APC plans Arab Spring in Nigeria – PDP

Olisa Metuh, PDP National Publicity secretary

The PDP said John Odigie-Oyegun’s statement is treasonable.


Our attention has been drawn to an open threat by the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, John Odigie-Oyegun to institute a parallel government should his party lose the 2015 general elections.

Nigerians need to be reminded that the APC’s understanding of ‘rigging’ is where they lose election. Whenever they win as was the case in Edo, it is free and fair.

It is a globally acknowledged fact that shadow or parallel governments have no place in a Presidential system. Therefore, the threat to institute such is nothing short of implementing the agenda to destabilize and collapse the democratic system and institute a reign of anarchy.

The statement by the APC National Chairman therefore has confirmed our position that the APC is not planning for the 2015 election but an overthrow of a democratically elected government having realized that they cannot and will not win in the general elections.

The pronouncement confirms that the APC is indeed promoting a Janjaweed ideology and further reinforces the long held suspicion that they have been holding meetings outside the country to enact an Arab Spring as a means to forcefully take over power when it loses in 2015.

This explains why they have been making inflammatory statements and publishing negative advertorials and articles in local and foreign media to incite Nigerians, embolden insurgents and stir hatred and division among the populace while balkanizing the nation along its fault lines.

All the pockets of anti-government protests and calls for civil disobedience in parts of the country bear the imprints of the APC and are geared towards cultivating a fertile ground for them to unleash a reign of terror against the country.

The importation of thugs to cause confusion in elections including in Anambra, Ekiti and now Osun state are all part of the plot to discredit the electoral system and truncate the 2015 elections.

The attacks on institutions of government including the judiciary and the security agencies are all part of the larger plot to weaken government systems and make them vulnerable and powerless and set the stage for the materialization of their ignoble plans.

Nigerians are also aware of the hiring of foreign consultants by the APC to tarnish the image of the country abroad, as a means to gain foreign support when they eventually strike.

We therefore call on Nigerians to be ready to defend their hard earned democracy and protect it from encircling vultures who are hell-bent at taking us back to the dark ages.

Olisa Metuh
National Publicity Secretary


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  • tolu

    metuh, nigeria is due for arab spring, you have wasted my generation i cannot allow jonathan ebola goodluck to waste my children generation again, if military cannot do it , we do it for ourselves

    • larry

      Boko harm spring

      • Dorcas

        You havent seen anything… rig 2015 elections and all of you will be history.

        • ayobami

          the pdp must evolve all strategy including rigging to send all the rascal out of the sw.All effort is worthwhile

          • tolu

            am quite sure you are jobless

    • ayobami

      u can hug an ebola patient if you think you are frustrated and don’t deserve to live

    • peter

      ” we will do it ourselves ” ….. I don’t know guyz with the tribal sentiment in your name to be brave. Talk is Cheap.

      • larry

        lol ,just ignore the keyboard warrior

    • larry

      Talk is cheap ,just look at egypt. So are you willing to die protesting on the streets with your children ?

  • Abiodun Olayinka

    If that is what we need to correct the ills of the past and get Nigeria on the right path then why not. We can’t keep going on like this.

  • Spoken word

    Methuselah the fool.what is wrong with an Arab spring.we need to take our country back.you guys cannot loot this country forever.everyday for the thief one day for the owner.

    • peter

      If you want to know what is Arab Spring, look out fro Syria, Libya, Iraq, Egypt etc. And judge your comments.

      • Spoken word

        abeg, as I said you can not loot this country forever. there will always be a consequence if corruption goes on unchecked.the countries you mentioned all had dictators and see the consequence.Assad, Ghadafi, Saddam Hussein and Mubarak. one is holed up in his palace, two died violently and one in jail. are these the kind of leaders Nigerians should be looking up to.

    • ismail umar

      Did you say what is wrong with the Arab spring ? For real ?


    What is Metuh even saying? Oyegun’s statement is conditional. If the PDP continues to make elections in Nigeria anything but free and fair, it will not recognize the government formed from such governments. What is wrong with that? Must we now be cowed because of the PDP’s desperation? Please Metuh give us a break.

    • ismail umar

      What of the APC rigs ?


        Let the PDP say exactly what the APC has said: Warning it won’t recognize any APC government that is installed by rigging!

        Truth is PDP won’t say that, because it is the master of rigging!

  • naija man

    this Metuh is insane.

  • Aminu

    olisah Metuh if u like cry louder but PDP will continue to lose free and fair election,this time around should security personnels try to assist rig Osun election,I’m confident enough people will resist and send them to Sambisa forest to meet PDP military wing aka Boko Haram

  • Applestridders

    I pray for the Arab spring in Nigerian, so Nigerians can be free from bondage and bad leadership..

    • Psalm 35

      God forbid your prayer

    • ayobami

      you can embrass an Ebola victim if life don tire u

    • peter

      Poor thing to say.

