Saudi Ebola victim dies

Ebola Virus

Saudi Arabia withholds visas from the three countries worst hit by the Ebola virus.

Officials in Jeddah say they have reinforced precautionary measures against Ebola at air, sea and land borders after a Saudi man, who was hospitalized for suspected Ebola infection, died on Wednesday.
The man, in his 40s, recently returned to Jeddah from a business trip to Sierra Leone, the Health Ministry said on Tuesday. He was admitted to hospital on Monday after he showed symptoms of the Ebola virus infection.

His death marks the first reported casualty of the Ebola epidemic in the Arab world and comes as an emergency World Health Organization summit was being held in Geneva to discuss measures to tackle the epidemic.

Khaled Obaid Baqwakid, the Jeddah Health Affairs assistant director, said the measures so far taken by the Kingdom are enough to prevent any cases of Ebola entering the country.

Also, the Saudi Arabian authority has suspended 7,200 Hajj visas for pilgrims from Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia because of the Ebola virus. The Saudi charge d’affaires in the Guinean capital, Mohammed Al-Hamoud, said the decision was taken about three months ago.

According to Mr. Hamoud, “this was a precautionary measure the Saudi Embassy in Conakry has taken to prevent the possible spread of the deadly virus among other pilgrims,” the al-Arabiya news organisation said.

According to al-Arabiya news, the governments of the three West African countries have accepted the decision “with grace”.

Mr. Hamoud said the decision would remain in place despite the measures taken by the Guinean government over the two past weeks to ensure its pilgrims were free of the infection.

“The present condition regarding the spread of the virus necessitates the cessation of Hajj visa issuance for the citizens of the three African countries,” he said.

The charge d’affaires said the embassy started its negotiations with the three countries on the possible suspension of the Hajj visas because of the Ebola virus outbreak about four months ago.

“The embassy hinted to them at the time that Hajj visas might not be issued to their citizens,” Mr. Hamoud said.

He said the former Saudi ambassador to Guinea, Amjad Bidaiwi, had made it very clear to the three governments that the suspension of the visas would only be lifted if an official document from the World Health Organization approving the travel of their pilgrims to the Kingdom was issued.

Mr. Hamoud said most of the negotiations were done with Guinea because it has the largest number of pilgrims of about 7,000.

“The pilgrims from Sierra Leone and Liberia are around 400 in total,” he added.


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  • Alec Smith

    Best of luck!

  • Jeemiah Baba Adamu

    Tobi Oluwatoal should not insult the sensibility of Nigerians! The title of the article should read “How Goodluck will win 2015 election” and not otherwise. Whether by rigging machine, Goodluck will not win 2015 election. Buhari is the clear winner of 2015 election. Extrapolation or rhitorics does not win election. Tobi stop deceiving your self and Nigerians

    • jega


  • Jack Famakin

    Tobi, your computation does not recon with the fact on ground expecially in the south west where Jona had lost considerable followers. As it is for now and should the situation persist till election period, I do not see Jona getting more than 25 percent of south west votes including ondo and ekiti.

    • jega

      True talk, I like dt

  • jega

    With all d factors and truth about GMB known to most Nigerians, especially the enlightened people of southwest, GEJ stand no chance in 2015 elections. 16 good years of pdp miss rule, future of Nigeria uncertain, people killed by terrorist every day. Nigerians are asking for positive change.

    • Bereo

      Anyhow GMB really ought to campaign hard everywhere, even in the southwest. We would like to think the southwest is more enlightened than everywhere else but the return of Fayose in Ekiti is suggesting differently. Right now I think Lagos is the sole state singlehandedly propping up the entire southwest region on the “enlightenment scale”…at least for now. I hope they don’t go the Ekiti way soon by voting in Obanikoro.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Thank you, Bereo.

    • Bejim

      That is precisely the problem: they know GMB to be too much of a northern irredentist to be entrusted with the guardianship of their destiny. Electing him might become an irredeemable mistake. While many Nigerians are genuinely disillusioned with Jonathan’s sub-par performance, it still appears that the APC is not ready with a comfortable alternative, since for GMB, Nigeria equals the North. I hope I’m wrong.

      • fido

        You are very wrong, you should examin GMBs antecedents to see how wrong you are.

