Video shows Liberian, Patrick Sawyer, was “terribly ill”, possibly knew he had Ebola before traveling to Nigeria

Liberian Patrick Sawyer imported Ebola to Nigeria .... Photo Credit: FrontPage Africa

Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian man who brought the Ebola virus into Nigerian, looked “terribly ill” and might have known he was infected with the virus before traveling to Nigeria, the Liberian media is reporting.

According to a review of Close Circuit Television (CCTV) images at the James Spriggs Payne’s Airport, Monrovia, by Liberian newspaper, The New Dawn, Mr. Sawyer, also a naturalised American, looked terribly ill and deliberately avoided contacts with people just before boarding the Asky Airline flight that brought him to the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos.

Describing his behaviour as “strange”, the The New Dawn said Mr. Sawyer bore a “sad countenance” like he was troubled and sat alone avoiding bodily contact with other passengers who came close to him at the boarding gate of the James Sprigg Payne’s Airport as he awaits his flight to Lagos.

According to Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Jide Idris, Mr Sawyer who was a consultant for the Liberian Ministry of Finance, arrived Lagos on July 23 to attend an ECOWAS convention in Calabar. He became terribly ill on the airplane just before it touched down in Lagos.

Photo Credit: Courtesy ‏@doogysolja via Twitter
Photo Credit: Courtesy ‏@doogysolja via Twitter

Some ECOWAS officials and airport staff helped him out of the airplane and rushed him to First Consultant Medical Centre, Obalende, where he died two days later.

“His strange behaviour and frequent movement up and down as he eagerly awaits his Asky flight had prompted the security camera operator to focus on him. In the video, Patrick could be seen avoiding physical contacts with airport employees and other passengers during the check in process,” the newspaper wrote.

Airport video footage, according to the report, also showed Mr. Sawyer lying flat on his stomach on the floor in the corridor of the airport and seemed to be in “excruciating pain.”

The footage showed Mr. Sawyer preventing people from touching him.

According to the The New Dawn reporter who reviewed the video, he even snubbed an Immigration officer who initiated a friendly gesture of a handshake moments before he boarded the airplane.

FrontPage Africa, another Liberian newspaper, is also reporting that Mr. Sawyer, who is believed to have been infected by his sister who died of Ebola told its reporter soon before he travelled to Nigeria that he had gone in search of his sister’s husband who ran away after she tested positive for Ebola.

The paper said Mr. Sawyer vomited a few times among his friends in Liberian just before heading to the airport and also on the plane.

FrontPage Africa’s publisher, Rodney Sieh, later told PREMIUM TIMES by telephone from the Liberian capital, Monrovia, that his paper’s extensive reporting on the matter showed clearly Mr. Sawyer knew he had contacted the Ebola virus before travelling to Nigeria.

“He definitely knew he was sick and it was curious that he still decided to travel,” Mr. Sieh said. “His sister had died from the virus and he most likely had contact with her.”

Rage and disruptive behaviour   

According to FrontPage Africa, after Mr. Sawyer became ill on the airplane; he denied to First Consultant’s personnel that he had contact with anyone infected with Ebola despite repeated inquiries after initial tests for Malaria and HIV were negative.

The newspaper said Mr. Sawyer however went into a rage and behaved in a disruptive manner at First Consultant Medical Centre after he was told he tested positive to Ebola.



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  • olanrewaju

    ds son-of-a-b**** jst came to cause problem for us in ds country!

  • Wähala

    @Pained Diasporan… Respect!
    This is sad to know that he deliberately wanted to bring death to Nigeria. Your detailed story of his evil and barbaric conduct pitted us against some clowns in 3rd. World talking rubbish about excuses, excuses… Now, we have been them back with this/your Breaking Story, I guess the mosquitoes will continue to buzz around the gutter. Sha, methinks, not only is Mr. Sawyer’s behavior is strange, but the Airline’s personnel off & onboard for not identifying the sick man and quickly isolating him and the other passengers. Per throwing a tantrum at Hospital personnel… proves he was a psychopath with a grudge, probably NA abuses during the Liberian war, nothing else I can think of explains his deadly misconduct. Oloshi!

