Ebola: Experts say use of experimental drugs justified

A panel of medical ethicists convened by World Health Organisation, WHO, said in Geneva on Tuesday that the use of experimental-stage Ebola drugs was justified.

The panel reached consensus that it was ethical to offer unproven interventions with as yet unknown efficacy and adverse effects, as potential treatment or prevention, in the particular circumstances of the outbreak.

The experts, however, noted that these interventions could only be provided if certain conditions were met.

They stressed that patients must be able to make a free and well-informed choice whether they want to receive non-licensed drugs. They advised that the data on treated patients must be collected and shared to learn more about the effectiveness and safety of the drugs.

The U.S. President, Barack Obama, recently said his government would not make available to African countries the experimental drug tested on two American doctors that contacted Ebola while in West Africa. The drug is believed to have helped the doctors recover.

Mr. Obama said the drug would not be released until certified fit for human use by experts.


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  • franc

    Thank u very much for this exposé. God bless u Sir. Nigeria will rise again!

  • tolishh

    Wow! Never knew fani kayode was still standing trial. You have spoken well Keyamo now I know who to vote for.

  • shegxy

    oga festus has just said what we have been campaigning all these while.
    well, as he has just said he has just purge his mind and its left for the PDP attack dogs to attack him but before they do, they should also understand his point and remember that he is also a Nigerian and he has right to his own opinion about this audacious, outrageous, undisguised, unconcealed,immodest, indecorous, unabashed, unashamed, unblushing,unrepentant government.i rest my finger

  • Babanie

    Nonsense. Keyamo you are envious of your friends in government.

    You want to chop on a grand scale too abi

    Continue writing this nonsense.

    Jonathan has performed creditably and as a Yoruba man I feel sorry for Niger Deltans like you that will not as the saying goes accept the prophet in his homeland.

    • tundemash

      cl0wn … how does this address the point that an accused standing trial for corruption is director of campaign for Dumbo among other sins of Dumbo ?
      And you must be a b@stard yoruba man like Okupe if you are yoruba at all !

    • Tayelolu

      I think you will make more sense if you answer Keyamo’s questions. Stop the tribal baiting and answer Keyamo’s questions.

    • me

      Babanie,can u pls tell us Jonathan,s achievement 4the past 6yrs.

  • Baba Kekere

    Jonathan is manipulative unrepentant liar.

  • Okey

    Festus Keyamo is well known for highwire politics.Ordinarily one should not bother about his exhibitions today, but his current falsification came with extreme blackmail that it would not pass without a few observation.

    1) He charges other citizens with the same reason that motivates his present blackmail: in this era when political jobbers have started celebrating in advance of a “Buhari victory,” Festus Keyano is strategically positioning himself for reckoning in a Buhari government. But I pity humans like Keyamo who are plying God with tomorrow.

    2) I am not a lawyer but I do know of what is called perjury in law. I also know that an affidavit must contain factual information. Now, the military has stated that Gen. Buhari’s originals are with him but if he feels they have copies of his academic records, he should be specific on which one and come forward for it. Till this hour, Gen. Buhari has not. It is absolutely preposterous and utterly deceitful of Kayemao to state here to the effect that “it doesn’t matter.” Or, that the mere production of affidavit without more satisfies all righteousness. This is a miserably ignominious lie coming from a lawyer.

    3) On age, an APC chieftain has stated emphatically that old-age is a hindrance to good governance. This is what the APC Governor of Lagos said the other day as recorded in the newspapers and seen on national television:

    “LAGOS State governor, Mr Babatunde Fashola, on Wednesday, tasked Lagos residents not to vote the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate, Mr Jimi Agbaje, because he is too old to rule the state.

    He said his party’s candidate, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode, has age advantage to carry on with the task from where he would leave governance in May 29.

    Also, the national leader of All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Bola Tinubu, enjoined the people not to vote Agbaje, who he said could not manage his personal business well.

    Both Fashola and Tinubu spoke on Wednesday, at the Lagos West senatorial campaign of the APC governorship candidate, Mr Akinwumi Ambode, which took place at Sky Power Play Ground, beside the Nigeria Police Headquarters, Ikeja.

    Agbaje will be 58 years on March 2, having been born in 1957.

    Fashola, who did not mention name while addressing the crowd consisting of leadership of the party, said it was Ambode that had the wherewithal to govern Lagos as a young, successful accountant.

    According to Fashola, the task of governing Lagos State was daunting and needed vigour on the part of the person at the helm of affairs, recalling that in 2007 when he took over governance at age 44, he could count the number of grey hair on his head.

    “Today, at 52, I am counting the number of black hair on my head. Akinwunmi Ambode is the man that can do it. If you put an old man there,he cannot do it. If you call him in the night, he may not pick your calls,” he warned.”

