now till thy Kingdom come about the political acumen of Bola Tinubu, and how the north did not support Buhari till now, but hey! Who cares?. Your remarks only borders on the fringes of pettiness and idleness. Mazel tov!

    • Bishop Aj Yves


    • Separate Us…

      What else can i say! U speak my mind sir,hope he read ur comment

    • Fola Oni

      Heloooo…you may not like what Femi Aribisala is trying to say here, he is not far from the truth. If anyone thinks Buhari loves Yorubas, such should rather wake up from their slumber. Talk about salvaging Nigeria, I don’t seem to see how the ‘almighty’ Buhari intend to achieve this with the backings of the likes of ‘saint’ Tinubu and the corruot National Assembl though. I really don’t care if Jonathan is removed with all the ways he has allowed so much corruption to ruin our economy to date, but let Nigerians know that the solution doesn’t seem to be in Buhari’s candidature. Politics and immaturity in Nigeria leadership just sadden the heart. God save our nation from these destroyers.

  • absam777

    Just another ‘I hate Tinubu’ article, nothing of substance.

    • TrueNja

      Tell your messiah to show proof that he attended Government College Ibadan and Arolaya Pry. School in Lagos.

  • just kennie

    Hmmm,al I see is a ranting man that needs attention. We have a strong opposition in Nigeria, that is puting PDP and fed govt thier toes and making them more accountable. No one sees or appreciate this, all we here is Buhari this, Buhari that.
    The govt that conducted a scam call immigration recruitment that led to the death of many people is still there seeking re-election. For once, lets imagines this happened in US, or UK

  • Titus

    Very insightful, those who have ears let them hear the words of wisdom now

  • abimbola

    (1) U are all telling us GMB do dis and dat when he was head of state (Military) but now that we are in democracy, see what is happening in Ekiti where Fayose used his thugs to harassed some Judges in the court premises.
    (2) APC in Lagos has only one godfather which is Tinubu but JayKay (PDP) will have more than 2 godfather (Bode George and Ogunlewe etc).
    (3) This is the 4th time GMB will run as a predential candidate and no one is talking about him then, why is everyone criticizing him now for the past events? may be there is chance for him dis time. God bless Nigeria

  • kkk

    Legless critics who teache people to run. Give them positions they floundered and dip the hand in the lucre. where is Rueben Abati? A friend to IBB who is telling us that Buhari is bad and Tinubu is corrupt. We should remind Aribisala of the death of Dele Giwa and the lost oil windfall.

  • Ahmadbtm

    Are these the kinda experts we have in 9ja? No wonder things are terribly messy for the common man

  • yemi

    Rubbish as usual. This guy is also one of the freeloaders that PDP Pays to write nonsense.

  • Faks

    You sound like a broken record and an attention seeking lunatic . After all you have written , Tinubu continues to grow in leaps and bounds , expanding his horizon beyond Western Nigeria , building bridges and bringing people together . Former foes and political enemies of Tinubu are now in his camp .you are alone and just irritating every one with your nuisance value . You are a disgrace to Yoruba and the west .

  • Pause

    Thank you Femi. I continue to believe that you are rare gem and a blessing to Nigeria. That said, let me state that you are wrong to claim that Yorubas are the majority nationality in Nigeria. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Igbos are the largest nationality.

    The born-to-rule Islamic north has been using Yorubas since 1966. The Islamic north does not consider Yorubas as equals rather they see Yorubas as their juniors at best but as slaves, literally speaking. They used Gowon, Awolowo & Christians, with the support of Britain etc. to prosecute the Biafra civil war. Once the war was over and Igbos were subdued they quickly USED Obasanjo to pacify the South West…….they made sure Awolowo never ruled Nigeria ensuring that Obasanjo handed over to SHAGARI……..they made sure that FALAE never got the Yoruba slot….because they used Obasanjo to block the genuine Yoruba slot……….

    Where does Tinubu come in……..because Obasanjo is USED UP…the Islamic north is desperately looking for a replacement for Obasanjo……that is what they are trying to use Tinubu for……..FEMI is correct therefore that Tinubu is being used and will be used to CONSOLIDATE the born-to-rule agenda………

    The SE, SS, NC, and all other minorities of the north must stop APC………still, and I must add, the born-to-rule Islamists are working in PDP too but Jonathan’s presidency is seen as a stumbling block to their CONSERVATIVE AGENDA………….as a result, many decamped to APC…and others have selected to lie dormant for the time being…………

    Every adult Nigerian must understand the above dynamics and a lot more to be able to VOTE wisely…..

  • Allayes

    Nice effort, but quite ironic isn’t it? One the one hand Femi Aribisala castigated Tinubu for being the “self-appointed Godfather of the South West”. On the other, the writer decided to make up the minds of south-westerners for them, and speak on their behalf. Quite interesting.

    • Plumbline

      Sadly Allayes, it seems someone has to make up the minds of the erudite South-Westerners these days. Few of them challenge the position of Tinubu as the face and political godfather of Yoruba people. I have known most to be independent thinkers but it seems this Awolowo-wannabe (BAT) has them spellbound. I believe that Aribisala is also voicing the opinion of the many supposedly voiceless Yorubas.