    • Wale Reze

      You might have a valid point about our soldiers escapades during peace keeping missions might be a valid reason he came to Nigeria to spread the virus.

    • Onike24

      Someone even called him a compulsive liar! And I had to ask how he/ she could know that through a post? I really admire your thick skin, and your ability to ” return to sender”. I find it so difficult to be rude but it is increasingly becoming care that personal abuse and ad hominien arguments are the only way we know how to put our points across.

  • Blessing

    He shouldn’t have traveled knowing how sick he was. Just by attending to only him, 9 other people are now in danger with 1 matron already dying. Imagine how many people each of these 9 people have had contacts with. what about the other passengers on board of that flight.? with nigerian population, one can only pray to God for intervention. going to hospital for treatment now is even a big risk

  • Gideon Orkar

    May this pig rot in hell!!!

  • Ehi


    1. Summon the Liberian Ambassador to explain his country’s gross negligence

    2. Ban (not suspend) all flights from or en route from Liberia until the Aviation Agency in Liberia has proven it has the capacity to screen passengers diligently
    3. Given the fact Liberia has pubilcly admitted their negligence with video evidence, the Govt should start looking at prosecuting and punishing the Liberian Government by way of sanctions for endangering the lives of 170 MILLION people
    4. prosecute the Airline for criminal negligence in its home country for allowing an obviously violently sick person Check in and disembark upon arrival in Lagos.
    5. Seize and confiscate all the airlines assets in Nigeria including planes and sue them in their home jurisdiction.
    6. get the list of Asky Airline heads and go after them individually, look for ways to lock them up or at the very least make them financially bankrupt.
    7. get the list of the Airport Agencies in Liberia, especially the unit that saw that video and allowed the Sawyer to board the plane, go after them individually and press criminal charges or civil charges.

    8. SETUP AN INQUIRY AS TO WHY THIS MAN WAS NOT QUARANTINED AT THE AIRPORT GIVEN HIS PASSPORT AND HIS TERRIBLE HEALTH CONDITION and make the persons responsible for sending the patient to an unprepared hospital in the heart of this Country’s commercial captial with 21million people loose thier jobs at the very least if not locked up criminal negligence. We want to see them crying and entering a cell on NTA not local govt office commissioning!!!


    Lets hope they take some of these actions, unfortunately we have a group of unserious enjoyment enjoyment jolly jolly people at the helm of affairs who say corruption is not the main problem of our people so there you go, make your vote count Feb 2015! we need people that will fight for this country not these jok3ers.

    • Wale Reze

      But alas one can not be too sure we even have a government in Nigeria….. President is gallivanting the states drumming up supports for 2nd term, Governors too. Information minister Maku boasted Ebola would never foray into Nigeria (Wonder what he was smoking), Immigration and health officers (sic) let in visibly ill man into the country at airport, Airline delayed in giving flight manifest to indicate number of people Mr Sawyer came in contact with aboard the flight, bad or non-existent health infrastructure on ground to cater for epidemic emergencies etc
      The odds stacking against our fight against this ticking ‘Ebola’ time bomb is just high, I watch with crossed fingers!!!

  • Femi

    Thats our problem, we’re always reactive, never proactive. We’ve been hearing about the outbreak of this disease in our neighboring countries and did virtually nothing, to the extent that we allowed it to come into our country through our main airport. Its so unfortunate.

    • akpors1

      Femi, do you really expect that the legislathieves who approve the
      highest law makers salary in the world to themselves ($1.7m / yr i.e.,
      N25m / Month), will be interested in vigilance and making resolutions or
      laws or summoning minister of aviation or airport security or whatever
      bcos of Ebola? How can law makers earn such criminal salary where
      minimum wage is N19,000 /Month for the ‘country’? Did you really think
      they cared? Even now, do you think they care? These Fela’s VIP are only
      there for their pockets. Pure & Simple.

