Oyinlola writes Jonathan, narrates how President forced him out of PDP

Ex-Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola

The former Osun governor said the president feared his closeness to Obasanjo despite pleas by Messrs. Anenih and Mark.


Six days before he defected to the All Progressives Congress, APC, a former National Secretary of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Olagunsoye Oyinlola, wrote a letter to President Goodluck Jonathan. In the letter, the former Osun governor accused the president of frustrating him out of the PDP despite his efforts to prove his loyalty to Mr. Jonathan.

In the letter dated July 30, Mr. Oyinlola told Mr. Jonathan that ‘it would be fatal if the former governor did not think seriously about his political career and take a decisive step to salvage it.

Mr. Oyinlola, a former governor of Osun State, decamped to the APC at the party’s mega rally in Osogbo held for the re-election of the state governor, Rauf Aregbesola, Tuesday.

Mr. Aregbesola, then of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, assumed office in 2010 when Mr. Oyinlola was sacked by the Court of Appeal sitting in Ibadan. The court ruled that ACN candidate won the 2007 governorship election.

Mr. Oyinlola, who ruled Osun State for about six years, became the national secretary of the PDP at the party’s national convention in 2012, but was also sacked by the Federal High Court, Abuja in January 2013 for being improperly elected to the position.

He appealed the judgement and won, but made unsuccessful attempts to return to the office. Part of the efforts was the July 1 meeting he had with Mr. Jonathan, who is the leader of the PDP, and Adamu Mu’azu, the party’s National Chairman at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

In the letter to Mr. Jonathan, with reference number 00/PDP/5, Mr. Oyinlola, a retired brigadier general, said the president was aware of the repeated efforts he and other leaders of the party made to return to his office as the national secretary of the ruling party, but that he (president) learnt the president was doubtful of his loyalty because of his closeness to former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Among the party leaders that pleaded to the president on his behalf apart from Mr. Mu’azu, according to Mr. Oyinlola, are the Senate President, David Mark, and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the PDP, Tony Anenih.

He said, “Your Excellency, you are very conversant of all efforts made by me and very importantly, by respected leaders of the party to get this matter resolved and truly reconcile all aggrieved parties. I, however, learnt that you were not sure of my support for you, given my closeness to former President Olusegun Obasanjo hence the decision to disallow me from returning to my legally recognized position as the National secretary of the PDP.”

“I have met you on several occasions on this matter to pledge my loyalty. At my last meeting with you, which was at the instance of the party’s National chairman, Alhaji Adamu Mu’azu, you requested that I be part of the ongoing Osun State governorship campaigns. Mr. President would remember that I stated that the minimum the party leadership could do to get me to campaign was to instruct the Ogun State chapter of the party to withdraw its appeal at the Supreme Court; or alternatively, obey the Appeal Court order, and allow me to resume duty, the same way the party obeyed the faulty Federal High Court verdict that ousted me.”

“To the foregoing, I wish to state that I was promised some positive response which never came, up till this moment. The Chairman of the party’s Board of Trustees, Chief Tony Anenih CFR, has also on several occasions, after discussing me, met with Your Excellency on this matter assuring you of my loyalty to you and to the cause of the party. I am also aware that the Senate President, Senator David Mark, GCON, has similarly met with you and made a case for my return to office. Senator Mark went to the extent of asking you to hold him responsible for all actions I might take as National Secretary.”

“Mr. President, allow me to state with emphasis that what joins Senator Mark and my humble-self is more than politics. The military family that binds us does not know double-dealing or disloyalty. A part of our training, we keep our words, hence we are called “Gentlemen Officers.”

“That precisely was why the Senate President could most frontally vouch for me. Your Excellency, allow me to also recall that on three occasions, Senator Mark informed that I had agreed to submit to you a pre-signed resignation letter, if that would allay all fears of insincerity; and all, in a bid to ensure that the injustice of my illegal removal from office is redressed.”

“I wish to respectfully state that I do not go back on my words, just like I don’t abandon my friends, associates and leaders, no matter how hard the situation might be. That explains why as a State Governor, I remained very loyal to my boss, former President Ibrahim Babangida, GCFR, even when he had some issues with the government of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, I wish to respectfully recall very respectfully, that Chief Obasanjo never made any attempt to move against me on account of these differences.”