        • Alex

          How wrong he is! They want to use religious propaganda. When he was military head of state that he had all the powers what wrong did he do to the christians. GMB is a firm good leader anytime any day. It is only those that have skeletons to hide that are afriad of GMB

  • Oluwadara

    You try but, you suppose to get your data whether by interview or questioner not mere 2011 election result. My friend things had change significantly after 2011. Nigerians are more than ever before learned that campaign based on religion or ethnicity is non acceptable, and learned that the man GEJ got nothing new to offer than mediocrity. I understand that u are in US not in Nigeria to know all that is happening here. I agree with you that GMB needs to campaign aggressively in NC SS and SE and that means a lot to spend therefore he needs a lot of funding which I think he will easily get now not as 2011. But for NE and NW GMB will get 200% of what he got in 2011, and GEJ hardly secure 10% because people have seriously suffer and still sufering there in the hands of Dumbo jo. Your analysis is good but your data is not reliable. Should it I am your research supervisor, your research got no place than dustbin.

  • Ogom

    “.. best predictor of the future is a long long look at the past”. This is a faulty premise. Things change very quickly in politics and I’m sure alliances have shifted dramatically on ground in the course of your researching and writing this lengthy piece.

    Secondly, your analysis is way too technical for your audience (Monte Carlo simulations, seriously?!). This is after all a national newspaper, not an academic journal on game theory.

    You left me at “GEJ 56%, GMB 43%”, but then I already knew that from a previously published piece in this very paper.

  • Sunny

    This kind of analysis is normal to examine situation like the forthcoming election in 2015. But the trust is analysis of this kind should be based on primary data genuinely generated from all the six Geo-political zones of the country. Well, you guys have tried, but next time you should employ primary data for your analysis. The outcome of this particular one you have done does not really represent what is obtainable in Nigeria today.

  • niko

    So much for your analysis. The on-the-ground assessment of our organization, the National Progressive Movement of Nigeria shows that if elections were held today, GMB will win heavily in North-west and North-east geo-political zones, in addition to winning considerably high votes in South-west and a majority in North-central. Since Jonathan’s candidature is uninspiring, his majority votes in South-south and South-east will shrink, compared to what he had in 2011. This is consonant with his less than 30% approval rating and much less than average performance in office.

  • Tunde

    Thanks, good job but you omitted one important factor, which was the rigging which created a voter participation of 85-90% participation in SE and SS. If you compare the governoprship election in the SE and SS states, you will see the obvious gaffes in the mind boggling votes submitted from the area. After, 2015 election, it will be easier to do the analysis in future because the parties are now almost equal to each other in all indices, money, propaganda, thuggery and influence. Just check out the %participation in the last few elections in Edo, Anambra,Ondo, Ekiti, Osun, and Niger, they seem closer to reality.


    Hmmmmm ! Quite academic, but distinctly aloof & without spirit. My friends, you need to be in the kitchen, feeling the heat & endowed with very sharp, discerning taste-buds, to be a good chef. You effort is way off mark, & is in critical need of re-connection to the real world. You need to disembark from your flight of delusion… Up APC, Up BUHARI !

    • Mohammed Yahaya

      Pardon him he confessed his ignorant of the reality in ground!

    • Lorddaniels

      Continue in your demented hallucination.

  • Efes

    If Buhari lives till 100, diffident people shall continue to ask him to come and preside over their country. Good that more people than the diffident lot vote in Nigeria’s presidential elections.
    Why did Buhari and some of his successors not groom people to succeed them in politics?

    • Alex

      What is wrong with age as long as he performs? The older the better, because he is closer to his creator and thus will strive to do good to write his name in gold. Since he does not have many more years to live, stealing and siphoning the nation’s resources, which is the bane of the country, will be out of the question.

      • Efes

        If you want to curb corruption and bring peace and development to Nigeria, vote for return of fiscal federalism with regional government system to Nigeria. No Nigerian was born corrupt.

        Corruption in Nigeria is bred and fed by the unitary system of government we practice with a mono-resource economy in a multi-ethnic, religious and cultural country.
        An aged Buhari as president shall be sleeping on bed as Nigerians steal the country dry.

        By the way is Buhari a saint?

  • adewale adeniran

    That analysis is a piece of trash! How well can you say that Jonathan is favoured to win the second time when his popularity right now is very low, Nigerians everywhere North, South, East and west, old and young are tired of this clueless government that is about to drive our great nation into abyss of Nirvana, if Jonathan wins the second time, be sure that election is rigged, this time Nigerians will resist any act of rigging!