      Were it kidnapping,
      they would have taken action bcos the poor is seldom a victim. Were it
      something relating to allowances for themselves, then they wud have
      bothered. Is it someone like Farouk De Dollar who as chairman fuel
      subsidy scam committee became the chief scammer? U no hear the story?
      Did anything happen to him? Is he not still there?

      Look my
      friend, even PremiumTimes may not publish my comments. Why? But until we
      begin to place culpability where culpability belongs, we will make no
      progress. This again reminds us of the futility in running a continent
      like Nigeria as though it were a country. National policies will always
      be useless if applied to countries in a continent. This is the Nigerian

      Give me my Niger Delta Republic and check me out in 23
      months…I assure you, we will put the rest of the world behind us.
      Same goes for some other nations in continent Nigeria. How can Nigeria
      be begging US for experimental drugs? Those wey develop the drugs get 3
      heads? Have we no Prof or Dr of virology? Shouldn’t month’s salary of
      one legislathief suffice for Ebola research?

      • Naija man

        clearly you have no idea of the responsibilities of government officials
        and the arms of government. this is not about the failure of
        legislathieves as you rightly put it but the failure of executhieves
        under the leadership of our niger delta brother. the responsibility of
        keeping the nation’s borders safe is the exclusive responsibility of the
        executhieves- the proactive measures to secure our borders, seaport and
        airports following this dangerous outbreak was the sole responsibility
        of the federal government straight from our brother mr president and his
        exco- ministers of health, foreign affairs, interior, aviation,
        transport and of course the national security adviser and other ministers or agencies directly concerned.

        • akpos1

          Kidnapping, mannapping & womanapping nko? are these the exclusive responsibilities of the Executhieves or Legislathieves? …abi you no see how National & state assemblies promulgate laws criminalizing abduction with speed of light? Some state legislathieves initiated bills and brought anti kidnapping laws to life within 30days. Na where u dey that time? For some states, it is death penalty for kidnapping ….but no penalty for public stealing? Has anything happened to Farouk, Otedola and/or Nyako? Didn’t these elements kidnap monies?

          Its ok that you did not argue with my point regarding the ubiquitous criminality of the emolument of Legislathieves and their actions thereof. So, I will reserve my salvos. Nonsense!

          Na Bros Jona own dey do you abi? So, you no hear of $12.7b gulf war windfall? Boko haram’s first strike on a civilian was on 19th October 1986. Dem be don born you that time? Now u wan begin explain function of executhieves & legislathieves. May Ebola locate you. Nonsense!

          • Naija man

            poor you. i see say na as you de vituperate and gyrate all over the place na same way patrick sawyer behave when them tell am say na ebola wey de ya family catch am. no wonder you know fit reason well well. see how you de claim 1986 like say you sabi book. abegi go find ogogoro/ apeteshi drink to dilute your insanity while ebola continues its job of ravishing all that is left of you

  • Foresight

    CONTRACTED the Ebola virus; not CONTACTED the Ebola virus. The right word in this case is CONTRACTED. You CONTRACT an infection. You don’t CONTACT an infection. Thanks

    • boyu

      ebola no know GNS oo, teacher all we are saying is it should stop not marking marking English here

  • Rommel

    Then the man was a medical terrorist,fear of death or isolation is not enough reason for putting the entire region into this situation,such characters are plenty in Nigeria where ignorance and religious fanaticism abound.If someone suspects having contracted EBOLA,self isolation should be the first human thing to do while seeking for help

  • sarafina

    He was probably trying to get back to America for excellent heathcare and the “secret serum”.

  • nikita

    Undoubtedly he was Trying to get back to USA because he thought he had a much better chance of surviving there.

  • Santy

    He was sent by the people who brought this virus to mother earth. Nigeria will defeat them. He is a big scum-bag and his entire generation will suffer this!

  • Fatimah

    He was an agent to come separate the virus in Nigeria,he has been paid for it.Our custom and immigration becareful.

  • 1234FIF

    What a scumbag.