“The same spirit today drives me as I maintain my loyalty to former President Obasanjo, who may, or who may not have any relationship with your government. It was that same spirit that made me insist on your approval of my candidature, in your capacity as national leader of the party and president, before I agreed with my brother-governors request in 2012, to contest for the position of PDP National Secretary. I should like to state that I am not a fair-weather fellow. To my friends, the spirit is very similar to marital vow.”

Mr. Oyinlola regretted that despite all the efforts to reinstate him, the president was not totally convinced that he could be loyal. He added that it was this kind of mindset that was at the root of his challenges in the PDP.

“Mr. President, I wish to observe that with all these efforts by me and other credible leaders of our party, it appears clearly to me that you are not totally convinced that I am who I have always been in my journey through life,” the former governor said.

“I have, therefore, come to the conclusion that it is this mindset that is at the root of my challenges in PDP. It seems to me that I am not wanted by the national leader of the party; and I know that.

“Therefore, I will certainly not be doing myself justice and good, despite everything, if I don’t think seriously about my political journey and take a firm decision. Mr. President, I may at this point, need to look beyond the party and take my destiny in my hands. I sincerely hope that this will solve the problem. “Conclusively, Your Excellency, if I am doing the above and take further steps without telling you, I would be negating the pledge of loyalty which I had earlier made to you; hence this correspondence to Mr. President.”

It is not clear if Mr. Jonathan replied the letter before Mr. Oyinlola defected to the APC.


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  • Dan Fulani

    Next time pledge your loyalty to God and not any drunkard sailor.

    • miliki

      kai, Dan Fulani, I like am po your contribution

      • Vegetarian Tiger

        ..he lak am po feelbarrow ..

    • solomon

      el rufail is most drunken islamic nonentity using his children for rituals

      • Yusuf Ismaila

        Solomom is death been celebrated in your place? It is unfortunate that you cant sympathize with someone who suffered a lost of his child but you see it as ritual killing. HABA!

    • redeem

      It was Oyinlola who could not see the future that awaited him because he is a mere mortal that once declared concerning Tinubu: “Everything about Bola Tinubu is fake; his name is fake; his mother is fake; his place of birth is fake. For the sake of what he stands to gain, he abandoned his parents in Iragbiji, Osun State.” What a shame-

    • Vegetarian Tiger

      The whole mallam North is drunk on Niger Delta oil to the extent their mothers and daughters and father are begging on the streets of the South while their brothers are busy bombing themselves to oblivion. It will take you a thousand years to clear your heads from your drunken stupor induced by greed,crass illiteracy,hatred,and stark stupidity. What a shame to be called a mallam or Aboki.

      • Dan Fulani

        Check out, 99% of the beggers and all the maigadis in Nigeria are from Niger Rep,while all the Armed robbers, kidnappers, Ritualists,Fake drug manufacturers and Sellers in Nigeria are from the South south or South eastern Regions.

  • Gbenga Adelusi


    Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola appears addicted to living on treasury funds. He’s
    lived almost his whole life that way. He is too mentally lazy to work in the
    private sector. He is too incompetent to start a business of his own. He
    may soon move to APGA if he is not given the APC senatorial ticket next
    year. Parasites like him under-develop Nigeria. Little wonder he’s yet to earn the respect of the Nigerian public.

    • Wale

      Physically and cognitively LAZY guy.
      This guy is addicted to dipping his hand into the cookie jar.

    • ismail umar

      The guy is just a desperate politician that will pitch his tent to wherever favors him and that is a bad omen for the APC because once he feels a bit threatened, he will jump guns again. That is a sad state for a person like him.

  • Enemona

    Chei, this Oyinlola can’t help himself o… see begging!

    • Teejay

      He has no shame or a sense of self-respect when money is concerned.

    • redeem

      It was Oyinlola who could not see the future that awaited him because he is a mere mortal that once declared concerning Tinubu: “Everything about Bola Tinubu is fake; his name is fake; his mother is fake; his place of birth is fake. For the sake of what he stands to gain, he abandoned his parents in Iragbiji, Osun State.” What a shame-u are a disgrace–now u have moved back to your smelly vomit–

  • Spoken word

    The clueless one obviously has no clue about loyalty.

    • john micheals

      IF Oyinlola was loyal , he would not have defected. He is clearly Clueless.