  • Onimisi

    Nigerian is talking and i hope Metu is listening! Rig election and face the wrath of the people

    • ayobami

      Keep quiet yoruba cowards,we are still waiting for d implementation of your drug addict rig and roast directive in ekiti.The era of rascality and intimidation is gone for ever

    • peter

      APC don’t rig elections ?

  • iHateStupidPeople

    Nigerians don’t have the heart to pull off an “Arab spring”

    • 1MASK01

      You think so. 5 years back we didn’t think or believe Nigerians could do suicide bombings. as a follow up, I must confess that I didn’t know that Nigerian army are not well equipped or that there is a forest called SAMBISA

      • ismail umar

        So you could pull off an Arab spring ? Don’t deceive yourself.

        • 1MASK01

          am not a politician or a symphatiser of any political party. All am saying is that people can be so unpredictable especially when pushed to the wall. Not that anybody will like more bloodshed than we are already seeing.

  • 1MASK01

    Arab spring succeeded because leaders, whose popularity have descended so low and have lost touch with their people, want to perpetuate themselves in power. If PDP and Jonathan thinks he is popular amongst Nigerians and have solved our problems with good policies, then there is no fear. if not, then RUN FI COVER

  • Weeping Nigerian

    PDP, Not Buhari Said they would make Nigeria Ungovernable

    1. Major General Muhammadu Buhari never said he will make Nigeria ungovernable in 2011.

    2. It was a PDP politician, Alhaji Lawal Kaita, who boasted that Nigeria would be ungovernable after the 2011 polls.

    3. Jonathan’s media spokesman, Reuben Abati, fabricated this lie attributing the claim to Buhari in April 2011.

    4. General Muhammadu Buhari sued Reuben Abati in a High Court for Libel.

    5. The Jonathan Presidency begged Major General Buhari to settle the case with Reuben Abati and the Guardian out of court.

    6. General Buhari obliged and settled out of court. Reuben Abati with The Guardian published an unreserved apology to Buhari in the Guardian of 11th July, 2013.

    7. Late General Azazi, as National Security Adviser, blamed the PDP for the Boko Haram violence. He was sacked and subsequently killed alongside the only Christian Governor in the North-West, in a military helicopter.

    8. Jonathan admits that his PDP cabinet has many Boko Haram members

    Judge for yourself. Be vigilant!!!

    • peter

      Why didn’t you talk of Senator Ali Ndume ?
      Judge for yourself. Be vigilant!!!
      Why would PDP make Nigeria Ungovernable when they are in power ?
      Jonathan admitted the Boko Haram had infiltrated his government NOT cabinet ? ( go and watch the last presidential media chat )
      Stop lying to people for whatever is your reason.

    • janjaweed3

      is that so? we really have been living in the dark . Unless and untill nigerians remove this vipers nest of people Nigeria will continue to face really hard times .

    • ismail umar

      This is a poorly prepared propaganda. you have stated so many untrue facts and are deceiving people. PDP can not disrupt their own government, it makes no sense. There are people that wants to retake power at all cost analyse that. I am a northerner and i assure you that no such impression of PDP behind BH here in Jigawa.

    • john micheals

      I Pity anyone that believes this trash you have manufactured. So full of wrong and unverified reports.

      • ola

        Don’t just say trash, but do some research.

  • Mr. Abdin

    It seems the PDP is getting confused every day what is the relationship between Arab Spring and the state of insecurity, corruption, and disunity destroying our dear country, we hope that they will realize that they have failed Nigerians for the period they govern the country.

    • ismail umar

      But it was the APC that talked about the Arab Spring not the PDP.

  • peter

    The people talking about embracing the Arab Spring probably don’t what it entails. if you claim you wish Nigeria well and support a supposed Arab spring ( which i know is impossible ) you need to check yourself.

  • ismail umar

    Arab Spring ??? Is the APC serious ? people associate them with violence and they come out to say this kind of stuff ? Thats a shame on them. They should be doing things that make them look like peace lovers. This is clearly an indicting statement. Its is a fact that the APC also rigs elections.

  • john micheals

    The APC can not win an election in Nigeria even if they threaten WW 111. They have candidates of questionable characters and the party itself is characterized by desperation and hostility. They also rig elections that is not questionable.

  • Gbo_lee

    It is unfortunate that any Nigerian would really think this PDP Govt means well. I would prefer Olisa Metuh to explain to these Nigerians he claims they are fighting for, how in 15 years of PDP rule, we still use candles, we still find it hard to eat,we still don’t have jobs,nor water, nor good roads, infact what do we have? I cannot safely go see a movie at a cinema anymore, we didnt hand over the country to PDP in this state 15 years ago and that’s a fact. They have run this beautiful country aground and its Publicity Sec should occupy himself with explaining why and leave the progressive opposition who are trying to get us out of this PDP mess.

  • me

    Any political party that has Metuh as its official spokesperson can never make it. I have followed his trajectory and i am in no doubt that being a spokes person to a nest of killers(apologies to Soyinka) can only mean one thing and one thing alone. Go figure

  • Ijeuwa