  • Wole

    Happy for you. But if you get out of this, sin no more. Wait a minute, I didn’t read a line on the role played in your victory by your ‘homecoming’. If truly you are innocent, please tell the world your return to the PDP has had no role in this victory.

  • Otitokoro

    Femi, I am older than you, so in Yoruba culture we use our age to be blunt with the truth. So, I will tell you the truth. Your day in court is a joke, it is a payment by your master President Jonathan (using the EFCC and the court to become inconsistent and incoherent in their articulation of your crime), a compensation for your defection to PDP, for your bad mouthing Yoruba race and nation, for your campaign for him the OIL man-Goodluck Jonathan, compensation for your betrayal of the Yoruba Nation. The good thing for us Yorubas is that you-Femi Fanikayode – have no political value among us Yoruba middle class and masses. I am Yoruba with very deep Yoruba sensibility, loyalty and total committment to our nation. LIke any other nation and ethnic group, for some of us middle class Yoruba, it is Yoruba FIRST AND LAST. But you are traitor of the most horrible, stinking and heinous form. Nothing will happen to you in-spite of your treachery and betrayal. And this is because of the legendary Yoruba Omoluwabi that we are, our sense of culture, inclusion and civility. But your treachery of our race and nation is noted. It has gone down in white and black in Yoruba history in this contemporary period. We scholars and chroniclers of Yoruba history have entered your treachery, betrayal of Yoruba Nation and subservience to the OIL Man-Goodluck Jonathan for your personal and vested interests as part of the data of the contemporary times in Yorubaland. At the right time, everything that is hidden will come into the open. Ma jeun e lodo elepo-Goodluck Jonathan. Continue eating your food with the oil man-Goodluck Jonathan..

  • Dr. Kay

    Who is this clown think he is deceiving? Your day of reckoning is not over by any long shot, you still have a case to answer, so keep on living in a phool’s paradise. Everyday is for the thief , one day is for the owner , we are coming for you and others of your ilks, all you have eaten, sucked , wasted , given away or hidden away like the Yorubas wil say , you will po , meaning you will vomit them out, chikena, wallahi, otito ni .

  • Bashir adedamola

    Thank God it happened in Nigeria

  • True Nigerian

    Well, when the charges against Mohammed Abacha were withdrawn over crimes (heinous crimes for that matter) which he undoubtedly committed against the Nigerian state and people, it is on record that his family also gave credit to “God” for that senseless abuse of prosecutorial powers by a corrupt Attorney-General and a corrupt justice system that serves narrow vested political interests than it serves the public interest and interest of justice.

    God will take his glory anyway. The joke is on all those who are naive enough to believe the suggestion that he builds his glory on corrupted processes and mindless injustice, even if the law serves as the conduit through which that injustice is perpetrated. Part of the shame for the Nigerian system is that those who benefit from a horrendous justice system will thenceforth struggle for the rest of their lives to convince all others of their innocence, because the system that set them free and the process through which the freedom arrived have no regard in their eyes.

    So as for you, make no mistake about the fact that you have been set free by the same justice system that declared Ibori innocent of all crimes he committed and set him free from all the charges against him; and yet, on exactly the same evidence, the man could not stand the scrutiny of a trial in Dubai and the UK. He therefore quickly confessed his guilt.

    On that note, you have the heavy moral burden of an acquittal or discharge by a justice system which has no credibility in the eyes and minds of upright people with good conscience and true sense of fairness. More so, that credibility has been further damaged by the incidents preceding your “great day in the court”. To that extent, the glory you have given to God and the freedom you have received will command the respect of less than a thousand people in a country of more than 140 million people. That is a burden too heavy for your conscience and your reputation for the rest your life on earth. It is not a good life, unless the innermost voice of truth in you has also been silenced just as the voice of the truth in the Nigerian Justice system.

  • cephas

    you defected to the pdp and immediately you are discharged n freed. Hmm, Nigeria is such a theater ground. What a joke. GOD BLESS NIGERIA