      • Allayes

        Well, to me it seems that Tinubu and Femi Aribisala are doing the same thing, albeit in different ways. The only thing missing is the voice of the people. I guess we will finally hear the voice of the south-westerners come February.

  • Jaspa Matanga

    Thank you sir, Femi Aribisala. The truth may be bitter but must be told. Please carry go and God bless you.

  • King Carlos

    Confused writer. You said Buhari is a dictator, but u also said he will be controlled by Bola Tinubu. I wonder if you can sleep without having a nightmare about Asiwaju Tinubu. Keep hating, Asiwaju is far ahead to see crooks like you.

    You are not talking about the missing girls, how Asari and Tompolo have stored arms, how Fayose beat up a judge. You never seem to ask why you still buy fuel to power your generator. The thing is that no one reads your article again, because of crumbs you destroyed your career.

    Smart writers have realised that politics is a pendulum that swings left and right. You are not talking about people’s right to vote. You have never educated your readers about democratic practices. You call yourself a pastor and you never fight for the poor and the oppressed. You are a joker. I know you read all comments, so reply or CHANGE YOUR WAYS.

    • TrueNja

      @ King Carlos – in as much I disagree with Pastor Aribisala on Buhari, I agree with him on your messiah Asiwaju Tinubu. Only in Nigeria a charlatan will be a leader of a political party. Your boss has no shame. In any civilized country, person of his dirty character would be in orange suit like Ibori. Tell your messiah to show proof that he attended Government College Ibadan and Arolaya Primary School in Lagos.

    • Victor Olufunso Fakulujo

      Mr CALLOUS seems not to understand the full import of this discussion like a fairly large percentage of Yorubas (especially the younger generation) who seems to be unaware of core Yoruba values of exemplary character inherited via good upbringing. Tinubu’s bankrolling of Buhari is a case in point. The money meant for the development of Yoruba land is being frittered away on a Northerner who is going nowhere , touring the landscape of Nigeria . And where did Tinubu get this money?–from extortion in South West States especially Lagos. This is a good example of AKOTILETA. tINUBU, oBASANJO, fASHOLA, aREGBE are all bandits and cowboys.They steal, kill, extort, destroy, rape and want to sell our people to Hausa-Fulani hegemony as slaves as prophesied by their fore-fathers to overrun Nigeria thru to the Atlantic ocean. But come Feb 14th, we will tell them that power belongs to God and not to the likes of Tinubu or any man. We should remember what became of Nebuchadnezzar when pride took hold of him and he declared it was by his hands that all the success and glory of the kingdom he was presiding over came by.God showed him who has the power, he was made to eat grass and dwell among sheep and goats for 7years until he acknowledge the power and glory of GOD. Tinubu is also going about like NEBUCHADNEZZAR. He and all those supporting and hailing him now should becareful and thread softly so as not to incur the wrath of God. A word is enough for the wise.

  • Plumbline

    Mr Aribisala, surely, the Yorubas are not slaves to the thuggish brawn of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Awo-wannabe. Frankly though, I have been wondering why he has been the most visible face and audible voice of the South-West all this while. Like the Yorubas would say, Chief Obafemi Awolowo must have turned in the grave many times when APC, South-West, purportedly adopted Buhari (who is yet to present his certificate, and frankly, compared to the average Yoruba man…is just incomparable in wits) as their Presidential Flag-bearer. Sorry for asking our Yoruba brothers and sisters, but is everything well in the South-West Camp?

    • tundemash

      Cross-bred chimp, do you need to upvote yourself on this crap you wrote ??????
      A sane person would have suggested the alternative to Tinubu but that will be expecting too much from a cross-bred chimp. Is it Bode George or Busuruji ?
      Neither Femi Aribisala campaign of rubbish or your attempt of crying more than the bereaved will change the destiny of FeBuhari 14th !

  • True Nigerian

    Is this the moment when reality dawned on Femi Aribisala?
    Femi, you have been writing on “how to lose presidential election four times”.
    And now suddenly, you have switched into trying to stop Buhari by telling the South-West voters why they should stop Buhari. It looks as if you are now seeing signs that your calculations and postulations have been utterly wrong and terribly short-sighted all along.
    Welcome back to reality – that Buhari is the likely next President of Nigeria, if the people vote in expression of their groaning under a horrendous government according to Jonathan’s school of governance.

    There comes a time in the life of a country when its people must move forward from their bitterness in order to meet their future. Yes, Buhari was a dictator per excellence (if there is anything like that). But Nigeria has since moved on – Nigeria is now a democracy, with a hindsight of 30 years since Buhari’s dictatorship. Another former dictator – Obasanjo – has now come and gone as a national leader in the life of our democracy. The democracy did not collapse. So Nigerians know enough to inform their preference at the polls in this February.

    Your campaign would have had more impact on voters if Buhari was contesting against Pat Utomi, or any other person that is not running the headless chicken that Jonathan is running in the name of governance. But sadly for folks like you, the alternative to Buhari is a horrific leadership symbolised by Jonathan.
    Don’t worry, the reality will dawn further on you in the coming days and weeks.