    Here, Festus Keyamo has simply amplified his mischief. For if there is any political party that is forewarning the electorate on old-age, it the APC.

    4) Talking of conscience, has Keyamo questioned his leader, the Jagaban of APC, the source of his stupendous wealth made only after having a stint with government office ? For there is no anti-corruption crusader with a living conscience and worth any consideration that will conveniently gloss over this question. This where Festus Keyamo betrayed his politics of “Operation Discredit Jonathan.”

    In the light of the facts of our national life, devoid of high-wire politics and intrigues that Keyamo is notorious for, it is obvious that the wormwood is healthier than Keyamo’s conscience. Matter of factly, Festus Keyamo has no conscience at all to purge. What he has to contend with is his motivation for taking sides with the greatest evil and danger to the longevity our dear nation. This is the burden that rests on Festus Keyamo’s conscience, if he has any.

    • Bimbo

      Whether you like it or not, scream from the rooftops!jonah is going home come febuhari 14th. #buhariisourvalentine.

      • lala

        Buhari it is Bimbo

    • tundemash

      So how does this dispute the fact that:
      1. An accused standing trial or corruption is director of campaign for dumbo
      2. Armed miscreants have taken over our water ways at the expense of a weak navy force while we lose 400,000 barrels of oil per day .
      3. Dumbo claimed corruption is mere stealing.
      4. That the FG headed by Dumbo has failed in its primary responsibility of protecting Nigerians irrespective of their religion, ethnicity and political believe.
      5. That PDP or you ought to approach the court if not staisfied with Buhari’s certificate issue as advised by INEC and lawyer Agbakoba.
      6. That more than 61% of Nigerians live on less that $1.25 per day .
      7. That Boko Haram has waxed stronger under a weak Dumbo Presidency.

      Your rants are too little too late. Re-election of an incumbent government is a referendum on that govt. and clearly Dumbo’s 6 yrs Presidency has been a failure. On FeBuhari 14th we stand !

      • Okey

        Enjoy your hallucinations !

        • tundemash

          Is that all you got to say having been cornered ? Once you are sober from whatever u are given to sniff at the amnesty camp, go thru the gibberish you wrote and what Keyamo wrote and then and probably you will be able to know who is hallucinating !

          • Okey

            Serious info from an experienced sniffer ! That one attains sobriety only by sniffing something ? Wonderful info !

          • tundemash

            Creek Monkey, you still got nothing to counter Keyamo’s facts ??????

    • endingNaija

      Look Reno OmOKEY ri, why dont you answer the simple question Keyama asked? Keyamo asked if Mr. Jonathan is serious about fighting corruption why should Mr. Jonathan appoint someone facing serious charges of corruption and money laundering -Mr. Femi Fanikayode- as head of his media unit? This is a straight forward question. Look Reno Omokri or Okey or whatever online name you give yourself, we all know Femi Fanikayode is corrupt and he laundered Nigerian public money when he was aviation minister, and to save his own neck, Femi has to run to dobale (Yoruba word for prostrate)-prostrate-for Mr. Jonathan so that Jonathan will save his neck. We all know that, so what is your problem with Keyamo’s assertions? What you need to do is answer keyamo’s question on Femi Fanikayode or you keep shut and go and earn your own part of the 21 billion Naira OILY Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Chop-period.

    • glo

      Child, pls go away!

    • paul eneke

      Very typical of PDP supporters,really,am not disappointed!

  • omo naijaa

    Thank you oga Kiyamo. We need fearless people like you to tell nigerians the truth. May God save this country.Amen.

  • Olatunde Arowolo

    Kudos to you “a respected lawyer and human right activist”.Honestly am so proud of people like you.We also need more elites and well-meaning religious leaders to come out bold to speak the truth to all Nigerians about the ongoing political mess GEJ’s worst administration has driven us into.Mr.Kiyamo,may you live so long to enjoy fruits of your labours and More grease to your elbow.Thank you.

  • Contact Point

    I have too Mr. Keyamo, I can now sleep because reading from you is a good tonic that relaxes the nerves and tunes in sleep. I love you.

  • samson john

    Vote for GEJ come Feb 14

  • ukarea

    Kiyamo hasn’t spoken well…….if gathering all d failures and crimninal godfathers from PDP to APC, I mean d same ppl who actually planned to manipulate der supposed stooge GEJ only for him to wise up on dem…..den dey shld face d music…….dat arrangement is d same der is no change in such arrangement.Mnwhl how come kiyamo has left his usual sef and wat we know him for something else……he shld go and rest…..his is not a good voice anymore..

  • goldmma8

    GEJ wins 2015 election wether. Buhair likes it or not.

  • goldmma8

    I fancy Mma gold

  • goldmma8

    Up GEj