      • Spoken word

        pardon me. oyinlola is not the president. The president is held to a higher standard that everyone else and not to a lower standard.

  • redeem

    It was Oyinlola who could not see the future that awaited him because he is a mere mortal that once declared concerning Tinubu: “Everything about Bola Tinubu is fake; his name is fake; his mother is fake; his place of birth is fake. For the sake of what he stands to gain, he abandoned his parents in Iragbiji, Osun State.” What a shame-

  • Segun Surulere

    See medicine after death ….. What a clueless moron. You decamped to the parry that sacked and disgraced you … The real issue is your dislike for Omisore and his growing power base that has rendered you impotent in PDP and Osun. You also conveniently forgot that Omisore singularly financed PDP in Osun and contributed massively towards your court case with Aregbe. You have been fooled and duped , same as Adeleke. You have all become pawns and slaves to the man from Iragbiji. Lets see what will happen to you after the elections

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Guess you’ve not read “The Man Died”?

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    From all indications it costs PDP nothing to dispose one as useless as Olagunsoye Oyinlola ……. thank you APC !!!

  • Prof Ozigi

    Emergency! Oyinlola is suffering from Acute Attention Seeking Syndrome (AASS).

  • peter

    Political prostitute, He has been of no good and will only go to further corrupt an already heated party. Shame.

  • EPO


  • Obafemi

    So if APC refuses to give him an office he will go to Labour Party or return to PDP. His letter to the President reeks of one who wants to be in office at all cost and at all times. If only Oyinlola must be Secretary of PDP, the office having been zoned to the South West at this time, then all other South Westerners in the party would be left twiddling their fingers. Should Chairman be zoned to South West, Oyinlola would insist it is his birthright to occupy it. Come to think of it, why should Jonathan trust an Obasanjo lackey who, with other lackeys of the former President, formed the defunct nPDP? Has he been gallivanting with the APC before now or not, including the famous “dobale” he gave Bisi Akande on national TV? If I were National Leader of PDP I would close the Oyinlola episode with “good riddance to bad rubbish”!

  • ismail umar

    Shameless Oyinlola, So much controversy from him and yet the APC embraces him when clearly he left the PDP out of his selfish interest. The way APC are accepting PDP’s reject , It casts a doubt their integrity. If the APC rejects him he now switches to another party ? Funny guy.

  • john micheals

    There was no need for that, We know that APC accept all the traitors and betrayals from the PDP, If he remained PDP national secretary, i wonder if he would have decamped. This is just another bad-egg joining the APC. The PDP will need people with better characters than this.

  • paul preston

    my Oyinlola you have the right to gp anywhere wherever it is your choice but suffice me to say your decision to state your loyalty is an afterthought,albeit belated,You joined with Atiku and others to form what you call newPDP which i termed fake PDP.How could GEJ or any serious leader of his party accept loyalty from such a fellow,had you guys succeded on that voyage will you be telling this loyalty tales? I bet you would have been boasting as usual.To show your loyalty Oyinlola you would have resigned from that position in the first instance then maybe other things may have followed.The problem is that a lot of you think that GEJ is clueless as alleged.In your military like you mentioned ,what you did with others is tantamount to a coup which consequences you know.You were wanted to destroy the party so that apc will flourish alas you all failed and suddenly you are singing like a bird,come are insinuating that David Mark was aware of your nPDP stunt ditto Muazu/Anenih because you speak as if you took into confidence in your wicked plot.In any case fare thee well with your new freinds,but believe me GEJ took the best decision in the circumstances.Lest i forget if it was during the reign of any of your so call military leaders I am surely sure that you would have had a visit from Al mustapha tutored boys and the result…,

  • Muscomide

    What irks about supposedly modern young Nigerian writers, like this writer, is that they fail to see the connection between their own personal religiousity and the alleged polarisation by Jonathan of Nigerian on religious grounds.
    It is not in doubt that Jonathan’s re-election strategy is to divide Nigerians on religious ground. When articles, such as this one, are peppered with irrelevant and quite frankly redundant scriptural quotes, it is not a wonder that Jonathan and his henchmen have identified our newfound Chrisitian fundamental as a fault line in our national foundation.
    To the writer therefore, argue your case but spare us the religiousity.